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Devil Bird

On a warm day in Fresno,California delinquents play while scientists work. Isabella and Silva Pampin two filipino scientists on the search for a test subject. And the best place to find a test subject is in a escort catalog. They split up to find Yana Yupanqui and Martha Mui two of the highest paid hookers in California. First one they find is Yana who is servicing a senator however her STDs prevent her from being a good subject. Lastly they find martha in the strangest of places a high school meeting with her son Rocky Mui’s teachers over his bad behavior and equally bad grades. She called her son a Ah Beng for his rowdy lifestyle .While she was going to berate him even farther outside the school a owl screeches twice at that moment. Suddenly Silva breaks open the door and rapidly strikes everyone besides Martha causing them to go unconscious. Isabella grabs martha in the confusion but is stopped by Rocky. “Where do you think you’re taking her?” said Rocky. Silva kicks him aside and tells him” somewhere to revive the ancient Murugan race. Rocky is dumbfounded and powerless as these two assailants leave his high school with his mom. Screaming like a crazy man he is only silenced by the words of a enemy. Tupac Yupanqui as a fellow delinquent whose mother was recently notified by the two scientists he is willing to help rocky. His skills in navigation and resource accumulation makes him a valuable member of any group.He will help Rocky on the condition that 90% of whatever the scientist have. The new duo take a strangely intelligent approach to retrieving rocky’s mom. They call her telephone service provider and tell them to pinpoint where she is. And the signal comes from San Francisco bay. 3 hours later a unconscious and nude martha is placed near the murugan rejuvenation tank. The full ensemble of scientists is seen with a owl screeching once so loud it cracks the tank glass. Rocky and tupac arrive to the Akko’s(the group of scientists) headquarters but are quickly defeated by Ogowa a weapons specialist who shoots rocky’s kneecaps off and Silva who best tupac. Dalida and Shatru ha two eccentric scientists who devoted to their work they don’t notice the intruders. It is the head of Akko Cedar Blaze who awakens murugan from his tank. A tall avian humanoid covered in peacock-esque feathers screeches twice in a high pitched tone. Similarly a owl outside the compound makes blood curdling sounds as some sort of response to the rebirth. Shatru ha amazed the creature screams at it to use it’s ability to influence geothermal activity to stop volcanoes in his homeland. Murugan responds by jamming it’s talons into his abdomen. Cedar is disturbed by this act of insubordination that he throws a dart at murugan’s head. It’s immediate effect was aggravating it to the point of indiscriminately killing cedar,ogowa,and dalida. Daphne(cedar’s wife and dalida’s friend) cries over their deaths and the futility of defeating a creature that can take down 10 dinosaurs. As all hope seems lost rocky with one of ogowa’s small firearms shoots murugan in the head. Tupac carries him to a safer place only to see murugan not dying but transforming. From feathers to fiery plasma like the Phoenix murugan seems immortal and invincible.In a incinerating blast from this empowered monster results in Rocky being mortally wounded and Tupac’s left arm having third degree burns. Isabella is hit point blank by the blast but is unharmed(she replaced her skin with a fireproof polymer. In a moment a weird sensation is felt by tups as if a ghost was touching him. It’s a thought pushed into his mind by dalida. Her expertise was parapsychology and her life’s work is afterlife enabled telepathy which she tested on herself. Her thought enlightened tupac to the fact that murugan is a plasma being from the dart that cedar threw it changes mass into plasma at the loss of bioelectric energy. It is a simple matter of removing the dart which tupac completes successfully with his right arm and a barely living rocky. In a flash of light flames become flesh again and the 4 remaining scientist start new lives. As a parting gift Elagabalus a transplant surgeon heals rocky and tupac with organic tissue from the corpses. He also gives martha medicine for her yeast infection.

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How to Clean Your Home in 5 Easy Steps - Part Four

Welcome to part four in this five part series that aims to help you get your home in order, in short order, in five easy steps without spending more than fifteen minutes on each step. So far we have cleared away the clutter on floors and surfaces, have the bathroom in check, our beds are made and the kitchen is looking a lot better too. Now that we have had the time to focus on each separate aspect of the house, it is now time to scan your home as a whole and take a little bit of time for the little things that can really make a difference. Read on for more on this quick fix.

4 – Look and scan. Now this might sound silly, but go outside your home and stand in the driveway or in front of your home. If you live in an apartment, going outside your door is fine.. What would your visitor see upon arriving? What do you see? For those of us on limited budgets and even more limited time, this might be a bit overwhelming. You didn’t think that a quick fix to cleaning the home was going to involve going outside did you? Well its not necessarily crazy. You can’t spend a whole lot of time here, but you can definitely do a few things to help. Pick up any garbage or debris in your yard or around your home. You can use the ‘stacking’ technique again here to straighten yard items, childrens’ toys, boxes, or any other eyesore that you can’t necessarily get rid of quickly. Follow the path into your home. You can quickly sweep this path for a neater look as well. Enter the door now, being observant. What draws your eye now that your house is clear of clutter. Is there a huge stain on the carpet? Perhaps some strategically placed small rugs or furniture could help. See anything you don’t like? What could you do to quickly make it look a little better? Chipped paint or wood, perhaps? Shoe polish or wood stain it. Wipe off any glaring marks on windows or glass sliding doors. Smudges around doorknobs? Wipe these down. Walk further into your home and observe. Maybe a couple of cobwebs in the corner of the kitchen could use removing. Further on into the bedroom, are the closets closed? Everything looking generally neat?

This scanning process heralds the end of the hard part. Now your home should be clutter free for the most part, and details attended to, so that you have an overall better effect that leaves your home looking much better than when you started. Now it’s time for the final touches – read on for part three!

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Chair Person

Chair Person

Untill Thomas Chippendale
nobody imagine chairs
cabinets, tables…can be
both exquisite and solid
at the same time,

Chippendale was the man
who imagined that first
His name adorns eclectic
designs that raged from the
elaborate and elegant to
the straightforward and

His work has stood the
supreme test of posterity.
In recent times, a master
Craftsman recreated his
Famous 19th century
Rococo chair. It took him
12 full months to match
Chippendale’s craftsmanship!

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Dead or Alive 2 for Sega Dreamcast

Released: March 17, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Tecmo
Genre: Fighting

In March 2000, the first thing that people noticed when they saw Dead or Alive 2 was how fucking great it looked compared to anything that had come before it.

The character 3D models were more detailed (and shiner) than those from Soul Calibur. The female characters’ voluptuous bouncy breast but the SC girls to shame. The clothing was more detailed and the applied physics were apparent.

Furthermore, the environments were more varied, interactive, the terrain changed, and they were multi-tiered. Having the “high ground” made for a better offensive position, and there was nothing cooler than throwing your enemy through a window and pounding them when the landed on the street below.

The only thing that DOA2 didn’t have, (and IMO the series has never gained), is the kind of depth that Soul Calibur has in spades. DOA2 is a bit button mashy. While that’s good from a pick up and play perspective, it’s not good when a novice can take down an experienced player on the first try. Some of the air combos are too easy. But that’s not where the talent lies in this game. The skill comes in being able to counter and reverse opponents moves.

I suppose I should also mention that the characters are varied form hot ass ninja chicks, to ninja dudes, to Hulk Hogan, and everything in between.

The story mode is strictly for practice (it’s extremely short). Any fun in DOA2 will come from versus mode combat, and if you’re me, it comes from tag team versus combat, which is a lot of fun (see video).

For fans of the genre, Dead or Alive 2 is pretty much a must own for the Dreamcast. It’s the best hand-to-hand 3D fighting game for the console, including AM2’s disappointing Virtua Fighter 3tb, the eye-candy factor has held up well, and there’s partial nudity in the game’s opening sequence.

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Digital Camera Review: PowerShot A480

The PowerShot A480 Digital Camera by Canon was given to me as a Christmas gift. I have been tinkering with it off and on for the last week and I have been very pleased with it. I took a few sample shots of the Christmas tree and when I downloaded the images to my computer, the pictures were perfectly clear. The camera I had before was a Samsung. The pictures came out pretty nicely, but they were not as clear as the pictures that come from my new digital camera.

The new Canon digital camera has 10 Mega Pixels, a 3.3 optical zoom, and a large LCD monitor. My camera’s color is red. The LCD monitor was produced with very high precision. The camera also takes great videos and the audio is wonderful. The amount of recording time depends on the type of memory card you have. I have a 2 GB memory card which gives me the ability to take over 16 minutes worth of video and 749 pictures. If you have an 8 GB memory card, you can take over an hour video and 2994 pictures.

The camera itself is fairly easy to use. An easy to follow manual is included with the camera. Other items included with the camera include alkaline batteries, a memory card, interface cable, AV cable, wrist strap, a digital camera solution disk, and a warranty card. My camera was purchased from Wal-Mart and can probably be purchased at several other technological stores.

Camera Stats Summarized:

10 Mega Pixels

3.3 optical zoom

large LCD monitor

Compatible batteries include AA-size alkaline and Canon AA-size NiMH batteries.

Compatible memory cards include SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards, MultiMediaCards, MMCplus memory cards, and HC MMCplus memory cards.

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Dexter Season 4 Recap: Episode 4.7: "Slack Tide"

Are you new to Showtime’s Dexter? Or did you simply want to catch up on episodes prior to Season 5 starting? Here is a complete recap of Episode 4.7: “Slack Tide.” Caution – Spoilers follow.

Episode 4.7: “Slack Tide”

“Slack tide” is a term used when the tide is neither coming in nor going out. Everything is perfectly calm. But the bliss never lasts.

Dexter is in the middle of enjoying a quiet day at sea with his family when he gets a phone call to work up a body. It’s a female’s arm inside an alligator. He gets home, exhausted, and is pulled in every direction, because everyone needs help. Cody wants help with homework. Astor wants the shelves put up in her room. Harrison needs a baby bouncer put together. Rita is just beaming that therapy is working out for them, because Dexter has opened up so much more to her.

Dexter slips into being “Kyle”, and seeks out Arthur. After all, he has mastered the art of balancing the home life with being a serial killer. Arthur talks about the importance of getting children involved in as many activities as possible, to prepare them for leaving the house. “Get them ready, then push them out.”

Meanwhile, Debra is getting ready to go back to work, but Christine wants to interview her. She thinks Debra makes a great hero story. Debra wants Dexter to keep her away because she doesn’t want to deal with reporters and rehashing her experience being shot. Dexter is actually more interested in keeping Christine away because he doesn’t want anyone interfering in the private lives of his family members.

The arm belongs to a young model, Estrella Caraza, who had posed for Jonathan Farrow, a photographer who dabbles in sadistic art that even disturbs Dexter. He has become the primary suspect, as she was never seen again, after their last session. Debra becomes suspicious of the relationship between Batista and LaGuerta.

Dexter starts staking out Farrow, while he is also trying to figure out in what kinds of activities to involve his kids. Harry is standing over his shoulder, pushing him to go after Trinity, but Dexter feels like he still has a lot to learn. For example, Astor doesn’t want to do any of Dexter’s suggestions. Arthur says they should not be suggestions. If kids are allowed to do everything they want, they will go nowhere.

When Dexter and Arthur are returning from cutting down trees from lumber, their van accidentally strikes a deer. The deer is injured and needs to be put out of its misery. But Arthur is unable to do it, despite his cold-blooded murders of so many innocent humans. This further intrigues Dexter.

Debra gives up on researching their father’s past and hands over the files to Dexter. Next on her list would have been his mother. Harry tells Dexter to destroy the file, but Dexter in unable to shred her picture. He hides it in his desk.

Without realizing it, Dexter has forced himself to participate in the Young Sailors weekend with Cody. By signing him up, Dexter has agreed to chaperone the camping trip. He pretends to need to shopping for needed supplies so that he can try to lure Farrow outside of a bar to kill him. But when Quinn shows up, he has to postpone his project. He takes the boys on the trip, anyway, and sneaks out in the middle of the night to fulfill his dastardly deed. He arouses suspicion at camp when trying to tell a scary story, based on the real Trinity killer. He is also seen sneaking back into camp after dumping Farrow.

Even worse, when Dexter returns to work, Farrow’s assistant is being led into the precinct. The case against the assistant is air-tight. Dexter has killed an innocent man.

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the Eagle and the Hummingbird

Once upon a time a great lady eagle sat high upon a mountain. She was looking out over the valley.

There were lots of beautiful houses and trees down there. There were pools and people playing in the water.

While she was looking down, she saw something she had not seen before. She didn’t know what it was and decided to fly down for a closer look.

She leaped out into the air and spread her wings wide. She started down into the valley.

Fouuff, fouuff. Fouuff, fouuff went the sound of her wings on the wind. Fouuff, fouuff. Fouuff, fouuff.

She landed in the top of a tree beside the pool to take a closer look at the little flying thing she had never seen before.

It looked like a bird. It moved like an insect. What is it she thought to herself?

The Lady Eagle watched the little flyer zip back and forth from plant to plant, flower to flower and tree to tree. In the blink of an eagle’s eye, the little flyer moved from one to the other.

Finally, Lady Eagle couldn’t hold it any longer. She spoke to the little flyer.

“Hello,” she said.

“Excuse me for asking like this but I would really like to know. What are you? Are you an insect or a bird? And how do you fly like that?

The little flyer just continued to bounce around in the air going up and down and from side to side very fast in front of Lady Eagle’s eyes.

Lady Eagle got tired of trying to keep up. She spoke to the little flyer again.

“Please don’t be frightened because I am so big,” she said. I just want to talk.

“I’m not scared of you,” the little flyer said. You could never fly as fast as me or move as fast as I can move up and down and from side to side.” Don’t worry. You don’t scare me.

I can’t fly as high as you but as you see, I can fly very fast, even standing still. Why do you want to talk to me, anyway? I never saw you around here before.

I want to know how you fly like that. Can you teach me?

Why would a great bird like you want to fly like me? You can fly higher and farther than any other bird.

“So, you’re a bird then,” Lady Eagle asked? I wasn’t sure.

Yes, I am a bird, not a very big one, but I am a bird.

I am told that you can fly straight down from very high very fast over the river and catch a really big fish with your feet. Can you really do that?

Yes, I can. That is how I feed my children sometimes.

I could never do that. Besides, all the fish would be bigger than me anyway.

You know, I can hardly be still long enough to do anything. You know what else? The humans say that it is because I am so small with very small thin wings that I make the humming sound that I make when I fly. Do you know they try to make their helicopter and airplanes fly like me? I don’t know why.

You probably thought I was just a big bee, didn’t you?

I just didn’t know what you were. That is why I came down to visit. I wanted to see you and meet you for myself.

Your wings do make that humming sound. Then that is what I shall call you. I shall call you hummingbird.

No. No you want. You may be a big great bird, but you are silly. I don’t need you to give me a name. I already have a name.

Hummingbird is what the humans say I do. That is what they call me. Hummingbird is not my name.

If I called you the sound your wings make, fouuff, fouuff. Fouuff, fouuff. Would you like that?

“No, I guess I wouldn’t,” Lady Eagle said. I never thought about it like that. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. I never have been very good at making friends. It seems like I am always saying the wrong thing. I don’t mean to.

I think it is because I spend so much time alone. I try to make a good impression but then I go and say something wrong. I just want to make friends.

I have never had a name. Would you please tell me yours?

My name is MaKayla. Well, we’ll just have to work together to come up with a name for you that you will like.

Since you are the Queen of all great birds, we have to help you choose a really good one.

I would like that very much. Yes, help me to choose a very good name.

“Where do you fly,” asked MaKayla?

I fly over the rivers and the forests. I fly through the mountains and over the valleys.

“I think you might like the name Leia,” said MaKayla.

“What does it mean,” Lady Eagle asked?

“Leia means one who knows the land and loves the land,” she said.

“Leia,” the Lady Eagle said. I like it. It sounds very noble.”

“Thank you, MaKayla. I will no longer just be a lady eagle but I will tell everybody my name and about my new friend who gave the beautiful name of Leia to me.”

“I hope we can be friends for a very long time,” Leia said.

“No, Leia. I’m sorry. I cannot be your friend for a very long time. It is not our way. When you become our friend, we are friends forever.”

“Forever, it is, then MaKayla,” said Leia.

“Forever, Leia,” said MaKayla.

As Leia goes up into the sky, MaKayla can hear her shouting to the wind, my name is Leia! My name is Leia.

“Yes, it is, Leia. Yes, it is,” MaKayla said.

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Donny V. Norwich

Norwich City faces an in form Doncaster Rovers side on Friday evening. The game is not televised, but has been moved to Friday due to a big race meeting in Doncaster. Norwich City manager, Bryan Gunn, faces his first away game and will be hoping to get a resurgent Doncaster Rovers side on an off day. It goes without saying that Norwich does not have the finest away records in this division. Doncaster has yet to lose in 2009 and last time out won at Sheffield United.

Both sides have added to their squads in the last few days and they both are expected to do so again before Monday’s deadline. Norwich has added David Carney and Doncaster has taken Steve Brooker on board. It will be interesting to see if either player starts the game. My first instinct is they will both start on the bench.

There is no doubt Norwich will have a tough test on their hands, but I suspect the disappointment of Tuesday night will drive the players on to a hard fought victory. I don’t want to get too excited, so I will predict a 1-0 win with Jamie Cureton getting the winning goal.

My Norwich team


Bertrand Grounds Doherty Otsemobor

Hoolahan Clinghan Fozzy© Croft




Nelson (gk)





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Facts About Denver Home Automation

Whether you are a Denver area homeowner who is renovating an older home or building a new one, you should consider the benefits of Denver home automation. Although it may seem expensive, denver smart home systems actually cost less than you think – and can save you big bucks over the long run.

In the end analysis however, Denver home automation is really an investment in peace of mind.

The Denver Smart Home Systems You Need

Denver home automation can be applied to numerous systems ranging from the everyday items such as lighting, climate control and the family entertainment center to emergency and security alarms. Ideally, such Denver smart home systems can be controlled from a single location and give you the option of remote access if necessary.

Big Screen Movies in the Comfort of Home

One of the most popular additions is a home theatre installation. Denver technicians are kept busy these days as the cost of movie tickets rise and video-on-demand services grow in popularity. In fact, with many a home theater installation, Denver families are now integrating the projection system with their Internet access for just this purpose. Setting up such a system that integrates home video with Internet can be very complicated however, which is why it pays to have a professional denver audio video installer design and install such a system for you. With a complete professional home theater installation denver homeowners can increase their home values as well as enjoy ready access to popular film on the big screen for a fraction of the cost of theater tickets.

Saving Energy, Peace of Mind

Of course, it doesn’t end with home theatre installation. Denver homes can also benefit from smart systems that can control lighting and climate systems as well. Your friendly local Denver audio video installer is also trained in the design, installation and maintenance of these systems as well.

Of course these days, security is uppermost in everyone’s mind. One of the best investments in home automation systems is a fire and intruder alarm system. This is one of the most popular and common Denver home automation system that homeowners have installed. Modern security systems also include video monitors and automatic lighting, all of which can be programmed in a central location and can be accessed remotely over the Internet using special codes.

Consider also that a Denver home automation system can save substantially on energy costs by controlling lights and HVAC systems, turning them off in rooms that are not in use, and even lowering these incrementally and automatically as required. In fact, there are very few issues that cannot be addressed by such systems.

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DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s hard to believe that store-packaged Halloween costumes can be so expensive. I mean, $50-$60 is a lot just to spend on a costume you’ll either never wear again or will sit in your closet for several years before being recycled. Making your own DIY Halloween costume will not only ensure that no one will show up with your outfit but will save you a lot of money (not to mention you’ll have some extra cash leftover to spend on alcohol). If you’re on a tight budget for Halloween costumes then consider these.

Jersey Shore

Okay, so this may not be the most creative DIY Halloween costume but it’s definitely the easiest to do and well, everyone will get a good laugh. If you’re a female considering dressing up as “Snookie.” This is fairly simple; throw on the skankiest dress you have in your closet for your outfit. She’s known for having that ridiculous puff on the top of her head so simply re-create the pompadour style hair. Of course for make-up you’ll want to use heavy black liner. For safe measures, get a spray tan. If you want to be one of the guys from jersey shore then consider getting really buffed up and getting an incredibly noticeable spray tan (use the kind that comes off! Nothing professional). If you can’t get buff enough to pull this look off then consider stuffing yourself to make it look like you’re muscular and of course, the spray tan. Spike your hair and voila! You’re a “guido.” Also, make sure your outfit matches the part. You know the drill.


I’m a huge Dexter fan and if you are too this DIY Halloween costume might be a fun one for you. Go as a victim of Dexter’s! If you’re a female looking for a sexy Halloween DIY costume this would work out fantastically. Wear a nude strapless bra and wrap your breasts with saran wrap. For the bottom you’ll want nude panties (preferably boy shorts but any cut works fine) and wrap with saran wrap. Now, to pull together the “Dexter’s Victim” look you’ll need to have a convincing cut across your right cheek. Use fake blood and replicate his infamous signature. If you don’t want a sexy Halloween costume and are looking for something more conservative then consider wearing normal clothes and of course include the cut on the right cheek. This will work for a male as well.

Apple Itunes Shadow

Apple is name for their black shawody, faceless figures on their itunes commercial. If you’re an Apple fanboy (or gal) consider this Halloween costume. You’ll want to paint yourself black from head to toe and wear a skin tight black t-shirt and pants. You can even print the white apple logo on your shirt if you wish. Tuck your ipod (or at least the cord) into your pants and put the earplugs either into your wears or around your neck. Super easy, right?

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