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Almonds Are Great Substitute for Meat

Almonds are a good source of protein and people need to have protein for good health. You can use almonds as a meat substitute in your diet and you can find many ways that you can eat almonds to add variety to your diet.

Almonds are best eaten raw without being baked, salted or processed in any way. Straight from the almond shell is the best and healthiest way to eat almonds. It can be fun to sit and crack your own almonds as you enjoy the tasty meat in the almond. You can also buy raw almonds already cracked and ready to eat straight from the package.

Almonds can be baked in muffins, sliced and diced along with a vegetable such as green beans or added to a stir fry. Almonds are very versatile and they can be prepared many ways.

You can drink almond beverages. Almond milk is available in grocery stores now. You can also make your own homemade almond milk in a food processor. To make an almond milk drink in a food processor just take six tablespoons of almonds and grind them up very fine. Then add a pint of cold water and mix it together well. You now have a tasty almond drink that you can drink like a glass of milk. You can also use it for cooking with and eating your favorite cereal with like milk.

Meat is not necessarily good for your overall health yet meat is necessary in the human diet since it is full of protein and humans need protein for good health. If you could find something that can replace meat in your diet and still get the health benefits of meat you could be healthier. Many meat replacements are available for health minded individuals. Soy burgers are a good meat alternative if you like to eat hamburgers. You may need some time to get use to the idea and the different flavor of the soy burgers but the health benefits are worth it.

Almonds are a great substitution for meat. Ten almonds have the same equivalent of a pound of meat. Almonds are very healthy for humans to eat. You can eat raw almonds or you can use them in baked goods. Almonds can be made into a healthy drink that can be used as a milk replacement. Almonds are a healthy snack that can help you stay healthy.

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A Student's Quick Guide to Getting Good SAT Scores

About the SAT Exams

With more than two million students taking the SAT every year it is important to get good SAT scores, this gives you the chance to be a front runner when it comes to having your choice of colleges. Even though some colleges do not require a good SAT score, others will use these results as an indicator for your chances of success as a college student. There a number of different strategies that students can use to improve the chance of getting good SAT scores.

Simple strategies

1. If you are taking the SAT test for the first time as a junior then it important for you not to be in hurry to take the test again. Leave a good amount of time between the tests, and give yourself the chance to brush up on different skills, having taken the test once, you will have a better idea of what to expect the next time round. So take about six months to study up on the parts you might be a bit weaker on. Colleges will take the top scores from each year into consideration; so don’t rush yourself, just relax and give yourself the practice time you need, to make sure you get good SAT scores.

2. Make an effort to visit the website of the College Board, and answer the daily question. Take the opportunity to do the practice questions, answer the multiple choice questions and go through all of the resources on offer.

3. Give some thought to taking a preparation course, check out what is offered in your local area. Many community learning centers offer specialized practice tests and study help. Talk to your school guidance councilors they will be able to point you in the right direction.

4. Purchase a study guide, the College Board has an up to date study guide for every year, that you can use to make sure you are concentrating on the important areas.

5. The most effective way of preparing to get good SAT scores is to practice, the old saying that “practice makes perfect,” is true in this case. The more practice you have the more confidence you will gain – and the better chance you have of getting good SAT scores.

6. Practice the essay by timing yourself, give yourself 5 minutes to plan and write a short intro, a one paragraph body and conclusion. Don’t forget to give yourself 5 minutes to read over and check your work once you are done.

Adding up your SAT Scores

It is important to get good SAT scores, as this reasoning test is the most widely used test for admissions into American Colleges and Universities, students will generally take the SAT tests in both their junior and senior years. The test is used to determine a students’ knowledge in three main categories, mathematics, critical reading and writing. Each of these categories is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The SAT is administered no less than 7 times a year throughout the United States and its territories.

1. You will be able to get your 3 individual scores online about 3 weeks after sitting the test.

2. To determine if you have good SAT scores then you need to add the 3 scores together and get one whole score.

3. The amount of these three scores together gives you your SAT score. The perfect sore would be a number of 2400.

Staying calm while taking the test

If you feel anxious at even just the thought of taking a test then you should be aware that you are not on your own. It is estimated that around 20% of people will have anxiety issues before and during these tests. Try to stay calm so that you can get good SAT scores. Everything happens for a reason, and you will be able to achieve your goals with hard work and applied effort over time, regardless of your final SAT score. You will find a school that is the right fit for you.

You can check out these resources to help you get good SAT scores.

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A Bipolar Thanksgiving

To anyone that suffers the effects of being bipolar, or live with someone who does, I’m sorry I used the term in my title for the purpose of explaining the extreme highs and lows this thanksgiving will bring me. Though. this story will not be without someone who suffers with severe mental psychosis. For anyone who must live or has contact with someone with mental problems, my heart goes out to you, for I now know what it’s like to have a loved one being crippled by a mental disease.

Thanksgiving is a time when we are supposed to look at what we have, and rejoice in the blessings of our life. For myself, there are certainly things I can give thanks for. And not just any small things, I’m talking “first baby on November 1st” kind of things. If not for certain events happening in my life, I’d be the most lucky and gracious man on the face of the earth. But in less then a month since then, my life has taken on extreme challenges.

Perhaps it would be better if I took us back a little, to better understand where I am now. In the summer of 2008, my mom (69yrs old) was brought into the hospital for breathing problems. I was living in Florida at the time (my parents live in New Hampshire, where I grew up.), and was not too worried, mostly because she had been in and out of hospitals my whole life, and didn’t feel I needed to be alarmed. I then got a phone call from the doctors saying I needed to come to New Hampshire if I wanted to see my mom alive one last time.

So I grabbed what I could and headed home. When I got back, I found my mom in a terrible state. She could not talk (a new tracheal tube was put in), and had developed a psychosis to go along with low vital signs. She kept trying to pull out her tube and kept asking (mouthing) to die. Her vitals started to get better, but her mental state remained the same. The doctors kept telling me she was of sound mind (which would strip me of my power of attorney) and said my dad and I were being selfish for hanging on.

I told them that was crap, and I know my own mother. I then did research into something called “ICU psychosis” (I heard one of the nurses fleetingly mention that one night), and found she had many symptoms that defined the term. To keep this story from being too long, I convinced them they needed to move her (though the doctors thought it was a bad idea) out of there. So they weaned her off the drugs, and what happens?, she pulls a complete 180 degree turnaround and finds her mind again. I was right all along. I had even read that she would remember everything, and she did! She remembers telling me she hated me. She even thought she was home for a whole week. Since then, she credits me for saving her life. I do give thanks for that.

Over the next 2 years, she was moved from Lakes Region General Hospital (Laconia, NH), to Franklin Hospital, then down to New Bedford Rehab Hospital (Massachusetts), to Exeter Hospital (NH), then finally home in August 2010. She was home 2 months before getting an infection from the tracheal tube. Shes back in the hospital in Laconia.

Though she is doing better, my dad has started to slip away. He has always taken medication for severe depression, but over the past month he has started to become delusional. I don’t know if it’s because of switching doctors, or all the new meds, or what, but now he has what is called “bad me” paranoia. He believes (at times, it comes and goes, which is equally painful) the neighbor upstairs (they live in a living assisted apartment, he’s 76) is trying to gas and poison him through the walls, and fears people are trying to hurt him because they know he didn’t live a completely good life. Last week, I was with him. and had to call 911 because of a moderate heart attack. I now fear for his life, and they won’t let my mom go home till he’s better. It’s breaking my heart to pieces.

To cap it all off, last month I had to put money into my parents bank account so they could pay a phone bill. In the process I put in much more, so I could pay my rent with one of their checks. Turns out they had an enormous outstanding debt owed somewhere, and my rent check bounced. Since having the baby on November 1st, I’ve not been working as much and have no money but for the baby. So now I need to make 1100 dollars in 6 days or my new family will be on the street. At least we’ll have a home for our first thanksgiving, but I don’t know what will happen come the 30th.

So here I am, very high, very low. It’s hard to know if I’m coming or going at times. Let me take this last moment to give thanks though. I thank my girlfriend for the love we share. I look at no one but her (as Christ asks), and we share a profound and intimate love. I thank God for our baby girl, who is my girlfriend and I’s love manifested in physical form. She’s beautiful and healthy, and I’m more in love then I could ever imagine. I give thanks that my mom is alive and able to talk. Truly a miracle. I even give thanks that she got sick in the first place, or I’d never have moved back, met the love of my life, and had a baby. I also give thanks for my dad being alive. Perhaps a miracle awaits him too. I give thanks for my job, that lets me work when I want because of the arrival of my child (thanks Outback Steakhouse!), and will be training me for management when I’m back to a normal routine. Which will take away our severe money woes.

Along with giving thanks, I am also in great need. I need my dad to get better so he can see his first grandchild, and so my mom can go home. I also need a money miracle so we have a place to stay, come my families first Christmas.

As blessed as I feel, I’m more stressed as I’ve ever been and can feel the weight of the world coming down on me of late. At least we’ll have a turkey, and each other, this thanksgiving.

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A Visit to the Bridal Cave in Missouri and Its Legend

Bridal Cave is one of the first caves we visited on our vacation in Missouri. It is situated in the Lakes of the Ozarks, not far from Ha Ha Tonka State Park. It is a fabulous place to visit. The cave entrance can be gotten to through the gift shop and the cost at the time we went was $13 and the tour lasted about an hour.

The cave is cool, a steady 60 degrees, and after being outside in the 100 + degree weather, it was a nice change. There are only a few bats and they did not seem to be disturbed as we walked through on our tour.

Centuries ago, the Osage Indians discovered the caves that lie beneath Thunder Mountain. Among the attractions in this cave tour is the Bridal Chapel, and Mystery Lake. The cave is rated as one of the most scenic caves in America.

The most common attraction and the reason for its name is the Bridal Chapel, an area adorned with stalactites that create what is called a pipe organ. These types of stalactites are called drapes. Some of the stalactites are hollow and there was a time where people used to tap on theThe m to make the sound a pipe organ would make.

As the main attraction to the caves, the Bridal Chapel has a legend that goes with its magnificent beauty. The legend of the Bridal Cave is about a young Osage Indian, Conwee, son of Chief Neongo of the Big Hills Tribe, and lived on the north shore of what is now known as Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

Conwee fell in love with the daughter of Elkhorn, the Chief of the Little Hills, on the north side of the Osage River. He desired to have Wasena as his wife. Neither she or her father favored his intentions.

However, Conwee was not going to let this discourage him and left his camp at Ha Ha Tonka in the dark of the night with some of his braves and crossed the Osage River. He kidnaped Wasena and her companion, Irona. They went back across the Osage River to Ha Ha Tonka. As dawn approached, they decided to stop at the cave and conceal their captives.

After a short time in the the cave, Wasena eluded her captor and ran to the cliffs, looming two hundred feet above the Niangua River. When Conwee almost had her, she ran to the edge and leapt over the edge into the river, choosing death over life with one she did not love. From that day foreward, the cliff has become known as “Lovers Leap.”

For Irona, Wasena’s companion, fate was different. She had long been in love with Prince Buffalo, another son of Chief Neongo, and brother to Conwee. After the mourning of the death of Wasena was over, Irona and Prince Buffalo returned to the cave and was married at the place that they were held captive. This stalactite studded room is now called the Bridal Chapel, and gave name to the Bridal Cave, where every year, weddings are held in this very spot.

You can reserve this area for your own wedding by contacting them at the Bridal Cave website. As of this summer over 2,000 couples held there weddings here. There is a boat dock at the opening of the cave where you can go down to and take a boat tour around the lake after the ceremony.

The Bridal Cave is open all year long and is closed only for Christmas Eve and Day, Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

The full tour will start you with a half mile walk through the Northern slopes of Thunder Mountain Park where you will encounter two outdoor classrooms. The second part of the tour is the Lantern Tour of Bear Cave. It has been left in its natural state to allow the participants to concentrate on caving techniques and create an appreciation for the delicate eco-system that is in this area. The third part of the tour is the Bridal Cave. I would highly recommend this for everyone to see, if you are going to be in this area.

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An Interview with Las Vegas' Premiere Elvis Impersonator

You’ve seen the glitz and glamour on TV, or better yet, in person. What, you ask? I’m talking about Las Vegas, Nevada. The lights, the sounds, the entertainment, and of course, the Elvis impersonators.

I have only been to Las Vegas once myself, but I still find it hard to imagine the feeling I got as I stepped onto that strip. It’s almost overwhelming to take in the sites and see the action. What is one of the first things you’d see there? The first thing that comes to my mind are the infamous Elvis impersonators. There seems to be thousands of them. So, what’s the craze? Why is Elvis the most widely impersonated celebrity in the history of impersonations? How is it that many years after his death, Elvis is still adored by so many? Well, I’ve wondered too, so I went to find out.

I had the privilege of seeing Donnie Roberts, an Elvis impersonator, do an Elvis tribute concert at a theater in my small hometown sometime in September of 2004. The show was quite a hit! Around 140 people were in attendance. What made it so popular? It was “Elvis”.

“It was one of the best turnouts I’ve seen since I took over as management,” says Shane, the general manager of the theater.

Mr. Roberts has been impersonating Elvis for almost six years, and has made quite a name for himself. He is very popular around Texas, and many other states as well. It is rare for him to have a free weekend where there isn’t a show booked, and he is asked to appear in commercials and TV shows as Elvis quite frequently. In 2005, he was asked to do the halftime show for the San Antonio Rampage hockey team, and is now working on doing halftime shows for the San Antonio Spurs. So why is he sought after by so many? Again, it’s “Elvis”.

“Elvis had the right moves, the right voice, the right appeal and he was in the right place at the right time. Elvis started Rock and Roll in the United States and that’s why he is the King. He still sells records, he still makes a profit and I don’t think there is any other musical icon that brings in that much revenue,” Mr. Roberts said, when asked his opinion on the Elvis craze.

“People think it’s exciting to portray an icon, and it’s like being part of the phenomenon that surrounds Elvis,” he says.

I asked why Mr. Roberts decided to start impersonating Elvis.

“I was talked into it by a friend that does it,” he says, and then adds, “I’ve always loved his music, and I’ve been told by many people that I look similar to him, and sound like him, so I tried it and it worked,” he says.

So is that why Mr. Roberts does it?

“I love to be part of it – to sing, to dance, and it has the potential to earn more money than a regular day job,” he says.

Well, I suppose that about sums it up. Elvis was all in all a magnificent entertainer and he continues to be loved by millions.

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Album Review: Still from the Keith Davis Trio

Music with a personal meaning is Keith Davis’s forté. The compositions on his latest CD Still is a partial manuscript of the people who have touched his life, converted and narrated into musical form. Accompanied as a trio with bassist Ron Brendle and drummer Justin Watt, Still is expressive and tailored to reflect Davis’s influences and moments of great significance.

The samba rhythm of “Elis” jumps out at the listener as Davis and crew pay homage to the Brazilian singer Elis Regina. The jubilation of the drums and bouncy keys incite the listener to dance as Elis Regina’s music likely affected Davis to do. The upbeat tempo continues through “Taiji Camp” which was inspired by Davis’s experience at Taiji Camp led by Master Yang, Yang. The trio express themselves through improvised jetties that take the listener out to sea in a way along an aural jaunt of naturally fluid lines and melodic embellishments which color the tune with panoramic vestiges. There is a natural flow in the trio’s harmonic formations like in “Raja Numia” as the bass bows and retracts dotting the smooth progressions fostered by Davis’s keys. The number had been designed to be a mystery for the listener though the waves of crests and falls make for a comfy ride.

The strolling gait of “Tadjimon” has a hint of cool jazz swagger that gives the number character. Inspired by Davis’s oldest son Tadji, the composition has a vintage feel with a modern flicker. “Suzy’s Waltz” takes the recording into a tender mood harnessing a reflective aura depicted in the cascading lines of the keys. The album picks up the tempo in “Tadj’s Groove” delving into swing jazz style idioms in the keys and whipping drumbeats. Davis shows a flare for nostalgic bebop in “Lieb,” a track dedicated to keyboardist Dave Liebman then transitions into the looping lines and soft rotations of the keys along “New Beginning” and the torchlight glitter of “Chrysalis.”

Still is the first release from the Keith Davis Trio with all compositions written by Keith Davis. His talent for synchronizing his keys with the drums and bass developed by touring with such big bands as the Glenn Miller Orchestra and the Artie Shaw Orchestra is immaculate. Honing his skills as a live performer, composer, and college instructor have contributed to Davis’s artistry and abetted him to create a distinct style of composing improvisational music.

Keith Davis – piano, Ron Brendle – bass, and Justin Watt – drums


Lieb, New Beginning, Chrysalis, Elis, Taiji Camp, Raja Numia, Tadjimon, Suzy’s Waltz, Tadji’s Groove

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Application for Dating Our Daughter

One year, we enrolled our fourteen-year-old daughter in a summer program at the YMCA. As if a primal instinct had overcome me, I had an overwhelming desire to get off work early to check on her. My instincts are good. She was caught alone and in a compromising position with a young man that was obviously too old, he may have even been in his twenties.

Immediately I called my husband at work to advise him of what I had discovered and in order to give him time to absorb the information so that he would be calm when he spoke with her.

As we sat down to calmly discuss the situation, my husband asked an obvious question: What is this mans name? She answered with his first name. My husband then asked what his last name was. She did not know. My husband asked where he lived. Again, she did not know but she believed it was someplace in Mexico. My husband drew in a breath. My daughter then got defensive and with a single question caused the blood to drain from my husband’s entire upper torso. She jumped up and exclaimed “What do I need to know all that for?” “Because we said so” just didn’t seem like it was going to cut the mustard for that question.

After an extensive lecture on why she needed to know someone’s name before they had their hands where they shouldn’t be, we came up with the following:

Application for Dating Our Daughter

Name:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________ Age: _____ SS#:____-___-____

First Last


Phone # ______________ Height:______Weight:____Color of Hair:______

Do you have a driver’s license? Yes No *If yes, please provide a copy.

Parent’s Name (The ones you live with):______________________________________________________


Phone #___________________

Do you have a Car? Yes No Yr:____ Make:________ License Plate #_______

Is your car insured? Yes No What company?__________________________

Your Best Friend’s Name: ________________________________________

Phone #____________________

Your favorite place to hang out:_______________________

Phone # ___________________ Address:___________________________

Do you have any children? Yes No *if yes how many ____

Are you in school? Yes No Where:__________________ What grade?_____

Do you have a job? Yes No Where:_________________________________

Have you ever been arrested? Yes No If yes, what for?

Are you on probation or parole? Yes No If yes, officer’s name & location:

What church do you go to?_____________________________________

Why do we need to know this information?

1. In case you’ve been in an accident and we need to notify someone.

2. In case you need medical attention because our daughter has been notified that she has an STD

3. In case your parents are looking for you.

4. In case your family has an emergency and you need to be notified.

5. In case you want to be ruled out as a suspect if our daughter becomes pregnant.

6. In case you want to be ruled out as a suspect if our daughter is missing.

7. Because we said so.

* Please Note: We will be checking your information and require two days notice in order to check your answers.

It is your responsibility to update information. If you do not update and we find out about it privileges will be revoked for an undetermined amount of time.

Now, you might think that the boys that she presented this application to would either refuse to answer or give false information, but that never happened. Believe me, we processed quite a few applications. Most of the boys just laughed and gave us their driver’s licenses to copy.

This application, as it was explained was for informational purposes only, so the only way you could be denied was if you lied about your information. Of course, if someone puts down that they had recently been arrested for murder – I’m not exactly sure how my husband would have responded, but we did sleep a little better having some knowledge of whom our daughter was with. The boy also wasn’t so intimidated because he was handed the application by our daughter rather than having an awkward conversation with my husband.

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A Lively Lego-Themed Birthday Party

Ever played with Legos? Yeah, I thought so. Me too. These little bricks have been popular for many years, and for good reason!

When it came time to plan his birthday party, we chose a Lego theme. It was memorable and incredibly fun! I’m here to share all of our secrets and tips with you!

First, the invitations. I used a free Lego man clipart and typed “Build up some fun at Joey’s Birthday Party!” You can download free Lego-style font to use as well. Print off your computer and attach to Lego scrapbook paper. Add some stickers and hand-deliver.

Next, you need to think about the cake. A super easy Lego cake could be a plain sheet cake you buy or make with some sterilized Legos on it, spelling out the birthday child’s name or age. Go the extra mile and make the cake in the shape of a Lego! A square or rectangular base and then cupccakes to make the top bumps.

What is a party without games? If you want a real crowd-pleaser, divide the guests into two teams. Give them each a new Lego Racers set. Have each team work together to put together their race car, when finished, race them down a ramp and see whose car is fastest! The cars can be door prizes, or the birthday child can keep them.

Another simple game that is sure to please is the Lego Guessing Jar. Fill a cleaned out peanut butter jar with Legos in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Have each child write down their guess as they arrive for the party. This gives them something to do while waiting for everyone to arrive. Later, find out who was closest and award the prize—-the jar of Legos!

Don’t forget to let the kids just play as well! One of the biggest hits at our party was when I dumped a box of hundreds of Legos on the floor and the kids sat in a circle and played. They did this for twenty minutes!

Lastly, as a party favor, put some Legos in a sandwich baggie and attach a card that reads “Thanks a ‘block’ for coming to my party!” Be sure to use the Lego font for printing the cards!

Have a great time “building” up the fun at your own Lego party!

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A Restaurant Review: J.J. Murphy's Irish Bar in Prague, Czech Republic

If you’re in Prague and you want to find an Irish bar that does not offer a single Czech dish, check out J.J. Murphy’s in the Mala Strana section of Prague. As its name indicates, it’s an Irish pub and serves up some traditional Irish food as well as a good glass of Guinness. It’s right down the street from the American Embassy and is a favorite of the embassy staff. (See below for specific directions.)

J.J. Murphy’s has a friendly yellow color scheme with traditional wooden furnishings and a bare wooden floor, creating a warm and casual environment. There are several large doors that are opened, weather permitting, which really opens the place up to a very active and fun street. The staff is competent, and the bartenders know how to poor a Guinness properly.

In regards to starters, J.J. Murphy’s has a fairly small menu. They recommend the Grilled Goat’s Cheese salad, which is a grilled goat cheese and tomato with a pepper dressing. At 130,-kc, it is reasonably priced, but I’ve never tried it. I can recommend the Warm Chicken and Bacon Salad served with a vinaigrette dressing. It’s almost always a winner. At 170,-kc, it is a little pricy, however.

Given its large American customer base, J.J. Murphy’s has to sell burgers, but their burgers have a bit of an Irish flair. All of their burgers come with lettuce and tomato, but the extras include Irish cheddar cheese, Irish bacon, and a fried egg. I like all three, and that’s makes for quite a burger! It is a little on the pricy side at 290,-kc, but it does come with potato wedges.

For something a bit different, J.J. Murphy’s serves a Moroccan Shepherd’s Pie whose meat is lamb spiced with ginger, cumin, and paprika. The pie itself is then covered in mashed potatoes. It’s an interesting dish, if a little pricy at 220,-kc

For a real heavy meal, J.J. Murphy’s offers Pan Fried Spicy Potatoes. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me, it’s a lot. Basically, they’re Mexican flavored fried potatoes. 190,-kc

J.J. Murphy’s has a brief pasta menu. There is one item that stands out, however, and that is the lasagna. To my knowledge, this is the only restaurant in Prague that serves lasagna. There’s nothing particularly special about it. And the serving is a bit small. And at 230,-kc, it is expensive.

On the Irish menu, J.J. Murphy’s serves up a classic Irish Full Fry Up, with Irish bacon and sausages, black and white pudding, tomatoes, hash browns, fried eggs and toast. At 270,-kc it is reasonably priced. Then of course, you can never go wrong with the traditional Fish and Chips, which is served at J.J. Murphy’s in the traditional style. At 250,-kc, it is fairly priced. For something a little unique, however, try the Beef and Murphy’s Casserole. It’s beef and mushrooms prepared in Murphy’s Irish Stout. It’s 240,-kc, but a true original.

J.J. Murphy’s sandwich menu is surprisingly creative. There is the basic Ham and Irish Cheddar Melt at 140,-kc, but I prefer the Taste of India, which is chicken covered in a curry mayonnaise, 140,-kc. But if you’re a little more hungry, I like the Triple Decker Club. It includes chicken, bacon, ham all topped off with a fried egg.

In regards to beer, the lager on tap is the Czech beer Staropramen, which at 40,-kc is fairly priced. A 0.4l glass of Guinness is 85,-kc, as is the cider.

J.J. Murphy’s has a pretty good collection of whiskeys: 10 Irish, 8 Scotch, and 6 American. Most of them are about 90,-kc. The house wines are Czech and quite good for the price, 45,-kc a glass.

If you’re in Prague in winter, you might be tempted by one of J.J. Murphy’s “winter warmers.” They serve all the traditional alcohol laced coffees, as well as a Hot Wine, which I can definitely recommend. It’s a heated red wine served with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. It’s served quite well, and it’s really addictive. I would steer very clear from the Grog, however. It’s served with Czech rum, which is absolutely ghastly.

To get to J.J. Murphy’s Irish Bar, cross the Charles Bridge into Mala Strana (in the direction of Prague Castle). Keep going straight up Mostecka (street). Continue until you see a large church ahead on the right (St. Nicholas). Take a left on Karmelitska (street). The next street is Trziste. Take a right. J.J. Murphy’s is right around the corner, located at Trziste 4. The American Embassy is just up the street at Trziste 15.

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