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A New Father's Parenting Tips for the First Three Months

It was a very cold February morning when my wife decided to take a random pregnancy test. She woke me up at 6 am that Sunday with the news of the positive test. Of course it was the last test in the house, so without warming up the car I jumped in it cold and drove over to our 24 hour Wal-Mart. Four different brands and sixty dollars later I returned home. We lined them up one by one and as + signs and double lines appeared we knew after almost two years of trying God had blessed us with our first pregnancy.

My wife, being the worry-wart and OCD beauty that she is, called the doctor first thing that Monday morning and the very next day we were at an afternoon appointment where the pregnancy was confirmed. For the next 3 months things changed: My wife was lucky, she didn’t get sick, she did however feel nauseas quite a bit. She was fatigued all of the time which can be beneficial to fathers to be because the remote is suddenly yours without argument. I was able to watch a lot of sports and put in a lot of quality video game time. At about three months my wife got her energy back, but the emotions began to flow. There was no watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition or anything on Lifetime, a simple Hallmark commercial would turn the waterworks on. From six to nine months she got over the joy of being pregnant and could not wait for our son to arrive. The swollen ankles, feet and hands had a lot to do with that as well as one of the hottest summers on record.

After a 19 ½ hour labor and over three hours of pushing our son, Nathan joined his family. At 9lbs 10oz he instantly made my wife my hero. I just stood there with a dumb look on my face in amazement that she was able to go through all of that and deliver a toddler, God bless her. With all of the technology these days, we were texting and Skyping, letting everyone know that our new edition had arrived. It made me wonder if babies will soon be delivered with a blue tooth in their ear and texting on their I-phones.

Tip 1: Be prepared. Fathers, put the car seat(s) in the car(s) and put a packed bag in the car(s) as well. Be on alert and cut back on the alcohol consumption, you never know when you will have to drive your wife to the hospital. Some things to bring with you: Something to snack on, not all hospital food is very good. Something to read or watch, newspapers, magazines and an I-pod work well. You can bring your laptop or web browser as well, most hospitals have free Wi-Fi.

In our hospital Nathan stayed with us in the room. He was never taken away to a nursery or left our sides. He was eating regularly and everything seemed fine. As the day we were supposed to leave approached the doctors became concerned over his color and bilirubin level in his blood. Nathan had developed Jaundice, which now we know is common among newborns, and even more common among Asians. Nathan being half Korean was a prime candidate. Nathan was unable to leave on his scheduled check out date, he had to remain in the hospital in the ICU. According to WebMD Jaundice is:

“Jaundice is a condition that makes a newborn ‘s skin and the white part of the eyes look yellow. It happens because there is too much bilirubin in the baby’s blood (hyperbilirubinemia). Bilirubin is a substance that is made when the body breaks down old red blood cells .

Jaundice usually is not a problem. But in rare cases, too much bilirubin in the blood can cause brain damage ( kernicterus ). This can lead to hearing loss, mental retardation, and behavior problems.”

As new parent’s never having been through this before we of course were terrified. We came home and napped for about an hour then returned to the hospital. We were lucky enough to have my wife’s parents come to the house and stay a few days. If you have family around it is a huge help with any newborn, but especially helpful when your baby has to stay in the hospital for some extra time. We spent the next three days mostly at the hospital in the ICU watching Nathan in his tanning bed under his lights. A lot of coffee and newspapers later, Nathan got better and we were able to finally bring him home. The catch was we had to get what is called a Bilirubin Blanket. According to WebMD:

“Babies with jaundice who are otherwise healthy may be treated at home with a type of phototherapy that uses a fiber-optic wrap, usually a blanket or a band. These wraps usually reduce blood bilirubin levels more slowly than standard phototherapy, so generally they are used only for mild jaundice. Sometimes standard therapy and fiber-optic wrap therapy are used together”

The Bilirubin Blanket was delivered to the house and the technichen showed us how to use it. We had to plug it into the wall and wrap the blanket around him. The blanket had a slight claiming humming sound to it and would glow blue like the underside of a car in the Fast and Furious movies. While the home treatment was occurring we had to bring Nathan back to the hospital daily for blood work to see where his bilirubun levels were at. This is where I got my very first taste of being a new father. At the hospital they made us register in every time we went, I would hold Nathan and my wife would do the paperwork. The very first trip to the hospital while my wife was registering Nathan he had his first public blow out. I had to take him into the men’s room and well we had to trash the outfit he was in. Twenty minutes later we re-appeared cleaned and ready to roll. After that first episode I knew nothing would ever gross me out again, it’s funny as a parent how quickly you become non squeamish.

Tip 2: If your baby has Jaundice do not panic. It is common and is a very curable situation. Just be thankful that it is something that can be cured and prepare yourself for many trips to the hospital. Hopefully within a week or two your baby will be perfectly fine. When going out anywhere always bring at least one extra outfit for your baby, I would recommend two.

Nathan got better within the week and he was finally able to sleep without heat lamps or glowing blankets. We thought we were in the clear. Little did we know our next hurtle was right around the corner. I went back to work and my wife stayed home for the next six weeks. Every day I would get calls of how much he would not stop crying and how he would barely nap. We called the pediatrician and we were told Nathan just had colic and there was nothing we could do. Colic it seems is a common occurance in babies and doctors really have no idea what causes it or how to treat it. Doctor’s will tell you after three months colic seems to go away and babies tend to improve. After another couple of weeks of uncontrolable crying we began to grow concerned, it might have been the lack of sleep or the defness in our ears; we found out quickly the Nathan had a healthy set of lungs. We made an appointment at the pediatritions office and they finally figured out Nathan was lactose intolerant.

The week before my wife was due back to work a solution had been reached. We switched his formula and Nathan became a completely different baby. All of this time and crying we had no idea that every time he ate we made the situation worse. Babies can’t tell you how they feel, they can only cry. This usually means three things: 1. Wet or poopie diaper 2. They are hungry 3. They are tired. Lactose intolerant babies will cry because they are in pain. If your baby is lactose intolerant I recommend Similac Alimentum. Other formulas may be lactose free or made from soy milk, but this formula eliminates all proteins that your baby can be allergic to and it works wonders.

Tip 3: If your baby cries more often then not ask your doctor. Most doctors will go the colic route first and tell you to keep an eye on your baby. (Doctors will always say that no matter what) Ask your doctor about possible lactose intolerance and see if switching formula is an option for you and your baby.

Hang in there, things get better. One thing you have to remember as new parents is to be happy that there are two of you. My wife and I always say we are amazed that single parents can do all of this. A last few helpful tips as a couple:

1: Don’t get angry with each other. It’s better to be each other’s support system then to drag each other down.
2: You’re both tired and irritable so do not take anything that is said in the heat of the moment to heart.
3: Do not get into a contest of I do this and you don’t do that. Work together as a team.
4: Rotate nights for feeding. Some babies will sleep through the night early, others will take forever. It is better to get a solid night’s sleep every other night then to get up once or twice every night. If you are a light sleeper you may want to consider sleeping in a seperate room some nights so you do not wake up when you spouse gets up to feed.
5: Don’t get mad at your baby. Remember this whole living in the world is new to them and they can’t tell you what is wrong when they cry. The best you can do is stay calm and comfort, crying does not last forever, things get better with time.

In the end being a new parent is a life changer. There is a lot more take out instead of eating out. My beer is cheaper and lasts a lot longer than before and I have now learned to function on an average of four hours of sleep or less. The older your baby gets the easier parenting gets. The first time you get a smile in response to yours and you know it was not just gas in your baby, your world will change even more. Your baby becomes your best friend and you will want to do nothing but spend time with them every chance you get.


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A Beginning Runner's Guide to Handling Shin Pain

According to PodRunner Intervals, the 5K is the most popular race in the world. As such, Cool Running developed a popular Couth-to-5k running program that inspired beginning runners all over the world to abandon their potato munching ways in favor of the pavement.

As a former aerobics instructor, I was inspired to get fit again and persuaded my husband to join me in the quest. Yet by day three, every run or speed walk resulted in his shins feeling as if they were literally on fire. This feeling along with shin splints is a common complaint among beginning runners but can be overcome with a few steps.

1. Never stretch cold muscles. After the warm-up, and especially after a running workout, kneel on the floor with toes relaxed and slowly lean back towards the toes. Stop at any signs of pain, but work towards being able to lightly relax onto the feet while the shins are being stretched.

2. Practice building up endurance by walking on the heels of the feet several times a day. Stretch the calves after each practice.

3. When the shins release any fire-like warnings during a workout, lift the knees while walking for a few seconds to allow the toe to point downward and relax the shin. Shake out the legs, and then proceed to continue exercising at a slower pace. The muscles will gradually adapt and cease to cause pain during the workout.

4. Ensure that the running shoes have adequate support and cushioning. Experiment with different shoe inserts until the shoe itself feels comfortable for long periods of time. Don’t hesitate to replace running shoes between three and six months of use if shin pains begin to reoccur.

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5 Things to Consider when Renting an Apartment for Maximum Savings

One of the first considerations when selecting an apartment should be location related to work location or areas that are most traveled during normal weeks. If you relate say .54 per mile and the added time spent driving to the cost savings on one apartment location versus another, you can quickly burn up the savings in additional travel cost. Take into consideration the social and personal errands that will be needed monthly and use these figures to compute the various cost structures.

Second what are the energy efficiencies in each of the apartments you are contemplating? Some of the apartments built in the 80s and 90s do not have the same insulation and appliance efficiencies offered in newer apartments. You can easily sink a good portion of rent in inefficient fuel cost. Determine what the rent includes and excludes as far as utilities. Then compare the budgets of the various locations you have selected.

Third determine the amenities that come as part of your rental package. If wifi is available as part of the package, this can be a significant savings if internet is needed for school or work. Cable, trash pickup, bus service, gym access, recreational services, pet and storage are other considerations that can be added value if these services would be paid for if not included.

Forth consider the initial deposits and contractual obligations for each of the locations. First and last month’s rent is not unusual, but depending on the situation; there are deals to consider when comparing locations. Often times in a college town for example, there can be a break in a 9 month lease versus a full year. Communicating your needs to the rental agent can often give you a contract that works well with your unique circumstance.

Fifth as in all things there are seasons when rental opportunities are better than others. Often times, there are incentives offered to entice renters to the location which help the bottom line. Savings can be significant in moving cost, cable and internet installation, down payments and often a free month’s rent or two. There are many online rental sites that do an excellent job of comparing rental packages that will aid in the research of the rental opportunities. Craigslist is another good resource.

Living in housing that suits your budget and your lifestyle will enhance your day to day circumstances. Take the time to do the research and determine what are the most significant needs for your household and the cost associated for the amenities in your location.

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An Ideal Lorikeet: The Emerald Lori Bird


The Emerald Lorikeet is certainly one of the most lovely lories kept in aviculture. It is the little nephew of the better known Musschenbroek’s Lorikeet, Neopsittacus musschenbroekii. Imports have always been rare and, because of this it is a rather expensive curiosity.

In my experience it is one of most ideal lories. I will mention a few of their characteristics:

* Because they eat seed as well as the usual Lori wet mix, they won’t squirt their faces that far – so, their aviary or cage will stay clean for a much longer period.
* Unlike Musschenbroek’s, they do not gnaw that much.
* Because of their size you can also keep them in cages.
* They are not noisy.
* They are very strong birds. With a heated indoor section connected with an outdoor section it is no problem for the birds to go outside in the middle of the winter. Even if it is minus 8 C [below freezing] the birds can stay outside for a while. If the birds are kept this way they become very strong and will stay in a very good condition.
* After fetching, young birds remain very quiet. Even if they are raised by their parents, they will sit on the hand of the owner or at least eat out of his hand.


As mentioned before they look very much like the Musschenbroek’s Lorikeet. The main difference is in size. The Emerald Lorikeet measures about 18cm as the Musschenbroek’s is about 23cm. The Emerald weights about 35grams. The most important differences in color can be found on the breast and abdomen but also the beak.

The Musschenbroek’s has a more interrupted orange-red front. With the Emerald the front is nearly completely orange-red. The color of the beak of the Musschenbroeks is yellow while the Emerald has an orange beak. As soon as young birds fledge they look like their parents. However their beak is still dark brown and the front has an interrupted faded orange-red color. The young have a yellow mask, most of it will disappear later.

There are three subspecies of the Emerald Lorikeet:

1. The nominate race, Neopsittacus p. pullicauda: this one is similar to the one shown on the picture, however the abdomen is smoothly orange-red. This subspecies appears in the mountains of south-east New Guinea, west to the Sepik area.
2. N. p. alpinus: most birds of this subspecies have in comparison a lighter colored, orange-red breast, so the abdomen is a little bit darker of color. It look likes it shows a bit more in one bird than in the other. Because photographs are not always taken under the same circumstances, the difference in color is not always clearly visible on a photograph. This subspecies appears in the Snow Mountains and further east to the Fly River.
3. N. p. socialist: this subspecies has a darker head and back; with some birds the streaks on the cheeks are said to be more orange of color. The are found in the Herzog Mountains and the mountains of the Huon Peninsula (Papua New Guinea).

Considering the distribution of the subspecies and the fact that birds from Papua New Guinea were nearly never imported, it is to be expected that in aviculture only the subspecies alpinus is being kept.

Distribution and biotope

Emerald Lorikeets only appear in Irian Jaya and Papua New Guinea. Here you find them on the borders of the high mountains covered with rainforest which looks like a backbone over New Guinea. The usual altitude you will find them is between 2300 and 3700m; there were also birds spotted at as low as 800m but this is an exception. At a lower altitude you will see them together with Musschenbroek’s Lorikeets. According to the very limited information in literature you often see them in pairs or in a very small group. In the trees they feed on, you sometimes see 30 birds at the one time.

General information

They live of pollen, nectar, flowers, fruit and seed. Not much is known about their behaviour in the wild except that two eggs were found in a hollow in a tree. They are, at the moment, not endangered in the wild.

Practical experience

The Emerald Lorikeet has never been imported in big numbers. In the past they were probably imported together with Musschenbroek’s Lorikeets, but I do not have any clear information about this. In the late eighties and early nineties small numbers were imported by several dealers.

In December 2000 I purchased my first Emerald Lorikeets. Surgical sexing proved it was a pair. The birds were very shy, and as soon as they saw me they went into the nest box. The birds were kept in a cage of 150cm long, 50cm high and 50cm wide. Because they are very mobile, it is better to keep them in a small aviary. The nest box I provided and I still use is of the horizontal type. The measurements inside are 35cm long, 15cm high and 15cm wide. I used wood shavings as nest-fill. My pair gnawed this to pieces. But despite these activities no eggs were laid. In June 1993 I noticed that the male was not really well. I isolated this bird in a hospital cage. One day I came home and I could not find the bird in the hospital cage. My wife had not taken the bird out of the cage so what happened? I found the bird back behind the metal heating pad. It was nearly impossible for me to get my finger behind this pad. The bird did not survive this drama and it was a shock for me too.

I was fortunate enough to buy an other male in March 2004. The birds were really getting on with each other. This resulted in the first egg in November 2004 and consequently the first young. In 2005 I had two more young. Still it did not go really well. As mentioned before this pair first raised one young. This went really well. They did not feather pick the young and it was fed adequately. In the second nest two young hatched and were well fed but just before fledging one young was killed by one or both parents. In the third nest one young was killed immediately after hatching and the remaining young was seriously feather plucked.

By now it was the summer of 2008 and I had the nest box removed. After a break of three months and a lot of thinking from my side what to do next I put the box back in the cage. They laid two eggs and when the eggs were about to hatch I removed the male. Both young hatched and were raised exemplary by the female. This cycle repeated itself one more time. With the third nest something went wrong. The female just started breeding again when I noticed that the nest box was only hanging on one screw instead of two. This should not have happened, but it was a fact. I fixed the nest box, but the Emeralds did not return to the box. I had no idea for what period of time the eggs were cold. In the meantime one pair of my Striated Lorikeets, Charmosyna multistriata, was sitting on infertile eggs. I exchanged the eggs and also added an egg of the Meyer Lorikeet, Trichoglossus f. meyeri. All three eggs hatched, however one of the Emerald young only lived for half a day. The other young fledged mid February together with the Meyer Lorikeet.

In the meantime I did not sit back and had made numerous phone calls around the country and Europe trying to get unrelated Emeralds. I was able to buy a number of unrelated birds. These birds were all, except one, caught in the wild. I can also exchange some of my young against other blood lines. Another pair of my Emerald Lorikeets raised four young in 2006. Two other pairs laid eggs but did not raise any young. At the moment I am writing this, both my breeding pairs are sitting on fertile eggs. If this round is successful I will give these productive pairs a break. It is important now to raise young from the other pairs so I can form more unrelated pairs.

Emeralds Lorikeets are fed Aves Lorinectar, small seeds and some sunflower seeds. Every now and then they also get some fruit, but they are not really big fruit eaters. The quantity of seed they get is so small that I am sure they finish this in half a day. When there are young the usage of Lorinectar increases, while they eat less seed. You often read that raising Musschenbroek’s and probably also Emeralds is impossible without seed. I do not have this experience, I kept both species for a long period of time on only Lorinectar. Their condition did not deteriorate. The young Emerald that had been raised by the Striated Lorikeet was only fed Lorinectar, because Striateds do not eat seed.

Description of young

Thin grey primary down, which changes after about 2 weeks to dark grey down with a yellow spot on the back of the head (this is also known with the Musschenbroek’s Lorikeet). They open their eyes when they are 10 days old; I ring them with ring size 4.0mm when they are between 10 and 13 days old. After 23 days the wing pins start coming through. When the birds are 30 days old they are 75% feathered. The yellow spot at the back of the head is, at that time still there. After 35 days they are nearly fully feathered, the only down left is under the wings. They young from both pairs fledged on day 46 and 48.


The Emerald Lorikeet is at the moment not endangered in the wild. Despite this, I am trying together with a number of other aviculturists to save this species from extinction in captivity. At the moment this happens with breeders from Denmark, U.K., Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. At present there are two males in South Africa but hopefully we will be able to find two females for them in the near future.

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5 Reasons that a Strong Father-Daughter Relationship is Important

All children need a father in their lives. In the ideal situation, it is their biological father who is with them throughout the at least the first half of their life. In other circumstances, a strong and supportive male figure can fill the role somewhat. In blended families, the step father often must shoulder the load for his new wife’s children. A good father-daughter relationship is needed for several reasons.

A girl’s father is the intended to be the first and most enduring male influence in her life.

From the time when he helps rock the cradle, throughout the school years, and into adulthood, the man who assumes the role of father to his daughter will loom large throughout her life. He will ultimately become the yardstick that all other men are measured by to her. Whether he is a good man or not, it will be her father that sets the standard for the other significant males with whom she develops a relationship.

It is important that a daughter know that her father accepts her.

Many young women grow up to choose one bad mate after another as they look for the acceptance that they never received from their father. It is tragic that such a simple thing as letter a daughter know that she is loved and accepted seems to be so difficult for some men to master. Parental acceptance is vital to the mental and emotional development of children.

With daughters, it is that fatherly acceptance that seems to weigh the heaviest. A growing young woman can get a great benefit from a strong male influence that gives her this sense of acceptance. If she gets this acceptance from her father, she will be better able to make wise choices regarding men.

A good father-daughter relationship helps her learn how and who to trust.

Absent fathers and fathers who choose to ignore the parenting side of fatherhood risk raising children who grow up unable to trust other people. Daughters need to see how responsible caring men act. While no man is perfect, a growing girl needs to see a father who is there for her. One that cares about her and her well-being. Trust is a vital part in human relationships. Without it, marriages crumble and fail. A good father-daughter relationship is the first and best paving stone leading to a stable adult and a lasting marriage for the daughter as she matures.

Although they will be mothers and not fathers, it is the father-daughter relationship that teaches a little girl how to be a good and loving parent.

Even sons benefit from the influence of a strong male parent when learning parenting skills from their own parents. With a good father-daughter relationship, girls will not only learn to be a good parent, but will learn to trust her future husband to be a good parent, too. With this type of father for a pattern, she is far more likely to marry a man who will become half of a good parenting team.

There are a few other things girls should learn from their relationship with their father.

She should see her father work hard to keep the family functioning and provided for. Today, many wives share the wage earning responsibilities, but daughters should be able to see a father who is not afraid of work and is willing to work as hard and as much as necessary to see the family succeed. This will influence her to become an extremely productive member of society.

She should learn how to say “no.” Life will present her with many temptations. A good father-daughter relationship will give her the training and strength to make smart choices. This relationship should also be their for the adult daughter who may face some of those frightening places in life where she will continue to need his calming influence to make it through.

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7 Deadlift Mistakes; Some Will Surprise You

The deadlift is home to many mistakes that sabotage progress. I’m a certified personal trainer who also includes deadlifts in my regimen: free barbell and dumbbells. You probably already know what some of the classic deadlift mistakes are, but I’ll include them in the following list. In no particular order, here are common mistakes made with the deadlift.

Letting the barbell crash to the floor, either between each lift or at the conclusion. The reason I’m going to give for why this is an inexcusable deadlift mistake will make you go, “What? You serious?!” But here goes: The crashing of the weight creates a very loud noise. If you’re around loud noise enough, it will damage your hearing. I’d think that health-conscious men would want to protect their ears from getting dull. But apparently not. That’s your business, but the slamming down of the barbell imposes “secondhand” loud noise on nearby people; this is very inconsiderate.

Another reason slamming down the barbell is considered a mistake with deadlifts is because this can result in back strain if your hands are still on the barbell as it makes hard contact with the floor. Back injury is highly unlikely, but the risk is increased nevertheless.

I’m also inclined to believe that letting the barbell crash down is an ego thing, rather than sheer exhaustion, especially if it occurs in between each repetition. I do heavy barbell deadlifts to utter failure (4-8 rep max), yet I somehow manage NOT to let the weight crash down at the end. Though I don’t deadlift 400 pounds, a 4-8 rep max is as heavy to me as a 4-8 rep max with 400 pounds is to some big bruiser. Besides, a lot of the barbell crashing is done with loads well under 250 pounds.

Next deadlift mistake is jerking up the barbell with unlocked elbows. This redistributes muscle recruitment, and can also cause the barbell to move forward, creating extra stress on the lower back. Arms should be straight.

A classic deadlift mistake is rounding the lower back. At no point during the routine should the lower back be rounded; it should be arched. You may think it’s arched, but have a partner observe you for feedback.

Hyper-extending the back at the top of the deadlift is also a mistake. Stand straight and strong at the top of the lift, but don’t hyper-extend your back.

Make sure your feet are aligned and flushed, rather than one foot slightly ahead of the other, or one foot angled out more than the other. Feet should be mirror images of each other.

Wearing gloves is a definite deadlift mistake. Gloves will interfere with developing natural grip strength. Is isn’t “all you” when you’re using gloves, just like it isn’t “all you” if two spotters are on either end of the barbell and helping you hoist it up. Ditch the gloves and train your hands to handle the workload without the crutch.

Another deadlift mistake is not looking straight ahead. Of course, you must look down at the very beginning to place your hands on the barbell, but once they are placed, look straight ahead, then begin lifting. Few deadlift stations are not before a mirror. Keep your eyes on your reflection at about neck level.

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Advanced File Integrity Monitoring for it Security, Integrity and Compliance: What You Need to Know

Deciding which file integrity monitoring (FIM) product to deploy can be challenging. Unlike many other IT security tools, there are not an overwhelming number of options available. Still, understanding which product is the best for your environment in terms of functionality, security, and usability can be difficult. Knowing what to look for in a solution is the first step in making an informed decision.

Newer file integrity software boasts many improvements over the open-source options available. It also has advanced, capabilities that are simply not available with other commercially available solutions. With FIM required by compliance regulations including PCI-DSS, NIST 800-53 and SANS Consensus Audit Guidelines, the need to understand the current generation of file integrity monitoring software is now more important than ever. This paper will explore current file integrity monitoring capabilities and how file integrity monitoring is used to keep data secure and enterprises in compliance.

How it works

All file integrity monitoring products are essentially comparison tools that keep track of cryptographic hashes of files at different points in time. Hashes are used because they provide a unique “fingerprint” of each file and they can be easily analyzed since they are simply a string of characters. When a file is altered in some way, the hash for that given file changes to a unique new value. A strong hash provides absolute certainty, or non-repudiation, that a file has indeed changed. Integrity checking products use various hash algorithms, along with other file parameters, as a basis for proof that a file has, or has not been altered. However, file integrity monitoring products differ drastically in speed, performance impact, and capabilities in how they accomplish these steps. Advanced solutions such as CimTrak software, utilize innovative technologies that maximize file integrity monitoring performance.

Compliance Drivers

One of the major changes is the trend toward the incorporation of compliance checking and reporting. The impetus for this was the tight correlation between various compliance standards and integrity monitoring. Several well-established compliance standards call for file integrity monitoring to be implemented.

Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

The Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standards (PCI-DSS) was the first compliance standard to require monitoring of critical systems that handle payment card data. Section 11.5 specifically requires FIM be implemented to check files in the PCI environment. Given the extremely sensitive nature of payment card data, the ability to ensure the integrity and security of systems that handle it is extremely critical.

NIST 800-53 System And Information Integrity (SI) Guidelines

NIST 800-53 “Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations” lays out a framework for U.S. government agencies to safeguard IT systems. While it was developed for government use, it can be applied to any organization as “best practice” guidelines. For this reason, many commercial organizations also adopt the framework. Two main sections, SI-4 and SI-7 of the standard specifically discuss the need for integrity monitoring. Both sections deal with monitoring the IT environment for changes, which could affect security and compromise sensitive information. SI-7 specifically calls for a “… system that detects and protects against unauthorized changes to software and information.” It further states that “commercial off-the-shelf integrity mechanisms” should be deployed.

SANS Consensus Audit Guidelines (CAG)

SANS Consensus Audit Guideline #3, Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software on Laptops, Workstations, and Servers, also calls for monitoring to be implemented. SANS Consensus Audit Guideline #3 discusses how deploying file integrity monitoring can detect security threats and notify appropriate personnel in a timely manner. Requirement 3.5 requires integrity checking tools be placed on servers to monitor the security of the operating system as well as applications. CAG requirement 3.7 requires monitoring for critical system files including “executables, libraries and configurations” to ensure that changes are detected and that appropriate IT personnel are alerted.

Key Questions When Evaluating a File Integrity Monitoring Solution

Is the solution capable of truly real-time detection?

Is the solution easy to install, configure and use?

Does the solution only log file changes or does it have other capabilities?

Does the solution give you important information regarding changes such as who made the change, what process was used, and the originating IP address of the change?

Can the solution show you exactly what within a file was changed, giving you a side-by-side comparison with the original file?

Does the solution integrate with other security solutions such as SIEM’s?

What inherent security does the solution have?

File Integrity Monitoring plays a critical role in maintaining the security, integrity, and compliance of you organization’s IT assets. By providing you key information on changes, file integrity monitoring allows you to be are of, and react to, changes efficiently. Understanding how various solutions differ is the first step in finding and implementing solution that meets your needs. Read more about file integrity monitoring at http://ift.tt/1cVJICM and learn more about advanced file integrity monitoring tools.

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5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Contact Form

Most people know their website needs a contact page. They know they have to provide potential customers with a way to contact them. It just makes sense. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that their contact page should always include a contact form. Here’s why:

Professionalism: Adding a contact form to your website helps show your visitors that you are serious about what you do and are genuinely interested in hearing from them. Having a contact page with nothing more than a phone number and a physical address makes it seem like you really don’t care if your potential customers contact you or not.

Easy Accessibility: Not everyone wants to place a phone call for more information. There are also many people who won’t even be bothered to email you if it means they have to log into their email account and compose a new message. It doesn’t sound like a lot of work, of course, but the average internet user wants everything quick and simple and won’t be bothered to take extra “unnecessary” steps.

Data Collection: Possibly the best reason to have a contact form on your website is that it allows you to collect data from potential customers. Your form will generally have at least 3 fields to be filled out (name, email and phone number) before the message box where they can leave their comments or inquiries. The email address field should always be a required field. That way every time someone contacts you through your form, you are given an email address that you can file away for future correspondence. In time, you’ll have an entire mailing list.

Email Marketing: This sometimes falls under the category of search engine optimization or internet marketing. Every time you offer visitors a way to contact you through a form, you are also giving them the opportunity to sign up for notifications and emails. This can be done with a simple checkbox at the bottom of the message box that says something like “I would like to learn more about additional promotions and savings.”(More information on search engine optimization can be found in my eBook SEO like a PRO which is available through Amazon Kindle).

5. Gain Customers: When you first put your website online, it was probably because you wanted to gain more customers. A contact form helps you do that, again by allowing visitors an easy way to get in touch with you to learn more about your products or services.

While it’s important to make sure your contact information (phone number, fax, email, etc) is on your website, it’s just as important to allow visitors the option to choose a simpler way to reach you. A contact form is the best way to do that.

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A Guide to the 5 Best Lip Hair Removal Products for Women

Lip hair removal can be a very touchy subject for most women. While not many of us like to talk about it, we all partake in various hair removing rituals. I, personally, have extremely sensitive skin and thus have various different problems with hair removal in general. After much trial and error, I have found some amazing products to remove those unwanted hairs on my upper lip. In this article, I will discuss which products work best and are most effective for lip hair removal.

A Guide to the 5 Best Lip Hair Removal Products for Women

Nair Cream For Face
Nair moisturizing, hair removing cream for the face is a terrific buy for those with sensitive skin. In my experience, Nair is ultra gentle and will not cause any type of irritation. Nair facial hair removal cream is the perfect lip hair removal product because it is quick and completely pain free.
Price: $4.99 at CVS Pharmacy

Nad’s Facial Wax Strips
A superb tool for lip hair removal, Nad’s facial wax strips are hypoallergenic and require absolutely no heat. Nad’s strips are easy to use and are not very painful when used correctly.
Price. $4.99 at nadsproducts.com

Sally Hansen Crème Hair Removal Kit
Sally Hansen is a trusted brand in female beauty, and the this particular hair removal kit is proof. Besides being a great for lip hair removal for those with sensitive skin, this Sally Hansen kit includes a post hair removal conditioning lotion which is amazingly soothing.
Price: Varies at drugstores.

Veet Salon Line Easy to Use Wax Strips
Veet is a terrific brand for general hair removal and the easy to use wax strips are perfect for lip hair removal. The strips are very small, thus being easy to place on the desired area of your face and not irritate unnecessary skin. The kit includes the “Perfect Finish Wipe”, to be used after waxing, which eliminates any excess wax and soothes and hydrates the skin.
Price: Varies at drugstores.
*This particular product is fairly difficult to find.

Nair No Touch Upper Lip Cream
Another wonderful hair remover from the Nair family, made especially for lip hair removal. This product is great because it is so gentle to my overly sensitive skin and also because it works so quickly. The instructions state to leave the cream on for about eight minutes but I have found even three minutes to be sufficient for thin hairs.
Price: $4.50 at CVS Drugstores.

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Above Ground Pool: What Size is Right for You?

Today, it is fairly inexpensive to buy an above ground pool for your family. A typical above ground pool costs about $4000 to have installed, which is a lot less than the cost of an in ground pool (tens of thousands of dollars). Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an above ground pool, many stores now sell quick set pools for under $1000. Not only can you buy a new above ground pool for under one grand, you can get some smaller above ground pools for under $100. If you have decided an above ground pool is right for your family, first you need to decide if you would prefer a soft sided or a metal framed pool. Check out Wal-mart.com to review your above ground pool options. Once you have decided which style of above ground pool you want, it is then time to choose the size that will best suit your family.

Small Above Ground Pools

The smallest size above ground pool that I have seen is 10′ x 36″. Although on the package, this size pool may appear fun for a family of four, it is not that big. If you are wondering how big 10 feet is, just measure out a circle that is 10 feet in diameter. An above ground pool that is 36″ does not hold 36″ of water. 36″ is the height of the pool walls, this means that the actual water level of your pool is 32″ or less.

A 10′ x 36″ up to a 15′ x 36″ above ground pool would be the perfect match for a small family with small children. Last year, we used the larger of the baby pools for my kids who were then 2 and 3. My kids had fun in there baby pools last year but it was obvious that my 3 year old would have a lot more fun in a larger pool the next year.

This year, we were given an above ground pool that is 12′ x 36″ and we have already been able to put it up and to use. The 12′ x 36″ above ground pool is fun for our family of four that includes two adults and a 3 and 4 year old. At first, my children were afraid of the pool and clung on to us for dear life. Once the kids realized that they could touch the bottom, they began playing and having a blast. My husband and I have inflatables that we lay on in the pool while the kids play. If my kids were older I might feel OK sitting in a lawn chair next to the pool while they play to supervise but right now I feel I need to supervise from inside the pool to be able to react faster to their needs.

I feel as though we could have used the baby pools one more year but we moved up since we were given our above ground pool. I recommend the small above ground pools for families with children who are up to 7 years of age. If your children are older than 7, I believe that the larger above ground pools (below) will better suit your families needs.

Large Above Ground Pools

You can buy the larger above ground pools that are more permanent and with metal walls for several thousand dollars. If you are looking for a large above ground pool that won’t break the bank, the largest easy set pool that I have found is 24′ x 52″. The 24′ x 52″ above ground pool is currently available at stores like Wal-mart with a list price of $799 (in my area). This size pool is the same size my local pool store offers as more permanent metal walled option.

Large above ground pools are optimal for families with several children who about 7 years and older. The person who gave us our above ground pool gave it to us after they used it only one season. Her family loved the pool but with a 6 year old and an 8 year old, the pool was just not big enough to have the fun they were looking for. Don’t get me wrong, had they not been able to afford a bigger one, I am sure they would have been able to make do. Fortunately, they were able to upgrade to the 24′ x 52″ above ground pool and have been having a blast in it.

Although these new above ground pools only cost a few hundred dollars, you want to spend your money to be able to get the maximum fun possible. If your kids are bigger and you can wait, save up and extra hundred dollars or two and get the larger pool. If your kids are young like mine, you should be able to get away with a smaller above ground pool for a couple years.

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5 Comfortable and Affordable Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are wonderful inventions and certainly not just for camp sites. We have a camping chair for every family member and use them when we are sitting at local sporting events and in our own backyard. Here is a guide to five of my favorite camping chairs.

L.L. Bean Camp Chair

L.L. Bean is famous for making rugged outdoor clothing. This camp chair by L.L. Bean has that same adherence to quality. The camp chair is lightweight, durable and has an aluminum frame. The seat is made of a strong mesh material that won’t pool rainwater. This well built camp chair folds easily into the accompanying carrying case. The camp chair holds up to 300 pounds and is available online for $59.00

Camaro Signature Camping chair

Less expensive than the L.L. Bean camping chair, this camping chair by Camaro is comfortable, durable and high quality. This camping chair comes in black with the Camaro logo in a deep red. It has a cup holder and folds up easily. The Camaro camping chair is available online for $39.99.

Coleman Sling Chair

If you are an outdoorsman or woman then you are familiar with the Coleman brand. The Coleman sling chair uses ergonomically correct design to support the body’s natural position. This camping chair is made of heavy-duty polyester fabric and powder coated steel frame. It folds into the accompanying carry bag and has the standard cup holder one expects to have with any camping chair. This camping chair is available online for $39.99

Coleman Quad Chair with Cooler

Adding a cooler to the standard camping chair was a nifty idea. This oversized camping chair by Coleman holds up to 325 pounds and features a padded seat and back and adjustable arm heights for comfort. The camping chair also features a soft cooler on the side. The cooler holds 3 to 4 cans and one chiller pack. This camping chair is available online for $34.99.

Lafuma Padded Recliner

If the standard camping chair just doesn’t do it for you and you want the comfort of your living room recliner when you are outdoors you are in luck. For about $110 you can purchase an outdoor recliner from Lafuma. These camping recliners are reportedly unsurpassed for comfort. They are made of a strong, cool mesh fabric and available in a variety of colors and styles. These outdoor camping recliners fold to make them easy to transport. They are available through several online retailers.

A camp chair has become another of the many necessities for outdoor living. Camping chairs are easy to transport and bring the comfort of your living room to the great outdoors.







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All About Belly Dancing at Shaharazade#39;s In Shepherdstown, WV

Belly dancing is the oldest form of dance that survives to this day. With origins that go back at least 6,000 years, some of the aspects of this art form remain unknown and undocumented. According to Suite101.com, Phoenicians, Egyptians, and Turks all claim to be the birthplace of belly dancing. Of course, each of these groups claim to be the birthplace of civilization in general — but with all aspects of pre-recorded history, nothing is certain. We do know that the dance was originally only performed by women for women. It was a ritualistic form of entertainment that celebrated pagan matriarchic deities, and emulated the mysterious, miraculous process of giving birth.

Belly dancing may have also been both a rite of passage for young women and also, a form of exercise to prepare the abdominal muscles for childbirth. After all, until the era of modern medicine, the most common form of death for women was childbirth. Also, until the work of Louis Pasteur in the 19th century, people didn’t understand the role of bacteria in causing disease and death, either.

The spread of belly dancing from the Mesopotamia area to North Africa, India, and Spain is apparent in many elements, including the choreographic changes to the dance form over the years. The neck movements in modern belly dancing derive from India, for example, while foot stomping is a typical Spanish Flemenco-type dance step. There are roots in ancient traditions for all the aspects of belly dancing, even the costumes: the veils worn have been worn by Arabic women since time immemorial. The coins now found on costumes originate from when North African women danced for dowry money, sewing the coins on their dress for both safekeeping and musical accompaniment.

The Ottoman Empire — at its peak in the 15th and 16th century, but which lasted from the 14th century until 1922 — was the first to encourage belly dancing as a form of entertainment for men and women. The empire’s palace during its heyday, the Topkapi Palace, was a central location for belly dancing harem women. “Hafla” is the Arabic word for dance party and this is what Shaharazade’s Exotic Tea Room in Shepherdstown, WV, calls its special monthly gatherings.

Shaharazade’s Exotic Tea Room is named after the famed heroine of the 1001 Nights/Arabian Nights tales. As the story goes, there was a Persian king who insisted on having a new virgin wife every night. In the morning, bored with his young bride, he’d send her off to be beheaded. Shaharazade was a nobly born young woman who was extremely well read. She was procured for the king. During the night, she began to tell a fascinating tale, weaving in aspects of all the exciting books that she knew. At the dawn’s early break, she cut off the story, right at a cliffhanger. The world’s first soap opera! The king broke with his pattern and asked that she finish the tale the following night. She did the same thing, cutting off the story right when things got interesting. Shaharazade bargained with the king, working out a deal that if she could successfully entertain him for 1001 nights, he would spare her life. 1001 nights — and three sons later — she was spared. Clearly, she had more than stories up her sleeve!

Shaharazade’s Exotic Tea Room carries on the Silk Road tradition of tea houses, “Chaikhanas,” before the advent of restaurants and taverns. To further tie together the history of the route, “chai” is the name for tea in both Russian and Chinese. The difference in the restaurant between lunch in dinner is like, well, the difference between day and night. During the day, there are all manner of gardening and travel magazines about, right near the cozy wingback chairs. The Rudyard Kipling-like atmosphere, that of the exotic explorer of yore, definitely is present. All day — their slogan being “Anytime is tea time” — you can enjoy dozens of tea varieties, including black, green, white, fruit, and Oolong. You can even order Russian samovar tea service, with concentrated tea from a real samovar. It gets diluted with hot water and rock sugar and is served for you to hold in your mouth as you are drinking tea. Another typically Russian way to enjoy tea is to sweeten it with jam instead of sugar.

Shaharazade’s offers a complete tea service, complete with tea sandwiches and sweets. Or, you can create your own service with scones, fruit, and pita chips available all day. The concept of “afternoon tea” is a Western one, originated by Anna Maria Stanhope, the Duchess of Bedford (1819-1901). She was a Lady in Waiting for Queen Victoria. As the noon meal switched from being the largest of the day to becoming luncheon, the Duchess started getting a little peckish around 4 pm. She started ordering trays of tea with snacks. If I were the Duchess of Bedford, tea time would have started at midnight, when I typically raid the fridge! Of course, if tea is not your “cup of tea,” they have French press coffee, Turkish coffee, Italian sodas, and cocoa available. The restaurant does not have a liquor license, but you are welcome to bring your own. If you forget, there are three wine shops in Shepherdstown: German Street Coffee and Candlery, Shepherdstown Sweet Shop, and Grapes and Grains Gourmet. Grapes and Grains Gourmet has a vast selection, with tastings offered on Saturdays.

During non-hafla nights, you can order either light or heartier fare. The choices include salads, vegetarian fare, and a variety of shish kabobs.

A hafla wouldn’t be a halfa without the dancing! Shaharazade’s monthly hafla is wildly popular and their space is limited. Reservations are mandatory; the restaurant closes to the public during those evenings. As the sun sets, the atmosphere of the venue definitely changes, from stately to a more seductive, Aladdin’s palace feeling. The ceilings are draped in bright silks, and lamps with softly twinkling crystals abound. The floor is covered in Oriental rugs. Even the servers are dressed in harem-like garb. The entertainment part of the hafla is conducted by their house band, “Tarab Raqs”. A few rotating musicians make up the group who play some traditional instruments and some modern, wearing Middle Eastern dress. Farid is the leader of the pack, who tells a few Aesop’s fable type stories to warm up the audience. After a bit, the band plays rhythmic songs and Jensuya, another band member, encourages audience members to get up with her to learn some grapevine-type dressing. They set up a digital recorder at the end of the room to record the evening’s events…so dress to impress! Also dress comfortably, if that’s not too much of a contradiction.

Dinner is then served, before the actual belly dancing show. The hafla nights are a prix fixe menu that gives you a good selection of their offerings. The restaurant serves a five course — but not too heavy — meal at the party. On one of the nights, diners started out with pita sections, along with Shaharazade’s homemade hummus. A light melon course — dusted with sugar, as is the custom in the Middle East — followed. Then, diners were treated to a homemade fresh pea soup. This is not grandma’s heavy, lumpy porridge, either. It’s a refreshing cup, served with cream topping. The entrée on Mother’s Day weekend was a juicy pork loin… not Halal, but tasty nonetheless. Dessert was a rice/bread pudding concoction, served with a glass cup of hot tea.

Jensuya, of Tarab Raqs, then comes out in full belly dancing costume, very exotic. Once again, as she passes by all the tables, folks are encouraged from the audience to get up with her and dance. People passing by on the street start peering through the windows at the glamour. All too soon, the evening ends. Maybe you’d like to keep the fun going all month long… in both Gainesboro/Winchester and Martinsburg, you can take lessons with Miramar! (http://ift.tt/2get1IC) She will teach you everything from basic body part isolation techniques to Middle Eastern dance genres such as Egyptian: Raks Sqarqi, Saidi, Beledi, and Turkish. If you really progress, you can learn the dance of the double veils and other seductive dances. If you want to make your own hafla, check out the food offerings on www.myhalalmeat.com, to get a good selection and maintain authenticity. Shaharazade’s has a good stock of tea supplies to get you started with your beverage needs. A good resource for getting music and buying or making dance costumes comes from a little south of the area — the Southwestern Virginia Middle Eastern Dance Association: http://ift.tt/2fCtTmH.http://ift.tt/2get1IC) She will teach you everything from basic body part isolation techniques to Middle Eastern dance genres such as Egyptian: Raks Sqarqi, Saidi, Beledi, and Turkish. If you really progress, you can learn the dance of the double veils and other seductive dances. If you want to make your own hafla, check out the food offerings on www.myhalalmeat.com, to get a good selection and maintain authenticity. Shaharazade’s has a good stock of tea supplies to get you started with your beverage needs. A good resource for getting music and buying or making dance costumes comes from a little south of the area — the Southwestern Virginia Middle Eastern Dance Association: http://ift.tt/2fCtTmH.

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3 Ways to Write Better Dialog in a Screenplay

Whether a writing is working on a low-budget independent film script of the screenplay of a tent-pole (Hollywood studio) film, the dialog has to be great before the film can be great. Take a look at some of the best and biggest blockbuster films of all time and you will notice that the dialog is an integral part of the film’s success. The same hold’s true for low-budget independent films — perhaps moreso. Low budget films often have very much less to offer the audience in terms of production value, so the way to grab the audience and hold their attention for 90-120 minutes is to dazzle them with brilliant dialog.

Writing good, fresh dialog that is honest and “pops” can be tricky. For many screenwriters it is the hardest thing about writing a script. Often screenwriters will focus on the visual quality of the film by writing vivid descriptions. However, when it comes to writing honest dialog for 10-15 characters with their own unique voice, the task becomes problematic.

Here are three ways to effectively simply and boost efforts when beginning a script or fine tuning and polishing one during a rewrite:

Put the script down and get away.
Many writers try to force themselves to write the best dialog every written in a screenplay…ever. This of course usually results in the worst dialog ever written. Good ideas for dialog come from hearing the character’s voice in your head. If you can’t hear the voice, the words on the page are useless. Put the script away and go live life. Meet new people, spend time with your family and loved ones, go see an old friend. Better yet, go see a movie, a play or a local philharmonic orchestra. The trick is to release inhibitions by forgetting about the screenplay for a while. Allow a few days or a week to pass before taking another shot at the script.

Listen to how people speak
In other words, eavesdrop on conversations. Listen at different dialects and accents but don’t stop there. There are different mannerisms in voice patterns based on environment, location, age, education, etc. Listen to how some women speak very fast or very slow. Ask yourself why? Are they speaking fast because they don’t want to be interrupted or because they are lying? Does someone speak slowly because he/she has seen it all and is unimpressed with society? Why does one beautiful person speak with a tinge of sexiness while an equally beautiful person speaks with reserve? Listening can be as easy as visiting a coffee shop and soaking up the ambience and conversations around you. Nowadays with some many people speaking loudly over cell phones it’s hard not to hear another conversation.

Cast your film with A-list stars
That’s right, cast your screenplay (ie film) with an A-list celebrity. Think about it, there is a reason why directors and producers want Brad Pitt. Sure he’s handsome and a great actor but he also sounds a certain way. His intonations, inflection and accent adds life to the character. There’s a reason why Denzel Washington is one of the most-sought after actors. Same with Sandra Bullock. But you don’t have to stick with top choice celebrities. Eric Robertson is a brilliant underrated actor and brings a certain flair to his roles. Lou Diamond Phillips is another actor who comes to mind. His voice is very recognizable.

For the upcoming screenplay/film Demigod, a sci-fi action thriller touted as “Blade Runner” meets “Bad Boys” with female cops, used the voice patterns of Megan Fox and Michelle Rodriguez for it’s two leading characters. Megan Fox has a very soft, sexy and direct manner to how she speaks. Michelle has an edginess to her voice mannerisms. Audibly, the two make a perfect pair. Consider how the voices of Will SMith and Martin Lawrence gelled during Bad Boys and Bad Boys II.

Remember, the voice of the character is how the writer sees it, not anyone else. When the writer has the voice in his or her head that voice will protest if the dialog is out of character or dishonest. This is one of the few times (perhaps the only time) when hearing voice in one’s head is actually a good thing.

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A Product Review of Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins

Recently, a close family member of mine was diagnosed with age related eye disease, also known as AREDS. This can also be known as age related macular degeneration or AMD. The eye doctor also stated that there was no cure for this problem, but there is one thing helps slow the disease. Eye vitamins. Since this eye disease can be hereditary, I was also advised to start taking eye vitamins now. I immediately went to my local Rite Aid drug store and purchased Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins. Here is what I discovered!

Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins were specifically recommended to me by an eye surgeon. My close relative also has other eye issues that could be corrected with eye surgery. AREDS or AMD cannot be. Your only defense against this awful aging eye disease is to make sure that your eyes are as healthy as they can possibly be! This means adding eye vitamins to your daily routine. I learned that age is the greatest risk factor for AMD. At 50, your risk is only 2%, but at age 70, that risk factor jumps up to almost 30%! Studies show that immediate family members are up to three times more likely to develop this eye disease, if a family member has AMD. That fact scared me and I decided that I would immediately follow the eye doctor’s orders and start taking Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins, to be sure that my eyes get the proper nutrition.

A high potency daily antioxidant will help keep your eyes healthier and decrease the risk of AMD. A regular vision and eye check with a qualified doctor is always advised. Do this every two years or more often. That will help you keep on top of any early signs of vision problems. Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins cost around twenty dollars for sixty gel tabs. My family member and I immediately started taking these eye vitamins! We both noticed an immediate improvement in our vision. I wish that I had heard about eye vitamins earlier. I had no idea how important they are. They are a preventive tool to use to preserve your vision. That is a wonderful thing, in my opinion!

Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins have vitamins A, C, E, zinc, copper and other ingredients in them. I like the soft gels and they are easy to swallow. If you have AMD or AREDS, this product is very helpful! I am glad that I learned about eye vitamins early and I could not wait to try them and write this product review! They did improve my vision. Yes, I take a multivitamin, but it does not have the correct amount of certain vitamins that are essential for eye health! I had no idea. I can tell a noticeable difference in my vision, it improved. I also discovered that my eyes were much clearer after taking these eye vitamins daily! No more red eyes or blood vessels showing in the whites of my eyes. I was astounded by that fact! I love this product! I rate Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins five stars out of five stars. They do help, if you are prone to AMD or AREDS.

Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins are sold in most drug stores. I will be buying this product again. My eye sight is worth it. I am grateful for a specific product for eye aging. I highly recommend this vitamin! Bausch & Lomb also has other eye vitamin products, some are specifically for people over 50 years of age. You can visit http://ift.tt/2fCzk53 for more detailed information about this eye vitamin product! I enjoyed discovering more about this product and writing a review all about it! Seeing is believing!

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