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All About the Breed: Bushland Terrier

Also known as the Scottish Cairn Terrier, the Bushland Terrier is an energetic, loyal, and affectionate breed. But how do you know whether you are ready to purchase a pet and if this breed is right for you? This information is absolutely necessary in making the decision to purchase a pet.


The exact origin of the Bushland Terrier has not been well documented. The breed was develop by crossing the Cairn Terrier with the Scottish Terrier, in an effort to combine the temperaments of both breeds. Enthusiasts believe that the Bushland Terrier originated in Scotland and has existed for up to 100 years, though this has never been proven scientifically or otherwise.

Throughout its history, the Bushland Terrier has been most commonly kept as a family pet and companion, proving its superior abilities to provide both entertainment and devoted companionship.

Today, while the Bushland Terrier is widely considered an up-and-coming designer dog, the breed remains rather rare outside of the United States and Europe.

Personality Traits

Best known for its spunky and lively nature, the Bushland Terrier is an outgoing breed that is full of character. These dogs thrive on strong and dependable relationships with humans, love to receive attention and play the role of lap dog during down time. This breed is very intelligent and generally easy to train. As a pet, the Bushland Terrier is obedient, loyal, loving, and very affectionate. The Bushland Terrier adapts well to full-time indoor and apartment living, yet still enjoys spending time outdoors, playing games such as fetch and frisbee, and taking long and leisurely walks.


Due to its outgoing attitude and need for human attention, the Bushland Terrier generally responds well to basic training and commands. This bright breed has the ability to learn to perform most any task its trainer is willing to take the time to teach.

Establishing immediate dominance, trust, and respect is key to successfully training the Bushland Terrier. These dogs require a confident, patient, and caring handler with a stern yet gentle approach to repetitive exercises and tasks.

Benefits and Disadvantages of the Breed

There are many benefits to owning a Bushland Terrier. This spunky breed is always on the go, and often very amusing and entertaining to watch while at play. These bright dogs are obedient by nature, easy to train, and capable of learning to perform many impressive tricks and tasks. When properly socialized from a young age, the Bushland Terrier gets along well with children and other pets, known for its sweet and gentle approach to small children and its ability to make friends quickly with other animals due to its social nature. This breed adapts well to full-time indoor or apartment living. The Bushland Terrier is obedient, loyal, loving, and affectionate, making an excellent family pet and companion alike.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to owning a Bushland Terrier. Like many companion breeds, these dogs are known to suffer from separation anxiety. Anyone wishing to purchase this breed who travels frequently, has full-time work, or is away from the home on a daily basis is advised to begin researching another breed. During an attack of separation anxiety, the Bushland Terrier will act out of nervous destruction and may destroy property, chew, dig, bark, whine, and ignore basic training such as housebreaking.

The Bushland Terrier has a thick and wiry coat which requires almost constant attention such as brushing and grooming in order to prevent matting, remove dead hair, and maintain its attractive appearance.

As previously mentioned, the Bushland Terrier remains rather rare outside of the United States and Europe, and can prove quite challenging to obtain. Individuals seeking to purchase this breed often encounter such challenges as inability to locate a breeder, extremely high prices, and being placed on long waiting lists.

Common Health Concerns

While the Bushland Terrier is typically known as a healthy and hearty breed, they do suffer from a few health problems, including: hip dysplasia, patellar luxation – dislocation of the knee, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, frequent eye laceration, distichiasis – ingrown eye lashes, and various dental issues.

Now that you know all about the breed, do you think you are ready to own a Bushland Terrier? Remember, purchasing a pet is a big decision and should be discussed thoroughly and seriously with your entire family.


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3 Reasons Why Cold Weather is Great for Beauty

I will admit that I cringe every year when the leaves start to fall because it means the cold weather is approaching soon. Although I am not a fan of cold weather, I will say that it is much easier to get pretty in the fall and winter. You do not have to take as much time perfecting your makeup and hair in the colder months. Here are three reasons why cold weather is great for beauty.

Hair Is Less Frizzy During the Fall and Winter

In the fall and winter months, you don’t have to worry about your hair frizzing out in the middle of the day. The humidity is no longer in the air, so you will not need to put as many hair serums or creams in your hair to control the frizz. If your hair is pretty straight to begin with, you can just apply a leave-in conditioner to it and blow-dry it with a round brush. You won’t need to use a flat-iron to get the kinks out anymore.

Foundation Won’t Feel Like It’s Melting Off Your Skin

It is so difficult to wear foundation in the summer, especially if you live in a humid climate. It just feels so heavy on your face and seems like it’s melting off. In the colder months, you can wear a full coverage foundation without it feeling heavy on your skin.

Hair Color Won’t Fade As Easily

Although your hair color can fade during any season, it won’t fade as easily in the fall and winter months. During the summer, the sun is a lot brighter and hotter, so it can fade your hair color and even make it look brassy. In the fall and winter, you will not have to worry about your hair color fading after just getting it done.

As you can see, fall and winter aren’t all bad. The next time you find yourself complaining about how cold it is, just think about how much easier it is to get dolled up.

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Alternative Therapies for Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid problems range from too much hormone being secreted by the thyroid gland in the neck, to too little. These hormones can lead to many disorders such as weight gain, weight loss, and fatigue. As many as 13 million Americans have some kind of thyroid gland disorder. Once diagnosed, treatments are usually in the form of hormone therapy by which the amount of hormone in your body is regulated.

Despite these treatments, there are alternative therapies to thyroid disorders in addition to regular treatment. Consult your endocrinologist about which therapy may be right for you.

According to WebMD, traditional Chinese medicine regards thyroid problems arising from stress and frustration. The treatment includes acupuncture of certain nerves to release the energy bound up in those nerves that reduce symptoms such as lack of sleep and irritability.

Chiropractors treat thyroid problems by improving circulation and reducing tension in the neck muscles. A chiropractor can also improve the nerve functions in your back and neck, which may cause some of the problems in the thyroid if your nervous system isn’t quite connecting properly.

Nutrition may be an easing factor of your thyroid disorder. Make sure to get proper amounts of such common nutrients as protein and calcium, combined with enough magnesium and iodine. Also, check to see if you are getting enough Vitamin A, C, the Bs, and selenium as they help foster proper thyroid function.

Cortisone is a hormone released when you are under too much stress, and it also has the property of block proper thyroid function. If you already have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, taking the stress out of our body may be a good way to help treat it. Exercise, get a massage, read a book, and do what makes you the most relaxed.

Yoga has been a known to be a stress reliever and relax the mind and body, but certain poses can also increase the effectiveness of the thyroid gland. The Plough pose has been shown to be effective in increasing blood flow to the thyroid. The plough is when your legs are thrown all the way over your head with the toes touching the floor as you lay on the floor. Please don’t try this without supervision.

As with any alternative therapy, please consult a licensed physician before starting any treatment for a thyroid disorder. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as proper medical advice.

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5 Key Ingredients of Top-Selling Skincare Products

There are dozens and dozens of skincare products out there, but only a handful can actually give you the results promised on the package. From giving your skin a boost of moisture, warding off the signs of aging, or bringing back that radiant glow, the right skincare products will keep your skin looking healthy, smooth and youthful. So how do you pick out the best products without wasting time and money with a trial and error process? You can start by checking the ingredients list before you buy, and also reading unbiased reviews.

Here are five key ingredients that some of the top-selling skincare products have:

#1: Skin barrier compounds. Unless you’re using a 100 percent natural and organic skincare line, your skincare products will contain compounds that act as a barrier on the skin’s surface and keep skin looking smooth. If you want to keep wrinkles at bay and make your skin soft and supple, look for skincare products that contain collagen, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and fatty acids.

#2: Cell renewal stimulating ingredients. Many anti-aging products contain the same set of ingredients that speed up the cell renewal process and help your skin appear more youthful. These are fairly powerful ingredients and can be very effective for warding off wrinkles. Look for anti-aging products that contain retinol, lecithin, and peptides if you want to give your skin a boost.

#3: Sunscreen. UVA protection is a must, especially if you live in a warm-weather area or spend a lot of time outdoors. Remember that sun damage accelerates the aging process and can cause pigmentation such as freckles, as well as chronic inflammation of the skin. Look for products that contain SPF 15 to SPF 45 and wear a layer of sunscreen underneath makeup for extra protection.

#4: Moisturizing compounds. Many of best-selling products contain a mixture of fatty acids and butters that act as rich emollients on the skin. Ward off dry and flaky skin, and keep skin looking smooth and resilient by using products that contain cocoa butter, shea butter, triglycerides, and fatty acids derived from natural sources.

#5: Antioxidants. You’ve probably seen many companies touting skincare lines that contain antioxidants, but what do these actually do for your skin? Antioxidants in skincare products can help to protect skin from environmental stress and reduce the risk of inflammation. Look for products that contain vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene, soy extract, and green tea to enjoy some antioxidant benefits. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, and can be great for skin brightening and toning.

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An Auto Technician's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I have tried everything else without success so my boss suggested that I write to you because of how much weight you carry with almost everybody. No doubt, many have cars. Some of those may even bring their cars to the shop where I work and if not, maybe you can just spread the word about my problems.

Don’t get me wrong I love my customers and if it weren’t for them I might be pushing pencils instead of turning wrenches; it is just that sometimes they make my job a lot more difficult than it has to be. Let me be more specific about what I’m talking about because I know how busy you are this time of the year.

Information can be a problem. Customers have it and I need it to fix their cars, but they don’t always want to give it up. I need to know the where, what and when, if it has a color and if it smells and how big of a spot it’s making on their driveways. Does it happen after a long sleep or a short nap or when it has been ridden hard and put away wet? Oh yes, I also need to know if they have tinkered with the vehicle. Did you ever hear the saying, “He who is without knowledge and works on his own car has a risk taker for a mechanic.”

Santa, vehicle hygiene would be a great stocking stuffer. Oh, the outside isn’t important, but the condition of the inside of a car can make all the difference. It becomes our work space, sometimes for extended periods. There is something about removing uneaten happy meals and then needing to lie on your back with your head under a dashboard and your legs draped over a seat back. It makes you itch.

If you could work some of the same magic you use on Christmas Eve on car owners, it would be great. Instead of magically negotiating chimneys, you could get them to distinguish between reporting symptoms and diagnosing their own problems. If they only understood that when I make a wrong call on a repair it’s my problem, but when they ask for a certain procedure to be performed on their vehicles to correct a malfunction it becomes their responsibility.

Then there is the issue of neighbors, uncles and brothers-in-law. It’s one thing to come in with a recommendation from Click and Clack but when the suggested fix comes from someone who spends one weekend replacing a blower motor and the next shingling a roof, it becomes demoralizing. How would you feel if someone told you how to make toys?

I know, I know this has degenerated into a rant and that isn’t what I had set out to do. I just wanted some help in getting the word out. So when you are making your rounds this year don’t forget auto technicians they are really great people but are often misunderstood.

With Respect,

The Optimistic Technician

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8 Tips on Teaching Children How to Draw

When your children are learning to draw the following eight tips might be useful to their learning process.

1. Copy objects instead of another drawing
When children copy another drawing it gives the false impression that the drawing they copied is the right way (or perhaps the only way) to draw something. Parents should not dictate a specific way of drawing so early. Let your children decide how do draw things. You should wait until their basic drawing skills are already developed. Only then you can let them learn by copying another drawing to enrich their own drawing style.

2. Observation is the basic
Take your children to observe the objects they would like to draw. For example, if they want to draw a cat then observe the cat together. Let them notice every detail of the cat. How soft the fur is, how many whiskers it has, what color is the body, leg, head, etc.

3. Imagination
Children are rich in imagination and when they are not in the mood to draw an object let them based their drawing purely on their imagination. You’ll be amazed just how colorful your children’s imaginations are.

4. Welcome mistakes
Expecting your children to draw things correctly on their first or hundredth try is beyond foolish. Children see things differently than adults. They percept and interpret information differently than adults. Thus their expressions can be totally different that what you would expect.

5. Resist the temptation to criticize their work
When your child put three legs on a duck please restrain yourself from saying that duck only has two legs. Instead, take your child to a farm for another session of observation and this time ask him about how many legs does a duck has.

6. Give help only when asked
When you watch your children draw you may feel the urge to straighten a line or suggest the right color for the sky or give some other help. This is bad for your child development because he will feel your not letting him do things the way he wanted. You should give help only if your child asks for it.

7. Keep their spirits high and your expectations low
For children, even drawing a simple object is huge task. If your children can’t draw as good as the other children in the block don’t discourage them by comparing their work to other kids’. Everyone has their own pace. No matter how “bad” their drawings are you must keep cheering them and keep their spirits high.

8. Appreciate their work
Simple gestures like saying how good their drawings are can really encourage children to do even better next time. You can also provide a special showcase for their artworks or just stick them on the fridge using fridge magnet. The point is let them know that you appreciate their hard work.

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5 Inspirational Biographies

Books are a part of our cultural landscape. In addition, there are many different books to read. I like all kinds of books. However, I have been reading many biographies. Some of the biographies that i have read are inspirational. These inspirational biographies will make readers want to pass them on to others. These non-fiction books will also make people wish that they could meet the people who are the focus of the biographies. Therefore, here are five inspirational biographies.

Cooked tells the story of a guy who served time in jail. Then, he became a world-class chef. This biography tell the story of Jeff Henderson. He went from cooking cocaine to cooking in one of the top restaurants in Las Vegas. I love this book because it shows that mistakes don’t define people’s lives. I also like this book because I love cooking and baking. In addition, I like this book because it starts in San Diego. Fans of Top Chef and The Food Network will enjoy this inspirational biography.

The King’s Speech is a royal inspiration. This is a true story about a friendship between a king and his speech therapist. King George VI has a speech problem that he overcomes to become king. This inspirational biography is about a bit of history that was unknown. This book shows that anyone can have problems. It also shows that anyone can overcome adversity. I love stories about royalty and history; therefore, this biography suits me perfectly. People who like royalty and history will enjoy this inspirational biography. The movie based on this book is great too.

The Glass Castle is an emotional memoir. This inspirational biography tells about Jeannette Wall’s escape from her dysfunctional family. Her mom and dad were free spirits. Her mom wanted to be a painter, rather than a mother. Her father always told the kids that he was going to build “a glass castle.” The story will make people laugh and cry. It amazed me that the author left her family still sane. It also surprised me that she still loved her parents after what they did to the family. Her unconditional love for her parents is heartwarming and refreshing. This inspirational biography will make people appreciate their families more.

The Accidental Billionaires tells the story of Facebook. This story shows that a dream can become a reality. Two guys stated the website to fit in at Harvard. They also wanted to attract beautiful women. Friends do become enemies; however, this book looks at the entrepreneurial spirit at its best. In addition, it does teach readers a lesson or two about mixing business and friendship.

Born Standing Up is about Steve Martin’s days as a stand up comic. He also talks about his childhood. This book is inspirational because Steve Marin opens up about the hard life of an entertainer. This book will make people think twice about the soft lives of celebrities. I am a fan of Steve Martin’s books and movies. I hope that he writes more about his life in the future.

Books are a vital part of our culture. There are many books to read. Therefore, there are books for every literary taste. Biographies are good books to read, In fact, there are many inspirational biographies. These books will touch people’s hearts and lives. source: none

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Applying to Law School: Seven Tips that Will Make Life Easier

Your path to law school starts with a simple statement; I want to become a lawyer. Once you have set yourself on this path, there are several realizations that you have to make. Firstly, it is a seven year program involving the attainment of a bachelor’s degree in an ABA approved college and later a three year program at an ABA accredited law school to earn you the title of Juris Doctor. You will need to work very hard both in attaining the necessary GPA and LSAT scores followed by three years of studying blind in law school. To top it all off, you will need to take the Bar Exam, which is a rigorous examination that stands between you and legal practice. Not deterred yet? Good. Here are the steps you need to take to achieve your goal of attending law school.

1. Choose Your Major

When deciding to go to law school, many people will opt to go for an “easier undergraduate degree” so as to boost their GPA. One of the most common degrees is a political science degree or a liberal arts degree. This is one way to look at it, however, I never subscribed to such a perspective. If I am going to spend money on an education and spend four years pursuing a degree, I want it to be worth something. I would suggest looking at degrees that can supplement your legal career. I am hoping to get into corporate law. I decided to get a degree in business. Individuals looking to get into Patent law should be aware of the unique requirements to qualify for the patent bar, which is a separate examination for aspiring patent attorneys.

2. Mind Your GPA

You need to be very mindful of your GPA. Applying to law school is a very competitive process. Every grade counts. So, when the decision comes to attend the latest frat party, maybe you should first take the time to study for your upcoming bio midterm.

3. Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)

You need to know this website in and out. This is where you will create your profile. Through this website you will register for you Law School Admissions Test. Then, when the time comes for you to apply to law schools, you will need to register for the Credential Assembly Service. After paying the fee (there are a lot of those) to sign up for this service, you will have a profile created on LSAC. When the time comes to gather your transcripts, letters of recommendation, resumes, and personal statement, it will all be stored in your profile. You will also be able to fill out the primary and supplementary information forms. These save you a lot of time because when you apply to law schools through LSAC, most of the information on the applications will be pre-filled.

4. Letters of Recommendation

For most schools, you will need two letters of recommendation. These can come from anyone. Some individuals may seek out people of prominence such as local representatives in government and other “important people”. I suggest avoiding this pointless route. You need your letters of recommendation to come from individuals that know you and can attest to your positive qualities, work ethic, and moral fiber. When I was getting my letters of recommendation, I asked one of my law professors from college and a family friend that is a practicing attorney. The first individual was able to note my achievements in the classroom, while the second individual could go into detail about my personal characteristics.

5. Personal Statement

The personal statement required for your law school applications is very important. A lot of people didn’t take their undergraduate personal statements very seriously. A few friends of mine got accepted to the schools of their choice without submitting one. Law school is a whole different ball game. The personal statement is very important. It needs to be well written, formatted, and informative. It needs to tell the audience what makes you a strong candidate and what experiences transformed you into the individual you are. Lastly you need to explain why you would like to go to law school and specifically why you want to go to their law school. I made sure to comment on each separate school’s individual traits. When all was said and done, I had eight separate personal statements, each the same in their contents save for the last paragraph where I outlined the individual characteristic that drew me to that particular school such as their trial advocacy program. You need to treat this statement like an interview. If your statement stands out, it will set you apart from other applicants. I recommend looking at this site for guidelines and examples.


While you are worrying over your GPA, begging for letters of recommendation, and pondering your personal statement, you should be preparing for your Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This is the deciding factor that carries the most weight. You can have a high GPA but if your LSAT score is too low, you will not go to law school. The LSAT is comprised of four sections; logical reasoning, analytic reasoning, reading, and a final writing section (carries no weight on score). The highest score you can get is a 180. This is a timed test, so you need to be able to quickly think on your feet. One way you can prepare is by taking a class. Many people run to take the Kaplan classes, which are very pricey (around $1200). I opted to take the Cambridge prep course offered at my local community college. I would recommend this option. It was only three hundred dollars, had a practice book included in the price, and covered all of the material in five Saturday sessions. Other than the class, it all comes down to practice. You need to drill the material and learn how to answer each problem. Go to Amazon and order a bunch of practice tests and just start doing them, there is not shortcut to this part. One other catch, there isn’t a right answer for a lot of the questions on the test, there is a best answer.

7. Applying

This is it, the final step of the application process. At this point you should have had both letters of recommendation mailed to LSAC by the people writing them. Your most recent transcript should have been sent out to LSAC as well. You should upload each personal statement to each individual application. In addition, it is also advisable to upload a copy of your resume. My only advice regarding the resume is to have it professionally formatted and have it be as specific as possible. My resume noted my participation in the International Shotokan Karate Federation, National Dance Council of America, and United States Ballroom Dancing Association in addition to my work and school experience. The final decision to make is which schools to apply to. Don’t get too crazy. Most of the schools will have an application fee around sixty dollars and LSAC will also charge you a processing fee per application. I applied to eight schools. Make a list and realistically select the schools you want to get into the most. Make the list diverse. Don’t apply to all tier one law schools. Have a few safety schools “just in case”. As a final note, the application deadline is rolling for most of the law schools. Apply early and be ever mindful of application and financial aid deadlines. The best of luck to you all!

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Administering Oxygen May Not Be the Best Treatment for Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are painful, often accompanied by light and noise sensitivity and even nausea. Primarily used to treat cluster headaches, studies have been conducted to determine whether oxygen is a feasible treatment for migraine headaches as well.

Migraine sufferers fight their battle on two fronts. The first battle is prevention through eliminating triggers in their lifestyle. The second is treatment of an ongoing migraine headache. Both of these issues are important and oxygen is being studied as a both a treatment and a prevention tool.

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, migraines are commonly triggered by outside influences such as dairy products, eggs, citrus fruits, wheat products, nuts, onions, corn and nut based products, and other fruits. A migraine headache is typically described by the sufferer as throbbing or pulsating pain, usually only on one side of the head. Migraines can last anywhere from six to 24 hours and the sufferer usually prefers to lie down in a quiet, dark space.

Oxygen has been used to treat cluster headaches in patients, but may have been found to be successful at treating migraine headaches by Dr. George Sands of the Beth Israel Medical Center, NY. The two types of oxygen therapy available for migraine sufferers are normobaric therapy and hyperbaric therapy.

The patient inhales 100-percent oxygen at normal room pressure during normobaric therapy. During hyperbaric therapy the patient breathes the pure oxygen at higher pressures in a hyperbaric chamber. According to Science Daily, there have been at least five studies comparing hyperbaric and normobaric treatments. The results of the studies varied and were inconclusive regarding the validity of either treatment. However, in every study the use of the hyperbaric treatment was more effective than the normobaric treatment.

Unfortunately, these results have shown two things. It would be unreasonable for a migraine sufferer to use a hyperbaric chamber for oxygen treatment due to cost, availability, and the level of success for prevention is inconclusive at best. It is the opinion of the Center for the Advancement of Health that it would be reasonable to believe that most physicians will continue to use other migraine headache treatments due to the limited availability and cost of hyperbaric chambers and the inconclusiveness of the oxygen treatment as a whole.


George Sands, M.D.; Oxygen Therapy for Headaches; Beth Israel Medical Center; New York, New York; National Headache Foundation;

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The Natural Approach to Migraines; Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine;

Center for the Advancement of Health (2008, July 17). Oxygen Therapy Might Ease Pain Of Migraine, Cluster Headaches. ScienceDaily;

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4 Muay Thai Conditioning Methods You Can Use for MMA

Mixed-martial arts is growing around the world and with that fighters are noticing the best conditioned fighters tend to win more fights, and some of the best conditioned fighters come from Muay Thai. There are four training methods that Muay Thai fighters use that you can take advantage of.

1. Do rounds on a heavy bag. Muay Thai fighters use heavy bags a bit differently than traditional western-style boxers. Not only do the use the bags for punching and to increase their punching power, they also use them to work on kicks, knees, and elbows. They also use a longer-style of heavy bag that touches the floor, so they can work on their leg kicks, as Muay Thai leg kicks are a powerful part of their fighting arsenal.

One other main difference is they drill several times daily in increments of five rounds of five minutes each striking the bags. This is the length of a Muay Thai fight, and this is part of the daily conditioning that makes them some of the top conditioned fighters in the world.

2. Working with Thai pads. The Thai pads have the benefits of a heavy bag, yet they require a partner to use them to hold for you. This allows you to work on strikes and movements to hit a real target, and to work on combinations that you can actually use in a real Muay Thai fight. Muay Thai fighters drill several times daily in increments of five rounds of five minutes each striking the pads with a partner.

3. Sparring three times per week. Muay Thai fighters in Thailand will fight sometimes as often as twice a month, and that’s due to the economy in Thailand and they get paid for pro fights. With this in mind they have to keep their skills sharp, so they will do sparring with a partner three times a week with full-protective gear on. The sessions are five rounds of five minutes each.

4. Muay Thai conditioning. Muay Thai fighters have to be in peak condition to withstand some of the knees, elbows, and kicks they take in a fight. They especially have to work their abs, and six-pack abs are not good enough. Muay Thai conditioning is a combination of a daily 6-9 kilometer run, jumping rope for ten to twenty minutes, shadow boxing, and training with weights, kettle bells, and medicine balls.

If you are looking to add a great MMA conditioning program to your MMA training, then Muay Thai and Muay Thai conditioning programs can be a great choice to improve your skills and conditioning at the same time.

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9 Tips for Dressing a Bottom-heavy Body Shape

People have varying body types. In order to look your best you must dress in accordance to the shape of your body. Some people are top heavy, some are bottom heavy, but whatever the situation is their are simple things that you can to with your wardrobe selections to minimize the dimensions of your figure. In this article we will deal with simple steps a bottom heavy women can implement to down play that bottom area.

Technique 1

Balance out your figure with color fitted pieces. The continuous color and appearance on long lines created make your figure look slimmer. Try shoulder pads or puffy shoulder pieces to help balance out your body.

Technique 2

When you are looking for a dress especially look for a fitted top and a full skirt. Draw attention away from your bottom and up to your waist with a belt.

Technique 3

Pick jeans that flatter your shape. Lean towards bootleg cut jeans to balance out your figure, with their wide legs. Chose dark wash jeans to minimize size and appear smaller.

Technique 4

If you are going to wear prints put them on the smaller, (top) part of your body, it will help to balance your look. Wear solid pants and skirts, with short jackets. You do not want your jacket to ever end at the middle of your hip area, that will accentuate its size.

Technique 5

When choosing dresses go for those with a raised (empire waist). It brings the focus of the eyes up.

Technique 6

Pick a piece with a pretty neckline. You do not need to show excessive cleavage, but a simple knot blouse, or lace trim will keep the focus up towards your face and top half.

Technique 7

Chose slimming undergarments. There are many options available that are light and comfortable to wear, which will help your clothes to lay better on your body.

Technique 8

When choosing swimwear, chose one pieces with high cut sides. This will give your legs the illusion of appearing longer. Swimwear with vertical stripes and color blocking will enhance your appearance also.

Technique 9

Make sure all of your clothing pieces are quality pieces and fit well. Too tight of clothing will drag negative attention to your body.

Hopefully, you have found these techniques to be helpful and will assist you in bringing unwanted attention too “that” area. These are simple techniques you can apply to better your appearance and increase your confidence.

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