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5 Simple Tips to Develop Concentration

Whenever you are trying to do some important task which requires high concentration, follow the below given simple tips:

1. Do one thing at a time:
It helps concentration if you just do one thing at a time giving it your complete undivided attention. Multitasking (doing many things simultaneously) will make you distracted and it is an ineffective way of doing things contrary to what many people believe. Do one thing at a time in order to develop more concentration. If you are trying to think of giving presentation at office, or studying for your exam – for the next 30 minutes or so, just tthink of that alone. Focus your mind on the details of the job and how you plan to do it.

2. Do something as if first or last time:
Whenever we do a new thing we concentrate more, we pay attention to many details and are intently focussed on the work. However with repetition, we begin to pay less and less attention to doing things. We take a lot of everyday things for granted and do not observe as intently as we should. In order to develop focus and observation, try to look at tasks which you do everyday as if you are doing or seeing them for the first or the last time. This will encourage you to observe details which you may have missed before, thus improving your observation, concentration and also in gaining new insights.

3. The 5 more rule:
This is a wonderful technique. Whenever you are in the middle of a task and are tempted to give up — just do FIVE MORE. Read FIVE MORE pages. Finish FIVE MORE math problems. Work FIVE MORE minutes”.

By implementing this strategy, you are stretching your mind past the point of frustration and building up mental endurance just like good athletes push past the point of exhaustion by not giving up when their body initially protests of tiredness.

4. Be project specific:
Before you start any work, be clear in your mind as to what you want to accomplish. Before sitting down to study for exams, be clear what chapter you want to study now, how much time do you intend to study etc. Be as specific as possible and move on to some other task only after you complete this. This way your mind will be completely focussed on the work at hand without other worries invading it.

5. Use a concentration scoresheet:
Whenever you do some important work use a concentration scoresheet. Each time you find your mind wandering, make a check mark on the sheet. If you do this on consistent basis, you may find that you have far fewer check marks and far greater concentration.

If you use the above tips, you should notice good improvement in concentration levels. I have a blog wherein I provide simple tips like these to improve our everyday life. You can check out the blog at:

Using the above tips, do you notice an improvement in concentration levels and also in the quality of your work?

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A Whole Bunch of Reasons to Avoid the Santa Monica Pier

Living in and around Santa Monica for the past 15 years you sort of get into a groove of places that you go and places that you avoid. I wasn’t sure why I had avoided the Santa Monica Pier for so long, but I had. In fact I had not set foot on it for at least 10 years. So last Monday afternoon I took a walk. A walk on the Pier and I sure wish I hadn’t.

The most recognizable sight in Santa Monica is the famous and oft pictured sign at the entrance to the pier. Commonly thought to be the official edge of historic Route 66… It isn’t. Route 66 actually actually ends a block away at Santa Monica Blvd. and Ocean Ave. You can view the Will Rogers Highway Dedication Plaque at Palisades Park if you are so inclined. But lets stay on track: So I took a walk on the pier.

Safety Alert: the pier itself (the Planks and the nails/spikes that hold them) are old, warped, and often in terrible disrepair. Wearing sandals should net you at least one stubbed tow before you are able to escape. As I tripped along the aging surface I could not help but to think for just for a second about all of those brand new parking enforcement vehicles that are absolutely everywhere in Santa Monica… or the cost of the full time police patrol at 4th and San Vicente where an armed officer is paid to tell you not to stretch in the grass median (it’s for walking and jogging only).

Back to the pier. After opening a small wound on my left foot I kept a close eye out for those little 18″ x 18″ plywood patch boards that seem to be meant to close gaps between broken planks but actually results in a far worse tripping hazard than anything they might cover. Maybe they would serve a reasonable purpose if the installation technique had included using enough screws to hold them securely to the planks.

The first thing you might see on the pier itself is the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant which I believe is legally required to be on every pier in America. Try not to think of the last time you ate at one, just think happy thoughts about Forest Gump and the late Bubba.

Once get you passed the fine dining at Bubba Gump you will be happy to find lots of fast food that is simply impossible to find anywhere else: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Coffee Bean (which is actually awesome) and some overpriced fried seafood joints that change their cooking grease at least once per year, unless it’s a leap year. About midway across the pier you may find yourself in need of a pit stop. You are in luck because not a dime was spared on some temporary/permanent bathrooms pictured just below.

The picture also provides a good example of the type of folks that have time to hang out on the pier. Please note the latest style… Are they shorts that are too long or pants that are too short? I will call them “shants”.

Now then, the main attraction is just ahead on your left. No, it’s not the gimmick roller coaster or the trapeze lessons; it’s the remote controlled boats! This is your chance to pay $2.00 for the opportunity to control a boat that moves very very slowly inside of a smallish bathtub/jacuzzi. The best among us are able to navigate tsuch boats into the well identified docking station that happens to be an exact replica of a normal sized miniature remote control boat dock.

As you approach the end of the pier you will see a Police/first aide station and the final eatery. After you dress your foot wounds you just might be hungry enough to view the overpriced menu at Mariasol Cocina Mexicana. If you’re lucky, you will go about 10 steps too far and find yourself having a look at the local anglers and what they may have reeled in. This is where another Pier rule sets in – if you walk to the end of a pier you likely will see a Skate fish that has been caught and is slowly suffocating and bleeding out through its chopped off tail. Here is a photo of the one that graced the pier for me and the fine shant wearing gentleman who caught it –

When you catch your skate here is a youtube video showing you how to clean and prepare the fish for cooking.

So why would anyone ever set foot on the Santa Monica Pier?
Well it wasn’t clear at all, not until I saw one final thing that reminded me what all piers are meant to be. The pier is, in all her glory, just a place to sit with the one you love – the one that you chose to grow old with and to watch one more sunset.

If you still insist on going I wont stop you; I just don’t have the time. So here is some information that may help you navigate through the fray:

Official web site – directory with links to the arcade, the aquarium, and history
Pacific Park – information about the rides, attractions, and food court on the pier
Twilight Dance Series – free concerts that run on the pier from June – September
Santa Monica “Drive-In” at the pier – free films at the pier in Aug. – September
Taste of Santa Monica – September 14th (THIS SUNDAY) event featuring Santa Monica restaurants. This year: $40.00 – to stuff your face for 4 hours. Take a look.

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A Whole Country to Explore

In April of 2007 I decided to live out my dreams of traveling this country that’s right the whole United States. I left my job gave up my apartment and headed out on a five month vacation. I first visited the Northeastern states and then headed down to the Southeastern states. From Maine down to Florida and all the states in between. After I had enough of the East I continued on my way to the Central states and did all the states from the Dakotas down to Texas and all of the states in between. Finally I ended up in the West and went from Washington down to California and its border with Mexico.

I was able to experience all the sights that everyone always wants to see. I saw the Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis, along with the famous Gateway Arch. I went down to the Bayou in Louisiana and saw the Dome. I got to see the Mississippi River and the Rockies’, even the Mall of America. The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to the Boston Harbor and onto the Sears Tower. Saw The Kentucky Derby from afar even went to The Alamo. Got caught on Tornado Alley in a few storms of Tornados and then as if not enough got caught in the middle of sand storms in California.

No one can ever tell me that I made a mistake of dropping everything and just leaving to achieve my dream. So go out and experience the United States.

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5 Rules That I Love Breaking

Sometimes, bending and breaking rules is a necessary and fun way to keep yourself in line with life and sanity. Rule breaking, when done innocently, can be a great stress reliever and a great way to release extra energy and frustration. Here are my five rules that I love to break.

1.) Riding my bike with no hands

I ride my bike every day to get to my university, run errands, see friends, and more. I probably bike up to 10 miles a day, and it is a great way for me to stay fit. Sometimes it becomes monotonous riding back and forth through a routine, so I love to ride my bike with no hands. I was always taught not to do this by my parents, by the university biking club, and I even was told not to do it by a police officer once. It is a bit dangerous, and could lead to an accident (although I always wear a helmet), but it is so fun! I can spread my arms out and it feels great to ride really fast with no hands.

2.) Eating in class

Most professors do not care if their students eat in class if it isn’t disruptive. The university code mandates that it is not allowed though. I love to sneak snacks and sometimes even meals into my classes to keep myself focused and to have something tasty to munch on when I listen to a lecture. It is fun to pack up some snacks into my bag before I ride to campus for a class.

3.) Not washing my hair

People say that it is healthy to wash your hair, but I think otherwise, so I go an average of three days before I wash my hair. I don’t like the feeling of all the chemicals in shampoo when used daily. Sometimes I even go a week or longer without washing my hair. It can get greasy and people sometimes notice, but for the most part I think that it helps my hair stay healthy! My mom’s teachings of washing thoroughly didn’t exactly stick with me.

4.) Using my roommate’s clothes

Although this isn’t exactly a rule, and he generally doesn’t care, I love to take my roommate’s clothes to wear when he is gone. He definitely has a better sense of style than me and has a lot of cool clothes, so I love to use some of his randomly! For the most part he is allowed to use my clothes as well though, so it goes both ways!

5.) Watching movies online

I am not sure about the legality of this, but I definitely love watching movies that are streamed online. I know that downloading them is illegal, but I’m not sure about the ones that are uploaded to streaming sites. It is just so easy to watch nearly any movie or TV show online now it is just so tempting! I don’t have to rent them and I don’t even pay for cable television now!

There you have it, my five favorite rules to break. What are some of yours?

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A Guide to Getting a Man and Keeping Him

I recently ran into a problem in a relationship where the person I was seeing flat out told me that he just wanted to be friends with benefits. This was actually okay with me for the first, well I would say 4 days into the relationship. Then I started feeling attachment due to the closeness we had began to form.

I told him how I felt and he still denied me. My first mistake was wanting to continue this mad chase. For those of you who decide to be stupid such as myself, I have a few tips.

First of all this guy is either a player or afraid of commitment truely! I know for a fact in my case he is not a player. I only know this because his last relationships lasted forever and when we go out he is all hugs and kisses and he tells all his friends he is hanging with a good girl. Now these tips will also work if your man is a player. Its all in the mind, you have to stay one step ahead of them. *THIS IS NOT 100%, but I know it has worked for me.

1. Do not allow them to know all of your emotions!

2. NEVER tell them that you love them or get all mushy with them, this is showing your weakness giving them the thought of “well, I have her where I want her! I am going to do what I want to do and know she will always be there”.

3. NEVER call him! Well, maybe once in a while, but make sure you ignore him for a period of time like 24-48 hours at least. This will make him wonder what you are up to and that you dont need him to have a good time. (Even if you are just sitting at home, he will still wonder)!

4. When you do go out do not hang on him! Show him you are just friends and you are an independant person! Go out and dance with others, talk to other, pay attention to others! Trust me his eyes will be on you the whole time with a hint of jealousy!

5. Make sure you talk about your other “friends” not enough to make yourself look trashy, but enought once again to make him wonder!

If you try some of these tips I am sure you will see a difference in him. He won’t ask you out after one week of this, but I am sure you are going to be a lot harder to get off his mind! Go Get Em’ Girls!

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A Guide to the Best Retirement Jobs

More and more people are deciding to put off their retirement, usually due to economic necessity. Social Security doesn’t provide a lavish lifestyle after all-generally just enough to avoid abject poverty. Some older workers have seen their expected pensions fail to come through when their employers went under. Some have had downturns in the stock market or other investments take a bite out of what was supposed to provide a comfortable retirement.

Some older workers are lucky enough to already have a job, and so they simply choose to hold onto it. But there are also many people in their 50s, 60s, and even beyond who are on the job market, unemployed but looking.

Some of these people were already retired or semi-retired, but have decided to “unretire,” because they’re having trouble making ends meet. Or in some cases older people return to the work force simply because they’re bored and looking for a more productive, fulfilling way to spend their time.

Jobs for people over 50 are sometimes called “retirement jobs,” though perhaps “alternative-to-retirement jobs” would be more fitting.

For those seniors and soon-to-be seniors who are on the job market, for whatever reason, here are some avenues to consider:

1. Self-employment

Sometimes the most promising route for an older person is not to try to convince someone else to hire them, but to start an enterprise of their own. With decades of life experience and work experience, an older person likely has many skills that could be the foundation for their own business.

This can be a traditional brick and mortar business, but doesn’t have to be. There is also money to be made through eBay and the Internet, or a booth at a farmers market or street fair. Someone who does crafts, sewing, freelance writing, gardening or small scale farming, etc. can take advantage of numerous outlets to sell their wares, and not have to worry about satisfying an employer.

2. Consulting

A specific form of self-employment is consulting. Someone who spent a long career in a certain field, but is no longer working full time in it, could be an ideal consultant for that field. This is a great way to put accumulated knowledge to work in assisting those following in one’s footsteps.

3. Sticking around one’s last job

Whether by the employer’s choice or the employee’s choice, there are times an older worker isn’t destined to remain in their present job. However, this needn’t be an all or nothing thing. According to a study by Cornell University, 75% of employers report that they would be willing to keep their older employees at reduced hours who otherwise would be leaving their employ entirely. 26% would allow those part time employees to retain their health benefits, and 40% would allow them to start drawing their pension if they kept working part time past retirement age.

Most of these employers, though, don’t make this known unless the subject comes up, and most workers don’t know to inquire about such an option when they step down from their full time position.

4. Online job search engines

Older workers, just like anyone else on the job market, have nearly endless resources available online nowadays. Sites like Monster, Career Builder, and Craigslist post thousands if not millions of available jobs. These and other sites also have areas to post resumes so one can be found by potential employers instead of having to find them, as well as articles, posting forums, etc. to help with all stages of job hunting.

But in addition to the well-known generic job sites, there are many job search engines that serve specifically older workers. Worth checking out are Retirement Jobs and Workforce 50.

There are also plenty of relevant resources at the AARP site, which has a whole section devoted to older people in the work force, with material on job hunting, starting a business, the rights of older workers, and more.

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Are You a Stressed Out Mom? Here Are 5 Solutions . . .

Are you a stressed out mom? Here are 5 solutions you can use. They are ones that will help lighten you lighten your load, kick up your feet and enjoy family life more. So relax. Soon, you’ll have fewer frantic days and more time on your hands. Here’s how:

SOLUTION #1 – Make use of a delivery service.

Did you know that grocery stores like Safeway deliver food to your home for $9 dollars or less? Use this kind of service on those weeks when you have late nights helping your kids with homework, early meetings with the boss and more laundry than you can handle. However, don’t stop with only this kind of delivery service. Other businesses deliver too – dry cleaners, pizza/Chinese restaurants and furniture shops. Make use of them and cut back on your road time and stress.

SOLUTION #2 – Share household responsibilities.

Let go of some control and give everyone in your house a chore to do. Here are a few suggestions. Let your husband take out the trash and vacuum the floors. Let your kids clean up their rooms and own bathroom. Do group dinners where every member makes one portion of it. Get my drift? Don’t worry about everything being done perfect. Look at this kind of family dynamic as one that teaches your kids how to handle responsibility and gives your husband a chance to be more effective in the home. Use the extra time to unwind and be the kind of mom that wakes up with a smile.

SOLUTION #3 – Switch off duties with a good friend.

Do you have a friend who’s an excellent cook, but hates to dust? Switch off duties with her. Let her cook a few meals and you go dust her house. It’s a way to help you exchange chores and we all know if we like to do something it gets done much quicker. The best way to make this kind of arrangement work is to do a test trial with a reliable friend who wants to switch off chores as much as you do.

SOLUTION #4 – Plan out a doable schedule with your family.

A “doable” schedule is the key to the success of many stress-free moms. They figure out in a week how much they have to do and balance it out with “me” time. So, they learn how to say “no” to the things they really don’t want to do and focus on what is really important to their family. Guess what? You can do it too. Have a family meeting and sit down with everyone. Discuss what is everyone wants to do and then pare back what isn’t really important. use this time to explain that you are only one person and can’t do everything, so you need their help.

SOLUTION #5 – Make your own rules up about being a mom.

A big part of any mon’s stress is trying to live the way her mother did over a decade ago. Times have changed and what worked then won’t now. For this reason, you have to make up your own rules. Decide what being a mom means to you and your family and live it out. You will quickly find out that after you start living life on your own terms, the stress you feel as a mom will fade away.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Credit Cards

Today, credit cards can be considered as a necessity rather than a luxury. Many hotels, airlines and car rental companies offer online reservations which uses the credit card payment system. Truly, credit cards provide great convenience and practicality not only in purchasing things but in paying bills as well.

But what if you don’t own a credit card? Some people cannot qualify for regular credit cards because of their credit history. If you have bad credit, this may not be the best time for you to apply for a credit card account. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the convenience of using card payment systems by getting a prepaid credit card.

Prepaid Credit Cards – How To Use Them

Prepaid credit cards can be used for payment just like a regular credit card. You can use them to buy things from online stores or make online reservations to your chosen hotel, airline or car rental company. You can use them to pay for your purchases at groceries, boutiques, diners, drugstores, convenience stores, gasoline stations and any establishment that accepts credit card payment.

What makes a prepaid credit card different is that it does not provide the account holder with a credit line. Instead, the cardholder must first deposit cash in the account before the card can be used for payment. If you deposited $300 in your prepaid card, you can use it to pay your bills as long as you don’t exceed $300. Once the cash deposit has been used up, the cardholder must make a new deposit in the account.

Advantages of Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards are generally accepted everywhere, particularly cards that bear the Visa or the MasterCard logo. Having a prepaid credit card allows you to do your shopping without carrying cash. But since you are not borrowing against your credit line, you don’t need to pay for additional interest rate or late penalty fees. The risk of overspending of uncontrolled spending is also reduced because you can’t use the card if you don’t have available funds.

If you want to purchase from an online store or make reservations but you don’t want to reveal your credit card details or your bank account in the internet, you can use a prepaid card instead. If you’re worried about identity theft or fraud, you can deposit only the exact amount of purchase to your prepaid card account each time you want to purchase online.

Anyone who wants to apply for a prepaid card can do so without worrying about getting declined. Yes, even people with bad credit history or without a job can easily acquire a prepaid credit card.

Disadvantages of Prepaid Credit Cards

Are there disadvantages to using prepaid credit cards? One disadvantage is that you need to pay a flat rate to open an account and an annual fee to keep your account active. It is also very important to choose a prepaid card with reasonable transaction fees because you will be automatically charged with the transaction fee each time you use the card for payment.Another disadvantage is that not all issuers of prepaid credit cards report to the credit bureaus. In order to build your credit history, you need to make sure that credit reporting is provided by the prepaid card company.

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Affordable Alternatives to Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer Potion

The key to creating beautiful makeup looks is prepping your face so that it becomes the perfect canvas, and an item that everyone who wears makeup should have is eye shadow primer, sometimes called eye shadow base. The purpose of shadow primer is to hold on to eye shadow pigments, it serves to make the colors last longer, show up more vibrant and true to color as well as prevent creasing and fading. Nothing’s more annoying when you’re out having a great time with your friends than having to reapply eye makeup.

A very popular eye shadow primer is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. It’s been rated by Sephora’s customer as the number one eye shadow primer. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion comes in two shades, nude and shimmer, and it comes in a 10 ml genie bottle-like container that sells for $17. The packaging is cute but many customers have complained that it makes getting all the product out difficult. If you find it difficult to part with your hard earned money like I do, especially considering the current state of the economy, there are alternatives to spending $17 on a little bottle of product.

One of the most affordable line of cosmetics you’ll probably ever come across is E.L.F, or eyes, lips, face. I hate to use the word cheap because their products aren’t “cheap” even though the prices are mostly just $1. E.L.F is known for their $1 cosmetics and being PETA friendly. This brand offers two eye primer, both are $3 each, one from their mineral line and the other from their studio line. Now, I’ve yet to try either of these products so I can’t comment on them but I have heard some good things. What I would recommend from E.L.F as an eye primer or base is their shimmering facial whip, which costs only $1. I had ordered three shades from them and originally I had intended to use it as a stand alone shade or to add color to my cheeks and lips, but the color pay offer wasn’t good enough. I find that it doesn’t work at all as lip wear but it works wonderfully as a blush and shadow base to make the colors last longer and show true to color. If you don’t like it you’ll only be out a dollar.

Neutrogena’s soothing eye tints is another eye primer alternative. It comes in a 0.17 oz glass jar and sells for about $9. It’s offered in two shades, honey shimmer and petal shimmer. Don’t be fooled by the name it really isn’t as shimmery as you may think. In fact it barely has any shimmer to it when it’s applied to the eyelids. I’ve been using this product for about a month now and it’s one of my favorite products by Neutrogena. The soothing eye tints has a cooling sensation that helps soothe and depuff the eyelids. It’s applied using the ring finger with dabbing and gentle sweeping motions. I love it, but it does crease slightly after a few hours. To get rid of the creasing just gentle rub the area with your ring finger.

If you prefer a shadow base with an applicator I would suggest L’Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base, it costs about $8.50. The texture and consistency is much like that of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion for close to half the price. It does what it says, the product prevents shadow creasing and fading.

ULTA professional eye primer is another product that has gotten great customer ratings. You can only get it at ULTA stores and the ULTA website. ULTA’s on line of eye primer costs about $9-$12, depending on your area. It comes in a nude, flesh tone that goes on invisible and has a creamy texture to it, comparable to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. It does a great job at keeping shadows from creasing and fading, and it comes in a little glass jar so you won’t have to worry about wasting products you can’t reach.

If you’d rather not spend money on eye primer at all or in between switching to a new brand I would recommend making your own with your favorite liquid foundation and moisturizer. This could be a hit or miss, it really depends on the consistency of both your liquid foundation and moisturizer and how much of each you use. For instructions just Google search, “How to make your own eye primer”.

Looking beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to shop and compare products.

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Affordable Anniversary Restaurants in Austin

When it comes to celebrating your wedding anniversary, many of us struggle for ideas because we are all on a budget these days. There is, however, plenty of restaurants that provide a romantic setting for couples for a reasonable price. Below you will find a list of the top affordable anniversary restaurants in Austin. One thing to keep in mind is that the prices and the hours may change at any time.

1. The first location on the list is Wink Restaurant located at 1014 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin Texas 78703. The telephone number is 512-482-8868. There regular hours are Monday through Saturday from 6:00pm until 11:00pm. The price ranges from $15 to $20 which happens to be very affordable for this particular area. When it comes to find dinning this price range is definitely on the lower side. The good news is that you do not have to sacrifice food quality or service. They provide excellent services and they do take reservations. They change their menu often so one day you will find fish, and the next you can find chicken. This is the perfect anniversary location since the atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy and quaint.

2. The next location is the Gypsy Italian Bistro located at 1025 Barton Springs Road, Austin Texas 78704. The telephone number is 512-762-6666. Their regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am until 10:00pm, and Sunday from 10:30am until 2:30pm. You will find this to be a small and simple restaurant that is perfect for an anniversary celebration. Not everyone likes overboard elegance when they are dinning out. The price range for their menu options is from $15 to $20, a and they also have a pretty reasonable priced wine list. It is best to call them ahead of time to let them know you are celebrating your anniversary.

3. Chez Nous is located at 510 Neches Street, Austin Texas 78701. The telephone number is 512-473-2413. Their regular hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11:45am until 10:30pm, and Saturday through Sunday from 6:00pm until 10:30pm. The price range from $15 to $25 which is still on the affordable side for this great tasting French cuisine which is served up daily. The service and quality of food is great and they also provide a very romantic atmosphere. Make sure that you take the time to make reservations for your special date night. You will definitely be happy that you did.

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