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a Beginner's Guide to Foursquare

Foursquare is one of the most popular web and mobile location-based social networking sites nowadays. Measuring more than 500.000 registered users, it has become the hottest trend worldwide. Do you wish to become a part of the vast Foursquare community and enjoy the thrill it has to offer? Here is a beginner’s guide to the new addictive location-based social game.

1. Create Your Profile

Visit Foursquare and create your personal profile. You can sign in via your Facebook or Twitter account or create a brand new one from scratch. If you choose the first option, all you have to do is to click on the blue ‘Connect with Facebook’ tab inside the log in box. If not, click on the ‘Sign Up’ option on the top right corner. As with any other site, you will need to fill in your personal info such as first and last name, email address, hometown, gender, birthday date and photo (under 200KB). Once you are done, find your friends and invite new ones from all over the world to join you. Remember that Foursquare is a social networking site and socializing is a vital part of it.

2. Download the Foursquare App

Foursquare is not just a web site; you need to download the official app to your mobile to be able to check-in to venues. The app is currently available for all the latest smartphones including the iPhone and Android phones, Blackberry, Palm and many more. To download the app, visit the official homepage and click on the corresponding link on the right hand list box. The app is totally free and takes only a couple of seconds to be installed. Once the installation is over, you can sign into Foursquare, check into a venue, get rewarded with points, suggest your favorite spots and write your own reviews.

3. Badges

Badges make the game intriguing and addictive. The more you level up, the more badges you earn gaining recognition and respect in the Foursquare community. Foursquare badges are generally divided into three main categories. Specifically:

– General Badges

General badges can be easily obtained at any location around the city. Some of them are: the Adventurer for checking in a place 10 times, the Barista for checking into 5 different Starbucks places, the Explorer for checking into 25 different locations and the Gym Rat for checking into a gym more than 10 times in a 30 days period.

– City Specific Badges

City Specific Badges are awarded only to citizens of specific cities such as Brooklyn, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Vancouver.

– Event Badges

Event Badges are created to honor special events. Some of them are: Olympics 2010, Internet Week New York 2010, CES.

4. Becoming the Foursquare Mayor

Getting awarded with the Mayor badge is the ultimate objective of the game. To make that happen, you need to accumulate the most check-in points to a specific venue than any other player. To increase your possibilities, it is strongly suggested to start from your favorite coffee house or restaurant. Once you gather the most points, the shiny Mayor badge will appear to your profile. Becoming a Foursquare Mayor is the biggest challenge and greatest award. You become the public’s voice and other users will often come to you for advices and tips for the best cocktails or the best restaurant in the neighborhood. Additionally, your personal reviews are highly valued and can significantly influence a location’s traffic. Moreover, as a Mayor you gain access to special discounts or even free drinks or dishes on your venue.

Important tip: you can lose your Mayor badge anytime if another player accumulates more points than you. For that reason, do not neglect to check into your territory as often as possible to maintain your precious badge.

Foursquare has become one of the best ways to have fun, explore the city and spend time with your friends. The site’s popularity is constantly increasing as users globally are eager to join the game. Create your personal account, earn elite badges, enjoy being a popular player and triumph among your friends.


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Boy in the Balloon, Falcon Heene, was Never in the Runaway Balloon - Has Been Found Reports CNN and Fox News

Thursday afternoon, the country was put on hold as we watched the boy in the balloon story unfold. CNN, Fox News, along with all the other channels were fixed on what was thought to be, a boy in a balloon. Six year old, Falcon Heene was last seen by his brother climbing into his father’s weather balloon before it floated away on Thursday. The Colorado balloon boy story started from this point. When Falcon Heene’s sibling told his father that his brother was in the run away balloon, the search was started.

The father called the FAA before anyone else with some fast thinking about getting aircraft out there to find the run away balloon. For over an hour a helicopter kept up with this weather balloon which was thought to have Falcon Heene inside. “Balloon Boy”, “Boy in the Balloon”, “Boy in Runaway Balloon”, was just a few of the news flashes rolling across the TV screen all afternoon. We sat on the edge of our chairs as real reality TV allowed us to follow this runaway balloon every second in real time.

We watched as this “balloon boy’s” runaway balloon went along at a good clip at a reported 7,000 feet, cringing for the little boy supposedly inside. After about an hour the runaway balloon started its slow decent, barely missing power lines and slid into a field. A man on the ground rushed to the runaway balloon and grabbed its rope to keep it from blowing away again.

The rescue workers on the ground popped the runaway balloon with instruments that looked like shovels. Before any announcement, you knew there was no “balloon boy” in this runaway balloon due to their lack of urgency. It was then we were told six year old Falcon Heene was not inside.

Almost immediately reports came in from people in the path of the runaway balloon reported seeing something falling out of the balloon as it went over their location. One of these reports came from a Deputy Sheriff. Our hearts sank once again with the thought of Falcon Heene falling out of the runaway balloon somewhere over Colorado.

Back at the home of Falcon Heene, and where the runaway balloon originated from, police questioned the Heene brother who reported that Falcon had climbed aboard the runaway balloon. The brother never veered from his original story.

It has been reported that Falcon Heene was found hiding in a box in the attic of the garage, which is where he was hiding. His mother reports that she was sitting on the couch and Falcon came to her.

The family has been on the reality TV show “Wife Swap” and they are very active storm chasers. Immediately the questions start to fly about the authenticity of the “balloon boy adventure”. When the father of Falcon Heene was asked this question he got upset and asked, “How can you ask such a question after the horrendous ordeal we have just been through here?”

The police have already stated that the family would not be charged with the runaway balloon search and rescue cost. They also said they believe this was not a publicity stunt, but would be doing an investigation.

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Bog Bodies: The Famous Tullund Man and the Queen of the Bog

Previously published in Examiner

The Tullund Man

The Tullund Man was found in a bog in Denmark in 1950. He was considered to be over 2,000 years old. However, most bodies found in bogs date back to the Iron Age. The Tullund Man at first glance looked like he had just died a few days before discovery. There was a rope around his neck and archeologists believe that he was a sacrifice to the fertility goddesses. He was hanged and then thrown into the bog.

Strangely enough his skin was well preserved but some of his bones disintegrated over time. Not all his organs survived, but his stomach was still in place and complete with his last meal of porridge with seeds and vegetables. Unfortunately the preservation techniques of the 1950’s did not preserve the Tulland Man. All that is remaining is his head, and it can be found in the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.

Not all bog people were poor peasants sacrificed at the whim of some master. Two Irish bog bodies were found of young men who had manicured fingernails and gel in their hair. These men were believed to be wealthy yet still sacrificed to the gods during the Roman Iron Age around 392 B.C. to 175 B.C. These men were both tortured. The one named the Oldcroghan man was, “stabbed, his nipples were sliced, and he had holes cut in his upper arms through which a rope was threaded in order to restrain him,” Mulhall said. He was also cut in half across the torso.

These bodies can be found in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin Ireland.

The Queen in the Bog

The Haraldskaer Woman was found in Gunnelsmose, Denmark in 1835. It was once believed she was Gunhild the Norwegian Queen who lived around 1000 A.D. The Danish king Harald Blatand (Blue Tooth), had her killed and then thrown in the bog. There was controversy about if this truly was the body of the Queen and later it was shown that this bog body could not have been, for it predated the time of Queen Gunhild by 1,500 hundred years.
Several fictional works on bog people have been produced including works by Canadian writer and poetess Margaret Atwood, who taught at Montreal’s Sir George Williams University between 1963 – 1968.


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College Students "Pearls of Wisdom": An Analysis of Real-Life Bad Choices, Part IV


Carolyn, a sophomore majoring in communications, was always very studious. Towards the end of her sophomore year, she started having concerns about her appearance. Not only was she studious, she looked studious. She was five feet eleven inches, weighed two hundred ten pounds, had pimples, and wore glasses. To top things off, she always wore her hair pulled back in a ball.

Her counselor informed her of a conference on future communications professionals. Carolyn had always wanted to be a newscaster. While attending the conference, she went to a workshop where the speaker emphasized the importance of appearance. For some reason, it never dawned on Carolyn that good looks could enhance your ability to be a reporter or a newscaster.

Carolyn went home ruminated about this the entire night. In fact, she began to obsess over it. She started thinking thoughts like, “How will I ever be accepted as a newscaster with my horrid looks? I need to lose weight. They will never accept me. I look horrible. I am absolutely fat!”

She began secretly vomiting her meals after eating. She also began to starve herself. Her poor eating habits led to stress that resulted in an increase in her acne breakouts. She began eating such extremely small portions that she couldn’t purge.

She was impressed by her weight loss. She dropped from two hundred ten pounds to one hundred twenty pounds in less than three months. Unfortunately, she began to have trouble focusing her attention on her coursework, and she became lethargic. She became so tired that getting out of bed was extremely taxing.

Carolyn decided to go to the doctor. Her weight was now one hundred pounds. She felt she needed to find out why she could not focus and why she became lethargic. Her symptoms were diagnosed as an eating disorder. He suggested that she consider balancing a healthy diet with exercise. Carolyn admitted to herself that she was on a fast track to extreme weight loss, but she was not doing it correctly.

In spite of her own admission, Carolyn continued to see an extremely obese woman in the mirror even at the weight of one hundred pounds. She was determined to have the right look to become accepted as a newscaster. She also noticed that the more weight she lost, the more attention she received from the guys on campus and the more compliments she received from her female peers. People who never noticed her suddenly thought she was the new model on campus.

She adamantly refused to change her unhealthy eating habits for fear that she would regain her weight. She was even accepted as an intern for a television station in Seattle, Washington.

Carolyn never made it to Seattle. Her weight dropped to sixty-five pounds. She still saw herself as obese. The spring semester before the internship began, she passed out in class and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her parents picked her up and took her home. She began counseling and started following a healthy diet. She learned how to embrace healthier eating habits. She learned how to realistically see herself. She re-enrolled into college and committed herself to loving herself, treating her body well, and accepting herself for what she was-with or without a career as a journalist.

“Pearls of Wisdom”

It is quite normal to have concerns about your appearance. It is human nature to want others to perceive us as attractive. Carolyn took the wrong approach in her quest for the best. She wanted a quick, easy solution to her concerns about her appearance.

It would have been a good idea for Carolyn to have sought a makeover. Most department stores offer free makeovers while teaching various techniques on the correct application of makeup.

She also could have considered alternatives to eyeglasses, if they were really bothering her. Contact lenses and laser eye surgery have been proven to be very effective in the correction of vision problems.

Unfortunately, Carolyn was not looking for a long-term change in her appearance. She wanted a quick fix to her weight concerns. She should have sought out a weight management company so that she could learn the correct way to alter her weight.

Binging, purging, and starvation are not the correct methods for weight management. The domino effect of health problems that these “quick fixer-uppers” lead to can be life threatening.

Anorexia nervosa is a mental disorder that is treatable. Carolyn should have sought counseling to address her concerns. Her image of herself was distorted. Apparently, there were deeper issues contributing to her eating disorder. She was not overweight. In fact, she became extremely underweight but regarded herself as an extremely obese woman. It is a tragedy that she had to withdraw from school when it could have been avoided had she initially sought professional help for her concerns about her body image.

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Deadly Bacteria: Here is How to Stop It

There are many microorganisms that exist in our environment naturally. But not all bacteria is bad – in cheese and yogurt making some good bacteria is actually used. However, there is a bad bacterium that causes illnesses in human beings. Here is a list of main causes of food poisoning, this includes viruses, bacteria and parasites: E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter Jejuni, Staphylococcud aureus, Clostridium perfringens, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Hepatitis A virus, Norwalk and Norwalk-like virus as well as Vibrio vulnificus.

Pathogens (bacteria that bring about diseases) can become a nuisance at your dinner table. Pathogens can be found in a number of foods, including seafood, meat, water, milk, spices and other dairy products. A lot of people suffer from food-borne sickness each year. Each time particular pathogens get into the food supply, some food-borne illness is created.

In most cases food borne illnesses can be avoided by careful food handling. For instance, if food is left uncovered for some time at room temperature bacteria can grow. However, if food is thoroughly cooked the bacterium is destroyed.

Please note that when you get some fresh food it does not mean that it is safe. The bacteria which cause food poisoning is different from the organisms the cause spoilage. You can get food cross contaminated when there is carelessness in handling cutting boards and kitchen tools. All kitchen utensils should be cleaned after use in case it was used on contaminated food such as raw chicken and has to be used again on food such as vegetables that is hardly contaminated.

How Bacteria Contaminate Food

When you buy food there might be some bacteria in it. Be careful with minced meat and plastic wrapped boneless chicken as these were once part of live cattle or chicken. Bear in mind also that raw meat, eggs, poultry and seafood are not sterilized. The same goes for fresh produce like lettuce, melons, tomatoes and sprouts. You should also be careful of cross contamination in ready-to-eat foods.

Fresh produce together with unpasteurized fruit juices and ciders, chicken, tuna, foods made with raw or half cooked eggs, potato and macaroni salads as well as cream-filled pastries which contain these pathogens cause food-borne sicknesses.

In most cases poultry is contaminated with disease- causing bacteria. On average, 60% of raw poultry on sale in retail outlets is contaminated.

In raw seafood the following bacteria has been found: Listeria monocytogenes, Vibrio parahaemoyticus, Vibrio vulnificus as well as Salmonella. Be advised that Oysters, scallops, clams and cockles may be infected with the hepatitis A virus. My advice to people with an immune system that is impaired is that never eat shell fish that is raw. In addition, only use pasteurized juices, ciders and milk.

Maintain A Clean Environment

The fundamental law of preparing safe food in the home is: Keep all things clean.

This rule applies mainly to the cook as well as to the kitchen. Always ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed using soap in warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds before handling food or after touching raw meat and (or) poultry. As long as you are in the kitchen have your hair covered and ensure that all open sores are covered as well. But if the cut has some infections, don’t enter the kitchen.

Keep your kitchen smart and in order. To get rid of bacteria, always wash your countertops using diluted chlorine bleach or any other diluted kitchen cleaner.

Make sure that your sink drain is regularly sanitized. This is because when food particles get into the drain a lot of bacterial growth takes place since there will be moisture to speed up the process.

Smooth cutting boards are preferable especially those made of plastic or hard maple and are crack-free. The washing procedure for cutting boards should be: first use soap and warm water then sanitize them using chlorine bleach or in an automatic dishwasher. Sanitization of cutting boards should also be done after putting raw food such as chicken and fish. Make sure you have a safe cutting board in your house or else pay the cutting board factory a visit.

Make sure all your utensils are clean and ensure that they are washed whenever you cut different foods.

Ensure that all lids of canned foods are washed each time you open in order to keep dirt from entering the food. The can opener blade should be washed each time you use it. Clean all meat grinders and food processors each time you use them.

Never place cooked meat in a dirty plate or tray which had uncooked meat.

Wash all vegetables and fresh fruits carefully and rinse them using warm water. Never use soap on food, rather use a small scrubbing brush to get rid of surface dirt if appropriate and necessary.

Always keep your kitchen smart and ensure that it is bacteria free. Hot soapy water together with antibacterial soaps and sponges should be used to clean kitchen surfaces.

The sponges that you use should be free from bacteria. In order to keep the sponges dry and clean you can put them in a microwave for about a minute.

Kitchen utensils, pans, cutting boards and benches should be kept clean all the time.

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Counting Coup

Taking me home

Painted horses run through my mind counting Coup.

The stripes worn brightly upon their legs ,are from my life. They seemingly mock my being ,as they dance and stare at what I’ve become .Pretentious glances to deliberately ignore my attention .

Less than human they see me ,lost in a world not of my own , but what I have created.

They strike as fierce warriors to keep me from any connections from the past .While I try franticly to hold onto fading memories. I am the outcast of their crown, reminding them of failure and weakness .A torment to be unseen ,they set me alone.

Their absence brings my being lost in the streets of some decaying city. This is my destiny as they see me, The places that you’re worst fears could be made. I hear footsteps to my back ,then to my side. Waiting and searching .I notice the silhouette of a large cat watching over me as it stops to observe ,while I watch. As I walk I am followed ,I feel the presence of kindness .A loyalty I have seldom known, unconditional. A reminder of my loss .

I am searching for what I am unaware. With the presence of complete rage harnessed within solitude, I fumble my way through the narrow corridors and alleys of nowhere. Empty feelings of despair violating my every thought. Have I lost everything ,

is this what I am to be ? Consumed by endless repetitions of asphalt, concrete, barren buildings . A continuing void , Empty, destitute, a vision of neglect.

In the distance I can hear a chanting ,as if from an old time radio. The drums slowly falling from existence ,as the chants fade to static.

From nowhere a black and white paint passes before my eyes like an image of news paper flowing on the wind. A glance to my soul, as grazed by an Eagles wing in flight. leaving no trace , I search the emptiness of my surroundings .I notice the Golden eyes crouching in a small overgrown yard having seen the all .I have been made a fool once again ,not evading the enemy I love. I am easy prey now .Painted horses , dance and laugh .Handprints in Red ,I become aware as Solitude consumes my soul .

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Commercial Carpenter's Tool List

Carpenter’s Tools are greatly dependent on the exact profession and nice in which you’re working. Commercial Carpenters have to carry the most tools of all different Carpenter specialties. Today, I’ll run over the list of general tools that you’ll need when working as a Commercial Carpenter.

1. Snips

When working with metal studs for commercial buildings, there are times when you’ll need to make modifications, notches or cut studs on the go. Snips are handy for this as well as snipping any zip ties or fasteners in your way.

2. Hammer

Commercial carpenters will not use hammers as much as residential carpenters due to the usage of steel studs. Still, Commercial Carpenters will need a hammer plainly for demolition work. Estwing and Stilletto hammers are great, but a lot of Commercial Carpenters can’t justify the price for them because they don’t use their hammers that often.

3. Surform (Rasp)

A Rasp is a small handheld drywall plane. It is necessary to rasp interior drywall when hanging to smooth and even out rough seems on drywall that will be finished and painted. Stanley’s brand of rasp is called a Surform and it’s my rasp of choice.

4. Adjustable Clamps

Adjustable Clamps (C-Clamps) are extremely useful for holding studs together, holding drywall sheets on studs, holding cords together and many other uses. Think of the C-Clamps as your 3rd, 4th and 5th hands while working as a Commercial Carpenter.

5. Torpedo Level

Levels are essential to making sure that your work is…well…level and plumb. Studs and headers that aren’t plumbed and level are signs of shoddy worksmanship.

6. Speed Square

in addition to making sure your work is Plumb and Level, it’s important to make sure corners, seams and studs in track and square as well. A speed square is a small metal right triangle that will allow you to test and correct unsquare corners.

7. Utility Knife

The Utility Knife is essential in any drywall hanger’s arsenal. This is the main tool you’ll use to cut and score drywall.

8. Jab-Saw

The Jab-Saw is a small saw also referred to as a Drywall Saw. This is used for cutting notches, holes and partitions in drywall when a knife just won’t do.

It’s important to understand that not all Carpenters carry the same tools, and even Carpenters in the same specialization will often times carry different tools. This list is a general knowledge base of some of the tools you’ll encounter when starting a Career as a Commercial Carpenter and is not intended to be the be all end all of Carpenter Tools lists. Thanks for reading my article and be sure to check with your employer for any additional tools you may need on the job.

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Dicom Viewers Customized to Fit Your Imaging Needs

Imaging centers, chiropractic and orthopedic offices, along with small clinics in the past have been at a disadvantage when it comes to procuring PACS, or Picture Archiving and Communications Systems. For a full PACS system, the cost is often out of the reach of smaller hospitals and medical facilities. With the advent of Dicom, Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine, the scenario has changed dramatically. Now smaller medical offices can afford to acquire, archive, view and distribute digital medical images by using DICOM Solutions. Small systems are available that combine archive software, a DICOM web viewer, RIS patient scheduling, the DICOM router and software that allows for DICOM images to be transfered to CDs, all residing on its own server.

Many small clinics would benefit from using ris pacs. Radiology information systems allow you to schedule patient appointments, register patients, track patients throughout their visit at your office, and produce reports for the patients and doctors. For mammography clinics, ris pacs also offers a mammography tracking feature that is easy to use, and easily available to staff who must have access to patient data, because the patient information and images are available online.

When converting your office to a computed radiology, or cr system, or when expanding your current cr system, the dicom viewer is a key component of the system. A dicom viewer is software that lives in a personal computer and on a server that lets you see your patient’s medical images no matter if the modality changes. Mammographies, CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds, x-rays, dental, veterinary and other digital images can now be translated into a digital image that can be seen by using a dicom viewer.

The advantages of using a DICOM web viewer are many. Doctors can consult with each other, even if they are thousands of miles apart, with the capability of seeing medical images online. The positive effect for the patient in terms of diagnosis and treatment are obvious. Because of the interconnectedness that is possible online, medical students will also benefit tremendously by having access to these amazing teaching tools.

The dicom viewers can also be customized for specific functions. You can use the viewer as part of a workstation that is geared toward mammography, or PET/CT viewing, or for volumetric viewing.

DICOM Solutions are the perfect answer for meeting HIPAA requirements concerning retention of patient records for seven to ten years, because you can comply in a fraction of the space hardcopy images and records would take up. With costs coming in at only one-third of what a large hospital PACS system would cost, now smaller medical offices can afford the ease and accessibility offered by digital imaging.

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