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A World Plagued by Moral Relativism

I have been thinking a lot about moral relativism lately. Switch on the news and you hear someone who wants to lead a whole country, and supposedly change the world saying she just misspoke. At work I talk to people who think it is wrong to hold strong views, anything goes, everyone is right except if you have Christian values. Our conversations are riddled with words like, ‘whatever’, ‘don’t care’, ‘anything is fine’, ‘well that’s your opinion and I’m entitled to mine’. Although we all have the right to our opinions, we are not all right. There is either the right way or the wrong way, there is truth or falsehood, there is God or the devil there is no middle ground in most situations. With the concept of relativism one is bound to run into trouble almost immediately.

We have universal standards set for every kind of measurement, whether it is for height, weight or volume. Why do we have absolute standards? If relativism crept into our world of trading, the same proponents of relativism will be so outraged that they will demand absolute justice! If someone wanted to buy an ounce of gold from me, and I delivered only 5 grams because my definition of one ounce is 5 grams, that would not go well at all would it? If relativism crept into traffic rules, we would be driving on any side of the road not honoring any stop signs or yield signs. Too bad you are going to get hurt and hurt many innocent people because of your stupidity. In our daily lives no matter what we believe, whether it is in absolute truth or relativism, we tend to do things as law abiding citizens. Yes you relativists think that there are absolutely no absolutes but most of you work everyday, drive home following traffic rules, take care of your families and keep out of trouble. So what happens when it comes to truth, ethics and morality? Things start to get icky. Let’s talk about abortion. Even the dumbest scientist should know that life begins when the egg and sperm fuse, which is when the zygote is formed. If he/she disagrees with me then I have a suggestion, leave it alone and let’s see what happens in nine months!! But there are many who argue that it is a woman’s “right to Choose” now what on earth is that? They mean it is the woman’s right to choose to kill the baby, to choose to terminate a life, to choose a more convenient way. Relativism has tried to explain away murdering babies with terms that are more palatable. A huge example is Hitler the monster who absolutized ideas that were not absolute but relative, and killed millions of Jews under the pretext of purifying a race. He even put to death all those who had any kind of birth defects and used human subjects for heinous experiments. Sounds a lot like the slippery slope our modern day embryonic stem cell research would lead us down! I could go on and on but I want to stop here and let you analyze your own situations.

What are the consequences of relativism? The consequences are innumerable and they pervade every area of our lives like a gangrene. The Bible says, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” When there is no absolute truth to embrace, there is the doing away with truth, convictions and boundaries and clinging to whatever our corrupt minds can conjure up. Relativism is making it harder to raise children because the line between truth and falsehood is hardly recognizable. Ravi Zacharias puts down his thoughts on relativism very eloquently in the article that I suggest you read by following this link http://www.rzim.org/slice/slicetran.php?sliceid=7

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An Explanation of Ions

Ions are charged particles which contain an unequal amount of protons and electrons. Typically, an atom contains an equivalent amount of electrons and protons, however, when this equivalence is not present, the atom then becomes an ion. Put very simply, an ion is an atom that has gained or lost an electron.

An ion becomes positive or negative depending on whether the number of protons or electrons is greater than the other. An ion in which there are more electrons than protons is a negative ion. An ion in which there are more protons than electrons is a positive ion.

Elements that contain three electrons tend to give these electrons up, while elements with four to seven electrons tend to gain more. If an atom with three electrons comes into contact with an atom with four to seven electrons, it is likely that the atom with less electrons will give electrons up to the atom with more electrons, turning them both into ions. This process is often referred to as ionization. The atom (now ion) that takes on additional electrons and gains a negative charge is referred to as an anion, while the atom (now ion) that loses electrons and takes on a positive charge is referred to as a cation.

Some elements occur in more than one ionized form. Ions are not necessarily the result of one single atom losing or gaining electrons. In some cases, ions may be made up of a group of atoms that have gained or lost electrons.

The saying that “opposites attract” is very true when applied to the behavior of ions. Cations (positively charged ions) and anions (negatively charged ions) demonstrate intense attraction to one another. Anions and cations are known to “follow” one another closely throughout the body and play a key role in the excitability in the muscle and nerve cells of the body.

Saladin. “Major Themes of Anatomy and Physiology.” Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form & Function. 4th ed. New York: Mcgraw Hill, 2007. 57, 58 Print.

What Are Ions?

Atoms: Ions

What Are Cations?

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A July Flight in the Gulf

In April “07 I flew out to Bahrain with a few other people to replace a group who were complete with a 6 month tour and on their way home. For anyone who doesn’t know, Bahrain is an island about 20 miles east of Saudi Arabia. I had stopped there a couple of times before but only for a few days at a time, never more than a week.

What we did out there was transport cargo, mail, and passengers out to ships stationed in the Arabian Gulf. Flights would last anywhere from 2 to 7 hours long depending on how many ships we would visit and how much stuff we had to move. Just think about cramming 3000 pounds worth of mail and materials into a space the size of a walk in closet and flying it around for 5 hours… thats about the gist of it.

Now, I will not go into a lot of detail about the heat of the Arabian Gulf. It plays a considerable role in power and performance of helicopters and how much weight we can carry. The reason I won’t spend a lot of time on it is because there is really no way to describe what 140 degrees feels like. I’ve tried to before but its a “had to be there” thing. You might be thinking that it gets better with the windows open once you start flying but just think about this. Imagine 50 hair dryers blowing on at the same time… on high. Not a lot of relief.

So, we would come into work a find out where we were going, what ships we were gonna land on, and how much cargo we were gonna move. After that it was usually time to pre-flight the aircraft followed by a formal flight brief going into detail about the mission. Once all that was done, myself and another crewman would head back to the aircraft to start loading up which took anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the amount. Finally once that was done, I would usually change into dry socks and a shirt. Remember, its hot.

After taking off we would begin to follow a pretty standard route to wherever we had to go. The Arabian Gulf is really not that big. You can fly around at 160 knots and go all the way up north and back in about 5 hours depending on the wind. Its usually pretty interesting because there’s a lot to look at. Beautiful blue water in some parts combined with purplish brown oil slicks in others. Schools of jellyfish, sharks, and sea snakes swimming around right at the surface. Fleets of Arabian fisherman in 50 foot boats that are all exactly the same. I did see a pod of sperm whales one time, but I think they were lost.

This “commuting” portion of the flight was usually uneventful as long as we did our fuel calculations correctly and the ships we were going to were in the spots they told us they would be in. The latter was much less accurate. More often than not we would get about 30 miles from them, get in touch on a radio, and they would tell us were to go.

Once we landed, it was time to unload and refuel. Now, unloading on a ship is a lot like unloading on the ground. The only differences are that you have to be much quicker, ships like to move around in the water, you can’t talk because a helicopter is loud, and you’re wearing about 30 pounds worth of flight gear. By the way, its no less hot on a ship. Usually they would have something for us to take back to the “beach” such as mail or passengers and such, which means putting up / taking down seats and keeping all the mailbags separate. It was always an adventure in one way or another. I always like when we would get somewhere with one idea of what we’re gonna pick up and find out not a single thing was right.

Now, there’s an unspoken rule I used to live by whenever you fly to a ship and I taught it to everyone I ever trained. Always, always, always, no matter what… get food from the ship. That way when you’ve gone to 4 different places you can mix and match your options and actually have a decent meal. By the way, the Australian Navy has the very best food ever created on a boat. It was like winning the lottery when you found out you where going to land on the Aussie ship.

After all your stops were made it was time to head back home. We often had about an hour or more to chill out and relax on the way back to Bahrain. Sometimes the crew would decide to climb to 7,000 or 8,000 feet so we could get to a comfortable 105 degrees or so. Once you got above the smog and sand and pollution, it actually turned out to be pretty nice.

There were variations to every flight of course. But all in all, that was how it worked. It was hot and sandy and most of the time, miserable. But I knew that being stuck on a ship and receiving a letter or a package from your family could make your day. To know that I was able to deliver some of the comforts of home to very deserving sailors… well that always made my day.

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A World Renowned Airbrush Artist: Pamela Shanteau

Pamela Shanteau is a well known airbrush artist who works exceptionally on almost any surface. She is known for her custom airbrush art. This lady is known to her friends and airbrush art aficionado because of her talent in airbrushing. She loves working with the human body, motorcycles and automotives. Her airbrush art on motorcycles have won her a lot of awards and has taken her on top of other prominent custom airbrush artists.

In 2006, her airbrush art was featured on Iwata. Both 2006 and 2007 signature Harley Davidson Calendars featured Pamela Shanteau’s airbrush art. These calendars highlighted the artist’s talent on airbrush art. However, this is just one of many that showcased Shanteau’s expertise.

Famous magazines like Easy rider, Airbrush Action, AutoGraphics, Mini Truckin and Hot Rod also brought forward Shanteau’s airbrush art designs in their publications. These magazines are just few of the many publications that featured her work.

Pamela Shanteau is not just all about creating airbrush art masterpieces. She also teaches others on how to create quality airbrush arts. In 2002, she released a book called The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook. This boom educates about the fundamentals of airbrush art, the type of airbrush and how to put up an airbrush shop. The book also features how to create airbrush art on different surfaces. Shanteau released another book titled Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Airbrushing in July of 2007 which aims to teach other artists about airbrush art. The techniques illustrated in this book are far more exceptional than the first.

Shanteau also offers videos and instructional DVDs that promote learning airbrush art on automotives and motorcycles. The videos demonstrate the process of doing the airbrushing technique to achieve a detailed look on the designs. The videos gives us more compared to what can learn from the books because here we are able to see the actual airbrushing technique that is being used.

This artist also offers workshops all over the United States. She gives her student the opportunity to learn everything that she knows about airbrush art while under her guidance. She sees to it that her students learn how to promptly spot their errors and learn from them. Shanteau makes sure that her student advances in the field of airbrush art.

Shanteau is truly a one of a kind artist who’s willing to share her incredible talents to other people. She shares her gift to those who are willing to learn from her. Shanteau made it possible for her to impart her unique airbrush art styles to others by writing books, producing videos and setting up workshops for those who want to learn the art of airbrushing. It is indeed her good heart that won her honor in the world of airbrush art.

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26' Flexi Retractable Tape Dog Leash: Review

Could you imagine how your heart would plummet if while you were walking your dog his leash broke and he went darting straight into traffic!?

Here is my story.

About 2 months ago my boyfriend brought home a 26′ Flexi Retractable Tape Leash. I knew these leashes all too well. My little dog had one about 2 years ago. It was at the beach when he went running for the water, and I figured, ‘haha, my little doggie, the retractable leash shall stop you!’… then it broke. He went running like a maniac, he loves the ocean, he was safe in his surroundings, so I wasn’t worried. He also listens when I call him.

I warned my boyfriend about this when he decided he would use the 26′ Flexi Retractable Tape Leash on our Bull Terrier, Bully. He claimed he bought the largest leash available, and that he spent a lot of money on it. The retractable leash I bought years earlier was picked up at a dollar store, so this could be the reason as to why it broke the way it did.

We clipped it to Bully and took him for a walk around the block with no issues for the first few weeks. We liked it, we were able to give Bully freedom when there were no cars or people around, and he was able to run ahead of us. We could stop him in his tracks with an easy click of a button which is on the plastic leash handle.

The leash itself seemed durable, and strong seeing how it was able to stop in its tracks a 50 pound pure muscle massed dog.

Small Issues:

The issues are not really with the leash, but with the actual dog. However every dog who I have ever walked on retractable leash has the same issues. Walking around trees can become an issue where the leash will get wrapped. If you have a dumb dog (like some of ours) they will also sometimes wrap you up in the chord.

Huge Issue:

All was going well with the retractable leash until our most recent close call with doggie death. Our dog LOVES people, it’s in his breed. However our dog hates other peoples dogs or animals. If he spots a stray dog walking he will eye it up like a rump roast, and a cat is a mere play toy for him. Cats can run, climb trees, and scurry away…but nothing pisses me off more than seeing a dog walking the streets. This not only poses a threat for children, but also the chances of that dog getting hit by a car…or mauled by another dog are high.

Bully is ALWAYS leashed when walking, but thanks to the 26′ Flexi Retractable Tape Leash he was given more freedom then what he was used to (4 foot leash).

We were happily going about our way when Bully spotted him. A Golden Retriever oddly enough (they are considered friendly dogs), grinning his pearly whites at Bully. This was bad. I’m here with a Bull Terrier who is much stronger than me, and a frigging loose Golden who if he comes near the Bully may get his face ripped off. Hell if I’m going to get in the middle of this dog fight.

I picked up a rock and threw it at the Golden, thinking it’d scare him off. Sure enough, it worked. As the Golden ran though, so did my stupid dog. But haha…muscle doggie, you go nowhere, thanks to the 26′ Flexi Retractable Tape Leash.

I clicked on the magical ‘stop’ button, and it clicked all right, but do to the force of my dogs pull, the click un-clicked itself. I figured okay, no problem, no big deal. As soon as all 26′ of cord have been retracted, he will be stopped.

No such luck. The force of the dog managed to pull the 26′ Flexi Retractable Tape Leash right off of its tracks. There I was holding a plastic handle, with no leash, or dog attached to that leash.
You see, the 26′ leash was being dragged like a wiggling snake clipped to the neck of a massive Bull Terrier who was running like a maniac after someone else’s dog (that should of been on a leash! As if I can complain though… because there was my dog, hot on his tail…he had a leash, but it errr…broke).

I first got worried for the Golden’s safety…but then when I saw a silver Pontiac heading down the road at a speed that made me shutter, I no longer gave a crap about the dog who no one gave a crap about. I wanted to save my dog, this was NOT his fault, his leash broke, and he certainly shouldn’t frigging die over the poorly made leash. I’ll be damned.

My dog was going to get hit, by some dweeb ass teenager who doesn’t know that the 30mph means 30mph, not 55.

Thankfully I was able to get to my dog before an accident or mauling occurred. My heart felt like it was in my throat. I was an inch away from watching my dog get killed.

The 26′ Flexi Retractable Tape Leash nearly cost my dog his life, and could of cost some stupid Golden Retriever, his.


Never ever again will I use a Flexi Retractable Tape Leash. Price makes no difference. This piece broke in the same manner that my small dogs dollar store one broke. I will never again trust a retractable leash. I don’t care if it’s guaranteed not to break. They cannot be trusted.

I was lucky enough to be walking my dog in a low traffic area. If I lived in a high volume area and this were to occur, I guarantee you I would be telling you about how I buried my dog.

My boyfriend spent $30.00 on the Large sized leash. It’s now in the trash. I would say that perhaps our dog was too strong for this particular leash. However my little Yorkie managed to defeat the small sized retractable leash in the same manner. I recommend them to no one, no matter what size dog you have.

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5 Best Things About Ghostock 5

Ghostock 5, the most recent of the semi-annual paranormal conventions hosted by Patrick Burns in Savannah, Georgia, was so exhilirating and so packed with information, thrills, fun and friends, that I find writing about it a bit intimidating. So I have decided to try to divide this review into the five things I loved best about Ghostock 5.

The first thing will have to be the hosts and the staff. Patrick formed Ghost Hounds, the paranormal group out of the metro Atlanta area to which I belong, so I see him and Pam quite often during the year. Yet, when Sunday came around and we had to say goodbye at Ghostock, I felt that I was going to really miss them, and I do. Patrick, despite being on Court TV’s Haunting Evidence, has no arrogance at all. He travels constantly as a very popular guest at paranormal events and conventions all over the country, yet he is just as excited as the rest of us when Ghostock runs around. It is a labor of love for him, and Pam is a willing and accomplished partner as well as a warm, loving human being and a wonderful reiki practitioner who made the chronic pain in my shoulder go away. Thanks, Pam! Pam and Patrick make every participant in Ghostock feel special and included.

Until this year, the rest of the “staff” of Ghostock has consisted of Denise Roffe, who is an absolute wizard at procuring fascinating places for us to investigate, not to mention being a skilled investigator herself and a highly amusing person to talk to. This year, Patrick expanded his staff to include a few more volunteers, including my husband Ken, who was terribly happy to get to handle the webcam for the free live webcast. He’s never too happy when he’s away from technology too long.

The second thing I loved was the guests. The keynote speaker was Dr. William Rolle, who has been a parapsychologist for 50 years! This living legend has been a featured investigator in famous cases featured on Unsolved Mysteries and other tv programs, most notoriously the Tina Resch poltergeist case and that of the Wyricks, subjects of “A Haunting in Georgia.”

In fact, the Wyricks were there as well, or at least Heidi and her mother were, as well as her aunt, who has written a book about the case called “The Veil.” They were very friendly, down to earth people, just like any Southern family except that Heidi happens to see dead people, and has since she was four.

We had excellent, enlightening talks from psychics Reese Christian and Tiffany, paranormal investigator and author Dusty Smith, and a presentation from Dave Schrader of Darkness at the Edge of Town radio on the basics of ghost hunting which managed to be both hilarious and entertaining. Patrick and Pam shared useful and interesting information as well. But my personal favorite guest, this Ghostock and last, was Savannah’s own Murray Silver. Murray is just as eloquent and spellbinding a speaker as you would expect from a man who has been a concert promoter, a rock photographer, written books about Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis, AND been a special assistant to the Dalai Lama. His philosophy of ghosts and the afterlife rings as true for me as anything I have every heard.

Where was I? Oh yes, the third favorite thing. That would be the investigation. My little team of four, of which I was the leader, investigated a furniture store which is alleged to have a music-loving ghost who turns the radio on and off. We did not find any evidence of such a ghost, but we had great fun taking pictures and doing EVP work and all the things that paranormal investigators love to do. Some of the other investigation groups actually had some intriguing experiences, and brought back some particularly fine EVPS. (EVP stands for “electronic voice phenomena,” and it is the term for discovering voices on tape that do not belong to anyone who was actually visibly present at the scene at the time. Many people, including myself, find them among the strongest evidence we can gather.)It’s a great opportunity for absolute newbies and experienced investigators to work together.

Fourth thing would be Savannah itself. I love that city so much. I love the beauty of the squares, the friendliness of the people, the permeable sense of history, and the all-encompassing presence for those of us who believe of the supernatural.

I’m going to have to let the fifth thing be Scaryoke on Thursday night. Ghost enthusiasts really have a flair for dressing up, and the costumes added a fine touch to the karaoke. Patrick, dressed as a dead pirate, did a dead-on (no pun intended!) impression of Davy Jones of the Monkees, too.

Well, that’s five things, and it really didn’t begin to cover it. I do have to cheat and add one sixth things, which is the other convention attendees and the ones who hung out in the chat room and watched the webcast all weekend. It’s a pretty small Con and at the end of the week, I think everyone felt as though we’d all known each other a very long time. I know I did.

Patrick says that he does Ghostock twice a year because a year seemed too long to wait to get to do this all again, and I agree one hundred percent. I can’t wait to go back May 8-11, 2008, for Ghostock Six!

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A Security Cam for Your House May Be a Great Idea!

Some good reason to monitor the outside of your home with a cam.

Easy to mount: Most of the network video cameras on the market are plug and play and/or have really basic to adhere to guidelines for both the hardware and software application end.

Relatively cheaper than other safety devices: As opposed to paying a very practiced technician to install an intricate CCTV system, and pay him on a continuous upkeep plan- you can have a network electronic camera safety system that could stand on it’s own against CCTV and standard protection devices.

Functions with your current existing computer network: If you already have a home network, then the network camera deals with your setups, so you do not need to pay even more for the appropriate protection facilities.

Provides assurance: enjoy your home, see your kids space, view your vacation home, watch your animals while you are on holiday, etc.

See remote locations: as far away as across the globe, or your own front deck from a central area. Could even remotely see your youngsters at the nursery (depending upon the nurseries plans though this is ending up being a lot more standard).

Versatility: Prefer not to be tethered to the security control panel or hire a full time security professional to monitor points, then obtain security informs which you could check out from cell phone, laptop computer, or PDA tool, and provide several users accessibility to the numerous security assets.

Get notifies through email when detects motion, either when an individual brows through your home, or when your children leave home to hang out.

Here are some of the downsides.

May have poor picture quality depending on version and configuration, and cordless cams generally have poorer photo quality on the lower to mid range.

For additional bells and whistles, like audio recording, set up e-mails, and activity capture, it varies greatly from design and software application description.

Typically, outside monitoring devices is much more pricey, specifically if you really want the ability to remotely pan/tilt, focus, zoom out, and want a waterproof camera. However for a residence device this is possibly not as urgent in contrast to for a business scenario.

Drains computer network resources, so if you do not have a quick computer system, then there’s a possibility of a mild decrease in your cumulative resources.

Remember that regardless of the cons, the advantages surpass them as they give wonderful protection and convenience as opposed to those old fashioned closed circuit TV cameras.

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A Secure Salvation

I John 5:9-13

5:9 If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son.

5:10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.

5:11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

5:12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

Application: God has given us His word that if we call upon the name of Jesus Christ and believe on him He will save us. Here we are told that when we believe on Jesus we have a witness to our faith within us. This witness is the Holy Ghost. Do we always feel his presence? No, but He does make Himself known and will guide our lives if we will submit to God’s will in our life. This section of scripture is given to us for the purpose of instilling security and peace into our hearts about our salvation. God wants us to be confident in our standing with Him. He wants us each to know that we are saved and live in that knowledge. We can not be effective spiritually in anyone else’s life until we have the issue of our own salvation settled. The devil will bring about doubt in our lives from time to time. He will attempt to shake our faith much as he tempted Jesus on the mount. He will come in your weakest and darkest moments, but cling to the Word of God. When the doubts come throw Scripture at them as quickly as possible and then bury them in prayer. Jesus Christ is more than willing to give grace and security to His Children. May God bless each of us to walk in the strength and comfort of knowing we are saved and that we are saved forever. Then let each of us be faithful to tell those around us of the good news of Jesus Christ.


Authorized 1611 King James Bible

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