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Anchor Hocking Vintage Collection Review - All Glass Storage


Each Anchor Hocking Vintage Design glass container and lid is made from a heavy weight sturdy glass. I have dropped these and they have not broken.

Size and Weight: They feel like the weight of a Pyrex dish at a little over a pound for each container, including the glass lid. Each container holds 2 cups and measures 3.5″ tall with the lid on. They are 3.25″ with the lid off. They get wider toward the top measuring 4.5″ square. At the base they are 2.25″ square. The actual container gets wider than that before it starts. The base actually raises the container up about 1/4inch.

The Design: These great containers also have an attractive design. We have used them as serving dishes for small side dishes as well as storage containers. The sides have vertical depressions giving the look of stripes but they are still all glass. There is a flat space on two sides that would be great for adhering a label if you were using these for freezer storage.

On the bottom of the container visible when you look from the inside, is the Anchor Name with 1932 at the top and Vintage Design at the Bottom. Also visible above the Emblem are the words “Oven, Microwave, and Freezer Safe”. Printed below the Anchor Name are the words “No Stovetop or Broiler Use” I like that they printed this on the containers since they could last so long as to be passed down. Any new user can clearly figure out their uses by the easily visible imprinted information.

The Lid: Anchor Hocking designed the Vintage Collection Glass Containers to have lids that just sit on top of the container. The lid has the same design as the sides and has a lip that sits around the inside edge that allows it to stay in place while it is on the container. It does not snap on or have a rubber or plastic gasket to keep it in place or air tight. If you put liquids in this you will want to make sure that they are sitting flat in your refrigerator or freezer. The striped design on the lid sticks out on the underside of the lid leaving the top a flat surface for freezer labels.

Other Available Sizes: I have a larger container that is about the size of four of these small ones combined but about the same height. I have also seen one that is about the size of two of them side by side, and also about the same height. If you have a few different sizes they all will stack nicely in your cabinet.

Use and Care

Uses: I use my 2 cup containers mostly for storage but I have also used them to freeze left overs. Sometimes when I make soup I forget that it is just my husband and myself so I make too much. I have a few glass containers that are about the same 2 cup size so I fill them with soup and then freeze them. Then because the containers are nicely angled wider at the top, the soup can be slid out in a frozen block and stored in a plastic freezer bag. This way I can continue to use my storage containers for everyday things. When I am ready to have some soup I just plop the frozen block in the container and microwave it until it warms up. It is nice having the glass lid because you can microwave without worrying that your soup will explode all over the inside of your microwave.

I have used these containers as serving dishes for side dishes and then if we have left overs they can just go right in the fridge. We will often eat the left overs for a snack right from the containers. To me these were a great find and am I considering buying two more while they are still available!

Oven, Microwave and Freezer Safe: I have not actually used mine in the oven but I have put them in the microwave and the freezer with no issues.

Washing and Care: I have been washing my containers in the dishwasher for at least two years with no issues. I use a high temp wash and a heated dry. They look exactly the same as they did when they were new.

Warnings: Although these can be heated in the oven, do not put these on the stove top or use them with your broiler. I also am careful with any glass containers, to not let them go from freezing to hot, or hot to freezing too quickly. Never place the hot dish in cold water, or a frozen dish in hot water.

Cost, Value and Durability: I have been using these glass containers for at least two years and they look exactly like they did when I first got them. I have put many things in them including spaghetti sauce and the glass has never discolored or stained in any way. This is the type of item that you could easily own for a lifetime and continue to be usable for many many years. I think I paid about $5 each for them, but I think given how well they hold up that they would be worth much more. Compared to plastic containers that only last for a short time these are amazing.

Final thoughts and Rating

The Anchor Hocking Vintage Design 2 cup containers get a full 5 stars from me. I love that I have a container that has no plastic to leak chemicals into my food or degrade over time. These containers are truly timeless and I expect to keep them forever.

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