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5 Tips for the Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Once most people hit middle age they begin to have thoughts and fears about getting Alzheimer’s disease, or dementia. This is especially true if you have had a loved one who has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. While there is no way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia 100% of the time, the more that we learn about Alzheimer’s disease, the more we see that there are a great many lifestyle choices that may help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. The wonderful news is that these lifestyle choices are totally in your control and if you are currently making poor choices, now is the time to make some serious changes that will serve you well for years to comes.

Quit Smoking

It has been determined that if you smoke and you are over the age of 65, you increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 79%! That is a huge amount and is it completely your choice to continue, or quit smoking. No matter your age, quitting smoking is a smart choice that may not only save your memory but may save your life. Make the choice now to quit smoking.

Lose Weight

People who are obese, and that is about one third of Americans, are three and a half times more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. Losing weight may significantly lower your risk of developing dementia, as well as heart disease, and diabetes. People with diabetes are twice as apt to develop Alzheimer’s disease so if you are obese and have type 2 diabetes, it is essential that you lose weight if you want to live a long life, full of sweet memories.

A diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish is recommended to promote brain health, as is taking an omega 3 supplement. Learn good eating habits and portion control and add those into the mix with the healthful foods. While you lose weight you will also lower your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and high cholesterol, all of which also raise your risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.


While you are eating more healthfully and losing weight you will want to add a moderate exercise program to your anti-Alzheimer’s regimen. Take a brisk 30 minute walk five times a week. Do stretching exercises daily and begin a strength building routine. The more you exercise, the more oxygen filled blood you are sending to your brain, which will help keep it healthy in turn. Find creative ways to get yourself moving more each day such as taking the stairs, parking as far away from the store or office as possible, and getting a dog that you MUST walk daily. Like Nike says, “Just do it.”

Get a Good Nights Sleep

Set a reasonable bedtime and stick to it. I know that this is easier said that done in a world where it seems like there are not enough hours in a day. Eight to ten hours of uninterrupted sleep a night is optimum for Alzheimer’s prevention. So, learn about sleep hygiene, such as staying away from the TV and computer for 2 hours before bedtime, develop a bedtime ritual, and get a DVR so you can watch Conan tomorrow at an earlier hour. No more burning the midnight oil, because if you keep it up you might not be able to remember what was so important that sleep didn’t matter.

Tease Your Brain

They say that you should learn something new every day and they are right, whoever they are. Keeping your mind active keeps it from getting lazy and keeps your memory sharp. All of these things help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. So, do crossword puzzles, learn the capitals of the all the countries in the world, memorize Bible verses and play word games. Become a Jeopardy home champion. Not only will you have more to talk about and be less prone to boredom, you will be keeping your mind sharp as a tack so that when you have grandkids, you will remember every single embarrassing story that there is to tell them about their Mom or Dad. Making a few important lifestyle changes is worth that, in and of itself, isn’t it?

Alzheimer’s Treatment and Prevention

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4 Ways to Think of a Good Domain Name to Buy

I’d be a billionaire by now if I got a quarter for every time someone complained about not being able to find a good domain name to buy. The truth is that there are tons of domains still of there to purchase. The industry has become highly competitive, but there is no excuse for not being able to find one you like. If you’re having a hard time though, check out these tips that will help encourage you.

1. Think of catchy puns.

First of all, make a list of keywords for the subject you want to pick a domain for. Then after that, pick your best keywords and try to think of a fun pun that will stick in people’s minds. These types of domain names are less likely to be registered because they aren’t actual words a lot of the time.

2. Slang is not always a bad thing.

Everyone uses slang, its a sad reality of our world. However, you can capitalize on this downfall of society by incorporating on into your domain name. Wrack your brain for stuff like Ohmanohmannicetan.com. Just think of silly slang turns that could turn into repeat visitors to that domain.

3. Chose a symbol to base your site around.

Maybe your site is about baseball. You’ve done your research and 1stbaseplace.com is taken. So instead you choose batsandbases.com. There are numerous things you could name your site off of. Maybe you’re a baseball player and steal a lot of bases, in that case, name your site offbase.com or goodlead.com.

4. You can add your own rendition to real words.

It is said the the word google was initially a play on the word googol, but the name stuck. See how well it worked out for them? A lot of people in the world don’t know how to spell. This is another one of societies downfalls, but again, this works into your advantage. Spell Los Angeles in LosAngeles.com like this, LosAngelse.com. See, you could hardly tell the difference right? There are lots of people who will type this in their toolbar and see what pops up. These make for great domain names.

The important part of the process is to be creative. If you don’t have one single creative gene, then Google your keywords until something pops into your brain. It’s worth a try right? I Hope this article helped you feel a little more at ease about searching for a domain. It doesn’t have to be rocket science.

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About Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas

Papillon Helicopters is the largest supplier of Grand Canyon helicopter tours. This company provides flights to the West Rim and the South Rim. I’ve flown Papillon to both destinations. Here’s my no-nonsense writeup on my West Rim trip.

I scheduled by far the most comprehensive trip Papillon offers. It included a descent to the bottom, a 30-minute Grand Canyon river rafting trip, and tickets to the Grand Canyon Glass Walkway.

The trip includes free hotel pick up and drop off. My driver picked me up exactly as planned and got me to the heliport promptly. I picked out a morning flight for best visibility. I also up-graded my heli to an EcoStar 130. It’s a bigger aircraft and features theater-style seating. It’s also a more stable, less noisy ride and comes with wrap-around windows.

I hit the sky with five other energized travellers. Maximum occupancy in choppers is 6 people. I’m 6′-4″ and had plenty of legroom. I wasn’t squishing my neighbor either. All of us had our very own individual headset. You can use it to hear a pre-recorded tour narration (translated into 10 languages!) or talk with your pilot and fellow passengers.

The trip took us over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the new Hoover Dam Bypass. Choppers fly at a lower elevation than airplanes. The aerial views were incredible. Our pilot was kind enough to take the “long way” over Hoover Dam prior to making a straight shot to the Grand Canyon.

The West Rim was ahead of us. Our pilot enthusiastically told us to prepare for the 4,000-foot descent to the bottom. It was essentially a canyon carve between cliffs, buttes, and spires. Ten minutes later we landed at the bottom. My package deal included a Champagne picnic (delectable!). I walked along side the Colorado River and boarded one of several large pontoon rafts.

This is a smooth-water float tour. That means there are no rapids. I’m happy I brought sun block and a hat. It was hot and i’m fair-skinned. The boat ride was incredibly relaxing. The view from the water is breathtaking. My guide was a walking encyclopedia about the canyon and was the first to spot one of the region’s rare Big Horn Sheep.

Back on our Papillon helicopter, we made the ascent to the top (every bit as exciting as the descent) and got out on the landing strip near the Grand Canyon Glass Walkway. I’m a huge fan of the Sky Walk. Everyone’s got an opinion relating to this attraction. I for one loved it and believe it’s not possible to leave Las Vegas without experiencing it.

There was somewhat of a crowd. I turned up my iPod and time flew. The glass walkway, the panels of which are reported to have cost more than $250,000 each, takes you 70 feet beyond the edge of the rim! It’s totally safe. The bridge was designed to hold 800 people throughout an earthquake with 100 MPH winds! I looked down. My stomach cringed. Below some 4,000 feet was the river I had just rafted (it looked like a ribbon).

On the ride back to Las Vegas, there was a second opportunity to see the lake and the dam. The weather was spectacular that day and out came the cameras. In general, this Papillon Helicopter’s trip gets high marks. You get a real sense that you’ve “done” the canyon, which, incredibly, was accomplished in only 1 day! If you plan on flying the West Rim, definitely consider going with Papillon.

Mr. Kravitz is a travel writer who specializes in reviewing Grand Canyon tours. He recommends that readers go here for special pricing on Papillon Helicopter tours.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Following an auto accident, you will need to file an insurance claim. Follow these simple rules to make an unpleasant process easier. Here is a general guide to filing an auto insurance claim.

1. Call 911 if there are any injuries involved with your automobile accident. Assist any victims that you can and make them as comfortable as possible until help arrives

2. Call the police and file a police report

3. If you have a cell phone with a camera, take all the damage to your vehicle

4. Have your insurance information available that is printed on your insurance card or papers in your vehicle. Write down the license plate numbers of all cars involved in the accident and the names of all drivers if possible with their insurance information

5. Call your insurance agent to file a claim or file the claim online as soon as possible. No matter which method you choose, you will need to know these things in advance to file the claim

  • Policy number (can be found on your insurance card).

  • Date of the accident.

  • Location of the accident.

  • Description of how the accident occurred.

  • Name, address, license plate, and insurance information for the other party involved.

  • Name of the police department involved (if applicable).

  • Police report number (if applicable).

6. A representative from your insurance company should follow up on your claim letting you know if your policy covers your claim. If it does, you will find out the deductible and how much coverage you have.

. You may be asked to submit a police report if you haven’t already

. Your insurer may send a claims adjuster or inspector to evaluate your vehicle and make a repair estimate. Usually they will provide the names of their own approved shops but you have the right to choose which shop you want. Keep in mind, if you do choose an unapproved shop you will have to pay the difference after the deductible.

9. Find out whether your policy provides for towing your damaged car and for a rental car for you to use free of charge.

10. If you are not at fault, then the other driver’s insurance company will pay for the damage to your vehicle. In any case, your agent will inform you according to the coverage you have as well as the insurance coverage of the other drivers involved.

11. After your vehicle is repaired, inspect it to be sure the repairs are done properly and if not, contact your insurance company and auto shop immediately until the issue is resolved




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A Guide to Israeli Jewelry Designers

It may surprise some people but jewelry is a part of the fashion industry. That fact does make sense because both men and women often enjoy accessorizing their clothes with different kinds of jewelry from earrings and rings to bracelets and necklaces. Watches are also considered jewelry. We may all be familiar with jewelry but we may not know many jewelry designers unless we buy different types of jewelry just like we may not know fashion designers if we are not into fashion. However, even if we know jewelry and jewelry designers Israeli jewelry designers are hard to find.

It may surprise some people but jewelry is a part of the fashion industry. This makes much sense because jewelry adds creativity, color, and personality to any outfit from the fanciest cocktail dress to jeans and a tee-shirt. People who wear jewelry like to change their jewelry depending on the outfit they are wearing and their mood. Most people know that jewelry has been around for centuries in some form or another. However, not all jewelry lovers are aware of many jewelry designers. Rest assured that there are many great jewelry designers such as Robert Lee Morris and Nolan Miller. Robert Lee Morris designs beautiful jewelry that is inspired by nature and Nolan Miller designs beautiful costume jewelry that is inspired by his making real jewelry for celebrities. Both Nolan Miller and Robert Lee Morris are American jewelry designers and of course there are many international jewelry designers but Israeli jewelry designers are hard to find. But, never fear, there are some Israeli jewelry designers that will be discussed now.

Michal Negrin is an Israeli jewelry designer who has been both designing and creating jewelry for fifteen years and as a professional jewelry designer she doesn’t limit herself to any formal or classical frames of reference. Therefore, this enables her to mix and mingle and mix both colors and shapes. It is important to know that both her jewelry and decorative objects are handmade. This creation process ensures a personal touch to her jewelry designs. She also uses many raw materials in her jewelry creations.

Ayala Bar is an Israeli costume jewelry designer. In fact, it seems like she is a leading Israeli costume jewelry designer. Each piece of her jewelry is created from non precious metals, glass beads, mineral stones, and crystal rhinestones. Ayala Bar makes bracelets, brooches, and necklaces in a beautiful rainbow of colors. Her jewelry creations are like a symphony to you eyes.

Michal Golan is also an Israeli jewelry designer who lives in New York City. His jewelry creations combine both antique and contemporary fashion sensibilities. His jewelry designs are inspired by Byzantine jewelry because much of is jewelry has a generous supply of gemstones such as pearls. Michal Golan’s jewelry designs are also largely inspired by Queen Victoria and Middle Eastern art; especially the colorful mosaic style of Middle Eastern art. Splashes of color seem to be a recurring theme in the jewelry creations of Israeli jewelry designers.

Jewelry is a part of fashion and is very beautiful to both wear and to look at. Some jewelry designers are inspired by nature, some jewelry designers are inspired by animals like pandas so they create a line of black and white jewelry, and other jewelry designers are inspired by color and art. Colors and different art pieces seem to be the muses of Israeli jewelry designers.

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A Guide to Reasonably Priced Hotels in New York City, New York

For years, many travelers have avoided New York City because they were worried about safety. Once the city got cleaned up, travelers still avoided it. Now they’re afraid that it’s impossible to find a reasonably priced hotel in the area.

Chelsea Savoy Hotel

The Chelsea Savoy Hotel comes with all the things a person needs to experience the city at its best. It’s located near several restaurants and night clubs, as well as a few bars. It’s also right next to a subway station and within walking distance of other stations. Each room comes with its own bathroom, continental breakfast in the morning and luxuriously soft pillows made from goose-down. As of 2009 rates started at $99 a night and they have rooms that fit up to four people comfortably. It’s the most reasonably priced hotel in the Chelsea neighborhood.

The Gershwin

Those hoping for a more authentic experience should check out the most reasonably priced hotel in the Murray Hill area of New York City. The Gershwin has long been a favorite of foreign visitors because of its fun and unique design aesthetic, not to mention the incredible price. This hotel offers two types of rooms, the communal and the single. The single rooms offers more privacy and its own bathroom. The communal rooms have the fun and laidback feeling of a youth hostel, with its shared living quarters and bathrooms. They also have suites available for those who want privacy and incredibly comfort. As of 2009 their room rates started at just $99.

Larchmont Hotel

Visitors should also consider the famous Larchmont Hotel located in the West Village area of New York City. This hotel has a funky feel, with shared bathrooms and a communal area. All guests get their own room with a television, telephone as well as their own personal robe. Each hall or guest area has its own bathroom space and a kitchenette. They also provide a continental breakfast. Popular with artists working in the city during the 1950s, this hotel still has that same feel. With rooms starting at $70, it’s hard to pass up.

Red Roof Inn

It’s hard to pass up a well known and recognizable chain like Red Roof Inn and they have a location right in the Garment District. In 2009 their room rates started at just $89 and it’s the same price they offered in previous years. All of their rooms come fully equipped with cable television, a private bathroom and a coffee maker. They also give guests free wireless internet, a continental breakfast and the comfort of mind that comes in staying at a well known hotel. The only possible downside is that in the peak season, their prices rise to nearly double what they are the rest of the year.

Super 8

The Super 8 is one of the most recognizable hotel chains and they have a hotel located right in Midtown, in the heart of Times Square. Conveniently located near Rockefeller Center, this reasonably priced hotel is a budget friendly traveler’s dream hotel. With rooms starting at $89, they give guests everything they need whether they plan to stay in or hit the town. All rooms come with a private bathroom, a coffee maker, cable television, wireless internet and they serve a continental breakfast each morning. It’s hard to imagine anyone passing this one up.

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A Guide to Jamba Juice and Great Smoothies

Jamba Juice is a restaurant that caters to your average smoothie enthusiast. Jamba Juice was actually once called Juice Club and originated in San Luis Obispo, California back in 1990 when it was developed by Kirk Perron. Five years later the name changed to Jamba Juice and smoothies have never been the same since. As of today, Jamba Juice is located in twenty-two states and boasts to having at least 9,000 employees.

So what is Jamba Juice all about? They say they are dedicated to supplying their customers with using only the best of ingredients excluding any flavors, colors or fake preservatives for those who are seeking it. Jamba Juice believes what your body takes in will help to nourish your spirit.

Any customer that comes into Jamba Juice has a wide selection to choose from such as All Fruit, Jamba Light, Functional Flavors, Totally Tea Smoothies, Good Moo’ds, Jamba Classics and what they call, Old Favorites. Let’s run down the list.

The All Fruit Smoothie has five servings of fruit and is 100% of real fruit and juices. Their newest drinks include Peach Perfection and Pomegranate Paradise. Others include Strawberry Whirl and Raspberry Rainbow.

The Jamba Light is for customers who want a fewer number of sugars, calories and carbohydrates. These drinks are made with Splenda which is an artificial sweetener. What? An artificial sweeter? Doesn’t this go against what Jamba Juice is all about? Shouldn’t it be natural? Yes, but Jamba Juice is adhering to customers that are looking to take in a smaller number of calories. These drinks include Strawberry Nirvana and Berry Fulfilling.

Jamba Juice’s Functional Flavors looks to give you what you may be missing from your diet. Protein Berry Pizzazz provides customers with that extra amount of protein that they are looking for. Orange Dream Machine supplies you with calcium, vitamin C as well as your protein.

Anyone needing their tea fix, can choose Jamba Juice’s Totally Tea Smoothies. The Matcha Green Tea Blast has a good source of your antioxidants.

Good Moo’ds supplies customers who have a hankering for chocolate or peanut butter. Smoothies include Chocolate Moo’d as well as Peanut Butter Moo’d.

Then Jamba Juice has what they call your Jamba Classics. These smoothies can range from Strawberry Surf Rider which has a generous helping of vitamin C to Berry Lime Sublime which contains iron.

And finally, Jamba Juice offers smoothies that are just Old Favorites. Smoothies that will always be near and dear to your heart and you can’t just give up, no matter how much you want to. These include Bounce Back Blast, Ocean Sunrise, Peppermint Twist, Raspberry Rage and good old Tropical Awakening.

I don’t know about you but all these delicious names have got me craving for a smoothie right about now.

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8 Budget-Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Your Boyfriend

Do you need some help with stuffing your boyfriend’s stocking? Here are 8 budget-friendly stocking stuffer ideas for stuffing your boyfriend’s stocking:

Beef Jerky. Is your boyfriend a meat-and-potato person? If so, this means that your boyfriend might like some beef jerky. Beef jerky can get expensive, so, go ahead and buy your boyfriend a big bag of beef jerky to stuff in his Christmas stocking. Does your boyfriend dip snuff? Buy him some of the shredded beef jerky to replace his snuff-dipping habit. Beef jerky is a good source of protein, and you can get a big bag for around $6 at most any Wal-Mart.

Tube socks. Does your boyfriend wear tube socks? If he does, give him a large package of tube socks. You can get these socks in white or gray. Either way, your boyfriend will enjoy having a new, soft pair of socks ready for him when his old socks wear out. The neat thing is that you can take these socks out of the package, double them up, and stuff them with sweet messages. Each time your boyfriend gets out a new pair of socks, he’ll think of you twice.

Beer nuts/popcorn. Does your boyfriend drink beer? If so, stuff his stocking with several packages of beer nuts. Too, you could buy some microwave popcorn, take the packages out of the box, and stuff your boyfriend’s stocking with them. Even if your boyfriend is a heavy soda pop drinker, rather than a beer drinker, he’ll likely enjoy the extra snacks because this means that he doesn’t have to run out for fast food or cook.

Pizza gift cards. A good pizza is always in style for your boyfriend, so stuff his stocking with a gift card from his favorite pizza place. Even better, include some coupons from that very same pizza place. This way, your boyfriend can stretch his gift dollars, getting more pizza to munch out on in the long run. You might want to make sure that the pizza place accepts gift cards/coupons with their delivery service, though.

Tee Shirts. White or colored tee shirts will make a big hit with your boyfriend because he can use these to line his work shirts with to keep warm in the winter. He can just hang out around the house in these tee shirts, or he can work out in them. If your boyfriend is a supporter of rock bands, log onto Rock.com and find him a fun tee shirt of his favorite rock band. He can wear this tee shirt on the weekend with his blue jeans.

Irish Spring soap. Does your boyfriend forget to put on cologne? If so, stuff his stocking with several bars of Irish Spring soap. This saves him from having to buy soap for his showers, and it’ll make you happy to smell the clean, fresh scent that Irish Spring delivers to its user. You won’t have to fuss about your boyfriend not wearing cologne because Irish Spring works well enough for a fresh fragrance.

Deodorant stick. Does your boyfriend use deodorant? If so, buy him a stick or two of his favorite brand. If he doesn’t, give him a stick of Axe men’s deodorant for him to try. This deodorant does a good job at keeping a man dry, and it delivers a nice fragrance as the perspiration sets it off. You might want to try it yourself. Axe is a man’s deodorant, but it surely works well for a woman.

Gatorade/Powerade. Amp up your boyfriend’s energy with a big bottle of Gatorade or Powerade. Both drinks help replenish the electrolytes in a person’s system, so this drink works well for anyone who is working, exercising, feeling under the weather, or just plain wants a good drink for hydration. The fruit punch flavored Powerade tastes especially good, so stuff your boyfriend’s stocking with a bottle of this flavor, for sure.

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