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Analyzing The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

In The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Dr. Faustus’ yearn for knowledge (and ultimately power through knowledge) leads him to pledge allegiance to Hell, and sell his soul to the devil. Likened to Icarus’ story of flying too close to the sun, throughout the play it becomes clear that Faustus’ yearn for knowledge and power is his fatal flaw. His mastery of all subjects leads him not only to think of himself as supremely intelligent, but furthermore leads him to question that which should not be questioned. Ultimately Dr. Faustus realizes his errors, but due to the severity of his decision he cannot repent, and is doomed to eternal damnation. Throughout the happenings of the play, it is clear that the absolute power inherited by Faustus corrupted him beyond forgiveness, by man, angel, or devil.

Throughout the beginning of the play Faustus continually questions the notion of sin, wondering why sin exists in the first place if it is so terrible, as the all-knowing God must have known that sin could be committed, and therefore should have obliterated it at the Creation. During his opening soliloquy, Faustus fights with the notion of sin, and the punishment for committing it: “The reward of sin is death? That’s hard” (I.40). During this soliloquy, Faustus contemplates the ambiguity of sin, in that all people die, so what further punishment could sin possibly incur? Furthermore, Faustus looks at sin from the beginning of time, since the Creation. He argues that, since God created all being, He therefore created sin; hence sin cannot be such a terrible thing if it was deemed necessary to existence by the Creator Himself. It is in this false belief that Faustus lets his hubris take over his actions and decisions, sealing his fate in Hell. Furthermore, during a dialogue with Mephastophilis, Faustus remarks, “Think’st thou that Faustus is so fond to imagine / That after this life there is any pain?” (V.132). At this point it is clear that Faustus believes not in the afterlife, and due to this he sees no reward for good behavior nor punishment for sin after death. Mephastophilis attempts to dissuade Faustus from such ways of thinking, remarking, “But Faustus, I am an instance to prove the contrary; For I am damned, and am now in hell” (V.135). Although Mephastophilis explains that Hell is not a place, but is rather a state of being, Faustus is too set in his ways to be swayed from his beliefs. Through his actions and decisions, it is clear Faustus’ thirst for power has thoroughly corrupted him, and has made him blind to that which should be obvious. So wrapped up is Faustus in his beliefs that he pledges complete allegiance to Lucifer, and looks upon his teachings as, ironically, Gospel. He vows to Lucifer “Never to name God, or to pray to him,/ To burn his Scriptures, slay his ministers,/ And make my spirits pull his churches down” (V.268-271). His alliance with the devil is clear evidence that Faustus has become corrupt beyond all possible repentance.

Ultimately, Faustus’ inherited knowledge leaves him empty, in that he really has no purpose in his life. He is left to play practical jokes on people through use of his magical powers, actions which are hardly that of a man of such intelligence. It becomes clear that Faustus, though he now can get whatever he wants, is waning in life, and his eternal damnation is imminent. When the clock strikes midnight, devils come to carry him away to Hell. Although throughout the play Faustus was given multiple warnings about his ultimate fate, it is not until his final living moments that he realizes the error of his ways. “Ugly hell gape not! Come not, Lucifer! / I’ll burn my books-ah, Mephastophilis!” (XIII.112-113). After cursing everything on Earth and in Heaven, and allowing himself to be persuaded to ally with pure evil, Faustus believes that a final moment of repentance will be enough to save him from his evident fate. Although his mouth utters words of hope for salvation, it is clear that these are the words of a desperate man who has lost everything.

Ironically, Faustus’ vast knowledge ultimately blinded him, and made him most ignorant of all. He believed that, upon his final hours, all his past sins would not come back to haunt him, and he would simply cease to exist. However, as the devils come, they ravage his body, a symbol of his eternal damnation. Dr. Faustus, although a very intelligent man, lost sight of his morals in exchange for extreme power and knowledge, and in doing so loses his soul.

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Analyzing of "I, Too, Sing America"

April is National Poetry Month. I have decided to analyze a classic poem. It may not be one that is familiar to most since a lot of poems that are considered classics are written by non-whites. The poem by Langston Hughes is a classic to me. “I, Too, Sing America.” This poem was recited in “The Great Debaters”. I think this poem fits well with the current political change.

I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“Eat in the kitchen,”

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed–

I, too, am America.

When I read this poem I think of the way Black Americans were treated throughout history in the United States. In the beginning of the poem it states “…I am the darker brother.They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes…” we were pushed to the side, beaten, and not listened to. We were to be submissive and to take the treatment of our oppressor.

The lines states “… But I laugh,And eat well,And grow strong”. In this line it shows the strength of Black Americans despite the poor treatment. It also suggest no matter what to prepare yourself because the day will come when you show your talents for all to see.

The next lines “Tomorrow,I’ll be at the table When company comes.Nobody’ll dare Say to me,”Eat in the kitchen,”Then”. These lines suggest that eventually Black Americans will be seen for whom they are. The traits and not the skin color. I also feel as if “Tomorrow” has come giving that we now have a Black American as president.

The last lines “Besides,They’ll see how beautiful I am And be ashamed–
I, too, am America”. These lines suggest that the shame of American society when the attributes of Black Americans are displayed. It is embarrassing to our country to keep a group down that displays so many talents and many that advanced United States economically.

I feel with the past election this poem speaks volumes. It brought out America’s darkside, America’s shame, Slavery and Jim Crow south. The racism that keeps being swept under the rug and but will not go away. This poem told the future well before anyone thought it would happen.


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A Great, Rich and Wonderful Philosophy-13

The philosophy clearly states the goals to be realized. The foundation, as earlier stated is the righteousness. Everything envisaged subsequently and in day-to-day life is based on this edifice only. That provides the test. Acquisition of wealth is again subject to righteousness. Every human being is entitled to live a life enjoying worldly pleasures within moderation.

In the case of the spiritual seeker he directly goes to sanyas ( sainthood) and then liberation. The householder discharges his duties to family and to society. He prepares himself gradually but enters the stage of vanaprastha(retirement) . The brahmacharin acquires knowledge and then decides whether he wants to enter the stage of householder or go to the final stage of sanyas. This option is given to the individual Invariably the decision is influenced by the accumulated tendencies of the soul in previous births. These are called vasanas. They are the sum total of the actions and experiences of the past. They mould the character of the person and determine how and where he should move and progress.

A person takes up a job and earns wealth for supporting himself and his family. He earns wealth subject to the means of righteousness. Anything belonging to others or not in conformity with fairness and righteousness is to be abjured. His mind is clean and it has no corruption element. The wealth is utilized judiciously. If there is any surplus after meeting his family commitments he distributes it to others. He follows the principle of distribution to deserving people.

He keeps his personal needs to the minimum and lives an example so that other members of the family observe austerity and do not waste wealth. He is free to take up any occupation according to the class in which he is placed or according to his inclinations. But this has to be in conformity with righteousness. There should not be any deviation from this principle. The occupations can be service, teaching, business, farming, trading or any human activity of a commercial nature, which brings income.

The masses are free to take up the occupation of their choice. But wealth accumulation should be through righteous means. When leaders in each field of activity demonstrate their behaviour based on right conduct their followers are motivated to live a stainless and honest life.

The edifice of righteousness generates jobs of a sustainable nature and the training during student life makes the student work hard. There is no form of strife for it becomes a violation of the principle of righteousness

Wealth in excess is used for charity and thus social justice is met. The poor and destitutes are looked after without any state intervention. Surplus is given to maintenance of spiritual centres and to promote centres of knowledge and excellence. There is no hoarding of wealth. The system looks after the society and its need without excluding any one from its network of benefits and service. This is the process of wealth creation and distribution based on the foundation of righteousness, which is a glorious aspect of this wonderful philosophy. (To be continued)

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Are Banner Ads a Dying Breed?

Banner advertising has gotten a bad rap! From internet viewers who complain that they obstruct their views, to webmasters complaining about the bandwidth they consume, to “The Big G” enforcing the no-follow rule – one would think that banner ads would simply dry up and disappear. But they haven’t. And they won’t anytime soon, much to the delight of advertisers everywhere.

Let there be no doubt. Banners continue to survive in this world of new-age advertising because they have proven to be effective. Dollar for dollar, you can hardly beat the benefits of a good banner ad campaign.

The whole purpose of banner ads is to entice people to act on their interest and visit your site. Attractive ads, whether they’re static or flash, are still successful in getting people to click on them.. They are some of the most useful online advertising tools employed.

Both static banners and flash banners can promote your business’s product or service well, but they have distinct differences. In deciding which one of these advertising methods to choose, you will need to determine which one best suits your audience and thus, your needs.

Today’s static banner ads are far from the plain, boring ads of yesterday. Static banners catch your attention by using vivid colors, loud fonts, and catchy phrases.

Flash banners are those which use Adobe Flash – previously known as Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash. Although they can be very vibrant and attractive, flash banners can take a longer time to download than static banners. These advertisements, however, can have both animation and user interaction since video works well with Adobe Flash. Talk about a way to capture an audience! This is it.

Before you decide that flash is for you, you have to keep in mind the demographics of your website viewers. Some people are annoyed by banners that practically demand their attention, and they are hostile to distractions that forcibly interrupt their viewing. Others prefer a more novel approach, and are more inclined to click on a banner that simply states the facts in a clear concise manner, without all the added glitz and hype.

In either case, with banners being so affordable and easily made, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up company or an established enterprise, a blogger or forum administrator, banner advertising is the way to go if you want an effective way to promote your goods or services online.

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Are Banks Turning Consumers' Misfortune into Their Fortunes?

Growing up I am sure that many of us were taught that banks were the safest place to keep our money. Banks were known as community institutions that were known for friendly and fast customer service. Unfortunately the positive image of banks is a thing of the past. Its reputation has become tarnished as a result of incompetence and greed. They are no longer concerned about providing good customer service but instead they constantly seek ways to capitalize on consumers’ misfortune.

During the past 8 years banks complained about seeing a huge decline in profits. If this is true I can assure you that people taking their money out of banks placing it in a glass jar under a mattress are not a major culprit of this sudden change in profitability. Banks have experienced a drop in profitability as a result of some bad investments and loans. Banks have implemented new tactics to make up for those loss profits. They include increased overdraft protection plans, increased automatic teller machine withdrawal fees, and store convenience fees. Unfortunately these tactics are done at the expense of consumers. There are some consumers who do not purposely do things like bounce checks. Sometimes miscellaneous expenses come about and are beyond our control. The bank will cover normally up to $300 for overdraft protection but will charge a persons account as much as $35 every time it is used. This may not seem like a lot of money but if you consider the fact that there are thousands of customers that take advantage of this type of protection it can be a cash cow for banks.

When banks charge all of these outrageous service fees it is a betrayal of consumer trust. It is highly unethical for banks to attempt to take advantage of consumers’ unfortunate situations. Then banks have audacity to go to the government asking for financial stimulus packages when they are clearly making billions of dollars by charging consumers all of these ridiculous service fees. Like any other business entities in order for banks to be successful they must have consumers’ best interest at hand. This will restore consumer confidence which will them to regain profitability without having to resort to deceptive practices.

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A Treasure from the Attic

From recent experiences of hooking up with friends and relatives we have not seen from twenty to forty years, I have been on a hunt for old pictures and memorabilia to bring to these mini reunions. During one of my expeditions to the attic I came across a brown spiral bound book published in 1951 entitled “Don McNeill’s Favorite Poems, Memory Time Selections from The Breakfast Club”. Now I don’t know how many of you reading this remember who Don McNeill was but before television; we listened to the radio as our source of entertainment and news media. Best thing about listening to the radio, even today, is that you can go about your daily chores or tasks without stopping to sit and become a couch potato.

I remember listening to him as a very young child reading letters from his listeners, hearing stories from his characters, and hearing his singers sing songs all live on the air. It is obvious that I cannot reprint all ninety-six pages of this beautiful book but I will give my readers a small taste. Let me introduce the players of this program first: the master of the Breakfast Club was family man and all around nice guy Don McNeill who by the stacks of mail he received each and every day had to be one of the most popular people in America back in the 40’s and 50’s. Actually the Breakfast Club was on the air until 1968 but by then I already had two children and a television set of our own and mainly listened to the radio in the car. A singer on the program who had a great voice was Johnny Desmond and I remember him singing and seeing my mother swoon. A character actress was Aunt Fanny who was played by Fran Allison who I mentioned in another article as the real person of the trio of Kukla, Fran and Ollie. The resident female singer of the show was Patsy Lee and there were even people who sang commercials for Swift & Company, Philco products and Jell-O.

There are many poems in this book with categories named: Memories of Love and Friendship, Memories that Inspire, Memories of Faith and Reverence, Memories of Home and Mother, Memories of Childhood and Youth, Memories that Amuse, Memories of War and Grief and Golden Memories all by various authors. After reading through this fragile book, I chose a poem by Don McNeill himself and a letter authored by him to his new president.

Ode To Baby’s First Tooth!

A baby learns breathing, but not so with teething.
There’s yelling and din, till that first tooth comes in;

We knew it would come, some day to his gum,
But one goes temperamental, when babies go dental.

In go both tiny fists, clear up to the wrist
While in time they grow bolder, and snap at the shoulder.

You give up in despair, ’cause you can’t figure where
In the gum is abiding, that tooth he’s been hiding.

Till one sunny day, you look in and, why say
Something tiny and whilte, has appeared in the night.

Where there once was a hole — thar, there now is a molar
Not like your toothe or my tooth — it isn’t an eye tooth.

Though the gum still is thick, you can now hear the click
Of his crescent pearl moon, to the touch of a spoon.

Like a ringside frequenter, there it sits front row center
Go on yell, go on cheer, boy that first tooth is here.

And a beautiful letter to President Harry S. Truman four days after he became president upon the death of Franklin Roosevelt.

Dear Mr. President

At first, I thought it presumptuous of me, an ordinary citizen, who admits he knows very little about government affairs, to be writing you — but Mr. Truman, what I’m about to say I think may echo the thoughts of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Breakfast Clubbers who, too, are what is so often known as “John Public”. Primarily, we want you to know that you have our wholehearted and loyal support and Mr. President, there is no more loyal group in the world than the Breakfast Clubbers. Picking up the banner where your fallen Chief dropped it, we know you can carry it to the glorious heights of true victory and a lasting peace, only with us behind you.

Now, I think there are very few of us who don’t give our opinion on world matters at the drop of a hat, but I’m sure that every one of us who does, knows that he parrots the opinion of others he had heard, or whose works he has read, and that only a handful of men really understand your complex problems with all their ramifications. Among us you will find an exemplification of the Americans you’re working for. Factory workers, GI’s, housewives, executives, kids — every type that goes to make for American greatness. You’ll find us united as never before. You’ll find us expecting you to make some mistakes as every human does, but I hope you’ll find us as understanding and tolerant of you, as I have every hope to believe you will be of us. We’re from every section of the country, Mr. Truman. We have over a million charter members and hundreds of thousands more regular members of our Club. We are all races, colors and creeds, but we are neighbors.

It’s peculiar how downright similar our basic tastes in things really are. We all like good music, good fun, good common sense. We have a deep sense of religion and responsibility toward our homes and government. We may stray from the path occasionally, but not for too long. And we’re going to pray that you and your advisors, and our elected representatives are guided by Divine Providence in the task ahead.

I’m sure you must know and feel this already, Mr. Truman, but you have just stepped into the center stage spotlight before the entire world, and as a guy who is fortunate enough to have the ears of a great and huge group of Americans every morning, I want you to know that when you “go on”, as we say in show business, never was an audience more with you and for you. When you were a kid in Missouri, Mr. Truman, it probably helped you a little to hear the gang yelling for you when you stepped up to the plate for your turn at bat. I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind knowing how the crowd feels as you come up now in the biggest World’s Series of all, with the bases loaded.

Sincerely yours,
Don McNeill
April 16, 1945

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3 Hot Hatchbacks that Offer Miles and Smiles Per Gallon

With the marriage of Fiat and Chrysler, 2010 brought us one of the most in demand, retro‐inspired, small cars to hit the states in quite some time, the Fiat 500.

However, apart from a J. Lo. commercial, sales haven’t really taken off like they have in the U.K. But if cute, and adorable aren’t quite your thing, there is now another option. Coming soon (hopefully) is another feisty Italian city-car headed straight for our shores (actually Chrysler dealers), the charismatic, passion filled and altogether more aggressive-ish, Alfa Romeo MiTo. This leaves the aging Mini Cooper no longer the only option for a sporty city runabout, or does it?

Sharing its genes with cars like the 159 and the 8c, Alfa Romeo’s supermodel of a super car, the new Alfa MiTo, despite being the baby of the Alfa range, certainly has those coveted European good looks. But behind that classic wedge shape grill, the Mito sports a 1.4‐liter or 1.8‐liter engine, not the billowing V8 you get in the 8c, but an economical four‐cylinder laden with enough, buzzy, high‐revving Italian

character that when added to those Alfa good looks, should be enough to make even a porn star blush.

The interior too abides by the Alfa philosophy, elegant leather seats as an option and a somewhat tacky, yet very interesting carbon fiber look dash; all help create a car of immense beauty. There is also the GTA version, a more powerful, firmer riding,performance model that harkens back to Alfas racing days. It comes complete with, what Alfa calls the “DNA,” traction control system. Dynamic mode that firms up the suspension and engine response for sporty driving, normal for everyday driving and all weather.

Where the Alfa comes off as a bit serious and mature, its stepsister, the 500, comesacross as playful and cute, a car that goes about its business with a foolish abandon. This is not to say the 500 is inferior to the MiTo in any way, rather, unlike the Alfa,it’s not afraid to leave the garage with mismatched socks, suspenders and a funny hat.

The 500 is unintimidating, unpretentious, it shouldn’t be listed as a car at all, but instead as a 1.4‐liter, 94‐horsepower, smile generator. Push the gas down and watch your smile grow. Unlike the MiTo, the 500 has an option list that dwarfs even the new healthcare bill. With so many options, you can build a car that fits your tastes exactly. Even If you’re the type of person who thinks 94‐horsepower is better suited to gardening equipment than a car, you’re in luck. Abarth, Fiat’s in‐house tuning company, make a version that has all the original charm of the 500 but with a bad side; think a turbocharged, 134‐horsepower hamster…with fangs. And even if you’re like me, insane, there is a version for us too. It’s called the 500 Abarth SS and with 160 horses under the hood, it’s like giving that hamster growth hormone and a rocket launcher…it’s absolute automotive lunacy, and it’s brilliant.

There is one downside to the 500 however. The little Fiat has been such a runaway success in the UK that it has spawned waiting lists and price premiums. So if this is the car you’re after, you my want to camp out in front of the nearest Chrysler dealer (both Fiat and Alfa will be sold through Chrysler dealers) and put your name down before the feeding frenzy begins.

Lets say you’re the type of person who finds the Alfa a bit too serious and the Fiat too childish; you still have one option. With a base price of $18,000 and nearly everything as an optional extra, the Mini is by far the most expensive of the three.

And if like a sirens call, you find yourself drawn to the options list, be forewarned, with an open checkbook, you can easily build a Mini that approaches $40K with more gadgets than a Japanese lavatory. Keep your checkbook in the hands of someone sensible however, and what you’re left with is a brilliant handling, well made, economical, exciting, and rather handsome car that started it all.

The Mini is the only car here that has a true racing heritage, and it shows. Its suspension is firm but more sorted than the MiTo and the Fiat, it avoids crashing over large bumps and bouncing about. The basic Cooper model has 118 horsepower while the turbocharged Cooper S has 172 horsepower, more than enough to keep the average driver entertained. For the aggressive driver there is even a tuned version like the Fiat 500 Abarth SS and the Alfa GTA, it’s called the John Cooper Works, with over 200‐horsepower and a top speed approaching 150, it’s seriously quick. Yes. The Mini, even the base model, is likely more expensive than either the MiTo or the 500 (prices still have to be set for U.S. versions of the 500 and MiTo).

But on the other hand, Mini is made by parent company BMW, known for superb quality.

So whatever car you choose, the gorgeous, purebred, passionate Alfa; the adorable, carefree, almost manic 500; or the wise, tried and true, plucky Brit, the Mini, there’s a, small, cheep, fun car for you.

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A Guide to Acne Nodule Treatments

Acne is a term used for plugged pores. Some of the common forms of acne are the blackheads, white heads, pimples, even deeper lumps, cysts or nodules. A nodule is a solid, dome shaped or irregularly shaped lesion. Normally, it shows signs of inflammation, and it left unattended it spreads deeper into the skin destroying skin tissues and causing severe pain and scarring. A nodule may not respond to therapy. So, the acne nodule treatment has to be done under the guidance of a registered dermatologist. These dermatologists take into account, the factors like the age of the patient, lifestyle, skin type and the motivation, the types of lesion present, severity of the acne.

Normally for some human beings from sweet sixteen to fifty, acne appears naturally. Acne nodules treatment can be done to get rid of the nodules. One has to take some important precautions like sleep on a clean pillow cover, use clean towel or face tissues, keep your face clean by washing your face two to three times a day. Be sure you will pull your hair away; when you are sleeping otherwise it irritates the skin and causes acne. Never go to bed with make up. Do not pick or pop or squeeze the whiteheads or blackheads, it causes infection and creates a deeper scar and leads to acne.

Drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day will prevent you from getting a lot of acne, as it detoxifies your body. Exercising regularly is also a good control over acne because it reduces the stress and increases the oxygen penetration to the skin. These are easy ways of acne nodules treatment at home level.

There are many skin care products, which do help in reducing your acne. Consult the beautician or the skin care specialist before starting any product. Otherwise, it may lead to side effects.

Oral treatment another method of acne nodules treatment, in which drugs is given for a period of four to five months. This drug should be taken twice a day. These drugs are given for clearing up the acne for ever and it will reduce the size of the oil producing gland. Pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant should not try this oral treatment. Care to be taken when one is taking oral drugs as it may create depression or suicidal tendencies. Sometimes, injections are also given to reduce the inflammations.

There are certain foods which help to prevent acne in the internal level; they are water melon, berries, walnuts, olive oil, green tea, lemon juice, yogurt, low fat dairy products and water.

Once the nodules are controlled by the acne nodules treatment, the patients can go for scarring treatment. Slowly, some of the scars will vanish and one feels happy and fresh and skin looks supple and better.

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Affordability of Florida's Colleges

In Florida, college tuition is a hot topic. Governor Rick Scott is publicly criticizing laws from 2007 and 2009, which allow state colleges to increase tuition by up to 15 percent each year. Additionally, universities may request up to another 15 percent tuition increase so long as their tuition remains under the national average for public four-year colleges.

Governor Rick Scott objects to the 2007 and 2009, enacted by the prior governor, Charlie Crist, on the basis that the laws are increasingly making higher education unaffordable and inaccessible to middle- and low-income families. However, it appears that Florida’s in-state four-year college tuition is one of the lowest in the nation.

A common belief is that Governor Rick Scott is only making college tuition a priority due to the upcoming election for Governor at the end of this year. After all, if Florida’s in-state tuition is one of the lowest in the nation and there are already measures in place to prevent large hikes in tuition, is post-secondary education really that unaffordable?

Given that tuition of Florida’s colleges are some of the lowest in the nation, it may be more constructive for Florida’s Department of Education to focus on finding new ways to fund Bright Futures, Florida’s state funded scholarship program, rather than inhibit tuition hikes. As it is, Bright Futures is annually decreasing their award amounts while annually increasing the criteria to qualify for the scholarship. When I was a senior in high school, I was awarded 100 percent tuition for my first two years of any in-state college and 75 percent for my second two years of any in-state college. By the time I completed the first two year, Bright Futures had paid only 75 percent of my tuition and for the final two years, Bright Futures only paid 50 percent, but only after I jumped through new hurdles and met new deadlines for filing out FAFSA which had absolutely no bearing on my ability to receive the scholarship.

In summary, inflation will continue over the years and colleges need the ability to adjust their tuition rates appropriately to maintain competitive tuition costs. If Governor Rick Scott and Florida’s Department of Education are concerned with the accessibility and affordability of college, it may be best if they shift their focus to offering reliable scholarship programs rather than penalizing schools.

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An Understanding Way

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered. (1 Peter 3:7)

A while back we worked our way through the Fireproof curriculum in our Wednesday evening meeting at Cottonwood Community Church and one of the Scripture passages referenced in the weekly assignment is 1 Peter 3:7. The verse is well known to most Christian couples but unfortunately it is often misunderstood.

The Greek word translated as “understanding” in this verse is gnosis which means “knowledge, knowing or general intelligence.” Thus, the Apostle is not instructing men to be considerate of their wives as some would have us to believe (although considerate behavior is incumbent upon husbands in light of Philippians 2:2-5 and etc.). Rather, Peter is commanding men to learn about their wives, to really investigate who they are and to respect their uniqueness as a woman.

One of the things I have found over the years is that most men do not really know or cherish their wives as they ought. They do not take time to comprehend the intricate inner workings of the female mind they are in covenant with. Often, men are more interested in investigating the fuel injection system in their car or the capabilities of their desktop computer than discovering the marvelous mind of their mate.

Part of the problem is men are wired in such a way that before they will become deeply engaged in any project they need to be convinced the rate of return will be adequate to compensate for their time. Occasionally the return on effort is monetary, sometimes it is ideological and sometimes a feeling of accomplishment is considered a satisfactory return. This is the way God made men and it is useful as they fulfill their duty to provide for their families. It should also be valuable in impelling a man to become deeply acquainted with his wife.

When a man makes it his aim to understand the manner in which his wife views this world he will be rewarded in a number of ways. In the first place he will have the joy of discovering the exotic nature of the lovely creature he shares a home with. He will begin to understand how she is designed to complete him and that he is stronger with her than without her. Moreover, he will value her because of the ways she is different than him rather than deride her for her dissimilarity and weakness.

He will also learn she must be protected physically and emotionally. He will recognize it is a privilege to have the responsibility of leadership over one so extraordinary. If he is truly a student of womanly emotion and intellect he will learn that daily, thoughtful, tender interaction with his wife will enable her to blossom. As a result his life will be filled with a wonder far surpassing anything offered by other pursuits.

If a man fails to make progress in his responsibilities as a husband, he can expect his spiritual life to suffer. The text in 1 Peter 3:7 literally says his prayers will be “cut off.” Certainly this takes into account the loss of fellowship in prayer between a man and his wife if he is mistreating her. Yet it must be understood to warn against the breach of fellowship between a man and God Himself. A man’s prayers can be stymied when he prays selfishly (James 4:3): they can be cut off if he is not in harmony with his wife.

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