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A Bad Economy Could Help Save the American Family and the Planet

Something good always comes out of a bad situation. Take the economy for instance. Many Americans are unemployed or underemployed, thousands of homes have been lost to foreclosure, and many folks are forced to scale down their extravagant lifestyles. Is this really a crisis, or a sign from the universe that we all need to make some changes?

The current situation in America has compelled us to better appreciate the things that we as a society have normally taken for granted. The planet and our families are in pretty bad shape because of our self-indulgence. Think about it. For decades we have been a throw-away society. We waste food, clothing, energy, money, water, cars, and a whole lot of other goods. American families have simply tossed out useful items that we simply no longer wanted. Restaurants throw away thousands of pounds of food daily, while homeless people starve in the streets. We purchase more clothing that we can store in our closets, wear the same 5 outfits each week, and toss out clothing that was never worn.We own 30 pair of shoes for 1 pair of feet. How and why did we become such a wasteful society focused on collecting ‘stuff’.?

For the sake of the planet, and our own financial situations, we should have been reducing, re-using, and recycling long before the economy collapsed. The good news is that most American families are now reducing and re-using, thanks to the loss of jobs and the bad economy. Many two-income families are now single-income families. We are now rethinking the way we live our lives. We are becoming less wasteful and more creative. We are learning to put our families on a budget, and save a few dollars for the next rainy day.

Hopefully, we will see some improvements in the stability of the American family. Maybe the divorce rate will decrease.With so many people out of work, adults will now have more time to focus on the family unit and the children. Little Suzie is jumping for joy since mom lost her job. “Yeah! Now I don’t have to spend 12 hours at daycare with a bunch of strangers and a room full of other babies screaming for attention.” Perhaps parents will actually learn to prepare home-cooked meals and families will start eating dinner together. Teenagers will no longer receive outrageous allowances to blow in the mall, and will spend time at home playing Monopoly with their parents and siblings, studying, or reading a good book. Now that dad’s work hours have been cut, maybe, just maybe he will attend a parent-teacher conference or a little league baseball game.

American parents have spent far too many hours at work, and not enough time with the family. And this has caused more social problems than the bad economy. How can society succeed if families are falling apart? Strong, unified families lead to a strong unified country. When the economy recovers and you return to work, do not forget that a job should never come before your family. Your family needs you – your time and attention. For the company, you are just a number, a means to an end. To your family, you are their everything.

The good thing about a bad economy is that it may bring the American family closer and remind us of the things in life that truly matter.

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5 of the Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Around the World

Imagine you have just hit the jackpot and want to embark on the vacation of a lifetime and stay in one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. These hotels offer more than just a bed, bathroom, and free toiletries. These hotels will make you feel like royalty and you almost must be to afford them. Many of these hotels offer suites that cover entire hotel floors, a personal butler, and even a private helicopter.

Here are 5 of the most expensive hotel rooms around the world.

1. Park Hyatt-Vendôme, Imperial Suite in Paris France

The 750 square-foot Imperial Suite is located on the second floor of the hotel’s Haussmanian building. The suite features a bar, kitchenette, dining room, and high ceilings. The suite also includes a spa that offers a built-in massage table, steam room, and Whirlpool. The cost to rent the suite is $15,500 a night.

2. Burj Al Arab, Royal Suite in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This excellent suite is two stories with an epic staircase located in the middle. The suite features mahogany furniture and Carrara marble floors. The master bedroom features a four-post canopy bed that rotates. Hermes toiletry products are offered along with Faubourg fragrances. A private cinema and elevator are also features of the suite. A helicopter or a Rolls Royce driven by a chauffeur is available at extra cost. The cost is $18,000 a night.

3. The Ritz-Carlton, Ritz-Carlton Suite in Moscow, Russia

This 2,500 square-foot suite features a grand piano, a library, and Imperial furniture. There are excellent views of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, and Kremlin with the windows that are from the floor to the ceiling. Guests receive 5 meals a day and have a secure telecommunications display. The suite also has its own autonomous energy supply system that is approved by KGB. $18,200 a night for this suite.

4. Four Seasons, Ty Warner Penthouse in New York, New York

This extravagant suite almost floats as it is on top of the tallest hotel in Manhattan. It gives guests a 360-degree view of the city with windows that are from the floor to ceiling. The suite has nine rooms with platinum and gold-woven fabrics and mother of pearl inlayed walls. A personal butler and unlimited worldwide calls are included and guests can watch every channel in the whole world on the televisions. You can stay here for $34,000 a night.

5. Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Las Vegas, Nevada

This 10,000 square-foot suite is two stories and full of Playboy themed luxury. It is of course themed in Playboy with Playboy bunnies surrounding the suite, with a large bunny on the $700,000 Jacuzzi that extends over the strip. The suite offers a mirrored ceiling, rotating bed, and 24-hour butler service. It costs $40,000 a night.



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Ace Rag: To Play or Not to Play?

In the game of poker, aces are the most important card in the deck. Although strong, an ace loses a great deal of value when paired with a low card in your pre flop hand. This pairing of cards is commonly called ace rag in the poker world. What is considered “ace rag” you may ask? Most poker players consider an ace paired with anything lower than a ten as ace rag.

While ace rag is a playable hand in certain positions, it can become dangerous if played at the wrong time. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by players new to the game of poker. So what should you do when dealt an ace with a low card? Let’s take a look.

The strategy of playing ace rag during a Texas Hold’em tournament or cash game depends on a few things. You must first look at your position at the table. If you are in an early position with the chance of being called by multiple bettors, or even raised, it would be wise to lay your hand down. You must always remember that if you encounter a player that is raising the pot before the flop, they most likely have a very strong hand. There’s nothing worse than calling a large raise with an ace with a low kicker only to find out that your hand is completely dominated by AK or AQ. A late position with few callers is a better times to enter a pot if it is possible to limp in for a small amount. The ideal position for ace rag however is the big blind. In this position there is a possibility to get into the hand without having to commit any additional chips to the pot.

Another thing to take into consideration when dealt ace rag is the type of players that are currently sitting at your table. If you study the players around you, you can try to determine if they are loose aggressive, or tight and passive players. If you are considering calling with ace rag and the other player in the pot is an aggressive player, it is somewhat more likely that he is committing chips to the pot with an inferior hand such as a low suited connector or a face card paired with a low card. In this position your ace will have your opponents hand beat going into the flop. If the player you are considering calling seems to be a passive player, it is plausible to suppose that they will save their chips only for powerful hands. In this situation, it is likely that your hand is beat so the best option would be to lay it down.

In the end the decision to play ace rag is yours, but you must always keep in mind that more often than not, the players around you are only going to raise with a considerable hand. The small pot that you may pick up catching an ace or possibly two pair playing ace rag is not worth potentially crippling or even busting yourself against a larger and more powerful ace hand.

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A Race Fan’s Wish for NASCAR

As on-track activities get underway for the biggest week in NASCAR racing, culminating with next Sunday’s 54th running of the Daytona 500, NASCAR officials will continue scrutinizing cars and the racing action all week, an almost endless loop of technical analysis designed to deliver side-by-side, competitive racing to track-side fans, and more importantly, couch-surfing television viewers. NASCAR’s appeal has always been in the everyman approach to technology and an entertaining product of competitive, unpredictable racing with driver heroes making the difference between checkered flag glory and pit lane disappointment.

NASCAR’s regulators have a variety of tools to employ to ensure they manufacture what they deem to be the best racing, and they aren’t afraid to changes rules, mid-season or mid-week. Taking the liberty to speak for dedicated and casual race fans alike, below is my wish-list for John Darby, NASCAR’s Director of Competition and the man dressed in Santa’s red suit this week.

What I don’t want to see:

Everyone seems to have had enough of last year’s two-step tango, and early signs indicate new regulations have cured that ill. Cars running in tandem are interesting for a lap or two. After that, what more do I need to see until the next round of pits stops tells me whether any of the pairs got mixed and matched? Oh, and pity the poor driver who might be the odd one out, running solo and doomed to watching the race disappear out the front of the windshield.

But, in a haste to eliminate the two-step, let’s not go the other way and end up with one amorphous gaggle of 43 cars droning in a thunderous bunched pack, each race lap rife with anxiety that a wiggle causes a chain reaction that eliminates half the field before the half-way point.

A 43-car bunch is a 4-hour roll of the dice, perhaps best taken in by exactly what NASCAR doesn’t want – viewing apathy. Soon, even die-hard fans take to the behaviors of the casual fan: watch the first 10 laps, take a nap, wash the car, watch a movie, and then watch the last ten laps. Later, a cursory rewind of the DVR will show the carnage of “the big one,” the cataclysmic wreck that changed the complexion of the entire race in one long, screeching, crumpling sequence.

What I do want to see:

Differentiation, with the best cars and drivers being able to pull away from the ones who aren’t the best, or at least not up to the best at that point in time. Instead of one pack of 43 cars or 21 pairs of two, I want to see a select pack of nine or 10 at the front, with a bit of separation of the next best, chasing pack of 10-15, with maybe one or two more running groups trailing.

The differentiation doesn’t have to be much – maybe as little as a half a tenth per lap. But, as the fuel and tire stints progress, us fans are able to see which car and driver combinations are hooked up best. With pit stops throughout the race, we can observe how some cars are improving, catching the pace of the leaders and keeping up with the changing track conditions. As well, we can see who begins to struggle with the pace, missing critical car adjustments and thereby dropping further off the pace.

Cars will move deliberately up the field as they improve, or fall, and often precipitously, down the running order when mistakes are made. Every car and driver would start with a chance, and the best team, car, and driver combinations will rise to the select few over 200 laps, bringing a worthy, thrilling conclusion to a day of back-and-forth, up-and-down, side-by-side racing.

That’s the result race fans want, a compelling, green flag to checkered flag race. NASCAR, it’s up to you to figure out how to do that – start with aerodynamic grip on the nose and mechanical grip on the rear. Get to it boys, for we’re ready. More than that, we’re hopeful.

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5 Salty Snacks to Dip in Chocolate

If you love the combination of sweet and salty, chocolate is the perfect addition to your favorite salty foods. While pretzels are often a favorite, there are so many foods you can dip in chocolate. Whether it’s a salty piece of bacon or popcorn, chocolate dipped snacks are such a wonderful treat. The following are just five delicious, salty foods to dip in chocolate.


If you love bacon, you’re going to love this treat. Chocolate covered bacon has become popular in candy stores across America, but it is actually quite easy to make at home. The key is to fry the bacon until it’s extremely crispy and to drain away all the excess fat with paper towels. Otherwise, you’ll end up biting into a greasy piece of chewy meat, which is not appetizing. Personally, I think milk chocolate is the best option for bacon because it’s nice and sweet against the super salty bacon.

Potato Chips

Another delicious snack to dip in chocolate is potato chips. The trick with this snack is to find sturdy potato chips that won’t break easily during the dipping process. Also, you want to stick with plain flavored potato chips because no one wants to mix chocolate and cheese or green onion flavored chips. Yuck!


This is one of my all time favorites. Popcorn covered in chocolate is so amazing. You can use any type of chocolate you like and can even mix the flavors by drizzling all three types of chocolate over the popcorn. If you like, you can also add mixed nuts or candied nuts to the mix.


A favorite in the South is saltine crackers topped with a spoonful of peanut butter and dipped in chocolate. This is such an amazing combination of flavors. Another simple snack is to dip Ritz Crackers in chocolate. Either way, crackers pair beautifully with chocolate.

Sunflower Seeds

Last, but not least, chocolate covered sunflower seeds are another fantastic treat. While you can find individually covered sunflower seeds in candy shops, it’s almost impossible to do at home. This is why I suggest making chocolate bark loaded with salted sunflower seeds. You can use any flavor of chocolate you prefer in this snack.

These are just a few of the salty snacks that pair well with chocolate. Get creative and see which snacks in your cabinet pair well with your favorite chocolate.

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Acer 20" Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD Monitor

The time had come to replace my computer monitor. I went looking to find a decent one for a good price. I found the Acer 20″ Widescreen LCD Monitor at Best Buy on sale for $99.99. After looking at the monitor in the store, (which I highly recommend by the way) I decided that I could not pass this deal up.

This is a replacement for my first flat panel monitor which I have had for several years. It has done a god job, but I want a larger screen, and the other side of the equation is not knowing how much time the old monitor has left.

As I said, I was impressed with the look of the Acer – 20″ Widescreen. It is a substantial upgrade from my old 17 inch monitor. I took it home and unpacked the box. I thought it was supposed to come with the cable, but it didn’t. Fortunately, I still had the DVI cable I was using with the old monitor.

With that one minor annoyance taken care of, I plugged it in, and connected it to my computer. With the DVI connection, the colors are crisp and clear.

The Acer – 20″ Widescreen is Energy Star compliant which is something I always look for in my electronics. One must try to be green these days!.

Having always used a 1280 X 1024 (4 X 3) the widescreen takes a bit of getting used to. One issue I have discovered is that the buttons on this monitor feel a little “loose” I am concerned that they might fall out after some use. Time will tell. Another issue for me is the fact that there is no height adjustment. I may have to place it up on some books and see how that goes.

Those minor issues aside, the picture on the Acer – 20″ Widescreen is awesome. The colors are much more vivid and bright than my old monitor. I put in a movie DVD into my computer DVD drive, and while it was a smaller screen than I would usually watch a movie on, the playback was just as good as on my HDTV. The digital picture through the DVI input will blow you away.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Acer – 20″ Widescreen for anyone who needs a desktop monitor for a decent price.

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7 Most Common Weight Loss Myths

There are numerous normal weight reduction myths that individuals live by regarding the matter of their well being. It is troublesome now and again to partition the weight reduction myths and truth from what is accurate. Numerous sound accurate while others are simply funny. I once read some place that in the event that you drink water during the evening that you are going to put on weight or that on the off chance that you scratch your head time and again you are going to lose your hair….
Weight reduction Myth # 1
The more weight that I need to lose the more extraordinary my activity routine ought to be.
Weight reduction Truth: Although having a serious workout routine is incredible, there are a couple of things you ought to think about: the first being that everybody is at an alternate level regarding the matter of their wellness and what amount force they can really handle. In the event that you have been physically dormant for various years, an extreme work out for you could be, strolling a large portion of a mile a day. After you walk that half mile you perceive that you are sweating shots and that you are tired. On the other hand, for somebody who has been physically animated for a long time, strolling a large portion of a mile could be carried out without a sweat. Everybody has an alternate meaning of what “powerful” is.
In the event that serious for you is working out for a day, yet because of life’s occupied timetable you just have time for a day, then those 20 minutes will go a to a great degree long way. It may not so much be considered “extraordinary”, as stated by your definition, however those little cardio minutes will have positive well being changing impacts.
Fat Loss Myth # 2
Push and weight addition don’t go as an inseparable unit.
Weight reduction Fact: This is an “absurd” myth. To take in more how push is including lbs. to your life please download my free E-Book, “Brain science of Releasing Weight”
Weight reduction Myth # 3
I can get more fit while consuming whatever I need.
Weight reduction Truth: Sir Isaac Newton once said “What goes up must descend.” There are regular standards that administer our lives. On the off chance that you toss a collect buzzing around, it is going to return. You can sit on your sofa and envision and picture that the ball will staying above water circulating everywhere, yet characteristic standards show us that it will descend. Same goes concerning our weight.
This is a standout among the most widely recognized weight reduction myths out there. It is strange to believe that your well being and weight are going to be in offset if your nourishment comprises primarily of Twinkies, chips, and donuts. Without a doubt you can copy it off by working out, yet most individuals whose eating regimen comprises of principally garbage nourishment are likely not taught enough to adhere to a workout schedule. I do know a couple of individuals who, from the outside, seem as though they are fit as a fiddle, on the grounds that they are not “fat, however who have high cholesterol.
Only in light of the fact that I feel frustrated about pulverizing the hearts of such a large number of Twinkie mates out there, I might say this. You can consume garbage nourishment, treats, chips, frozen yogurt, pizza, burgers…. Those “spirit fulfilling nourishment”, however it ought to be with some restraint. Anything in overabundance is never great.
Fat Loss Myth # 4
Skipping suppers is a great approach to shed pounds.
Weight reduction Fact: There are various studies that show that individuals who skip breakfast and consume fewer times throughout the day have a tendency to be a great deal heavier than who have a sound wholesome breakfast and afterward consume 4-6 little dinners throughout the day. The motivation to this could be the way that they get hungrier later on in the day, and may tend to over consume throughout different suppers of the day.
Weight reduction Myth # 5
I won’t shed pounds while consuming around evening time
Weight reduction Truth: You can over enjoy sustenance throughout the day and not consume a solitary thing during the evening and you WILL put on weight. As is the way that you can starve yourself throughout the day and consume throughout the night and regardless you will put on weight. The key here is offset. In the event that your constitution is letting you know that it is ravenous then maybe you ought to hear it out. The reality of the situation is, that over consuming, while not working out, will make you put on weight; regardless of what time of the day that you consume. At whatever point I am ravenous around evening time, as is my propensity with different suppers throughout the day, I attempt to select something that is regular in nature. Something like apples and oranges, vegetables, or I may even make myself a soil grown foods smoothie. Throughout those minutes that I need frozen yogurt or something sweet, I permit myself to get some, and DO NOT feel liable about it. Numerous individuals who are overweight carry on with their life in blame and disgrace. I permit myself to get some, then again, WITH MODERATION.
Fat Loss Myth # 6
I’m not satisfactory until I get thinner.
Weight reduction Fact: The individual who doesn’t feel satisfactory on the grounds that they are fat is on account of they are not worthy to themselves first. The way that you think others see you is dependent upon your perspective of yourself. I sincerely accept that one must get to be candidly fit before getting to be physically fit. I have experienced these obliging toward oneself feelings some time recently. When I understood that I was ALREADY ENOUGH in the eyes of God and that I had no compelling reason to substantiate myself to anybody or to accept outside acceptance for my self-esteem that had all the effect for me. When you acknowledge yourself as who you are RIGHT NOW and understand that you are now enough in the eyes of God, you won’t feel like you are not worthy as a result of your weight.
Weight reduction Myth # 7
I have to slice calories to get more fit speedier.
Weight reduction Truth: Cutting your calories down could be an incredible thing, in the event that you are radically indulging and stuffing your face. Then again, on the off chance that you are consuming relatively then cutting calories may have an aversive influence. On the off chance that you are cutting calories and are starving your constitution, then that will bring down your digestion system, or at the end of the day ease it off, which may bring about you really not losing any weight at all, regardless of the fact that you are “cutting calories”

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Are Cops Too Influenced by Their Sex Drives?

It’s never fun to look in your rearview mirror to see those flashing blue lights. The first thing we feel is usually panic, followed by the uttering of a few choice four letter words. Getting a speeding ticket is aggravating enough in itself, but does your gender or the day of the month play a role in your punishment? You may or may not be surprised at some of my own personal experiences.

I have been pulled over twice in my five years of driving. I know, five whole years right? But I have learned a fair amount in those few short years. Is it a coincidence that it was the last day of the month both times I was pulled over? Maybe. I admittedly deserved one of the tickets I was given. I was driving about 80 mph in a 65 mph zone on the highway. It was 11:30 P.M. and the roads were not heavily populated. I was driving in the left lane and it seemed I was the only one on the highway. A few minutes later I saw a car gradually gaining on me. Before long, the car was right on my bumper and starting to scare me a bit. Since it was late at night and very dark, I had no idea it was a cop riding my bumper. I, being a typical teen, decided to slow down to limit the driver behind me from going his desired speed. Why not just move to the middle lane and then pass me? Was it more fun to ride my bumper? Apparently it was. I could have not been a jerk and just moved into the middle lane myself to allow him to pass, but I was there first.

It was not a minute later when a different car came speeding through the middle lane and passed the both of us in the blink of an eye. The car behind me just stayed where it was. I had now been going at a speed of about 75 mph and the car behind me was slowly but surely trying to kiss my bumper once again. This time, he got a little too close for my comfort level and I felt I had to speed up and move to the middle lane to stop him from hitting me. The second I sped up and moved into the middle lane, I saw flashing blue lights behind me. Let me assure you, there were multiple four letter words coming out of my mouth. This cop had not only followed me while I had been speeding for several miles, but he also demonstrated dangerous driving that could have resulted in an accident for either one of us.

I was fuming as I pulled over to the breakdown lane. The cop came up to my window and had the nerve to ask me why I was driving so fast. “Why were you riding my bumper?” I shot back. This was obviously a mistake, but I couldn’t control myself I was so mad. He said he hadn’t been riding my bumper and that I should be careful how I talk to a state trooper. I told him he had been very close to my bumper and I knew I was speeding but he was clearly speeding himself to have been so close to my bumper. He asked for my license and registration and eventually issued me a $150 ticket. I didn’t fight the ticket because I knew I had been speeding and would lose against a state trooper. The two things that bothered me was the way in which I was pulled over and the fact that the cop blatantly ignored another car that flew past the both of us.

The second time I was pulled over was because I was apparently driving “42” in a 25 mph zone. This time it was completely untrue. It was dark once again and the road was windy. I was trying to be cautious because of the conditions and I made it a point to drive slower than usual. Had it been sunny and clear outside, there’s a good chance I would have been driving closer to 42 mph. When I saw the flashing blue lights behind me, the first thing I did was check my speed. It was sitting at about 32 mph. Because I was so focused on the road, I must have missed the sign displaying the speed limit of 25 mph.

Once the larger than average cop got himself up to my window, he asked if I knew why I had been pulled over. I said I was not sure because I checked my speed and it said I had been going 32 mph. He said he clocked me in as going 42 mph through two 25 mph zones. I knew this was a complete lie but what was I going to do about it? I said I really did not believe I was going that fast as I was trying to be careful. Anyway, after all was said and done I had gotten a $100 ticket. The cop informed me, and he was right, that the minimum fine for a speeding ticket in Massachusetts is $100 and then it goes up from there. So he tried to make it look like he had given me a bargain on the ticket, but I knew I never should have received it in the first place. Not for nothing, but it was my 21st birthday weekend. It was two days after I had turned 21 and it was a weekend. Maybe the cop should have commended me for not being a drunk driver on my first legal weekend! I don’t actually expect a cop to do that, but I’m just throwing that out there. Too many newly legal drinkers take their intoxicated selves on the road with them, but that’s a whole separate article. Getting back to my ticket, his time, I decided to fight it. I would love to inform you whether I won or lost the case, but I am still waiting for my court date. I have had enough of being treated unfairly by policemen.

Now, it could be just a coincidence that I was pulled over twice on the last day of the month, but let’s face it, we all know that police officers have to meet their quotas. I believe both times I was the unfortunate subject of them needing to pull someone over before the end of the night. Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the help of police officers and I don’t believe they are all out there just to take advantage of their jobs, but I do think some of them abuse their title. I also think some of them are sexist and are too influenced by their libidos and I’ll tell you why.

I will share a few real stories of some of my women friends who have been pulled over. One of them has been pulled over three times recently and has avoided a ticket on all three occasions. The first time, she had taken an illegal right hand turn and was issued a verbal warning. Okay, I can understand that one. The next time, she had been going 53 mph in a 35 mph zone and she received yet another verbal warning. That one I do not understand or agree with. We know that I got a $100 ticket for supposedly driving 42 mph in a 25 mph zone so that means my friend should have at least gotten the same. The third time, which occurred just the other day, she ran two red lights. Do you want to guess what happened this time? If you guessed “another verbal warning”, you are 100% correct. If you want to know my reasoning behind these injustices, I will tell you. She is busty. There, I said it! She has a fairly large chest and has admitted to me that she tried pulling her shirt down to reveal a little more cleavage as the officer approaches her car. I can’t say I blame her, if I were female you can bet I would do the same thing.

Another one of my lady friends was pulled over for driving 80 mph on a 55 mph highway. She was also issued a verbal warning. My excuse for this one is that she is a pretty girl. She doesn’t have the chest that my other friend has, but I guess you just need to have one or the other, or both.

Do I believe that there are attractive, busty women out there who have received traffic violations from male cops? Yes. I am not about to say that if you are an attractive woman or if you have a large chest, you are guaranteed not to receive a traffic violation. I am simply saying that you certainly have a better chance at avoiding one. The reason is because most cops are males and by nature, an attractive woman is going to make them more sympathetic and give you a break. You can rest assured that if I had run two red lights and been pulled over, I would have received a nice little ticket from that police officer. I have actually considered driving around from now on with a long blonde wig, makeup, and a water bra. Ok, no I haven’t actually been considering that. I think my ticket would be higher if an officer assumed I was transsexual. The bottom line is that I feel, based on my own experience and stories that I’ve heard and now shared with you, that you stand a better chance of getting a ticket if you’re male or if it’s approaching the last day of the month. I hope I never get pulled over again, but if I do, I’m going to hope for a female cop, and I’ll be sure to let you know the result.

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