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the Job of the Dietetic Technician - Improving the Diet of the Sick and Elderly

Dietetic technicians work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, public health agencies, weight-management clinics, correctional facilities, and food companies. They serve in two basic areas: as service personnel in food-service administration and as assistants in clinical nutrition, which is the nutritional care of individuals.

Some dietetic technicians are involved in both kinds of activities, while others concentrate on just one area. Specific duties and responsibilities vary widely, depending on where technicians work and the area in which they specialize.

In food-service administration, dietetic technicians often supervise other food-service employees and oversee the food-production operation on a day-to-day basis. They may act as administrative assistants to dietitians, helping implement cost-control measures, developing job specifications and job descriptions, and monitoring the quality of the food and service provided. They may also be responsible for planning menus.

In a medical center, where the food-service staff prepares thousands of meals daily for patients and personnel, there may be a team of dietetic technicians, as well as dietetic aides, assistants, and other food-service workers, all working under the direction of dietitians. In such cases, each dietetic technician may specialize in just one or two activities.

On the other hand, in a small organization such as some nursing, Head Start, or geriatric care programs, there may be just one dietetic technician responsible for the overall management of the food-service staff and also for some nutrition counseling. The technician in a small facility may be supervised only by a consultant dietitian and may report directly to the administrator or director of the institution.

Dietetic technicians working in food-service administration plan and prepare schedules and activities, perhaps spending a substantial part of their time on the phone or doing paperwork. They delegate work and plan schedules for other employees, and they train new staff members in food-production methods and the use of kitchen equipment. Later, they follow up by helping prepare evaluations of the food program and assessments of the efficiency of employees or particular production processes.

They also help to develop recipes, adapting standard versions to the particular needs and circumstances of their institution. They write modified diet plans for patients, and they sometimes help patients select their menus. They keep track of food items on hand, process routine orders to the suppliers, order miscellaneous supplies as needed, and supervise food storage. They are involved with departmental budget-control measures and may participate in dietary department conferences.

At other times, dietetic technicians work more directly in the kitchen, overseeing and coordinating actual food-production activities, including the preparation of special therapeutic food items. They may even participate in the preparation of meals, although they usually just monitor the preparations. They supervise dietetic aides, who distribute food in the cafeteria and serve meals to patients in their rooms.

Depending on their employers, some dietetic technicians are also responsible for meeting standards in sanitation, housekeeping, safety in equipment operation, and security procedures.

Dietetic technicians who specialize in nutrition care and counseling work under the direction of a clinical or community dietitian. They often work in a health care facility, where they observe and interview patients about their eating habits and food preferences. Dietetic technicians then report diet histories to the dietitians, along with the patients’ progress reports. The information is used to outline any changes needed in basic diet plans and menus. They also supervise the serving of food to ensure that meals are nutritionally adequate and conform to the physicians’ prescriptions.

Technicians teach the basic principles of sound nutrition, food selection and preparation, and good eating habits to patients and their families so that after leaving the health care facility the patients may continue to benefit. Later, the technicians contact those patients to see how well they are staying on the modified diets and to help them make any further adjustments in accordance with their preferences, habits at home, and the physicians’ prescriptions.

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Inspiring Bible Verses About Strength

This life has ups and downs. We are constantly being faced with choices and attacked by Satan. However, there is good news. Relying on God can give us remarkable might. Here are five bible verses about strength.

Phillipians 4:13 (NKJV)

I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.

This is one of my favorite Bible verses. It shows that our faith in the Lord gives us incredible strength. Paul was a great example of relying on God for strength and contentment.

Psalm 18:32-34 (NIV)

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights. He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

God gives us strength to face the “battles” in our lives. Surely we will face challenges but we will not be alone. God is always there by our side.

Isaiah 40:29 (NIV)

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

As people, we have limits to our strength. However, God has no limits. We can derive our strength through his strength just by calling on him to help us.

Ephesians 6:10 (NIV)

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

In order to take a stand against the devils and his evil forces, we must have a strong relationship with God. Satan and his fallen angels are very real and attack us everyday. It is nice that God gives us “full armor,” to go to battle against the devil.

Psalms 46:1 (NIV)

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

In times of trouble, look to God. Even in complete destruction and the end of the world, God will still be there, for eternity.


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Lawyer Marketing 101: Optimizing Your Website

Lawyer marketing begins with a well-designed website: whether you have your own private practice or are a named partner at a major, high-profile law firm, you are doubtless aware of this. However, the key to lawyer Internet marketing success lies in getting traffic, or visitors to that website. With more web pages on the Internet than there are humans on the planet, this aspect of lawyer marketing can be a challenge, however.

The time to start thinking about web traffic is at the beginning of a lawyer online marketing campaign, as the website is actually being designed and constructed. Success when it comes to internet marketing for lawyers is not difficult if you consider that there are major three factors when it comes to generating traffic:

 Meta tags
 Keywords and Phrases
 Backlinks
Let’s consider these individually.

Meta tags are part of the HTML code underlying the website: it is there for the benefit of the “bots” and “spiders” that index Internet web sites; human eyes surfing the Internet do not normally see this code. When planning internet marketing for attorneys, skilled SEO consultants consider the most effective placing of keyword-rich meta tags. For this reason, it is best to consult SEO consultants when a site is first undergoing design and construction, since “retro-fitting” an existing website – while possible – is difficult.

Keywords and keyword phrases are also significant factors in the success when it comes to lawyer Internet marketing. You are probably aware that people use keyword search terms when looking for information on the World Wide Web. What you may not know – and on which professional SEO consultants are expert when it comes to Internet marketing for lawyers – is that such search terms are not necessarily the most obvious ones, and can change over time. Part of what SEO consultants do is analyze the keyword phrases used by individual people seeking legal information for frequency, distribution and conversion rate. This involves time consuming and sophisticated research, but is an excellent investment in lawyer online marketing.

Finally, the number of “backlinks” – offsite hyperlinks to your own web site – constitute the number one criterion used by search engines to determine ranking. Internet marketing for attorneys means generating as many of these backlinks as possible. As they plan the most effective lawyer online marketing strategies, SEO professionals use a variety of methods for getting offsite links to your own site.

Compared to traditional print and media ads, SEO-based lawyer marketing is a tremendous value. Whether yours is a small law office in a rural community or a major metropolitan law firm with numerous branches throughout the nation, you’ll find that having the assistance of a good SEO firm not only gets better results when it comes to internet marketing for lawyers, it was one of the most const-effective lawyer marketing strategies available. If you are considering lawyer marketing on the World Wide Web, contact a reputable SEO company and find out how their consultants can increase your Internet presence.

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What is it like to Excel Inside a Horizontal Karen Owen? Time for a Thesis

Karen Owen, a recent Duke graduate who released the now infamous mock thesis, “‘Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics”, has had her opportunity to share with the world the relative strength and weaknesses of thirteen of her sexual conquests during her time at Duke. In a 42 slide PowerPoint presentation, Owen stacked ranked her sex partners, most of who were Duke athletes, and commented and scored them on their abilities in bed.

She covered a wide range of subjects, ranging from topics such as physical appearance to staying power. Owen shared that she enjoyed alcohol infused ‘blackout sex’ (how she would remember enjoying something while blacked out is not clear), and detailed sexual romps in the Duke University library during finals week. She said she’ll have plenty of stories to tell the grandkids someday. My grandmother used to tell me stories about growing up on a farm, and I must admit they were often boring tales. Owen’s lucky grandkids will have much more interesting things to talk about with grandma.

As of yet, there has been no public word from the thirteen men who had sex with Owen. Presumably some, perhaps such as the individual who ranked last on her list, are embarrassed and want to move on with things. At least some of them have moved on probably from their glorious time with Karen Owen and have steady girlfriends or even gotten married. Not much is really known about them. Some may well feel victimized and very angry about having intimate details of their sexual encounters with Owen publicized.

But one potential route it would seem that the thirteen men could take is to share with the world their experiences with Owen. They could use the internet, as she did, and maybe even use a PowerPoint presentation format akin to the one Owen used in “Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics”. Perhaps it could be called, “Excelling In a Horizontal Karen Owen”. They could share with the world their opinions on Karen Owen’s naked body and various body parts. They could share with their world how talented, or untalented depending on their experiences, Karen Owen is at certain sexual acts.

They could share with the world if they wanted to go back for more from Karen Owen and whether or not it was worth the trip across campus. Hypothetically speaking, perhaps some of them aspired to sleep with Karen Owen and had the opportunity and were thrilled. Perhaps some saw her as a last resort when they had no luck at a party and called her up. Perhaps some would only have sex with Karen Owen if they were desperate, lonely or sad. Or perhaps some actually loved Karen Owen, though they didn’t realize she would soon sell them out to the world on a Power Point presentation.

Until one, some, or all of Karen Owen’s sexual conquests starts talking, we won’t know what it’s really like to, well, Excel in Karen Owen. But my hunch would be that at least one of them will talk and we can all share vicariously the good and the bad about sex with this recent Duke graduate.


Zachary Tracer, “Sex List Draws Media to Duke”, The Chronicle

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How to Market Yourself ?

You cannot be but impressed when you see the doors open for « lucky » people. They always have the great partners, the best jobs, even people who do not know them try to please them, help them handle a situation or bring them their bag.

It is insane to watch all of the beautiful things flow for them. They attract all of joy and happiness. But how could we explain that?

Actually, there are millions of reasons that could explain why some people are so much successful, famous or “lucky”. However, what I really think is doing the whole difference, is the talent of marketing.

Marketing is a word connected to the field of sales, business and making money. That is at least the first meaning that could cross your mind when you hear the word Marketing. Basically the expression marketing comes from the word Market where people sell and buy goods and services. According to Merriam- Webster definition marketing is “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service”.

Definitely we are not a product or a service. While what I mean is how you could enhance you personality and even benefit of your weaknesses not on the level of your social life by improving you communication skills but also to find the best job the best partner and so on.

I know a lot of talented people : people who are well educated, cultured, who have a lot of talents and gifts, who have the special ideas but what they really lack is the ability to show this talent, to benefit of the whole world called A Human Being.

There are millions of things that you can do to market yourself not to mention books and articles that treat this field but let us be more practical and show the basically needed steps:

1- Appearance: that includes how you look like and how you dress up yourself. All of us know that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Liked or not, the first impression is done according to your appearance. That is exactly why, you should take care of your body and health and be almost all the time well dressed. Opportunities can show up in places you have never thought of. Expect the unexpected!

2- Body language: it is true that the first thing people notice about you is your shape and clothes but a beautiful and well-dressed person could be ignored if he shows a defensive or aggressive body language. It is well known that communication is basically non verbal. That is why you have to keep a welcoming smile, look people in the eye, show your palms ( it is a sign of sincerity and openness), walk in a confident and straight way and remember nothing is attractive as self-confidence!

3- Information: we have all information about different fields. It doesn’t matter how much information you know about each field. What matters is how you use them. I will give you an example someone who have 5 information about X question and another who have 500 information. Who is able to talk about the issue most? The second person? Wrong answer. Someone who has 5 information and communicative skills could talk about the issue better than an expert. Remember information are needed in any conversation but alone won’t make miracles how to use them when and in which contest is the most important!

4- Experiences: we live so we experience a lot of things emotionally, academically … We travel, meet new people taste new food… It is obvious that we have to learn as much as we can from any experience we go through regardless of how much tiny it is we are always able to learn something. But the most important thing is how all that knowledge can emerge through our behavior and daily communication. Plus you have to experience new things daily. You have to be where your passion and dreams are. Do not love music and never attend a concert! Do not want to have a partner and never go out!

5- Weaknesses: we are imperfect we all have weak points. Your weaknesses could work for your benefit if you know how to accept them and work on them. Some people think that being kind or sensitive is a weak point. No, it is not. It is ok to be kind and sensitive this way your communication skills are more developed. To be weak or imperfect is human accept but be smart. The irony is that powerful, strong, perfect, most attractive women are single!

The major point about how to market yourself is always how to show your talents and your special personality. Remember people are not you and they won’t be. They are not supposed to know, to understand, to love you the way you want them to do. For people you are a mystery till you talk, act and start showing who you really are!

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Love Poem - "Wherever I May Wonder"

You are my heart and soul

wherever I may wonder

And I’ll always make you warm

In-rain with lightning thunder

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Movie Hints: Tips on Taking Toddlers to the Movies

Looking for something to do with your 2-5 year old? How about a movie? “No way!”, is the most common answer from my friends with little kids. I try to explain to them that the fear is only of the unknown, and if you follow a few simple tips, your kids can have a great time at the movies!

1. Try to get to the movie theater as close to the beginning of the show as possible.

Most kids movies are about 90 min long. There is a reason for this, kids ages 2-5 barely have an attention span long enough to make the full 90 min. Although getting there early does get you a good seat, the previews added on to the movie time is too much for the little guys to make it. You will end up leaving early, due to the kids not being able to continue to sit still. If the kids are restless and the movie is going on too long, do yourself a favor and get out of there. The last 15 min are not worth it and chances are your kid does not understand or care whether the plot wraps up.

2. If you can get a seat on the aisle take it!

Do not apply your typical habits of trying to get the best seat in the middle. If you do you will be climbing over every other parent and their popcorn and drinks to get to the bathroom. It is inevitable with a toddler, that they will have to go to the bathroom, so get your seat as close to the aisle as possible to save yourself frustration. Better yet, take them to the bathroom before the movie starts, they just want to see the movie bathroom anyway!

3. Spread out the treats through the entire film.

Remember that for a kid getting popcorn and candy at the movies is half of the the reason for going. Spacing out the sugar will not only keep them more in line but will aid in the last half hour of getting them to the end of the movie. If they eat all of the treats during previews or in the first 20 min of the movie, they will be crashing hard by the end of the first hour. Also if the popcorn gets the primary attention in the beginning of the film, then the kids are less likely to be able to follow the story, resulting in them bothering you or wanting to leave.

4. Go to the earliest show.

Usually you can get a ticket as early as 10 am. I highly suggest this time as the theater will be filled with other parents and kids. It is pretty hard to find people who get upset about your kid bouncing in her seat at this time. Also kids are alert at this part of the day and are less likely to meltdown. The seats for early shows are usually sold at a discount so if you have to leave the film early, you don’t get so mad about the ticket prices!

5. Try to have fun and keep the kids engaged in the film.

I know that you are watching kids movies, but do your best to stay involved with your kids in the movie. Whisper a few questions to them about the characters or ask what is going to happen, you will find that they will stay more engaged if you help them out and keep them focused.

6. Ask for special seating or booster seats.

Most movie theaters will actually make arrangements for you. Give them a call and explain that you need seats by the aisle and booster seats for the kids. It beats them having to sit on your lap and squirm for 90 min. You will be surprised to find that the same considerations made for senior citizens are often times available early in the day for little kids.

7. Try to get a friend with kids to go to the movies with you and your kids.

It is just plain easier with extra adult hands. From being able to help you save seats, watch your kid as you get the popcorn, and having other kids for your child to react to the movie with, it is just easier with more people.

Follow these simple rules and you can get your kids used to going to the movies and having a great time. They will think of the movies as a special treat, and the more you go the easier it will get. Also, my wife loves it when she can get 2 hours to herself while we are off at the movies!

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Marriage and a Baby for Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is always busy with her music career, but she will be equally busy on a personal level this year. With her glowing skin and recent wardrobe choices it was not surprising that rumors of a pregnancy have surrounded Keys in the last few weeks.

Keys will be blessed twice in the upcoming year; marriage and a baby are both in the near future for the 29 year-old rhythm and blues singer. Keys publicist confirmed that she is expecting her first child; even though no specifics to the date were given. For Keys fiance, Swizz Beatz, this will be his third child. He already has two sons from two different previous relationships.

The two plan to marry later in the year in a private ceremony of close friends and family. So far the relationship between Keys and Beatz has been relatively low key so it only seems fitting that we are only privileged to the bare minimum details.

Keys is no stranger to being nominated and winning awards; everything from the MTV Video Music Awards to Female Artist of the Year. The extremely talented Keys has won 12 Grammys and has seen a handful of songs reach Billboards Hot 100.


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