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Pet Medication

Many animal lovers treat their pets as children, and it is easy to think that human drugs would be suitable for animal use should the need occur. There are specific pet medicines for a reason – dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles all have a different physiology and require different levels of medicine to remedy a problem, so failing to consult an authority before administering drugs to your pet may prove deadly.

Many drugs designed for pets have a basis in ones originally intended for humans. Because animals suffer some of the same diseases and medical conditions as we do, the medicines we take have been modified in strength and dosage level to be appropriate for a smaller animal. Dosage of a particular drug is usually determined by species first, then weight.

An example of shared disease between humans and animals is Lyme disease. Because they can occur simultaneously in dogs and humans, both must take antibiotics to kill the bacteria – but only dogs and cats can have a monthly regiment of flea/tick medicine as a preventative. It will be a great advance in medicine when they can make that available for the avid hunter/outdoorsman of the human kind. Currently flea and tick medicine for pets is dangerous for pregnant women.

Humans and pets can also contract colds, runny noses, allergies, and coughs/sneezing. Although humans might be accustom to strong medicines containing sleep aids and alcohol, this could be deadly for a pet of any size, and your vet should be consulted if a seasonal illness starts to creep up on your friend.

Heartworm medication is relatively safe for all humans to be around, as humans cannot contract heartworm, and the pesticides used in heartworm medication are easily disposed of by the human body if direct contact is made somehow with the chemicals. It is an absolutely essential medication for your pet however, as an advanced heartworm case creates inhumane misery in the animal and leads to a slow painful death if not addressed quickly.

Pets such as cats and dogs are also vulnerable to mental health ailments. Anxiety and depression occur in them as well, and can be addressed similarly – albeit in smaller doses than in a human case. Your pet can also have a headache, muscle strain, arthritis, and upset stomach, in which case the appropriate human antidote (read: Tylenol, glucosamine, and antacids) may be effective. Ask your veterinarian about specific dosages and any unpleasant side effects. Also note that acetaminophen is deadly to cats, so ask about an alternative for pain treatment.

Advances in medical technology have made it easy to extend the life and health of our pets with medicine – even those with diseases thought to be intolerable for animals such as diabetes or skin allergies – can now live somewhat normal lives with a regular regiment of medicine, similar to humans with chronic conditions. Pet medications are available widely – contact your veterinarian for the medicine your pet should be on and where you can purchase it.

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the Musician

We’re dancing on a spider web

and he got away from me this time

or did Iet him go?

He lived by night, hibernated by day.

No, he was no


He was musician.

I enjoyed touching him then

getting touched back.

Each touch was like the poison

of addiction.

i wanted more and more.

We were dancing on a spider web

and he got away frome

or did I let him go?

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" Obama Looking at Girl "Controversy

“Obama looking at girl” and “Obama checking out girl” is something that many Americans are concerned with this morning. What do the two terms “Obama looking at girl” and “Obama checking out girl” mean? Click HERE to view the Obama looking at girl photo yourself.

President Barack Obama fell in to the ominous headline “Obama looking at girl” when a photo was snapped that apparently shows our president checking out the bum of a 16 year old Italian girl at a G8 summit photo shoot.

Was “Obama looking at girl” a headline that will haunt him for the rest of his presidency? Will Barack Obama be caught up in the same political scandals of former Democratic president Bill Clinton? I think the “Obama checking out girl” photo could mean one of three things:

First, the “Obama checking out girl” photo could just be the work of a good photographer. Perhaps Obama really wasn’t looking at the young Italian girl’s behind. Perhaps he simply glanced aside to look at something else. Looking at the picture, it looks like French president Nicholas Sarkozy is reveling in the beautiful bum moreso than our president. Look at his smug French grin.

Second, the “Obama looking at girl” photo could be the result of a momentary lapse in judgment. Obama is first and foremost a man, and men revel in the beauty of women. Women want men to look at them. Then, when a man looks at a beautiful woman, it’s a scandal. Obama should realize that anything he does will be scrutinized. He should put his natural male instincts aside and try to live with blinders on for the next four to eight years.

Third, the “Obama checking out girl” photo could be an indication of looming problems. Will Barack Obama become a womanizer? He is very young, very charismatic, and many women find him attractive. I am sure that after the “Obama looking at girl” photo came out, most of mainstream media will try to capture Obama checking out girl again!

I think the photo itself is rather minor. We don’t know if Obama really was checking out the young Italian behind or not. I would like to think that my first scenario is what happened here. Hopefully, a great photojournalist just captured the right shot at the right time. Hopefully we aren’t in for another Bill Clinton-like era of a womanizing president. There are too many things going on in the world today to have the media focusing on the love life of the President.

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NFL Head Injuries Could Cause Long Term Memory Effects

Many little boys dream of throwing around a football in college only to land a gig in the NFL, sporting celebrity jerseys and being adored by fans as the star quarterback, kicker or the football player who has the best touch down dance. However, too many people are not aware that there are some things that can happen to you on the football field if you’re out there getting pushed around and knocked down in the sport.

Hence, the news story of Jim McMahon, coined as one of the most interesting and entertaining players of this last generation. He played for Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, and other football teams. Famed and adored for his football skills, the player now suffers from memory loss. He ties the loss to head injuries he suffered during is time in the NFL. He said that when he was playing the game, there was a general feeling that if you were injured, you could just pop an aspirin and hop right back into the game. However, now years after playing, McMahon has consulted neurosurgeons, and according to them, the effects of those injuries are much more serious than just popping an aspirin.

According to Yahoo sports, it took the NFL a very long time to acknowledge that there was a connection between head injuries and long term effects. Former players have been talking about the issue for quite some time. However, there is an underlying pressure to get out there on the field and keep performing in spite of injuries that may have serious effects if ignored.

Football is a sport that many enjoy. However, when you retire from it, you want to be able to live a healthy and fulfilling life, free from brain injury. If you’re ever in the NFL or other contact sport such as ice hockey or boxing, wear protective gear at all times and maintain an understanding that all the money and fame isn’t more important than your health. If you get injured or feel your health has been affected in any way while you’re playing the sport, take a time out and consider seeing a doctor immediately before continuing the sport. If you continue to experience adverse health symptoms seek a second opinion from a medical professional.

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Make Your Own Website for Free

In the modern world there is not something grandiose to have a site, it already became something ordinary. Practically now everyone can place his own website in the Internet so that all people could have access to the information it contains. But if you were not engaged in similar questions earlier, the site creation may seem not too easily to you. And naturally the main question here will be how to create the site? May be you are one of those Internet surfers who wish to learn how to create the site by your own strength. Then you need to familiarize with materials, which will give you the opportunity to learn how to create the site by means of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

The beginners should learn bases of html and cascade tables of styles and having mastered them, it will be possible to understand how to design your site. Skilled website-builders will find a lot of necessary and interesting information, including ready templates and scripts, which can be used at site creation. If you want to learn how to create the site, but you do not know yet even bases, then start to study HTML, and if you never hear before about the cascade tables of styles, start your study with CSS.

There are many variants of how to create the site. It is possible to write the site code alone or it is possible to take advantage of various visual editors. But visual editors possess a number of lacks: it is necessary to study the programs in order to use them. They give a lot of a superfluous and unnecessary code. And one of the important aspects is that it is necessary to correct manually the code at correction or site change, that means you should study the necessary programming language. Manual writing of the site code does not have such restrictions, which the visual editors have. It is possible to use all possibilities, which web technologies may give. It is possible to write a simple or difficult code. At manual creation of the code there is a possibility to develop the site with any functionality and any design, including unique and new, which is present on no other site. It is possible to create scripts, which will react to user’s actions in appropriate way. Thus without the help of professionals, you will be able to meet the unique needs that occur in your site development.

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Obesity in Our School Aged Children, a New Wrinkle!

If you are like me, you chuckle at some of the directives that are on labels, as to the contents of items that you buy in your neighborhood stores. Some people do not read cautions, do not follow them and then blame the manufacturer for failing to prevent all sorts of injuries, accidents and unfortunate occurrances. Is it any wonder why we pay, so costly, for our necessary staples. The item needs to be in a container, the lid is secured, then wrapped again, sealed in plastic and put into another box or wrapping. We all pay for the foolishness of some people who thought it was a joke to insert harmful ingredients into a product.

Now there is a new thought about obesity and the way to decrease it in our school systems. Have you visited a school lately and peered into the garbage? You will find wrappers that once kept a chocolate covered candy bar, a bag of eaten salted potato chips or some other form of empty caloric ingestible. Some of these items were once purchased inside the walls of the learning institutions you and I pay taxes to keep functioning. Then those vending machines were changed to hold more wholesome items like Snickers, cookies and the like. knowing good nutrition, I do not consider those good replacement items. Soda and sweetened drinks were at the children’s finger tips too.

Now the idea is to make sure the restaurants that sell food that contribute to obesity in our young, be out of reach. A New York City individual has not mentioned The distance yet. This is someones brain storm that did not totally look at the entire picture. Children have skate boards, bikes, cars and roller blades to more than adequately travel for their desires to be met for food. Do the people that are thinking up these ideas really believe this is the answer to eliminating obesity in our schools? I have better ideas than that one, but my fingers are too tired to type anymore.

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How to Promote Your Community College

Each community school must be its own best promoter.

Sometimes seen as establishments of smaller education, community schools have a heavy time maintaining college spirit and friendship on campus. In comparison to their four-year opposite numbers, they are facing a couple of issues other universities do not have to deal with. Most frequently, community schools occupy commuter campuses offering no housing for its scholars. By reason for circumstance, this environment doesn’t naturally foster the powerful college spirit regularly found on home campuses.

Due to this, college spirit must be commended and inspired outside the standard means found at other varsities. Maybe the most imposing of issues for college spirit is the huge variety found at community schools. While conventional varsities have variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, faith, and other everyday differences, they don’t face a very huge range of age. Community students range in age from a twin enrolled school student to 30 something elders to an aged man wanting to start a second career.

This shortage of common ground makes it awfully tough to find a rallying cry for college spirit that may appeal to all groups. There are a few things that may help foster a better sense of community on campus, and maybe the start of a unified college spirit. To gain more collusion at college events, the events must be as diversified as the coed body. Elders do not wish to bring their youngsters to a normal university drinking party, and most young adults don’t find chatting over coffee especially fun filled.

Creative events like potlucks or BBQs for particular majors would appeal to a 30 something student who wants an event to bring their family to. The community university North Central State School, has successfully hosted an extremely popular event for the past twenty-five years called Rock’N’Ribs Holiday . Each year loads of scholars show up to enjoy a performance and hog roast. This out-of-the-box thinking has enabled this community school to maintain a college spirit higher than its contemporaries. With the various events that a campus desires to provide, adequate advertisement and advance notice are wanted to make these events a hit.

Those with roles, families, and other concerns must be mindful of what’s taking place on campus and when they have to make agreements. Poor public statement planning can cripple an otherwise well designed event. A robust college spirit also needs a central figure or idea to rally around. While this generally takes the shape of a sports mascot, there are other probabilities found on campus. Some community varsities have phenomenally good theater departments, or community outreach groups. These robust programs do much to represent the high-school and would be really handy to the root of a powerful college spirit. Grief and hard hurdles should be predicted when trying to cultivate a robust, colorful college spirit at a community university. This difficulty can be daunting, but the actuality of a unified, congealed student body at community colleges is waiting to be discovered all across the land.

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Private Jet Etiquette: Part 1

Traveling in a private jet is far better then traveling in a commercial jet. You get to choose what time to takeoff, the food that is served, and the movies you can watch. However there are still rules of etiquette to remember for when you are flying private, Remembered that these unwritten laws come into being, because it benefits both the crew and the consumer. If you have a trip in mind where you will be taking a private jet, here are some of the protocols and etiquette that will help you have the best time.

The cardinal sin of etiquette is being late, and private jets are no different. Of course one of the many favorite things about flying a private jet is the freedom of departure. Not being bound to some commercial airliners frigid schedule is definitely one of the main appeals of flying in a private set. However once you establish a set departure time it’s best to be punctual, Not only for your benefit, but for the crews. There are many details to prepare for your trip, and some of them are time sensitive. If you know will be late, phone your private jet company before arrival. This way, you owe crew will be able to make the necessary changes for your flights.

Bringing food and drinks is not always acceptable when flying in a private jet. In fact most of the time you’ll have catering service on your flight. That being the case, know that bringing your own food and beverages aboard a private jet is completely acceptable. The only obstacle you might reach is serving. You might not always have the plate, cutlery, or even the microwave. So it’s best to check with your jet company beforehand. You also need to check with your provider that some food and drinks are not prohibited. This might depend on which country you are entering. Rest assured that most food and beverages will be allowed; no matter what geographic location you happen to enter. In some areas of the world (some very hot vacation spots, as well) there are draconian drug laws for substances that are legal in the United States and the U.K.

Flying on a private jet can still be an enjoyable experience despite having some minor social civilities to appease. These “unwritten laws” are to make the trip smoother and more enjoyable for everyone, crew and passengers.

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What Do the Recent Scandals Mean for the Catholic Church?

Recently the Catholic Church has again been besieged by a variety of scandals. More information has been released regarding the already known child abuse cases within the church and the practice of moving priests who were suspected to other parishes in order to quiet the situation. Further it has been alleged that the current Catholic Pope, the Cardinal Ratzinger, knew of the practice and did not end it, or may have actually engaged it. These are very serious issues for the church, which already suffered a great loss of faith on the part of parishioners when the child abuse scandals first came to light.

While it is not necessarily crucial to the affect on the Church, and all the details are not known completely, there’s a reasonably good bet on what is and isn’t true in this case. It is pretty established that clergy who were accused of abuse were moved, and that this was a deliberate action to quiet down the situation. It is not immediately apparent whether there was any attempt to rehabilitate such priests or limit their interaction with potential new victims.

It is apparent that Cardinal Ratzinger was away the practice did occur but not immediately obvious whether he truly had any way to personally affect it. The management of different dioceses within the Catholic Church is typically done at the local level, and the Vatican and other higher administrative levels within the Church are loath to intervene especially without full details. It is likely that Ratzinger did encourage an end to this practice and attempted to affect this as best as possible. That said the practice, however well intentioned, inexcusably presented fresh victims to priests who either deliberately intended to act out abuse again, or mentally unable to stop and yet left untreated. The affect of this has been to once again call into question how much parishioners can trust their clergy, as well as the greater administration within the Church.

This reminds me a lot of the position of the Orthodox Church in Russia following the fall of communism. It was no secret that the KGB had agents within the ranks of the clergy who regularly reported confessions and other activities of parishioners to the authorities. The KGB was notorious for using such information as cruelly, and humiliatingly as possible not to mention with devastating legal results. There was no reason for the citizens of Russia to place their trust in such an organization ever again, and yet when he recently passed away Patriarch Alexy II was the most trusted official in the country, as is the case with Patriarch Kirll, his successor, today; even as there was compelling information that Alexy II had originally been compelled to join the church by the KGB as an informant. How the Russian Church regained the people’s trust is very applicable to the situation the Catholics now face.

It does appear at least that the Catholic Church is considering their reaction much more carefully this time that they had with the previous scandals. Indeed transparency is much needed; there are many who want to know both what allowed this activity to proliferate and what is being done to ensure it will not again. Previously the Catholic Church at least came across as more concerned about keeping everything secret than necessarily remedying the situation. A quick look at the Catholic teachings regarding repentance would be of great help to the Church right now; they have to admit what sins were committed, apologize both to the victims, and to God, and take steps to ensure these sins not be committed again. The extent to which their laity see and accept this will define how the Church is again able to command the trust of their faithful.

All this said it is important to consider this scandal in perspective. For one much of the media loves the ratings a good scandal causes, and is as interested in that as in getting the facts correct. Further this scandal should not be seen as something specific to the Catholic Church, in as much as it has been well documented this sort of covering for abusive clergy has taken place in numerous other confessions. It’s not just Catholic priests who are in a position to abuse minors, or for that matter other adults. Anyone with authority over a minor, or a co-worker can abuse this authority, and one should always be concerned about the potential for this, as should any organization.

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Prostatitis, a common adult male condition, is inflammation of the prostate gland, involving a wide spectrum of conditions. Acute prostatitis is most often caused by infection and can develop rapidly. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is hard to cure. The term prostatitis is associated with a number of disorders. Symptoms include:

* Urinary obstruction,
* Burning during urination
* Testicle pain
* Bloody urine
* Fever-chills
* Impotence
* Painful ejaculation
* Perineal pain.
* Pain during bowl movements
* Foul-smelling urine

Generally, the development of prostatitis is unknown. Acute prostatitis is usually the results of a bacterial infection of the prostate gland. Certain sexually transmitted diseases can cause acute prostatitis along with common bacteria such as E. Coli. Those at high risk are men with numerous sex partners, especially if they engage in anal sex.

Gonorrhea is a common cause of prostatitis, passing tuberculosis to the prostate. The inflammation causes blockages in the prostate glands, causing a secretion buildup, resulting in an inflamed prostate. Swelling develops rapidly in acute cases, causing a great deal of pain. Slow developing prostatitis impairs urine flow, forming stones that can become infected themselves, worsening the condition

Prostatitis is difficult to diagnose with such a wide varied of broad symptoms. The doctor inserts a finger into the rectum to examine the prostate, which is usually swollen and painfully tender. Urine and penis fluid samples are taken. The absence of bacterial infection makes the prostatitis hard to cure. Treatment in those cases involves mostly symptom relief.

Recurrence is common in men who have had acute prostatitis and they are likely to develop chronic parotitis. Try to avoid excessively spicy foods, alcohol, citrus juices and caffeine. Increase fluids to help flush out bacteria. After bowl movements, wash your hands before handling your penis to prevent the spread of bacteria from the rectum.

Symptom relief includes:

* Frequent ejaculation.
* Avoid constipation
* Hot baths or Ice packs- whichever helps

In conclusion, millions of men each year are diagnosed with prostatitis. With a few lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, good hygiene, safe sex, and increased fluid intake along with proper medication, most cases of acute prostatitis can be successfully treated. Call your health care provider if you are experiencing the symptoms of prostatitis.


a Prayer for Lynnie!

They say nothing in excess

Is the best medicine for life

I say there is the infinite

And lets just create the future!

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