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How to Get Relief, for Dry Eye Grief

I was tired of my eyes blurring on me due to the fact I kept rubbing them and having burning sensation in them. My eyes would start stinging then I would go to bathroom and look in the mirror and see gooey stuff on the pupils and in the ducts. If this sounds like you, then you may have dry eyes. also known as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca.

This basically happens when we have any hormonal changes or certain medicines can cause it as well. Diabetes and lupus and other medicines for high blood pressure can cause dry eyes. I started noticing my eyes were getting really bad after I started taking my blood pressure medication and any antidepressants will cause it too.

This basically occurs because our tear glands are not producing any fluid or there may be a blockage. If you don’t have enough of either water or oil or even mucus then you may get dry eyes.

The first thing you may want to try before going to your doctor, is just to see if this helps. This is the artificial tears you can buy over the counter at many drug stores and local chain stores like Walmart or Target. If this does not help you will want to visit with your eye doctor to see what other alternatives there is.

Some people according to Health Wellness Magazine March’s addition page 49, think that they might be able to try decongestant eye drops, but these do not work. You may also want to try cortisone drops for this has been known to help many.

According to an article on, temporary punctal occlusion, is a procedure where the doctor will temporarily close the ducts that drain your tears from your eyes. They try this to see if permanent plugs will help you.

Also on this web link above, you’ll find further information regarding a prescription eye drop that was FDA approved that may be considered by your doctor, and also steroids, and lastly surgery.

I’ve been personally able to limit my redness and burning of my eyes by resting them. Wearing sun glasses can help and avoiding the sandy, dusty areas as well. I try to avoid sitting at my computer all the time and limit this time because it has seemed to have made my eyes dry out even more when I’m on line a bit.

To learn more about how to relieve your dry eyes or when to contact a doctor then log onto Or get more information on line at to help with figuring out the culprit that may be causing your dry eyes.


Author: Candus Poyner

Health Wellness Magazine ( March issue 2009)

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Spiced Gingersnap and Twisted Peppermint Foaming Soaps from Bath and Body Works Are Excellent for the Holidays

My two new favorite foaming soaps to use for the holidays from Bath and Body Works are the Spiced Gingersnap Foaming Soap and the Twisted Peppermint Foaming Soap. Both are very cleansing and moisturizing and both make you think of the holidays as you use them.

Now the reason why I like the Spiced Gingersnap Foaming Soap is because it is very rich when you lather it all over your hands and body and smells just like a gingerbread cookie. The reason I like the Twisted Peppermint Foaming Soap is because it is also rich when you lather it all over your body and it has a wonderful peppermint scent that reminds me of candy canes, and I love the smell of candy canes during the holiday season. Both of these foaming holiday soaps are made with gentle nourishing ingredients that are safe enough to use on sensitive skin and do not leave any soap residue on your skin, which is what I really like about these foaming soaps.

The way I like to use these holiday foaming soaps is by getting into my shower and squirting the foaming soap onto my bath sponge and lathering it all over my body just like a body wash to help cleanse and nourish my skin. Than I love to rinse it off and apply my favorite holiday body lotion to help protect and moisturize my skin. The other way I like to use these holiday foaming soaps is by filling up my bath tub with warm water and squirt a nice thin even layer of the foaming soap onto of the water, and than I like to get into my bath and relax while the holiday scent fills the air and the foaming soap nourishes and cleanses my skin. Both the Spiced Gingersnap and Twisted Peppermint Foaming Soaps I would recommend to anyone to try during the holiday seasons, and as a spa gift or stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Now the only store that I can seem to find these two holidays scented foaming soaps are Bath and Body Works for around $6. I do hope those of you who end up trying the Spiced Gingersnap and Twisted Peppermint foaming soaps really do enjoy them as much as I do. I wish you all the best this holiday season and a happy new year!

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Sellers Beware: New Breed of Aggressive Plaintiffs Hunt Expired Patent Numbers on Products and Product Literature; Demand Billions

What do bow ties, children’s shoes, “Etch A Sketch,” and toothpaste have in common? Answer: Each company is being sued for using expired patent numbers on their products or in their product materials. Since 2008, over 600 cases have been filed in federal courts against manufacturers, distributors and retailers for misusing patent numbers on products – roughly half of those have been filed since December alleging that the defendants use expired patent numbers in connection with their products. No industry is immune from these lawsuits. High profile defendants include Brooks Brothers, Ohio Art (manufacturers of the famous Etch A Sketch toy), Crest toothpaste and, recently, Vida Shoes International and its U.S. importers, Osh Kosh B’Gosh and Carter’s. In each of these cases, plaintiffs seek judgments in the millions and, in some cases, billions.

The dramatic rise in these lawsuits follows three opinions from the Federal Circuit over the past ten months. In the most recent case, Stauffer v. Brooks Bros., Inc., the Federal Circuit held that an individual, regardless of whether he or she suffered an injury, is free to file a case against any entity using expired patent numbers under the false marking statute, 35 U.S.C. 292. The reason is that 35 U.S.C. 292 is a qui tam provision where the plaintiff steps into the shoes of the United States. Thus, the only injury that must be alleged is an injury to the United States. Indeed, half of the damages awarded go to the United States and the remainder goes to the plaintiff and, of course, plaintiff’s lawyers.

Prior to these Federal Circuit opinions, false markings cases under 35 U.S.C. 292 had been generally limited to use of patent numbers where no part of the product had ever been the subject of a patent or patent application. The Federal Circuit’s opinions paved the way for an influx in cases. Recent plaintiffs appear to be shell corporations operated by groups of intellectual property attorneys or, in at least one case, by an individual intellectual property attorney. Media reports describe potential plaintiffs as literally combing through the aisles of supermarkets and department stores in the hunt for products with expired patent numbers. These plaintiffs may also be scouring the Internet for potential defendants or scrolling through publicly available patent records looking for any product with an expired patent. There is no product that appears to be off-limits.

New York lawyers, the Renzulli Law Firm, have been following the issue closely. The Firm advises “manufacturers, distributors, and retailers review products, marketing and promotional materials, advertising and instruction materials to determine whether expired patent numbers are indicated.” The key is to “minimize potential exposure, but to also minimize the impact of defense costs should a lawsuit be filed.”

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Summertime Scams Are Coming

As the spring rolls through and the summer heats up, the bad guy is planning his next seasonal scams. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has on average over 15,000 complaints a year related to travel, vacation or timeshare scams. It’s important to have summer safety in mind when planning your next summer vacations.

OK, I’ll admit it. I got scammed in a timeshare deal, kind of. I got what I paid for, but many lies were told to get me to sign on the dotted line. Whenever someone offers you money or dinner or tickets to anything in exchange for your time to sit down and learn about a timeshare “opportunity”, know that a very hard sell by someone who does not take no for an answer is coming. The way we got scammed was we were told we’d have no problem renting it out, which was the defining reason I’d commit to buy. The reality is there are hundreds of thousands of timeshares for rent. Which means it’s cheaper to rent someone else’s timeshare than it is to buy one and people who rent them out often do so for less than their annual maintenance fees.

Most people are not equipped to say no to these professionals. So if you absolutely don’t want to buy a timeshare, don’t take the bait, don’t go to the sales presentation, and for heaven’s sake don’t do it if you are under the influence of alcohol!

Another devious summer scam relates to classified offerings for summertime rentals that don’t exist. There may very well be an actual cottage rental, but the scammer may not own it and he may be renting it to 30 people the same week. This is an easy scam to pull off and often involves up front deposits that the victim never gets back.

The best way to prevent getting scammed and ensure summer safety is by dealing with a local real estate agent who specializes in rentals or going through a referral of a friend who has a previous relationship with the owner.

As crazy as it sounds, you are better off paying via a credit card number opposed to a check. Once a check is cashed, that’s it; you don’t have many (or any) options of recouping those funds if fraud is detected. There are a few more protections available when using a credit card.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing scams on the Donnie Deutsch The Big Idea Show.

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Tips for Creating a Romantic Bedroom

There is nothing more relaxing than having a comfortable and romantic bedroom to go home to at the end of the day. After doing a bit of research on how to turn your bedroom into a romantic room, I have found that there are many different opinions. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, it really depends on what you think is romantic. Below you will find a few ideas and suggestions that may help with making your bedroom more of a romantic getaway.

The fist idea is to use warm relaxing colors. Start with the walls, when looking at color. I have found that the darker the color, the warmer the affect on the room. Some good color choices include warm dark browns, and dark reds. This will help to add to the overall romantic feel of the room. Another suggestion is to carpet the room. If you can not afford wall to wall carpeting you can purchase an area rug that will go nicely in the middle of the room. Large area rugs will keep the room warm and comfortable. Your curtains can also make the room warm and comfortable. The colors should accent the wall. You will want to avoid getting curtains that are the same color as the walls. You want a curtain color that will bring out the colors of the walls.

Next would come the bed. You will want the colors of the bed sheets to be warm and deep. A nice warm spread can add to the romantic feel of the room. You can also try decorating the room with a few candles and warm colored flowers. I have found that having some fresh flowers in the bedroom can help set the romantic mood of the room. Some flowers actually have a calming affect on the body. For example you can mix in some lavender with your flower arrangements. This will help you to relax and be comfortable. Candles are a nice way to add to the romantic decor of the room but you will need to be careful with them. Lavender candles are also a good way to set a calm relaxing mood in the bedroom.

Some stores also sell artificial candles that look real. These candles use a dim light to take the place of the flame. You will find this to be a good way to add a romantic feel to your room without actually spending too much money. These are just a few ideas and suggestions on how to give your home a more romantic feel to it.

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There Are Many Types of Autism by J.E. Ante

I believe there are many types of autism and many degrees of brain damage in autistic children. Most all of this can be overcome and healed because the brain can often heal itself over time. From my perspective autism has been helpful to me in many ways because I went inward to know myself.

Autism for me is over stimulation. I received brain damage which does not allow me to block out many stimuli from the environment. And so I withdraw to find less stimulation and peace. This is not altogether anti-social behavior but rather intuitive survival of my overstimulated brain and nerves. I need the greater quiet of withdrawal to maintain a degree of comfort and mental stability.

This is the opposite of the general practice of over stimulating an autistic child to stimulate brain activity and healing. To me this would quickly lead to irritation and lashing out at others to gain my space and quiet. And this is often what is observed in autistic children who are overstimulated in this manner. I would counsel trying less stimulation and instead use sensory deprivation with the use of ear plugs and/or a single eye patch to lessen brain and nerve stimulation. And local sound deadening material for their rooms would be helpful to maintain lower brain stimulation.

In time sensory deprivation will calm the nerves and stabilize them with proper nutrition especially magnesium, b-vitamins, and herbs and then normal learning and social interaction are much more likely and possible with autistic children.

I have grown up largely not listening to music and the radio because this is painful to me in a short time especially when I concentrate upon it. And live music concerts are the most painful for me especially emotional songs because I am so empathic that I identify completely with the emotions of the performer. Often empathy is painful because intense life emotions can be overwhelming and painful even good emotions of love and joy. The profession of a singer is to express strong emotions in their songs and so the best of singers are very painful for me to experience especially live performances.

I have great difficulty with grammar, spelling, public speaking, and especially phonetics, name and face memory, and learning languages. Foreign languages are nearly impossible for me to learn . And I have a mild phobia of having my picture taken, and being in crowds in social settings.

This has been my experience of having mild autism but it is only one experience. I am sure there are many more types of autism and various forms of brain damage caused by vaccinations. So you must use your own best judgement in treating your own children.

I suspect older adults who have memory difficulties have actually been repeatedly brain damaged from continued use of vaccinations throughout their lives which have mercury compounds in them. Mercury compounds are some of the most toxic compounds in the world and chemists know this. To inject them directly into the blood stream bypasses all of the bodies’ natural defenses against foreign invaders which is the height of stupidity and foolishness. Mercurcy compounds are widely used in dentistry — so-called silver amalgams–are a 50% mercury alloy with silver. They should be called mercury fillings or amalgams or alloys not silver amalgams. Dentists and dental assistants that handle mercury compounds have the highest suicide rates in the world. They are the modern day “mad as a hatter” peoples of olden days when hat makers who handled mercury were know to go mad and kill themselves.

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Tips for Writing While on the Road

One of the best things about being a freelance writer is the flexibility. Being able to write from anywhere and at anytime around your schedule, is what working for yourself is all about. However there are sometimes when writing on the go, can get a little dicey. That’s is when it helps to have a plan.

During the year, generally in the summer months and especially if you have kids, there will be times when you will have to be away from your home office. At times it will be a planned vacation, at other times it will be a spontaneous volunteer opportunity, or a sick relative who will need your care. Most trips can be prepared for, but times will arise when you will need to just get up and go.

But since you are a responsible writer, you know you can’t just forget about your deadlines, there a few things that you can do.

Pack Your Tools

Like any cool, hip writer, you will undoubtedly bring your laptop along with you on your trip. But you might also want to pack a few trusty notebooks, pens, pencils, just in case. Earplugs or earphones and an i-pod, are handy to block any distracting noise that you may encounter. Caffeine and and brain food such as nuts, trail mix, and fruit would be great to have along as well.

Send Them Away

Family, as much as we love them, at times just do not understand the time and effort, that it takes to write a great article. Therefore, sometimes you will need to get them away, so that you will be able to get things done. You might want to ask the hubby to take the kids to the local zoo, or request that mom and your sisters visit the the shops, or have your friends go ahead on to dinner while you take a few hours to write. Of course if you have children, your primary concern is to make sure they are safe. So please only follow the previous advice if it is safe to do so.

Pick Your Times

Another simple and proven way to get more time in your day, is to simply get up an hour earlier, or go to bed an hour later. Even though it might be hard, slip out of that warm bed, and write for an hour or two before the family awakes, remembering that you can always nap later on. The same is true if you want to sleep in in the mornings, simply stay up an hour later at night and write. There could be times when you will need to go into a different room, or even outside if there is too much going on inside, to concentrate on writing.

The main thing is that you don’t let an unexpected situation get in the way of your writing, and meeting your publishers deadlines. Hopefully these tips will help while you are your way to a great writing career.

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Tips for a Hassle-Free Move when Moving with Children

Moving can be an anxious and traumatic time for everyone in the family, however, many times it is the children who struggle the most to accept the change. In order for the move to be less stressful for your children you’ll need to keep in mind their feelings and remember to include them in the transition to your new location.

Telling children the news of a move can prove to be a difficult burden on parents, but straight forward honesty is the most effective strategy. Gather the entire family together and begin by making a concise and direct statement. For example, “Dad got a new job that is far away from here so we need to move.” Remember to stay positive during this discussion while encouraging the children to ask questions and express their feelings. It is helpful to show the children pictures and information about the new location you are moving to so that they can visualize their new surroundings. Emphasize positive characteristics of the location and the advantages of moving. Give the children an opportunity to brainstorm ideas of how to make the move more comfortable for them and less stressful for the family. Finally, make sure to reiterate the importance of moving for your family throughout the discussion.

Include the children in the planning and packing process. Help them create a checklist of all their belongings and have them check it off the list when it has been packed. This is an excellent opportunity to show the children that none of their valuables will be left behind. Allow the children to help you purchase supplies that you might need for your new home. Giving children tasks helps them feel important and creates excitement for the change.

It is important to allow the children adequate time to say goodbye to their friends and places. Reassure them that they will meet new friends and discover new places. Remind them that they will be able to keep in contact with friends via phone or e-mail and offer to bring them back for a visit at a later date. If your pets will not be moving with you make arrangements for them and let your children see that they will be well taken care of. Depending on the circumstances, allow your children to choose a new pet once you are settled into your new home.

When the moving day has come and gone, be sure to stay consistent with the rules in your home. The rules that were in place in your old home should be the same ones in place in your new home. Of course there may be some minor adjustments, but overall children feel secure knowing that the rules remain the same despite location. During the first days and weeks after the move not only do you need to be diligent about enforcing the household rules, you also need to monitor you children’s behavior closely. They could have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings so do everything you can to make them feel comfortable and safe.

*personal experience

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Training for the Career of Dialysis Technicians - Help Those with Chronic Renal Failure

Although there is a movement toward providing more formal academic training in the field of renal dialysis, presently only a few two-year dialysis preparatory programs exist in technical schools and junior colleges. Many people entering the field have some type of experience in a patient-care setting or college training in biology, chemistry, or health-related fields.

By far, the majority of technicians learn their skills through on-the-job training at the first hospital or dialysis center where they are employed. Therefore, you should be extremely inquisitive, willing to learn, and able to work as a team member.

Inquire at local hospitals and dialysis centers to find out what type of training they offer and their admission requirements. Training may range from several weeks to a year or more. Typically, the training programs include class study on such topics as anatomy, principles of dialysis, and patient care, as well as supervised clinical practice.

In most states, dialysis technicians are not required to be registered, certified, or licensed. However, several states, such as California and New Mexico, do require practicing dialysis technicians to have certification; in addition, a growing number of states are considering legislation to make certification mandatory. In some states, technicians are required to pass a test before they can work with patients. You will need to check with your state’s department of health or licensing board to determine specific requirements for your area.

The Board of Nephrology Examiners, Nursing and Technology (BONENT) and the National Nephrology Certification Organization (NNCO) offer a voluntary program of certification for nurses and technicians. The program’s purposes are to identify safe, competent practitioners, to promote excellence in the quality of care available to kidney patients, and encourage study and advance the science of nursing and technological fields in nephrology. These organizations hope that eventually all dialysis technicians will be certified.

Technicians who wish to become certified must be high school graduates. You must either have a minimum of one year of experience and be currently working in a dialysis facility or have successfully completed an accredited dialysis course.

The certification examination contains questions related to anatomy and physiology, principles of dialysis, treatment and technology related to the care of patients with end-stage renal disease, and general medical knowledge. Certified technicians use the letters CHT (certified hemodialysis technician) after their names. Recertification is required every four years.

To be recertified, dialysis technicians must continue working in the field and present evidence of having completed career-related continuing education.

The ability to talk easily with patients and their families is essential. Kidney patients, especially those who are just beginning dialysis, are confronting a major-and permanent-life change. You must be able to help them deal with the emotional as well as the physical effects of their condition.

Good interpersonal skills are crucial, not only in the technician-patient relationship, but in working closely with other technicians and health care professionals as well. Because the slightest mistake can have deadly consequences, a technician must be thorough and detail oriented. Since the technician is responsible for the lives of patients, you must be mature, able to respond to stressful situations calmly, and think quickly in an emergency. A good head for mathematics and familiarity with the metric system are required.

You must be able to calibrate machines and calculate the correct amounts and proportions of solutions to be used as well as quickly determine any necessary changes if there are indications that a patient is not responding to the treatment appropriately.

It can be upsetting to work with people who are ill, and if you have a cheerful disposition and pleasant manner this will help ease the patient’s anxiety.

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Tall Pines Campground in Branson, MO is a Great Place to Get Away from it All

When selecting our last vacation, I searched for a campground. Now, Branson, MO has several campgrounds to choose from, so what Tall Pines stand out from the crowd? As the name states, this campground is covered with tall pine trees, providing shade and beauty for all campers. Several other reasons, also. First, the price appealed to me. Being on a limited budget still allowed us to spend four nights. Another reason is that I am not the “tent and ground” kind of gal. Tall Pines had cabins. The cabin had lots of room, featured a bunk bed that Katie loved, and a queen size bed that was quite comfy. There was a TV with full cable and a refrigerator. This is my idea of camping,a little home away from home.

The front porch was great to watch for wildlife in the mornings and the evenings. A flock of wild turkeys, squirrels and even a snake were a few of the animals we saw. We were hoping for deer, but maybe on our next visit. We had dinner in front of our cabin, on a picnic table, every night. We loved being able to use the grill for cooking out most nights. I really enjoyed how quiet and peaceful it was there, and how nice it was to get away from it all. Well, for part of the time that is. The pavilion, located right across from our cabin, featured picnic tables, ceiling fans, and electric plug outlets for the much needed laptop chargers. The playground was located right next to the pavilion, so while Kaitlyn played on the swings and teeter-totter, I played on the Internet. The campground offered great wi-fi, and I was able to pick it up at my cabin with the same high strength as at the pavilion. When we weren’t enjoying Silver Dollar City, Katie was kicking back at Tall Pine’s swimming pool.

The best thing about this campground; the bathrooms. Most people, when thinking about a campground bathroom, feel as though they are dark and dirty. The bathrooms at Tall Pines are just the opposite. Cleaned daily, these bathrooms are well lit, very clean and very nice. Several bathrooms and five nice sized shower stalls, a three sink counter with a mirror the length of the countertop is what makes up the women’s bathroom at Tall Pines. For extra safety and precautions, the bathrooms are locked from 11pm-6am. I would recommend this campground to anyone wanting to get out of the fast lane and just enjoy life for a weekend. It is a great place for the kids, and parents alike.

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