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Ahead of Its Time but Never Produced, the Readius EReader Now Shows Signs of Life

Imagine a device as small as your cell phone fully loaded with thousands of books and capable of blazing fast wireless connectivity, high speed news updates, 3G mobile phone capabilities, and email access. Now imagine this same tiny device as it unrolls to reveal a large 5-inch display. That’s what the folks at Polymer Vision, a Dutch spinoff of Phillips, imagined back in 2005 when the company displayed its prototype of the Readius eReader at the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited show in Berlin, Germany.

According to reports from the time period, the Readius concept was designed for mobile business professionals wanting a small eReader without compromising readability, performance, weight, or mobility. In short, this mobile device had to be small and portable, yet it had to maintain the readability of its larger counterparts. In addition, the prototype featured eInk, four gray levels, and a high contrast ratio on its 320 x 240 pixel display, making for easy reading (even in sunshine) and low battery consumption.

Like many concept cars unveiled at automotive shows, the Readius was never intended for mass production. Polymer Vision created the Readius to spark the imagination and to showcase its rollable displays for future use in mobile devices. Though conceptual at first, Polymer Vision later considered producing the Readius with news reports speculating that the Readius would be ready to hit the streets by Christmas 2006. This never happened. In 2008, the Readius once again piqued the imagination of consumer gadget lovers at the Mobile World Congress with rumors of a fall 2008 product launch. By mid-2009, hopes for the improbable device quickly faded as Polymer Vision filed for bankruptcy on July 7th.

Clearly, the Readius was ahead of its time. Though eReaders have been in existence for several years, it took Amazon’s release of the Kindle in 2007 to really capture the imagination of booklovers around the world. While a tiny eReader with a rollout display showed promise, it never made it from the prototype stage to the hands of readers.

However, hope is not lost. A few weeks after the bankruptcy filing, CNET News quoted Polymer Vision’s president, Karl McGoldrick, as saying that the company was looking for new investors to take the product to market. And find them he did. 12 million euros later, Polymer Vision was acquired by a Taiwanese company, Wistron, in the fall of 2009. Wistron’s chief of product planning, Brian Chong, recently announced that Wistron is developing a device featuring a similar Readius design with a flexible display that will launch in 2010.

While exact specifications have not been formally announced, the product specification found on are impressive with features including:
• eReader capable of HTML, ASCII, PDF, and future ePub and re-flowable PDF formats
• E-mail reader supporting IMAP and POP3
• RSS reader supporting text and audio feeds
• Image viewer for viewing JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF images
• Included agenda viewer
• Polymer Vision’s rollable display
• eInk
• 16 gray levels
• 320 x 240 QVGA resolution
• 5-inch diagonal display size (when unrolled)
• Microsoft Win CE operating system
• 128 MB RAM
• 256 MB internal storage
• High capacity MicroSD removable storage
• 30 hours of active reading per charge
• Bluetooth connectivity for accessories such as headsets
• USB connection
• USB mass storage

In addition to making for an extremely small eReader device, rollable displays are a thin and light as paper, unbreakable, and easy on the eyes. Since 2005, gadget lovers have been salivating over the Readius, anxiously awaiting the day when the pocket eReader with the pull-out display hits the shelves. False starts and bankruptcy killed the Readius before it ever had a chance. Now, with the acquisition of Polymer Vision by Wistron and confirmation by Brian Chong that a similar product is set to be launched in 2010, the Readius is once again showing signs of life.

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A Review of the Camera of the Nokia E72: Why the Nokia E72 Camera is Just Short of Excellent

The Nokia E72 is an excellent business phone, but many people are unaware just how good the camera on the phone really is, in fact it falls just short of excellent. Its 5 megapixel camera is no longer revolutionary but produces pictures that rival many low end digital cameras and can be used to print excellent photographs. The camera is located to the rear of the phone and comes equipped with a mirror which helps to take self portraits along with an LED light to illuminate low light settings when taking pictures or recording videos.

The camera takes photos at a maximum pixel resolution of 2592 x 1944 and uses an excellent interface which should have the developers at Nokia taking plaudits. The camera has a vast amount of settings seem in many premium digital cameras such as: ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, contrast, sharpness and white balance.

Unfortunately there is no dedicated shutter key (a key that turns on the camera and takes a picture) though the trackpad controls the shutter with a half press actually turning on the camera and a full press after that taking the photo. The menu when taking a photo can be hidden to allow full use of the screen as a viewfinder. The photo cannot be taken while the camera menu is active however since pressing the trackpad would simply open the selected menu item, this is an oversight and should have been fixed, though simply pressing the left or right buttons on the directional pad removes the menu from the screen.

There is a gridline on the viewfinder when taking photos which can also help in framing and aligning of photos which can help to make them look that much more professional as well as increase their aesthetic value. The phone camera seen in the Nokia E72 has a sequence mode and self timer as well as numerous settings for the flash of the phone.

The Nokia E72 camera produces fantastic images which rival any other 5 megapixel camera phone on the market. The noise level of each photo is very low even in low light conditions and the camera captures a large amount of detail. The colors and contrast of the pictures are excellent even though purple edges and a yellow tint may be visible in some photos, though many of the photos seem warm and appealing.
The camera on the Nokia E72 is one of the best cameras in any mobile telephone on the market in the 5 megapixel segment and rivals many of the cheaper digital cameras. The actual camera interface could be better however and this causes the 5 megapixel camera to fall just short of excellent.


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A 200 Year Old Ship Buried at the Site of the World Trade Center is Unearthed Today

A massive hull of a 200 year old ship was unearthed today at the site of the World Trade Center ruins. The eerie, but historic, find is being examined by archaeologists today, according to the Fox News

A team of Archaeologists from the firm AKRF was hard at work carefully uncovering the rest of the ruins. Elizabeth Meade, who is part of the team, believes the ship was part of a landfill on that site. The area were the ship was found was filled in between the 1790’s and the 1830’s. Meade said ” this is the kind of thing archeologists are always hoping to find in landfill deposits”.

The area the ship was found in was once where the land ended and the shore began. The landfill extended the area so it can be used to build on. It was a fairly common practice to sink old ships in that era and then use it as part of a landfill to make more waterfront land available, reports Molly McDonald, who is another archaeologist examining the artifact.

Along with the ship, a 100 pound anchor was found, but it is unknown if it was the ships anchor or if it belonged to another ship. “It is rare to unearth a ship, only a few have been uncovered so far”, reports McDonald, and she went on to say “how exciting it is to find it at the ruins of the World Trade Center”.

The work of uncovering the ship is all being done by hand because once the wood is exposed to the air it deteriorates rapidly. Along with unearthing the rest of the ship, archaeologists are busy mapping and documenting exactly how the ship was laid out. They are quickly recording and analyzing the ship and the area in which it was found.

The ship was found 20 – 30 feet below street level and has been there for over 200 years. A circular metal collar type device was also found with the ship, which was several feet in length and built into the hull of the ship and it was supported on a brick base. It is a mystery as to what this part was used for on the ship, but the NY Times article speculates that “it was possibly some type of steam contraption or maybe an oven”.

Archaeological finds offer a look into the history of things. The Peabody Museum in New Haven, Connecticut is a show case for archaeology and an educational experience. The great rooms are filled with artifacts of native Indians, dinosaurs, and many other types of unearthed finds that have supplied a snapshot into the past of how people lived, the tools they used and the clothing they wore. Much is known about history from artifacts that have been unearthed.

The name of ship found at the World Trade Center site is unknown at this time, but it may provide the archaeologists with some type of new information. This is why each find is unique and treated like a national treasure. Hopefully, with enough exploring, something will be found that will supply the team with this ghost ship’s name. Along with a name they may be able to figure out the circumstances that made the World Trade Center site its burial ground.

References: Fox News

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5 Red Flags in a Woman's Online Dating Profile

A red flag in a woman’s online dating profile is anything that gives you an uneasy feeling that means, “Danger! Danger! Cut your losses and move on to the next profile!”

So what are these red flags? What should you look for, and how do you avoid them?

The following is a list of the top five red flags you might find in a woman’s profile:

1. She says she’s “average.”

In the bio portion of her profile, if she answers it by saying something like, “I’m the girl next door type,” then you can assume that means boring.

If she describes herself as the girl next door, she probably doesn’t have much of a personality to speak of.

2. There’s a lack of visual clues.

If a woman only has one photo on her profile and it’s such horrible resolution that it appears fuzzy, chances are she’s trying to hide her true physical being.

3. She has a laundry list of “I wants.”

If a girl’s profile has 30 “I wants” for her ideal man, then she’s living in the clouds.

It’s smart for a woman to have an idea of the type of man who will make her happy, but when she starts talking about only dating men with green eyes and lawyers from Connecticut, move on!

4. Friends?

If her profile says she’s only looking to make new friends, then she shouldn’t be on a dating site.

The key word here is “dating.” She should stick to Facebook if she’s looking for a man to be in her life for moving furniture, painting her living room and fixing the kitchen sink.

5. She’s not living in reality.

If her profile describes the perfect man as, “Looking for George Clooney’s looks, Brad Pitt’s smile, Matt Damon’s intelligence and Jimmy Fallon’s humor,” she is living in La La land. That or she’s never actually dated a real-life man.

The great thing about online dating is there are plenty of women in the sea. Don’t waste your time with the ones whose profile raises red flags.

Move on and look for the ladies who are worth your time and effort and are truly committed to finding “The One.”

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A Review of the Acne Hyperpigmentation and Scarring Treatment Alpha Hydrox

What Are Alpha Hydroxy Acids?

Alpha Hydroxy acids are a popular treatment for acne scars as well as hyperpigmentation. Alpha Hydroxy acids work as an exfoliate, which gently removes the outermost, or dermis, layer of your skin. Over time they will reveal new and fresher looking skin. Many people use and swear by Alpha Hydroxy acids and there are several products available on the market containing the ingredient. Most of these products can be purchased for at home use and are over the counter treatment. One of the most popular brands for Alpha Hydroxy acids is Alpha Hydrox.

What Is Alpha Hydrox?

Alpha Hydrox is a popular brand of over the counter treatments for acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and light wrinkles that includes the active ingredient Alpha Hydroxy. Alphya Hydrox can be purchased at most drug stores, tailored beauty shops and several recognized web sites. The product line contains several moisturizers and spot treatments, all containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Recently, the brand has added oil free versions of their product line, which can be very beneficial for people who suffer from oil related acne break outs. They have also added a line of creams that contain Retinal-A, a well known agent in fighting wrinkles and age spots.

Does Alpha Hydrox Work?

Personally, I have tried Alpha Hydrox with some success. Initially, I noticed my skin had a much softer look and feel. After a week of use my skin had a noticeable clearness that could be seen in any light. After two to three weeks of continual use the hyperpigmentation around my chin appeared lighter. While the results were not perfect, the darkened hyperpigmenation spots on my face did gradually lighten while I used the product.

Other users have noticed a decrease in their acne while using the Alpha Hydrox product line. Most notably, almost no one trying the product reported an increase in acne break outs, which is often that case when anyone who suffers from acne tries a new treatment for post acne scarring or hyperpigmentation.

The only noticeable down side to the Alpha Hydrox brand is an increase in oil production in the skin. Several people showed a noticeable amount of oil on their face after only a few days of use. This may mean the product line is best avoided by people who already suffer from oily skin.

However, if you have a dry skin type or mild hyperpigmentation this product may be worth trying. While the results you may get from Alpha Hydroxy acid are not as beneficial as ones you would receive at a dermatologist, it is a much cheaper and move convenient option. Especially for those of us on tight budgets or with limited time.

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