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Arnold Zimberg Shirts for Men

The collection of Arnold Zimberg Shirts for men hit the west coast by storm. The colorful well made shirts are perfect for the LA lifestyle. The uniquely designed shirts have their own vibe and style as the designer has gone all out in creating one of the most exclusively detailed shirts, and a most creative way of using color. Fortunately men who covet their Arnold Zimberg Shirts won’t have to fear their shirts disappearing with their girl as the designer also made a line of shirts for women.

The use of color and detail are among the characteristics that really stand out with the collection of Arnold Zimberg Shirts for men but there are also many choices. A great addition to any man’s wardrobe is the Arnold Zimberg Pink Men’s Stripe Cuff Stripe Shirt. Made from 100% cotton the stylish shirt features an all over striped design with piped trim accents at the placket and bodice. Other key features include a point collar, button down closure, a single chest pocket, and attractive rounded hemline. Completely machine washable the fashionable and colorful shirt from the collection of Arnold Zimberg Shirts for men was found for $175.

The colorful shirts by Arnold Zimberg are among the most popular on the west coast. Ideal for summer months or for adding color to your wardrobe it’s rather hard to go wrong with any of the 100% cotton shirts. A favorite pick is the Green Arnold Zimberg Men’s Wide Stripe Shirt. The long sleeve shirt features multi-tone wide stripes and contrast lining on the button cuffs in addition to piped trim detail at the seams of the bodice and on the placket. Other key features included a shaped yoke at the back, rounded hemline, single chest pocket, and point collar and front button down closure. A great color choice from the collection of Arnold Zimberg Shirts for men the Arnold Zimberg Men’s Wide Stripe Shirt was found for $175.

The Arnold Zimberg Men’s Multi Stripe Shirt available in either blue or orange is another excellent choice. Made from 100% cotton the stylish shirt features long sleeves with contrast lining and a multi-tone striped pattern throughout. Other features include a single chest patch pocket, stitch details, rounded hemline and a point collar with front button closure. The color palette of this particular shirt could easily move into the cooler season; however once you get used to the attention given when wearing the Arnold Zimberg Men’s Shirts chances are you will add more with easy season. A great choice for any wardrobe the Arnold Zimberg Men’s Multi Stripe Shirt was found for $170. Visit the official web site to peruse the entire collection of shirts.

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5 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

Here are 5 easy steps to lose weight that anyone can use.

The most common method of trying to lose weight is the diet. While there are scores of diets that can help you to lose weight, many are too drastic of a change for the majority of people to stick with long term. Going on a strict diet is not an easy step to lose weight for most people. The good news is that many overweight people have such poor diets that even a few small changes can pay off big dividends. If you drink numerous soft drinks per day, switching just a couple of them to a diet soft drink or even better water, will cause a significant decrease in calorie intake. Snack foods are another place that many Americans can find easy cuts in order to lose weight.

Exercise is another way to lose weight, but again it can be difficult for many people. One key to making exercise an easy step to lose weight is to find something that you like to do. Walking around a track may be boring, but you can also walk around the mall, go for a hike in the woods, walk your dog around the neighborhood or other activities. Sports are another way to get more exercise. Playing basketball, tennis, or other sport is a great way to get exercise while still having fun.

Another easy step to lose weight is to do your weight loss homework. Look up the calorie content of some of the foods that are your biggest weakness. Then look up the amount of time spent exercising that is necessary to burn off these calories. Keep these numbers written down where you will see them often. Try to keep them in mind when you are tempted to give in and use the information to make a healthier selection.

One of the easiest steps to lose weight is to drink more water. Water is calorie free and is essential to bodily function. Water also helps to curb your appetite by keeping something in your stomach. Drinking water on a regular basis will help to keep those difficult to fight food cravings from starting.

Finding a friend to share your weight loss journey with is another step that will make weight loss easier. Having a friend to discuss your struggles and achievements with can make the effort to lose weight less stressful. And a little friendly competition to see who loses the most weight is a great way to provide additional weight loss incentive.

Use these 5 easy steps to weight loss to get started on a healthier lifestyle. Using these easy steps to get started can help you to move on to more difficult steps that will help you lose more weight in the future.

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4 Tips on How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Whether your business is an online store or a storefront downtown, providing excellent customer service will determine if you succeed in the long run. In today’s economy, the businesses that will survive and thrive will be those that give each and every customer a better shopping experience than the competition. Win that battle. Grow your sales and your business by fine-tuning your store’s customer service and by following these four key points.

Commit to High Standards and Communicate Them to Employees

Commit to and communicate company standards to improve employee performance.

Adam Williams*, a longtime human resources consultant, specializes in retraining business staff who have low levels of customer service. “Customer service starts at the very top,” Williams says. “Set your standards high, and let your employees know they are non-negotiable.” Williams adds that customer service requires a commitment from the employer as well as the employees, and notes it is the employer’s responsibility to make everyone aware of these policies.

Cathy Ward of BridesVillage, an online retailer of wedding accessories, agrees. “Communicating standards is critical,” Ward says. “I inform employees upon hiring the conduct that is expected. I monitor employee phone calls and watch them work. If they aren’t meeting our standards I explain to them why and correct the issue.”

Show your company’s commitment to customer service with the following tips:

1. Post a written copy of your customer service policy where every employee can see it.

2. Routinely review your customer service standards.

3. Hold monthly quality meetings and training seminars.

4. Create an incentive program that rewards great performance.

5. Tape notes by the phone with appropriate phrases and service messages.

Making these a part of your operations will help keep everyone on the same page and ensure consistency.

Maintain Proper Employee Attitude

Train employees to keep their personal and professional lives separate to improve their attitudes and win customers.

Maintaining the right employee attitude is key. Your employees are your frontline to winning customers and their attitude is conveyed in everything they do. It’s in their body language when face-to-face with a customer, in their tone of voice when answering the phone, and in their word choices when responding to an email.

This is why Williams describes all workers as actors on a stage, “Your customers are your audience. They’re looking to you to provide a great performance.” That means personal problems, gossip, and private matters must be left at home. Williams adds, “If you are miserable for whatever reason, it can’t show at work.”

Attitude is especially critical when you or an employee have to tell a customer what they don’t want to hear. “The ability to be brutally honest and direct without being perceived as cold or uncaring is important,” says Bob Bryant of ProcessForLess, a provider of merchant services. “Service reps that can patiently resolve issues with a disgruntled customer, while winning that customer as an ally, are few and far between.”

Here’s an activity that will get employees thinking about the right attitude:

1. Ask them to describe a specific time when they received great customer service and to explain what made the experience special.

2. Ask them to describe a time when they received poor customer service and identify what they disliked about the experience.

3. Have your employees share their experiences as a group and list key points from each experience.

This exercise is a great reminder that while many of us are not experienced at providing good customer service, we are all experienced customers. Training your employees to see the mindset of their customers will help them improve their level of service.

Keep Your Level of Customer Service Consistent

Maintain consistent levels of customer service to gain customer trust and repeat business.

A positive attitude will gain your business little if your customer service is inconsistent. “The reason people go back to just about any business is because of the way they were treated when they were there the last time,” Williams says. One bad experience is often all it takes to turn a customer away from a business forever.

“You have to make an effort with every customer,” Ward says. “You may get three difficult customer calls in a row, but you can never take that out on the fourth person who calls.”

A frustrated employee who is curt with a customer may lose that customer in addition to others who will hear about the experience. Being consistent with every customer lets them know what to expect when they interact with your company, gives them reasons to come back, and can bring in new business.

Use Teamwork to Implement Your Customer Service Policy

Use teamwork to keep customer service levels consistent and to motivate employees.

Teamwork is essential to bring everything together. Cutthroat work environments will hamper productivity, increase turnover, and will sabotage your customer service efforts. Employees need to feel that by working together everyone benefits and that promoting their company is a shared responsibility.

When employers and employees work together, the result is a seamless experience for the customer. There is no conflict between what one employee says and another, policies are upheld, and customers gain trust in your business.

Excellent Customer Service Can Grow Your Business

If you and your employees can commit to work together to consistently create a positive performance that meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers, you will win the battle to grow your business. “Everyone wins,” Williams says. “Your employees are happy, your customers are happy, and they will reward you with repeat business and new word-of-mouth customers.”

*Name changed due to confidential requirements of employment.

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Angels: My True Account of How Angels Really Do Exist

I know it may seem strange the story I am going to tell. The following is true and I am in no way telling a lie or stretching the truth. This is a true story of how God does hear and answer prayers. You can call me crazy, insane, delusional, or mentally ill but it does not change the facts of what I know to be true. Jesus is real, God is real, and he knows the depths of our hearts. This is the story of a true angel. I’m not talking about a person acting as an angel. I’m talking an angel in the spiritual sense. A messenger of God. This is the story of how God truly does send protection for us and our children. My story is as follows…….

On the day of February 21st of 2006 I was scheduled to go to the hospital to be induced. I was going to give birth to my first daughter. I was a little nervous that day and I wasn’t exactly for sure why. I had lost a son in 2004 and I guess I was a little paranoid about something happening to one of my other kids. I would always make it a point to pray and ask God to protect me and my children. I asked him not to let me go through the pain of losing another child. It was too much for me to bear the first time and I didn’t want it happening again. The nurse came in and hooked me up to the monitors and put in my I.V. to start inducing. I don’t know exactly what she said to me but I told her that I had a bad feeling about something. She reassured me that everything would be alright.

A couple of hours passed and she examined me to see how far I was dilating. At that point I had already had my epidural and I was dilating faster than what they expected. She told me that she was going to put the drip of the medicine on high drip so that I wouldn’t feel any pain when it came time to push. She walked out of the room and I started getting a real funny feeling. It felt like a real light headedness. I felt like I was going to pass out. It was a bad feeling like if I did I wasn’t going to ever wake up. I was getting number and number by the minute. It didn’t feel normal to me. The numbness was going past my stomach and up to my chest. I remember telling my mother to go get the nurse that something wasn’t right. My blood pressure was getting really low.

I sat up and started praying to God. My mother and husband were sitting on the couch and when I started praying I noticed that they were acting a little scared too. The funny thing is when i started praying I felt as if someone was standing a little ways at the foot of my bed. It felt like a light warm feeling. Like someone was telling me that everything was going to be o.k. It felt to me like an angel standing in the room. I stopped being scared and when the nurse came in I told her to stop the medicine that I didn’t want it anymore. I didn’t care if I felt the pain. All i wanted was to give birth without any problems. Everything was fine until the next day.

One the 22nd of February the day after my daughter was born I was scheduled for a tubal litigation. The doctors had taken me into surgery and when i came out my mother and father in law were there. If you don’t know about grandmothers well they seem to think they know more than you do about everything. When it came time to feed her my mother in law volunteered. When a newborn is to be feed there not supposed to eat more than a half to one ounce in a feeding. My daughter had drunken the whole 4 ounce bottle. This was not good her being only a day old. I didn’t think much about the feeding at the time because the nurses had me pretty well medicated. I’m not sure all of what they gave me but I know that she gave me a shot of Demerol and an hour later a Mepergan pill.

Everyone had left and it was just me and the baby. I had fallen asleep and I know I wasn’t dreaming. It was like a dead kind of sleep. I don’t why but I shot straight up out of my bed. It was like a feeling of terror. Like someone had woken me. I heard a voice that sounded more of a very loud whisper. The only thing that it said was “hurry Sarah”. I didn’t see anyone in the room but the voice was coming from the direction of where my baby lay. She was in her bassinet at the foot of the bed. I looked over at her and saw that she had vomit gurgling in her mouth. She was choking on it and wasn’t able to breathe. I grabbed her up and placed her over my knees and patted her back until she started breathing again. I looked over at the door and realized that it was shut. No one could have possible been in that room. Their are no cameras in this hospital to monitor in the rooms. It was then I knew what the voice had been. I had been woken up by an angel.

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A More Effective Treatment for Cold Sores

Since my early teenage years I like many others have suffered from randomly occurring outbreaks of cold sores. These unsightly lesions seem to occur at the most inconvenient times such as just prior to a long anticipated first date, the night of the Prom or the day photographs are taken for the school yearbook…and in later years just prior to that big job interview.

While pharmacies had available many over the counter remedies such as Blistex and Sorebegone nothing seemed to help. Most of these ‘Treatments’ could help ease the pain of the cold sore, but did little to prevent the occurrence or shorten the life of the unsightly lip blister which would always start with a painful tingling of the lip, followed by a slightly swollen red area which grew rapidly in size and in soreness. For me the typical cold sore would swell to anywhere from 1/8 to ½ inch in diameter and with the increasing size bring a proportionate amount of discomfort and pain, not to mention embarrassment.

From the very first sign of the cold sore (lip tingling) to final healing would typically take 10-14 days in my case.

Recent studies have shown that the herpes simplex virus causes cold sores, type 1, which is most often acquired in childhood either by contact with an infected person or by inheritance from a parent.

The type 1 virus often lies dormant for months, even years before being triggered by a cold, the flu, high fevers, and exposure to ultra violet light, and in particular, sunburned lips. These studies have also confirmed that stress and trauma play an significant role in triggering the virus, which explains why these unwanted cold sores appear at the least desirable times (an important meeting, a speech, an interview, etc.)

Little is known as to how to prevent cold sores occurring. The most obvious prevention steps include avoiding physical contact with anyone with active cold sores (can be spread by kissing, etc.), avoiding stress to the extent possible and avoiding exposure to sun and sunburn. During exposure to summer sun coating the lips with sun block SPF 17 or higher can help prevent sun related flare-ups.

Most home remedies for the treatment of cold sores do little to cure the problem and focus instead on reducing the discomfort of the infection. These steps include:

– Coating the sore with Vaseline, which is thought to reduce the spread of the virus.

– Coating the sore in a local anesthetic, such as Blistex.

– To reduce the pain take over the counter painkiller such as aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc.

– Avoiding citric (fruits) or salty products (potato chips), which will irritate the blister and cause discomfort.

In my experience in dealing with this problem the above home remedies provided little relief and did nothing to reduce the discomfort, or to shorten the life of the virus. Without exception, once the dormant virus was triggered I could depend on the same terrible cycle of painful tingling, followed by rapid swelling of the lip, and increasing pain until an unsightly blister formed on the lip where it would remain for 7-10 days.

After living with this problem for the first twenty years of my life I was convinced no cure or preventative was forthcoming. It appeared that I would have to live with treating the symptoms (through home remedies) rather than finding a cure.

After expressing my frustration with my doctor he mentioned that recent medical studies had shown that large doses of selected amino acids had proven effective in inhibiting the growth of the herpes type 2 virus and that doctors were now recommending the use of one particular amino acid, lysine, to reduce the effect, and in some cases prevent the outbreak of the herpes type 1 (cold sore) virus.

As I was unfamiliar with amino acids my doctor explained that amino acids play a vital role in our health as these serve as the ‘building blocks ‘ for the development of protein in the human body, and play a significant role in the body’s metabolism. He further explained that protein development requires 20 different amino acids of which the human body can produce only 10. The rest must come from food or supplements and that the absence of any one of the required 20 amino acids could cause serious health problems.

One theory being considered is that people with a high occurrence of herpes type 1 outbreaks may be deficient in one essential amino acid, that being L lysine. This deficiency allows the dormant virus to activate resulting in the cold sore.

Assured that lysine supplements are a safe and effective as an alternate treatment for herpes type 2 I decided to conduct my own test with the next sign of an impending outbreak.

Following my doctor’s suggestion I purchased one bottle of 500 mg L lysine pill supplements. At the first tingling indication of a cold sore coming on I took two pills in the morning and two with lunch and two with dinner for a total of 3000 mg per day. The results were immediate. The tingling sensation disappeared and the virus did not spread. No cold sore appeared.

I continued this dosage for three days after the tingling stopped and the redness on the lip disappeared. For the next two weeks I reduced the dosage in half taking one 500 mg pill with each meal.

This routine has proved to be very effective in reducing the number of cold sores and in instances in which the sore still appears significantly reducing the severity and duration of the outbreak.

Only once since starting this routine has a cold sore made a re-appearance once I reduced the dosage back to the 500 mg level. On this occasion I immediately increased the dosage back to 1000 mg and stopped the recurring cold sore in its’ tracks.

I now maintain a maintenance dose of lysine consisting of three 500 mg pills with meals three times a day. I believe this has significantly reduced the frequency and number of outbreaks. Should one occur I begin the 3000 mg a day regimen.

I am very appreciative of my doctor’s finding and recommending L lysine as a an effective treatment for cold sores. L lysine has proven to be a safe, inexpensive and effective remedy for me.

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Follow me I am the Infantry
I fight for a country to remain strong and free

The cavalry waves as they ride past with heads high
Military wives along the airfield wave goodbye

Dust covered dew rags cover the heads of the soldiers that wear no patches, a
deuce and a half truck with the driver that pulls the cover that he latches

The word man carrying the rifle watches and takes it all in
acts that these men carry out are a mortal sin

No verbal response but a stern face, no emotion, no sign of feeling
Remorse is short lived , no help from above, no spiritual healing

would be a fearful poker player if he played
The platoon stumbles on a grave with bodies decayed

The helicopter hovers slowly above in silent mode
An enemy lies wait along the road

A smell of tear gas fills the air
A smell of flesh and burning hair

Tensions are very high fear has set in
The enemy at any cost will win

The young private asks himself what are my friends doing now
A farmer walks past the unit leading the cow

Who is with my girl friend his mind plays a dreadful scene with the bad ending
who comforts her now? Whose shoulder for her to lean are they lending

A marketable skill as a grenade expert
I have gained ground and eaten dirt

Drink water says the platoon leader with every step he seems a little older
A taste of dirty plastic touches the sweaty mouth of the soldier

Sweat soaks the uniform to the skin
Who will notify the next of kin

An injured man lies in the hospital with a clean bed and air conditioning
cleans a pair of dog tags that are shiny and glistening

Where is my unit asks the patient, how many are dead?
Have we won the war?
Have they found a reason or do they know what we are fighting for?

The nurse races for the doctor
Sounds of gunfire from the helicopter

The doctor returns and tells the confused soldier that his unit is fine,
there is no war, the war is in his mind

You have never been in the military the doctor sadly tells him
one more battle says the patient I know we can win

A doctor returns to his office that he looks at with disgrace
Looks to the mirror at his white hair and sagging face

I am an educated man he tells himself, I deserve a desk made of oak or pine
I should be out of this county hospital to look over my cellar of wine

The soldier puts his fire arm slowly down by his side
The patient gets out of bed and reaches for a door that locks from the outside

The nurse slides the metal plate on the door open and tells the sick man to return to his bed
thinks of the doctor that she one day hopes to wed

The nurse then returns to her desk tired from working a double shift
nothing of value to show for hours worked but a child at home a blessed gift

I have grown tired from fighting this war I hope it is over soon
I must take a rest on the rocks up ahead until I meet up with my platoon

I will sleep during the day and travel at night for I will slip across the border at nightfall
its time for breakfast says the orderly who is arrogant stupid and tall

The sound of brass grinding against a metal key hole as the orderly turns the key that unlocks the heavy metal door,
who are you asks the patient? you are not from the core

Where is the war asks the patient, I seem to have lost my route
here is another round of tranquilizers, sweet dreams says the orderly as he throws a sarcastic salute on his way out

The orderly returns to wheel the sick sedated patient into his new room
passed the confused patient dancing and kissing the kitchen broom

The hospital is filling up so we have given you a roommate
a suit case sits by the door with a small wooden crate

The sick patient awakes to find his new roommate dressed in 17th century clothes
speaking in a foreign tongue putting water into the vase that hold the rose

The roommate extends his hand to give the soldier a greeting, I am a poet for a King says the roommate
I have verse to recite for the King, for now I am late

The sick minded patient returns the greeting, nice to meet you ; I am a soldier who has been separated from his unit
due to an artillery attack
Shrapnel has wounded my legs and pieces have lodged into my back

Have you seen a military unit pass through here he asks
You are a poet my I have a drink from your flasks

No I am sorry to report the Kings men have left the castle and they shall return in a few weeks
I am sick says the soldier for I have drank water from the contaminated creeks

I am no longer in a castle for I lay in these dirty hospital sheets
In the morning with a lack of room a poet and a soldier are released into the streets

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5 Reasons Soccer is Unpopular in the US

Soccer is a sport that has been embraced by some, but not all. Some places around the world go crazy for the World Cup, while other counties, (like the United States) just don’t get it. What is the reason behind this and why will soccer never be popular in the United States? There are several answers to this question

1. The Name
Most people know soccer goes by two names. The actual name of the game that is used across Europe is football. The US already has a sport called football so the name soccer was substituted. This has caused confusion with some people. Who wants to play a game with two names? Baseball is and always has been baseball and everyone knows that tennis is called tennis. Some people incorrectly think that the US invented soccer and the rest of the world changed the name. These people think that Europe was snubbing the US by changing the name.

2. Less Influence from the UK
There is no denying that the soccer capital of the world is the UK. After the American Revolution the US has not taken many ideas from the UK. When the colonies separated themselves from Britain they cut themselves off from popular British pastimes like tea time and soccer (and cricket, but that’s another story).

3. Under Exposure
When you turn on ESPN the chance that they are showing a soccer game is slim. Sports networks like to stick with popular, tried and true sports like football or basketball. These sports bring in the big advertisers and make them more money. Sports that are less popular bring in less advertisers and less money. People do not see soccer on the mainstream networks so they are less likely to be exposed to it.

4. Soccer Moms
When most people in the US think soccer the first thing that comes to mind is the phrase “Soccer Mom”. Soccer mom has become a negative term for a parent whose entire life is devoted to her children’s interest in soccer. You never hear the term football mom or swimming mom. Soccer moms are considered overbearing and obsessed. Soccer has become more known as a children’s sport, one that adults don’t take seriously. On top of that no mom wants to be called a soccer mom, so they would rather have their children interested in baseball or some other sport.

5. No Real Stars
There are no real big names in soccer that people can identify. When you think football you might think of Brett Farve, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, or a dozen other top earning athletes. When you think of soccer who do you think of? The only soccer player that most Americans know is David Beckham and the only thing people even know him is that he’s married to former Spice Girl Victoria “Posh” Beckham. Until there are some recognizable players soccer will never be able to find a strong enough fan base

Is soccer doomed to be unpopular in America forever? Who knows? Soccer has never been a mainstream American sport and it might never be. The few Americans who are soccer enthusiasts continue to support their sport and try to get others interested and involved. One day soccer might take root in the US as a popular sport but for now it remains under acknowledged.

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A More Effective Resume: 10 Power-House Words

A large part of job-hunting involves creating the perfect resume’. But with several people applying for the same position, how can one ensure that their resume’ is the one that stands out from the crowd.

Listed below, are ten powerhouse words (and what they say about you) that will make for an effective resume’- as outlined from Reader’s Digest.

1.) Streamlined: This word indicates to potential employers, that you have contributed to improving the efficiency (whether it be the appearance, usefulness, productivity, or longevity ) of a previous project.

2.) Negotiated: An excellent powerhouse word; indicating that you will be a valuable asset in reaching important business transaction agreements, in addition to company mergers.

3.) Managed: A shortened form of management; this word indicates to potential employers, that you posses good administrative and directorial experience.

4.) Launched: This word indicates to potential employers, that you not only take the lead in putting policies into operation, you also set important projects in motion.

5.) Initiated: Considered a born leader, this word indicates to potential employers, that you are not afraid to be a forerunner for their company.

6.) Improved: This word indicates to potential employers, that your actions have resulted in an increase in productivity, and/or value of your previous company’s assets.

7.) Implemented: When potential employers read this, it stands to reason, that you have been instrumental in putting company policies and other important procedures in effect. In addition, carrying out future policies is/will not be a problem for you.

8.) Generated: Innovative and forward thinking; you will be known as one who brings policies and savvy business ideas into existence.

9.) Accomplished: This powerhouse word speaks for itself. It indicates to potential employers, that you have had a measure of success. It also conveys that you are skilled and experienced in a certain capacity.

10.) Accelerated: Not one to procrastinate; this word indicates that you get things done speedily, and efficiently.

Creating the perfect resume’ that stands out from the crowd, may be just the thing needed to land that perfect job.

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