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Use Logo Tents for Good Visibility in Public

Custom printed canopies and logo tents are the perfect advertising mechanism whereby people simply have to take a look to take in your company’s message. Graphic tents and printed canopies keep the weather at bay, and also afford your company a bright, colorful way to present yourself to the public.

A commercial canopy is a great investment in your company because it puts your company logo and graphics up above most people’s line of sight, setting it above and giving it a visual prominence. Printed canopies offer a visual space for you to set up a booth with tables and chairs, offering literature, providing product samples, or even giving demonstrations of your company’s products at trade fairs and other public events.

Custom printed canopies also offer protection from the elements if you are setting up a booth outdoors. Rain can damage any kind of brochures and paperwork that you have on display, so logo tents provide an easy solution to the excess moisture issue. Also a problem during the warmer months is too much sun making for unpleasant conditions. You want people to linger at your booth, so anything you can do cause that to happen can benefit your business, because it gives people a bit more time to be exposed to what you have to offer them. If you can provide a shade-cover in the middle of a July business fair, your booth will be the popular one where everyone will want to be.

Another aspect that you will want to keep in mind is the ease of set up and tear down of logo tents and printed canopies. Pop-up graphic tents are available that you simply unpack and they spring into shape. These are very easy to set up, and quite easy to take down as well.

Custom printed canopies can also be used for outdoor athletic events. If you are in charge of organizing a walking or running event, you will need a great deal of logo tents and custom printed canopies to provide refreshments and registration areas for participants. Custom printed canopies can be emblazoned with the name of the event, or can be printed with corporate sponsor’s logos. Fabric colors are offered in a wide range, so that you can select ones that coordinate with the graphic designs being featured on the walls and roofs of the logo tents and other structures.

There is the perfect tent or canopy which can be custom designed to your specifications and needs, so that you can offer a stylish presence in any public setting where your company will be on display.

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Life's Spark

I think the worst fear I can imagine
Is that I will lose my desire to laugh out loud
That the world will become so dour a place
Where gloom enwraps me like a burial shroud

I see people who have reached this point
No joke or situation can lighten their mood
Their misery is a weapon to keep others in their lives
It becomes their means of survival; their daily food

Sometimes our compassion is not enough
Some people prefer to live in the shadows of the dark
They are happy to shut down the dreams of others
They no longer desire to discover life’s spark

It’s good to offer these lost souls compassion
But do not go too far out on a limb
For they are not happy until their misery has company
And your own spark for living they have managed to dim

We cannot be responsible for the joy of others
We cannot bring laughter to those who only want to whine
However, we can always be willing to offer a smile
In hopes that a new spark their hearts might one day find

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Lunar New Year Celebrations in Atlanta

A Lunar New Year Celebration begins the onset of the the 7 day traditional Vietnamese New Year, Sunday, February 7 at the Hong Kong Market Center in Norcross (north Atlanta). Brilliant, traditional silk dresses, authentic Asian cuisine, games, contests, pageants, and gift giving are all a part of a time honored celebration of the Lunar New Year, known as Tet.

Planned and hosted by the Vietnamese Community of Georgia entertainment, food, and fun serve to honor Vietnamese traditions and Vietnamese culture in the global community.

The Vietnamese Community of Georgia not only floods the celebration with excitement, but they are generous to their guests. Contests, including awards for traditional silk outfits and karaoke, will be held throughout the celebration, with over $25,000 in prize money to be given away. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to compete for scholarships and gift certificates.

Vendors have set up at the Hong Kong Market to offer a variety of traditional gifts. IPods and video games are not the kinds of gifts given to celebrate this important time of year. Vietnamese candy, indigenous Eastern flowers, and other traditional gifts.

The festive Lunar New Year Celebration is expected to draw thousands from among the more than 24,000 Vietnamese living in the metro-Atlanta area.

The Vietnamese Community of Georgia planning committee for the Lunar New Year Celebration has not overlooked the challenge of getting men away from their TV sets during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl will be broadcast on one half of a large screen to give the men a chance to experience the Vietnamese community while enjoying their favorite American pastime.

This is a cultural celebration of the Lunar New Year that shines with all the promise that a New Year brings.

Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by Vietnamese Community of Georgia
Sunday, February 7th, 2010
Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM with entertainment and contests throughout the day.
Admission: $5.00
Hong Kong Supermarket
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, (north Atlanta) GA 30093

The following weekend, The Vietnamese Association of Greater Atlanta will host a festival in the same location, Hong Kong Supermarket on Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

Tet Lunar New Year Festival hosted by The Vietnamese Association of Greater Atlanta
Saturday, February 13, 4pm to 1am
Sunday, February 14, 12pm – 8pm
Admission: $5.00
Hong Kong Supermarket
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, (north Atlanta) GA 30093

Sources: ; Vietnamese American Community of Georgia

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What to Look for when Hiring a Professional Home Stager

So you’re thinking of getting your home staged before putting it on the market but you’re unsure of whom to choose. As a Professional Home Stager serving the Central Florida and Orlando area who has worked with many clients I can tell you what they were looking. Read my checklist to equip yourself with the right questions for both yourself and the Stager.

Checklist for Hiring a Professional Home Stager:

The list below suggests that you’ve found some potential candidates. If you haven’t simply do a google search on “home staging” or “home stager” including the city and state you live in. Depending on where you live, you should find a few to choose from.

1.If you found them online, did they have a professional website? This is key. Anyone in the decorating, staging or design field understands the importance of a clean site that provides all of the necessary information clients may require. Some may or may not provide pricing and that is okay. With staging pricing always varies per home based on square footage, location, and general flow of the home and of course if it is vacant or occupied.

2.Did the stager(s) come recommended to you by a trusted friend, realtor or another Home Stager who perhaps wasn’t available? You might have been doing a search and found them yourself and that is fine. A referral is a great way to go if you can get one. My business is built largely on the recommendations of previous clients and realtors who I have worked with and who were happy with the results.

3.Were they Courteous and Professional on the phone? Like any business professional they should exude professionalism on the phone as well as in person. They should be able to provide you information on their services and confidently speak on pricing and how they operate.

4.Do they have a portfolio? It is important to see some of a stager’s work before hiring them on or even setting up a consultation. Remember the portfolio is a sample of their work and like your home, it is likely better shown in person, than in small photo. Ultimately though you are looking for the before and after transformation and an obvious, positive difference in the home. Be wary if a Stager does not have a sample of their work. This either means they are not proud of any of their work or worse-they are a new to the business and have not done any work at all.

5.Did they present themselves well? Well all have bad days now and then but did they come dressed professionally to the consultation? Were they put together and tidy? After all you want this reflected in your home! You want a hard worker with an eye for detail. Having said that they don’t need to be head-to-tie in super trendy clothes or designer labels. Stagers are real people, the idea is that the present the right image-clean, neat, organized and committed to sell your home.

6.Do you feel comfortable with them? So now you have decided to meet for a consultation. Do they give you the warm fuzzies? Do they listen to your needs, understand your budget and your timeline? Do they sound confident and do they explain why they would change various areas of the home? It is as important to know why something needs to be changed, as it is to know what needs to be altered. Would you trust them in your home with your belongings?

7.Testimonials Speak Volumes– Does your stager in mind have any testimonials on their website? While not every client will wind up providing a stager with a testimonial there has to be some proof of their work. Many of my clients move out of state or get busy and I keep hearing ” I promise to send one your way!” without ever receiving. If they don’t have a client testimonial perhaps they have a realtor testimonial for a home they sold? Ask for someone that has promised to give them a good referral and follow up by calling them.

8.What is the Stager’s Stats? How effective was their staging effort? Some homes regardless of staging can sit for longer periods due to their location next to a highway etc however you need to have some indication they can get your home sold in “2 weeks” or that the home sold for “98% of asking price”. These are good signs that the staging is effective and their clients are satisfied.

You are now armed to go out and hire the right organizer! Feel free to ask them questions about how they got into staging, or what their background is. If they are anything like me, Staging chased THEM down! Passionate about design and décor and well as real estate this business made so much sense for me. A born organizer (literally!) who started this business with the intention of helping clients get free from clutter and stress I found myself staging and now Florida Home Staging is a preferred home staging company in Central Florida!

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Memories Love Poem

Happy Valentines Day my sweet
My lover my friend
Your smile is my treat
Of memories waiting to begin

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Use Photo Corners when Framing Fine Artwork

If you are trying to frame your fine art photographs, you have several choices to make when it comes to mounting the artwork to the mountboard. Although it is quick and easy to simply use an adhesive spray to glue the photo to the mount, it is not possible afterward to remove the photo from the mountboard without damaging the print. Over time, the chemicals in adhesives can react with the surface of the photos as well, and cause discoloration. If you are looking for way way to mount your photos that is considered conservation quality and allows you the flexibility of removing the photo later on if you wish, then you will want to try using photo corners. archival photo corners are an easy answer for securing your fine art photographs to mount board.

Photo corner mounts can help to preserve your artwork in various ways. First, archival photo corners should be made of conservation quality materials, for this will help to prolong the life of the artwork in which they come into contact. Second, the use of photo corner mounts allows the photograph to expand and contract due to changes in temperature without the surface wrinkling, which is impossible if the artwork is permanently affixed to the mount board.

In order to hide the photo corners so that they are not seen, you have a couple of choices. clear photo corners can be used for this purpose. Another way to go is to select a wide enough mat board to place over the photograph being held in the photo corners, and the mat board will hide them. In all cases, photo corners work best with photographs that have a border edging them.

Photo corner mounts are made from varying materials. For the best clear photo corners that are also rated for archival purposes, you will want to look for acid-free polypropylene clear photo corners. Also look for products that are listed as “photo safe,” so that they do not damage the delicate top surface of your photographs. The back of the photo corners will be treated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, so you simply pull the thin covering off the adhesive, place the corner mount where you wish and press it down. This makes them very quick and easy to use, and it also helps to preserve your photographs because the adhesive never comes in contact with the artwork.

You can buy photo corners from better online fine art photography framing suppliers. It is an excellent idea to keep them on hand, especially if you do a lot of framing, so that you will have the supplies you need to frame your photographs inexpensively yourself.

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Night of the Bolshevik

There are three levels of aristocratic principle and practicality for those of wealth and power. First, and foremost are the most populous, the Common Aristocrat. If in dire straits and facing Bolshevik Revolutionists, this Aristocrat will have died in the act of putting on peasants clothing. On the second tier is the True Aristocrat, if self-respecting, this one will have died while surrendering a dueling pistol and in the act of trying to buy his life. Conversely, on the other hand, we have the Idealist Aristocrat, who is sure to have future iconic status. This is because while in vociferous state of contempt with wine glass in hand, this altruist will have died after mocking the inherent bloodline character of these insolent, pitchfork wielding peasants!

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Paternity Leave in Canada and the USA

Previously published in Examiner

Part 3 of the Paternity Leave Series

The Canadian code allows 17 weeks of paid maternity leave and up to 24 weeks of unpaid maternity leave after that. By 1991, the provincial laws were amended and became more generous. Male employees could receive unemployment benefits for paternity leave. Each province will decide the amount of maternity and paternity leave. It is very complicated and everyone must be aware of the provincial law in force. This is extremely important for families who have recently moved from one province to another. For example, Ontario provincial law divvies out 18 weeks of leave for both parents working for the same company. On the other hand Quebec gives up to 34 weeks of leave that is shared between couples working for the same company. There is no qualification period in Quebec, but Manitoba workers must have been employed by the company for at least 13 weeks

All provinces guarantee that when the employee returns he or she must come back to the same job, or a comparable job at the same salary. That means if the employee was a supervisor in let’s say the claims department of an insurance company he or she may not return to that position, but may be a supervisor with the same pay in let’s say the accounting department. Similarly a senior clerk can return to a senior clerk position anywhere in the company, but cannot be demoted to an intermediate clerk, or an intermediate clerk cannot return to a entry level clerical position and so on.

In the USA, it has long been established that women in the workforce are entitled to maternity leave. The time for delivering and staying with the baby afterward is established by law and over and above that minimum time allotted, certain companies give additional time as part of their employee benefits package. However, the needs of the father to take time out to help his wife and care for their newborn are a fairly recent occurrence. The Family and Medical Act of 1993 established the guidelines for paternal leave in the United States.

Montreal men’s rights groups

Men`s Legal Defense Fund
Mark Wickman
4652 Sherbrooke West #3 Montreal H3Z 1G3
Tel: (514) 846-5733

Groupe d’entraide aux pères et soutien à l’enfant (GEPSE) inc.
4272 Papineau, bureau 101
Montréal, Québec H2H 1S9
Tél. 514 527-3166 Email Fax. 514 527-2667
Father’s right group since 1983.m


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Ordinary Women with Extra Ordinary Attitude

In the world of men, when a women stands on her own requires a great attitude and courage. My story narrates one such woman with extra ordinary attitude. Let me take to a middle class family where boy is given preference over girl. Girl from childhood is taught to remain in certain safe domain and follow orthodoxy. Heroine of my story “Neeru” is born in a big middle class Hindu family. She was the 6th child in her family. Father of “Neeru” a village school master could not sustain the burden of the big family died at an early age. So the whole family was under the guidance of maternal uncle. Neeru was given in marriage when she only completed class 6th.

Journey from AP to Orissa
Neeru a gentle natured girl was given in marriage to family in Orissa. After marriage she very quickly adjusted to new surrounding .As time past by she was blessed by first child and life of Neeru slowly turned in to turbulences. Her husband who was working in Railways has to leave his native place and go to Pune. Neeru along with her husband moved to their new place with their new born child .In the new place situation was totally different from her native village. She has to cook food by charcoal and live in a small accommodation. She had problem in communication has she didn’t know Hindi. Her husband now opted for a traveling job in Railways because the salary was very meagre. For daily chores and for marketing she had to communicate in Hindi, but she picked up Hindi quickly. This is the starting point of her life.

Inner strength
After few years Neeru and her husband moved back to Orissa. Now Neeru became mother of four children, and reached middle age. On reaching Orissa she stayed with her brother-in law’s house along with her children and husband. Her sister-in law had different character. She cleverly put all the house hold responsibility on Neeru and enjoyed her time by hearing radio. When the food is prepared she would first serve food to her children first remaining balance to Neeru and her children. And in dinner time when Neeru husband would arrive late from his job only some tit bits would remain which Neeru and her husband would consume. Slowly whole episode turned very ugly and turned in to torture. She then decided that she along with her four children and her husband will shift to the place of her husband’s work, which was a small railway station. From that that time she changed her attitude. It was very difficult for her to sustain with four children and a constant flow of relatives. She did not lose heart but started to stitch cloths from the Railway Mahila samiti & also for her family. This helped her and her economy improved. Slowly the situation changed, she gave birth to her fifth child. Neeru’s children were all girls; this was not liked by her mother-in-law as she always praised her elder daughter-in-law for giving birth to three sons. This added more woes as she referred the girls as insects & sons as honey.

Tailoring Job
She now was recognized by all for her good work in stitching cloths. By seeing her many women came forward and they too started stitching cloths as hobby and also could earn money for their family. This became a revolution. She helped many families from facing economic hardship.

Extra ordinary guts
As narrated earlier she had five girls and in Indian society giving marriage that too as a middle class family was a Herculean task. She had a far sightedness and she used to save money from first thus helped her at this moment. In this world giving one daughter marriage is a difficult job but she managed five marriages. Not only she gave her children in marriage but at least three more marriage was performed by her. She helped her neighbours at the wee hours for any lady getting delivery, helping in making sweets & so on. So she became a symbol of extra ordinary strength.

One of her niece a doctor was given in marriage to a wealthy doctor, one year after her marriage under a mysterious circumstance her husband died. And her niece was suspected for her husband death. Neeru went to her niece place took control of the whole situation and manage to bring her niece back. She encouraged her niece to once again change her life. In due course of time she got a job as a rural doctor. But she remained sad, seeing this Neeru encouraged her in getting married a Medical Representative who was four years younger to her but was of other language. Her parents were against the marriage but Neeru took courage & arranged her niece to get married . After that her niece life changed and she remained happy.

So Neeru in whole of her life sacrificed her happiness for others and never gave hope. She was always there as a person whom people could depend upon at their difficult times. In short she could be described as “Ordinary Women with extra Ordinary Attitude”

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