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Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Alice in Wonderland is a classic story that has remained popular for many years. There are many characters from the book by Lewis Carroll and the movie produced by Disney that are suitable for making a quick and easy adult Halloween costume. You can keep these costumes as authentic as possible by referring to the illustrations from the book and movie while you’re creating your costume.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults: Alice

You can create a basic adult Alice in Wonderland costume by getting a pale to medium blue dress with short sleeves and a short white apron. Wear white tights or hose, black pumps and put a black ribbon in your hair. Make a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume by wearing a very short blue dress with a lacy petticoat showing underneath. Wear thigh-high white stockings and garters and high heeled shoes.

Malice in Wonderland, Alice’s evil twin, is an interesting variation on this costume. Get a black dress with black lace trim and a small white apron. Wear black fishnet hose or black and white striped stockings. If your hair isn’t dark, wear a black wig.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults: Mad Hatter

Find a slightly oversize pair of pants and long frock coat with tails. They can be any color you like, the louder, the better. Use wildly clashing colors and patterns to evoke the Mad Hatter’s personality. Get an enormous Mad Hatter top hat from your local Halloween costume store. Get a white button down shirt and a bow tie. To make your Mad Hatter costume look more like the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie, dress in conflicting shades of green, wear a white fright wig and put a large price tag reading 10/6 on your hat. Make your Mad Hatter costume complete by carrying a teacup and saucer.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults: Queen of Hearts

To make a Disney Queen of Hearts costume, get a skirt made from fabric with gold and black diagonal stripes. Make a velvet top that’s black on the right and red on the left. Attach a long velvet overskirt that’s also black on the right and red on the left. Sew on some white faux fur trim on the edge of the overskirt. Also attach a white stand-up collar to the top. If necessary, buy an Elizabethan queen costume pattern to use as a guide as you work. Get a cheap plastic crown, a plastic scepter and long white gloves to make your Queen of Hearts costume complete.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults: White Rabbit

Get some white pants, a long red jacket, a yellow vest and a black bow tie. Also find some fuzzy white slippers, white gloves, an umbrella and a plastic prop pocket watch. Get an oversized top hat and some costume rabbit ears. Remove the rabbit ears from their band and attach them to the front of the top hat with hot glue. After you’ve put on your White Rabbit costume, paint your face white, draw on a brown rabbit’s nose and whiskers. Wear wire-rim glasses down on the end of your nose.

These are just a few ideas for Halloween costumes based on popular books and movies. To find more ideas, read Disney Halloween Costume Ideas for Women, Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas for Women and Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults.

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5 Tips for Dealing with Lasting Post-Concussion Side Effects

A person can suffer a concussion doing just about anything, but these injuries are most common in sports and physical jobs. Unfortunately, concussion side effects can sometimes last long after a person has recovered from the original incident. Such lingering side effects include headaches, memory loss and even loss of motor skills. Dealing with these side effects can be a pain, especially since there isn’t always a guarantee that they will go away at any specific time. With that in mind, here are some tips for dealing with post-concussion side effects.

1. Stop doing whatever you did to get the concussion.

For certain individuals, a concussion caused by a specific activity can exacerbate symptoms later on. Sports players commonly feel worsened side effects when they are physically active. That means that some people will have to give up vigorous exercise and other straining activities to mitigate the post-concussive side effects that they are plagued by. Unfortunately, some people will have to give up strenuous activities for good if side effects don’t go away, so a person could be unable to work or exercise at all. Sometimes, you just can’t do what you used to with post-concussive effects.

2. Get educated about post-concussion syndrome.

Post-concussive syndrome is common in individuals who suffer one or more concussions and is considered to exist when a person suffers from concussion side effects for longer than three months. Without a doubt, education is the key to dealing with lingering side effects due to concussions. A person who knows nothing about post-concussive syndrome or how to deal with side effects is going to have a very unpleasant experience. So then, learning about the syndrome and how to deal with it can make things a whole lot better.

3. Consider taking some medications to deal with symptoms.

There are no specific medications that tackle post-concussive syndrome or all of the lingering side effects from concussions, but a person does have some options. For instance, aspirin and other pain relievers can be used to mitigate headaches and migraines. Certain medications can fight memory loss and decreased motor skills. No single medication will tackle all side effects, but a combination of certain medications can help a person out greatly.

4. Know about alternative treatment methods that are available.

Fortunately, there are alternative ways to deal with post-concussive syndrome. Acupuncture and even electro-therapy have been shown to reduce severity of side effects and problems in various individuals. Plus, there are other therapy and treatment options that have helped plenty of concussion victims that experience lingering issues. These treatment options aren’t a guarantee to work, but they have been effective with plenty of others, so they are worth a try.

5. Know that the symptoms could linger on for years.

In a worst-case scenario, post-concussion problems and effects won’t go away for years. Some people that suffer from a single concussion can be forced to deal with issues for the rest of their lives. Of course, most people won’t have to suffer from such a situation, but it does happen. Therefore, you should be aware of the potential that a concussion could change your life for the years to come.

The side effects usually dissipate but won’t always.

Post-concussive syndrome and lingering side effects are a lot more common in concussion victims than most people realize. On that note, you can’t always count on stemming problems to go away in due time. Either way, you must learn to manage the effects and deal with them to mitigate their effect on your life. Lingering problems from concussions can plague anyone, so it’s important to know how to deal with these issues.

For more information, visit Post-Concussion Syndrome.

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5 Difficult Mazes that You Can Print Online for Free

Below are links to some difficult mazes that you can print online for free. You do not have to register for anything. Just click the links and print your free difficult mazes. But beware, these mazes do not offer solutions. So only attempt to solve them if you are willing to never solve them. And if you do solve one or all, please leave a comment and let everyone know!

Difficult Maze #1: This is a hand drawn maze that is very difficult to solve. There is nothing fancy about it, no artwork, no cute little pictures. It’s just a hand drawn maze that goes on and on and on. You can print this difficult maze by clicking here.

Difficult Maze #2: Oh boy! This maze is a tough one. Not only do you have to find your way through the maze, but you also have to pay attention to the bridges and the one way paths. This is another hand drawn maze by a clever artist. It sort of looks like intestines and your stomach may turn trying to complete this maze. You can print this difficult maze by clicking here.

Difficult Maze #3: Yikes! This is a difficult maze that comes in full color! It’s not enough that you have an endless path of twists and turns, but you also have to adjust your eyes to the tie dye hippie look of this maze. You can print this difficult maze by clicking here.

Difficult Maze #4: This difficult maze might not look too difficult at first glance because the image stands out so nicely. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there are many different paths you can take. This is a good difficult maze for kids because the picture is of two dinosaurs. You can print this difficult maze by clicking here.

Difficult Maze #5: Here is another difficult maze for those who like psychedelic mazes (didn’t know those even existed!). If you are a true hippie and like tie dye colors, you will enjoy making your way through this mind game of a maze. You can print this difficult maze by clicking here.

If you know someone who loves difficult mazes, you can print all the mazes above and make a staple them together to make a maze book. You can also add these difficult mazes to the pack: 8 Printable Mazes – Difficult and Nearly Impossible Level and 8 Printable Mazes – Famous Face Mazes.

Sources for the difficult mazes:

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Adding Text to Photo Collages in Photo Collage Builder

In this guide, I will show you how to add text to your photo collages using your Photo Collage Builder. Adding text to your collages is pretty simple once you walk through it one time. To get started with this Photo Collage Builder guide, you will need to load the photo collage that you want to add text to.

Open your text tool by clicking the Decorate button at the top of your window. In the left panel, look for the Text tab and click it. You will now see all of your text tools in that panel. You can start by typing your text in the text field. You will see the text appear on your photo collage as you are typing it.

When you are finished typing your text, you can change the text color to what you want by opening the color box and clicking the color you want to use. Then you can change the size of the text by selecting the size you want in the size box. If you want to change the font, drop the font box down and click the font you want to use.

You can also apply a drop shadow to your text. Below the font box, you will see the Shadow box. Checking that box will apply the shadow. If you want to apply a texture to the text, click the Texture box beside the Shadow box and the texture will be added to the text.

When you are done, you can move the text to where you want it on the photo collage. Click the text box on the collage and drag it to where you want it. If you need to rotate the text, grab the circle at the top with your mouse and turn it. If you decide you do not want the text, you can click it to select it and then press delete on your keyboard.

If you want to create more text for your photo collage in Photo Collage Builder, you will need to click the New Text button in the text panel on the left. Then you can start all over with the text and create more text.

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A Day in the Life of a Child Having Eye Muscle Surgery for Exotropia Strabismus

I am writing this to help other parents feel more at ease about exotropia strabismus surgery for their child. It took me over six months to come to grips with my child needing surgery. I kept hearing it was an easy surgery done on many children with no problems. Still I had three different specialists look at my daughter and agree that this type of strabismus surgery needed to be done. I only wish I had read this article I am now writing months ago by another parent so I would have known what to expect and not been so fearful over it. It was extremely hard to pretend to be comfortable with the strabismus surgery and smiling all the while scared out of my mind for my child. Did I make the right decision? Will she have long lasting affects over my decision to do the exotropia surgery? The questions lingered while I waited for the surgery to be over. Things went so smoothly so I am here to write this article to calm other parents’ fears over it by sharing our experience. Of course all doctors and hospitals may have different protocols but this was how my daughter’s exotropia surgery went.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:15 am for the same day surgery. My daughter had been feeling apprehensive before leaving home but seemed to have forgotten her fear once at the hospital and around all of the very sweet hospital staff who were doting over her. After signing in, we were to wait for another staff member to come and take her vitals. I was a little apprehensive when they needed to put the pulse ox on her finger as she had a finger stick at the pre-op appointment. I wasn’t sure if she would get upset by it but she didn’t notice much at all! She was weighed and her height measured. Then the staff member took us up to a room after picking up some pajamas for her. Once she had the short sleeved hospital pajamas and booties on, they put the hospital bracelet with her name on her arm. The room was SO hot so I suggest wearing short sleeves or you will be sweating. We unloaded our tote bag of stuffed animals, one brand new one that she had just received recently and one from my childhood that she insisted on bringing. Her surgery was scheduled for 9:15 am, then 9:30 am, and then for 10:30 am. Every person who came in the room checked her arm bracelet to make sure she was the right child having exotropia strabismus surgery. The television was already set to cartoons and I almost had to turn it off as it was hyping up my daughter! She was jumping all around the bed.

Finally we were escorted up to a surgical waiting area that had some toys and a little house to play in. It was hard to keep my daughter from running down the hall “skiing” on the slick floors. Here we stayed for more than an hour but the child life specialist (who had helped explain things to my daughter at the pre-op appointment) showed up with bubbles. The surgeon came to speak with me three different times, explaining exactly what they would be doing for the exotropia and about after care. I am no physician but his explanation said that the muscles would be moved and also loosened a bit. I was warned that there would be bloody discharge and her eyes would be red and bloody for up to three weeks. He reminded me of the post-op appointment in three days. A staff member brought out some white gauze type material pajamas with footies and a hat to cover my hair. I hurried to put it on thinking surgery would be any minute but it was another thirty minutes or so. A nurse came out to get us and my daughter did fine walking down to the operating room right up until the entryway and then she sat down. She had decided no she didn’t care to go in there. A medication was supposed to be given beforehand that would have calmed her but the surgery was delayed so it never was given to her. I think my wearing this strange outfit had her a bit nervous too about it all. She called for me a number of times when I was standing right there holding her hand.

I laid her down on the table and a mask was placed over her face. I was allowed to stay until she was sleeping and not upset any more. I didn’t want her to be scared with strangers so this really helped calm me down too. She was told to count backwards but she really never counted. My daughter only giggled until she went to sleep. As I was gathering up the stuffed animals that I did not believe would be allowed in the operating room because of germs, I was told to leave at least one so she would see it when she woke up. The surgeon was fabulous walking me out and again calming my fears. He said the exotropia strabismus surgery would not take long (less than thirty minutes) and to stay in the family waiting room so he could talk to me afterward. I went in there, had some coffee and a cookie which were there for families, and by the time I was done eating and drinking, the surgeon was walking toward me. I was shocked that it had been done quickly. My daughter had a MRI last year and I nervously walked the halls for hours waiting on her to come back to the room! The surgeon talked to me in a little room set up just for speaking to family members privately and told me everything went very well. Again he warned me not to be afraid of the bloody discharge or how bloody her eyes looked.

Then I went to her room to wait on her to wake up in recovery. Within thirty minutes, she was being rolled into the room on a bed. All smiles! All she wanted to know was “what happened to me?” One reason she was asking this is because they had put an IV in and a huge bandage was all the way up her arm to keep it in place. Another reason she was asking is because of the blurriness of her vision. She was asking “is that you mommy?” looking right at me. I had been warned that her vision might take a couple of days to go back to normal but I didn’t expect her to be seeing double like that. So then my daughter started telling the nurse to bring her carrots as “mommy says carrots are good for your eyes”. The child does listen to me! I was amazed that she was not crying or trying to touch her eyes. My big fear was driving home and not being able to stop her from rubbing her eyes. The surgeon says this is a common fear but children are unlikely to do it more than once as it will hurt. My daughter had little to no pain from exotropia strabismus surgery! I kept worrying that the sedation hadn’t worn off yet and she would start hurting on the way home but that didn’t happen. She was happy as a clam except worried about not being able to see well. Her eyes stayed closed in the hospital room as she said it made her dizzy to see double. I found out that the nurses had suggested this to her on the ride back to the room.

She hadn’t had anything to eat since supper the night before and was begging for food. They brought in crackers, popsicles, and juice. My daughter devoured them all and had thirds! The IV came out quickly as she was drinking just fine. No nausea to report. Taking the IV out proved to be the worst part of the day for her as she refused to let anyone do it but her own self. Once the IV was out and she picked out a new stuffed animal from the hospital, we were ready to go. We left the hospital at 3:00 pm and she walked out even with double vision. The doctor had given me a bottle of eye drops as well as a prescription for hydrocodone liquid to help with pain. She fell asleep on the ride home although she didn’t act sleepy in the hospital. She hated the taste of the hydrocodone but I was able to get it in her. The eye drops were the hard part, she was so afraid each time that they would hurt her eyes. Eyedrops were prescribed three times a day and the pain medication for every four hours as needed for pain.

We came home and this mommy had been up all night worrying about the surgery so we both laid down for a nap. My daughter slept well and then woke up starving again! Her eyes seem to be half fine and half bloody on the outside edges. She never complained about eye pain as much as head pain (near her temples). It was suggested to give her the pain medication anyway so she didn’t start hurting. So I did give it to her at first just in case it was her eyes causing the “head” pain. Overall it was a good day and I was so relieved that she was not in a lot of pain after the surgery for exotropia strabismus. She had little bloody discharge. I had so many people telling me not to be concerned about it that I expected a ton of discharge! The doctor told us not to go swimming and to take it easy on other activities for a while. I didn’t schedule anything as I really expected her to have more pain!

I hope this A Day in the Life of a Child Having Eye Muscle Surgery for Exotropia Strabismus: All About the Same Day Surgery to Correct Exotropia in a Child will relieve parents’ anxiety on their child’s upcoming surgery. There are different types of strabismus surgeries but my daughter had it done for exotropia. Exotropia is where the eyes are turned out. After surgery, your child may seem cross eyed for a bit until they heal but my daughter’s eyes looked fine to me. Some children only have surgery on one eye but her eyes both were turning out so both eyes were operated on.

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Air Video: The Best Way to Stream Movies from Your Computer to Your iPad

Do you have a large collection of movies stored on your computer? Are you tired of choosing which movies to convert and add to your iPad? Are you looking for a better way? Check out Air Video, the best way to stream movies on your iPad.

When buying an iPad, the biggest decisions you’ll be forced to make are whether you’ll need a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB iPad or if you should opt for a Wi-Fi+3G iPad or just a regular Wi-Fi iPad. When weighing the benefits of buying an iPad with higher storage capacity, video storage will likely play a major role. Video files take up more space than anything else on the iPad and most people that opt for larger iPad hard drives are likely doing so with video in mind.

With Air Video, you can stop relying on your iPad’s internal hard drive and leverage the storage space of your computer(s). Air Video is an iPhone and iPad app that allows users to watch their favorite videos anywhere. With Air Video, you are able to stream your movies to your iPad over a local network or when you’re out an about; freeing up iPad storage space while adding more videos than could possibly fit on your iPad.

Setting up Air Video to stream movies from your computer is a “cinch”. The Air Video app doesn’t require installing and setting up a VNC service and only requires purchasing the Air Video app and installing the Air Video Server on your computer. Once installed, you are able to designate folders on your computers to stream videos to your iPad. Multiple folders and computers can be added as servers in the Air Video app and if you enjoy streaming movies away from home, you’re able to setup a remote server as well.

Air Video supports just about every popular video format (everything I’ve thrown at it so far) and allows users to play their movies with a live conversion or convert movies to add to the iPad’s physical hard drive. While playing with live conversion, the Air Video app converts your movies to stream on the iPad live, in full HD, and without long buffering times. If you decide to convert movies to add to the iPad’s physical hard drive, there’s good news and bad news. The Air Video app is a great – and fast – conversion tool for iPad movies, but converted videos are saved to the original videos folder; making it hard to keep track of converted movies.

Overall, Air Video is a must have iPad app that provides an awesome service and has lots of features (even supporting subtitles) and at only $2.99 the developers of this app are basically giving the app away as a gift to the iPhone and iPad community. If you’re an iPad owner that loves movies, I’d strongly recommend Air Video for the iPad.

For more read 5 Boring Household Activities Made Fun Because of the iPad, 5 Must Have Cydia Apps After You Jailbreak Your iPad, and 5 Ways to Make Your iPad a Lot like a Small Computer.

Check out my blog for the latest in tech news.

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5 Ways to Make Your Home-Based Business Thrive Without Losing Your Sanity

Some business owners get a little nervous about expanding their business because they are use to solely handling a certain amount of work or projects comfortably. When they think about expanding, it puts them in panic mode because they believe that they will have to juggle many projects, and thus decrease the quality of services provided. In contrast, there are some ways to effectively “step up your game” without loosing your sanity, or quality of services offered.

By using these 5 steps, it is possible to have a thriving and successful home-based business without juggling everything yourself.

1. Hire an assistant. You can hire an assistant who can aid you in completing daily task, while you tackle the more important issues. As you are focused on taking your business to the next level, your assistant can answer phones, take messages, do some filing, or even light bookkeeping. Also, it is an especially good idea if you hire a individual who is interested in excelling in your industry. They can play a vital role in bringing-in a new and fresh perspective on things as you continue to grow your business.

2. Explore brand new ways to increase sales to your existing customers. It is much easier to sell to your existing customers than sell to prospects. Your existing customers are already comfortable with you and the services or products that you provide. Therefore, it is not such a “far leap” to sell to them additional products or services that can be of equal value. Furthermore, you are achieving the most important goals in that you are growing your home-based business, and you don’t feel a lot of pressure in juggling more clients.

3. Begin a marketing campaign with other businesses who will help you promote your business. There are a many ways that businesses will help you promote your products or services. Many businesses within similar industries will assist you in generating sales because it compliments there business and adds value to their clients.For instance, if you provide pet grooming services, you can partner with a veterinarians office. You can allow their customers to receive a $10 coupon for pet grooming services. In essence, this allows for immediate results without loosing your mind in going door-to-door yourself.

*Tip: Research internet marketing sites that will allow you free access to thousands of businesses who will grant you the ability to market your company on their website. In turn, you must also allow them the ability to market on your website. For the full article, please visit 7 Ways to Use Internet Marketing While on a Shoestring Budget.

4. Use the internet to market for you. The internet is one of our most powerful tools today. There are infinite ways to get exposure to your business, especially if your marketing campaign goes viral. By sending interesting and creative newsletters and emails, you are able reach a broader audience than what you would normally do offline. In addition, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to be effective. You can use standard templates and automatic delivery systems to save both on time and money. For more information, you can read Expanding Your Marketing Efforts by Using 3 Online Advertising Methods.

5. Focus on one product at a time. If you focus on one product initially, you can be more effective in promoting, selling, and creating awareness of your brand. It is far more risky to take all of your products and haphazardly try to market and sell them all. However, if you begin by focusing and pinpointing one of your best selling products, you can eventually introduce your other products at a later date. Surely, you can then get creative and offer your other products as a complementary gift in order to create awareness. However, you should initially begin by focusing on one product only.

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A Little Tip for Mild Depression: Reverse Your to Do List

Every year I try to avoid the rush by getting into my Post Holiday Depression before the annual festivities even start. Being a single dad of a teenage boy taxes me enough without the winter holidays to contend with. And as usual I find myself buried in too many things to do and too depressed to get them done.

This year I’m using what I call a Reverse To Do List. I still have my regular To Do List, but I’ve found that it quickly becomes overwhelming. I hear tell of folks who can make a daily To Do List and take great satisfaction out of checking off all the items on it in the course of their day. I admire their dedication and lack of imagination. The items on my To Do Lists tend to grow like black mold after a hurricane. If you find yourself suffering from this problem, give the Reverse To Do List a try.

To increase your self esteem and sense of accomplishment, simply make a list of the tasks that you actually accomplish. So now you’re thinking that I want to give you more work to do and you have to make another list! Yes, but this is the Internet and there are places that make it easy. I like to use “Memiary.”

Here you find a very simple and nonthreatening web site that asks “What did you do today?”. And there’s only room for five things. Heck, even a depressed, in a rut, overwhelmed, basket case like me can find a few things to enter on this list. Take today for example. I exercised a bit, so I put down “Exercised.” I cleaned up the kitchen sink, so I add that. “Sink.” When I finish this article, I can add, “Wrote article.” Hey, all that before 9 AM on a Sunday. Not too bad.

So instead of staring at my stupefyingly long To Do List, I’ve become more positive and proactive by listing my recent accomplishments. I find this way to be much more energizing.

If you find that you’ve done more than five things today, good for you. Merely go back to the top of the list and hit “Edit”, “Comma” and add more achievements. Actually I hope to gradually eliminate the lesser tasks that I do from this list and only include the life or profit enhancing undertakings that are so hard to find time for. But for now I find it helpful to list all the positive things that I do.

And of course things like “Watching the football game,” “Surfing the Internet,” and “Playing Solitaire” don’t make the list. I already know they are a waste of time. I’ll save being brutally honest for the therapist.

Since I’m pushing 60, the old memory is fading a bit. “Memiary” seems it will also be helpful as a journal to remember if I actually did a chore or just thought about doing it. For example I did wash all the bed clothes last weekend. I know that because I entered it in my “Memiary”. So far I really like this program.

As for my regular To Do List, I like to use the “PocketMod”

It’s a free little homemade personal organizer. You can design it however you like. I like to include a weekly calendar for appointments, a shopping list and lots of to do lists.

If you like using the Internet for your organizing, “Todoist” is nice for typing in all your tasks and will print them out in a “PocketMod” type organizer.

If you find yourself in such a funk that you can’t get anything done, please drag your butt to the doctor. Or get someone else to drag it there. Depression is serious stuff and it’s not your fault. You’re just a little crazy, like everybody else.

If you are always full of energy and never have a problem getting everything done, I hate you.

Good luck and hang in there!

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9 Steps on How to Make a Great First Impression on Your Girlfriend's Parents

Meeting the parents of your girlfriend is a big step. For many it is the step that is taken when a relationship is getting serious. If you have been asked to meet your girlfriend’s parents you are most likely overwhelmed with anxiety. The first thing that you should do is take a deep breath and relax. Meeting the parents is scary but can be a breeze if you remain assured and composed. Below are some simple tips on how to make a great impression on your girlfriend’s parents.

1. Introduce yourself to the parents as soon as you arrive at your destination. When you introduce yourself, make eye contact, and speak clearly and kindly. Give the father a nice firm handshake and give the mother a nice, gentle handshake. Be sure to make eye contact and try to smile with your eyes.

2. Do not over compliment the parents on their home (if this is where you will meet them.) If you over compliment you will appear as if you are trying too hard. Saying, “nice home” to the parents is simple enough and will do.

3. Make sure to acknowledge any siblings that your partner may have by saying hello and smiling. You can also ask the child what his name is and compliment him or her on his clothes, or a toy that he might be playing with. You might not be fond of small children but it is important to pretend for the sake of your budding relationship. Interacting with the siblings will surely grant you a soft spot in the parents’ and your partner’s heart. Also be sure to acknowledge all those who are in the house. You can come off as very disrespectful for not saying hello to all those who reside in the home.

4. Appear ambitious to the parents if they ask you what you are doing with your life at the moment. Many parents like to hear that their child’s partner is continuing their education or working for decent pay at a reputable company or at least working in a reputable career. If you are not in school and are instead working minimum wage at a fast food restaurant say so with pride. Let them know what your long term goals are. If you believe in yourself others will believe in you too.

5. Do not dodge your past. If word is out that you have acted unfavorably do not be afraid to admit it. Do not dodge the question or pretend as if you did not do something that you did. Admitting your mistakes is great to do. It shows that you are responsible and mature.

6. Avoid kissing your partner on the lips. A simple hug, a smile, a touch of the hand or even a kiss on the cheek will do. You do not want to seem sexually overt to the parents.

7. Avoid sitting down without being asked to. It is the proper thing to do to wait for the person to offer you a seat to sit down before sitting.

8. Last but definitely not least be truthful. One lie can get you tangled into a massive web of lies. When you remain truthful you will perceived as honest even if your past has not been that honorable.

9. Avoid using slang and cursing around the parents. You want to present yourself as pleasant. The parents want to feel comfortable with their daughter’s choice for a partner.

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Angry Birds Finally Flying on to Windows Phone 7 - WP7

Stop holding your breath Windows Phone 7 fans, it has been confirmed that Angry Birds will indeed be coming to a WP7 device to you in the near future.

The game that seems to be taking over the world will finally be jumping on board the WP7 train. There had been rumors that the platform would never see the record breaking game, due to a bust up between Microsoft and game maker Rovio.

Why the bad blood?

Before WP7 was released Microsoft mistakenly used a picture of Angry Birds to promote the platform and show the support it had from developers, however no deal had been agreed between Rovio and Microsoft. Rovio went on to say that it was upset that the image was used without their permission, but now it seems that all of that is water under the bridge, and that wounds have healed.

In a recent interview with pocket-lint (a web site dedicated to all things mobile) Peter Vesterbacka who is a developer with Rovio said that there was no bad blood between the two companies and that they look forward to a long, and prosperous relationship. He said that Rovio has been working hard on porting the hit iPhone and Android game to the new platform.

WP7 ecosystem evolving

It really comes as no surprise to me that this announcement has come just after the huge news that Nokia and Microsoft will be joining forces. The partnership between the two seems to have shown the world that WP7 is here to stay, and that device makers want to make Windows Phone 7 a force to be reckoned with.

I would not doubt that there are many other developers out there now who will finally take the plunge and commit to Microsoft and Windows Phone 7. The announcement showed just how much Microsoft believes in their product. Their commitment and enthusiasm about it seems to finally be rubbing off on those in the industry.

While Windows Phone 7 has just over 8000 apps right now, you can expect that number to explode soon. There are now over 30,000 developers making apps for the WP7 marketplace, and users will soon be able to boast about all of the great apps that will be available to them.

This good news comes on the back of the announcement from both Samsung and LG who have both said that they will continue to back the exciting Windows Phone 7 platform. You can read more about here

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A Woman's Guide to Home Repair

As a woman it is empowering to be able to take care of minor repairs in the home. If you’re single, finding a reliable man to help may be difficult. Hiring a repair man may set you up to be exploited, as the worker may try to take advantage of your ignorance when it comes to those little things that go wrong in every house. Therefore, every woman can and should do the basics for herself, but she has to have the right basic tools to be successful.

Here’s a list of essential tools for your home repair kit:

Places like Home Depot and Lowes carry tool kits that are usually stocked with basics. These kits can make shopping for tools much easier, but if you’d like to know what you’re buying and make sure you buy the right things, here are my recommendations.

Hammer – Make sure it’s not too heavy or too light. A wimpy hammer will just give you sore biceps. Also, know how to hold a hammer. Most women hold it up near the head. This may make you feel more accurate, but it will mean you’re doing all of the work instead of letting the hammer do it for you. Hold it in the middle of the grip, or towards to middle of the handle. That way the weight of the hammer does the work; not you.

Screwdriver with a rotating handle and multiple bits – Most home repairs require a screwdriver, but the type of screw bit can vary. Sometimes you need a Phillips head. That’s the bit that looks like a cross. Sometimes you need a flat head. This is self explanatory. A screw driver with multiple bits usually has a little storage compartment at the end of the handle where the bits are kept. This is very handy if you’re not sure what the repair requires. Also, make sure the handle rotates. This means that you’ll make a half turn and then the handle will click back to a staring position. This kind of screwdriver gives you more torque (turning power), so you can handle those hard to turn screws. The handle can also be switched to a position that allows you to unscrew things, too.

Screw and fastener kit – Once again, hardware stores like Home Depot carry a variety of these kits. They are a must for home repair. They are kits that are full of various types of screws and nails. They usually will handle any pictures you need to hang or drawer handles you need to re-fasten. They don’t take care of the heavy duty stuff, but they definitely help with the things you’ll be doing the most.

Adjustable Wrenches – An adjustable wrench is that wrench with the funny little rolling pin near the head of the wrench. When you roll it, the wrench head gets bigger or smaller so that you can fit it exactly to a nut or bolt. You don’t have to dig around for exact sizes of wrenches. You adjust to the size you need. I recommend having an 8″ and a 10″. These will take care of pretty much any repair inside the house that involves nuts and bolts.

Socket wrench set – Socket wrench sets aren’t as common in home repair as regular wrenches, but they are a must. Socket wrenches are little “tube” wrenches that fit over the top of a nut or bolt. The tube is at a right angle to the wrench handle so that you get much better fastening or unfastening power. The wrench heads (“tubes”) are interchangeable. They usually fit on an interchangeable screwdriver, so make sure yours comes with the attachment for socket wrenches. Socket wrenches are great if you have to reach down into something to work.

Allen wrench set – these are those metal “sticks” with multiple sides that are shaped like an “L.” You mostly see them in use with bicycle tool kits, but in home repair, they are used to unscrew fasteners that are hidden.

Pliers – You’ll want to have both regular pliers and needle nose. Pliers aren’t so great for screwing or unscrewing things, but they are perfect for holding one end of whatever you’re using your wrench for.

Hack saw – this is that straight edge saw with the thin blade. It’s usually used to cut pipe, but can be used to cut about anything in a pinch. It’s much easier to use than a regular saw.

Power Tools – Every woman needs power tools! You will need an electric drill and a set of drill bits. You’ll find that trying to screw things in with the drill is not so easy. Use the screwdriver, but you can use the drill to make a “starter hole” so that your screw goes in easier. Also, invest in a jig saw and a circular saw. The jig saw is the little electric saw with the straight blade. The circular saw has the round blade. The jig saw is good for cutting PVC pipe and getting to funny angles. The circular saw is a must for cutting boards. I recommend the circular saw have a laser guide so that you can keep your cut straight.

Miscellaneous – A few things I also recommend you keep around are, duct tape, zip ties, tape measure, level, heavy gauge extension cord, 5 gallon can of gas, Mag Light, Coleman lantern, and possibly a plumber’s snake. A plumber’s snake is a coil of tightly wound metal that is unrolled down a toilet to unclog it. Once it’s way down in the sewer pipe, you wind it back up with a handle (kind of like a fishing reel). In principal, it will pull up or push down whatever is clogging the pipes. Ladies, this is the biggest home repair problem you’ll have. Clogged toilets. In a later post, I’ll explain some plumbing basics that will save you the expense and embarrassment of having to call the plumber. And a note on extension cords. Go for those big, fat orange or yellow ones. The fatter it is, the better. I recommend getting at least a 50 foot extension. You just never know where you’ll need electricity for your power tools.

As I stated earlier, there are complete home repair kits ready to buy, but you’ll need to look and see what is missing and supplement these things. Tools are expensive, but necessary, so a final bit of advice: Never loan your tools. I think once you see that total bill at Home Depot, you’ll understand why. But the cost savings in repair bills will make them worth the cost.

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3 Tips to Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Improved fitness offers a variety of health and social benefits, such as the ability to fit into your little black party dress you have not worn in years and it can also help you to sleep better and function more productively during the day. But how can you set realistic fitness goals so that you do not tire out or become bored?

Start Small

If you are determined to drop 40 pounds within a month, you will be in for a big disappointment when you do not meet that goal. Unless you take drastic measures, such as starting a dangerous crash diet, you are unlikely to ever meet such an unrealistic fitness goal.

However, if you want to lose the same amount of weight slowly over several months, or a year, you are more likely to succeed if you set small, attainable goals. Gradual weight loss is preferable to rapid weight loss brought on by crash diets. Put it in writing to help you see where you would like to be in a few months from now. Draw up a chart with your start weight, and how you intend to reach that goal. Then weigh yourself at regular intervals to see how you are getting along.

Inject Some Fun into Your Fitness Goals

Upping your fitness goals can seem like such a chore when you want to increase what you are doing and see actual, tangible results for all your effort. But one way to set realistic fitness goals is to inject some fun into your goals. Change out some of your usual workout routines with activities you enjoy taking part in such as tennis, swimming, or even taking the dog for an energetic power walk.

Try Out New Recipes

Remember that setting realistic fitness goals means a lot more than your workout routine. Fitness also includes eating a healthy, balanced diet that is sustainable. Look for new and exciting healthy recipes from health magasines, online resources or adapt some of your old favourites by trimming the calories, fat, and sodium and including whole grains, more vegetables and other healthy substitutes.

When setting fitness goals, be realistic with yourself and do not set unattainable expectations. Start small, inject some fun into your fitness goals and try out new and exciting healthy recipes.

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6 Signs that He Wants to Break Up with You

Does your boyfriend behave strange in the last time? Look for the ‘break up symptoms’ and find out if there can be done something about.

We all do this – we get to a point of the relationship where we realize that things don’t go well anymore and as we can’t do anything about, we wait for the partner to make the first step to a break up. It’s easier for us to give signals that something is wrong and as you do this, of course, he has also his own ways by which he wants to announce you indirectly that he won’t be there anymore.

1. Of a sudden he’s terribly busy and you aren’t one of his priorities. And it’s not about his over busy job. He just prefers instead of you a video on YouTube, a prolonged discussion on the Messenger, an article from a magazine, all one after another…

2. He doesn’t call you anymore during the day to ask you what you’re doing. You’re the only one who takes the phone and looks for him, while he rejects your call several times because he’s too busy and then he forgets to call back.

3. His friends (and family) are increasingly cold- it is one of the clearest signals that things don’t go well anymore. He discusses with his friends about your relationship and if it’s hard to notice any changes in his attitude, you can search for useful signs in he’s friend’s behavior.

4. He doesn’t respect his promises. You have to pray to him forever to get help with something or solve a problem. He promises you something and changes his mind in the last moment, because of various reasons, which in other circumstances were completely unimportant.

5. He stops speaking about you as a couple when it comes about future. Of a sudden everything that was ‘the next year we’ll go, we’ll do, we’ll have’ becomes ‘I want to go, I want to buy’ and so on. Moreover, he is very unclear regarding any plan that concerns you both, even if it’s about a short time. If you start a discussion something that you’re going to do together, he answers reluctant: ‘we’ll see.’

6. He blames you for everything; he turns your words back and acts crazy. It’s a very coward technique, but you’d be surprised to find out how many men use it. If he doesn’t have enough courage to end up, then he makes the other indirectly to take the final decision. This issue is even more unpleasant as it makes impossible any friendship after the relationship ends. If he starts to forbid you to go out with your friends, if he looks over your shoulder to see who you’re talking with on messenger, if he makes jealousy crises, many small and unjustified reproaches, then it’s better to give up him as quick as you can.


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A Speculation on the The Lord of the Rings Prequel

As all you fans know, The Hobbit is currently in state of pre-production along with its mysterious sequel, “To Be Announced,” which covers events that happen between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I am both rather intrigued and worried by the possibilities such a sequel/prequel could represent. I am intrigued because there are just all sorts of wonderful concepts that this film could use (which I’ll discuss in more detail below) but I am also worried because Hollywood has a long and crappy history of taking great stories and finding ways of making them “cooler” thereby producing hideous garbage. For every Lord of the Rings there are a dozen literary works that have been turned into piles of moldy pig dung. But I have a lot of faith in Peter Jackson and I am not TOO worried about this possibility, although if I hear he’s coming up with a bunch of new ideas with little connection to Tolkien’s vision, I may very well start to worry again.

The purpose of this article is to examine several possible plot points and arcs Jackson might come up with for TBA. I make no pretensions to prophecy (you would not believe what I thought Attack of the Clones would be about), but I am fairly familiar with Tolkien’s works so I feel as eligible to make some guesses as anyone else.

Spoiler ALERT! I am going to be talking about the Hobbit from time to time in this article so if you don’t want to know important plot points of the upcoming movie, stop reading now! The Lord of the Rings will also be referenced, so if you haven’t seen that particular trilogy I really have no idea why you’re reading this article.

Note: All of these speculations depend on the idea that The Hobbit will follow the events of the book fairly closely. Also, to distinguish between the books and the films in this essay, I shall be presenting the names of the books in regular type and the movies in bold type.

OK, The Hobbit has ended. Smaug the Great lies dead amid the ruins of sunken Dale, the battle of the Five Armies has been narrowly won, Bilbo Baggins is safely back in the Shire, and the One Ring still sleeps.

What happens now?

The most important event of this period, which covers about 75 years in the books, is the gradual rising of Sauron from his secret identity of “The Necromancer” to dark overlord of Mordor, and the reawakening of the Ring that this resurgence brings about. Thus the characters that were actually alive at this point (I’m thinking Gandalf, Aragorn, and possibly Legolas) will be coming to the gradual realization that the Dark Lord is not only back (something in the official lore that Gandalf finds out during the course of the Hobbit) but that he is returning in force, gathering his minions for a great and final war against the West. I believe this theme will be a constant backdrop in TBA and probably the actual focus of the film. But what events of the many in the interim period will Jackson choose?

Balin’s Expedition to Moria

In, The Fellowship of the Ring (and in the corresponding novel) there are several references to the dwarven colony of Balin in the depths of Moria. You have this band of dwarves, three of whom will have been characters from The Hobbit, crossing grim and dangerous lands in attempt to reclaim their ancient stronghold of Khazzad Dum, a place of relative importance to the dwarves-as important as the Vatican is to Catholics. It is here that the greatest king of the dwarves, Durin, has carved out the greatest mine/fortress/homeland in the history of the Dwarves. One might draw comparisons to the Crusades, though with a far darker enemy awaiting the would-be liberators of the holy. There are great initial victories-the minions of darkness are driven back, the ancient halls re-inhabited, and the great treasure of mithril mined for the first time in many ages of dwarves.

But then the initial promise and potential of this colony gradually begins to become a far grimmer tale. The orcs, though defeated numerous times, just keep coming back and there are always more of them. As to the Balrog, and what he gets up to during the five years the colony exists, I’m not sure. But if I had to guess, I’d say it’s playing a kind of cat and mouse game with the would-be colonists. He’s allowing them a glimmer of hope and joy, and then using his forces to smash them down. After all, he could have destroyed the dwarves in the first five minutes of their arrival if he was so inclined.

But it seems unlikely that this event, despite its strong ties to LOTR, will get much of a mention in TBA. After all, no major characters are involved in the adventure (unless Jackson really decides to play up Balin in The Hobbit). And the whole episode has little obvious link to the return of Sauron. But just in case Jackson does include it, you heard it here first!

Aragorn’s Journey of Self Discovery

A significant point in this era is Aragorn realizing who he is. He was kept in secret in Rivendell by Elrond and it is during this period that Elrond gives him the shards of Narsil (the shattered sword of Isildur that he carries around with him in the book version instead of leaving on display in Rivendell) and tells him he is heir of Isildur. It is also during this period that he meets Arwen and their romance begins. I’m quite certain this romance will play some part in TBA and, if I had to guess, I’d say it will be a major plot point of the film. Indeed, it would seem difficult to give the film any dramatic drive without Aragorn being a significant player because his journey to self discovery, his adventures in Rohan and Gondor (covered later in this essay), and his romance with Arwen are the only big character arcs in this part of the story.

The Quest of Aragorn and Gandalf for Gollum.

This is really the only specific subplot that I’ve heard hinted about in the teaser talk regarding TBA. While I’m always up for seeing Aragorn and Gandalf chew some dialogue together, I’m not sure it would be a very good focus for the entire movie.

Jackson might decide to make this hunt the plotline by which he links several events of this period, with Aragon and Gandalf going on this long quest of their own and having several adventures involving various major events of this prequel time frame. But I think that would be awkward. On the other hand, if Jackson doesn’t choose a kind of “buddy movie” framework, Aragorn and Gandalf won’t be together throughout most of the film. In fact, while we have a fairly good idea of what Aragorn was doing during this period, Gandalf’s story is rather murky. Presumably, he was doing what he’s always doing: nosing around, helping people, and getting in the way of whatever chunk of villainy he encounters.

Aragorn’s Adventures in Rohan and Gondor

This speculation details the story of Aragon’s earlier adventures. During this period Aragon undergoes many adventures in Rohan and Gondor while in the service of the fathers of King Theoden and Steward Denethor. He is greatly acclaimed in both places. By the time Lord of the Rings is written, his adventures have become the legends of an earlier generation. While details of his deeds in Rohan are sketchy, it is known that he was the right-hand man of Steward Ecthelion II. During that time Aragorn led a daring raid against the Corsairs in which he (under his secret identity of Throngil) destroyed the Corsair fleet and killed their “Captain of the Haven” in hand-to-hand combat (What a guy!). These events may even represent Aragorn’s trial by fire during which he proves to the Wise that he has what it takes to be King.


According to the books, Saruman was being the good guy (or pretending to be) during this period. The books never really nail down when Saruman went bad, though it’s implied he was always of an imperious and prideful nature. Whenever it was that he decided he wanted to get into the Ring business, it was during this period that he used the Palantir of Orthanc to search for it and thus linked his mind with that of Sauron and came under his sway. But he was never completely under Sauron’s thumb; Saruman has always harbored ambitions of seizing the one Ring for himself.

It is interesting to note that Saruman and Aragorn had some sort of dealings during this time as he advises Ecthelion to ignore Saruman’s council and to take more heed to Gandalf. Whether this was because of personal animosity or because Aragorn simply had more respect for Gandalf is unknown, but having Aragorn come to suspect Saruman while Gandalf remains oblivious would be a nice bit of foreshadowing of later events.

Legolas and Gimli

What are Gimli and Legolas up to while all of this other stuff is going on? While Gimli is fairly young himself during this period, Legolas has been as he was portrayed in LOTR for few thousand years. And while no previous relationship between Aragorn and Legolas is mentioned in the books, the clear indication in Fellowship is that Legolas and Aragorn are seasoned companions of old. Thus any adventures Aragorn has could well include Legolas. Given that age-removing digital technology is now possible, it’s a lot easier to have immortal characters remain the same in movies separated by a large span of years.

I predict that Gimli will have a fairly small role to play in TBA. He, unlike all the other Fellowship members save Bormir, has no previous connection to other members of the Fellowship. So any subplots involving him are going to be purely Dwarven in focus. And since he had no role in the Balin’s Colony subplot mentioned above, he can’t be part of that storyline either. So I’m predicting cameo status at best for the worthy Gimli.


Now we wander into the realm of how Jackson might depart from the established lore. He’s always willing to change Tolkien’s original storyline for the sake of his perception of the dramatic necessity of film. Thus Arwen becomes a kick-ass elven warrior instead of demure ornament, Aragorn saves Minas Tirith with an army of the undead instead of an army of mortal men, and Tom Bombadil is mercifully absent from sight.

So what might he change?

The Fall of Dol Goldur: The most obvious departure could be the fall of Dol Goldur. Dol Goldur is the fortress where Sauron was hiding before he went back to Mordor to start his dark empire in earnest. Under the alias of the Necromancer, Sauron built the fortress of Dol Goldor on the southern edges of Mirkwood and this was largely responsible for the evil that started to creep over that area (namely the giant spiders that will be plaguing Bilbo and company in The Hobbit).There is a section in The Hobbit where Gandalf wanders off for a large chunk of time and what he’s doing is attacking Dol Goldur with the help of the White Council, as he’s come to suspect that the mysterious Necromancer is actually Sauron in disguise. But, if instead Jackson decides to put the fall of Dol Goldur after the events of The Hobbit (or for that mattter, include it in the backdrop of The Hobbit)then things could start to get interesting.

I can see quite an impressive battle sequence here, wherein the White Council (Gandalf, Saruman, and Galadriel to name the known members) and their elven allies (with possibly Legolas and Aragorn, though Aragorn technically meets Gandalf after this event) attacks this lesser citadel of evil. Lots of orcs will be killed and we might even get to see a confrontation between an incarnate Sauron and Gandalf. Saruman (depending on where in time Jackson decides to put his betrayal of the Council) might even aid Sauron in his escape, though seeing him attack Sauron at Gandalf’s side would give an extra bit of pathos to Saruman’s later betrayal of Gandalf (and explain why Gandalf continued to trust him with Galadriel and Aragorn came to suspect Saruman). Sauron does run away in the books as he is unable to stand against the full might of the council, but a retreat after a fierce battle would be a lot more fun to watch.

While the books seem to indicate that this conflict did not include the Ringwraiths, there is certainly no reason why Jackson couldn’t throw them into the mix as well. Aragorn seems to be personally familiar with the Ringwraiths, both in the books and the movies, so it’s possible he met them during this battle (if Jackson decides to make him present).

Given the fact that Gandalf has been in Dol Guldor before, snooping about as is his habit (which is when he got the idea that the Necromancer and Sauron might be one and the same) there could be some nice flashback sequences of earlier experiences there. Or he might play a guide role as he did in the Mines of Moria.

Arwen: As mentioned previously, Arwen plays a much larger part in the movies than she ever did in the books. It might be interesting if, instead of an Aragorn/Gandalf road movie, we get an Aragorn/Arwen road movie. Or at least some scenes of them wandering around and doing various good deeds. Having her present at Aragorn’s side during a temporally misplaced battle of Dol Guldor would be even more interesting.

Radigast: The third wizard of the west, Radigast, is akin to Saruman and Gandalf, but he doesn’t get much of a mention the books and none at all in LOTR. This fellow, whose talents tend toward the animals of the wild and the birds of the air, would be an interesting and established character to throw into the narrative mix of TBA. Given that his sphere of influence is in the southern Mirkwood area and near Dol Goldur, it seems quite possible he would be involved in that conflict. Indeed, since Jackson didn’t use him in LOTR, he might even decide to kill Radigast during the battle, to add pathos and drama to the scene. Having Sauron kill him would be even more interesting. Or having Saruman kill him to save Sauron!

So there you have it; a few thoughts and speculations on the nature of TBA. It would be very satisfying for me if they all proved to be accurate, but I shall be perfectly happy if I’m completely wrong as long as the movie is good. It will definitely be interesting to see what Jackson decides to do without a solid Tolkien plotline to follow. I imagine after being fairly loyal to the writ of Tolkien in his first three movies (and presumably the fourth), he’s itching to write some scripture of his own. Only time will tell if this new look at an old tale will be a worthy addition to the Tolkien mythos or a craptacular reimagining. Whatever the case, it will make money.

So until 2023 and Lord of the Rings II: Back to Mordor, make mine Jackson!

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Advanced: "Instantly" Conquering a Level 10 NPC

Coming with all buildings already maxed out, level 10 NPCs are instantly ready for war – making them deadly cities in the right hands. However, holding 2200 rolling logs, 3666 archer’s towers, 1375 defensive trebuchets, 11000 traps, 5500 abatises, and 400000 warriors, they can prove to be costly and time-consuming to conquer: and this is where this guide comes in! I’ll show you how to successfully capture a level 10 NPC virtually anywhere on the map in under a minute (not including march time).

To accomplish this feat, you will be sending 40 different attacks at the NPC using camp time so that they all arrive within a one minute period. To accomplish this, your title must at least be viscount and the sum of the levels of your feasting halls and rally spots must both come out to 40 or over! E.g., if you have 4 cities, you must have a level 10 feasting hall and a level 10 rally spot in all four cities. You must also have at least 39 heroes preferably with level 100 attack or over as well as 1 hero with at least 150 attack for the break (your Queen or King is preferred if they’re of sufficient level). To fulfill this large requirement of heroes, you can go into your inn and recruit throwaway heroes with the highest attack levels who are over level 10 (so that you may add your gear to them) or over. As for troops, you need 4000 workers, 384000 warriors, 4000 scouts, 4000 pikemen, 4000 swordsmen, and 190000 archers.

To prepare, you need your top three heroes in your spearhead city as well as all of your workers, scouts, pikemen, swordsmen, and archers. In your remaining cities, you need 10000 warriors for each hero. E.g., a city with level 10 feasting hall and rally spot needs 100000 warriors.

Ok, onto the fun part:

1) Assess how long it will take to send your troops to the NPC from each of your cities – paying special attention to the longest trip. Remember that with your spearhead city, you’ll be sending workers, warriors, scouts, pikemen, swordsmen, and archers and that from your remaining cities, you’ll only be sending warriors.

2) With your spearhead city, send the breaking wave of 2000 workers, 2000 warriors, 2000 scouts, 2000 pikemen, 2000 swordsmen, and 90000 archers with your highest attack hero so that it arrives at least 15 minutes after what the longest trip from any of your cities will take. Try to make this attack arrive on a 10-minute mark, e.g., at 12:00:00 or 14:30:00.

3) Send another of these waves with your second highest attack hero so that it arrives five seconds after the first. I.e., if your first attack arrives at 7:40:00, this attack needs to arrive at 7:40:05.

4) Now send 10000 warriors and 10000 archers so that it arrives 5 seconds after the previous attack. I.e., if your second attack arrives at 7:40:05, this attack needs to arrive at 7:40:10.

5) Now send 36 waves of 10000 warriors from your spearhead city and remaining cities hitting the NPC between 11 seconds and 45 seconds after the very first hit. (From 7:40:11 to 7:40:45, to continue the example.)

6) Send your final wave so that it arrives at 50 seconds after the initial hit (7:40:50). Notes: If you’re close to the NPC you’re taking, you can just send a regular 10000 warrior wave. However, if you’re farther away, you may choose to send a larger number of warriors/archers so that they are able to protect your newly captured NPC.

7) Voila! Give your new NPC a snazzy new name and start demolishing cottages!

Notes and tips:

‘¢ If you’re having problems with your heroes moving at different speeds, you may go into your feasting hall, view your hero, and select undo mount (by clicking on the horse icon just to the left of “One click change”).

‘¢ However, if you’re taking an NPC from a large distance (such as 50 miles), you may choose to recruit heroes who can accommodate your mount research. If you have mount at level 4, for example, you can choose to only recruit heroes whose level is 40 or over.

‘¢ Using this method, you’ll lose significantly less troops than taking an NPC with only one city because troops in the NPC aren’t given enough time to regenerate. Using this method today and a hero with 257 attack to break, I lost 2648 workers, 18533 warriors, 2048 scouts, 2543 pikemen, 2430 swordsmen, and 7233 archers before healing.

‘¢ Because troops aren’t allowed to regenerate, though, you will not find the same amount of medals as you would by traditionally taking an NPC. The first two hits may produce medals, gems, or items, but the rest most likely will not!

‘¢ If you’re unsure of this method, taking an NPC at a large distance, or simply like to take extra precaution, you may send one or two extra warrior waves to ensure that loyalty is reduced to 0 and the city is captured! I’ve found that the 40 waves alone will successfully capture the NPC, but if you like to stay safe, just send a few more waves along.

‘¢ Remember to scout the NPC before attacking to find a low-level mayor to reduce losses!!!

‘¢ Be thoughtful of others and create a level 10 NPC (by capturing a level 10 flat, building a city, and abandoning) so we can keep the permanent level 10s for farms!

‘¢ If you’re attacking an NPC that’s relatively close to your spearhead city, you may choose to add in 1-2k ballistae into your layers to reduce losses as well. You may do this for taking an NPC at a distance, too, but it will be very time consuming and the gains may not justify it for you.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I hope that it works out well for you! Let me know of your successes or if you have any questions! :)

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