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7 Simple Ways to Help At-Risk Children and Teens

The United States is turning a new leaf in its history, as more children and teens are left to raise themselves because of families ripped apart because of divorce, finances, teen pregnancy, and the stresses of parent’s holding multiple jobs.

Whether you are a retiree, a college student, a busy parent, a business owner, or a blue collar worker, you know a teen or child who needs someone to guide them and help them make right choices in life. Inner city children, children in single parent households, and children living in poverty all are at high risk of repeating the life cycle of poverty.

You may not have a lot of free time or resources at your disposal, but these simple actions can positively change a young child or teen forever.

1) Read a book to a child regularly.

The longing to read starts young, and studies have shown that regularly reading to children will encourage children to want to read. Take the time to teach a child to read. A large percentage of inmates and the unemployed never learned how to read and write, making them unemployable and susceptible to crime.

2) Employ a teen.

Whether its $10 for shoveling snow or a part time job at your business, teen employment teaches a teen about responsibility, earning money, the important of a good work ethic, and reduces the amount of free time they have to get into trouble.

3) Invite other children to your family outings.

Maybe you have noticed that your son’s best teen friend often goes home to an empty house. Offer to include him in your next family outing, with the permission of his parent. You can even open your home up regularly for dinner on nights that his parent is working late. My own husband was practically adopted by a friend’s family, and the positive influence helped him make the right decisions in life.

4) Give a short teen workshop on money management to teens.

If you are financially successful, giving a teen workshop on money manager at your local community center or church will make a larger life-changing impact than a Christmas toy donation. You can arrange the meeting locally, and teach teens about savings accounts, having a strong work ethic, proper use of credit, etc.

5) Volunteer for career day at a local school.

Sometimes all a child needs is a role model that shows them that any career path is possible. Many teens believe that they will be the next NBA or NFL star athlete, but do not realize that the chances of success are slim. Instead, they need professionals in their community to talk to them about how to become successful at other professions, like teaching, medicine, sales, law, technology, business, and a host of other jobs.

6) Mentor and tutor a teen.

Teens need to know the importance of keeping their grades up in school, having integrity, having faith and hope, going to college, and learning the rites of passage necessary for a successful adulthood. Many teens have already fallen into the pits of drug dependancy, gangs, sexual promiscuity, theft, or even violence. Take the time to make a difference in a struggling teen’s life. You may be the only positive role model left.

7) Be a guardian angel.

Maybe you are a shut-in, busy with five children of your own, work 60 hours a week, or have an illness that prevents you from mentoring a child. Random acts of kindness may be the only way that you can make a difference in someone’s life. You can make dinner for the struggling single parent next door, offer to have the neighborhood children over for dinner once a month, donate a much-needed item to a needy family, or volunteer an hour a week for tutoring.

In an ideal universe, both mother and father would be able to raise up their child to become a productive citizen. With the country’s finances in ruin, unemployment on the rise, and more families finding themselves homeless and in poverty, the lost generation of teens and children is growing larger. Make a difference in a child or teen ‘s life today, and change one life for the better.

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A Little Easter Poem

One bunny, two bunny,
three bunny, four….
candies and goodies
and giggles galore !

Easter is festive
and Easter is fun,
especially when shared
with a special someone…..

and that is you. Happy Easter.

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8 Simple Rules to Help You Shine in a Job Interview

Job Interview Rule 1: Dress Professionally

Dress to Impress! Clichéd maybe, but it is 100 percent accurate. Men should wear slacks, a long sleeve dress shirt, tie, dress shoes and a belt regardless of what job you are applying for. Women should dress professionally as well, avoiding looking too casual or provocative. Showing up to an interview in shorts and flip flops is a sure fire way to be immediately forgotten.

Job Interview Rule 2: Be on time

There is nothing worse for a busy hiring manager than an applicant who doesn’t show up for the interview on time. Try to get there early. This shows that you are serious about the job. Keep in mind that you are probably not the only person we have scheduled for that day.

Job Interview Rule 3: Turn Off the Cell Phone

A cell phone going off during an interview signals a lack of respect. If you actually answer that call, somebody had better be dead or dying. I will end an interview on the spot if a person answers their cell phone. If you are expecting an important call, give the interviewer a heads up before you begin. We will understand if your wife is about to deliver a baby…

Job Interview Rule 4: Look them in the Eye

Looking someone in the eye is a show of respect. It also indicates that you are open and honest. Looking away frequently or not looking at the person interviewing you makes us think that you can’t be trusted or are hiding something. If you have a hard time looking someone in the eye, look at their forehead instead. They won’t know the difference.

Job Interview Rule 5: Speak English

Leave the slang at home and try to speak in coherent sentences. When interviewing for a job, it is assumed that you will be representing the company to the outside world in one fashion or another. We as interviewers, want you to project a professional image of our company to others should you be hired.

Job Interview Rule 6: Be Polite

Always use, “Sir,” and “Ma’am,” “Please” and “Thank You.” Being polite shows respect and will immediately put you in a good light. It also demonstrates that you can conduct yourself in a professional manner under stress. Job interviews are stressful after all.

Job Interview Rule 7: Smile

Show us those pearly whites! Try to be as warm and as friendly as possible without telling us your entire life story. Even if you are nervous, just making an effort to smile can go a long way. If you can establish a rapport with the interviewer you are more likely to land that perfect job. Think of your paycheck… that should make you smile.

Job Interview Rule 8: Be Confident

Do your very best to appear confident and secure in your abilities to do the job you are interviewing for. A word of caution here, don’t be over-confident. It’s generally not a good idea to assume that you have the job until it is offered to you.

Remember that most hiring managers are looking for reasons not to hire someone; don’t give them any. Follow these 8 simple rules and you too will shine in a job interview.

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Absinthe Bars in Paris

Since the 1800s, the popularity of absinthe throughout Paris was unquestioned, and the absinthe bars in Paris are devoted to furthering understanding of the history as well as the reality of the potent beverage. It is one of the joys of exploring Paris in today’s world. Finding these specialty bars can be a chore if you don’t know where to look, but the reward of the search is certainly well worth it.

One of the most popular absinthe bars in Paris has to be Vert d’Absinthe located at 11 rue d’Ormesson in Paris. There are always a minimum of 25 different varieties of the “green fairy” available, and they will take the time to show you how to drink the beverage properly according to the French tradition. You don’t just pour the liquid into a glass and drink it. Rather, the liquid is poured into the glass followed by a dousing of water that is run directly over a sugar cube. The pouring of water is done in a timely manner to ensure it hits the absinthe before the cloudiness of the drink appears. The French call this method of drinking absinthe “louching” the drink.

If you want the historical lessons, a chance to grab a taste test, and a fun time exploring the depths and mysteries that surround this high proof sipper then you should consider visiting the quiet but fun pub inside The Hotel Royal Fromentin located at 11 rue Fromentin in Paris.

For a great little stop just a few minutes outside of Paris city limits, a stop at the Musee de L’Absinthe for a true devotion to the drink. The translation in English is the Absinthe Museum so be prepared for viewing all kinds of interesting artifacts and presentations. Here, you can also find all the information you could ever want regarding which bars are currently ranked the best and why. It’s a great place to stop and get involved in the significance of the drink in the production of some of France’s artistic creations.

The continuing interest and even reverence to absinthe is contributing to the development of more bars and pubs throughout Paris and even around the world. For your own special tour, you can find that the French know their absinthe and they know exactly what makes it so special.

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A Tribute to Chubby Girls

I adore voluptuous women. Like many guys I know, I would much rather date a women with curves than a woman who is skinny. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the most obvious reason is because I am a man who loves to eat, and there is nothing worse than taking a woman out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and watching her eat a bowl of lettuce and drink a glass a water. I could share the same experience with a pet rabbit. And unlike a woman, the rabbit would be content with water from the tap, instead of a 7.00 bottle of water imported from France.

The other reason has less to do with practicality and gastronomical compatibility, and more to do with aesthetic appeal. For as long as I can remember, I have always been turned off by the sight of bones protruding through skin. As a young boy, neighborhood kids would attempt to gross me out by lifting their shirts and sucking in their stomachs, exposing their ribs. They knew how much I hated this, which of course, is why they did it. But even to this day, I cringe a little bit whenever I can see the protrusion of bones.

Some men may have a fetish for exceptionally large women, but there is definitely a limit to my affection. I am not attracted to the type of large woman likely to be found on the cover of a novelty greeting card. A woman’s stomach should not resemble the face of a shar pei dog, abounding in rolls and wrinkles (or fur, for that matter). At the same time, a woman should not resemble a skeleton. Neither look is healthy.

To me, the perfect woman would have the curves and the softness of a 1940s era pinup girl. She would be soft to the touch, and have the graceful curves of an exotic sports car. She should not have the body of a twelve year old boy. The perfect woman would straddle the fine line between having a healthy appetite and being a pig; in other words, she should be able to give me a run for my money at the local all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, yet still be able to shop for clothes at regular clothing stores rather than “Betty’s House of Fashion For The Pleasantly Plump”.

If you are a curvy woman engaged in a desperate attempt to look like a runway model, my advice is this: Stop wasting your time! Love your body, and embrace your voluptuousness! Sure, you may never make the cover of a fashion magazine, but you will never cease to turn the heads of guys like me.

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Adiposity - Localized Fat Such as Bacon, Culottes and Love Handles

The localized fat has some characteristics:
– varies according to sex
– varies according to age
– varies according to the percentage of body fat
– varies according to your genes
– varies depending on the amount of physical activity
– has a greater sensitivity to certain hormones

Localized fat and sex

The areas most frequently affected by phenomena of localized fat deposits vary between the sexes. Men usually show the so-called “android or apple-type obesity” (fat mass concentrated in the face, neck, shoulders and especially in the abdomen above the navel) which is associated, among other things, at higher high blood glucose, triglycerides and blood pressure. In females prevails gynoid obesity or pear type (body fat concentrated in the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen below the navel).

Adiposity localized and age

Although more and more frequent episodes of adiposity among young people, this phenomenon occurs more frequently above 40 years of age. Physiological changes as a major drop in estrogen in women and testosterone in males, associated with increased insulin resistance, tend to favor the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body.

Localized fat and body fat percentage

Usually, even if they are rare exceptions, local fat is typical of people with a body fat percentage and high average but is less common in thin patients.

Localized fat and Genetics

Although heredity plays a very important role, many people tend to turn it into a real ready excuse to justify the failure to achieve its objectives. Genetic predisposition and susceptibility to circulatory disorders while being heavily involved in the distribution of body fat, can at least be kept under control with a balanced diet and regular physical activity program

Localized fat and physical activity

Usually localized fat affects sedentary individuals, on the contrary those who practice a regular exercise tends to have a more even distribution of body fat (adiposity generalized).

Adiposity and hormones

The localized fat is influenced by plasma levels of various hormones. For example, a low testosterone level associated with a high level of cortisol tends to favor abdominal adiposity High levels of estrogen are associated with an increase in triceps skinfold, thigh and buttocks localized fat, analyse the possible solutions. Given that the best weapon is prevention, given the seriousness of the problem need to implement targeted solutions and decided. It is therefore important to all the possible variables that we analyzed, the lifestyle food up to the regular practice of physical activity.

Effective solutions

Creams and abdominal bands: hyperthermia promotes circulation by increasing blood flow in the area of “”¹””¹interest, which is why such products can in some way facilitate the disposal of excess fatty tissue. Drainage products help eliminate toxic substances, eliminating toxins and excess fluids. And ‘now well established as the excessive intake of food toxins, combined with prolonged exposure to other pollutants in the air, favors the accumulation of fat. Minimize the intake of toxic substances, and facilitate their elimination means laying the groundwork for promoting the mechanisms of detoxification and detoxification. Massages can also exert a positive role in stimulating the circulation of the area affected by localized fat deposits and increasing the sense of general well-being.

The weight training is not the most appropriate activities to promote weight loss because it involves a calorie restricted. However, muscle exercises stimulate the secretion of certain hormones that can promote and accelerate the disposal of excess body fat. For this reason, you insert some general toning exercise in your workout program. As we have seen there is no single solution to overcome the localized fat is necessary to eliminate the causes that led to its formation. Below are some effective strategies to combat this phenomenon:

Food strategies

In this article you can find a set of rules that must always consider both to facilitate weight loss, both for a better life than one’s own body. Before undertaking a new diet to ask a doctor specialized to make sure that there are no contraindications. Limit your intake of sugary drinks and sodas (Fanta, Coke and the like). Limit alcohol consumption. Limit your daily intake of saturated fats (butter, fatty meats, fatty meats, cheese, fats) and trans fats (margarine, peanut butter).

Strategies for training

This article contains a description of the method of training “circuit training” which according to some studies could lead to localized fat loss. I talked to lose the extra pounds especially in the thighs and buttocks, because some studies have shown that a similar exercise program can promote weight loss localized. This topic is quite controversial and lined one side sees the so-called fitness guru experimental and other doctors of the international scientific community, who do not yet accept the definition of “localized slimming.”


The article contains information that comes from my experience and my tests.

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A Tribute to the Boston Marathon Bombing Event

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, I wrote this poem to pay my respect and to reflect on where we are as a human race. Please share to spread the peaceful message.

What would it be like if for one day
Peace won the war
In every nation, every corner of the world
No gunshots, no explosions
No grief-stricken mothers, no blood and tears spilled in the streets
The same streets where peace once lived
Where lovers met, and children in their mother’s hand strolled
Carefree, filled with wonder at the sights and sounds of the world

What would that be like
For the human race to live as neighbors
Brothers and sisters
Without a trace of fear
And silence broken not by the sounds of pain and sorrow
But by the joy of laughter, merriment, and jubilation
No more fighting, no more battles
Not another child fatherless or motherless
Dreaming of revenge and bloodshed

Could it ever happen
That peace could find her way to every soul on earth
And with open arms
Wrap herself like a blanket around his tired heart
And make it beat again
Like the drums in a parade
With people chanting in tearful excitement
“Peace won! Peace won!”
Their arms around each other
For peace has won

Can you imagine that
I can
I know that I’m a dreamer
And I know I’m not the only one

May peace, one day, find her way to all sentient beings on earth.

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An Unusual Love Story

Quite often you find yourself in the trauma of deciding whether it’s his Clooney-esque eye crinkles or the lopsided smile that is sexier. Just as when you are about to settle for his smile, you notice his salt n’ pepper hair. And that’s when you finally decide some things are better left undecided. But then there are days when he walks around with his hair and moustache so black, that you’d wonder if he reproduced the Pantone black in exact colour percentages. This happens only once in a while when his petite, younger looking pretty wife insists on coloring his hair. Speaking of his wife, she at times gets pissed off when the otherwise religious husband of hers, sits on the couch with his accounts book during the family prayer, trying to tally numbers. But most of the times, he makes her blush with his poor, innocent jokes or the way he takes credit for the delicious food prepared by her. And sometimes by helping her with the dishes. But it is when he happily spends a sunday at the general hospital with the security guard of their apartments, who met with an accident, she finds herself falling in love with him. All over again. Probably for the nth time.

Most likely to be seen running around, knocking on every apartment door, collecting funds for the family of the garbage man who passed away or for the security guard at the hospital, he sometimes goes to great lengths with the whole’ helping others thingy’. And no wonder, the residents, especially the stingy ones flee at the very sight of him, and for those who find it hard to make both ends meet, he’s a nightmare. Every single time the doorbell rings, their hearts pound and during month ends in a particularly faster pace and there are times when they won’t even open the door. Because if it’s him at the door it has to be for some monetary help and nobody, almost nobody can say no to him, seeing him striving to make things better, not for him, but for others, bringing Jesus Christ’s ‘Good Samaritan’ to life, by all means. And if at all someone appreciates him, he cringes and says ‘ these are the duties of the ‘General Secretary’ of the residents’ association’ . He might not have realized this, but all his life he’s been living for others. Back in 80’s too, when he was in the U.S., as seen in photographs, resembling Michael Caine a lot, a dorky yet sexier version of him, with thick glasses & yellowish brown shades, wavy hair and 12″ inch bellbottoms, he was the same. Not even when his 23 year old, nutty-fruity daughter complains “daddy gives everything to everyone” does he realize or is even aware of his truly selfless existence.

Not too often you come across people like him, who, despite a busy schedule, finds time to go on evening walks with his son, an annoyingly handsome 27 year old chap, discussing his career and love life, pausing in between to get a Coke from Bread World. And to ask his rebel, still goody-two-shoes daughter when she comes home late “in which part of the world were you today?” , pulling her legs, or even better to drop her wherever she wants in the morning on the way to work in his blue Maruti Omni while carefully driving in an uncomfortable silence.And to get chocolates for his 15 year old, tomboy, couldn’t-care-less daughter who accompanies him after work all the way from the gate till his door, carrying his briefcase. Once he’s home he just dumps his stuff, making the room messy, drapes a lungi and rushes to the kitchen. And starts making his signature ‘aval nanachathu’ aka brown rice flakes sweetened with jaggery & grated coconut or ‘dosa’. Neither the overt sweetness of ‘aval’ nor the hardness of ‘dosa’ stops anyone from having it, even his elder daughter who finds daddy’s dosas extremely hard. Partly because of hunger but mostly because she knows “daddy might feel bad if you tell him it’s hard” . And boy she’s so damn right, even at the slightest mention of the hardness of his dosas, he gets upset, that ever-present smile slowly fading from his face and you will be so fascinated to find at 55, this man can be so vulnerable, yet so irresistible.

Uhm, she… she likes to stay out of the picture and watch his life perfectly falling into place. Told you it’s an unusual love story.

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