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How to Supplement Your Income with Garage Sales

Whether your income was recently slashed or you’re simply looking for some extra cash, learning how to supplement your income with garage sales can be lucrative and enjoyable. You may have driven past those homes that seem to have garage sales every weekend. You may have wondered where they find so much stuff to sell. The trick to supplementing your income with garage sales is to become a garage sale lover yourself.

By shopping garage sales for bargains, you can stock your own garage sale shelves with items that complement each other and are likely to sell for more together than they did when you bought them separately. By buying dilapidate furniture and fixing it up you can create a nice profit margin. Here’s a collection of ideas to help you supplement your income with garage sales.

Buy in Cheaper Neighborhoods

To supplement your income with garage sales on a regular basis you’ll have to hunt for bargains, then sell them at your garage sale. Visit garage sales in cheaper neighborhoods than yours, where homes are not as nice or as large. Items are likely to be cheaper there. You’ll be able to buy them cheaply then sell them for a profit in your garage sale.

Look for Sales and Closeouts

Sometimes you can find amazing deals on sale at craft stores, dollar stores or department stores. Though new and pristine, these items are priced to sell quickly because the store is looking to refresh its stock with something new. You can then supplement your income with garage sales by buying the cheapest items, but avoid expensive items no matter how good the deal looks, since garage sale buyers don’t like to spend a lot of money.

Buy Themed Items

The quickest way to supplement your income with garage sales is to increase the value of your stock. When you shop for things to sell in your garage sale, look for items that would go well together like knickknacks in the same theme, or nature paintings of the same motif. Sell the items as a set and the value of each individual piece will be higher because it will now look better.

Make Things to Sell

Develop a craft that you are good at and make items to sell at your garage sale. You can make dry flower arrangements, wood boxes, clay vases-whatever your passion. By mixing your creations along with your garage sale finds, you can create a feeling of an art fair and people will stroll your garage sale, taking their time looking at items. You’ll not only supplement your income with garage sales but enjoy the feeling of selling your own creations.

Buy Old and Make It Look New

An easy way to supplement your income with garage sales is to find items that are still sturdy and strong, though they look beat up and ugly. When the foundation is sound, you can easily fix up the external appearance and make old items look new again. This is especially true of old furniture that with a little sanding and paint can appreciate considerably in value.

Have fun supplementing your income with garage sales, hunting for bargains and pairing merchandise together. In addition to improving your finances, this lucrative hobby will help you get to know your neighbors better. For secrets to setting up your garage sale to be successful and profitable, read my article on how to have the best garage sale every time, or my article on how to sell with free online ads on Craig’s List.

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Tips for Adopting Your New Dog

When you are adopting a dog you must keep in mind that it is no small thing. Liken it to that of adopting a child, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any important information so you and your pet can have a lifetime full of fun together.

Taking the time to recognize that you must prepare for your dog to come into your life is crucial.

1. Prepare your home, if there’s any area of the that you want to be off limits mark them down. This is a delicate stage. As an owner it is your responsibly to provide a safe and loving environment for your new pet. Understand that the dog you adopt most likely will have had different experiences and environments that they lived in. Give them time and patience to get used to this new one.

2. Training for the home is another important step. This can be a bit different as the dog you are adopting might have been trained differently, so make sure to familiarize yourself with what they already know, and slowly work with them in areas you feel are needed. Patience is key in letting your new dog learn at there own pace with your encouragement, while setting boundaries where they are needed.

3. Understand the type of dog you are adopting. If it’s an outdoor dog then make sure that you can have him run around whenever he wants to outdoors in a backyard if you have one or at a outdoor park. Certain breeds like different things. Research exactly what type of dog your adopting and get to know what they find fun. This will help you be ahead of the game when you your new pet comes home and your game plan is already set and ready for action.

4. Health conditions of the dog you’re adopting is crucial also. The best thing is to have a veterinarian look at the dog and make sure he has all his shots and such. Certain adopting centers already have this option while other avenues of adoption require you to check up on the doors health on your own.

5. Patience Patience. Like I mentioned before, patience is what will make your adopting a dog a more enjoyable experience. There will be some tough times but you will be able to work through them, seeing each step taken as a gift. You are doing a great service helping a dog that otherwise might have been homeless or put down.

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Tips from a Thesis Survivor

Ah, the college thesis. For some, it’s a proud choice to go above and beyond in the pursuit of academic excellence. For others, it’s a requirement that sneaks up to put a brutal cap on four years of higher education. Either way, the thesis is a time-honored tradition that has required months of sweat, caffeine, and pages upon pages of brilliant (or at least coherent) work from students throughout history.

If you’ve decided to tackle the thesis beast-congratulations! While it was mandatory misery for all liberal arts majors at my alma mater, I can now look back at the experience and say that it was one of the things I’m most proud of from my entire college career. That doesn’t mean I didn’t procrastinate heavily, complain often, and sleep infrequently. About page 35, a desperate case of writer’s block began to creep in, and, like similarly beleaguered classmates of mine, I began to question whether I could actually pull it off. But, two weeks and three printers later, there I was, with a shiny, freshly-bound, all-finished thesis to show for my trouble.

The thesis comes in many shapes and sizes-long-form academic research, original experiments, or creative writing, film, and portfolios. Within those parameters, pretty much anything goes. My long-form research thesis focused on feminist themes in early New Yorker articles, but I knew people who did everything from sociological theories of Facebook to beer imagery in Chaucer. No matter what your discipline, it’s a chance to take the skills you’ve acquired from your major to the next level. So whether you’re gunning for honors, or just hoping to graduate on time, here are some ways to make the senior thesis experience as pain-free as possible.

Choose your topic wisely: You may think that 40-100 pages is going to require a topic roughly the size of all Western civilization. But a thesis is more about delving into one topic deeply, rather than halfway taking on a slew of them. Talk to a faculty advisor about how narrowly you can define your subject matter. Think about one single topic, one author or time period, or one research niche that your coursework and interests can help you turn inside-out. If you can’t sum up the subject in two or three sentences, you’re probably taking on too much.

And don’t be afraid to pursue your favorite things in lieu of the smartest-sounding thing you can think up. You will be spending months getting to know everything about your subject, so if you don’t like it, you’re going to be in for some long nights.

Paper versus thesis: Your thesis isn’t just a 5-page paper on steroids; approach it the way you’d approach writing an entire book, rather than just the intro-three points-conclusion model that’s served you so well for other work. Think of individual chapter structure as well as the structure of the entire work.

Start early (seriously): Like everyone else, I thought I was too cool to crack a book before January (despite my early-April deadline). But the more of a head start you give yourself, the more you’ll be able to pace your work down the road. If you’re tackling some original research or experimentation, starting during the summer will afford you quieter lab time and fewer school-year distractions. At any rate, do NOT ignore that nagging voice in your head (or over the phone, e-mail, in person, etc.) telling you to get to it.

Outline your thesis: You could count me among the anti-outliners…at least, until I wrote a thesis. Suddenly, my “let’s just see what happens” approach to papers was inadequate, since I had to make sure there was still something left to say on page 50. The more thorough the outline, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time to write. Include quotations, details, citations, and other prompts so you won’t have to take time to dig those up later.

Don’t get derailed by the details: Proofreading is important, but getting hung up on one sentence is a recipe for deadline disaster. Unless your thesis is on the importance of comma rules, your main focus should be big-picture-what is your thesis saying? How are you shaping your arguments? After you’ve got the draft, then go back and worry about the mechanics. On the flip side, two hours before the drop-deadline is not a good time to start worrying about the logistics of printing, binding, or publishing. Give yourself at least 24-48 hours to sort out the final details, which will allow for plenty of time should things go awry.

Get some fresh eyes: Not for yourself, for your thesis. Because little mistakes you might’ve caught three weeks ago become a blur at 3 a.m. An outside perspective also helps you evaluate how your thesis flows from a content point-of-view.

And don’t forget to take a minute to flip through the finished product before heading out to celebrate your academic victory. Savor it. Then shelve that sucker and hit the town-you just wrote a thesis!

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Tea Sandwiches with Assorted Toppings

After hosting a few wedding showers this recipe seems to be the most asked for.

Tea Sandwiches With Assorted Toppings

You will need small assorted cookie cutters like hearts, diamonds, squares, bells or anything that goes with your shower theme.

First step – choose a variety of breads and cut out the shapes.

For toppings you can use
Shrimp (small or canned)
Tomato slices
Boiled egg slices
Anything that sounds good to you.

Second step – Mix your dressing

You will need

1 cup salad dressing
½ teaspoon fresh dill
¼ teaspoon garlic seasoning
¼ teaspoon lemon

Mix together and spread on bread shapes
Place the assorted items on top of the bread

Garnish with shredded sharp cheddar cheese

You can change this to make it a sweeter treat

You will need a sweeter bread; like banana or poppy seed

For the toppings you can us
Blue berries

For the dressing you will need

1 cup salad dressing
1 tablespoon sugar
¼ teaspoon cinnamon

Garnish with a dusting of sugar or color sugar

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0+0=0 | I Am on Top of Google - Where Are the Sales

Let me guess ‘” you are getting hits, but your Google Analytic data shows your bounce rate at over 90%? Internet marketing is still marketing: all the technology in the world will make up for lack of the basics for business: once the plan is in place, the technology to execute it is not expensive: people ask me: “Why do you need this information I just want to get on top — ” The best way to understand the answers to these questions, is to understand Google Analytic data: the above snapshot shows the most important information according to Google about our 5 months old ‘” the most important data is listed:
3,502 Hits, Visits 15,807 Page views, 4.51Pages/Visit, 48.86% Bounce Rat, 00:06:26 average time on site…

The above cannot be fabricated: it must be real: the only reason I have such power to help you is that everything we do around here is real. I can put you on top briefly without the following , but it will not help you really in the long term without some idea of: 2011 GUERRILLA MARKETING (BUSINESS) CHECKLIST

  • Description of the industry and venture ‘” 1-2 page overview of the opportunity that is being addressees, and the position the company seeks to fill. (1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)
  • Analysis of the market ‘” what are the numbers, please; what are we selling to whom for how much and how much does it cost ‘” this is a transparent marketplace lets look at the facts! I am not working on the dark! There are no secrets! Keep secrets from yourself, not me! I cannot give good advice if I am in the dark! (this is beginning to feel like a rant) (1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)
  • Analysis of the competition ‘” who are they, how big are they, why are they big, how are they stronger, what are their weaknesses ‘” I AM A HIRED GUN, I AM NOT GOING ONTO BATTLE WITH A BLINDFOLD ON! (1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)
  • Description of the Business and Venture ‘” who are you , and what do you intend to do about the above to make money, with what assets and strategy? (1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)
  • Marketing Plan ‘” how will you accomplish the above with what budget ‘” oh, I suppose you thought we would all wander around in the dark without knowing what each others are doing?! NO SECRETS! (1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)
  • Needs ‘” What pieces of the puzzle above are you lacking, what portions do you require from us — nope! We are not going let you blame your failures on us: we always succeed! If there is something standing in your way, and you have withheld it from me, I will drop you as a client like a hot rock; I will be 100% brutally honest with you, and I expect the same. (1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)
  • Capitalization ‘” if you are just hiring, me, I only need to know that you can pay. However, if you are in the process of capitalizing a start-up, you should tell me, as I may be able to help, not only with assets and barter, but even even with the capitalization process itself: and I am willing to help for the right relationship, if I have the information to do so. (1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)
  • Management Summary ‘” in the most basic terms, our product is you: we represent you, the owners of the business. The more we know about you, the better the job we can do of saying positive things about you, that may be immodest of you said them, and that you may not think of.(1-2 pages with references to documentation of the facts presented in the appendices)

If it occurs to you that the above is a standard outline for a business plan, and/or offering memorandum to be used to raise capital, you are correct: News Flash: your website is your business, your identity online, your reputation!

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Washington Redskins Beat Green Bay Packers Despite Donovan McNabb, Bad Officiating, and Poor Play

Donovan McNabb had an early indicator it would be a long Sunday in the Redskins 16-13 overtime victory.

With the Washington Redskins in the red zone on their first possession, after safety LaRon Landry Forced a fumble, McNabb went back in shotgun formation, then proceeded to let the snap sail through his hands and out of scoring range.

He spent most of the day running for his life or throwing the ball well off target. The four times he was on target, Redskins receivers were interfered from catching the ball without a call from the referees.

The officials were even worse than McNabb was. They allowed Packers rookie offensive tackle Brian Baluga to hold often in his first start. Nine total penalties were called in regulation, and there should have been many more.

Washington went another week without much of a running game. Ryan Torain, in his first start, gained 45 yards at just three yards per carry. To make matters worse, both of the Redskins offensive tackles, Jammal Brown and Trent Williams, were hurt in the game.

Green Bay came into the game with their roster severely depleted and left the game in worse shape. They lost their top two tight ends and best pass rusher for the game because of injuries. Though Clay Matthews III should be back next week, the status of Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee are unknown, as is defense end Ryan Pickett with an ankle injury.

Though McNabb tossed for 319 yards in regulation, he threw 20 incompletions in 42 attempts against a secondary missing two starting linebackers and their starting strong safety. The remaining safeties Green Bay had were battling leg injuries, and star cornerback Charles Woodson had a bothersome shoulder.

The fact the Redskins were unable to move the ball against such an injured defense has to worry offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

The first two passes thrown in overtime were completed to Santana Moss, with McNabb having more time in the pocket with Matthews out. The Packers then gambled all out in blitz packages, and snuffed any hopes of the Redskins scoring while forcing a punt.

Washington then got the ball right back after Landry, playing the best safety in the NFL today, picked off a pass at the Packers 39-yard line.

After a pass interference penalty kept the Redskins drive alive, the Redskins offensive line continued to sabotage rushing attempts, and Washington had to throw again. Woodson then committed a pass interference penalty.

After a quarterback sneak that somehow gained six yards, followed by another that gained one more, kicker Graham Gano pushed in a 33-yard field goal for the victory.

It was a victory hard fought against an injured and valiant Packers defense.

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Use Your Workout to Beat the Blues

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? Feeling kind of blue and down in the dumps and would rather just skip out on life than bother?

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s exactly what you SHOULD do (and then some) in order to beat that feeling of “having the blues”.

One of the most mood elevating things you can do for yourself when you’re having ‘one of those days’ is to get up, get out and get a good workout in.

Yup, that’s right. Do the exact opposite of what you FEEL like doing and you will almost definitely FEEL BETTER at the end of it.

It’s been proven time and time again that working out gets your endorphins racing and increases levels of serotonin in your brain, which in turn elevates your mood.

So get outside (or stay inside at the gym if you must, but I highly recommend getting fresh air for getting a good mood on). Once you’re there, START MOVING.

There’s so many ways to get exercise that I can’t even barely begin to list them all here. But here’s a few suggestions:

You could go for a quick powerwalk, run or a bicycle ride. Rollerblading or cross-country skiing are good ideas too.

If you can find a beautiful place to do your cardio, like a beach, a wooded trail or a snowy mountaintop, that’s going to help too. Who doesn’t feel great at the beach, on a mountain or in the woods? It doesn’t even have to be a very long session to get that mood elevating effect. Twenty minutes should do the trick.

Or try lifting some weights or doing some bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges and pushups if you don’t have any formal strength training equipment.

You can even combine the cardio component and the strength training component by doing some supercircuits with things like burpees and mountain climbers that get your heart racing but give your muscles a pump at the same time.

Even swimming can be fun and get that body moving and that heart rate up sufficiently. Do a few laps at the pool or down at the beach.

The trick here is to get your breathing and heart rate up, your blood pumping and your body moving. The harder you can get your body, heart and lungs heart working the better you are going to feel.

Heck use your imagination and get childish about it. Find some fun things to do, preferably with kids or animals!! Run, jump, play fetch with your dog, chase a Frisbee or jump through a sprinkler with your kids. Heck, go to the playground with them and climb the monkey bars, swing on the swings, go down the slide, push the carousel or just run amok.

It doesn’t take long for a downer mood to turn into a fabulous mood once you get that body moving and those endorphins doing their job. So don’t be a victim to the blues anymore. Get out there and do battle… and feel BETTER!

If you need more great workout ideas to help you combat the blues check out my Truth About Six Pack Abs Review.

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Why Are Statistics Used in Sociology? (Study Guide Part 1)

Why bother with Statistics?

While you may not hear the words “statistics” or “sociology” in day-to-day conversation, these two sciences play a larger role in your life than you may think. In fact, if you’ve ever watched a newscast, read an op/ed, or followed the election polls, you’ve been an amateur social scientist. To do a better job at your amateur avocation, a basic understanding of sociology and its use of statistics is needed.

Sociology is a Science

Sociology is a social science: it seeks to apply the scientific method to wide array of commonly recognized social issues. Although many people may have their own insights into social phenomena, Sociologists use scientific data to make objective assertions about social problems.

Like any other science, sociologists formulate and validate their insights using the scientific method. To recap: the scientific method seeks to link up concrete observations with abstract theories. In sociology, a commonly acknowledged social problem is reduced to a single, testable hypothesis, then tested using carefully selected instruments of observation and meticulously collected data. After the data is collected, researchers analyze it determine its implications for their original hypothesis (1). Upon the study’s conclusion, it is translated into a research publication and communicated to scientists and the general public.

Problems with the Social Sciences

The scientific method may be a well-known and highly regarded means of acquiring knowledge, but academics have criticized its applicability to Sociology. Although it’s theoretical basis is the same in social science as it is in natural science, it’s implementation is very different: unlike say, Physics, Social Science is a “soft science,” meaning that in the phenomena it studies (social phenomena), causality is not as readily apparent or testable as it is in “hard sciences”. Whereas chemicals or bodies in motion can be reduced to their most basic components and tested in a closed experiment, social phenomenon are built upon one, irreducible, fundamental: people, whom cannot be fully understood outside of their real-world social context, and whom are immensely complex and varied units of analysis unto themselves.

Statistics are what makes Sociology “Science”

In the general sense, statistics are defined as, “a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data.” For the specific purpose of sociology, statistics are collected to describe, compare, or make positive statements about a people, behaviors, or societies. With proper sampling methods, statistics can be conducted in accordance with the scientific method, thus legitimizing Sociology as a science.

The next article in the series, “Sampling Methods for Sociological Statistics,” is available on my homepage.


1. Statistics,

2. Levin, Jack , and James A. Fox. Elementary Statistics in Social Research. Boston, Ma: Allyn & Bacon, 2004.

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007: Blood Stone

007: Blood Stone has some of the most precise driving to ever grace a James Bond title. Unfortunately, the rest of the game isn’t as precise as its three 5-minute, action-packed vehicle sequences.

In all truthfulness, there’s a lot to hate about this game. One of the worst AI structures, a story mode that takes three hours to play through, a horrific attempt at an online multiplayer and a sub-par plot that would make Ian Fleming roll over in his grave, this game should be the worst excuse of a video game to ever include the international man of mystery.

Factually, it should be that way. This game should in no way be fun, though somehow, like a new Green Day song it will played over and over again, even if it’s not that great.

The story is short, but thankfully so, as this secret intelligence shooter quickly falls into a monotonous rhythm.

While each individual level feels unique, the level design begins to blend together as each mission will consist of finding a piece of evidence, a large firefight, followed by a thrilling driving sequence. It seems as though before the game really gets started the credits begin to roll and another sinister plot has been unveiled by the British super agent.

What makes this game mildly acceptable is that the gameplay is so addicting. Bond’s combination of stealth takedowns, precision aiming and hand-to-hand fisticuffs make 007: Blood Stone worthy of any gamer’s weekend.

While the mechanics are not perfect in Blood Stone, there are a few spectacular features, the first of which being the “Focus Kill” meter. After Bond executes a stealth takedown or beats an enemy in hand to hand combat the player is given the opportunity to have Bond do the work and automatically target an enemy’s head for a quick drop. This feature is comparable to Tom Clancy’s latest stealth-shooter Splinter Cell: Conviction’s “Mark and Execute” game mechanic.

The cover system the game employs works near perfect as Craig runs from pillar to pillar taking time to blind fire with any of the game’s 16 weapon choices.

The in-game weapons are nothing new to the shooting genre, consisting of classic Bond silenced pistols, to sound deafening shotguns, even incorporating a stun gun to help Bond run amok in Bangkok. Sadly, these in game powerhouses don’t translate well into Blood Stone‘s online play.

Multiplayer on Xbox Live is less than ideal, as system lag destroys any chance the game had at being fun. Players will take down an enemy and seconds later find themselves on the ground as the game just can not keep up with the multitude of MI6 agents on the map.

As far as third person shooters go, Blood Stone is quite forgettable, a mere paragraph in the tome that is the James Bond Franchise.

Bizarre Creations, the games developer, is the team behind the Project Gotham Racing series, which undoubtedly gives players one of the best racing experiences on the Xbox360. Using a similar driving scheme in Blood Stone, Bizarre Creations creates the debonair driving experience fans of the Bond games have always wanted.

The release date of the company’s introduction to the Bond realm has come at an inopportune time, as developer Eurocom put out the long awaited GoldenEye 007 on the same exact date. While the latter of the two games has done a tremendous tribute to the series, Blood Stone just falls short of its Pierce Brosnan endowed counterpart.

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