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10 ActressesThat Are Worth the Price of Admission

Movies are a part of our culture and they are a way to escape reality for awhile. I love going to the movies because I like sharing a common experience. There are many movie stars that I have to watch all of the time. They make paying for movies worthwhile. I love watching Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep act. In fact, here are 10 actresses that are worth the price of a movie ticket.

1. Julia Roberts is charming. I loved her in Pretty Woman and NottingHill. She also did a good job in Steel Magnolias. I will go to see her in , Eat, Pray, Love this summer.

2. Reese Witherspoon is cute. I liked her in Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. Her dramatic roles have left a bit to be desired; however, I still enjoy her as an actress.

3. Meryl Streep is amazing. She had me at Kramer Versus Kramer. I loved her in Julie and Julia and It’s Complicated She was also great in Doubt. Meryl Streep rocks.

4. Sandra Bullock is sweet. She proved that she has dramatic chops in The Blind Side I loved While You Were Sleeping and Two Weeks Notice. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

5. Julie Andrews is timeless. Mary Poppins is a classic. Victor/Victoria is funny. She has revitalized her career with The Princess Diaries and The Tooth Fairy.

6. Anne Hathaway is charming too. I liked The Princess Diaries. She also did a great job in Alice In Wonderland. She also can handle dramatic parts well. She will probably win an Oscar someday.

7. Cameron Diaz is quirky. I love quirky actresses. She is funny in The Mask and she held her own in My Best Friend’s Wedding. I thought she did a great job in The Holiday and Shrek.

8. Diane Keaton is lovely. She has had a long movie career. She is great in Annie Hall and Something Gotta Give. In addition, she and Steve Martin have great chemistry in the Father Of The Bride movies.

9. Nicole Kidman is international. She is an awesome Australian. I liked The Hours, The Golden Compass, and Moulin Rougue. Bewitched is okay. Australia is a good period piece.

10. Queen Latifa is cool. She is funny too. I liked Bringing Down the House and Beauty Shop Chicago is great too.

Movies are a part of our culture. They are also a way to escape reality for a bit. There are many actresses that make paying for movies worthwhile. Therefore, I wrote a list of ten actresses that are worth the price of a movie ticket. I will see you at the movies. source: none

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10 Airplane and Airport Conversation Starters

One essential part of starting a conversation with a stranger is make yourself appear non-threatening and of equal or slightly higher social status. People may be willing to talk to a stranger if that person does not seem to be desperately needing attention (non-medical), acting in an overly familiar manner to them or about to request some resources (ex. money) from them.

Verbal Conversation Openings

If the other person seems friendly and unoccupied, try introducing yourself. Some people are natural talkers and that might be enough to start the chat.

“Any guesses on how much longer we will be waiting?”

“That’s a nice purse/bag/jacket/etc.” Small complements are generally pleasing to people.

If you have current information about something relevant to your shared airport situation, state your information briefly. For example, “I heard from the airline personal that our wait will be over in fifteen minutes.”

If someone is drinking a coffee or has used a near-by airport service, try asking them for their opinion. For example, if they are drinking coffee, ask them, “How is the coffee from that vendor?”

If you need some information, try asking.

Non-Verbal Conversation Starters

Another way of starting a conversation with a stranger is by offering them something of low, but appreciated value. Maybe you have finished with a section of your newspaper, simply make eye contact with them and gesture towards them with the newspaper section. If they accept, likely they will start the tête-à-tête by thanking you. You can then reply with a short comment about a current news story.

If someone else is drawing attention to themselves with obnoxious behavior, you could make eye contact with your dialogue target. Then smile a bit, roll your eyes and glace towards the obnoxious person, then glace back to your target. They may respond to you with similar body language and then verbalize a word.

This is situational opening. If you are in a crowd and someone is trying to jump the line ahead of you, defend your spot and your potential friend’s spot with grace and assertiveness. They may verbally thank you and a conversation may spark.

If you notice that the other person seems to need something, try to fill their need. If you see someone with a paper in one hand and you sense they are riffling through their bag for a pen, offer yours if it is convenient.

Understanding a stranger’s body languages, customs and preferences is impossible. You can only guess and that is difficult in an airport where various cultures are represented. If you were ignored or somehow shut down when you tried to engage a stranger in conversation, don’t take it personally. Mentally review what you said and did, if what happened seems appropriate to you, try again with someone else who looks friendly.

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10 Amazing Facts About Spanish Food and Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is recognized as one of the best cuisines around the world. Discover 10 of the most amazing and curious facts about the Spanish cuisine and gastronomy. Top 10 Spanish food facts :

  1. Spain with a 44 % of market share is by far the most important producer of olive oil in the world. This is more than twice the Italian production and four times Greek production!

  2. Spain is the number one in terms of area covered by vineyards. Around 15.5 % of the world vineyards are in Spain!

  3. Around 75 % of the world saffron production is in Spain! Saffron is one of the essential ingredients of the paella dish!

  4. Spain is the second country in numbers of bars per inhabitant, just after Cyprus.

  5. The wine Sherry comes from a city of southern Spain called Jerez, a corruption of the Persian name for the city (Sheriz).

  6. Spain is the 5th exporter of wine to the U.S.A. (after Italy, Australia, France and Chile).

  7. Most famous wines in Spain are red ones, but the majority of the vineyards are of white grapes!

  8. Tomatoes, potatoes, cacao, tobacco were imported to Europe by Spaniards. See Spanish food influences.

  9. Tortillas in Spain are omelettes! Spanish omelette is commonly known as Spanish tortilla.

  10. Tapas are not a typical dishes or food, tapas are more a way to eat them. The word ‘tapa’ means cover and Tapas originally were slices of cheese or something else used to cover a drink in order to keep flies and mosquitos away! Spanish Tapas

    If you are interested in some more information about the gastronomy of Spain: Spanish food and Cuisine

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10 Art Games to Play in the Classroom

Every art teacher should have a mental file of art games that can be played in the classroom. Games don’t have to be just time-fillers or fun transition activities; they can also serve an educational purpose.

As well as incentives or rewards, art games can serve as aids to classroom learning, testing and assessment tools, review activities, hands-on ways for students to apply knowledge, fun ways to introduce new concepts, lesson wrap-ups or simply as art-related amusement on the last day of school or other holidays.

Here are a list of ten tried-and-true art games to play in any art classroom, elementary to high school (and every grade between):

1.) The Creativity Design Game – This art game, originally inspired from the book “Design Synectics” by Nicholas Rourkes, takes problem-solving to a new level. Students are asked to take two very different objects and create a drawing, combining these separate objects into one completely new invention.

In my classroom, I call this the “Creativity Game” and I made this activity more game-like by typing out hundreds of random nouns on slips of paper, and placing them in a bag. Two students then blindly reach in the bag and pull out a ‘mystery word’. The students are given one to two minutes to come up with an idea, sketch it out and name it. As they work, I observe their drawings and ask the most creative thinkers to share their ideas with the class when time is up.

2.) The Artwork Memory / Matching Game – Artwork memory games – inspired by the child’s matching game “Concentration” – can be perfect free-time activities for elementary art students. The “Art Memo” game comes with 72 artwork images and can be purchased for around $20 here at Amazon. However, if you have a color printer you can easily make your own Art Memory game by photographing student artwork or finding art online, printing out 2 of each image, then laminating the cards (or glue onto note cards).

3.) Art Jeopardy! – A great way to review art terms, art history information, processes or artists before a test – or simply as lesson closure – a teacher can plan an Art Jeopardy game by coming up with five or more categories, and five questions to go in each category. Depending on the art teacher’s time, A Jeopardy board can be drawn onto the chalkboard, made in PowerPoint, or can be assembled with fabric and ‘pockets’ for questions on note cards.

4.) Art Room “Win, Lose or Draw” – A great classroom reward, last-day activity or holiday treat, your classes can play the classic art game “Win, Lose or Draw” (or “Pictionary”). Simply put students in two teams, give the player a word to draw and have them try to draw it in a given amount of time with their teammates guessing correctly.

5.) Clay Wars” Game – When introducing students to ceramics — or as a way to practice recently learned skills — have students play a clay-based art game. All students will have an equal amount of clay, and compete to sculpt items, such as: the tallest structure without falling over, the most perfect sphere, the longest single rope coil, the best cube, the most realistic animal, the funniest face, etc. Students can be split into teams, or compete individually.

6.) Educational Art Novelties – When students have additional activity time in art class, they can play solo art games and puzzles by looking at hidden-picture art books (such as “Can You Find It Inside?” by the Metropolitan Museum of Art), using mosaic tiles to create pictures, working on art-based jigsaw puzzles, working on origami, and studying optical illusions. Students can easily create their own artwork novelties and games by designing tangrams (a Chinese puzzle, easily made with paper) or creating thaumatropes (a toy popular in the Victorian era).

7.) Paint Wars” Game – Similar to “Clay Wars”, this paint-based art game is also a way to practice recently-learned processes and theory. Students can compete as teams or individuals, and will try to do the following: best match their skin tone using only primaries and neutrals, most closely match the color of a flower, paint the most realistic piece of food, the scariest monster, and other ideas.

8.) Art Book / Internet Scavenger Hunts– This fun art game is going to be more effective with older students, and requires either a large assortment of art books or the internet in your library or classroom. You can either compile a list of items that students will need to search for, perhaps with a worksheet to write them down on, or give one item at a time for students to search for as a timed competition. Your scavenger hunts can be customized to whatever your students have been learning about lately (find an Impressionist painting with a dog in it, find a sculpture made in France, etc.).

9.) Art Vocabulary Word Searches / Puzzles – Word searches, crosswords and other puzzles can be an effective and fun way to review art class vocabulary. Try making your own customized art puzzles here at Discovery Education Puzzlemaker.

10.) Online Art Games – There are thousands of online art games and activities that are safe for students to play in school (some more so than others, so be sure to check them out beforehand). These can be a great educational activity for students who finish their work early. Check out the Incredible Art Department’s list of Online Art Activities for Kids for a huge list of online art games and resources.

There is a place for games in the art classroom; despite their entertainment value, they can also serve an educational purpose. Try out some of these new games, or just add them to your mental file of ideas.

Discovery Education Puzzlemaker
Can You Find It Inside? book on Amazon
Art Memo game at Amazon
Wikipedia – Tangrams
Incredible Art Department – Online Art Activities for Kids
Wikipedia – Thaumatropes

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10 Back to School Movies for Kids

The back to school movies for kids on this list will help ease the pain of the end of summer and get kids excited to see their friends and start learning again. Check out a few of these fun PG-rated back to school movies with your kids in hopes that they stay focused on the fun part of going back to school instead of the homework:

Matilda – This is one of the best back to school movies for kids, because little Matilda’s horrible school life might just make your kids feel better about their own. But while Matilda’s principal is a real terror, she does have one kindly teacher on her side who helps the extremely bright young girl use her brain power to create better lives for both of them. It’s one of the darker movies here (I mean, poor Matilda’s parents don’t seem to care about her at all), but it’s also one full of humor and warmth that has the added plus of making kids feel better about going back to school (at least they won’t have to deal with a Principal Trunchbull).

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – This is another of the back to school movies on this list that’s based on book (a great way to incorporate a little learning with movie watching: have your kids read the books to go along with the back to school movies here). This one is about a 12-year-old who is starting middle school and his attempts at becoming popular. Unfortunately, things don’t exactly go as planned. I love how his buddy becomes popular for having a broken arm (I can’t count the number of times this happened in school!); the story behind the Cheese Touch; and the many other antics of protagonist Greg and his friends (and enemies). If you’ve got a kid about to start middle school, then this is one of the best back to school movies for them, full of truths about how fragile (and mendable) middle school friendships can be and the dangers of trying too hard to be popular.

The Harry Potter Movies – What better back to school movies are there? Kids and adults alike will enjoy enrolling in Hogwarts for a few hours, joining Harry and his friends in cool classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures. Along the way they’ll learn lessons about friendship, facing fears, and growing up. Unfortunately, these movies might makes kids a little disappointed when they go back to a school with no Quidditch team or owl delivery service.

Sky High – And here’s one of the best back to school movies for kids who prefer superpowers to witchcraft and wizardry. It’s a family-friendly film about starting high school, as Will Stronghold attends Sky High, an amazing high school for the kids of superheroes (and supervillains). Will’s new pals (and enemies) exhibit superpowers like super speed, the ability to control plants, self-duplication, and super-stretchiness, but poor Will hasn’t yet discovered his own superpowers. So will he discover his superpowers in time to save the day when he discovers one supervillain’s wacky evil plan? Just be forewarned, this is another of the back to school movies here that will have your kids feeling super-envious of the super-school showcased.

Teacher’s Pet – And here’s another of the movies on this list that might make kids feel a little bit better about going back to school. After all, dog Spot wants so much to be a good little school-attending human that he poses as one and becomes a star student. But posing as a boy isn’t enough for Spot; he wants to become Scott permanently…with the help of a mad scientist. This humorous, musical adventure is one of the back to school movies here that doesn’t get the credit it deserves, so give your kids a little extra-credit homework and check it out with them.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl – Here’s one of the best back to school movies for kids who spend their classes daydreaming. Max escapes school by creating an amazing dream world and dream superheroes Sharkboy and Lavagirl. However, both worlds collide, and Max soon has a lot more to worry about than a big bully and terrible teacher. It’s definitely one wild ride, and kids that spend all day at school doodling will definitely enjoy seeing a movie that proves that their scribbles might be more important than their teachers and parents think.

The Little Princess – This 1939 movie might seem outdated, but it hasn’t lost its magic. Seeing Shirley Temple’s optimistic character contend with jealous classmates and a mean headmistress at Miss Minchin’s school for girls might make your own kids feel better about returning to their public school, but this is yet another of the best back to school movies because of how the little protagonist princess deals with her troubles: through friendship and her vivid imagination.

Anne of Green Gables (1985) – This made-for-TV movie is another of the best back to school movies about an old-fashioned school, as audacious newly-adopted orphan Anne attends her quaint country school in Avonlea. Redheaded, freckled Anne suffers plenty of mishaps at her new home, but also makes plenty of new friends. And, like many of the other back to school movies on this list, this is another that might get your kids into reading the books on which the movie is based.

Harriet the Spy – This is one of the best back to school movies for kids that seem like they’re in danger of turning into snoopy little gossips, as Harriet the Spy’s attempts to figure out all her classmates’ secrets majorly backfire. Fortunately, she learns a valuable lesson in the end and puts her snooping skills to good use, making this one of the best back to school movies for kids who dream of breaking the worlds’ big news stories someday.

How to Train Your Dragon – And here’s one more of the back to school movies on this list about a different kind of classes: dragon training. When you’re a Viking, you have no need for the three R’s; you just need to learn how to deal with those pesky sheep-stealing dragons. Fortunately, young Viking Hiccup is too smart for his dragon training classes, finding his own way to tame the wild beasts “terrorizing” their town. It may not have much to do with the schools your kids are going back to, but it does teach valuable lessons about friendship, bravery, respect for living things (no matter how scary or annoying), and how brains can be more important than brawn.

So whether you want to take the edge off of going back to school for your kids with fun movies or make them feel better about their own fears of returning to learning with movies about schools that will make them appreciate their own, there’s sure to be some back to school movies on this list that the whole family can enjoy some last-minute summer bonding with


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10 Beauty Brands that Don’t Test on Animals

In today’s world of in-your-face advertising and unfulfilled promises of brands decreeing they’ve achieved world peace, it’s no small wonder you’re often left dazed and confused on how to be a cruelty-free beauty buyer. To help you ensure your conscience remains unsullied, we’ve created a list of 10 beauty companies that are animal-friendly. Each and every one of the following companies can be found on PETA’s list of brands that don’t test on animals. Read on in order to live up to your promise to protect the bunnies and puppies of the world!

1. C.O. Bigelow
The makers of your favourite lip salve that comes in their classic round tin, this company knows how to make your lips super-soft without having to test it on the pout of some helpless creature. Aside from their lauded Rose Salve, C.O. Bigelow offers everything from soaps to hair care to perfumed oils, meaning your entire beauty routine can be accomplished using cruelty-free products! They’re touted as “the oldest apothecary in America,” so you know they’ve gotta be good.

2. Physician’s Formula
This hypoallergenic product line is great for those with sensitive skin and a sensitive heart. Originally started by a doctor who wanted to create beauty products for his wife who suffered from very delicate skin, Physician’s Formula maintains this compassionate mindset 70 years after its inception. Try their Mineral Wear line, organic mascaras, or anti-aging products, to name a few.

3. Crabtree & Evelyn
Named after 17th Century Englishman, John Evelyn, one of the first naturalists and conservationists, it comes as no surprise that this brand remains dedicated to natural products and cruelty-free practices. The English company that calls to mind ordered gardens and fresh orchards offers you animal-lovers soothing lotions, men’s shave creams, Birchwood hand brushes, and much, much more!

4. Gosh
This bold brand isn’t afraid to dip into the latest colours and trends when it comes to makeup. Nor are they afraid to shirk traditional practices of animal testing when it comes to developing safe and effective products. Gosh, a Denmark-based company, though relatively new on the North American scene, has been offering the latest beauty technologies in Europe since the 1950s. Popular picks are their vibrant Effect Powder, their Velvet Touch lipstick, and their line of Cover Me Up Mousses.

5. Josie Maran
The motto of Josie Maran’s cosmetic company is simple: “Luxury with a Conscience.” If you take a quick gander of their website, this sense of conscience extends to everything from cruelty-free products to eco-friendly production practices and packaging to natural, organic ingredients. As the former model and now-entrepreneur says, “It just takes a question: Can we do this better?” And that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’re leading the charge on creating good-for-you, good-for-others, good-for-the-earth makeup. Check out their celebrated Argan Oil products if you want something really mind-blowing!

You know this place is just around the corner by the lovely scents that waft to your nose as you’re walking the lengths of the mall. What’s even more pleasing to your senses is that they’ve been against animal testing for over 30 years! LUSH gives it their all to fight animal-testing in their approach to vegetarian, natural soaps and cosmetics. What’s more, with over 50% of their products being packaging-free, they’re also hugely into environmentalism. Who can’t love a company that touts its name is partly derived from a reference to drunken ladies?

7. Paul Mitchell
This salon-quality line without the salon prices is known around the world for its amazing effects on your hair. But they should also be known for their cruelty-free practices. They claim to be “the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing” and make it a prerogative to be gentle on both their customers and the planet. So whether you purchase something from their endless line of haircare products or hair tools (or even from their line of pet products), you know you’re doing good by animals and Mother Earth.

8. Bonne Bell
Your go-to product for basics since childhood, Bonne Bell is great when you need something fun and flirty! A favourite of kids, teens, and beyond is Bonne Bell’s line of Lip Smacker lip balms (Dr. Pepper, anyone?). And besides grabbing this product for nostalgic purposes, it should be on your list because of its approach to shunning animal-testing. PETA-approved, kid-approved, and happiness-approved. Just try not to eat the tube, regardless of its mouth-watering scent.

9. Yes to
If Yes to wasn’t on this list, we don’t know what we’d do. Thankfully, we don’t have to feel adrift. Say “yes” to carrots, cucumbers, blueberries, tomatoes, and grapefruit and you’ll be saying “yes” to a brand that doesn’t test on animals. Their cruelty-free approach goes hand-in-hand with their organic, natural practices, so say “yes” to moisturizers, sunscreens, cleansers, and more!

10. tarte
A Sephora favourite, tarte offers eco-friendly beauty products for those looking for non-animal-tested makeup and skincare products. Developed in the late-90s in New York, this company’s uncomplicated approach to natural cosmetics means that they’re PETA-approved and conscience-approved! Try their award-winning line of Amazonian Clay products and keep the good vibes going!

For a complete list of PETA-approved cosmetics companies, check out:

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10 Back to School Supplies that Students Can't Live Without

Summer’s only just begun, but September is right around the corner. Although the little students in your home may dread the sound of the school bell, it is really good idea to get them off to a running start by checking out the mid-summer bargains on school supplies. I’ve seen plenty of them already.

Below is a list of the top 10 essentials for the elementary school student. Remember, good preparation for school is just as important as studying for that spelling test. So it might be a good idea to first sit down and make a list of the anticipated needs of your child; check out your Sunday sales circular and get on the road. (Many times in June, the child may get a recommended supply list, of course, you want to use that as your first guide.)The bargains may come from stores ranging from A-Z. In my area the local dollar stores have great deals. But now, you can also check out Walmart’s, BJ’s and Costco.

10 Essential elementary student school supplies

1. Assignment pad. It is a great idea to help the student write down homework assignments or other projects in an assignment pad so hopefully, nothing is missed. ( I remember this from experience). To ensure additional accuracy, I remember that some teachers even allow 30 minutes before the end of the school day to intial or check with a red mark on the page to notate that the assignments were properly copied. I know that this is highly individualized according to the teacher’s style, but this is a great practice.

2. An organizer. This is a really great idea for laying down a solid foundation that the child will use for life. It cuts confusion and will make the child’s day easier.

3. Back pack. Take time to pick out a really sturdy and size appropriate back pack that will help your child balance his load of books and other essentials.

4. Hand wipes, tissues, comb and toothbrush. Perhaps adding a little basic toiletries for your child’s day can be a lifesaver. Good hygiene is a must.

5. Rulers, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, crayons or magic markers. Of course, these are the basic school staples.

6. Spiral note books and three ring binders with dividers.

7. Locker locks for personal item storage. Follow school district recommendations obviously.

8. Calculators. These things were once taboo in math. But now, with so many complicated things going on, they are important.

9. Computer supplies. Follow school district guidelines for these specialty items.

10. Desk. A quiet, well organized desk and study area is vital to school success. Pick a quiet location away from distractions of TV, computer, radios, etc.

For more information, please visit:

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10 Benefits of Spin Yoga

Spin yoga is a fusion exercise class that combines spinning and yoga. Usually, after warm-ups, you undergo a spinning section of the class on a stationary bicycle. The class ends with a segment devoted to yoga poses that stretch the muscles you just worked and work the opposing muscles. A great combo!

Benefit of Spin Yoga #1: Holistic Healing

The biggest benefit of spin yoga is that it works the cardiovascular system with the spinning portion of the class and then stretches the body as well as the mind and spirit during the yoga segment. Mind-Body-Spirit are all served holistically with a spin yoga class.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #2: Two Classes in One

With a spin yoga class, you get both a spinning class and a yoga class. Different classes will divide the time spent on each activity differently, so if you want more yoga or more spinning, then find a class that balances the activities accordingly.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #3: Heart Rate Monitoring

It’s rare to find a yoga class where you can monitor your heart rate. Though you likely won’t be hooked up to a monitor during the yoga portion of the spin yoga class, you will be immediately on a bike before and after, so you can see how you’re doing.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #4: Personalized Attention

There are generally two instructors for a spin yoga class: one instructor runs the yoga segment while the other does the spinning. This means that you get extra attention when the lead instructor is on the floor helping you with form and offering inspiration and support.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #5: Work Your Core

Both the yoga and spinning portions of the class work your abdominals and your inner core, which is not only great for a flatter stomach, but it builds a stronger back as well.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #6: Detox

Spinning helps you sweat and get rid of toxins and yoga stretches your muscles and furthers the detox response. Combine them both and you’ve got a great detox workout!

Benefit of Spin Yoga #7: It’s Non-Competitive

You’re on a bike. You’re doing yoga. You get the benefits of a group activity, but your personal progress is exactly that: personal. No one else can see the stats on your bike. No one else is watching while you’re stretching. You’re free to enjoy your workout without the stress of competition.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #8: Easy on Your Joints

Yoga is gentle on the joints and so is the stationary bike. Combining both gives you a well-rounded workout that doesn’t put undue stress on your joints.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #9: Sculpt and Tone

Yoga is an excellent way to sculpt and tone your arms, legs and core. When you combine it with a cardiovascular workout like biking, you get that much more toning benefits.

Benefit of Spin Yoga #10: Cardiovascular Benefits

Depending upon how your instructor sets up the segment exchanges, you will get cardio benefits from the yoga as well as the spinning portion of the class. High and low energy cardiovascular benefits from spin yoga!


A New Spin on Yoga

Yoga Spinning

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10 Amazing Things to Eat in Belize

If you have ever eaten Belizean food, then you understand the true burst of culture in every bite. Here are ten unbelievably tantalizing dishes for your taste buds.

1) Fish Tacari- Fresh fish bathe in lime juice, seasoned with freshly coarse ground pepper and sea salt. Succulent onions and yellow ginger are browned in olive oil and combined with the fish, water and more lime juice is added and spiced with cumin. A dish best served with a creole potato salad.

2) Escabeche- Chicken breast simmered fresh garlic, oregano,spice seeds, cloves and a spicy kick of jalapenos, until tender. The chicken is then removed from the water mixture then baked crisp and brown. Served with brown rice and a creamy mushroom sauce.

3) Pebre– A blissful pork dish seasoned with sea salt, fresh black pepper and recardo (a Central American spice used in many dishes) The pork is breaded and browned in olive oil. Sliced onions are added with flour and water. This dish is best served with corn tortillas.

4) Crab Tostadas- Made with buttery tortillas and topped with black beans, cheddar cheese, and sweet crab. A lime infused avocado cream sauce is drizzled on top to create a colorful adventure for your tongue and stomach.

5) Dahl Roti- This delicious dish combines split peas with onion, garlic, and the softest tortilla dough. The tortilla dough is rolled into balls, then hollowed out and filled with the split pea mixture . The tortilla is then closed and allowed to sit for 30 minutes. The rolls are baked or pan fried to your taste.

6) Camaron Frito – A dish of boiled shrimp dipped in a batter of egg, milk and flour. The shrimp is chilled then coated in chopped almonds and chilled for two hours and fried.

7) Bundiga- Fresh fish is seasoned with Central American flavors and immersed in a pot of boiling milk, garlic, thyme and grated bananas. The fish is covered with freshly grated coconut.

8) Stuffed Avocados- Avocados stuffed with tender diced chicken is combined with belizean hard-boiled chicken eggs, celery, sweet peppers, mayonnaise and onion. The dish is served with a bed of lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

9) Churros De Plantana- Ripe bananas engulfed in a butter, egg mixture and coated in flour and fried to perfection. This dish is served with pumpkin rice with slices of sauteed pumpkin and black beans.

10) Black Fruit Cake- An intensely rich cake with an array of fruits stewed in brown sugar and butter. It is covered in a sweet rum butter sauce. The cake is moist and truly a decadent treat.

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10 August Blooming Perennials to Brighten Your Flower Garden

By August, many flowers are at a standstill and have begun to lose their beauty due to the dry, hot summer weather. But there are several perennial flowers you can plant that do the best in the month of August.

Two varieties of Asters, Monch and Prof Kippemburg, will provide impressive garden flowers from October through November. Two main things to remember when planting Asters is they need plenty of room to grow and will not tolerate any completion from nearby plants.

Boltonia is an Aster-like perennial plant that has blue-green foliage and produces white flowers in August. Boltonia will quickly form a colony and will need regular divisions in the fall to keep it within the perimeters of your flower garden.

The Crocosmia, commonly called the Falling Star, is a perennial flowering bulb that produces a gladiola-like red flower in August, but sometimes will bloom in July if the spring and summer have been unusually warm.

The Purple Coneflower is a self-sufficient, drought resistant August bloomer. Purple Coneflowers bloom proficiently in August and attract late season hummingbirds with it’s abundant nectar production.

Helenium Autumnale, commonly called Sneezeweed, produces daisy like flowers on two foot tall stems in August. This August blooming perennial can withstand even the worst drought conditions and will attract butterflies with it’s yellow or copper colored flowers.

Lantana is a drought tolerant perennial that blooms it’s best in August. Lantana will grow to be a rather large flowering bush, up to 5 feet in diameter, that will produce several hundred orange-yellow flowers in August.

The Cardinal Flower loves a moist environment and will produce red, hummingbird attracting flowers in late August. If you have a low lying, moist area in your landscape, the Cardinal Flower is a good choice to plant there.

Physostegia Virginiana, commonly called the Obedient Plant, produces white or purple flowers that are born on swivels so the flowers sway in the late summer breeze. This August blooming perennial will spread quickly via underground rhizomes and is good for planting in an open location.

And for the tenth and final August blooming perennial, we must include the Blazing Star. A member of the Liatris family, the Blazing Star is drought resistant, grows in groups and produces dense spikes of purple flowers that grow to be 2-3 feet tall. The Blazing Star makes great cut flowers.

Don’t let your outdoor flower garden fade away in August, plant some of these August blooming perennials and keep the color-fest going until winter.

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10 Awesome Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Her

Holiday shopping time is running out — are you sweating yet? Don’t worry … here are 10 awesome last-minute gifts that will delight that special woman in your life. And they won’t break the bank — all are under $100.

1. Coach Infinity Scarf
A versatile infinity style scarf with a metallic shimmer and the classic Coach logo.

2. Sephora Fragrance Sampler for Her
The most sought-after fragrances and a certificate she can redeem for a full-size version of her favorite.

3. Ugg Fluff II Slippers
A super-soft fluffy slipper in a flip-flop style.

4. North Face Micro Velour Pants
Soft, warm pants perfect for wintertime activities or just lounging around the house.

5. Moroccanoil Travel Kit
The luxe hair care line has gift sets that contain their most popular products.

6. Experiences
Give her not just a gift, but an experience. Consider tennis lessons, an architecture tour, yoga classes, an annual pass to an art museum, Renaissance Fair tickets… use your imagination!

7. Swarovski Flower Necklace
Swarovski’s Color Obsession line has delightful pieces, and most are under $100.

8. Pink Peonies Watch
The Metropolitan Museum of Art sells watches inspired by famous art works. The Pink Peonies watch is based on a stained-glass lampshade from Tiffany Studios.

9. Agate Coaster Set
Natural products are all the rage and these coasters show off nature’s beauty.

10. J. Crew bejeweled sweater
Add some sparkle to the gloomy winter months with this stunning lavender sweater.

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