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America's Economic Collapse: Don't Miss a Great Opportunity

Anyone not paying attention to the economic news today is missing out on a tremendous learning opportunity. Granted, a great deal of economic news can seem a lot like watching paint dry. But economics is the underpinning of just about many things we experience, a point recognized even in street slang and rap. “It’s all about the Benjamins,” goes one often-heard line. Nothing could be more “about the Benjamins” than today’s economy and, if you’re not paying close attention to it, your boat just left the dock without you.

Economics is not only for the elite Wall Street investment bankers so much vilified by the Obama administration. Economics is just as important for the person who flips hamburgers at McDonald’s as it is for the industry captain. Both are entrusted with the difficult task of running complex economic operations affecting other people. In the case of the fast-food chain worker, the people affected are the most vulnerable, usually the immediate family.

Economics is involved in the prices we pay for food and shelter, for transportation, for education, for sporting events, and for what most of us do the largest part of our lives: work. It is difficult to think of an area which is not impacted by the “benjamins.” Yet, the subject is often ignored in America’s high schools, or else half buried in other subjects like social studies. Social Studies teachers may touch upon economics, but usually surrender to the chorus of groans they hear from students when they broach the subject.

My own early education was adequate in other areas except that I had no sense of economics, no interest in it, and no investment. Neither of my parents graduated from high school. In fact, one of my parents did not even progress to high school. Yet, it is the blue-collar workers and the poor who are most in need of economics education, and who are most impacted by the financial decisions and maneuvering of others. Going into the world without a functional background in economics is like going to war without weapons while the enemy has weapons of mass destruction.

If you fit into the category of blissful ignorance of economic matters, take heart; it is never too late. The information you need is out there like never before:

The internet was not available to our ancestors but now it is full of economic information and it’s all free. Google, Yahoo, and other high-profile internet companies have “Finance” links which will tell you what you need to know about your credit report, the value of your dollar, the hiring or unemployment trends in your area of expertise, the cost of refinancing your house, and other credit costs. Most important, you can search the internet for the highest savings rate. You will learn that it is no longer necessary to deposit your dollars in your local community bank when you can get a higher savings rate at an online bank like ING Direct and others.

If you don’t like staring at a computer screen to further your economic education, you can go to your local library or newsstand to find copies of the periodic magazines like Forbes, Business Week, Fortune 500 or many others. The Wall Street Journal is an excellent source of daily information. As an early sufferer myself from economic dyslexia, the print versions allow me to digest information at my own slow pace of understanding.

Television business news shows may not be as enticing as the next episode of “American Idol” but when has “American Idol” saved you any money. On the new Fox Business Channel, you may find out that your credit card interest rate just went up with the news buried in the fine print. CNBC’s Squawk Box is geared less for consumer news and more for hard core economic analysts and investors, but more workers than ever now have their pension funds invested in stocks, bonds, and other financials. Getting the news early, you might discover you have more impact on your economic future than you thought.

Bloomberg News, a start-up company by billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, broadcasts its financial news on television and on radio so you can learn while you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Bloomberg was out in front with the bad news many months ago when it warned of a “housing bubble.” Many people now wish they had been listening or watching.

Truth to tell, you don’t have to dive head first into the study of economics. But economics is an area where the fundamentals can be a great benefit to your future and that of your family. You can put together a reasonable economic plan of your own and stick to it:

• Develop a disciplined savings plan and hold to it, even if you can only save ten dollars a week.

• Read the fine print in everything you do. If you don’t understand something, it’s very easy to research the topic on the internet. Make it a point to learn everything about it, no matter how “boring” it seems. You’re not a boring person, are you? It’s your own enthusiasm which will make it exciting.

• Develop a basic economic philosophy. This may seem presumptuous but the success of your plan will benefit from the clarity of your thinking. Specifically, you need to develop a resistance to debt and an outlook for the future of yourself and your family.

• Study economics bit by bit. Approach the topic through an area you have a passion for-whether that is fast cars, gambling, snowboarding, bicycling, or books. Look at the “business” beneath the surface of what seems merely entertaining.

If these few bromides are not enough to motivate you to take in interest in the national economy, then perhaps the notion that people are taking advantage of you will motivate you further. Consider that, at some point, the families of the wealthy were as poor as you are. Their eventual wealth and power was accomplished through the use of your money, your interest, your work, your expertise. This applies as much to the government as it does to private enterprise. You would be seriously remiss these days if you fail to recognize the economic maneuvering and business activity of expanding government enterprise.

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Advantages and Benefits of Ecommerce

E-commerce known as electronic commerce, which is the use of the internet for commercial purposes, involves trading products and services electronically via the internet and other computer networks. Everyday around the world, many people access the internet for buying and selling of goods, services. E-commerce is useful and has many benefits and advantages for both consumers and businesses.

Firstly, e-commerce offers people maximum convenience. They can visit the web sites of multiple vendors (e-tailers) anytime everyday to compare prices and make purchases, without having to leave their homes or offices from around the world. Consumers can also immediately obtain a product or service, such as an electronic book, a music file, or computer software, by downloading it over the Internet. Furthermore, almost all major retailers have electronic commerce presence on the World Wide Web. Therefore, you can also purchase products from your desired retail store that also have a presence online, without having to step outside of the house to go to your preferred retail store. For example, Woolworths gives you options to shop online or at their stores in shopping centres. There are also increased opportunities for buying alternative products from a wide variety of sites anywhere around the world. There is also a convenience of paying online which is fast and instant. Many shops accept various types of payment like credit card, Paypal, by check etc.

Secondly, e-commerce allows consumers to comparison shop. Comparison shopping is the comparing of prices and features of products in advance before shopping for the best bargain. Comparison shopping via the internet is much faster and cheaper than traditional research methods. The internet has a huge variety of online stores and sites that allow you to easily compare products in a few minutes whereas comparison shopping in actual real stores in shopping complexes will take much longer and the product you want might not be available specifically at that shopping center or suburb and you may have to travel which wastes your time and money. Comparison shopping is very beneficial because it helps you save money as you are always looking for products with the lowest price possible. In addition, e-commerce is helpful for comparison shopping as it limits your opportunity to impulse buy as you have a price range you may want to keep to.

Another advantage of electronic commerce is that it gives you the ability to obtain information on the product. The internet has many sources including websites of the companies, articles, online shops and sites that review and give you detailed information, people’s opinions and facts on almost everything there is available that you want to purchase. For example, if you are looking to buy a MP3 player, you can access the internet which will provide you with many reviews and opinions of brands of MP3 players, experiences with it, facts about MP3 players, features these players offer and you can find out about the manufacturer easier online, than calling and actually going to the manufacturer. You can then choose to instantly purchase the MP3 player with a few clicks.

Furthermore, e-commerce helps you when regarding to personal financial information. Paying and completing online transactions won’t be as dangerous or risky nowadays as many companies and websites have many programs and software that help protect buyers be safe and protected when paying online. SSL Technology which is ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ are used by businesses to protect personal data transmissions by encrypting your private details before they are sent over the internet. Firewall services can also be used on the Internet or any network to check all incoming data for the purpose of verification and authentication. Pins and passwords also protect your private financial information greatly as it prevents unauthorized persons accessing your account and data. Another form of protection that keeps your personal information safe is with certificates or digital signatures that is an encrypted code that identifies a particular person or website. It aims to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access data while you are entering your personal information or paying online. All these programs enable you to trade online with ease and without worrying too much about safety.

Finally, electronic commerce can also protect and offer redress for unsatisfied customers. When shopping online, less time is spent in resolving invoice and order discrepancies if the consumer is unhappy or displeased about the products or services they had bought and need redress. There are many forms of redress available to consumers. Consumers can also be compensated money of up to $25 000 from a small claims tribunal. Many laws also protect us from illegal and unfair business practices, such as the Electronic Transactions Act 1999, the Cybercrime Act 2001, the Privacy Amendment (Private sector) Act 2000, the Consumer Protection Arrangement 2002 and the Trade Practices Act 1974. There are a number of avenues that consumers can also pursue in order to resolve the situation. Consumers can contact businesses directly to remedy an issue. In most cases, a vendor with good customer service will recognise the mistake and try to fix it immediately because they do not want an unhappy customer spoiling their reputation and it is often better for them to admit their mistake and retain their customers. Unsatisfied consumers can also contact consumer affairs/fair trading agency which will provide advice and assistance for them, or take legal action (Consumer Claims Tribunal or courts). Consumers can also use the media to raise awareness of unfair or illegal business practices.

In conclusion, e-commerce – the use of the internet for commercial purposes, involves trading products and services electronically, is very useful, beneficial and clearly has many advantages over the traditional brick-and-mortar stores’ ways of transacting. Electronic commerce has given shopping and trading a new dimension because it offers consumers maximum convenience, allows consumers to comparison shop and find out more information on various products. E-commerce also has protects your personal financial information and offers redress easily to consumers.

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5 Tips to Be a Great Public Speaker

Being a great speaker isn’t just about eliminating the “uhms” and “ahs” from your delivery. That’s important, but really, you can give a great speech even if you do do those things. Being a great speaker is about making a real connection to the audience, establishing a relationship with them. Here are five ways that will help you rise above the mediocre to become a great speaker.

  1. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. You just can’t get to great unless you are really comfortable with your material. You have to know it forwards and backwards, nail the transitions, and be able to do tip #5 below. It begins with rehearsing: in the mirror, on the stage, in front of a video camera, with friends — anywhere you can get some feedback.

  2. Go local. Always bring your material with a local slant, either local history, local current events, or something that is geographically linked to whom you’re speaking. This is about making that connection to the audience. You care enough to know something about where they come from and what is near and dear to their hearts.

  3. Finish early. 5 minutes is great. 10 minutes is questionable. 15 minutes is a recipe for the audience to feel shortchanged. Everyone likes “found” time, but give them too much and they question the value you’re delivering. A little bit early and you’ve exceeded their expectations in a pleasant way.

  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. A little bit of humor goes a long way. Don’t try to be a comedian (even if you are), but sprinkle a little funny throughout, even for a serious topic. This is especially important when something goes wrong. Don’t get annoyed-note it, maybe laugh, and then drive on. You’ll get big cool points for handling it.

  5. Do Q & A. Questions will take you to what the audience is interested in as opposed to what you think they are. If you’re not comfortable taking questions about your material, then you shouldn’t be talking about it. This is also the opportunity to drive home your main points by hitting them again.

Public speaking can be a great boost to your career and reputation. These five tips will enable you to be great!

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A Guide to Different Types of Boats

Variety comes in handy for veterans of any field. When it comes to boating, the types of boats available are just one indication of the number of sports or activities that can be done with them.

Two basic distinctions between boat types are manual and motorized. Then there are boat sizes, internal and external designs, and overall capacity. Here are some boat types:

Air Boat – carries up to 18 people. It is between 18 to 25 feet in length. It is trailerable (can be hauled by a truck/tractor), and has a simple hull that is usually made of aluminum or fiberglass. Air boats can be used for fishing, hunting and for tourist excursions. Since these boats are flat-bottomed, they can glide over swamps and marshes as well as navigate deeper water (canals, rivers and lakes). These boats are powered by a propeller which is connected to automobile or aircraft engines.

Gondola – traditional Venetian boat made by hand using 8 different types of wood. There are 280 wooden pieces used in assembling the boat.There were several thousand gondolas in Venetian rivers, before motorized boating came to be. Today, there are several hundreds of them, though now they are mostly for tourists. The person who mans the gondola is known as a gondolier.

Hovercraft- also known as an air-cushion vehicle (ACV). Although the first known hovercraft was invented in 1716, it wasn’t until 1959 that the “first practical man-carrying hovercraft” came into existence. The latest hovercraft can travel over most open, smooth spaces such as gently slping land, water or mash land without actual contact with it. This is made possible by a cushion of air at the surface close below it, ejected by the boat itself.

Canoe- a small, narrow boat that can be manually-operatied or sailed. Both ends of this boat are pointed, with the boat usually open on top. Paddles are used to move the boat when it is not in sailing mode. Contrary to rowing, where rowers face the opposite side of where they travel, canoe paddlers face the direction they are heading for. There is usually space for two paddlers, but this number changes along with the size of the canoe.

Raft- the most basic boat design; does not have a hull. Wood, sealed barrels and inflated air chambers are the most common materials used for rafts. Rafts used to be utilized for timber transportation in the mid-20th century, but are now basically used for sports and recreation.

Fishing boats- these range from single-person, manually operated boats to 7-8 ton fishing commercial boats which can haul in up to one billion fish at a time. These boats can be used for business and recreation.

It is apparent that boating will remain a favorite pastime for a significant number of individuals and groups. The evolution of boating technology has proven that it is a sport/business/hobby that many continue to appreciate. Perhaps with so much exposure to bodies of water, the call to preserve the environment for future generations will ring louder.

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A Brief Analysis of Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured Personal Loans can be considered as monetary loans that are not secured against any collateral of the borrower. These can be obtained from financial institutions under several various marketing packages such as, personal loans, bank overdrafts, credit card debt, corporate bonds and credit facilities. Unsecured Personal Loans are also known as signature loans. These loans are used by the borrowers for the expenses like vacations, purchasing computers, home improvements or meeting any unexpected expenses.

Apart from banks, there are several professional intermediaries which can assist people in the direction of availing unsecured personal loans. These agencies offer the financial services to the people with the past or present credit difficulties, CCJ’s or Country Court Judgments, arrears, late payments, IVA’s, defaults and the bankrupts. It also fits all non status, adverse credit status, bad credit or poor credit customers. In order to prove yourself as status, non status and the subprime applicants, you need to show credit cards as well as ATM debit cards that are bearing VISA logo and the Master Card. Credit Solutions 4 also provides personal accounts as well as business accounts.

Unsecured Personal Loans are available for both status as well as non status applicants. You need to visit the section of unsecured personal Loans and select the application method of your desired loan. If your applications are rejected for bad credit history, the lenders or bank officers can help you in this regard. Another good facility can be offered by UK Unsecured Personal Loans which is known as payday loans. When you require cash immediately for any reason, pay day loans can help you in this regard. You can use this loan for unexpected bills or any other expenses.

In case of Unsecured Personal Loans, there is no need of any credit check. It is not quite possible whether the Unsecured Personal Loans are best for you or not because there are different types of Unsecured Personal Loans are available in the market and they all have extras and the benefits, good as well as the bad points and their typical interest rates. With the help of, you can compare the Unsecured Personal loans with other loans. It will provide you a long list of unsecured loans that may be best for you. You can also apply for the unsecured loans online. You can save your time as well as money by choosing the services of In this way, you can get the suitable unsecured loans that match your personal situations.

Although, there is no need to show any collateral in front of the lenders, however any collateral can attract the lenders by which you can obtain the unsecured loans. Unsecured loans depend on the circumstances of the applicants. If you don’t have a home then you cannot lose it if you don’t refund the loan on time. On the other hand, you have to pay more interest for reimbursing the loan. In fact, when a lender doesn’t found any security against the loan, he or she can charge higher interest rates.

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Advantages of Being 50-Something

You hear and read a lot about all the negative aspects of growing older. Am I the only person who has noticed that there are some reasons to be happy about being half a century old?

Been there, done that

Maybe you have never looked at mistakes in a positive light. By the time a person turns fifty, he or she has most likely committed quite a few blunders in several areas of life-from romances to finances. Hopefully, after reaping the consequences of some dumb decisions, lessons are learned. There seems to be some kind of correlation between age and serious mischief-the older the person, the less serious the mischief he creates. Could this be due to fading brain cells and dwindling energy? Perhaps when you cannot think or move as fast as you once did, you tend to get into less trouble.

Senior discounts start kicking in.

Some places of business offer a discount to customers 50 and over. This discount can be from 10 to 20 per cent off of your entire purchase. Some restaurants offer free coffee or reduced-price menu items. Many businesses have raised their senior discount minimum age to 60 or 65. At least that gives the fifty-something folks something to look forward to.

What’s on your mind?

During the younger years, speaking your mind or being opinionated is frowned upon. The older you get, the more opinionizing you can get away with. People might still shake their heads in wonder that you just unabashedly expressed yourself without concern for backlash, but they tend to blame it on your age.

You can laugh with your kids.

When you felt totally responsible for the actions of your offspring, their antics, especially the public ones, were not always funny at the time. With the passing of years, you begin to see some humor in those embarrassing episodes-especially when the grandkids pull the same stunts as their parents once did.

Your closet becomes a treasure chest.

(This point does not apply to those people who actually get rid of all those old clothes that no longer fit.) When a member of a younger generation needs to put together a cheap, yet authentic costume, the closet of a 50-something-year-old yields a myriad of choices. Chances are there is a polyester garment from the 60’s somewhere in there-or at least a wide-collared shirt, or some bell-bottoms or parachute pants. It may look like clutter to the casual observer, but to some it is a goldmine.

Count your blessings, Baby Boomers and other aging folks. We’ve got reasons to celebrate while we take our Celebrex!

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A Guide to the Different Types of Bottled and Tap Water Available to American Consumers

To drink water from the tap or tap water from the jug – that is the question. People everywhere are interested in the water they’re drinking and apparently they’re drinking more of it from the local grocery store. Bottled water consumption has jumped dramatically in recent years and experts predict consumption will continue to climb. According to Beverage Marketing’s annual industry survey, the volume of bottled water sold in the United States has increased to figures in the billion gallons – enough to fill more than 20,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. In addition, per capita consumption has increased almost every year since the early nineties. Americans probably drink almost twice as much bottled water today as they did a few decades ago.

People buy bottled water because it is better quality than what they get from their tap. All of a sudden there’s been a demand for bottled water that, perhaps, is a little better quality with a few less minerals, people have responded to the bottled water craze in this country. In most stores you can find at least ten different brands of bottled water that all differ in price, volume, source, and type of water. One of the major reasons people drink distilled and bottled water is because they don’t like the taste of city water. That may be true, considering that a lot of tap water is full of calcium and magnesium, minerals indicative of hard water. Not to mention fluoride and numerous other traces of toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Although a water softener gets rid of the minerals, it adds sodium, which most tap water already has an abundance of. People often buy bottled water because they don’t want to waste time with either the necessary water treatment equipment or the expense to clean up their own water. Regarding the purchase of a home water-treatment system, buyers should beware of scams. If a salesman tries to sell you a water system on results from a home water test, it’s worth your time to have your water tested at a local lab before investing in some high-priced system.

Drinking water is treated water that comes from one of any number of approved sources other than your office water fountain. Here is some insight into the kinds of water people drink and the different waters’ contents: Natural or Spring Water: Bottled artisan, spring or mineral water which comes from an identifiable natural formation and does not come from the municipal water supply. It may not be diluted with other waters. Dissolved solids may not be added or removed except as it relates to disinfection. Hard Water: Water which contains a high proportion of dissolved minerals, chiefly calcium and magnesium. It does not lather well and leaves scum on appliances. Softened Water: Water which has been treated to remove hardness and to facilitate washing and ease of use. Calcium and magnesium ions are typically removed by replacing them with sodium ions. It may increase the amount of sodium in the water. Distilled Water: Pure water with no minerals or chemicals. It is made by boiling water until it vaporizes; vapors are then condensed into water. Completely tasteless, colorless and odorless, it’s not the best drinking water because it tastes flat.


Ingram, Colin The Drinking Water Book: How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins from Your Water 2006

Royte, Elizaneth Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It 2008

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Advantages of Being Left-handed

Left-handed people may have more challenges as they live in a right-handed world where most tools are not designed for them. However, many famous lefties didn’t let what might had been a handicap stop them from achieving beyond ordinary success and fame. In fact, many geniuses of history, such as Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, were left-handed.

What causes some people to be left-handed?

Only about 5% to 30% of people in the world are left-handed. By the time a child is about two years old, he (or she) shows a preference of hands in feeding and grasping, indicating which hand he’ll use for the rest of his life. It’s not clear why some people are left-handed. While some believe it’s hereditary, others contend it’s a learned behavior, while others think it’s a result of prenatal conditions. Their theory holds that more testosterone is washed over the brain in the womb, causing a baby to be left-handed Yet, all theories are speculative with insufficient evidence to be factual.

Lefties Have an Advantage in Some Sports

Although lefties usually have to learn how to use sports equipment differently than right-handed people, they also have advantages. For example, many one-on-one sports (where players face each other) work to the advantage of lefties. That’s because a left-handed fencer (as well as a lefty ping-pong or tennis player) is more accustomed to playing against right handed opponents, whereas the right-handed player is more awkward when facing a lefty contender. Baseball also favors lefties for several reasons, such as when a right-handed pitcher throws a ball to a left-handed batter, the lefty batter can see the ball better because the bat isn’t in his way.

Advantages in Learning

A study shows that links between the left and right sides of the brain run faster in left-handed people than in right-handers. Therefore, this rapid transport of data makes lefties better at being multi-tasked than right-handed people. Also, lefties use both sides of the brain more than those people who are right-handed. That’s not to say lefties are smarter, but just note the exceptional lefties that have contributed to our world, as well as some contemporary lefties….

Famous Contemporary Lefties

A few famous lefties include…

Seven U.S. Presidents (James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton)

Talk show star Oprah Winfrey,

Actor Tom Cruise

Chess champion Bobby Fischer

Artists Michelangelo and Leonardo de Vinci

And, a host of sports celebrities such as baseball’s Reggie Jackson to boxer Reggie Johnson.

Help for Lefties

If you’re left-handed and still feel frustrated because you need special tools and instructions to do even simple tasks designed for right-handed people, be aware there’s help for you. By searching the internet, you can find web sites that direct you to companies that sell products designed for lefties, such as “The Left Hand”. On the other hand, if you the parent of a lefty there are sites that share ways to teach your left-handed child such basic skills as writing.

In conclusion, be glad if you’re left-handed, instead of wishing you were like most people who operate with their right hand. Just determine to be an optimist, making the most of your uniqueness, as well as encouraged by all the people who’ve succeeded in life as lefties.

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A Brief Analysis of Maurice by E.M. Forster

Language, whether written or spoken seems to be the center, or if not, seems to be very important in Maurice and Durham’s relationship. Is it perhaps that Forster is commenting on language itself, and even perhaps is pointing back to the work itself as a book, making it a meta-novel?

Early in their relationship, Maurice and Durham they emphasize verbal language. At one instance, Maurice is contrasted with his father. In one certain moment with Durham, the narrator says, “where his father would have kept canny silence he began to talk, talk” (46). Various situations point to the difference as well. Maurice’s mother for example, she frequently says that his father would not do this or that. Maurice, one day, when is sent back home from Cambridge responds to a similar statement from his mother with, “I’m not my father” (52), breaking the assumed relationship and similarities with his father. This familial break can also symbolize a break between the present generation, represented by Maurice, and the past generation, represented by his father. Language is the hammer that crushes the familial and generational ties. Forster iterates the repeating words, “talk, talk” in the same paragraph: “The craving for notice grew overwhelming, so he talked, talked” (46). In the face of an issue, such as the issue that Maurice and Durham face in regards to their relationship with each other, it can be inferred that Maurice’s father would have kept quiet, but Maurice does not follow that path, or any other path established from the past, and talks. When Maurice and Durham have conflicts, they use language to express themselves and solve the problem. They tried to remain silent when Durham first professes his feelings toward Maurice, but it fails. They are only able to resolve their estrangement and fervent feelings by talking about them. During vacations they write each other. Could the character’s utilization of language resemble the author’s attempt with written language? Could Forster be “talking, talking,” about homosexuality, because he does not want to hold to the past precept of keeping silent about issues such as this?

There comes up however, instances that language fails, negating the books attempts of language. For example, when Maurice goes back to Durham after the latter first professes his affections, it is said, “words deserted him immediately” (66). Before he would “talk, talk” (46), but now he cannot say anything. Language fails him. Could this be the same for the book itself? Even though he is writing about as touchy a subject as homosexuality and using language to bring it up, perhaps Forster still feels as though he fails to communicate ideas about it clearly or the way it should. He might feel that it is still impossible to put such an experience into words, but he ironically does anyway.

For more literary analysis on other works go to:

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