Friday, April 21, 2017

5 Bold Eye Makeup Colors to Play With This Spring

As the long and dark days of winter give way to sunny skies and more bearable temperatures this spring, celebrate the change of the season with some bold new hues in eye makeup. Spring is the perfect season to play with bold and bright colors that will not only bring out your natural eye color but also lighten up your look.

Whether you want to freshen up your makeup for a special social event, or pull off the smoky eye look for date night with a twist, here are five bold eye makeup colors to play with this spring:

#1: Violet
Dark purple is always a top eye color trend for the Fall and winter months. If you don’t want to part with this sultry hue during the change of the season, lighten up to violet or lilac instead. Violet, lilac and even lavender eye shadow can really make brown and blue eyes “pop” and are a good match for many of spring’s lighter-colored ensembles.

#2: Turquoise
This tropical-inspired hue can add a fun and playful twist to your look Eye shadow in this color is a good match for blue and green-eyed gals. Use it to play up your natural eye color or to create a bold, head-turning look with a colorful smoky eye. Mix it with grey or silver for a muted version of this bright hue.

#3: Coral
If you have dark brown or light brown eyes, coral will bring out the color of your eyes and also warm up your skin tone for spring. Use darker coral shades as a base color right up to your eyebrows, then fill your lids with a lighter coral or pink shade for a playful, feminine touch. Complementary eye shadow colors include beige, tan, and shimmering gold.

#4: Champagne
If you’re going for a more natural look this spring, add a glamorous twist to your look by choosing a sparkling champagne color or silver eye shadow speckled with light pink glitter. Both of these eye makeup hues can help you create a clean and chic look, but with a twist. Pink champagne eye shadow also works well with ivory, light silver and some metallic eye shadows.

#5: Dark Green
Forest green or military green are also some bold and bright hues to play with this spring. The key to making these colors work for you is to only outline your eyes in the color, or use a darker green as the base when creating a smoky eye look. Avoid filling your lids entirely with green or your eyes will look like they’re bruised. Keep it simple and layer with beige, tan or light brown for a sultry, but spring-friendly look this season.

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