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Analyzing The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

In The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Dr. Faustus’ yearn for knowledge (and ultimately power through knowledge) leads him to pledge allegiance to Hell, and sell his soul to the devil. Likened to Icarus’ story of flying too close to the sun, throughout the play it becomes clear that Faustus’ yearn for knowledge and power is his fatal flaw. His mastery of all subjects leads him not only to think of himself as supremely intelligent, but furthermore leads him to question that which should not be questioned. Ultimately Dr. Faustus realizes his errors, but due to the severity of his decision he cannot repent, and is doomed to eternal damnation. Throughout the happenings of the play, it is clear that the absolute power inherited by Faustus corrupted him beyond forgiveness, by man, angel, or devil.

Throughout the beginning of the play Faustus continually questions the notion of sin, wondering why sin exists in the first place if it is so terrible, as the all-knowing God must have known that sin could be committed, and therefore should have obliterated it at the Creation. During his opening soliloquy, Faustus fights with the notion of sin, and the punishment for committing it: “The reward of sin is death? That’s hard” (I.40). During this soliloquy, Faustus contemplates the ambiguity of sin, in that all people die, so what further punishment could sin possibly incur? Furthermore, Faustus looks at sin from the beginning of time, since the Creation. He argues that, since God created all being, He therefore created sin; hence sin cannot be such a terrible thing if it was deemed necessary to existence by the Creator Himself. It is in this false belief that Faustus lets his hubris take over his actions and decisions, sealing his fate in Hell. Furthermore, during a dialogue with Mephastophilis, Faustus remarks, “Think’st thou that Faustus is so fond to imagine / That after this life there is any pain?” (V.132). At this point it is clear that Faustus believes not in the afterlife, and due to this he sees no reward for good behavior nor punishment for sin after death. Mephastophilis attempts to dissuade Faustus from such ways of thinking, remarking, “But Faustus, I am an instance to prove the contrary; For I am damned, and am now in hell” (V.135). Although Mephastophilis explains that Hell is not a place, but is rather a state of being, Faustus is too set in his ways to be swayed from his beliefs. Through his actions and decisions, it is clear Faustus’ thirst for power has thoroughly corrupted him, and has made him blind to that which should be obvious. So wrapped up is Faustus in his beliefs that he pledges complete allegiance to Lucifer, and looks upon his teachings as, ironically, Gospel. He vows to Lucifer “Never to name God, or to pray to him,/ To burn his Scriptures, slay his ministers,/ And make my spirits pull his churches down” (V.268-271). His alliance with the devil is clear evidence that Faustus has become corrupt beyond all possible repentance.

Ultimately, Faustus’ inherited knowledge leaves him empty, in that he really has no purpose in his life. He is left to play practical jokes on people through use of his magical powers, actions which are hardly that of a man of such intelligence. It becomes clear that Faustus, though he now can get whatever he wants, is waning in life, and his eternal damnation is imminent. When the clock strikes midnight, devils come to carry him away to Hell. Although throughout the play Faustus was given multiple warnings about his ultimate fate, it is not until his final living moments that he realizes the error of his ways. “Ugly hell gape not! Come not, Lucifer! / I’ll burn my books-ah, Mephastophilis!” (XIII.112-113). After cursing everything on Earth and in Heaven, and allowing himself to be persuaded to ally with pure evil, Faustus believes that a final moment of repentance will be enough to save him from his evident fate. Although his mouth utters words of hope for salvation, it is clear that these are the words of a desperate man who has lost everything.

Ironically, Faustus’ vast knowledge ultimately blinded him, and made him most ignorant of all. He believed that, upon his final hours, all his past sins would not come back to haunt him, and he would simply cease to exist. However, as the devils come, they ravage his body, a symbol of his eternal damnation. Dr. Faustus, although a very intelligent man, lost sight of his morals in exchange for extreme power and knowledge, and in doing so loses his soul.

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Analyzing of "I, Too, Sing America"

April is National Poetry Month. I have decided to analyze a classic poem. It may not be one that is familiar to most since a lot of poems that are considered classics are written by non-whites. The poem by Langston Hughes is a classic to me. “I, Too, Sing America.” This poem was recited in “The Great Debaters”. I think this poem fits well with the current political change.

I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“Eat in the kitchen,”

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed–

I, too, am America.

When I read this poem I think of the way Black Americans were treated throughout history in the United States. In the beginning of the poem it states “…I am the darker brother.They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes…” we were pushed to the side, beaten, and not listened to. We were to be submissive and to take the treatment of our oppressor.

The lines states “… But I laugh,And eat well,And grow strong”. In this line it shows the strength of Black Americans despite the poor treatment. It also suggest no matter what to prepare yourself because the day will come when you show your talents for all to see.

The next lines “Tomorrow,I’ll be at the table When company comes.Nobody’ll dare Say to me,”Eat in the kitchen,”Then”. These lines suggest that eventually Black Americans will be seen for whom they are. The traits and not the skin color. I also feel as if “Tomorrow” has come giving that we now have a Black American as president.

The last lines “Besides,They’ll see how beautiful I am And be ashamed–
I, too, am America”. These lines suggest that the shame of American society when the attributes of Black Americans are displayed. It is embarrassing to our country to keep a group down that displays so many talents and many that advanced United States economically.

I feel with the past election this poem speaks volumes. It brought out America’s darkside, America’s shame, Slavery and Jim Crow south. The racism that keeps being swept under the rug and but will not go away. This poem told the future well before anyone thought it would happen.


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A Great, Rich and Wonderful Philosophy-13

The philosophy clearly states the goals to be realized. The foundation, as earlier stated is the righteousness. Everything envisaged subsequently and in day-to-day life is based on this edifice only. That provides the test. Acquisition of wealth is again subject to righteousness. Every human being is entitled to live a life enjoying worldly pleasures within moderation.

In the case of the spiritual seeker he directly goes to sanyas ( sainthood) and then liberation. The householder discharges his duties to family and to society. He prepares himself gradually but enters the stage of vanaprastha(retirement) . The brahmacharin acquires knowledge and then decides whether he wants to enter the stage of householder or go to the final stage of sanyas. This option is given to the individual Invariably the decision is influenced by the accumulated tendencies of the soul in previous births. These are called vasanas. They are the sum total of the actions and experiences of the past. They mould the character of the person and determine how and where he should move and progress.

A person takes up a job and earns wealth for supporting himself and his family. He earns wealth subject to the means of righteousness. Anything belonging to others or not in conformity with fairness and righteousness is to be abjured. His mind is clean and it has no corruption element. The wealth is utilized judiciously. If there is any surplus after meeting his family commitments he distributes it to others. He follows the principle of distribution to deserving people.

He keeps his personal needs to the minimum and lives an example so that other members of the family observe austerity and do not waste wealth. He is free to take up any occupation according to the class in which he is placed or according to his inclinations. But this has to be in conformity with righteousness. There should not be any deviation from this principle. The occupations can be service, teaching, business, farming, trading or any human activity of a commercial nature, which brings income.

The masses are free to take up the occupation of their choice. But wealth accumulation should be through righteous means. When leaders in each field of activity demonstrate their behaviour based on right conduct their followers are motivated to live a stainless and honest life.

The edifice of righteousness generates jobs of a sustainable nature and the training during student life makes the student work hard. There is no form of strife for it becomes a violation of the principle of righteousness

Wealth in excess is used for charity and thus social justice is met. The poor and destitutes are looked after without any state intervention. Surplus is given to maintenance of spiritual centres and to promote centres of knowledge and excellence. There is no hoarding of wealth. The system looks after the society and its need without excluding any one from its network of benefits and service. This is the process of wealth creation and distribution based on the foundation of righteousness, which is a glorious aspect of this wonderful philosophy. (To be continued)

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Are Banner Ads a Dying Breed?

Banner advertising has gotten a bad rap! From internet viewers who complain that they obstruct their views, to webmasters complaining about the bandwidth they consume, to “The Big G” enforcing the no-follow rule – one would think that banner ads would simply dry up and disappear. But they haven’t. And they won’t anytime soon, much to the delight of advertisers everywhere.

Let there be no doubt. Banners continue to survive in this world of new-age advertising because they have proven to be effective. Dollar for dollar, you can hardly beat the benefits of a good banner ad campaign.

The whole purpose of banner ads is to entice people to act on their interest and visit your site. Attractive ads, whether they’re static or flash, are still successful in getting people to click on them.. They are some of the most useful online advertising tools employed.

Both static banners and flash banners can promote your business’s product or service well, but they have distinct differences. In deciding which one of these advertising methods to choose, you will need to determine which one best suits your audience and thus, your needs.

Today’s static banner ads are far from the plain, boring ads of yesterday. Static banners catch your attention by using vivid colors, loud fonts, and catchy phrases.

Flash banners are those which use Adobe Flash – previously known as Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash. Although they can be very vibrant and attractive, flash banners can take a longer time to download than static banners. These advertisements, however, can have both animation and user interaction since video works well with Adobe Flash. Talk about a way to capture an audience! This is it.

Before you decide that flash is for you, you have to keep in mind the demographics of your website viewers. Some people are annoyed by banners that practically demand their attention, and they are hostile to distractions that forcibly interrupt their viewing. Others prefer a more novel approach, and are more inclined to click on a banner that simply states the facts in a clear concise manner, without all the added glitz and hype.

In either case, with banners being so affordable and easily made, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up company or an established enterprise, a blogger or forum administrator, banner advertising is the way to go if you want an effective way to promote your goods or services online.

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Are Banks Turning Consumers' Misfortune into Their Fortunes?

Growing up I am sure that many of us were taught that banks were the safest place to keep our money. Banks were known as community institutions that were known for friendly and fast customer service. Unfortunately the positive image of banks is a thing of the past. Its reputation has become tarnished as a result of incompetence and greed. They are no longer concerned about providing good customer service but instead they constantly seek ways to capitalize on consumers’ misfortune.

During the past 8 years banks complained about seeing a huge decline in profits. If this is true I can assure you that people taking their money out of banks placing it in a glass jar under a mattress are not a major culprit of this sudden change in profitability. Banks have experienced a drop in profitability as a result of some bad investments and loans. Banks have implemented new tactics to make up for those loss profits. They include increased overdraft protection plans, increased automatic teller machine withdrawal fees, and store convenience fees. Unfortunately these tactics are done at the expense of consumers. There are some consumers who do not purposely do things like bounce checks. Sometimes miscellaneous expenses come about and are beyond our control. The bank will cover normally up to $300 for overdraft protection but will charge a persons account as much as $35 every time it is used. This may not seem like a lot of money but if you consider the fact that there are thousands of customers that take advantage of this type of protection it can be a cash cow for banks.

When banks charge all of these outrageous service fees it is a betrayal of consumer trust. It is highly unethical for banks to attempt to take advantage of consumers’ unfortunate situations. Then banks have audacity to go to the government asking for financial stimulus packages when they are clearly making billions of dollars by charging consumers all of these ridiculous service fees. Like any other business entities in order for banks to be successful they must have consumers’ best interest at hand. This will restore consumer confidence which will them to regain profitability without having to resort to deceptive practices.

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A Treasure from the Attic

From recent experiences of hooking up with friends and relatives we have not seen from twenty to forty years, I have been on a hunt for old pictures and memorabilia to bring to these mini reunions. During one of my expeditions to the attic I came across a brown spiral bound book published in 1951 entitled “Don McNeill’s Favorite Poems, Memory Time Selections from The Breakfast Club”. Now I don’t know how many of you reading this remember who Don McNeill was but before television; we listened to the radio as our source of entertainment and news media. Best thing about listening to the radio, even today, is that you can go about your daily chores or tasks without stopping to sit and become a couch potato.

I remember listening to him as a very young child reading letters from his listeners, hearing stories from his characters, and hearing his singers sing songs all live on the air. It is obvious that I cannot reprint all ninety-six pages of this beautiful book but I will give my readers a small taste. Let me introduce the players of this program first: the master of the Breakfast Club was family man and all around nice guy Don McNeill who by the stacks of mail he received each and every day had to be one of the most popular people in America back in the 40’s and 50’s. Actually the Breakfast Club was on the air until 1968 but by then I already had two children and a television set of our own and mainly listened to the radio in the car. A singer on the program who had a great voice was Johnny Desmond and I remember him singing and seeing my mother swoon. A character actress was Aunt Fanny who was played by Fran Allison who I mentioned in another article as the real person of the trio of Kukla, Fran and Ollie. The resident female singer of the show was Patsy Lee and there were even people who sang commercials for Swift & Company, Philco products and Jell-O.

There are many poems in this book with categories named: Memories of Love and Friendship, Memories that Inspire, Memories of Faith and Reverence, Memories of Home and Mother, Memories of Childhood and Youth, Memories that Amuse, Memories of War and Grief and Golden Memories all by various authors. After reading through this fragile book, I chose a poem by Don McNeill himself and a letter authored by him to his new president.

Ode To Baby’s First Tooth!

A baby learns breathing, but not so with teething.
There’s yelling and din, till that first tooth comes in;

We knew it would come, some day to his gum,
But one goes temperamental, when babies go dental.

In go both tiny fists, clear up to the wrist
While in time they grow bolder, and snap at the shoulder.

You give up in despair, ’cause you can’t figure where
In the gum is abiding, that tooth he’s been hiding.

Till one sunny day, you look in and, why say
Something tiny and whilte, has appeared in the night.

Where there once was a hole — thar, there now is a molar
Not like your toothe or my tooth — it isn’t an eye tooth.

Though the gum still is thick, you can now hear the click
Of his crescent pearl moon, to the touch of a spoon.

Like a ringside frequenter, there it sits front row center
Go on yell, go on cheer, boy that first tooth is here.

And a beautiful letter to President Harry S. Truman four days after he became president upon the death of Franklin Roosevelt.

Dear Mr. President

At first, I thought it presumptuous of me, an ordinary citizen, who admits he knows very little about government affairs, to be writing you — but Mr. Truman, what I’m about to say I think may echo the thoughts of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Breakfast Clubbers who, too, are what is so often known as “John Public”. Primarily, we want you to know that you have our wholehearted and loyal support and Mr. President, there is no more loyal group in the world than the Breakfast Clubbers. Picking up the banner where your fallen Chief dropped it, we know you can carry it to the glorious heights of true victory and a lasting peace, only with us behind you.

Now, I think there are very few of us who don’t give our opinion on world matters at the drop of a hat, but I’m sure that every one of us who does, knows that he parrots the opinion of others he had heard, or whose works he has read, and that only a handful of men really understand your complex problems with all their ramifications. Among us you will find an exemplification of the Americans you’re working for. Factory workers, GI’s, housewives, executives, kids — every type that goes to make for American greatness. You’ll find us united as never before. You’ll find us expecting you to make some mistakes as every human does, but I hope you’ll find us as understanding and tolerant of you, as I have every hope to believe you will be of us. We’re from every section of the country, Mr. Truman. We have over a million charter members and hundreds of thousands more regular members of our Club. We are all races, colors and creeds, but we are neighbors.

It’s peculiar how downright similar our basic tastes in things really are. We all like good music, good fun, good common sense. We have a deep sense of religion and responsibility toward our homes and government. We may stray from the path occasionally, but not for too long. And we’re going to pray that you and your advisors, and our elected representatives are guided by Divine Providence in the task ahead.

I’m sure you must know and feel this already, Mr. Truman, but you have just stepped into the center stage spotlight before the entire world, and as a guy who is fortunate enough to have the ears of a great and huge group of Americans every morning, I want you to know that when you “go on”, as we say in show business, never was an audience more with you and for you. When you were a kid in Missouri, Mr. Truman, it probably helped you a little to hear the gang yelling for you when you stepped up to the plate for your turn at bat. I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind knowing how the crowd feels as you come up now in the biggest World’s Series of all, with the bases loaded.

Sincerely yours,
Don McNeill
April 16, 1945

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3 Hot Hatchbacks that Offer Miles and Smiles Per Gallon

With the marriage of Fiat and Chrysler, 2010 brought us one of the most in demand, retro‐inspired, small cars to hit the states in quite some time, the Fiat 500.

However, apart from a J. Lo. commercial, sales haven’t really taken off like they have in the U.K. But if cute, and adorable aren’t quite your thing, there is now another option. Coming soon (hopefully) is another feisty Italian city-car headed straight for our shores (actually Chrysler dealers), the charismatic, passion filled and altogether more aggressive-ish, Alfa Romeo MiTo. This leaves the aging Mini Cooper no longer the only option for a sporty city runabout, or does it?

Sharing its genes with cars like the 159 and the 8c, Alfa Romeo’s supermodel of a super car, the new Alfa MiTo, despite being the baby of the Alfa range, certainly has those coveted European good looks. But behind that classic wedge shape grill, the Mito sports a 1.4‐liter or 1.8‐liter engine, not the billowing V8 you get in the 8c, but an economical four‐cylinder laden with enough, buzzy, high‐revving Italian

character that when added to those Alfa good looks, should be enough to make even a porn star blush.

The interior too abides by the Alfa philosophy, elegant leather seats as an option and a somewhat tacky, yet very interesting carbon fiber look dash; all help create a car of immense beauty. There is also the GTA version, a more powerful, firmer riding,performance model that harkens back to Alfas racing days. It comes complete with, what Alfa calls the “DNA,” traction control system. Dynamic mode that firms up the suspension and engine response for sporty driving, normal for everyday driving and all weather.

Where the Alfa comes off as a bit serious and mature, its stepsister, the 500, comesacross as playful and cute, a car that goes about its business with a foolish abandon. This is not to say the 500 is inferior to the MiTo in any way, rather, unlike the Alfa,it’s not afraid to leave the garage with mismatched socks, suspenders and a funny hat.

The 500 is unintimidating, unpretentious, it shouldn’t be listed as a car at all, but instead as a 1.4‐liter, 94‐horsepower, smile generator. Push the gas down and watch your smile grow. Unlike the MiTo, the 500 has an option list that dwarfs even the new healthcare bill. With so many options, you can build a car that fits your tastes exactly. Even If you’re the type of person who thinks 94‐horsepower is better suited to gardening equipment than a car, you’re in luck. Abarth, Fiat’s in‐house tuning company, make a version that has all the original charm of the 500 but with a bad side; think a turbocharged, 134‐horsepower hamster…with fangs. And even if you’re like me, insane, there is a version for us too. It’s called the 500 Abarth SS and with 160 horses under the hood, it’s like giving that hamster growth hormone and a rocket launcher…it’s absolute automotive lunacy, and it’s brilliant.

There is one downside to the 500 however. The little Fiat has been such a runaway success in the UK that it has spawned waiting lists and price premiums. So if this is the car you’re after, you my want to camp out in front of the nearest Chrysler dealer (both Fiat and Alfa will be sold through Chrysler dealers) and put your name down before the feeding frenzy begins.

Lets say you’re the type of person who finds the Alfa a bit too serious and the Fiat too childish; you still have one option. With a base price of $18,000 and nearly everything as an optional extra, the Mini is by far the most expensive of the three.

And if like a sirens call, you find yourself drawn to the options list, be forewarned, with an open checkbook, you can easily build a Mini that approaches $40K with more gadgets than a Japanese lavatory. Keep your checkbook in the hands of someone sensible however, and what you’re left with is a brilliant handling, well made, economical, exciting, and rather handsome car that started it all.

The Mini is the only car here that has a true racing heritage, and it shows. Its suspension is firm but more sorted than the MiTo and the Fiat, it avoids crashing over large bumps and bouncing about. The basic Cooper model has 118 horsepower while the turbocharged Cooper S has 172 horsepower, more than enough to keep the average driver entertained. For the aggressive driver there is even a tuned version like the Fiat 500 Abarth SS and the Alfa GTA, it’s called the John Cooper Works, with over 200‐horsepower and a top speed approaching 150, it’s seriously quick. Yes. The Mini, even the base model, is likely more expensive than either the MiTo or the 500 (prices still have to be set for U.S. versions of the 500 and MiTo).

But on the other hand, Mini is made by parent company BMW, known for superb quality.

So whatever car you choose, the gorgeous, purebred, passionate Alfa; the adorable, carefree, almost manic 500; or the wise, tried and true, plucky Brit, the Mini, there’s a, small, cheep, fun car for you.

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A Guide to Acne Nodule Treatments

Acne is a term used for plugged pores. Some of the common forms of acne are the blackheads, white heads, pimples, even deeper lumps, cysts or nodules. A nodule is a solid, dome shaped or irregularly shaped lesion. Normally, it shows signs of inflammation, and it left unattended it spreads deeper into the skin destroying skin tissues and causing severe pain and scarring. A nodule may not respond to therapy. So, the acne nodule treatment has to be done under the guidance of a registered dermatologist. These dermatologists take into account, the factors like the age of the patient, lifestyle, skin type and the motivation, the types of lesion present, severity of the acne.

Normally for some human beings from sweet sixteen to fifty, acne appears naturally. Acne nodules treatment can be done to get rid of the nodules. One has to take some important precautions like sleep on a clean pillow cover, use clean towel or face tissues, keep your face clean by washing your face two to three times a day. Be sure you will pull your hair away; when you are sleeping otherwise it irritates the skin and causes acne. Never go to bed with make up. Do not pick or pop or squeeze the whiteheads or blackheads, it causes infection and creates a deeper scar and leads to acne.

Drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day will prevent you from getting a lot of acne, as it detoxifies your body. Exercising regularly is also a good control over acne because it reduces the stress and increases the oxygen penetration to the skin. These are easy ways of acne nodules treatment at home level.

There are many skin care products, which do help in reducing your acne. Consult the beautician or the skin care specialist before starting any product. Otherwise, it may lead to side effects.

Oral treatment another method of acne nodules treatment, in which drugs is given for a period of four to five months. This drug should be taken twice a day. These drugs are given for clearing up the acne for ever and it will reduce the size of the oil producing gland. Pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant should not try this oral treatment. Care to be taken when one is taking oral drugs as it may create depression or suicidal tendencies. Sometimes, injections are also given to reduce the inflammations.

There are certain foods which help to prevent acne in the internal level; they are water melon, berries, walnuts, olive oil, green tea, lemon juice, yogurt, low fat dairy products and water.

Once the nodules are controlled by the acne nodules treatment, the patients can go for scarring treatment. Slowly, some of the scars will vanish and one feels happy and fresh and skin looks supple and better.

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Affordability of Florida's Colleges

In Florida, college tuition is a hot topic. Governor Rick Scott is publicly criticizing laws from 2007 and 2009, which allow state colleges to increase tuition by up to 15 percent each year. Additionally, universities may request up to another 15 percent tuition increase so long as their tuition remains under the national average for public four-year colleges.

Governor Rick Scott objects to the 2007 and 2009, enacted by the prior governor, Charlie Crist, on the basis that the laws are increasingly making higher education unaffordable and inaccessible to middle- and low-income families. However, it appears that Florida’s in-state four-year college tuition is one of the lowest in the nation.

A common belief is that Governor Rick Scott is only making college tuition a priority due to the upcoming election for Governor at the end of this year. After all, if Florida’s in-state tuition is one of the lowest in the nation and there are already measures in place to prevent large hikes in tuition, is post-secondary education really that unaffordable?

Given that tuition of Florida’s colleges are some of the lowest in the nation, it may be more constructive for Florida’s Department of Education to focus on finding new ways to fund Bright Futures, Florida’s state funded scholarship program, rather than inhibit tuition hikes. As it is, Bright Futures is annually decreasing their award amounts while annually increasing the criteria to qualify for the scholarship. When I was a senior in high school, I was awarded 100 percent tuition for my first two years of any in-state college and 75 percent for my second two years of any in-state college. By the time I completed the first two year, Bright Futures had paid only 75 percent of my tuition and for the final two years, Bright Futures only paid 50 percent, but only after I jumped through new hurdles and met new deadlines for filing out FAFSA which had absolutely no bearing on my ability to receive the scholarship.

In summary, inflation will continue over the years and colleges need the ability to adjust their tuition rates appropriately to maintain competitive tuition costs. If Governor Rick Scott and Florida’s Department of Education are concerned with the accessibility and affordability of college, it may be best if they shift their focus to offering reliable scholarship programs rather than penalizing schools.

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An Understanding Way

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered. (1 Peter 3:7)

A while back we worked our way through the Fireproof curriculum in our Wednesday evening meeting at Cottonwood Community Church and one of the Scripture passages referenced in the weekly assignment is 1 Peter 3:7. The verse is well known to most Christian couples but unfortunately it is often misunderstood.

The Greek word translated as “understanding” in this verse is gnosis which means “knowledge, knowing or general intelligence.” Thus, the Apostle is not instructing men to be considerate of their wives as some would have us to believe (although considerate behavior is incumbent upon husbands in light of Philippians 2:2-5 and etc.). Rather, Peter is commanding men to learn about their wives, to really investigate who they are and to respect their uniqueness as a woman.

One of the things I have found over the years is that most men do not really know or cherish their wives as they ought. They do not take time to comprehend the intricate inner workings of the female mind they are in covenant with. Often, men are more interested in investigating the fuel injection system in their car or the capabilities of their desktop computer than discovering the marvelous mind of their mate.

Part of the problem is men are wired in such a way that before they will become deeply engaged in any project they need to be convinced the rate of return will be adequate to compensate for their time. Occasionally the return on effort is monetary, sometimes it is ideological and sometimes a feeling of accomplishment is considered a satisfactory return. This is the way God made men and it is useful as they fulfill their duty to provide for their families. It should also be valuable in impelling a man to become deeply acquainted with his wife.

When a man makes it his aim to understand the manner in which his wife views this world he will be rewarded in a number of ways. In the first place he will have the joy of discovering the exotic nature of the lovely creature he shares a home with. He will begin to understand how she is designed to complete him and that he is stronger with her than without her. Moreover, he will value her because of the ways she is different than him rather than deride her for her dissimilarity and weakness.

He will also learn she must be protected physically and emotionally. He will recognize it is a privilege to have the responsibility of leadership over one so extraordinary. If he is truly a student of womanly emotion and intellect he will learn that daily, thoughtful, tender interaction with his wife will enable her to blossom. As a result his life will be filled with a wonder far surpassing anything offered by other pursuits.

If a man fails to make progress in his responsibilities as a husband, he can expect his spiritual life to suffer. The text in 1 Peter 3:7 literally says his prayers will be “cut off.” Certainly this takes into account the loss of fellowship in prayer between a man and his wife if he is mistreating her. Yet it must be understood to warn against the breach of fellowship between a man and God Himself. A man’s prayers can be stymied when he prays selfishly (James 4:3): they can be cut off if he is not in harmony with his wife.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

7 Simple Ways to Help At-Risk Children and Teens

The United States is turning a new leaf in its history, as more children and teens are left to raise themselves because of families ripped apart because of divorce, finances, teen pregnancy, and the stresses of parent’s holding multiple jobs.

Whether you are a retiree, a college student, a busy parent, a business owner, or a blue collar worker, you know a teen or child who needs someone to guide them and help them make right choices in life. Inner city children, children in single parent households, and children living in poverty all are at high risk of repeating the life cycle of poverty.

You may not have a lot of free time or resources at your disposal, but these simple actions can positively change a young child or teen forever.

1) Read a book to a child regularly.

The longing to read starts young, and studies have shown that regularly reading to children will encourage children to want to read. Take the time to teach a child to read. A large percentage of inmates and the unemployed never learned how to read and write, making them unemployable and susceptible to crime.

2) Employ a teen.

Whether its $10 for shoveling snow or a part time job at your business, teen employment teaches a teen about responsibility, earning money, the important of a good work ethic, and reduces the amount of free time they have to get into trouble.

3) Invite other children to your family outings.

Maybe you have noticed that your son’s best teen friend often goes home to an empty house. Offer to include him in your next family outing, with the permission of his parent. You can even open your home up regularly for dinner on nights that his parent is working late. My own husband was practically adopted by a friend’s family, and the positive influence helped him make the right decisions in life.

4) Give a short teen workshop on money management to teens.

If you are financially successful, giving a teen workshop on money manager at your local community center or church will make a larger life-changing impact than a Christmas toy donation. You can arrange the meeting locally, and teach teens about savings accounts, having a strong work ethic, proper use of credit, etc.

5) Volunteer for career day at a local school.

Sometimes all a child needs is a role model that shows them that any career path is possible. Many teens believe that they will be the next NBA or NFL star athlete, but do not realize that the chances of success are slim. Instead, they need professionals in their community to talk to them about how to become successful at other professions, like teaching, medicine, sales, law, technology, business, and a host of other jobs.

6) Mentor and tutor a teen.

Teens need to know the importance of keeping their grades up in school, having integrity, having faith and hope, going to college, and learning the rites of passage necessary for a successful adulthood. Many teens have already fallen into the pits of drug dependancy, gangs, sexual promiscuity, theft, or even violence. Take the time to make a difference in a struggling teen’s life. You may be the only positive role model left.

7) Be a guardian angel.

Maybe you are a shut-in, busy with five children of your own, work 60 hours a week, or have an illness that prevents you from mentoring a child. Random acts of kindness may be the only way that you can make a difference in someone’s life. You can make dinner for the struggling single parent next door, offer to have the neighborhood children over for dinner once a month, donate a much-needed item to a needy family, or volunteer an hour a week for tutoring.

In an ideal universe, both mother and father would be able to raise up their child to become a productive citizen. With the country’s finances in ruin, unemployment on the rise, and more families finding themselves homeless and in poverty, the lost generation of teens and children is growing larger. Make a difference in a child or teen ‘s life today, and change one life for the better.

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A Little Easter Poem

One bunny, two bunny,
three bunny, four….
candies and goodies
and giggles galore !

Easter is festive
and Easter is fun,
especially when shared
with a special someone…..

and that is you. Happy Easter.

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8 Simple Rules to Help You Shine in a Job Interview

Job Interview Rule 1: Dress Professionally

Dress to Impress! Clichéd maybe, but it is 100 percent accurate. Men should wear slacks, a long sleeve dress shirt, tie, dress shoes and a belt regardless of what job you are applying for. Women should dress professionally as well, avoiding looking too casual or provocative. Showing up to an interview in shorts and flip flops is a sure fire way to be immediately forgotten.

Job Interview Rule 2: Be on time

There is nothing worse for a busy hiring manager than an applicant who doesn’t show up for the interview on time. Try to get there early. This shows that you are serious about the job. Keep in mind that you are probably not the only person we have scheduled for that day.

Job Interview Rule 3: Turn Off the Cell Phone

A cell phone going off during an interview signals a lack of respect. If you actually answer that call, somebody had better be dead or dying. I will end an interview on the spot if a person answers their cell phone. If you are expecting an important call, give the interviewer a heads up before you begin. We will understand if your wife is about to deliver a baby…

Job Interview Rule 4: Look them in the Eye

Looking someone in the eye is a show of respect. It also indicates that you are open and honest. Looking away frequently or not looking at the person interviewing you makes us think that you can’t be trusted or are hiding something. If you have a hard time looking someone in the eye, look at their forehead instead. They won’t know the difference.

Job Interview Rule 5: Speak English

Leave the slang at home and try to speak in coherent sentences. When interviewing for a job, it is assumed that you will be representing the company to the outside world in one fashion or another. We as interviewers, want you to project a professional image of our company to others should you be hired.

Job Interview Rule 6: Be Polite

Always use, “Sir,” and “Ma’am,” “Please” and “Thank You.” Being polite shows respect and will immediately put you in a good light. It also demonstrates that you can conduct yourself in a professional manner under stress. Job interviews are stressful after all.

Job Interview Rule 7: Smile

Show us those pearly whites! Try to be as warm and as friendly as possible without telling us your entire life story. Even if you are nervous, just making an effort to smile can go a long way. If you can establish a rapport with the interviewer you are more likely to land that perfect job. Think of your paycheck… that should make you smile.

Job Interview Rule 8: Be Confident

Do your very best to appear confident and secure in your abilities to do the job you are interviewing for. A word of caution here, don’t be over-confident. It’s generally not a good idea to assume that you have the job until it is offered to you.

Remember that most hiring managers are looking for reasons not to hire someone; don’t give them any. Follow these 8 simple rules and you too will shine in a job interview.

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Absinthe Bars in Paris

Since the 1800s, the popularity of absinthe throughout Paris was unquestioned, and the absinthe bars in Paris are devoted to furthering understanding of the history as well as the reality of the potent beverage. It is one of the joys of exploring Paris in today’s world. Finding these specialty bars can be a chore if you don’t know where to look, but the reward of the search is certainly well worth it.

One of the most popular absinthe bars in Paris has to be Vert d’Absinthe located at 11 rue d’Ormesson in Paris. There are always a minimum of 25 different varieties of the “green fairy” available, and they will take the time to show you how to drink the beverage properly according to the French tradition. You don’t just pour the liquid into a glass and drink it. Rather, the liquid is poured into the glass followed by a dousing of water that is run directly over a sugar cube. The pouring of water is done in a timely manner to ensure it hits the absinthe before the cloudiness of the drink appears. The French call this method of drinking absinthe “louching” the drink.

If you want the historical lessons, a chance to grab a taste test, and a fun time exploring the depths and mysteries that surround this high proof sipper then you should consider visiting the quiet but fun pub inside The Hotel Royal Fromentin located at 11 rue Fromentin in Paris.

For a great little stop just a few minutes outside of Paris city limits, a stop at the Musee de L’Absinthe for a true devotion to the drink. The translation in English is the Absinthe Museum so be prepared for viewing all kinds of interesting artifacts and presentations. Here, you can also find all the information you could ever want regarding which bars are currently ranked the best and why. It’s a great place to stop and get involved in the significance of the drink in the production of some of France’s artistic creations.

The continuing interest and even reverence to absinthe is contributing to the development of more bars and pubs throughout Paris and even around the world. For your own special tour, you can find that the French know their absinthe and they know exactly what makes it so special.

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A Tribute to Chubby Girls

I adore voluptuous women. Like many guys I know, I would much rather date a women with curves than a woman who is skinny. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the most obvious reason is because I am a man who loves to eat, and there is nothing worse than taking a woman out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and watching her eat a bowl of lettuce and drink a glass a water. I could share the same experience with a pet rabbit. And unlike a woman, the rabbit would be content with water from the tap, instead of a 7.00 bottle of water imported from France.

The other reason has less to do with practicality and gastronomical compatibility, and more to do with aesthetic appeal. For as long as I can remember, I have always been turned off by the sight of bones protruding through skin. As a young boy, neighborhood kids would attempt to gross me out by lifting their shirts and sucking in their stomachs, exposing their ribs. They knew how much I hated this, which of course, is why they did it. But even to this day, I cringe a little bit whenever I can see the protrusion of bones.

Some men may have a fetish for exceptionally large women, but there is definitely a limit to my affection. I am not attracted to the type of large woman likely to be found on the cover of a novelty greeting card. A woman’s stomach should not resemble the face of a shar pei dog, abounding in rolls and wrinkles (or fur, for that matter). At the same time, a woman should not resemble a skeleton. Neither look is healthy.

To me, the perfect woman would have the curves and the softness of a 1940s era pinup girl. She would be soft to the touch, and have the graceful curves of an exotic sports car. She should not have the body of a twelve year old boy. The perfect woman would straddle the fine line between having a healthy appetite and being a pig; in other words, she should be able to give me a run for my money at the local all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, yet still be able to shop for clothes at regular clothing stores rather than “Betty’s House of Fashion For The Pleasantly Plump”.

If you are a curvy woman engaged in a desperate attempt to look like a runway model, my advice is this: Stop wasting your time! Love your body, and embrace your voluptuousness! Sure, you may never make the cover of a fashion magazine, but you will never cease to turn the heads of guys like me.

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Adiposity - Localized Fat Such as Bacon, Culottes and Love Handles

The localized fat has some characteristics:
– varies according to sex
– varies according to age
– varies according to the percentage of body fat
– varies according to your genes
– varies depending on the amount of physical activity
– has a greater sensitivity to certain hormones

Localized fat and sex

The areas most frequently affected by phenomena of localized fat deposits vary between the sexes. Men usually show the so-called “android or apple-type obesity” (fat mass concentrated in the face, neck, shoulders and especially in the abdomen above the navel) which is associated, among other things, at higher high blood glucose, triglycerides and blood pressure. In females prevails gynoid obesity or pear type (body fat concentrated in the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen below the navel).

Adiposity localized and age

Although more and more frequent episodes of adiposity among young people, this phenomenon occurs more frequently above 40 years of age. Physiological changes as a major drop in estrogen in women and testosterone in males, associated with increased insulin resistance, tend to favor the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body.

Localized fat and body fat percentage

Usually, even if they are rare exceptions, local fat is typical of people with a body fat percentage and high average but is less common in thin patients.

Localized fat and Genetics

Although heredity plays a very important role, many people tend to turn it into a real ready excuse to justify the failure to achieve its objectives. Genetic predisposition and susceptibility to circulatory disorders while being heavily involved in the distribution of body fat, can at least be kept under control with a balanced diet and regular physical activity program

Localized fat and physical activity

Usually localized fat affects sedentary individuals, on the contrary those who practice a regular exercise tends to have a more even distribution of body fat (adiposity generalized).

Adiposity and hormones

The localized fat is influenced by plasma levels of various hormones. For example, a low testosterone level associated with a high level of cortisol tends to favor abdominal adiposity High levels of estrogen are associated with an increase in triceps skinfold, thigh and buttocks localized fat, analyse the possible solutions. Given that the best weapon is prevention, given the seriousness of the problem need to implement targeted solutions and decided. It is therefore important to all the possible variables that we analyzed, the lifestyle food up to the regular practice of physical activity.

Effective solutions

Creams and abdominal bands: hyperthermia promotes circulation by increasing blood flow in the area of “”¹””¹interest, which is why such products can in some way facilitate the disposal of excess fatty tissue. Drainage products help eliminate toxic substances, eliminating toxins and excess fluids. And ‘now well established as the excessive intake of food toxins, combined with prolonged exposure to other pollutants in the air, favors the accumulation of fat. Minimize the intake of toxic substances, and facilitate their elimination means laying the groundwork for promoting the mechanisms of detoxification and detoxification. Massages can also exert a positive role in stimulating the circulation of the area affected by localized fat deposits and increasing the sense of general well-being.

The weight training is not the most appropriate activities to promote weight loss because it involves a calorie restricted. However, muscle exercises stimulate the secretion of certain hormones that can promote and accelerate the disposal of excess body fat. For this reason, you insert some general toning exercise in your workout program. As we have seen there is no single solution to overcome the localized fat is necessary to eliminate the causes that led to its formation. Below are some effective strategies to combat this phenomenon:

Food strategies

In this article you can find a set of rules that must always consider both to facilitate weight loss, both for a better life than one’s own body. Before undertaking a new diet to ask a doctor specialized to make sure that there are no contraindications. Limit your intake of sugary drinks and sodas (Fanta, Coke and the like). Limit alcohol consumption. Limit your daily intake of saturated fats (butter, fatty meats, fatty meats, cheese, fats) and trans fats (margarine, peanut butter).

Strategies for training

This article contains a description of the method of training “circuit training” which according to some studies could lead to localized fat loss. I talked to lose the extra pounds especially in the thighs and buttocks, because some studies have shown that a similar exercise program can promote weight loss localized. This topic is quite controversial and lined one side sees the so-called fitness guru experimental and other doctors of the international scientific community, who do not yet accept the definition of “localized slimming.”


The article contains information that comes from my experience and my tests.

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A Tribute to the Boston Marathon Bombing Event

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, I wrote this poem to pay my respect and to reflect on where we are as a human race. Please share to spread the peaceful message.

What would it be like if for one day
Peace won the war
In every nation, every corner of the world
No gunshots, no explosions
No grief-stricken mothers, no blood and tears spilled in the streets
The same streets where peace once lived
Where lovers met, and children in their mother’s hand strolled
Carefree, filled with wonder at the sights and sounds of the world

What would that be like
For the human race to live as neighbors
Brothers and sisters
Without a trace of fear
And silence broken not by the sounds of pain and sorrow
But by the joy of laughter, merriment, and jubilation
No more fighting, no more battles
Not another child fatherless or motherless
Dreaming of revenge and bloodshed

Could it ever happen
That peace could find her way to every soul on earth
And with open arms
Wrap herself like a blanket around his tired heart
And make it beat again
Like the drums in a parade
With people chanting in tearful excitement
“Peace won! Peace won!”
Their arms around each other
For peace has won

Can you imagine that
I can
I know that I’m a dreamer
And I know I’m not the only one

May peace, one day, find her way to all sentient beings on earth.

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An Unusual Love Story

Quite often you find yourself in the trauma of deciding whether it’s his Clooney-esque eye crinkles or the lopsided smile that is sexier. Just as when you are about to settle for his smile, you notice his salt n’ pepper hair. And that’s when you finally decide some things are better left undecided. But then there are days when he walks around with his hair and moustache so black, that you’d wonder if he reproduced the Pantone black in exact colour percentages. This happens only once in a while when his petite, younger looking pretty wife insists on coloring his hair. Speaking of his wife, she at times gets pissed off when the otherwise religious husband of hers, sits on the couch with his accounts book during the family prayer, trying to tally numbers. But most of the times, he makes her blush with his poor, innocent jokes or the way he takes credit for the delicious food prepared by her. And sometimes by helping her with the dishes. But it is when he happily spends a sunday at the general hospital with the security guard of their apartments, who met with an accident, she finds herself falling in love with him. All over again. Probably for the nth time.

Most likely to be seen running around, knocking on every apartment door, collecting funds for the family of the garbage man who passed away or for the security guard at the hospital, he sometimes goes to great lengths with the whole’ helping others thingy’. And no wonder, the residents, especially the stingy ones flee at the very sight of him, and for those who find it hard to make both ends meet, he’s a nightmare. Every single time the doorbell rings, their hearts pound and during month ends in a particularly faster pace and there are times when they won’t even open the door. Because if it’s him at the door it has to be for some monetary help and nobody, almost nobody can say no to him, seeing him striving to make things better, not for him, but for others, bringing Jesus Christ’s ‘Good Samaritan’ to life, by all means. And if at all someone appreciates him, he cringes and says ‘ these are the duties of the ‘General Secretary’ of the residents’ association’ . He might not have realized this, but all his life he’s been living for others. Back in 80’s too, when he was in the U.S., as seen in photographs, resembling Michael Caine a lot, a dorky yet sexier version of him, with thick glasses & yellowish brown shades, wavy hair and 12″ inch bellbottoms, he was the same. Not even when his 23 year old, nutty-fruity daughter complains “daddy gives everything to everyone” does he realize or is even aware of his truly selfless existence.

Not too often you come across people like him, who, despite a busy schedule, finds time to go on evening walks with his son, an annoyingly handsome 27 year old chap, discussing his career and love life, pausing in between to get a Coke from Bread World. And to ask his rebel, still goody-two-shoes daughter when she comes home late “in which part of the world were you today?” , pulling her legs, or even better to drop her wherever she wants in the morning on the way to work in his blue Maruti Omni while carefully driving in an uncomfortable silence.And to get chocolates for his 15 year old, tomboy, couldn’t-care-less daughter who accompanies him after work all the way from the gate till his door, carrying his briefcase. Once he’s home he just dumps his stuff, making the room messy, drapes a lungi and rushes to the kitchen. And starts making his signature ‘aval nanachathu’ aka brown rice flakes sweetened with jaggery & grated coconut or ‘dosa’. Neither the overt sweetness of ‘aval’ nor the hardness of ‘dosa’ stops anyone from having it, even his elder daughter who finds daddy’s dosas extremely hard. Partly because of hunger but mostly because she knows “daddy might feel bad if you tell him it’s hard” . And boy she’s so damn right, even at the slightest mention of the hardness of his dosas, he gets upset, that ever-present smile slowly fading from his face and you will be so fascinated to find at 55, this man can be so vulnerable, yet so irresistible.

Uhm, she… she likes to stay out of the picture and watch his life perfectly falling into place. Told you it’s an unusual love story.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Applying False Eyelashes: A Quick and Easy Guide

False eyelashes are becoming very popular in today’s beauty scene. We all wish for a long, perfectly curled and lusciously full eyelash fringe. Though some mascaras and eyelash curlers do an acceptable job of boosting lashes, most of us don’t quite get the results we’re looking for with them. That’s when we turn to false lashes. It used to be rare to see a person wearing false lashes. They were mainly reserved for models, super stars and prom night. The times have changed though. These days, ladies are wearing false eyelashes to enhance their every day look.

Applying false eyelashes is probably one of the most tricky make up related tasks. It requires patience, a lot of practice, and a relatively steady hand. Once you learn the ropes though, you will see it’s not really that hard. With a little trial and error you can learn to apply false eyelashes beautifully. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply false eyelashes and some tips to make it easier.

As I’ve already stated, in order to master the art of applying eyelashes, you must practice. If you’re lucky and gifted you might get the hang of it right away. If you’re anything like I was, you are probably going to ruin a few pairs of eyelashes before you get the technique down. For a beginner, I recommend buying a bunch of very cheap eyelashes to practice with. Look for clearance sales, or cheaper drug store brands and stock up. You don’t want to mess up an expensive pair of eyelashes on your first application.

The first thing you should do is get your materials together. You will need your eyelashes, a bottle of eyelash glue, some eye liner, your favorite mascara, a mirror, a pair of small scissors and a pair of tweezers. Sit as close to the mirror as possible so you can see yourself up close.

A common mistake many people make when applying false eyelashes is not trimming them. Eyelash strips are usually very long, to accommodate larger eyes. You want to make sure your eyelashes fit properly before applying them. This will help you to avoid the saggy down turned eye look. To do this, line the lash strip up to your natural lash line. The inner corner of the lashes should start where your natural lashes start. The strip should end just a hair before the end of your natural lash line. If the lash strip is too long for your eye, trim it at the outer corner until it’s the right size. Do this for both eyelash strips.

After you’ve trimmed your lashes, it’s time to apply them. Some people like to apply eye liner before their eyelashes but I prefer to apply false lashes on a bare eye. In my experience the glue dries better and the lashes hold stronger this way. You can try both ways if you’d like, and see what works best for you. I do, however, add a single coat of mascara to my lashes before starting. This will help them blend into your false eyelashes better.

Using your tweezers, pick up your eyelash strip in the very center of the eyelash. Hold your glue bottle against the edge of the strip and squeeze lightly until a small bead of glue comes out. Drag the glue down the strip while squeezing out small beads along the length. You only need a thin layer of glue. Too much glue can ruin your eye look so be careful. Hold the lashes for about 30 seconds while the glue dries a little. Do not apply your eyelashes right away. The glue needs time to become tacky.

When your ready to apply, get close to the mirror and line the false lashes up with your natural lash line and drop it lightly into place. If the line is off, use your tweezers to gently press the lashes into the right spot, until they are flush with your natural lash line. Once they are on straight, wait another minute for the glue to dry completely. I usually move on and do my other eye while I am waiting. Next, use your fingers to fluff your lashes from underneath. Press them lightly up into the false lashes until your natural eyelashes are nicely blended with the falsies.

When both eyes are done and dry you can go ahead and apply your eye make up as usual. You do not need to apply more mascara unless you feel you need a more dramatic look. Keep these tips in mind and keep on practicing. Don’t give up and you will eventually be applying false eyelashes like a pro.

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All About Craigslist

With the internet, all things are possible it seems. There is a great website called Craigslist, that allows users to post wanted ads, needed ads, personal ads and job posts. But, the best part of the website is that even though they do let you post and respond to ads, it is free to do so. There are never any fees involved in using the website. If you have a television that you want to sell for $500, you simply put that in your ad. There are no fees associated for the seller or the buyer.

You can go to and enter in an area that is closest to you. You can search for items in any state or city that you wish. From there, simply search the postings to see if there is anything that you need or create an account to post an ad for others to view. A search bar is available on the left hand side of the page. Type in what you are looking for and see what your area has to offer! Most of the posts have email addresses linked to them. Click on the poster’s ID in the post and you can email them directly for more information about their post.

Not only can people search and post ads for merchandise, there are personal ads for dating and relationships, volunteer ads, posted events and a huge job database. Of course, you should always make sure that any job listing is legitimate before you accept the offer and you should never have to pay for work. Do not post anything that is illegal or it will be flagged.

The merchandise that you can purchase or sell is endless! Baby and kid items, boats, cars, antiques, furniture, appliances, sporting goods, crafts, etc. You can also advertise your business or service on there as well.

As with anything done online, you should always keep safety in mind first. If possible, choose a convenient place to meet the seller or buyer to ensure the safety of both parties involved. If you must go to the person’s home to look at or buy the item, have a friend of family member go with you if possible. If you are selling an item, remember that unfortunately, not everyone is honest. Request that the buyer bring cash with them so that you dont risk receiving a bad check or money order.

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A Basic History of the New York Mets Baseball Team

The New York Mets are a professional baseball team that plays in Major League Baseball. The Mets play in the East Division of the National League.

The franchise was founded in 1962 when the Mets began playing their home games at the Polo Grounds. After the 1963 season, the Mets moved to their current location, Shea Stadium.

In the franchise history of the New York Mets, the team has won five NL East Division titles. They won the NL East in 1969, 1973, 1986, 1988, and 2006. The Mets also made it into the playoffs twice by winning the wildcard berth back-to-back in 1999 and 2000.

The New York Mets have gone on to win the National League Championship on four different occasions in 1969, 1973, 1986, and 2000, earning themselves trips to the World Series.

The Mets went on to win two of the World Series they played in, taking home the World Series Championship in 1969 and 1986.

Only one player in the National Baseball Hall of Fame has ever been inducted as a New York Met, Tom Seaver. Seaver was a pitcher for the Mets from 1967-1977 and in 1983. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1992.

Eight other former New York Mets players are currently enshrined in the Hall of Fame, although they were inducted on other teams. Those players are Richie Ashburn, Yogi Berra, Gary Carter, Willie Mays, Eddie Murray, Nolan Ryan, Duke Snider, and Warren Spahn. Former manager of the Mets, Casey Stengel, is also in the Hall of Fame.

Carter asked the Hall of Fame that he be inducted as a Met and an Expo. When this was turned down, he asked to be inducted as a Met, but the Hall of Fame refused. Carter was inducted as a part of the Montreal Expos.

Three former members of the New York Mets have had their numbers retired by the Mets: Casey Stengel – 37, Gil Hodges – 14, and Tom Seaver – 41. Stengel was the manager of the Mets from 1962-1965. Hodges played on the Mets from 1962-1963 and then was the manager from 1968-1971. The number 42 is also retired by the Mets, as it is across baseball, in honor of Jackie Robinson.

The New York Mets are currently owned by Fred Wilpon. Willie Randolph is the manager, and Omar Minaya is the general manager.

The official colors of the New York Mets are black, blue, and orange. Their mascot is a human with a baseball head named Mr. Met.

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6 Reasons Your Car Insurance May Not Be Worth the Money

While having auto insurance may be mandatory before you can legally drive a car, the options available for types of insurance and how much to buy can be daunting. Added on to this can be whether or not you have a loan on the car. You also must consider how much risk that you can afford to take if you have a claim made against you.

The first choice has to do with whether you should buy collision insurance.

If the car has a loan against it, you probably do not get to vote on the option of buying collision insurance. Your lender will require it. The question then becomes a matter of how much deductible that you will carry. The age of the car has little to do with this decision. You must try to purchase insurance that will get close enough to retiring the debt on the vehicle so that you can afford to pay the rest.

Lower deductibles are worth it if you must have a car.

If you live in a city near public transportation, having a personal car may be considered a luxury. Without a car, you would still be able to get to and from work and take care of most personal business with minimal trouble. You can carry a high deductible because if you lose your car, you will still be able to live in an acceptable manner.

The difference in cost between a low and high deductible is often not as much as you might think.

However, if you live in a rural area and must have the car for commuting purposes, you may not be able to continue to support yourself and your family if you are without a car. In this case, you should keep the deductible as low as your budget will allow. This will increase your chances of being able to repair or replace the car in the event of a significant accident. Buying collision insurance with a low deductible may cost you less than $100 more per year.

Most people can live without road hazard and towing insurance.

Whether this policy is attached to your car insurance, a travel company policy, or your cell phone, it rarely pays for itself. Unless you drive really terrible cars, it is unlikely that you will need to be towed more than once every four or five years. Most of the policies will cost you $40 to $100 per year.

This means that you will be paying about $200 for each free tow job. These tow jobs seldom cost more than $100. If it does, your coverage will more than likely have a $75 or $100 maximum benefit per occurrence. Other needs like a flat repair or jump start happen even less often. The odds are that you will pay a lot more over time for insurance than you would pay for the services without insurance.

Comprehensive coverage is almost always worth the money.

Comprehensive insurance covers all of those things that are not considered collision that can happen to your car. The broken glass from a rock, hail damage, theft, and vandalism are a few of the areas that comprehensive auto insurance covers. Most people who drive more than 10,000 miles per year will almost always recover the cost of this insurance in the long run. The cost is about $150 per year and a couple of windshield repairs will cover this.

You have to have liability insurance to drive.

The amount of liability insurance is up for debate. Any auto liability coverage will repair the other vehicle if you are at fault. The problem comes when you start to deal with property and medical costs resulting from the accident. Because most people have few enough at-fault accidents that liability insurance is rarely used, it is normally best to keep the cost on this coverage as low as possible.

Granted if you are the unlucky one who has to use it, the maximum liability limits may be more comforting. However, when weighing cost of insurance against the benefits, it seems unlikely for any particular individual to need the extremely high limits. You have other legal options if lawsuits saddle you with a prohibitive debt. There is a good chance that even gigantic liability limits will keep you out of bankruptcy court in that case.

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A Review of the Book The Digital Photography by Scott Kelby

When I started to read ‘The Digital Photography Book’ I was kind of skeptical because when I scanned through it before reading it I saw lots of photos of photographers using professional (read; Expensive) equipment. So my first thought was “Great I spent $19.99 on this book to tell me the way to get professional looking pictures is with Professional equipment.” That couldn’t have been further from the truth. He is very candid and writes in Layman’s terms and doesn’t get all super technical. He writes as if you ran into him on the street and recognized him as a photographer and said “Hey what’s the best way to get this type of shot” now remember you just ran into him on the street so he is wholly unsure of your abilities as a photographer so he doesn’t want you to walk away thinking “What a jerk he had to talk so far over my head and now I still didn’t get my question answered.” To avoid that, he answers the question simply, straight forward non-technically and to the point. Now I won’t kid you he does suggest several accessories throughout the book, however he puts the accessories into three distinct categories. 1) a Budget purchase (an item that will accomplish the job and drain the kids college fund 2) Willing to fork over a few Extra $ to have better than average equipment and 3) No Holds Barred spender. Now these are not the actual terms he uses to describe each category, these just generalize the three categories, I don’t like to quote from other people’s books, especially if they’re still alive ( They get kinda touchy if you screw up the quote, understandably so. I know I would)

Mr. Kelby is very down to earth and even displays a little bit of a sense of humor, albeit kind of lame. (Sorry Scott, gotta call ’em how I see ’em) He definitely knows his stuff and shows it. He doesn’t have to B.S. you with all the technical terms to make you think he knows tons about the subject matter he just proves it. I came away with a great respect for Mr. Kelby and his work. He goes so far at times as to make suggestions to use readily available household items in place of sometimes expensive, yet necessary equipment. He offers step by step direction on how to get ‘The Shot.’

I walked away with a greater appreciation of the work that goes into getting ‘The Shot’ and digital photography in general. This book is a must have and should be required reading when purchasing a digital camera.

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A Basic Introduction to Chess

The biggest problem that the game of chess has is that people assume that it is difficult to learn. The reason for this is that often people confuse strategy and the rules, and not just the people who have not played. There is an assumption that you have to understand the strategy in order to play, but the truth is you can have a lot of fun playing the game without really understanding the strategy and once you have learned the moves you’ll begin to discover them.

The truth is that there are only six pieces that you have to learn to move. And most of them really only do one thing. In fact the most complicated for actually moving is the pawn with four different moves it can do and the ability but only one is actually complicated, while the remainder really each only do one thing.

While the pawn does have a few things it can do they are all reasonably simple. A pawn can normally only move one space forward. If it has not yet moved though it can then move two spaces forward. This allows for the possibility of its third move which is en passant, which allows it to kill another pawn if it moves past it on its first move, so long as only having moved once would have allowed that pawn to kill it. Finally pawns can attack diagonally.

The next piece is the rook or castle. These are on the outer edge of the row closest to you and can move any distance in a straight line. Next to them are the knights. Knights can move over other pieces and move in an L shape, going two squares in any direction and one in the other. Next are the bishops which can move diagonally. These are all the pieces you have two of each each can take pieces simply by moving onto their spot.

Finally you have the two single pieces. The queen is the most powerful piece able to move both straight and diagonally. She is next to the king.

The king is the key to the game. Capturing the king ends the game. This piece can move one square in any direction. In addition it has the ability to caste so long as there is a castle which has not moved, the king has not moved and all the squares between them are empty. This allows the king to move two squares towards that castle while the castle moves three squares towards where the king had been. No matter what though the king can not move into a position where the opponent can capture it.

If you understand these basic rules the strategy will come after a few games.

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A Review of the Original Shrek Movie

The original Shrek film was released to theaters on May 18, 2001 according to While DreamWorks surely knew they had a special movie in Shrek, it is doubtful that they realized the Shrek universe would stretch into May of 2010 and into a fourth movie, Shrek Forever After. Shrek Forever After is sure to strike the same box office gold the first three movies did and become yet another family favorite.

The Shrek franchise got off to a great start with the original Shrek movie which featured the voices of Mike Myers as Shrek, Cameron Diaz as Fiona, and Eddie Murphy as the ever funny Donkey. The casting of Mike Myers as Shrek was a brilliant moment after the film lost its original choice, Chris Farley, to an early death. Eddie Murphy brought his own unique comic timing and style to Donkey in a way that was every bit as magical as his Mushu the dragon in Mulan. Fortunately for fans, Donkey gets a lot of screen time! Cameron Diaz is an effortless princess and has the naturally fun spirit to be simultaneously beautiful and ogre-like at the same time! With such a great cast, the plot of Shrek seems like it would be a winner no matter the actual story, but the story delivered heavily.

The movie’s title character, Shrek, lives in a swamp where he is perfectly free to live a disgusting ogre “centric” life. Unfortunately, shortly after the film opens, progress interrupts his non-blissful existence as numerous fairy tale characters begin showing up at his home and all throughout his swamp. It doesn’t take long for Shrek to find out all of these people are being forced into the swamp by the diminutive Lord Farquaad.

Not a man to easily give up his privacy, Shrek and a certain Donkey that has attached itself to him travel to meet Lord Farquaad in the hopes of striking a deal. In order to get his swamp back, Shrek agrees to help Lord Farquaad secure his throne by journeying to a dragon protected castle and bringing him back the Princess Fiona.

After Shrek accomplishes the goal of rescuing the princess, the audience soon finds out that the princess is a beautiful woman by day and a perfect match for Shrek, an ogre, by night. Fiona hides the fact that she is an ogre from Shrek despite the fact that they are developing feelings for each other. A classic misunderstanding occurs and Fiona is about to marry Farquaad when Shrek rescues her at the altar.

When Fiona and Shrek kiss, she is permanently converted to an ogre, a state she is supremely happy in. Donkey also gets a little loving and ends the movie with a swinging karaoke session!

The original Shrek is a great movie and a must watch before venturing out to take in Shrek Forever After.

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A Brief Review of the Various Available Body Building Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements consists of various substances including, metal replacement products, proteins and amino acids, prohormones, testosterone boosters and are taken by boy builders and sports persons to help building muscle or supplement fat loss. These bodybuilding supplements are also suitable for improving sports performance.

Metal Replacement Products: The metal replacement products are either available in powder form or in bar form. Powder form can be mixed with water, milk or juice and can be taken thereafter, however bars can be consumed straight away. Various manufacturers of metal replacement products claim to have added soy protein, egg albumin, whey protein or micellar casein as source of protein.

For replacement of carbohydrates ingredients derived from oat fiber, wheat flour or maltodextrin have been added. Some may contain essential fatty acids substitute and other mineral substitutes. Some other products such as glutamine peptide and additional amino acids are also added by some of the manufacturers.

These are made available for complete meal replacement and contains high amount of proteins, moderate amount of carbohydrates and also contains various vitamins and minerals.

Amino acids, Branched chain amino acids, glutamine and protein: Protein consumed by our body metabolizes into amino acids. The bodybuilders prefer most commonly three branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Muscles metabolize these branched chain amino acids. Additionally these branched chain amino acids are assumed to have resistance towards muscle breakdown.

Bodybuilders prefer to take protein just after exercise or as a replacement of meal. Protein powders are available in the market and right quantity of these at recommended helps in making muscles, as muscles are primarily made of protein and protein also helps us in repairing and growth of muscles.

Although soy protein, a naturally occurring complete protein may sometime exhibit estrogenic activity and is therefore avoided by many of the bodybuilders, however egg protein is preferred as it is also a complete protein. Casein, another richest protein source of amino acid glutamine is preferred as it contains casomorphine additionally, which releases amino acids at regular intervals.

Whenever you purchase a protein packet, you must look for total serving in the pocket and gram protein, gram carbs, gram sugar and gram fat per servings. If you are lactose intolerant, you should select a protein packet, which does not contain lactose. On the basis of all these information you must select the right product suitable for you.

Prohormone Supplements: Prohormones are precursors to both male and female hormones. Body builders are only interested in the supplements capable to increase male hormone testosterone as at elevated level testosterone will lead to improved muscle growth. Studies carried out on various prohormone have not given the desired results. Some of the prohormone are not significant and effective and may have side effects.

Creatine Monohydrate: Creatine monohydrate is one of the essential organic acids. It is one of the few products suitable for making healthy muscles. Creatine monohydrate is useful for sports persons engaged in weight lifting and short-range sprinters. Some of the common and minor side effects associated with intake of creatine include stomach upset and gastrointestinal distress. Although, some of the recent studies on creatine shows that it has a positive influence on our heart health and it lowers our lipid profile. If you are on creatine, you may notice a weight gain as creatine has a volumizing effect and draws water and various other nutrients to muscle cells.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Advise on Choosing a Colour Scheme for Your House

Understanding Colours

Type of Colour
Primary Colours: Blue, Red and Yellow
Secondary Colours: There are three secondary colours. They are made by mixing two primary colours.
Tertiary Colours: There are six tertiary colours. They are made by mixing a primary colour and a secondary colour.

Key Colour: The pure colour (eg Yellow).
Tint: A colour mixed with white. It is a lighter hue.
Tone: A colour mixed with grey.
Shade: A colour mixed with black. It is a darker hue.

Colour Wheel
The following colours are the colours of the colour wheel. Imagine them as a circle rather as a line (ie the first and last colours are next to each other). Primary colours are bold. Secondary colours are underlined. Tertiary colours are in italics. The colours have been split in to 2 lines here. Read them like you would normally (ie the last colour of line 1 is next to the first colour of line 2).
Red .. Orange-Red .. Orange .. Yellow-Orange .. Yellow .. Yellow-Green ..
Green .. Blue-Green .. Blue .. Blue-Violet .. Violet .. Red-Violet ..

Warm & Cool Colours

The colours on the top line of the colour ‘wheel’ above are warm colours.
The colours on the bottom line of the colour ‘wheel’ above are cool colours.

Warm Colours
Warm colours make a room seem smaller and/or more cosy. They are good to use in rooms which get morning sunlight, which is bluer.

Cool Colours
Cool colours make a room seem larger and/or fresher. However, if used in a room which gets morning sunlight they will make the room feel cool. They are good to use in rooms which get afternoon sunlight, which is redder.

Colour Schemes

Monochrome uses intensities of one colour and is based on the four hues.
A monochrome scheme is restful.
Monochrome colour schemes includes neutrals (white; greys; black; hues of cream; hues of beige)
Example of a monochrome scheme: variants of green.

Retared uses colours that are either next to or close to (next-but-one) each other on the colour wheel.
It creates a relaxed atmosphere so can be used for rooms which are used a lot.
Use one colour as the main theme with the other as a highlight or accent.
Colours which are next-but-one to each other one the wheel may work better than colours which are directly next to each other. To use colours which are directly next to each other use a tone of one and a shade or another, or a pure hue of one and a tint of another.
Examples of a related scheme: blue & blue-green; blue & green; yellow & orange.

Complimentary uses colours which are directly opposite.
It is a more vivid colour scheme.
Take care when using colours directly opposite each other as they can shout at each other.
Use one colour as your main theme and the contrasting colour as an accent or highlight.
Complimentary colour scheme is good for teenagers and people who love colour.
Examples of a complimentary scheme: red & green; yellow & violet

Split Complimentary
Secondary contrast uses colours which are opposite-but-one.
This scheme is a safer choice as they give a less violent contrast.
Examples of a split complimentary scheme: red & blue-green; yellow & red-violet

Triadic scheme uses three equally spaced colours.
Use one as the main colour with a dash of the other two.
Examples of a triadic scheme: red, blue & yellow; orange, green & violet

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Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

For over 50 years, antibiotics have been the answer to many bacterial infections. Antibiotics are chemical substances that are secreted by living things. Doctors prescribed these medicines to cure many diseases. During World War II, it treated one of the biggest killers during wartime – infected wounds. It was the beginning of the antibiotic era. But just when antibiotics were being mass produced, bacteria started to evolve and became resistant to these medicines.

Antibiotic resistance can be the result of different things. One cause of resistance could be drug abuse. There are people who believe that when they get sick, antibiotics are the answer. The more times you use a drug, the more it will decrease the effect it has on you. That is because the bacteria has found a way to avoid the effects of that antibiotic. Another cause of resistance is the improper use of drugs. When patients feel that the symptoms of their disease have improved, they often stop taking the drug. Just because the symptoms have disappeared it does not mean the disease has gone away. Prescribed drugs should be taken until all the medicine is gone so the disease is completely finished. If it is not, then this will just give the bacteria some time to find a way to avoid the effects of the drug.

One antibiotic that will always have a long lasting effect in history is penicillin. This was the first antibiotic ever to be discovered. Alexander Fleming was the person responsible for the discovery in 1928. In his laboratory, he noticed that in some of his bacteria colonies, that he was growing, were some clear spots. He realized that something had killed the bacteria in these clear spots, which ended up to be a fungus growth. He then discovered that inside this mold was a substance that killed bacteria. It was the antibiotic, penicillin.

Penicillin became the most powerful germ-killer known at that time. Antibiotics kill disease-causing bacteria by interfering with their processes. Penicillin kills bacteria by attaching to their cell walls. Then it destroys part of the wall. The cell wall breaks apart and bacteria dies.

After four years, when drug companies started to mass produce penicillin, in 1943, the first signs of penicillin-resistant bacteria started to show up. The first bacteria that fought penicillin was called Staphylococcus aureus. This bug is usually harmless but can cause an illness such as pneumonia. In 1967, another penicillin-resistant bacteria formed. It was called pneumococcus and it broke out in a small village in Papua New Guinea. Other penicillin resistant bacteria that formed are Enterococcus faecium and a new strain of gonorrhea.

Antibiotic resistance can occur by a mutation of DNA in bacteria or DNA acquired from another bacteria that is drug-resistant through transformation. Penicillin-resistant bacteria can alter their cell walls so penicillin can not attach to it. The bacteria can also produce different enzymes that can take apart the antibiotic.

Since antibiotics became so prosperous, all other strategies to fight bacterial diseases were put aside. Now since the effects of antibiotics are decreasing and antibiotic resistance is increasing, new research on how to battle bacteria is starting.

Antibiotic resistance spreads fast but efforts are being made to slow it. Improving infection control, discovering new antibiotics, and taking drugs more appropriately are ways to prevent resistant bacteria from spreading. In developing nations, approaches are being made to control infections such as hand washing by health care people, and identifying drug resistant infections quickly to keep them away from others. The World Health Organization has began a global computer program that reports any outbreaks of drug-resistant bacterial infections.

In the early 1900’s, the discovery of penicillin began the antibiotic era. People thought they have finally won the battle with bacteria. But now since antibiotic resistance is increasing rapidly, new strategies must be developed to destroy these microbes. To many scientists the antibiotic era is over.

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Antibiotic Overuse in the US Population

The discovery of penicillin and sulfonamide antibiotics in the 1930s and 1940s led to significant advances in the treatment of surgical wounds and infections in health care. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports the enormous value that antibiotics confer to individuals with harmful infections. Despite the obvious strides made with antibiotics, a downside with antibiotic in the last 20-30 years erupted with antibiotic drug resistance.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotic drug resistance refers to the phenomena of an antibiotic that normally kills an infectious organism as no longer able to do so, because the organism adapts to the antibiotic drug rendering the drug ineffective. According to The Scripps Research Institute , tuberculosis, gonorrhea, malaria and childhood ear infections represent some of the common diseases resistance to antibiotics.

A Public Health Problem

Antibiotic resistant bacteria represent an escalating public health problem around the world. A Reuters News Release in May 2010 describes a financial burden of $1.87 billion to treat infections in the U.S. for just six drug resistant microorganisms. The publication, Scientific America , reports on the soaring use and misuse of antibiotics. The antibiotic treatment in humans in the U.S. shows only about half of the antibiotics prescribed reveal an actual treatment of bacterial infections.

Nature of the Problem

According to “Lancet” in 2009, industrial countries prescribe the majority of antibiotics in the outpatient setting for upper respiratory infections or colds. A significant proportion of these antibiotic prescriptions for these conditions are unnecessary. The research demonstrates that the healthcare provider prescribes antibiotics when patients expect to receive these medications and not according to the assessment of the illness in the patient. This situation creates an indiscriminate overuse of antibiotics that contributes to the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Interventions to Address the Problem of Antibiotic Overuse

According to “Medscape Infectious Diseases” in November 2010, a multifaceted approach works well when directing information at both the healthcare providers and the consumer to decrease the inappropriate use of antibiotics. The CDC’s Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work program provides educational sheets directed to parents and adults about the appropriate use of antibiotics for different conditions. Not all infections can or need treatment with antibiotics. A discussion with a healthcare provider about the proper situations to use antibiotics provides a suitable tactic to prevent antibiotic overuse and drug resistance. The public can help to be part of the solution to prevent drug resistance and not be part of the problem by insisting on antibiotics.


“Lancet”; Characteristics and Outcomes of Public Campaigns Aimed at Improving the Use of Antibiotics in Outpatients in High-Income Countries; B. Huttner, et al.; 2010

“Medscape Infectious Diseases”; Conquering Antibiotic Overuse; L.A. Stokowski, RN, MS; November 2010

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Adopting a Fostered Pet

If you are in the market to buy a pet cat or dog consider a pet that has been fostered. A fostered pet is socialized and nurtured in a loving home until they are adopted. Pets become better and well adjusted in a home environment. An animal that has been loved and cared for from fostering makes a better pet for you and your family.

A few years ago, my young daughter wanted a cat so we went to a local animal shelter. My daughter walked among the cages and spotted three orange tabby cats in one cage. The woman from the shelter said the cats were just brought in. We petted and held each one and my daughter picked her favorite; a beautiful male orange tabby cat we named Flynn. We decided to adopt him and brought him home. I knew from the first time he walked out of the pet carrier that he had never been socialized. Flynn later confirmed my thoughts. He would stalk and attack us from behind, jumping on our legs or back. If you would walk by him, he would scratch you. If you picked him up, he would bite. He basically terrorized my daughter and I and never felt safe with him. Flynn wasn’t socialized to an indoor environment. I never was able to get the wild out of him-he just couldn’t be tamed. Still, we kept him for another year until he went outside one night and never came back. After searching for three days, we gave up. Two weeks later, I got a call from a man who asked if we had a cat named Flynn. The man had accidently ran over Flynn with his truck.

Most animal shelters and pet adoption agencies have pet fostering and are always looking for volunteers to foster pets. I made the mistake of adopting a cat that was just taken in off the streets without being socialized.

A year later, I was driving by a pet specialty store and saw a sign that said, “Pet Adoption Today”. The pet adoption organization, Home Fur Ever, was holding their pet adoptions at the store. They had quite a few cats for adoption. I instantly spotted a gorgeous pure white cat with green eyes, aptly named Princess. The woman told me her daughter had been fostering Princess for the last month. After holding and petting Princess, I told the woman that I would come back with my daughter, who wasn’t with me at the time. Princess seemed like the perfect cat for my daughter.

Later my daughter and I went back to the store. My daughter was able to hold and pet Princess, who behaved perfectly. I knew we found our cat. The woman said that we could take Princess home before we actually adopted her, to see if she would be a good fit. After a week, I called Home Fur Ever to let them know we were interested in adopting Princess. I told her that Princess had a great disposition, was gentle with my daughter, and liked to stay indoors. We set up a time to meet at the house to make the adoption and purchase arrangements.

We have had Princess for three years and she has been great, especially with my daughter. (No more band-aids from cat scratches). They adore each other. Princess is a beautiful, sweet, lovable cat.

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