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5 Tips on "Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party" Only at the Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Every Halloween Walt Disney World throws a Fun for Family Halloween party, “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”. This special event party is on select nights in September and October. The party is a hard ticket event, meaning you will need to purchase a separate ticket for entry.

The “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” is held at The Magic Kingdom, which after 7pm is transformed into a fun spooky playground for trick or treaters of all ages. Families are encouraged to dress in their favourite character costumes. Please note to choose costumes that are not obstructive to the child’s view or that may be offensive to other park guests. Seen around the park are families dressed as The Incredibles, Fairy Princesses and Princes, Pirates, Alice in Wonderland & friends and many more Disney characters.

Upon entering The Magic Kingdom, everyone with the “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” hard ticket is given a wristband, allowing them entry to the party. Don’t forget a cast member will provide you and your children with Trick or Treat bags for all the candy that you’ll be receiving. You are able to enter The Magic Kingdom with your special ticket after 4pm the day of the party. The party begins at 7pm, around dusk. Besides the over abundance of candy handed to you as you Trick or Treat around the special marked locations around The Magic Kingdom, there are Character Dance Parties, Happy HalloWishes – Fireworks spectacular, Special Disney Character Appearances, Mickey’s “Boo-to-you” Halloween Parade (twice nightly), Face Painting for children in Toontown and Disney’s Villains Mix and Mingles.

Disney puts on an amazing Halloween parade; especially since you can see your favorite characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes! This is a Must see: fifteen minutes before the parade precedes, the Headless Horseman rides down the path of the parade, the excitement has begun. The floats in the parade feature Disney Villains as well as your much-loved Disney friends. There are two parades, the first parade is Very crowded, but the second parade has fewer spectators. Review your “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” guide map for exact times.

“Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” is a fun spook-tacular special event that is Not to be missed. Prepare to go earlier rather than closer to Halloween. It can get crowded, however the average wait time for most rides is about 20 minutes.

Have a Blast! Share your candy loot with family and friends and most of all, remember “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Tips to take from “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”-Spooky Fun filled event at The Magic Kingdom!

Tip #1

Buy your ticket Early! Halloween night sells out Fast! Purchase your tickets online at, at the park ticketing kiosks or by calling (407) WDISNEY.

Tip #2

Do not miss Mickey’s “Boo-to-you” Halloween Parade. Best standing area is in Frontierland or on Main Street. Get there Early!!!

Tip #3

“Happy HalloWishes” firework spectacular! The sky lights above Cinderella’s Castle with beautiful purple, orange and white sparkling fireworks. The Halloween firework spectacular starts at 9:30pm. Music is piped in to make the fireworks more memorable; sing along to all the popular Disney Halloween songs as you gaze upon the magical sky. Best location to view the “Happy HalloWishes” is anywhere around the circle in front of Cinderella Castle. Get there early and stake your place!

Tip #4

Book a hotel on property since the party lasts until midnight. Your tired feet and kids will thank you for staying on property. The Contemporary is located minutes from The Magic Kingdom via monorail. Don’t forget to book your character breakfast in the morning!

Tip #5

Bring your Disney PhotoPass! Most of the photo opportunities with the characters have a Disney photographer taking your photo with the characters or Disney props *Cinderella’s carriage. Utilize this PhotoPass during this special event and throughout your stay at the Walt Disney World.

3 key features about the PhotoPass:

1. Smile, reuse the pass at every park.

2. View your photos online at

3. Shop! Purchase your prints and save on your 1st order!

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5 Tips for River Fishing: You'll Catch More Fish Than You Ever Thought Possible

For more than two decades I have been river fishing for all manners of freshwater fish, from rainbow trout to smallmouth bass and in my time on the river I have learned some tips and techniques that have helped me catch fish consistently in rivers all across the Untied Sates. In this article I will outline 5 of these tips for river fishing so that you can add them to your repertoire and begin catching more fish than you ever though possible.

Before we begin, I think it’s important to point out what I consider to be river fishing. To me, the term “river fishing” has always meant standing in the river that you are fishing, in other words wading in the river that you are fishing, so wading and river fishing go hand in hand as far as I am concerned and the following tips are obviously best suited for fishing in this manner.

Wear A Fishing Vest – Rather than investing in a tackle box, instead spend that money on a fishing vest. A fishing vest is literally a tackle box that you wear on your back and is a “must” for river fishermen. This way all of your gear, terminal tackle, and bait are within easy reach at all times, which makes you a much more efficient and effective angler.

Drift Fishing is an Effective Technique – When river fishing you want to utilize a technique known as “drift fishing” which simply means allowing your bait or lure to drift naturally with the current of the river that you are fishing. Drift fishing is an incredibly effective river fishing technique that should be employed by anyone who is river fishing while wading.

Have An Effective Bait Carrier – One of the best baits that can be used while drift fishing are live worms and having an effective way to carry and access said worms on the river is of the utmost importance. This is where an effective bait carrier comes in to play. If you fish with worms, one of the best tips for river fishing that you will ever get is to use a bait bag. By keeping your live worms in a bait bag your bait is literally “at your fingertips” at all times, making baiting up and re-baiting a breeze.

Be Mindful Of Your Shadow – You need to be mindful of your shadow when wading in the river that you are fishing because there are few things that will “spook” a fish like a shadow that is out of place and/or moving. Fish are very conscious of their surroundings and when something is “out of the ordinary” they tend to get “spooked” and when a fish is spooked it will tend not to bite.

Be Mindful Of The Moon – The phase that the moon is in has an incredible impact of the activity level of fish, therefore you want to pay attention to the phase of the moon so that you can be on the river at the most favorable times. For example, fishing will tend to be much better when the moon is full at night as opposed to in its waning crescent. Be mindful of what phase the moon is in and plan your fishing trips accordingly if at all possible.

The aforementioned tips have been helping me catch fish while fishing in rivers for many years and I am confident that they will do the same for you. Add one or all of them to your river fishing repertoire sooner rather than later and you will almost immediately start catching more fish.

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African Cichlids: 7 Tips for Setting Up Your Tank

So, you’ve decided to trade in your goldfish and guppies for a more exotic, aggressive, and often more beautiful species of fish: African Cichlids. Before you head out to purchase your fish, follow these 7 tips to ensure a happy and healthy environment for your new aquatic pets.

1. Always get a large enough tank that gives your fish plenty of room to swim around, and create “lairs.” A 55 gallon tank should be the minimum, although it is possible to set up a successful 30 gallon cichlid tank. Cichlids are notorious for digging out places to hide, which they will defend from the other fish in the tank. For this reason, it is better keep them in a long tank, instead of a deep one. This gives you more room to decorate the tank, and the fish have more room to create and defend a lair. The “one-inch of fish per gallon of water” rule is not recommended with cichlids. They tend to grow pretty large, some even up to 12 inches or larger, and many are very aggressive. In a 55 gallon tank, expect to have around 5 to 8 fish max, depending on their size, temperament, and the number of possible hiding places they have.

2. Do not mix African Cichlids with any other kind of fish. Cichlids need a different kind of water temperature and pH than normal aquarium fish, and they are aggressive and will kill the other fish that occupy the tank.

3. Try to acquire cichlids that are all around the same size. Cichlids have a pecking order, and the largest male usually runs the tank. He will pick on the smaller fish often, and eat them if he can. Having all your cichlids around the same size will lessen the chance of any of them getting eaten or picked. They will also be able to defend themselves better.

4. If you are thinking about setting up an African cichlid tank to encourage breeding, try to have one male for every two or three females. And get these fish from different sources to discourage inbreeding. The obvious place to purchase fish is from the pet store, but you do have other options. Try going to your local fish store, attend fish auctions, or check out online fish auctions. These places often specialize in Cichlids, and the quality of the fish is almost always superior to the “fish mill” fish available at your local pet shop.

5. When decorating your tank, skip the live plants and go for plastic. Cichlids love to uproot real plants and chew on them. Save the $30 you were going to spend on live plants and buy fake ones. There are many real-looking fake plants on the market today, and their variety far exceeds the live ones available. Don’t forget the little weights they sell to weigh the plants down, as this will save you hours of sticking your hand in the tank to replant them.

6. When choosing gravel, always buy the special substrate for cichlids that raised the pH of the water. It is usually crushed up coral and shells that have buffering capabilities to maintain a higher pH, and save you from having to add chemicals to adjust the pH. There are a lot of arguments about whether to use sand or gravel for African cichlids, but gravel has two important qualities: it is a lot easier to clean, and the fish like to move it around to make hiding places. If you want to add some color to the gravel, since the cichlid substrate is usually white, just mix one or two bags of colored aquarium gravel into it.

7. The most important thing any cichlid owner should do before they add any fish to an aquarium is to research the habits and aggressiveness of the particular kind of cichlid they are considering. Cichlids have varying degrees of aggressiveness, and it is better to keep highly aggressive cichlids with other highly aggressive cichlids, and keep the quieter and less aggressive cichlids with other cichlids of the same temperament. This will reduce stress in your tank, and give all the fish a chance to thrive.

There are a lot of things to consider when starting an African cichlid tank. They require a lot more work and attention than a regular tank, but they are very rewarding. There is nothing better than turning off your lights, turning on the aquarium lights, and just sitting and watching your cichlids interact with each other and their environment. Good luck with your aquatic adventures, may they provide you years of enjoyment.

DuHamel, Douglas

Cichlid Compatibility in Aquariums: What fish not to mix in your freshwater tank

Two Options for Aquarium Substrate

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A Review of Special Effects Hair Dye and a How to Guide for Achieving Vibrant Beautiful Color

“Colors are the smiles of nature.”
-Hunt, Leigh
1784-1859 British Poet

Why not make your hair smile? You dress to impress, you cloth yourself in your personality and let it shine to humanity, but are you letting social stigma prevent you from looking how you want? The general public often stereotypes those with unnatural colors in the locks, “punks” or “trash” and think quickly of anti-establishment youths ruining the structure of organized society. Why is that? I’d say it has much to do with the quality of dyes these people have chosen. Koo-laid and cheap knock off Halloween tricks produce sub-par fake and unattractive results, leaving hair looking unprofessional and frankly simply mock-able. Certainly not the rainbow of natural looking perfection you expected. What child hasn’t dreamed of looking like his favorite cartoon character beaming in green hair? Now you can have it. Colored hair that looks just as if you popped out that color, with special effects dye.

Special effects hair dye is an all natural vegetable based alternative that lasts longer than any other brand I’ve tried, without leaving hair unhealthy and fried. It comes at an affordable price and is easy to use. Not to mention all variety of colors, special effects hair dye has more than 30 colors, some of which even glow under black light for the party types delight.

Special effects hair dye also seems to remedy one of the largest issues experienced by the rainbow hair colored fan, skin dying. Nothing ruins a good hair dye job worse than having a blue forehead, scalp, ears, neck, hands, and bathroom to match your new stunning hair. Most dyes are difficult to remove from skin and surfaces. They are meant to dye and that is just what they do, however I’ve found special effects hair dye easily washes off skin within the first 24 hours even with just water, let alone an alcohol based make-up remover. And for your dye site? Even dried on for days it cleans up as easily as a spilled soda. I have no idea how special effects hair dye does it, but I love it.

I also love that optimal color can be achieved by literally sleeping with special effects hair dye in your hair because it doesn’t sting, stink or itch. It feels no different that a leave in conditioner would, and because it’s vegetable based it won’t literally eat hair or damage hair to do so. Which leads us to the combined half of my special effects hair dye review, the rough guide of how to achieve vibrant color with special effects hair dye.

If your hair is of a darker shade (I’m talking anything other than an extremely light blond) your going to want to either bleach the color out, or if the word bleach makes your healthy hair scream for mercy, you can also dye it a white blond. Either way I recommend using a hair treatment kit (ex/ juicio kpak hair repair) or heavy leave in conditioner immediately after dying/bleaching and then waiting a few days before dying with color.

Why? Any type of dying can have a negative effect on hair, treating it at this stage helps hair from being damaged, and healthy hair always looks better no matter the color. However dye sticks better to unwashed, unconditioned hair which is why you’ll want to wait 2-3 days without washing your hair again before applying color.

Now the fun part.

Tools of the rainbow:

Special effects hair dye color (or colors) of your choice
Shower cap
Sink or place to wash out hair

A comb or applicator brush (special effects hair dye does not come with applicators but you can buy them at most beauty supply stores for mere dollars(they are reusable), or use your fingers if your aim is not exact color coverage.)

Some sort of dish: If you plan on using two colors, with special effects hair dye this is similar to painting a picture, a pallet helps.

If your dying your hair one solid color it literally is as easy as saturating all hair, placing the shower cap on, going to bed and washing with plain cold water, no shampoo or conditioner, in the morning. (cold water makes dye last longer, as well as the longer you leave dye on the brighter it often becomes) You can wash it within the next day after the dye has had more time to set in.

Before going to bed you may also want to take a warm wash cloth or alcohol make up remover and insure any bits of dye that got on tips of ears or the back of the neck, etc. are washed off. Some people also find it more comfortable to place a bandanna over the shower cap to stop that annoying plastic crinkle.

I’m not going to lie, every time you wash your hair your color will change slightly and you will see dye coming off in the soap while you shower. This does not mean don’t shower. In my experience special effects hair dye will last about 2 months even washing every other day. By that time your roots would be showing and you’ll likely want to re-dye anyway.

If you plan on doing two shades a friend makes the process far easier. You simply select strands you want which color and paint/place the dye on them, cap and follow the above stated directions.

Special effects hair dye is that easy to use. Costs at most beauty supply stores (or ebay if your cursed to live in a remote area like Alaska as I am) about 7-15 dollars. And the best part, is just it’s really fun to use while producing saloon quality results. So let your hair smile too, embrace childhood fancies and go colorful today.

Extra after closing:

If you don’t like your results, or for any reason end up needing to make hair a natural color again. ( I had this happen for a new job once) Washing hair with dish soap will quickly strip color. Repeat until color is severely faded, use a deep conditioner and then re-dye a more natural shade. There are products which claim to remove dyes and strip all color, but they ravage hair, far worse than even bleach would. Fair warning though the newer your special effects hair dye job is, the harder it is to remove.

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Alabama Bar Exam: A Basic Guide

Preparing to take the Alabama Bar Exam will consume most of your time for the three or four months leading up to it. To study effectively you will need to know what is on the test, as well as what is expected of you as an Alabama Bar Candidate. This article will cover these issues and provide you with information that you will need to successfully navigate your way through this process of preparation.


In the state of Alabama the State Bar of Admissions Office handles the Alabama Bar Exam. Attorney candidates in this state should therefore contact this organization for current qualification requirements, registration materials, study guides, and current fee information.

State Bar of Admissions Office
PO Box 671
Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 269-1515 phone number

Alabama Bar Exam Format

The Alabama Bar Exam is held during the last week of February and during the last week of July each year. It is divided into three separate days of testing. On the first and second day of the Alabama Bar Exam attorney candidates will take the Multistate Essay Exam and the Alabama Essay Exam. The Alabama Essay Exam generally covers the following Alabama Civil Litigation topics: (1) statutory and equitable remedies, (2) dispute subjects to arbitration, (3) abatement, survival, and revival actions, (4) statutes of limitation, (5) choice of forum, (6) pleadings and pleading stage motions, (7) parties and joinder, (8) discovery, (9) pre-trial disposition, (10) jury considerations, (11) motions in limine, (12) sequence of proceedings, (13) preservation of error, (14) burden of proof, (15) judgment as a matter of law, (16) verdicts, (17) post-trial motions, (18) judgment enforcement, (19) Alabama appellate jurisdiction, (20) Alabama standards of review, (21) Alabama appellate procedures, (22) Alabama extraordinary writs, (23) claim and Issue preclusion, (24) pre-judgment seizure, and (25) accountability of parties and counsel.

On the third day of the Alabama Bar Exam attorney candidates will take the Multistate Bar Exam, as well as the Multistate Performance Test. The Mutlistate Bar Exam is a multiple choice test which is made up of 200 questions that cover general legal topics. The legal processes and laws that are covered in this part of the exam will not be state specific, but will instead be those things that are used throughout the country.

Study Tips for the Alabama Bar Exam

It is important to understand the pace at which laws change in the state that you want to sit for the bar exam. To ensure that you will be using the most up-to-date state laws and statute it is a good idea to visit the Alabama State Bar Admissions Office website for the latest topics and laws that will be covered in the exam.

In the Alabama Essay Section of the Alabama State Bar Exam the following topics are usually covered, so you will need to make sure that you are familiar with them and their applications in Alabama.

1. Preliminary Considerations and Litigation Planning, including: Statutory and Equitable Remedies, Declaratory Judgements, Specific Performance, Rescission and Reformation, Trade Secrets and Covenants Not to Compete, Prejudgement Seizure, Attachment, Garnishment, Detinue, Equitable Defenses, and Miscellaneous topics such as: constructive trusts, equitable liens, equitable mortgages, and subrogation.
2. Disputes Subject to Arbitration including Alabama Arbitration Law and Federal Preemptive of State Arbitration Law.
3. Abatement, Survival, and Revival of Actions
4. Statutes of Limitations
5. Choice of Forum and Jurisdiction
6. Pre-trial Practice Topics including: Pleadings and pleading stage motions, parties and joinder, discovery, and pre-trial disposition.
7. Trial topics like: jury considerations, motions in limine, sequence of proceedings, preservation of error, burden of proof, judgement as a matter of law, and verdicts.
8. Post-judgement proceedings topics such as: post-trial motions, and judgement enforcement.
9. Alabama appellate practice topics like: appellate jurisdiction, standard of review, appellate procedure, and extraordinary writs.
10. Collateral issues such as: claim and issue preclusion, pre-judgement seqizure, and accountability of parties and counsel.

The following references should be used to prepare for items 1 through 10 above:

1. Preliminary Considerations and Litigation Planning (Code of Alabama)
2. Pre-Trial Practice (Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure)
3. Trial (Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure 38-40 & 42-52; as well as Alabama case law.)
4. Alabama Appellate Practice (Alabama Code 1975 subsections 6-640)
5. Collateral Issues (Alabama Rule of Civil Procedure and Code of Alabama 1975).

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A Beginner's Guide for Picking the Family Dog

The one thing that most folks spend very little time on, when choosing a new four legged friend for the family, is the proper fit between family and dog personality. There are some general guidelines that might make this process less time consuming One need not spend long hours researching breeds to get an idea of which breed suits your particular family.

If you have very young children, remember that tiny breed puppies tend to be very fragile and little hands tend to be loving but rough. These children might do better with a mid-size dog. Cute does not always equate with the best pet for your family. All puppies are cute to some people. For instance, if you are not fond of the look of the adult dog, don’t buy that breed puppy.

There are some general personality traits for each breed of dog. An example of this is a Terrier type dog This type of dog tends to be tenacious and a rugged independent animal. Terriers were bred to bring rodents to ground for hunting and protecting the farmer’s grain. They have to be willing to keep with their prey in order to do their job. The personality trait that makes them so suited to catching rodents at all costs makes them a little more difficult to manage and train.

Scent hounds like the Beagle make great pets, if you don’t mind having to work around their single minded nose oriented personalities. They tend to catch the scent of other animals and pay less attention to you. This makes for great hunting abilities, but not always great obedience. However, be aware that Beagles will also howl on a night when the moon is full. Also be aware that beagles, not unlike any other hunting dogs, require lots of exercise.

The Golden Retriever is a hunting dog, but not a hound. They tend to have long puppy hoods which in some ways is an enduring trait. While they have sweet natures and make great childhood pals, the slow maturation can become a bit tedious to the trainer.

The herding dogs like the Collie make wonderful pets and, for the most part, are wonderful around children. Remember that the Collie has a double coat, as do many of the herding breeds, which means they shed and need to be groomed often. Collies are highly trainable but can be very single minded.

Companion dogs, such as the Chihuahua, are mostly smaller breeds. They are bred, as the name implies, as companions for humans. If not trained well, they can develop a snappy nippy side. They tend to be high pitch barkers. If you have youngsters under 5 years old, please remember that these dogs can be fragile. Hence these dogs can be injured easily by small overly affectionate hands.

Bare in mind that long hair dogs will need more grooming to maintain healthy good looking coats. Non-shedding breeds, such as Poodles and Bichons, will need hair cuts and lots of grooming.

One toy breed, the Bichon Frise, is a favorite with children. Their sweet cherry natures make them the perfect companion for children of age 7 and up. Although they often require a lot care, they also tend to be less of a problem for children and adults with dog allergies.

For the sake of the child and the puppy, remember that no child should be left unsupervised with a new puppy.

A little research goes a long way toward a happy union of family and chosen pet. Once you have settled on a certain breed, then you can do research on that specific breed if you like. Don’t waste your time on every breed. Try not to make your choice on color and size alone. Remember, as was stated in the beginning of this article, all puppies are cute.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Own an External Hard Drive If You Own a Computer

If you own a laptop, netbook, notebook, or desktop computer, there is at least one accessory that would be in your best interests to own: an external hard drive and the following are several reasons why.

Back-up Important Files

If you own a computer that holds the only copies of very important, sensitive and irreplaceable files, stop reading this article and go purchase an external hard drive right now! External hard drives allow you to back-up important files and data and will help you keep important files if your computer crashes, is stolen, or if your files become corrupted on your computer.

Extra Storage Space

Owning an external hard drive isn’t always about serious issues like backing up important data; sometimes you just need extra hard drive space and an external hard drive is the perfect solution to your lack of hard drive space woes. An external hard drive can help provide extra storage space for music files, videos, pictures, and other files that you can’t hold on your current internal hard drive.

Easy Data Transfer

During times when you need to swap files or easily transfer large files from one computer to another, an external hard drive can really come in handy. External hard drives will allow you to store more files than flash drives and will allow you to transfer files on different computer with different operating systems, regardless of if you have a network established or not. In addition to allowing computers to easily share files with one another, an external hard drive will let you share files with other devices as well. Gaming systems, media streaming devices, and even some internet routers will allow you to share and stream your external hard drive’s content.

Your Data Will Survive Longer than Your Computer

I bought my first external hard drive in 2004 – a 160GB hard drive that cost around $200 at the time – and since 2004, I’ve changed computers four times, while being able to keep the same important files. Computers evolve and become obsolete quickly, but regardless of what new technology hits the computer scene, hard drive space will always be equally important and your external hard drive just might outlast your personal computer.

For more, read 6 Great Laptop Accessories that All College Students Must Have , Netbook Accessories You’ll Need Whenever You Buy a New Netbook , and The Best Ways to Save Money Before and After Buying a Computer

Check out my blog for the latest in tech news.

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An Overview of the Weighted Average Cost of Capital

The cost of capital is a fundamental element in a firm’s financial decision making. When deciding on the optimal capital structure, firms allocate a certain percentage of cost on debt and cost of equity to finance their assets and provide a return on investment (ROI) to their shareholders.

If a firm has only common stocks, then the cost of capital is the required return on equity (ROE). However, the required rates on return are different because the risk undertaken for different classes of assets is different. Therefore, the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is the weighted average cost of debt and equity that reflects the average riskiness of all the firm’s assets. In other words, WACC measures the capital discount of a firm’s debt and equity and represents the rate that a firm is expected to finance its assets. Since different classes of assets may be more or less risky than the average, the WACC should be adjusted accordingly to reflect the riskiness of capital budgeting projects. Therefore, WACC is the minimum return that the firm must earn based on its existing capital structure to satisfy its shareholders for owning its assets and bearing the risk of ownership.

WACC Components

WACC is calculated taking into account a firm’s capital structure with its after-tax cost of debt and cost of equity. Equity may include both common and preferred stocks. Debt may include stocks options, pension liabilities, and government subsidies.

a) Cost of Debt

The cost of debt is the effective rate that a firm pays off its debt. Usually, in capital budgeting calculations the cost of debt is computed as an after tax cost, after interest expenses are deducted. This facilitates the comparison with the cost of equity. The cost of debt provides investors with an idea about the firm’s riskiness as riskier firms typically have higher cost of debt.

b) Cost of Equity

The cost of equity represents the return that investors expect for owning a particular asset and undertaking the risk of ownership. To better illustrate the cost of equity, we assume that an investor requires a rate of return of 10% for owning an investment in company X. The current price of the stock is $12 and the dividend to be paid is $0.50. In effect, the investor requires $1.2 on his $12 investment. This means that the stock will have to appreciate by $0.70 so that, combined with the $0.50 from the dividend, gives the investor the 10% cost of equity.

How the WACC is calculated

WACC = (E/V × Re) + (D/V × Rd) × (1 − Tc)


E = the firm’s equity,
D = the firm’s debt
V = the firm’s total value (debt + equity)
E/V = the percentage of financing that represents equity
D/V= the percentage of financing that represents debt

Re = cost of equity
Rd = cost of debt after tax
Tc = tax rate

To calculate the value of each component of the WACC we assume that the weight of financing is the market value of the component divided by the total value of all components. Market value is preferred over book value because book value is difficult to be determined and also may be fundamentally different than market value thus significantly altering final figures.

The market value of equity (E) is calculated by multiplying the price per share by the number of shares outstanding (including preferred stocks if issued).

The market value of debt (D) is typically fairly close to the firm’s book value, particularly for firms that are more or less stable in credit rating.

The cost of equity (Re) is calculated using the CAPM model (capital asset pricing model). CAPM takes into account risk-free rate, market return and the firm’s beta to calculate the cost of capital for the firm in relation to the rate of return on its assets.

The cost of debt (Rd) is calculated after interest rates are deducted.

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A Short Earth Day Poem: Keeping the Enviroment Helthy and Clean

We should all take care of what we got,
Including the enviroment which can rot,
We must continue to keep it clean,
So that we can have fun and play in the spring,
The enviroment is an important in so many ways,
So let’s all remember to celebrate Earth Day.

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8 Affordable Friendly Family Restaurants in Nashville

Nashville is full of restaurants that cater to musicians, college kids, and young professionals. How about restaurants that cater to families? There are few and far between but the ones that are family friendly are worth while. Here are 8 affordable family friendly restaurants in Nashville.

Pancake Pantry
Although the line to get in this pancake palace can tend to be around the block it is surely worth the wait. Pancake Pantry has been around since 1961 and is well known for its delightful and varietal pancakes which include Caribbean and sweet potato. If you’re not a pancake lover there are many other delicious menu options to choose from such as club sandwiches, omelets, and soups. The overall atmosphere is family style, cozy and reminds me of a quaint diner. The service is not the greatest but the food is delicious and satisfying. The prices are reasonable.

This cozy family owned restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This Greek American inspired establishment has been featured on the Food Networks “Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives.” The best part about this dining experience is the friendly atmosphere the service and overall food quality. From salads sandwiches, to burgers you will enjoy this tasty delight. The portions are large and beyond satisfying while the prices are affordable for all.

I Dream of Weenie
This “restaurant” was voted best hot dog by the Nashville Scene and I couldn’t agree more. This is a fun way to share some quality time with the family. Did I mention that you should bring a blanket? I Dream of Weenie is actually a food cart that resides on a huge lawn that is perfect for picnicking and enjoying an outdoors day with your loved ones. This is extremely affordable and has variety options for meat and veggie lovers.

This casual kid friendly environment has great outdoor patio seating. If you are not the outdoorsy type then the indoor atmosphere is fun and eclectic with pictures of celebs and décor that looks like a college dorm exploded. A fun food menu is available for the whole family. Chicken in a basket fried, grilled, or buffalo style are just a few friendly options. Prices are affordable and they even offer free ice cream.

12 South Taproom & Grill
This artsy environment is a daytime family friendly spot. The menu offers everything from tacos to pizza to satisfying sandwiches. The food is fresh and fabulous. The atmosphere is bright and happy. Although they are open in the evening there is more of a grown up hipster atmosphere when the sun goes down.

Baja Fresh
This Mexican Grill has been around since 1990. This restaurant is casual and cozy which is perfect for a fun family excursion. Just like the name says everything is made fresh. What better way to dine out with your family then to eat healthy and feel healthy? You can sink your teeth into a taco, burrito, soup or salad for an affordable price.

Pizza Perfect
This is one of the best pizza joints in Nashville. The atmosphere is very reminiscent of a New York style pizzeria. Pack in a booth with the whole family and it will make you feel like you are in the Big Apple. Not only is there pizza to die for but they also offer other delicious options such as subs and spaghetti. Bon appétit.

Family Wash
You may deterred by the fact that this establishment is also a bar but I promise you it is extremely kid friendly. Its eclectic atmosphere is adorable and comfy. The “Shepherds Pie” and “Chicken Pot Pie” are a family favorite but if you are a vegetarian do not fear they also make a delicious veggie pie as well. The menu is reasonably priced and pretty basic.

Labels: 8 Affordable Friendly Family Restaurants in Nashville

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