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A Halloween Preparation Checklist for Parents

Every year millions of American children (and sometimes parents) don costumes and go door to door looking for “tricks or treats.” Every year, parents turn around, go back home to get something they’ve forgotten or are separated from their children while out and about.

By following the given checklist, parents and their children will have everything they need for a safe and happy Halloween.

1. Flashlight

Trick or treating is done at night. Car drivers can’t always see homemade costumes or little ones who step into the street. Parent and child should carry flashlights. A small flashlight 3-6″ long can also be attached to the costume or forearm of the child.

Practice with the child to make sure they know how to use it. The flashlight isn’t just to warn cars, but many streets aren’t well lit- little feet can avoid potholes and uneven sidewalks.

2. Plan Ahead

Sit down with the child and plan what streets and neighborhoods will be visited. Once those streets have been “T & T’d,” then return home. As a child, we would end our night once the candy carriers were full.

Plan with the child or children on what candy is ok to accept or not. Nothing ends the joy of the evening by watching the night’s proceeds go in the trash bin.

3. Costume

One of the main parts of the Halloween checklist is the costume. Have everyone dress up before Halloween to make sure the costumes fit and don’t impede movement or vision. Make sure masks don’t make it difficult for the child to breathe.

Make sure parts of the costume can be seen in the dark. Turn out the lights and use a flashlight. If the costume is store-bought, some part of it should be reflective. If not, or the costume is home made, add reflective strips or shapes for safety.

4. What Happens if Child and Parent Are Separated?

Make a plan with the child or children ahead of time. A good rule would be to gather at the end of every front walk or driveway; or perhaps every other. If several children are going together, have more than one parent go with them.

Use a safe word. Let the children know that an adult they don’t know that doesn’t use the safe word or code word is to be considered a danger- scream for help. Also teach them to use discretion- the people who answer the door should only hear “trick or treat.” Let the child or children know not to enter anyone’s home without the parent.

A gathering word to be called out loud by the parent can also be used. Let the child or children know that if they do not respond immediately (as in staying behind to talk with friends), the night will be over; or perhaps lose part of their candy.

5. Plan Ahead for The Candy

To avoid the inevitable “I wanna eat it all now!” by planning how much candy will/will not be consumed while or after the evening. This part of Halloween planning saves avoids arguments and bad feelings at home.

Have a plan for the candy collected. A few pieces tonight, tomorrow or the weekend and so on. This prevents gorging and the stomachaches later.

6. Halloween Party Planning

If having a Halloween party instead of going door to door, make a written plan ahead of time. Decide how many will attend and plan for food, drinks, games, music and so on. Have extra candy on hand to give out for those are going door to door.

7. Decorations

As part of your Halloween checklist, plan ahead for outdoor decorations. Set a firm budget and write out or draw a decorating scheme. A theme is easiest to help set a budget.

Money isn’t always available for Halloween decorations. Find out what you can use or make from what you have. No need to buy fake headstones, make them out of cardboard and spray paint them. Dollar stores abound with inexpensive decorations.

8. Plan What to Do If You Don’t Want to Give Out Candy

With the obesity crisis, not everyone wants to give out candy. A bag of inexpensive party favors from the dollar store will work just as well. Kids like getting toys as much as candy; just make sure that little ones get toys to big to swallow or let their parents know the toy should be monitored.

9. Halloween Music

If music is part of your Halloween planning but your budget is tight, download free music bytes from ilovewavs.com. The sound bytes range from a few seconds to a minute; download them all to a disc and play at the party or door.

How about music from TV shows and movies? Try All-About-Halloween.com. They have music without the words, so you can make a contest at a party of “Who Knows the Words.”

10. Halloween Planning for Pets

Not all pets are prepared for a parade of children in costume at the front door, or to hear the sound effects associated with most Halloween tapes, records or discs.

Remove pets to a quiet room with soft music so they can relax and not be frightened by the events of the evening. This also prevents children from accidentally giving pets chocolate- a potentially fatal accident.

Halloween planning will make the evening safe and fun for everyone. Get started now so you’re not trying to get everything done at the last minute.

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Americans Distrust US Banks at a Record-High Level: Americans Also Want to See Half a Dozen Investment Bankers Die

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans have never been leerier of banks and bankers. Or Wall Street, to take a crack at the nutshell. Some of the banker enthusiasts might say this distrust is misguided, and even the result of massive and unnecessary paranoia, but I disagree. And so does William S Burroughs, who says this about paranoia:

A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.

Hunter S. Thompson also said this about paranoia:

This is the Nineties, Bubba, and there is no such thing as Paranoia. It’s all true.

Apparently 36 percent of Americans say they have “very little” or “no” confidence in the U.S. banks, and that is the highest percentage ever recorded by Gallup. And I don’t blame this 36 percent. I’m personally frightened by the U.S. banks. Any of the the major banks would slit your throat for a nickel. Or take your home without even properly taking time to look at the paperwork first to make certain there are no mistakes.

Only 23 percent said they had a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in banks. What does “quite a lot” of confidence mean? I’m not sure, but for starters, these folks aren’t worried about getting their throats slit by JPMorgan Chase.

Here are the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers (and the 5 Most Guilty, arguably): Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Ally Financial. Frauds! Broods of vipers! And so on.

In David Macaray’s essay, titled The US Needs to be More Like China, the playwright posits that when a Chinese CEO shames himself and his company, he kills himself. No questions asked. He doesn’t drag the nation through a decade-long series of lawsuits. He hangs himself.

Macaray writes:

Not to come off as too Old Testament, but wouldn’t that work here as well? For instance, wouldn’t it have had a salutary effect on society if, following the Wall Street meltdown (and prior to the subsequent $1 trillion bailout), we had taken, say, a half-dozen greedy investment bankers, lined them up against a wall, and shot them? Does anyone really think these guys would have come away unscathed had in happened in China?

Of course Macaray is being facetious with this essay…. …. ….

Famed and noted psychologist Hubert Humdinger reacted this way when I called him to tell him about the Gallup Poll, and about David Macaray’s essay:

“There is something psychologically remiss in that kind of violent thinking, but I’ll be damned to say it’s wrong!”

Read Humdinger’s assessment of the “Rebecca Black Suicides” which took place around the world and prompted the young pop star to remove her video “Friday” from YouTube.

Macaray ends his essay rather eloquently:

We lose more than 35,000 people each year to traffic accidents alone. Again, not to sound bloodthirsty or vengeful, but as a means of satisfying society’s demand for simple, unambiguous justice, putting down a half-dozen deserving Wall Street bankers doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

(This article was transcribed by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo . Mr. Luebke, my lover and my patient, has gone into another one of his violent rages while researching this story. He asked me to type everything that came out of his mouth. Even his phone call to the old psychologist. I did my best, and I managed to type most of what he shouted. Thank you.)

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Are You Being Aggressive Enough in Your Life?

Sometimes it is important to “go with the flow” and not resist the larger forces or authorities in our lives-but sometimes it is equally important to get out of a rut and spark changes, if necessary.

If you frequently feel as if your life is not headed in the direction you want it to, it may be time to inject more aggressive and assertive beliefs into your daily routine. Creating the life you want is not simply about going with the flow or doing as you are told. Occasionally, it takes a leap of faith-and broad, decisive effort.

Never be afraid to quit something or someone that is no longer benefiting you. If you have been at the same job for five years without a raise, ask the boss for one. If he says no, be willing to quit, to move to a new city, to seek out the life that more closely matches the dreams and goals you used to hold so dear.

Sometimes “routine” or “the safe decision” becomes our master when it really shouldn’t. Life is short and the greatest risk of all is to take no risks. So ask your boss for a raise, ask out that cute guy or girl, and actively pursue hobbies or financial interests that have kept your attention in the past.

The things we focus on, the goals we dream about, they are there for a reason-to point us in the right direction. If you have always dreamed of living in California, for example, why not save up some money and move there? (Or, at least, plan an exploratory weeklong vacation there to see if the lifestyle on the West Coast suits you.)

We often look to excuses, rather than action. Stop coming up with excuses (not enough money, not good looking enough, too much competition) and start coming up with solutions-if you don’t make enough to finance a trip you have been dying to take, then take on some extra hours. Take on a second job. Sell some of the things you haven’t used in months on Craigslist or eBay. Shovel driveways and babysit and tutor and do whatever else may bring in some additional income.

There is only one kind of true failure in life: the failure to act. Don’t let things like money or work responsibilities get in the way of your calling. If you have been passive for the past few years, ask yourself: how has that worked for me? Try being more aggressive-ask for exactly what you want out of life, and with persistence. If you ask often enough, you might just get it. You deserve nothing less.

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Are You Going to Rush Out and Buy the New Cow's Urine Soft Drink?

We put all kinds of poisons in our body everyday and we call it food and beverages. We know that red meat causes cancer. We know that drinking sodas scratches the enamel off our teeth and causes various ailments including the obesity and some has been linked to cancer.

What about drinking a biological substance? There are cults that drink blood but can we safely drink urine?

I know that some people drink their own urine, calling it urine therapy but it can dangerous if too much of the substance is swallowed. Even though urine contains mostly water, it contains other substances as well. Urine may be full of sodium and potassium, there can be harmful substances such as nitrogen, even alcohol, drugs; either prescription or illegal, toxins (kidney disorders and more) and believe it or not, lead or arsenic in unique cases.

Yet appears that in India drinking urine is not a questionable practice. It is not uncommon for people to drink cow’s urine. In India the cows are sacred so why not a biologically sacred drink beside the traditional good old tried and true cow’s milk?

The Cow Protection Department known as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Lucknow, is planning on launching a new soda made from cow’s urine. Right now the new soft drink has two to three more months of laboratory testing before it can be sold publicly in India. They are sure it will be on the market and sold nationally by the by the end of the year.

How Will Cow Urine Soda Taste?

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), or National Volunteer Corps say they are not sure what flavour the new soft drink will have at this time. The group say that the soda will not be carbonated like pepsi or coke, which they claim is not healthy. They say carbonated drinks are too gassy. Furthermore, cows urine soda will not contain any pesticides or toxins.

However, nutritionist, Keith-Thomas Ayoob of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, says that the flavour will be a problem. They will have to sweetened it and if they use sugar or substitute it will be just like another soft drink of which we already have enough. He also says that pasteurization may also be necessary. He doesn’t see how this soda will become very popular for long.

Why is Cow Urine Soda Being Marketed?

Why are they planning to launch this soft drink beyond because it is coming from the sacred cow? Om Prakash, leader of RSS, told ABC News, “”It has been established that cow urine is capable of curing even cancer, so imagine a drink which would not only be tasty but also healthy,” They also claim that it can cure diabetes. They plan on mixing the drink with gooseberry and aloe Vera to back up their claims of its curative properties. Furthermore many hindus believe in these curative properties and drink cows urine at festivals.

However, the claims do not stop there, Om Prakash also claims that cows urine can cure 70 or 80 different diseases. I have to say that that is some miracle drink, sounds like the old wagon train elixirs of the 19th century to me.

This Hindu group has been deeply opposed to foreign products such as good ole American Pepsi stating foreign products corrupt the Indian culture, yet they are not denying that they will market their urine soda internationally if the opportunity arises.

Can Cows Urine Cure Cancer?

Dr. Sam Epstein, emeritus professor of environmental and occupational medicine at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health says that there is no scientific basis for this claim. “”It’s a claim from somebody that does not have any distinction or credentials, and it’s an empty claim without scientific basis.”

Dr. Donald Hensrud, chairman of the Division of Preventive Medicine at the Mayo Clinic also does not know of any research backing up the claim that cows urine or any other animal or human urine has cancer curing properties.

I won’t drink my own urine and I am definitely not going to drink cows urine either. I don’t know if I can look at a glass of lemon aid again without wondering about a cow urine drink.

Apologies to my Indian friends, no disrespect intended, but it is just not for me.

Sources: http://ift.tt/2eYALti


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AdSense Income Adventure: An Experiment in Niche Blogging, Part Two

This is the second part in my series on earning an income with AdSense. If you haven’t read part one or if you’re interested in reading later articles in this series, please check the rest of my articles. Previously, I registered my domain name targeted for the keyword discount fiesta dinnerware. I already have webspace with A Small Orange, which has cPanel built-in, including Fantastico. Fantastico lets you install WordPress (as well as other scripts) with just a few clicks and is an absolute lifesaver when churning out multiple websites. Plus, it always installs the latest version, which is an added perk.

Whenever I begin a new blog, there are a few tweaks I do before adding a single line of content. These changes are definitely not necessary – but it’s a lot easier to do them now than somewhere down the road when you realize that you do need these added features after all. Here’s what I do.

Change Permalinks

One of the strangest thing about the default WordPress setup is the way it handles permalinks. Instead of giving it a path and filename such as http://ift.tt/2gfe8pT, it gives it a number instead. My Unofficial Wiretap blog still has posts that appears like this: http://ift.tt/2eYCsar, when I’d rather it read http://ift.tt/2gfbyjF. As you can imagine, the latter is far more conducive for search engines. True, I could go back and change this now, but there are hundreds of pages and scores of internal links that would need to be adjusted. Better to set it up the Google-friendly way right off the bat.

So, before you post anything, click on “Permalinks” under “Settings” and choose one of the common settings or make your own custom structure. I typically keep it at “/%postname%/” simply because the date is immaterial to niche blogs.

Note: You may need to create an .htaccess file for this to work. Simply upload a blank file named .htaccess (you’ll need to show hidden files) into your blog directory and change the permissions to 777. WordPress will do the rest.

Install Plugins

If you are going to be monetizing your blog and tracking the traffic, there are a couple plugins you definitely want. Here’s a list of the ones I always grab (though it is by no means an exhaustive list of extremely useful plugins):

Easy AdSenser Setup – When integrating AdSense modules, you have two options: copy and paste the code in by hand, or have it done automatically. Believe me – the second option is much easier.

Akismet – a must-have! WordPress comes with it by default, but you do need to enter your WordPress API. This blocks the spam comments that inevitably pop up after a blog exists for more than a few days.

Google XML Sitemaps – This makes life easier on search engine spiders by automatically generating a sitemap of all your posts. It also submits it to Google, Ask.com, MSN Search and Yahoo, meaning you get indexed better and faster.

Official StatCounter Plugin – There are lots of statistics solutions out there, and few are better or more inclusive than Google Analytics. But if you want something to give you just a quick overview of your traffic, StatCounter is my favorite. It’s free, it’s powerful and it’s a breeze to install – especially with this plugin.

Platinum SEO Pack – Another must-have. This makes all your posts much more search engine friendly by generating META tags, handles 301 redirects and adds important tags such as index, noindex, follow or nofollow, noarchive, etc.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – This plugin is pretty self-explanatory. It displays a short list of related posts to keep your visitors reading.

Depending on the scope and purpose of your blog, there may be other plugins that will make growing your blog infinitely easier. I encourage you to poke around and seek them out sooner, rather than later, when it may be difficult to integrate them into a blog that already has hundreds of posts.

Get a Theme

There’s no reason to stick with the default WordPress theme. It’s certainly not shabby, but it is incredibly generic. By customizing the look of your blog, you’ll make it seem less like a fly-by-night operation and more like something someone actually cares about. Plus, the later versions of WordPress make installing a new theme an absolute breeze, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to.

The “Featured Themes” that you can access, install and activate right from the WordPress dashboard are always decent, but there are hundreds of other quality free themes available elsewhere on the web. Whichever theme you choose, it’s important that you…

Customize the Header

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. I’m kind of a slouch when it comes to graphic design (still learning…) but I always make sure I give it a customized look beyond the title of the blog in 24 point Times New Roman font in white.

For quick jobs, I simply snap a picture on my iPhone, crop it to banner size, add a border and then format some text in GIMP (or visit a place like CoolText) to go along with it. It takes less than 20 minutes.

After I’ve done this – and not before – then I begin building out content. Stay tuned for the next part of the series, where I’ll discuss adding content to my experimental site.

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Adult Coloring Pages for Artists

Free adult coloring pages are great fun for artists and creative people. It’s a myth that only kids enjoy coloring, so that’s why there are free adult coloring pages. Many adults enjoy coloring as a fun way to express creativity and escape the stresses of the day. Fortunately, there are a number of places online that offer free adult coloring pages with artistic themes.

If you’re a creative person who loves art and likes to color, you’ll enjoy this selection of free adult coloring pages.


Phee McFaddell has a huge assortment of fanciful free adult coloring pages that are quite artistic. The free adult coloring pages at this site feature whimsical images of fairies, animals, butterflies, mermaids, elves and dragons, as well as some interesting Renaissance, Shakespeare, seasonal and holiday themes. The coloring pages at Phee McFaddell are very creative and will be of interest to all ages.


Daily Coloring Pages features some free adult coloring pages that are advanced, with inventive images like Louisiana plantations realistic coloring pages, Barack Obama coloring pages, fun coloring pictures of Texas Wildlife and challenging coloring pages of alphabet letters. These free adult coloring pages are more detailed and should appeal to older kids and adults.


Coloring Castle has some sophisticated adult coloring pages that are perfect for grownups and older kids to color. The adult coloring pages at this site feature advanced mandala designs that are very intricate and can be colored in with fine tipped markers or pencils. There are six highly detailed mandala designs for adults to print out and color.


The Adult Coloring Books and Designs Blog is a treasure trove of adult coloring pages. This blog is full of quite unusual and creative adult coloring pages with cool fantasy line art, images of butterflies, dragon mandalas, Celtic symbols and more. This site also links to even more collections of intricate coloring pages for adults. The blog is an excellent resource for adult coloring pages and should provide adults and teens with hours of coloring fun.


Free Kids Coloring is a highly creative site that has some really nice adult coloring pages, and it truly offers something for everyone. Grownups, teens and tweens will get a kick out of the free Twilight coloring pages, and there are advanced coloring pages with a wide variety of images, like Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Where the Wild Things Are, Beatrix Potter, Explorers such as Lewis and Clark, Fantasy themes and many more. There are over a thousand coloring sheets at this site suitable for all ages, and grownups will enjoy exploring all the free adult coloring pages this wonderful site has to offer.


Coloring Pages For All Ages is full of artist created adult coloring pages that will delight all ages, especially adults. This is a wildly creative site that has tons of advanced coloring pages for grownups, like Pop Art, Surrealistic, Pierrot coloring pages and many more artistic inventive themes. Coloring Pages For All Ages can also help your older child develop creativity through coloring. Unleash your inner artist with the creative adult coloring pages at this wonderful site, then when you are done coloring, display your artistic masterpieces!


The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has a fantastic free coloring book with some nice (and arty) adult coloring pages. Grownups can indulge their love of art with these five free adult coloring pages with lovely intricate images of art masterpieces, like Vincent Van Gogh’s The Olive Trees (1889).

Coloring fun is not just for children anymore, and the internet is full of advanced coloring pages suitable for grownups. Develop your creativity and relax for a while with these free adult coloring pages with artistic themes.









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