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American Idol 2011-Thia Megia Should've Been Sent Home Not Karen Rodriguez

I’m not going to waste your time rambling about everything that happened on American Idol this week from beginning to end. I’ll go straight to the point. As we all know Karen Rodriguez was sent home even after performing, “Hero,” by Mariah Carey one last time for the judges, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. In my opinion, Thia Megia should’ve been sent home not Karen Rodriguez. These are the reasons why:

Karen Rodriguez

Karen Rodriguez didn’t perform quite well last week, but this week I liked her performance, “Love Will Lead You Back” by Taylor Dayne. Karen’s performance was much better than last week’s. She seemed to be coming back. Even Randy Jackson said, “Definitely better than last week. Welcome back.” Karen Rodriguez sings in Spanish, which that makes her unique. She’s proud of her roots. At least, she was making an effort to stay in the competition. I could tell she was.

Thia Megia

Thia Megia has performed nothing but boring songs. Even Randy Jackson said that Thia’s performances had been boring to him. And I totally agree with Randy. Yeah, Yeah, so she has a beautiful voice. But all that Thia Megia has been doing for the past few weeks is stand on stage, and perform the same old type of songs, “ballads.” This week, Thia Megia performed, “Colors of the Wind” by Vanessa Williams. Another ballad…shocker!

It almost seems that Thia is not even trying to be in this competition. She’s playing it way too safe if you ask me. Too safe = boring. American Idol is not only about having a beautiful voice and looking pretty. American Idol is also about being creative, artistic, and unique. For example, performing different genres, or simply changing it a little, playing an instrument. Thia, this is a competition for God’s sake!


American Idol 2011 Karen Rodriguez sent home:

Karen Rodriguez performance Video:

Thia Megia Performance Video:

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Amd Athlon 64 X2 Dual-core Processor: The Laptop Standard

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor has become the standard processor for many laptops. The cost efficiency of making them is pretty good also. The best thing about them is that they offer a great deal of processing power that can be combined with 64 bit architecture.

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor allows you to use your laptop as a small business management system. It has the power to hand all of the programs that you can throw at it. That includes all of the programs that are bundled in the Microsoft Office Suite. It can also handle many studio programs that are designed to power a studio.

With enough RAM, it can even play some of the latest games such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It can also play the processor and memory hungry game called Unreal Tournament III. This game would utilize the full extent of the dual core system. It requires a lot of RAM so the AMD 64 X2 dual-core processor will need at least 2GB of RAM to comfortably run.

Then there is the ability to use Window Vista x64. This means that you can fully utilize the 64 bit architecture on your computer. This effectively doubles the amount of memory that the computer can read in once cycle. On a small scale 32 bits of data is terrible small but when you realize that this effects every clock cycle then you will see that even the operating system itself will load much faster. Programs that are designed to be run in 64 bits are almost always better such as the Farcry game according the AMD. It was compared to the 32 bit version and it was obvious that the 64 bit version of Farcry has much better graphic precision and response time.

Many people think that 64 bit processing can only benefit video games when nothing could be further from the truth. The AMD 64 X2 dual-core processor can be use as a miniature business server when you use Windows Vista Business Edition or Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. These editions allow you to use your desktop or laptop computer as a server so you do not have to pay someone to host your site. A processor such as the AMD 64 X2 dual-core processor could be a perfect tool if you are hosting a small site. Of course it wouldn’t last if you were a mid-sized company but most small business have to start somewhere.

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6 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes

When it is time to paint, exterior paint colors reflect the character of your home. Painting exterior brick presents a challenge, simply because house brick “must” be red. Read on and find out why red is not necessarily among the best paint colors for brick homes.

Exterior Paint Colors Should Complement the Neighborhood Character

Do not paint your house brick purple, just to stand out. Instead, choose to paint exterior brick work with colors that complement those, which are dominant in your area. For example, when it came time to pick out paint colors for our home, we took many drives through the neighborhood and determined that shades of beige and brown are dominant. While I had my heart set on a green tone, it would have made the home stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, we opted for three harmonizing sand tones. As a result, the home fits into the natural flow of the neighborhood.

3 Paint Colors from Dunn Edwards That Your House Brick Will Love!

Twilight Taupe
This is one of the warm neutral paint colors. After prepping your brick, it will give it the illusion of sandstone. Complement it with dark hunter green or dark brown trim.

Mist Spirit
On the other side of the spectrum is “Mist Spirit,” which is a cool neutral paint. Exterior brick will look a bit like marble. Pair this color with darkest brown or white trim.

Frosty Fog
This neutral paint is also in a similar grey hue as “Mist Spirit,” but it has sufficient warmth that it allows you to make use of the violet color families for trim and shutters. Expand on the color of your house brick by planting purple and violet blooming flowers in your yard.

3 Exterior Paint Colors to Choose, When House Brick Is Only an Accent

This brown tone is a warm, neutral color that is sufficiently dark to provide a stunning complement to a light or dark colored home that uses green or beige tones.

Whispering Rain
Opt for this shade when working with a home that is painted in bold green. Rather than using the house brick to draw attention to itself via a dark color, the lightness of “Whispering Rain” makes it a visually pleasing contrast to shades, such as “Bonsai” or even “Dill Grass.”

A classic among exterior paint colors, house brick in this shade works well with greens, blues and reds. It is not the white you might remember from other painted brick surfaces, but instead provides just enough depth to the hue that it makes “Chalky” appear to lend some texture to the overall paint scheme.

Think Twice Before Painting Exterior Brick

Use only paint from a reputable manufacturer. Make sure it is formulated for application to exterior house brick. Moreover, evaluate if you really want to paint exterior brick. Once completed, this step is virtually impossible to completely reverse.


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5 Unique Investment Ideas

With many people being afraid of investing their money in the stock market and even saving their money in the bank, here are some unique investing ideas. These ideas are just that, ideas that you can use to come up with your own strategy. Blindly buying anything is a great way to lose all of your money. If one of these ideas interests you it is your responsibility to learn all that you can and make your own decisions. Financial professionals can assist you with your investments, but they are your investments and it is your decision. Invest in only what you understand.

Investing in yourself is an investment that is greatly overlooked, yet is of prime importance. In an age of information what you hold between your ears is going to do more to determine whether or not you end up rich and successful. A couple hundred bucks spent on a college or trade class that teaches you something useful is one of the wisest investments you can make.

Real Estate can hardly be considered an overlooked or unique investment but here are some unique ways of looking at real estate as an investment. Paying off your house early provides a person a solid footing to stand on and allows them more confidence with their money. With a paid off house you can lose your job and go broke, yet still own your home. Investing in real estate for their ability to make money is another angle. Not only from price appreciation and rent but also production of timber, oil / gas / and other minerals, and agriculture.

If you already have some land to store things then consider scrap metal investing. Buying large quantities of aluminum, copper, and other metals now that are key to our modern way of life may pay off in the future.

If you have a passion or a great understanding of art and other collectibles the collecting of these items for future profit may pay off well also. The key is to know what will be valuable in the future. Some items are collected as fads, some items are timeless. If this is an area that you know well there is money to be made.

Another unique investment idea is to take big gambles with small amounts of money. While putting $10,000 into an Iraqi company can only be considered gambling, putting smaller amounts into many long shots might well pay off in the long run. A hundred dollars invested in a hundred crazy ideas around the globe at least diversifies your risk. Remember, a hundred American dollars won’t go far in the USA, but in impoverished countries it can be a sizeable stake in a company. Of course, chances are that you will lose it all so don’t invest any money that you can’t afford to lose. Check out if you are interested in dipping your toes into high risk / high reward investing.

While I am personally not ready to give up on the American stock markets, the whole key to the investing game is to buy low and sell high. Fortunes can be made buying stock in large companies and fortunes can be made in bubble gum. Use what you know to find your investing niche. And be careful!

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A Review of Pencil: A Free Interface Mockup Application

Pencil is a free application that allows anyone to design prototype or wireframe interfaces for websites, software applications, and mobile applications. Known as the Pencil Project, the application is considered freeware and is published under a creative commons license. Pencil comes in two forms: a plug-in for the Firefox 3 web browser and as a standalone application. While the plug-in form of Pencil can be convenient, it can be less responsive than running the standalone version. The standalone version is far more responsive and has better performance. This review covers the standalone version.

Currently the standalone version of Pencil is available for Windows and Linux. The most current version available for both formats is version 1.2. Pencil does a pretty good job with its core purpose: to design interface prototypes or wireframes. Many software developers and website designers use mockup and wireframe tools such as Balsamiq Mockups, Denim, Protoshare, and Caretta GUI Design Studio. All of these applications offer powerful features for a price. However, Pencil offers many the same options and features found these products without cost.

Pencil offers what is referred to as stencils collections which are groups of design elements designed for different types of interfaces. The stencil collections cover basic interface objects for websites, operating systems, standard GUI systems, and even mobile phone interfaces. Any stencil can be used from any collection and it’s easy to mix and match. Also included with Pencil is a general set of design elements along with what is referred to as Sketchy stencils. The sketchy stencils look like they were hand drawn, making a prototype interface to be more of a work in progress. If the included stencil collections are not helpful, further stencil collections are also available on the Pencil website.

In Pencil, it is easy to create different design levels for each interface. Using the sketchy elements collection, one can design a rough design for initial presentation. Then the designer can create a more polished design using other collections. Then the designer could create a final design mockup using some of the more advance stencils. In fact, many of the stencils are semi-interactive including drop down menus, panels, tabs, and radio buttons. Pencil also includes basic drawing operations as well as text elements for designing prototypes with custom features. The designer has a wide range of interface levels that can be created using Pencil, making it very versatile for many levels of prototype design.

After producing interface designs or prototypes, a designer can choose to save the design or export the design as a png graphic image, a pdf file, a web page, an open office document, or even a Word document. These versatile options are easy to use and make presenting final designs in presentation slideshows or even on websites very easy.

What’s not to like in Pencil? If one wanted to nick pick, there could be a larger collection of stencil collections available either online or built into the applications. The plug-in version has some performance problems but the stand alone performed very well. Some people might like a more robust feature set or even more interactive stencil elements while others might want greater support that what is offered by Pencil. There is support in the form of forums and online user guides. However, for the price, the application holds up fairly well with other prototype tools such as Balsamiq Mockups.

Without a doubt, designing prototype interfaces is a snap with Pencil. It is relatively easy to create a fairly complex prototype in little time. The different selections of stencils can be mixed for different interface designs with both low and high fidelity. The use of basic drawing tools also helps to round out the design features in Pencil. The inclusion of a multitude of export features makes Pencil a good choice for designers that need to use their creations on other platforms. Pencil is highly recommended for anyone to try out when considering a wireframe or prototype application.

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Adding a Car to an Existing Insurance Policy

Adding a car to an insurance policy can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Many wonder if adding a car to an existing policy is worth the hassle, but there are inherent benefits of adding an additional car to a pre-existing policy.

Before you consider adding a car to a policy you should research the car and it’s general rates to get an idea on what others are paying. Most people will chat up their insurance rates on car forums, so that’s a great place to start. Then all you have to do is call your insurance company and add the car to the policy. The company sales rep will walk you through the process in no time. You should have the cars make, model and VIN number handy. The rep will need all the information to add the car to the policy. The company will then e-mail or fax the insurance cards to you or the dealership from which you are purchasing the car, depending on state protocol.

If you are adding an additional car for yourself or another adult driver you will likely receive a “multiple car” discount, which allows your premiums to drop on both cars. While you’ll be paying more for two cars than you were for one car the rates will be lower on each individual car than they would be if each car had it’s own policy.

Some cars will carry inherently higher premiums based on their record and the risk associated with ensuring them. SUVs and sports cars are considered higher liabilities so the premiums will be high on those regardless of the multiple car discounts.

If you are adding a teen driver to your policy ask your company about the “good student” discount. Several companies offer a reduced rate for children who are consistently good students and perform well in school as they are seen, generally, as more responsible individuals. All you will need to do is fax a copy of your child’s report card to the company. Any driver’s education that has been taken by the teen driver needs to be accounted for as well because it can reduce the rate as well.

Finally if you are planning on adding a teen driver’s car to your policy it is best to get a used car as their rates are generally cheaper as the value of the car is lower. Other than that a teen driver will add to your premium regardless.

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5 Ways to Increase (or Not Increase) the Resale Value of Your Real Estate Property

There are many improvements that you can make to your real estate in order to increase its value at final sale. Property improvements, such as the installation of new cabinets, landscaping, or carpets, can really pay off when the time comes to sell your home or condominium.

In order to keep costs low and profits high, you should hire professionals only when you absolutely need help. Some things, such as painting walls, changing locks, or planting shrubs, are improvements you can easily make by yourself. On the other hand, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by a job you can’t handle- that may become more costly than hiring an actual contractor.

Given limited time and resources, you will certainly not be able to update or change everything on your property. So, what are the most cost-effective home improvements you can make that will increase resale value? Furthermore, which property updates will attract the most buyers?

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where the buyer will spend a good majority of his/her time. The kitchen is usually the first place the buyer will step into when inspecting a home. If you are considering making any improvements to increase the resale value of your home, then you should strongly consider upgrading the kitchen.

A modernized kitchen will attract more buyers with such features as a new granite sink, exposed wood cabinetry, marble countertops, and the latest appliances. Even a new tile or ceramic floor will add significant value. At the very least, paint the walls and ceiling of the kitchen with a white or neutral color; this will give a feeling of freshness to the buyer.

The Bathroom

In order to really increase resale value and make your home attractive to potential buyers, consider installing an additional bathroom. If that is not feasible, then remodel your current one with new faucets, lighting, wallpaper, cabinetry, and flooring. A whirlpool/hot tub is a nice addition, but many buyers will consider it an unnecessary luxury. In general, whirlpools and hot tubs make back only a third of their original cost.


Painting the walls and ceiling of your property is one of the easiest and also the most noticeable improvements that you can make to your house. You should use white or neutral colors when painting and make sure the paint is lead-free.

Because painting is one of the least desirable improvements for those moving into a new house, a fresh coat of paint will greatly increase buyer interest in your property. Painting your property, both inside and out, is one of the least expensive ways to increase the resale value of your home. A newly painted property will have significant curb appeal as well as a clean and up-to-date look.


Real estate agents typically advise sellers to install new carpeting in their homes. There is good reason: for the money and time spent, this single improvement results in a significant increase in buyer interest and property appeal. New carpeting also covers up a multitude of sins below: scratched floors, exposed baseboards, and wood stains all become nonexistent after just one roll of carpet and matting.


If you want to increase the resale value of your home while also adding outdoor enjoyment, consider building a deck. The cost of building a deck can be almost completely recovered through increased property value and buyer interest, and meanwhile you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying your outdoor retreat.

Decks can be quite affordable to install if you obtain your own blueprints and materials and do your own labor. Deck materials range from treated lumber to composites that will last for decades. In order to further capitalize on your investment, you can host an open house from your very own deck, making sure to showcase this gem.

Now that you know which improvements will help increase the resale value of your home, you may want to know which improvements will not drastically increase your home’s value- or may even devalue it. Here is a list of items that will not significantly increase property resale value:

New furnace/water heater/central air

Many homeowners install new furnaces, water heaters, or central air conditioning units in the hopes of increasing their home’s resale price. Unfortunately, what they don’t realize is that most buyers expect a house to be already equipped with these items. You’ll gain some points by announcing that your appliance is brand new, but you’ll certainly not make back the cost of what many consider to be part of basic home maintenance.

New roof

As mentioned above, many buyers consider a roof, even a new one, to be part of basic home maintenance. After all, every home needs a roof, whether it be a completely new one or something that has been around for the last 20 years. Don’t expect to make back the cost of this item.

Fancy/exotic paint style

For some time, it was all the rage to have textured or crackled paint on one’s walls. While you might be crazy about a certain paint style or color, don’t assume that the same is true for your buyer. In fact, the buyer might surprise you and charge you money (in the form of a reduced property price) to restore walls back to their original white or neutral color. Therefore, it is best not to get too creative with painting.

Luxury items

That heart-shaped Jacuzzi may have been the centerpiece of your old house, but don’t expect potential buyers to see it in any special light. The same holds true for that two thousand dollar pulsating shower head in your bathroom, the Italian marble surrounding your fireplace, or the imported all-crystal chandelier. In today’s tough economy, many buyers are simply looking for a place to live. They could care less about (and will not be paying extra money for) the hand-woven Persian rug you are leaving behind in the living room.

Armed with these tips, you will hopefully be able to increase the resale value of your property without breaking your budget.

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5 Best Exercises for Seniors with Arthritic Knees

When it comes to anatomy, the human knee was short-changed. With all the work it does – from helping people get out of chairs to retrieving things from low shelves – the knee should have been cushioned with enough protective cartilage to last through old age. Instead, many seniors find themselves hobbling around with painful, arthritic knees that make each step a struggle. After years of daily service, the protective cartilage wears away and the exposed bone grows thicker, rubbing painfully against the joints.

The best way to ease the pain of arthritic knees is to strengthen and stretch the muscles around the knee. Knee stretches and strengthening exercises make walking, getting up from a chair, and bending the knees both easier and more comfortable.

Here are five of the best strength and stretching exercises for seniors with arthritic knees:

Arthritic Knee Exercise #1: Side Stepping: This easy exercise is literally hard to resist. Just place a resistance band around both of your ankles, and step sideways until you feel resistance. Move 10-20 steps in one direction, then reverse. As your muscles strengthen, you’ll notice you can take larger steps.

Arthritic Knee Exercise #2: Knee Strengthener: This is a great exercise to do while loafing on your couch or easy chair. With your knees bent, cross one ankle over the other. Press down with the top leg and up with the bottom leg, maintaining equal pressure. Hold 10-20 seconds.

Arthritic Knee Exercise #3: Quad Strengthener: Remain seated. Extend one leg out, gradually lifting it until you can feel your quad muscles tighten (the quads are the four muscles on the front of your thigh, just above the knee). Hold for 10-20 seconds. Repeat with your other leg. You can also do this exercise in a standing position to improve your balance.

Arthritic Knee Exercise #4: Quad Stretch: Now that you’ve strengthened your quadriceps, it’s time to stretch them. In a standing position, with your left hand holding on to something for support, grab your right foot or ankle with your right hand and gradually bring the heel of your foot toward you until you feel a stretch. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Repeat with your other leg.

Arthritic Knee Exercise #5: Walking: One of the best things you can do for your knees is to move them, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. In a classic Catch 22, lack of use will make the muscles around your knees gradually become weaker, making it even more difficult and painful to move around (hence the old saw – use it or lose it). Try walking with a buddy or listening to your favorite music to distract you. Once you get past the initial discomfort of walking, the activity will become easier and more enjoyable.

Final Tips for Arthritic Knee Exercises: Regardless of which exercises you do, be sure to breathe normally. Contract your abdominal muscles to strengthen your core muscles and avoid straining your back. You can also incorporate more aerobic exercise, such as swimming and recumbent bicycling, into your daily routine. This will help you burn up fat, reducing the pressure on your tender joints.

Personal experience

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5 Natural Remedies for Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms

Coping with withdrawal symptoms can be very difficult and often leads to a relapse in the substance use. It is not always possible or desirable to relapse or just keep using the substance. You are in luck I am going to give you 5 natural remedies proven to help relieve withdrawal symptoms. Note most of these remedies are universal and will help in various degrees depending on the source of your withdrawal. I personally have only experienced withdrawal from anti depressants, anxiety meds, anti psychotics.

The body and mind suffer from numerous effects of withdrawal known as symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are not only physical, but psychological as well. Some of the worst are Electric zap feelings in the body. Severe headaches and stomach aches, severe flue like symptoms, vomiting, hallucinations, Psychosis, Sleeplessness, extreme fatigue and cravings for the substance you are in withdrawal from. Generally for sever withdrawal of a substance it is recommended to seek a doctor’s help. It is sometimes necessary to wean off of the substance with decreasing the doses or substituting the substance with a less addictive one and decreasing the doses until you are completely off of the substance. This is the most commonly prescribed method for preventing and or alleviating the severity of withdrawal from a substance. Unfortunately not everyone is able to be weaned off of a substance, and must for differing reasons stop cold turkey. The following 5 remedies are helpful in this situation.

The # 1 natural remedy is nothing other than the incredible substance of Water. That’s right water helps relieve symptoms of constipation, urges/cravings, hunger even coughing. Water also helps flush the body of remaining substances such as nicotine or what it is you are withdrawing from. It has helped me in the past in relieving some of the symptoms of withdrawal I was having. In my case it was anti depressants, anxiety meds and anti-psychotics. For the first 4 days I could not ingest anything but water. Even that was difficult to keep down. After that I was able to keep bananas down for the most part.

The #2 natural remedy for withdrawal symptoms is to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, foods with high fiber and nutritional value. These foods help revitalize the body with nutrients and other essential substances to heal itself. Detoxifying the body causes the loss of vital nutrients as well as the toxins.

The # 3 natural remedy for withdrawal symptoms is a combination of herbs and plants with are made into a tea or digested in another form. Such as Mimosa (Mimosa Hostilas) Tea to relieve headaches and anxiety caused by withdrawal of a substance. It also is known to boost your mood such as anti depressants. Milk Thistle is known to help the liver recover from Alcoholic withdrawal. It has been shown to help the liver to remove toxins from it and prevent toxins from entering the liver. Kudzu has been found to decrease interest in drinking alcohol.

The # 4 natural remedy of symptoms is controlled breathing techniques. It is something I personally have used to help out. It is not a 100% effective. It has helped against headaches, restlessness, nausea and anxiety. The amount of information on breathing techniques is too vast for this article. Yoga defines one technique as the complete breath which utilizes the body’s complete respiratory system allowing the most possible intake of air and expansion of one’s lungs. It is the deepest breathing possible. This is the basic breathing technique for breathing exercises. Something called Low breathing is what should be used when doing normal daily activities. The simple act of breathing right such as low breathing where you inhale and push out your stomach can help remove headaches, abdominal cramps and help calm you as well.

The # 5 natural remedy to withdrawal symptoms is exercise. Simply put walking and jogging and any other physical activity helps the body to help itself. You mentally feel better as well. You do not need to do any extreme workout simply staying active is effective for most people. It helps distract the mind from the symptoms as well.

Ok so there you have it 5 relatively simple yet effective methods for relief from withdrawal symptoms. I will recap drinking water and plenty of it has the most benefit for you. Eating healthy foods is the second most beneficial remedy for withdrawal as well as life in general. Next in line is taking herbal or other natural substances known to help relieve symptoms of withdrawal. It is easier to look for natural/herbal remedies for specific symptoms instead of withdrawal in general. Learning how to breathe properly as well as different breathing techniques is very helpful in certain situations. Different techniques can be found under Yoga, meditation and other activities such as these. Simple exercise is the final step in a natural remedy for withdrawal. Doing your daily housework or going out for a walk or jog are great effective forms of exercise. How much exercise you need is dependent on your physical fitness. Well that is it simple enough right? It is free or very cheap as compared to hospitalization, prescription and over the counter remedies for withdrawal. The best relief from withdrawal is to not use the substance in the first place. It is not always possible to not use substances. Like in my case I was on meds. Good luck to you.


My own personal experiences:

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6 Great Ways to Keep Mice Out of Your Home Without Poison

Mice in the home are an unpleasant experience. They tear into your food supply, leave droppings and urine along the sides of the walls, hide in the radiators, roam the halls at night, and fill your home with a musky stench. These rodents are not only unpleasant they are also unsanitary. Mice carry worms, fleas and mites which cause disease. If you have small children in the home or feel uncomfortable using chemicals you may not feel comfortable using poison to get rid of these pests. Poison is not the only option there is to get ride of mice. Below are some ways to keep mice out of your home without using poison.

1. Glue traps can be used to trap those snooping mice. These types of traps are fairly harmless to humans and if caught on human skin can be easily removed with vegetable or mineral oil. These types of traps are not favorable to many because they are a bit inhumane. When the mice get stuck on these traps they squeak and become permanently stuck there. These mice will slowly die and waste away on that glue trap. This is a bit callous but is an alternative to using poison.

2. Keep the lights on in your home. Mice are nocturnal meaning that they come out at night and sleep during the day. Their eyesight is usually pretty poor in the daytime and so they prefer to roam around at night. Keeping your lights on to ward off mice is a great option when used with the other alternatives that I have mentioned. This option alone might not be as effective because mice that are extremely hungry will brave the light and scurry across the floor.

3. Picking up the clutter in your home is a great alternative to using poison in your home. Mice love clutter they are attracted to it. They love crawling through piles of clothing on the floor and they especially love any paper that is left behind. Mice chew up paper and even plastic to make bedding (nests) to sleep in. If you eliminate the clutter and keep the corners and floors of your home bare they will not seek much comfort there and will look elsewhere for shelter.

4. Avoid leaving food or drinks out. This is a great way to reduce the mice in your home. By reducing their food and water supply you starve them out. There are two reasons why mice enter people’s homes; shelter and food. If you avoid leaving food out and especially eating in any room other than the kitchen you will starve the mice out of your home. You should take note that mice are very resourceful and will eat and chew things that appear inedible such as; paper, books, wood, insulation, plastic, and cloth. You should store as much food as you can in the fridge and remove food from boxes and store them in air tight plastic containers or glass jars. Place condiments, pastries, sweets and bread in your refrigerator.

5. Keep your trash in the trash can. You should avoid using plastic bags and placing them on the floor. All trash should go directly into bins. Mice are very diligent hole makers and will easily tear holes into your trash bag that is left on the floor. If the mice know that you keep your trash on the floor in plain view they will continuously come back for more trash. They might even come in multiples to raid your trash.

6. Seal off entrance ways with caulk and brillo pads. You can block the mice off from entering your home by using caulk or brillo pads and also by using nail and wood to close off entryways. You may want to keep in mind that mice can chew through wood so consider covering the back of the wood board with something that a mouse cannot chew through such as Plexiglas. Brillo pads can also be placed inside of holes to prevent mice from entering through them. Mice cannot chew through most brillo pads. The best way to find mice entrances other than pulling a night shift to watch the corners in the kitchen is to follow the trail of mouse droppings in your home. Wherever there are mice droppings there should be an entryway close by. Seek these entryways out and seal them up.

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