Friday, April 21, 2017

Academic Achievement in Girls Can Lead to Bullying by Other Students

Bullying and teasing in the high school setting has continued to be a significant psychological and social complication. With the dynamics of bullying and teasing running a full spectrum, school counselors struggle to manage the complication effectively especially when it affects the most academically talented female students.

Even before high school, the foundations for bullying and teasing are established with many children exposed to the risk in grade school and middle school. With girls more often affected than boys, the long term ramifications of teasing can extend well into adulthood, impairing self-esteem. As the parent of a child who is about to enter into high school, it is important to understand the underlying foundations by which most children will tease one another.

In the simplest of terms, teasing and bullying occurs on three foundations: competency, appearance and height-weight proportions. If you child falls outside of the “norm” in any of these areas, she may be at-risk for teasing or bullying by other students. Where your child may have once been full of self-esteem and confidence, the onset of bullying and teasing can destroy everything you have built into your child, resulting in a profound occurrence of negative peer interactions.

Aggression and social withdrawal are quite common in the child who is experiencing teasing and bullying at school. If you begin to notice your child is experiencing a change in personality, this may be indicative of a teasing or bullying complication.

Girls who are extremely talented in terms of academic performance often face the greatest challenges with teasing at school, aside from female students who are overweight. If your daughter is not only very intelligent but also overweight, you can expect the teasing and bullying will pose a significant risk in the high school setting. To avoid this risk, many parents are becoming actively involved in their child’s education, even considering placement into a private school.

High school is a challenge for many students, especially for girls. With the added complications of bullying and teasing, you may notice your child experiences a sudden change in personality in response to bullying. Becoming involved and taking proactive measures to improve your child’s academic setting is important to the success in high school. When bullying or teasing becomes quite significant, making changes in the academic setting may provide for the best possible outcome. However, even with a change in educational settings, bullying and teasing continue to be a complication for students who are highly intelligent, students who pose a unique physical appearance, and for students who are height-weight disproportionate.

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