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Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas: A Review

Do you enjoying rummaging through other people’s junk? Do you scout out flea markets when you travel? If so, don’t miss your chance to visit Apple Tree Mall Flea Market, located at 1706 West Center Street in Beebe, Arkansas. Where is Beebe, Arkansas, you may ask? Beebe, Arkansas is located just about 35 outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. Beebe is even closer to Jacksonville, Arkansas, with a distance of about 20 miles between the two locations. Are you coming from Searcy, Arkansas? No problem. Beebe, Arkansas is located just 16 miles from Searcy.

Regardless from which direction you travel, you will find that Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas is conveniently located for a quick visit, so what are you waiting for? Hurry on in to the Apple Tree Mall Flea Market for some great buys. This mall used to be Ferguson’s Furniture Store. They no longer sell new furniture, but you can find some odd pieces of used furniture in this flea market. Here is what you can expect when you visit the Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas:

Generous operating hours. The Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas is open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday, and 1 pm to 5 pm on Sunday. The Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas is closed on holidays, including Labor Day, so don’t visit on Labor Day, or you’ll be disappointed.

Varied shopping experience. The Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas offers lots of booths. They have several building sections with partitioned-off booths in each section. You can find quality used clothing, good used furniture, lamps, jams, jellies, toys, wall hangings, and other such items. If it sells, you’ll likely find it at this nice-sized flea market.

Clean facility. The Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas is a really clean facility. You won’t have to suffer musty smells, foul smells, or any other unpleasantries when you visit this flea market. The building is cooled or heated according to the weather, so you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable when you visit this flea market.

Convenient location. The Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas is in an easy-to-find location. It’s located near gas stations and restaurants. Plus, it’s just right down from Arkansas State University Beebe (ASUB), so you can stop in for a visit at the gorgeous college library that ASUB provides.

So-so prices. You can surely find a variety of items when you visit The Apple Tree Mall Flea Market in Beebe, Arkansas, but don’t visit with garage sale prices in mind, or you’ll be disappointed. Some items are reasonably priced, but some are not. You can tell that some of the sellers place the value on the memories attached to the items, rather than the items themselves.

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8 Best Alternative Uses for a Metal Nail File

My friend Earl grew up during the Depression. So, he holds onto everything, and I do mean everything. There’s no such thing as “junk” to him. Everything is valuable. Most recently, he gifted me a metal nail file. Since I don’t use one on my nails, I wondered what I’d do with it. Read this informative article and find out 8 best alternative uses for a metal nail file!

Ever since Earl gave me file, I’ve found many uses for it. It’s so handy that I keep it in the side pocket of my bag so I can easily reach it.

Use #1- Pop Off the Back Of a Wrist Watch
I ran into the drug store one day to buy a replacement battery for my watch. When it comes to watch batteries, there are a zillion different numbers to choose from. I couldn’t remember what number I needed. So, I used my metal nail file to pop the back off my wrist watch so I could find out. I even used the pointed end to carefully remove the existing battery.

Use #2- Use a Metal Nail File as a Letter or Box Opener
Being that metal nail files are so thin, the edges are pretty sharp. I’ve used it to quickly open up letters. The point even works great opening mailed boxes that are taped shut. Just stick the point into the tape, then pull the metal nail file through it.

Use #3- Easily Get Into Hard-to-Open Purchased Items
I used to sigh everytime I’d get ready to open an item I’d purchased. I don’t know why companies seal up CDs so tightly, or why there are 42,000 plastic tags holding an item to its cardboard box. I found out that a metal nail file easily cuts right through plastic wrap. It cuts right through all those plastic tags too, quickly and easily, without harming the product.

Use #4- Open Up the Paper Seals On Bottled Vitamins and Pills Easily
Have you ever poked your finger through the paper seal on a bottle of vitamins? Then, you have to spend time picking the paper off to reach the contents. It’s a hassle. Next time, poke the inner edge of the seal with the pointed end of a metal nail file. Then, run the file around the paper as you hold it. Voila´! The paper will be cut clean. The file works well for digging the cotton out too.

Use #5- Loosen a Stubborn Plastic Bottle Cap Easily
Have you ever struggled to open a plastic bottle of soda, or even water? Sometimes those plastic tabs just won’t break loose. Another alternative use for a metal nail file I’ve discovered is, if you run the edge over the tabs and cut them, you’ll be able to easily loosen the cap.

Use #6- Tighten and Loosen Tiny Screws
I have a set of tiny screwdrivers at home in a drawer. They come in handy to tighten and loosen screws on sunglasses, small battery covers, and more. Trouble is, when I’m away from home, those screwdrivers don’t do me much good. But, the pointy end of a metal nail file, I’ve found, works great!

Use #7- Use a Metal Nail File to Remove Staples From Papers
I also have at least one staple remover in my office. Trouble is, I can’t always find it. Either I misplace it, or it grows legs and walks away, if you know what I mean. I found out that you can slide the pointy end of a metal nail file under the bent ends of a paper clip to remove it.

Use #8- Use a Metal Nail File as a Weapon to Protect Yourself
According to, a 1997 article in The Washington Post reported that a 5-year-old had been suspended from kindergarten. Why? Because she had taken a metal nail file to school. The file violated the school’s “zero-tolerance policy” about items that likened weapons.

That article reminded me, that, while a metal nail file shouldn’t be in the hands of a child, it can actually save the life of an adult. I remember reading about using your car keys to stab at, or gouge, a would-be attacker as a way to defend yourself. As pointy and as sharp as metal nail files are, I’m sure they can do some harm as well.


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5 Reasons You Should Not Discount Your Price

If this topic sounds contrary, you bet it does. Nowadays, every company is offering discounts of one sort or another on their products; not getting on the discount bandwagon seems like a losing business proposition. Yet if you stop for a minute, you will find the issue is not as simple as it appears.

There are some products described as prestige items that do not sell well at low prices. For example, if you went into a BMW dealer’s showroom and saw a latest model selling at 50% discount you will wonder if it’s really a BMW. People who buy such cars, do so for the prestige it brings them because few people can afford to buy them.

Products like flowers and jewelry are bought because of the emotion or sentiment attached to them; discounting them will not necessarily increase sales. Let’s say, if you wanted to buy some flowers for your mother for mother’s day, or for her birthday, you want the best flowers that money can buy to express your love for her. You will not buy a low quality bucay of flowers even if it is selling at half price.

The difference between your costs and selling price is your profit. When you discount your price it reduces your profit margin, leaving you less money to start a new product line, or to expand your business.

Unless you have the means to spend a lot of money on advertisement, discounting your price will not bring you the increase sales to compensate for the lose in profit margin. The reasoning for discounting is that if you cut your price by half, your sales should double to make the same profit you made before the discount. If this doesn’t happen you are losing money.

Frequently discounting your price will inform your customers to wait for the next discount before buying from you, and when they must buy at regular price because they cannot wait, they will resent being forced to buy at a higher price, and this could affect their decision to buy from you in the future.

If these 5 reasons for not discounting you price are too contrary, and you must discount your price, by all means do so, but first look at some alternatives you might want to try.

Make your customers to earn their discounts by meeting certain conditions like the more items they buy the more discount they get, or becoming a member of your fan club.

You may also offer your customers discounts for making early payment for items they bought on credit. This will encourage them to make payment soon rather than later, in order to get the discount.

You may also offer your customers discounts with a sales technique like, buy one get one free, or buy one and get two free. This form of discount has been shown by market research to be popular with customers.

Whatever you do just make sure that discounting your price does not cause you to incur a crippling loss. A discount strategy that loses money on some of your products, but brings in more money on other products will compensate for the loss from discounting your price, and keep your business afloat.

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3 Cheap Backpacking Stoves for Frugal Outdoor Adventures

A cheap backpacking stove makes most people think of useless junk that will fall apart on the first trip into the field. However, just because a backpacking stove is cheap does not mean that it will not be useful and stand up to years of use. While I personally love to cook over an open fire there are times this is not a possibility due to open flame restrictions or time restrictions. Due to my preference for cooking over an open fire I only carry the simplest of stoves on backpacking trips. Here are three cheap backpacking stoves that I have found useful. These cheap backpacking stoves can help you to have more money to spend on taking trips into the wilderness.

For those looking for the absolute lowest cost a simple folding stove that operates with Sterno or a similar canned heat source. For less than $10 Coghlans makes a typical folding stove. Coghlans makes a number of inexpensive camping, emergency, and outdoor gear that shows a remarkable level of quality. These simple folding stoves weigh almost nothing and can pack away into a pocket (just let it cool down first!).

For beginner backpackers perhaps the best choice for a cheap backpacking stove is probably the Coleman Deluxe Perfectflow Stove. For about $30 this basic stove attaches to the top of a propane bottle and includes a base that slides onto the bottom of the propane bottle. Not ideal for elaborate meals as the stove is somewhat prone to falling over when not placed onto a perfectly flat surface, but this cheap backpacking stove will get food heated up which is the name of the game. The propane bottles are not especially small or light but are workable for recreational backpacking. Numerous companies make similar stoves that work in the same way that all should perform if well made.

Another cheap backpacking stove is the Primus Classic Trail Stove that sells for about $25. This stove works with fuel canisters and works in a similar manner to the Coleman propane bottle stove. While the Primus Classic Trail Stove is probably a better backpacking stove than the Coleman, the propane bottles for the Coleman and the Coleman stove itself is much easier to find for those going on last minute trips or those getting supplies in the middle of nowhere. If you are prepared and plan your trips then the Primus is the way to go.

There are lots of choices for cheap backpacking stoves. If none of these stoves fits your backpacking needs check out the numerous camping retailers and look for a sale or clearance item that you like.

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After the Gym: Post-workout Beauty Tips

Usually there is time to take a long shower after a workout at the gym, but for those occasions you’re on the go having a few post-workout beauty routines will allow you to feel confident when you finish your gym session. Even if you have time for a long shower, incorporating these beauty tips into your post-workout routine will keep your hair and skin fresh and manageable.

Here are some easy ways to look your best after a workout:

Put your hair up. Before you begin your workout, pull hair up into a bun or ponytail to keep sweat from getting in your hair. Wrapping your hair in a bun while you work out will also leave your hair with a tousled look once you’re finished. During a quick shower, you can opt to keep the bun in to save time on washing your hair. Prefer to wash your hair but don’t have time? Use a dry shampoo to zap away sweat and oil for a clean, fresh look.

Avoid caking on the makeup. After a workout, your skin is fresh and dewy thanks to the blood pumping and energizing skin cells. Use a minimal amount of makeup to retain a fresh appearance and save time post-workout. For a simple look, cover up any skin imperfections with a tinted moisturizer and follow up with mascara and lip balm or gloss.

Clean your face after a workout. After you sweat during your workout, cleaning off the face is essential to preventing breakouts. Sweat, makeup and oil can wreak havoc on the skin, so even rinsing it off with a makeup remover towelette and cool water will keep pores unclogged.

Keep travel size favorites in your bag. If you have a favorite shampoo or body wash, look for it in a travel size to easily stash in the gym bag. Not only will you feel clean and refreshed after a shower, you’ll save tons of space in your bag. Opt for toiletries that are multi-purpose, like Philosophy’s Shower Gel and Shampoo products.

Add a bit of shimmer. As mentioned before, adding too much makeup after a workout can be overkill. Instead, add a small amount of shimmer to the face to keep the radiant look after a good workout. Dab a shimmer shadow on the inside corner of the eye and add a touch of shimmer to the cheekbones for an all-over glow.

Mix foundation with sunscreen. Before heading out of the gym, add a small amount of foundation to the skin to cover up a flushed face, but also remember to protect the skin after sweating or showering. To minimize time in the locker room, mix equal amounts of sunscreen and foundation in hand and apply it to the face as you would a lotion. Warming up the formula in the hands will help it blend in better, protecting and beautifying your skin.

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5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Slimming Lingerie

According to slimming professionals, most women will wear slimming lingerie in order to have beautiful body shape without vigorous exercising. Some slimming lingerie will cause poor blood circulation and difficulty in breathing which will affect health in the long run. Also, once the women takes off their slimming lingerie, their body will bounce back to their original shape. Those who choose improper slimming lingerie will also suffer from eczema and skin allergy due to the uncomfortable materials. Therefore by following these 5 tips below, you can choose the perfect slimming lingerie.

1. Make sure the slimming lingerie material has special weave design.

The special weaves should produce 2mmHg pressure for massage function which able to promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, adjust fat cell composition over the body and comfortable to wear. It is not advisable to wear normal design as the material will wear off easily.

2. U shape design at the back of the slimming lingerie.

This special design will help improper posture, improve back pain and prevent scoliosis. Improper posture will cause your back bone to deform in the long term while using slimming lingerie

3. Choose a good fitting slimming lingerie

Slimming lingerie not necessary must be tight and uncomfortable. A good garment is specially designed to provide good fitting and body posture correction function. It is also tailored with excellent quality material, contains antibacterial elastic gauze and effectively suppresses bacteria growth thus preventing odor and promoting healthy skin.

4. Cup-less 90% front design.

A good slimming lingerie must be compatible with all types of bra. It must have a support system in place to hold your breast in shape and contour your body. It is better to have slimming lingerie that will push up your bra naturally to boost your sexiness instantly.

5. Must not contain metal parts.

Slimming lingerie must not contain zip, bra hooks and wire inside the lingerie. This will allow you to be more comfortable and create better appearance. The materials of the slimming lingerie must be able to let your skin breath for continuous 24 hours usage.

Remember, you want to slim down with slimming lingerie so choose and invest in one that will help you with proper posture, improve blood circulation and at the same time contains medical proof that can help you lose weight. It is advisable to look out for counterfeit and cheap slimming lingerie that do nothing but waste your money and time.

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Angels About Me

Angels about me,
that I cant touch.
Angels about me,
that I love so much,
Angels about me,
their loving wings caress
Angels about me,
Why am I so blessed?
Angels about me,
true heroes in the night,
Angels about me,
such warm and loving light.
Angels about me,
my love grows ever-strong,
Angels about me,
You can do no wrong..
Angels about me,
You give me such peace..
Angels about me,
thank you for all you teach.

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All Natural Household Cleaning Products for a GREENER You

With the influx of problems becoming more evident in our world such as global warming, repetitive oil spills in our oceans, ozone layer depletion and pollution just to scratch the surface, there has been an heightened sense of urgency and devotion towards establishing a cleaner world. Our focus on helping to protect our environment and save our planet has never been more compelling. Anyone can be part of a supporting cast dedicated towards helping to conserve and preserve our delicate planet Earth by being conscientious and using the term GREEN more than you would in days of future past. I am not referring to green like the color of money, or the New York Jets Professional Football Team, or even Shrek created by Disney/Pixar imagineers, what I am referring to is, the color associated with being environmentally friendly. Whether on a grand scale or simply by choosing to switch to all natural cleaning products, it can be that simple.

Harsh, toxic solvents and petroleum based products cause all sorts of problems to our environment such as ground water contamination. Switching to all natural household cleaning products can reduce problems associated with these chemicals and represents a smart step in the GREEN scheme of things. Factor in the problem that these same harmful cleaning agents can pose potential problems to animals and humans and contain warnings regarding environmental concerns as well. Who needs this, especially when their are ways of avoiding and eliminating these products from your cleaning arsenal all together.

Three of the best known products that can give you a bang for a buck, literally, since they actually cost less than a dollar at dollar stores and supermarkets everywhere, are vinegar, backing soda and lemon juice. All three of these products provide a proven solution to household cleaning chores, by wiping away dirt, certain bacteria and odors. It is truly amazing how natural, non toxic and inexpensive products such as these readily available products can provide cleaning power while disinfecting and deodorizing as well.

Many aquarists are aware of just how powerful and effective vinegar(acetic acid) is at removing salt creep(caked on salt that has dried and solidifies on lighting and equipment), as well as breaking down calcium carbonate that has precipitated out of saltwater and causes filters and pumps all sorts of problems in due time. Again, vinegar is non toxic to humans as well as delicate livestock in your prized aquariums. As a side note, vinegar is also effective at reducing pH levels of water that may become elevated over time and increase the percentage of calcium being administered to your water through Kalkwasser dosing.

Some other tricks of the trade that can provide great results using these products, that you may not have ever imagined.

Here goes…have an unpleasant odor emanating from your sink, pour some baking soda down the drain. If you have a garbage disposal tied in to your kitchen sink with an unappealing smell, to say the least, try dropping a whole orange, lemon or lime down the drain and turn on the disposal. You will be amazed by the results and pleasing smell. How about dusting furniture? Mix olive oil and lemon juice together and voila, you have furniture polish. Have lime deposits in your bathtub or coffee pot, use vinegar to remove it. Vinegar will also help to remove carpet stains! Clean dishes can be achieved by mixing baking soda and vinegar together. The baking soda cleans and deodorizes while the vinegar cuts through grease and grime and removes wax buildup. Want to get rid of mildew vinegar and a sponge will do the trick. To create an effective toilet bowl cleaner, again, mix vinegar and baking soda together and scrub.

I think you get the picture by now. All of the environmental friendly ways of cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing without potential harmful risks to our environment, pets and family members, plus think of the money you can save by switching to these very economical products, and with the state of the economy as depressed as it is, what a pleasant way to save a buck or two, wouldn’t you say…

Happy Cleaning, Environmental Conservation and Preservation…
Every little bit helps!

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All About Tennessee Unemployment Insurance and Benefits

In these hard times it seems that thousands are losing jobs every time you turn on the news. It is no surprise that unemployment insurance claims are at all time highs in nearly every state. Thousands of people are wanting to find out more about unemployment insurance and benefits. People are wanting to know how to claim, where to claim, how long they can claim and if they can work part-time and still claim along with countless other questions. This article is gonna tell all about Tennessee unemployment insurance and benefits.

The state of Tennessee isn’t quite as generous as some states in the country. Tennessee unemployment insurance and benefits usually last around 13 weeks but can last as long as 26 weeks if you’re granted an extension. There are several states where unemployment can be collected for up to a year. Regardless 13-26 weeks of unemployment is usually plenty of time to find another source of income even in a bad economy like we have right now.

The amount of money one can receive from Tennessee unemployment insurance and benefits can be between $35-275 weekly. This all depends on what you earned at you previous job for the determined time frame. It is required in Tennessee that you have worked within a certain time frame to qualify for unemployment. It also depends on if you are making any additional money. If you are underemployed or working just a few days a week it’s still possible that you could earn unemployment depending on how much money you’re making on the side.

In order to receive Tennessee unemployment insurance and benefits you need to apply with your local office. It will usually be between 2 to 3 weeks before you receive your first check. After 3 or 4 checks you will receive a check that is double the amount and this basically is for the time they had you wait in processing. After you have applied then you must certify each week. They give you the option to certify online, by phone or in person but I highly recommend doing it online because it is so much easier and faster than the other options.

One important tip that I have for everyone is to make sure and have taxes taken out of your claim. In Tennessee unemployment insurance and benefits are taxable at 10%. This is a very good idea unless you want to possibly end up having to pay taxes at the end of the year. But then again some people may need that extra money more right now if they are in real bad shape. Just keep in mind that whether you decide to take taxes out or not will have an impact on your tax return the next year.

Well that sums up all the basics of Tennessee unemployment insurance and benefits. The key thing is to always be honest and make the most of your money during these times. Pay your bills and go find another source of income to bring in money while you’re eligible for state assistance. Some sources are claiming that Tennessee could possibly run out of insurance and benefits funds in either 2009 or 2010 and that is scary for thousands of people across the Tennessee.

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A How to Guide for Moms from a Mom: Caring for Baby

No matter the age your child is going to take up much more time then you anticipated. As mothers we know this time is worth it, but it can be exhausting. This article is here to help you on your mommy mission in life.

Waking up to hear my son crying in the morning may not be my favorite alarm clock but going to his crib ,and seeing him smile when he sees me, makes it well worth it. It truly is the highlight of my morning. My son is 6 months old and getting him ready in the morning ,before I go to work ,can be a bit of a time consuming job. When before he was born I could wake and be out the door in 15 minutes flat, it was a science. Now that I had a son, this job and a half takes an hour. Getting up, feeding him, getting him dressed, and squeezing in a few minutes of play time. There is nothing like hearing him laugh. Now this is my science; When I wake him up I put him down on the gym. He loves to play in the morning. That way I can get everything he needs for daycare together, plus anything I have to take to work. As I do this I also try to pick up any little thing I can around the house to make sure it is clean when I get back. After this step I get his cereal and put his jar food in a bowl, go pick him up and feed him while trying to catch up on my Desperate Housewives. After my boy is finished we head back to his room to get him dressed for the big day ahead. Playing a bit, smiling, and talking we make changing time fun. Not to long after this we are ready to set off on our day. Taking him to daycare, dropping him off, and then I am ready for my big work day.

Coming home after a 8 hour work day can be exhausting, but the job doesn’t end there. When we have made it home safe and sound the first thing I do is go strait for him. Playing with him for about half and hour. This is the part of the day when multi-tasking is a must to get everything done, that needs to be done, in the amount of time you have to do it. With the hopes of being able to read a few pages of the Nicholas Sparks book I have had sitting next to my bed for the past 3 months. Making dinner, feeding him several times, making sure his daddy is happy, and so on and so forth can seem overwhelming at times, if not all the time. Take it in stride. If it makes things easier, while you are at work make notes of all the things you need to do. Taking note of the most important ones. Tell yourself you will do one or two of the big things and do not push yourself, you are not Superwomen. We mothers can only do so much with our time. If you have time and you do not feel rushed try on a few other small to-do’s.

If you live with your boyfriend or husband set up a board on the wall or fridge of things he can help with. This way you do not have to remind him to do it, this way he can’t get mad at you for nagging. Even if he only helps out with something small, like making the bottles, that helps. Helping cut down on a little bit of time. The joys of being a mother never stop, but be sure to take advantage of the moments you have now. These moments are everything. They grow faster then you might think, but if you are a mother you have already realized this.

After you put your baby to sleep for the night, take some time for yourself. Read a book. Write. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you want to do. Do not do it for someone else. You need this time, if even a little, to calm down from the never ending day. If you try to do it all, you will wear yourself out. There is no use, as I said you are not Superwoman, to keep yourself burnt out. Then you either get sick, you are to tired, or you end up being cranky all the time like me. Trust me, no one is happy when that happens!

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A New Opportunity for Writers to Earn Money

I had an advanced press release today giving details of a new site where writers can earn money by publishing their articles.

This opportunity was only sent out to the top members of another writing site of which I am a member, Qondio, and the new site has been created by the same owners, who purchased Qondio a few months ago.

On this new site, called Fortitude, all articles published will be from it’s members, who will also have the ability to rate articles and to help determine which of these will make the front page on a daily basis. Those articles which make the front page will earn between $10 and $100.

The articles can be in any format, and about any topic that the author chooses to write about. It is stated that payments for articles will be paid into the authors account immediately, from where they can withdraw to Paypal.

Right now Fortitude is only open by invitation, and the only catch is that there is a $23.88 fee for joining. However, if you decide to join before June 7th you get an extra 3 months free.

Apart from front page articles being worth a sizable chunk of money, if you refer other members to join prior to 7th June, you will receive between $20 and $8 per referral, the amount being $20 up to the 24th may, and decreasing by $4 a week after that down to 7th June, at which time membership will be open to everyone.

For further information and to see the site yourself, CLICK HERE.


I have been a member or Qondio almost since it launched several years ago, and in fact when it was known as Qassia. This has been a revolutionary site for writers, which stalled until about six months ago, when it was significantly updated, and since that point it has seen a massive resurgence in traffic and members.

In February, Nick Oba, the principal founder of Qondio, announced that it had been purchased by Shavkat Karimov, an investor who specializes in web properties and who is an expert in SEO.

Seeing what Shavkat Karimiv has done for Qondio and the way that this is performing since his purchase in February, I had no hesitation in signing up for Fortitude today following the announcement.

While I do not generally like to pay for membership of web sites, I do see this as limiting the membership to only those authors who are seriously committed to writing quality articles, and $23 for 15 months is a small fee should the site prove to be successful.

If you consider that you can earn up to $20 by having a referral sign up, and between $10 to $100 by having an article featured on the front page of Fortitude, you don’t need to achieve a lot to at least break even.

My first thoughts on receiving the announcement in my mailbox today were for the many international members of Associated Content who are currently looking for another place to write. This new site could be a good opportunity for you to continue to earn an income from writing.

Secondly I thought of the rest of us who are continuing to write at Associated Content, and how the purchase by Yahoo might affect us. While I am positive that Yahoo will continue to maintain and enhance Associated Content, it is always useful to consider other writing sites as well.

Many of us I know already write for multiple sites, and I hope that this will be another good addition to the collection of top sites from where we can earn a living.


Many of you have left comments on this posting already, and a number of questions have been raised.

I have now published some ANSWERS to these questions, plus a lot more information about Fortitude, which I hope helps to fill in a lot of the blanks.

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