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A Pharmacist Compares Triptan Migraine Medications

This article will discuss triptan migraine medications to help you discover the best migraine treatment for you. The comparisons will discuss side effects, relief onset and duration and will introduce you to a new injectable triptan called Sumavel.

Oral Triptans

Treximet is an oral combination of two drugs– a triptan (sumatriptan) and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) called naproxen. This combination is usually more effective for migraines and lasts longer than if migraine sufferers take one of the triptans by itself. One reason for the long-lasting effect is that the naproxen stays in the system for an extended time. Another reason is that Treximet contains 85mg of sumatriptan. This dose is in the upper part of the dosage range. We already know that the 100mg sumatriptan tablets are usually more effective than the other available lower 25mg and 50mg doses. Of the orals, Treximet usually starts to work as fast as or faster than the other triptans (usually within 20 to 30 minutes).

Sumatriptan is the only ingredient in a brand called Imitrex (same as the triptan in Treximet) . Imitrex can be taken orally and it may begin to work as fast as Treximet but it won’t last as long. Imitrex probably won’t help as much either, unless you take it with a NSAID. Even with generic Imitrex plus generic naproxen, I don’t think you could reap a cost savings over taking Treximet.

An oral triptan called Relpax (eletriptan) might start to work for migraine relief as fast as Treximet. The relief also lasts a decent length of time, so it is a good choice if you cannot tolerate NSAID drugs. It is a powerful inhibitor of the metabolism of certain drugs, causing them to build up in the system to unpredictable and possibly toxic levels. These drugs include, among others, the antibiotic Biaxin (generic name is clarithromycin) and anti-HIV drugs such as Norvir (ritonavir) and Viracept (nelfinavir), and the antifungal Sporanox ( itraconazole). Relpax should not be taken with these drugs.

Frova is an oral triptan (frovatriptan) that gives the longest migraine relief, which might account for its better ability to keep headaches from coming back. However, it is quite slow to begin working, sometimes taking 2 to 3 hours to start helping.

Maxalt and Maxalt-MLT contain a triptan called rizatriptan. Maxalt-MLT is taken without water by dissolving it on the tongue. Maxalt has an onset of action between ½ hour and 2 hours. Compared to the other oral triptans for migraine, it has the best efficacy at 2 hours after it is taken, but headache recurrence rate is high with it.

Zomig and Zomig-ZMT are oral brands for zolmitriptan. Zomig-ZMT may be also dissolved on the tongue. Zomig takes longer to begin relieving a migraine, about 45 minutes after dosing.

Amerge is an oral brand of naratriptan. It has fewer side effects than Imitrex but it takes at least an hour to start helping and it may take as long as 3 hours to bring relief. Migraines don’t recur as often as with Imitrex.

Axert (almotriptan) can start to help anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours and it is also better tolerated than Imitrex.

Side Effects of Oral Triptans

Dizziness may occur less often with Axert and Imitrex. Dizziness increases with higher doses of Imitrex, but occurred in only about 2% with the higher dosage in patient trials. Dizziness may occur most frequently with Maxalt and Frova, with an incidence of 9% and 8%, respectively, in patient trials.

Nausea occurred in the fewest patients in trials with Frova and Imitrex (less than 1%) and it occurred the most often with Zomig (9%).

Zomig had the most common occurrence of neck, throat, or jaw discomfort in trials (7%) and the fewest patients had this problem with Frova, Relpax, and Axert (less than 2%).

Tingling and numbness were also more common with Zomig (7%) but were reported with the least frequency with Axert (1%), Amerge (2%), and Treximet (2%).

Nasal Spray Triptans

Zomig (zolmitriptan) is available in the nasal spray form. It has a faster onset of action than the orals, but Treximet runs a close second, possibly taking only five minutes more to act in some cases. This nasal form is generally more expensive than the oral triptans. Some patients (21% in trials) have complained about the taste. Zomig nasal spray’s side effect profile also includes a 10% incidence of tingling and numbness and a 4% incidence for both nausea and throat pain.

Imitrex nasal spray has the same quick onset as Zomig nasal spray but doesn’t last as long. Even more patients (24.5) have commented about the “unusual taste.” It causes a lot more nausea (13.5%) than Zomig spray but a little less throat pain (2.4%). Numbness and tingling were not significant.

Injectable Triptans

Sometimes vomiting occurs with migraines and that is one of the reasons that nasal sprays and Injectables are sometimes used. They are also used for their typically rapid onset.

The newest Injectable triptan migraine reliever, expected to be available very early in 2010, is called Sumavel DosePro. Sumavel does not use a needle. The dose is injected with high-pressure nitrogen gas. Sumavel contains sumatriptan (in Treximet and Imitrex) and it works as rapidly as, and is as effective as, sumatriptan delivered by needle injections. The drawback is that Sumavel may cause more pain and discomfort and bleeding and bruising than the needle injections do. I can’t really find any advantages for Sumavel over the Imitrex injectionable, though individual responses do tend to vary. Additionally, I would not expect Sumavel to be less expensive than the Imitrex injectable.

Imitrex injectable (by needle), though it has a slightly faster onset than some of the fastest-acting orals, also brings with it a significant increase in side effects. Pain at the injection site was reported in 59% of patients in trials, tingling in 14%, dizziness in 12%, warm/hot sensations in 11%, chest discomfort in 5%, flushing in 7%, neck discomfort in 5%, and jaw discomfort in 2%.

Contraindications of Triptans

Triptan migraine treatments should not be given to patients with hemiplegic or basilar migraines. A hemiplegic migraine is a type of migraine that comes with an aura and muscle weakness and paralysis. Basilar migraines are due to a problem with an artery in the base of the brain. In addition to auras, basilar migraines may cause poor coordination, vertigo, and double vision.

Triptans fall into pregnancy category C. Drugs in category C have had studies with reports of dangers to the fetuses of animals, but have had no conclusive studies in humans. They should be given to pregnant women only if the benefits might outweigh the risk.

All of the triptans are contraindicated in the presence of cardiovascular disease that includes (but is not limited to) strokes, angina, myocardial infarction and in high blood pressure that is not controlled.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) drugs such as Nardil are sometimes prescribed for depression. Amerge, Axert, Relpax, and Frova are not specifically contraindicated to be taken with MAOIs. None of the other triptans should be taken with MAOIs. None of them should be taken with other triptans or with a class of drugs that is derived from ergot (such as Cafergot).

Patients should be sure their doctors are aware of any organ system problems, including liver, kidney, cardiovascular, or other disease states when getting treatment for migraine headaches. Doctors and pharmacists should be told about any medications to which there has been an allergic reaction.


You can help your doctor determine which is the best migraine treatment for you by learning the difference in the triptans. If your migraines cause you to vomit, you may choose an injectable or nasal triptan. If you cannot bear the sight of needles but you want fast relief, you may try the new migraine treatment named Sumavel. If you want an extended relief in an oral remedy for migraines, Treximet is a good choice. If you have had dizziness when taking triptans, Axert or Imitrex may be the best of the triptan migraine remedies for you.

DISCLAIMER: This article comparing the triptans is provided for information only. This information is not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or other health care professional. I am not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by the information. This information is in no way intended as a recommendation of any of the triptans or any other drug therapy and is not intended as a diagnosis of any problem you may have.


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A Timeshare Salesman Got More Than They Bargained for when Someone was on Vacation

Me and the wife were in Williamsburg, Virginia on a vacation and decided we needed to get a few things that we did not think of. We went to the Kmart that was right around the Days INN that we were staying at. When we came out we were accosted by two ladies that were getting people to go to a timeshare presentation at Williamsburg Plantation and Resort. We were told that it would be about 90 minutes, no pressure, and very informative. In return we would get a check for $75 dollars.

I had been on timeshare presentations before and knew the game, but since they accosted us I figured that I would take the $75 in return for 90 minutes of my time and the free breakfast that they promised us. We had a tour guide who was pretty good. I told him now was not the right financial time for us to do it and he backed off. He took us around town and discussed some historical things with us. Many of them I knew since that was one of my two college majors. Our guide did not pressure us at all and was pretty cool.

They had an interesting operation compared to other timeshare presentations that I had seen. Most have you meet them at a meeting point. They might call it the welcome center and this is not to be confused with the normal welcome centers for cities. Anyway we met at a welcome center and after our drive around tow we went to the resort. They did the sales pitch in a meeting room with various other people touring the facility in there. I think there might have been like 12 to 15 families in there. He knew we were not interested and did not hard sell us. Then this Chinese guy came over and tried to hard close us, but not as obnoxious as some were. I think our guide warned him I would not take any bull. After we said no at least five times they took us back to the welcome center and made one more sales pitch to get us to buy and we got our money and were on our way. Most places make the presentation at the place that you park your car. Williamsburg plantation took you to the presentation so you had to ride back with them if you said yes or no.

Now what was funny as heck was while we were talking to the Chinese guy. A couple that was right near us during most of the tour was getting their sales presentation. We heard them talking a few times and it was obvious they were not buying to anyone who heard them. Apparently their closer was not getting it. This guy stood up on the table they were at and started to talk. He said “I told you 10 times. I am not buying this. They are not worth it. If I wanted to buy one I would buy one used for less than half of what you pirates want”. Everyone started looking at them. The salesman was trying to calm him down. He then said he wanted his $75 and to be on his way. He said it was only supposed to be 90 minutes but had been like two hours. I think they finally got him out of there with his money. It was kind of rude, but the way some of the salesmen will not take no for an answer, so that is probably why he did that.

On a side note be aware that timeshares are a rip off in my opinion. There are plenty of reasons why you should not really buy one and only a couple why you should even remotely consider it. If you do buy one it would be best to buy it from someone else. You will save at least half. There are always people who buy timeshares by mistake and then decide that it was a major screw up and look to sell it.

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5 Tips for Prevent Dry Skin After You Shower

Your dry skin can be a thing of the past. There are simple remedies you can apply even while you are in the shower or bath, to help prevent dry skin in the future. You no longer have to suffer with the embarrassment of dry skin regardless of the season or time of year.

5 Dry Skin Remedies in the Bath or Shower:

1. Tone down the water temperature. After a long hard day a hot, steamy bath may sound like the perfect thing. If the water temperature is too high it may do detriment to your skin. Hot water strips the oil and moisture from your skin, which will leave your skin dry, scaly, and parched. It may be a hard transition, but you can do it. Also, it will be best to limit your baths to 15 minutes or less and showers to even less time. The lower temperature should prevent you from having to wipe your mirrors from steam. As a side note, hot water is not good for your skin or your hair. It has the same drying out affect on your hair as it does your skin. Try rinsing hair with cool water for less dryness and frizz.

2. No more bubble baths. Taking bubble baths should become a thing of the past. Many are unaware that many of the ingredients in bubble bath has the ability to strip the oil and moisture from ones body. Instead, supplement your bath water with some soothing oatmeal, milk powder or bath oil.

3. Shave Smart. Don’t make common everyday shaving errors like: not shaving in the direction of your hair growth, and don’t use cheap drugstore shaving gel. The normal shaving gels can leave skin dry and susceptible to nicks. Also it is good to make sure that the products you use for moisturizing, contain aloe vera, and essential oils.

4. Pat dry, don’t rub dry. It is best to pat your skin dry when you get out of the tub. Rubbing is hard on the skin and removes moisture that leads to dry skin. By patting dry the skin does retain some moisture and it is later sealed in when you practice the next step which is skin moisturizing.

5. Lastly, remember to moisturize. Moisturizing is essential for good skin care. It is important that you never skip an opportunity to moisturize your skin when you get out of the tub. It is vital to have a favorite oil, lotion or butter available for use. Regardless of what the weather is like, you must moisturize for healthy , smooth skin.

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5 Past Times that Can Be Great for Senior Citizens

Activities for senior citizens have evolved over the past twenty years or so. No longer are there visions of the retired couple playing shuffle board on a cruise ship, though that remains a possible task. Folks seem to be working longer and retiring later. This allows for a greater degree of flexibility in traditional activities for seniors. Many facilities are offering specialized activities for seniors, and have come to focus on what has turned out to be an extremely lucrative market. That being said, working longer and retiring later has given seniors a greater amount of potential past times than ever before.


Visits to the local casinos or slot machine parlors offer the chance win riches, that much is true. However, they also offer a chance to relax and enjoy some free time. In fact, some of the new facilities are more about being resorts than being just about plunking quarters into the old one armed bandits. Many casinos or slot machine parlors are sprawling labyrinths of properties just begging to be explored. Since senior citizens offer have a higher degree of available time, they get to learn the ins and outs of the locations far better than everyone else.


Many people dream of traveling across the country, and senior citizens are uniquely skilled to accomplish more traveling than ever before. Seniors not tied down by family commitments can embark on month long journeys to the great tourist attractions the country, if not the world, has to offer. With just about every facility offering a senior citizen discount, saving money on every trip is a simple task. Many seniors simply do not want to drive, which means bus tours and guided tours are definitely the way to go.


Some of the best local artists, woodworkers, candle makers, and all out creative people are senior citizens. Craft activities are popular with many senior citizens because they offer the chance to exercise their dexterity, but also the opportunity to make a little extra cash by selling their wares at local trade shows or festivals. Generally crafts do not require a substantial investment in materials, the real expense is that of the time to create and fabricate a work of art. Anyone with a flair for this type of activity can harness that ability and turn it into a valuable skill that can be passed on to children and grandchildren.

Becoming a senior should be a celebrated event packed with new experiences. Harnessing any ambition and going from dreaming to doing is one of the most enviable aspects of getting older. The best activity for a senior citizen is simple: whatever they enjoy doing. So finding something enjoyable is license to pursue that activity, and can often turn into an exceptional experience.


personal experience

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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

If you own your home then you understand how energy costs can take a good chunk of money out of your paychecks. But there are a lot of things you can do around your home that will help you save money here and there. Add all the little things you change and fix around your home and they turn into saving you a lot. This article will give you tips on being energy efficient and how to act upon them. Not only will you save money but you’ll be doing your own little part of being more green and helping the environment through lessened energy usage.

Home Lighting

Lighting is one of the most obvious and the easiest place to begin energy saving techniques. By replacing the lights bulbs in your most frequently used lights in your home with compact-fluorescent lights you can save more than sixty dollars a year in electricity costs. Compact-fluorescent light bulbs use around seventy-percent less energy compared to incandescent bulbs and last much longer than them also. So you also end up saving money, in the long run, buying compact fluorescent light bulbs too. Just remember to also turn off the lights in a room when they’re no in use for even more savings.


If you’re thinking of buying an air-conditioner, with the days already warming up for the summer, choosing one that is energy efficient is a must. They’re, of course, marked with the Energy Star symbol. Most models, regardless of brand, are known to use ten-percent less energy than non-energy efficient air-conditioners. In winter, it’s important to cover your air conditioner with an air-conditioner cover to keep heat from escaping out through the air conditioner. If you have a window-placed air-conditioner, just remove it from the window for the winter months.


For your heat source, the best way to save energy and money is to install a programmable thermostat for customized temperature settings for when you’re asleep or not at home. A programmable thermostat, when properly set, can save over one-hundred twenty dollars a year in energy costs. The most energy efficient settings are usually the default setting for the thermostat. But it’s best to do a little tweaking of the temperature settings to what you think is proper for your area to keep your the less-heated parts of your house and especially your basement’s pipes from getting too cold. Just make sure all your heat registers are not covered by furniture or anything else to permit the air to circulate better. If you use radiators to heat your home it’s best to have heat reflectors to get optimal heating from the radiators. If it is a sunny winter day you can also help heat your house by leaving your curtains open and let the sun do the work and then close them at night to keep more heat in.

Home Electronics

Electronics are quickly becoming one of the most power-consuming devices in your home. They account for nearly fifteen percent of your house’s power usage. To add to it, most electronics tend to still use electricity even when turned off. Of course, the first step is when buying new electronics is nearly done for you since most electronics are marked with “Energy Star” to show they’ve been made and proven through testing to be energy efficient.

As for your other electronic devices there are still things you can do to save energy. Devices such as battery chargers and charging cell phones should be unplugged when not in use or when the batteries are fully charged. If you have electronics around your home that are rarely used then unplug those too. If going on a trip it’s smart to unplug your bigger electronics like computers, televisions, uninterruptable power supply devices and anything else you believe uses electricity when idle.

Other Utilities and Appliances

A ten minute shower uses less water than a full bath. Yet with water-conserving parts, such as a low flow shower head, a ten minute shower can end up using less than or around twenty gallons of water. You can save nearly five gallons of water in comparison to a normal bath. Which, over the year, can add up to one-hundred forty dollars or more a year off your electricity bill. It’s also smart to have a ventilation fan to control the humidity and moisture in your bathroom after finishing showers and baths.

If you have a dishwasher it’s best to scrape the food scraps off your dishes instead using more water by rinsing them in your sink beforehand. If you have a modern dishwasher it should have no problem, when used with detergents, to remove the food themselves. It’s also best to wash dishes in your dishwasher when you have enough for a full dishwasher load. To save more energy let the dishes air-dry.

Much like a dishwasher, only use your washer when you’ve accumulated a full load. If you only have a partial load of clothes then adjust the water level accordingly. You can save three-thousand or so gallons of water a year with full loads. Use cold water whenever you can also. Hot water cleaning in the washer accounts for eighty-five to ninety percent of the energy used by your washer. So if your clothes and water hardness permit you can get by just using cold water to clean your clothes with appropriate detergents. Doing this can save you forty-five dollars or more a year using an electric water heater and an estimated thirty dollars a year with a gas water heater. When drying your clothes it’s best to air dry them, versus using the dryer, to save energy. If you only have the choice to use your dryer then make sure to dry a full load and avoid over-drying the clothes if you don’t have a moisture sensor shutoff feature. Especially when drying partial loads. Letting a dryer operate the extra and unneeded time can cost you an extra forty dollars a year if run for fifteen minutes extra. The last thing is to clean the lint trap, when finishing drying a load of clothes, to allow the heat to flow throughout the dryer properly. This last step can save you up to thirty dollars a each year.

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A Different Perspective on Health Counseling and Multi-level Marketing

I am a Master Herbalist, but I have a different perspective on health counseling. My educational background includes the study of nutrition, Orthomolecular Medicine, and endocrine problems. I worked for doctors for years before I got into alternative medicine so I know how standard medicine works or doesn’t work as well. What I see in this country as the main health problem is our ‘junk food diet’ and lack of exercise. Most Americans just eat too much, eat the wrong foods, and don’t exercise. The base cause of much disease including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity is located in our lifestyle choices.

The first focus in health counseling is to get to the base problem. If it is obesity or diabetes there are serious questions to be asked:Is there hormonal or thyroid issues, is there psychological issues, is their diet problems, and is their lifestyle issues of any kind. Your first step is to help the client look into their lifestyle factors affecting their health and then help them with a program. These issues need to be addressed before you suggest they take anything. They need to understand what drugs they are taking and how those drugs may be affecting their problem. Some drugs cause weight gain and more serious problems.

Herbs and alternative medicine should be part of a program that begins with lifestyle changes first. Then you may add herbs or vitamins to support the body’s own ability to heal or to rebuild itself. The individual should be open and motivated to make lifestyle changes that create lasting health.

The integrity of some multi-level products:

I have nothing against the products sold in multi level programs. Many of the products are high in quality but more expensive because of the multi-level aspect. I don’t like the aspect of pushing my clients into buying a certain amount of product called auto shipments. I will not suggest they take an herb or supplement, unless I feel they actually need it and that the product is the highest quality for the best price. I have never seen a line of products that I thought all were superior. I believe in giving the client an individualized program based on their needs including taking into consideration their financial problems. If there are spending $100 a month on chips, coke, sugar laden cereal and the like, then this is where it should begin in helping them to live healthier. The way they shop, cook, and the food products they eat are the first problem with most families.

Price is an issue with many families, and if I can find them a high quality supplement that is less expensive, I will do that instead. It irks me that many of the people selling multi-level products are just salesmen who know their product line well. Some of them do have a solid background in health and herbs, but many do not. No matter what their background, herb sales quota should not be the main objective. No matter what products you use, the first step should be diet and exercise, if you are using integrity. The problems they may have with self esteem, anger, and pain from the past influence their wellness state, their ability to get well, and their motivation to stay well. Without identifying those issues, they will not stay on the best diet in the world or the best supplement in the world. So many times, clients get to a certain point in their wellness path and never get past that. The issues of pain, anger, and stuck emotions cause this rock in their path to real health. The main cause of their ill health was never dealt with.

The difference between an Herbalist and a Salesman:

I got into herbs and alternative medicine because my youngest daughter was born with a compromised immune system. I studied the immune system, the studied the endocrine system, I took courses from Dominion Herbal College in Canada, I studied under the late Bernard Jensen and studied Iridology. I studied under Keith Smith,MH in Escondido who is one of the best herbalists in the United States, and I took more courses. I took courses in Nutrition, amino acids, and hormonal imbalance problems and more. The point is that a true Herbalist or Master Herbalist went to school to learn their healing modality. They spent time, money, effort and years to gain their expertise in their field of choice.

An herb salesman is often highly educated on the line of herbs they sell but have not had formal training as the above. They spend little time helping the client with lifestyle issues that may be affecting their wellness state. Their main focus is how many herbs you are going to buy each month. I will certainly hear a lot of flack from those of you who are identified by the last paragraph and so be it. If I am sick and overweight, I want someone working with me who has my genuine health as their ultimate goal. If their motive for having me buy herbs, is that they need to sell $100 more on a given month to remain a certain level in the company, that is not true integrity.

Integrity or Sales Quotas

I suggest if you are one of the people that are described in this last paragraph, that you examine your motives and integrity. Are you selling herbs out of your genuine interest to help people achieve their highest wellness state? If you can say, yes, with honesty, then I am all for your program. Again, many of the multi-level products sold in the marketplace are of high quality and very beneficial to health but it is the motive behind some of the sales I question. I also feel that any wellness program must be layered over a positive lifestyle and diet to work ultimately.

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70 Reasons to Lose Weight

Whether your goal for the New Year was to shed a few pounds or a few preschoolers, the following list of seventy reasons to lose weight may become your list of seventy positive motivators to stay on your diet. It seems the simple mention of the word “diet” makes us hungry. It’s never been figured out why, but basically it goes back to the saying that we all want something that we just can’t have. Hopefully the 70 reasons to lose weight will help keep you motivated and on the straight and narrow, and make you smile along the way.

· If you lose weight, you will be more appealing to others.

· If you lose weight, you can have skinny people as friends again.

· If you lose weight, you will feel the power of accomplishment.

· If you lose weight, you can get regular shoes instead of Velcro.

· If you lose weight, you won’t have to worry about wearing revealing clothes such as shorts or a bathing suit.

· If you lose weight, you will stop wearing out the thighs of your pants.

· If you lose weight, you can bury that self-consciousness about people watching you eat, wondering how much you weigh, and all those other mental games that the conscious is capable of.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to go out in a boat on a lake.

· If you lose weight, you will feel like playing with your pets again, and you will be able to.

· If you lose weight, you won’t embarrass people when you tell them you are not pregnant.

· If you lose weight, the clothes you wear will look better on you and will appear tailored instead of baggy and sloppy.

· If you lose weight, you can toss those industrial-sized granny panties and get some that are cute and sexy.

· If you lose weight, not only will you ease your mind about your health, you will ease the minds of friends and family who also worry about you.

· If you lose weight, you can quit worrying about coming up with new excuses for being overweight.

· If you lose weight, getting dressed in the morning will be enjoyable instead of the trigger for depression.

· If you lose weight, you can shave all of your legs instead of just what you can reach.

· If you lose weight, you will feel sexier and when you feel sexier, you will become sexier.

· If you lose weight, you will feel more comfortable when driving or riding in a car.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to use a regular towel instead of the beach towels.

· If you lose weight, you will feel good about yourself.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to wear one of the patient gowns at the doctor’s office instead of two or three.

· If you lose weight, you will feel better physically.

· If you lose weight, your breasts will undoubtedly stick out farther than your stomach.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to buy stylish clothes that you like, not just because they fit.

· If you lose weight, you won’t mind telling people how much you weigh.

· If you lose weight, your heart won’t have to work as hard.

· If you lose weight, you can cross your legs again.

· If you lose weight, you will be happier.

· If you lose weight, you won’t dread having your picture taken.

· If you lose weight, you will be healthier and less likely to acquire illnesses associated with weight gain such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and poor circulation.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to wipe yourself completely again.

· If you lose weight, you won’t mind eating around others.

· If you lose weight, you will be better able to detect tumors or abnormal growths.

· If you lose weight, you will eat healthier food; therefore your family will eat healthier.

· If you lose weight, you won’t perspire as much, and will feel and smell cleaner.

· If you lose weight, you will be less winded when walking stairs or long distances.

· If you lose weight, your laundry time will be reduced because of the smaller clothing.

· If you lose weight, you will become an inspiration and motivator to others who are trying to lose weight.

· If you lose weight, people in the grocery store won’t be analyzing your cart to see what you’re eating that’s making you so fat.

· If you lose weight, you will live longer.

· If you lose weight, you can ride a horse instead of torturing it.

· If you lose weight, you won’t have a fear of scales any more.

· If you lose weight, friends and family will be able to remember you as a small person instead of a fat person.

· If you lose weight, you will look better, and when you look better, you automatically feel better.

· If you lose weight, you won’t dislike skinny people again.

· If you lose weight, you won’t mind looking in the mirror.

· If you lose weight, you will want to go to that next class reunion.

· If you lose weight, your back and feet will thank you.

· If you lose weight, you can ride a motorcycle again because you will be able to successfully lean with the bike.

· If you lose weight, you will become less critical and negative about yourself.

· If you lose weight, your grocery bill will be reduced.

· If you lose weight, you will want to take the stairs instead of the elevator (and you’ll be able to!).

· If you lose weight, your doctor’s visits and medical expenses will likely be reduced.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to order clothes from your favorite catalog again.

· If you lose weight, you will feel like doing more activities.

· If you lose weight, you will have more mobilityto do things like, play with kids/grandkids, walk, run, do housework, yard work, etc.

· If you lose weight, you can enjoy dancing again without feeling ashamed.

· If you lose weight, close friends and family will stop naggingyou about dieting and losing weight.

· If you lose weight, you will be more likely to exercise which will make you more physically fit.

· If you lose weight, you will be able to wear a sexy bra (that actually fits).

· If you lose weight, you will have more confidence and boost your self-esteem.

· If you lose weight, summer can be your favorite season of the year again.

· If you lose weight, you will get to wear smaller sized clothing.

· If you lose weight, your doctor will stop badgering you about weight loss plans, healthy eating, blah, blah, blah. (Like you really want to look the way you do.)

· If you lose weight, shopping will be more enjoyable because you will be looking for smaller sized clothes in the latest styles.

· If you lose weight, you won’t feel hatred toward mirrors anymore.

· If you lose weight, you will unleash energy that’s been stored up inside you.

· If you lose weight, you can offer support and encouragement to others who are trying to lose weight.

· If you lose weight, your socks will stay up over your calves.

· If you lose weight, you can go to the movies again and not have to worry about fitting in the seats.

For more inspiration, check out 365 Reasons to Lose Weight.

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6 Ways to Reduce and Pay eBay Seller Fees

A great number of people make money by selling on eBay each month. Obviously, the service is free to sign up for, but there are fees associated with selling on the auction site. Under most circumstances, you have to pay for listing an item to sell, any extra features you use, and a percentage of the final sale price. Paying these fees can be a little difficult because they are easy to forget about and aren’t billed as soon as an item is listed or sold. With that in mind, here are some ways an eBay seller can reduce their fees and pay them off too.

Increase shipping fees just a tick.
Sellers are allowed to charge shipping and handling costs. Of course, some sellers abuse that by charging heinous amounts for extremely slow and bad shipping. Anyways, sellers looking to pay their fees can pull a little bit of a trick with shipping charges. Reducing your selling price and increasing your shipping charge can help you incur reduced fees and more to pay those fees. Sure, it’s not the most righteous thing to do, but it will save you some money. On the other hand, you could simply increase your shipping price by a dollar or two to help pay for fees, which is a completely legitimate and fair thing to do.

Always use PayPal to take care of fees.
Never have eBay automatically debit your checking account or charge your credit card to pay for eBay fees. Doing so can cause you to overdraw your account or exceed your credit limit, which will do a lot of harm to your financial well-being in some cases. Therefore, you should always have your eBay fees deducted from your PayPal account. Linking a secondary bank account that you don’t usually keep much money in will help too. You might get your account suspended for not paying fees if you don’t have enough money, but you normally have a little bit of time to get the money together and pay the fees. Through this method, you won’t harm your credit score or get a bunch of overdraft fees.

Donate some money to charity to pay less in fees.
Through eBay Giving Works, you can donate some of the proceeds from your individual eBay sales to various charities. Doing so will fetch you a credit on your final value fees, which can help out greatly. Sure, you might lose a little extra money from donating to charity, but these donations are tax-deductible in most cases. Your fees will be lower and you can help out a charitable organization. Who can complain about that? On top of that, your items are more likely to sell at a higher price because the item will have a charitable donation badge associated with it.

Use less features to minimize fees.
You get charged on eBay to use multiple pictures. to use “Buy It Now”, and tons of other things. Most of these features are optional though, so you don’t have to utilize them. So then, you should minimize the amount of features you use on your listings to lower your insertion and feature fees. Most items will sell without tons of pictures, giant pictures, and bolded texts. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your money on making your auction or sale look like the best one out there. Your item will still sell and you will end up with less fees at the end of each month, which is always a good thing.

Utilize free listings when possible.
Each month, you can get free listings under certain circumstances, which means you won’t have to pay any insertion fees. The final value fee is still there, but it’s always good to save where you can. If you list a hundred items per month, then you can get almost $100 in savings for the insertion fees, depending upon what you sell. On top of that, eBay sometimes does promotions where items can be listed without insertion fees for a certain time span. Taking advantage of these “free” listings is the key to reducing your eBay fees because you will only have to pay for features used and final value fees if your item sells.

Sell items in categories that receive reduced or free features.
Certain categories of items have the added benefits of free or reduced features for sellers. Of course, you should take advantage of this and sell in these categories if you have any items that can be sold there. Sometimes, you will be allowed to add pictures for free or you can use a free subtitle. The reduced or free features are always a good thing because they allow you to set your auctions and sales apart from the rest without wasting too much money on these features. On that note, you should always take advantage of the free features when you sell items in certain categories, and the reduced fees for features are occasionally worth it.

Don’t get killed by fees!
Sometimes, fees for selling on eBay can get a little out of hand if you don’t manage the way in which you sell your stuff. You have to ensure that you minimize your fees and pay them on time to avoid spending too much or having an account suspended for nonpayment. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to reduce your fees to where they are manageable enough to pay without a problem.

For more information, visit Paying Your Seller Fees and Fees for Selling on eBay.

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5 Great Snow Tires for Your Light Truck or SUV

If you drive a truck, you know that winter can be rough in a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The light rear-end of an unloaded truck bed can slip easily on the ice. If you’ve got to get your truck around in the wintry weather, a good set of snow tires could keep you out of the ditch. Check out these great winter tires for trucks and SUVs.

Michelin Latitude X-ICE Tire

The Michelin Latitude X-ICE Tire is a studless winter snow tire with an advanced silica-based winter tread rubber compound on the treads that stays flexible in cold temperatures. It is an intermediate snow tire designed to be used in snow or in dry conditions. The Michelin Latitude X-ICE is ideal for areas that don’t keep snow all season, but get the occasional wintry weather. Pick up a set at Sears.com starting at around $148.00 per tire.

Firestone Winterforce UV

The Firestone Winterforce UV, designed for light trucks and SUV’s is a studdable winter snow tire designed to use studs on the tread to grip into snow and ice, giving your truck more traction and control. A studded tire is a great option for your truck if you live in the colder climates where snow and ice is more likely to stick around through the winter season. Get a set from Tirerack.com, starting at $69.00 per tire.

Dunlop Grandtrek SJ5

The Dunlop Grandtrek SJ5 is another great studless tire for light trucks and SUVs. It is a high-end tire that uses a glass fiber-reinforced compound on a directional tread to dispel moisture from the contact patch of the tire where it meets the ice and snow. The Dunlop Grandtrek SJ5 uses zigzag grooves to help grip with acceleration and brake force. Purchase a set at Tirerack.com starting at 171.00 per tire.

Bridgestone Blizzak W965

If you drive a medium-duty to heavy-duty truck, you’ll need a tire rated to carry the extra weight. The Bridgestone Blizzak W965 is a studless winter snow tire designed for your heavier vehicle. The deep, independent block treads and zigzag sipes keep the tire hugging the road by pushing the moisture out of the path of the tire. The heavy grip blocks of the tire dig into the snow without the hassle of a studded tire if your winter doesn’t snow all season. Get a set at Tiresavings.com starting at $125.00 per tire.

Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow RFT

The Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow RFT is designed for luxury SUV’s. It is a run-flat tire capable of continuing to carry the weight of the vehicle in the event of a flat. Not only will the asymmetrical design of the tread grip deep into snow and ice to prevent skidding and sliding, but it will roll smoothly in dry conditions, preventing the need to change your tires between snowstorms. Never change a flat in the snow again, get your set of run-flat Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow RFT tires at Tirerack.com starting at 263.00 per tire.

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A Guide to Kosher Restaurants in Orange County

What happens in LA seems to trickle down to Orange County. Unfortunately, the kosher revolution hasn’t quite gotten to Orange County yet, although it’s in the works. To eat at some of the best kosher restaurants, you’re still going to have to drive to LA. Kosher has grown in popularity in recent years among the Hollywood crowd, not only for it’s religious benefits, but for it’s health benefits as well. Kosher food is prepared under strict food handling and preparation guidelines, where certain foods cannot touch each other. Only certain types of animals may be eaten. Often, many restaurants employee someone to oversee that food is being prepared under Kosher guidelines. However, you will find many “kosher-style” establishments that don’t necessarily prepare and serve in proper kosher format, but serve traditional type Jewish foods. Many times they will serve limited kosher plates alongside traditional kosher meals. They usually do not employ someone to oversee food preparation either. A true traditional kosher restaurant will usually employee someone (typically a rabbi or other official) to oversee the preparation of the food. Finding decent kosher establishments in Orange County has gotten a lot easier. Below are some of the most common places to eat in Orange County:

Orange County Kosher Market and Deli
688 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 838-3108
Restaurant Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Friday 08:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday 08:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The Orange County Kosher Market houses a wonderful kosher Deli. The deli offers outdoor patio seating, perfect for eating when the weather is nice. While the deli is simple in decor and ambience, the food is wonderful. The deli offers sandwiches, salads, soups, side dishes, meat, poultry, and baked goods. The Matzoh Ball soup is a favorite among locals who eat here, as well as the pastrami on rye. The food also comes at a great price; under $10 per plate. The restaurant is supervised under rabbinical and mashgiah supervision. Dress for this establishment is casual. Take out is also available.

Kosher Bite Deli & Meat Market
23595 Moulton Pky, #H
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 770-1818

Also a true kosher deli serving sandwiches, soups, and other light fares. If you are looking for something to eat besides a sandwich, they also serve kosher hotdogs. The deli itself isn’t fancy. Your sitting at plastic tables and eating with plasticware. While the food is good, it’s nothing spectacular and slightly overpriced. A half sandwich will cost you under $5, a whole sandwich combo with sandwich and drink under $10. Dress is casual and seating is limited. (There are only several small tables to sit at).

Blueberry Hill Cafe
Merage Jewish Community Center
1 Federation Way
Irvine, CA 92603
Restaurant Hours:
Counter Service During Community Center Hours
Catering Also Available
Monday – Thursday: 5 am – 10 pm Friday:5 am – 5 pmSaturday:1 pm – 5 pmSunday:8 am – 6 pm
The Blueberry Hill Cafe is a step above your average cafe. The Cafe offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. During summer hours, you can also dine poolside and enjoy meat meals. The cafe serves wraps, soups and salads, pizza, and sandwiches. The center also offers “Lox in a Box,” a bagel with all the fixings. The Cafe is most known for it’s catering. The Cafe often caters weddings and bar mitzvahs, on site at the community center, or at off-site events. Meals are generally under $10 per plate, but some meat meals served during the summer may be slightly more expensive. Dress is casual.

Sunflour Bakery
2950 Grace Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Bakery Hours: Unavailable

The only kosher bakery in all of Orange County. The Sunflour Bakery offers vegan kosher foods. They mill their own flour on site to provide the best kosher bakery foods available. The center offers cookies and cookie dough, cupcakes, breads, pastries, muffins, croissants, and scones. The bakery also offers mixes available for purchase on-site or at Wild Oats, Mother’s Market, and Gelson stores throughout Orange County. The bakery offers some unique offerings as well. A cookie decorating party is available for children, as well as a party-to-go where you can order cookie decorating kits and decorate cookies in the comfort of your home. A variety of different party-to-go themes are available for adults and children. The Bakery also offers a cookie of the month club, where the cookie flavor of the month is delivered right to your door. Bakery dress is casual, and cost for the baked goods is generally under $5 per item.

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Accent in Music: A Multidimensional Concept

A basic definition of the word accent in music is very simple: an emphasis on a pitch or a chord. But in practice, musical accents are created by many different kinds of factors, each factor constituting a different level or dimension of musical perception. Accent, then, is a multidimensional concept.

Musicians and musicologists widely accept the idea that music has four fundamentally different kinds of accent: dynamic, tonic, agogic, and metric.

Dynamic Accent
A dynamic accent is an emphasis created when a pitch or chord is louder than its surroundings. This, of course, is the most familiar kind of accent.

An extensive catalog of words, abbreviations, and signs has evolved to indicate degrees of loudness in music. Those indicators are called dynamic marks (dynamics for short). The most common, from soft to loud, include pianissimo (pp), piano (p), forte (f), and fortissimo (ff).

A dynamic accent, that is, increased loudness, on an individual pitch or chord within its current context may be indicated by words or, more usually, by abbreviations. Examples include forzando or forzato (fz), rinforzando (rf, rfz), and, most frequently, sforzando or sforzato (sf, sfz).

A common pattern is sfp, a dynamic accent followed immediately by piano. A similar pattern is forte-piano (fp), loud followed immediately by soft.

However, dynamic accents are indicated much more often by signs than by words. A wide range of traditional and recently invented symbols are used for the purpose.

Musicians and musicologists divide dynamic accent marks into two broad categories: those for percussive attacks and those for pressure attacks. Percussive attacks occur at the higher (louder) dynamic levels, and the symbols indicate a range from moderately strong attacks to very sharp attacks. Pressure attacks occur at the lower (softer) dynamic levels, and they, too, have a range of stresses; they may be described as “leaning” on pitches or chords rather than sharply attacking them.

Tonic Accent
A tonic accent is an emphasis created when a pitch is higher than its surroundings. The word tonic refers to the fact that the accent is produced by the tone (pitch level) itself.

Typically, this kind of accent results from a melodic leap to a higher tone within a given line.

Agogic Accent
An agogic accent is an emphasis created when a tone is of longer duration than the tones in its surroundings. The word agogic is derived from German agogisch (based on Greek agoge, literally “the act of carrying away,” extended “musical tempo”).

The adjective agogic means of or relating to agogics, the subtleties of musical performance achieved by nuances of time, especially the theory that musical emphasis involves not only dynamic stress but also stress implied in the length of tones.

Typically, this kind of accent results from a tone being held longer than the preceding and succeeding tones within a given line.

Metric Accent
A metric accent is an emphasis created in the first beat of a recurring pattern of beats (called the meter) in measured music. Most classical, folk, and popular music employs such regular patterns, which, in notation, are set off by vertical bar lines. Each bar line marks the beginning of one recurrence, or measure, of the beat pattern.

A regularly recurring metric accent, that is, the stressed first beat in a measure, does not necessarily depend for its emphasis on the placement of dynamic, tonic, or agogic accents. In other words, this beat, often called the “strong” beat of the measure, may be, but does not have to be, louder, higher, or longer than the “weak” beats to fulfill its function.

The creation of metric accents depends primarily on the manipulation of tonal materials. In traditional tonal music, for example, harmonic rhythm, the rhythmic pattern created by successive harmonies, typically reinforces the meter, especially by the use of key-defining chords on strong beats.

A momentary contradiction of the prevailing meter-that is, having a strong impulse where one is not expected and suppressing the normal accent of the pulse-is called a syncopation. Syncopation is often created by using dynamic, tonic, or agogic accents to offset the established metric pulse.

Grout, Donald Jay, and Claude V. Palisca. A History of Western Music. 5th ed. New York: W.W. Norton, 1996.

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 2nd ed. London: Macmillan, 2001.

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