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10 Best Upcoming Summer Movies of 2010

As I’m sitting here lamenting the extremely cold weather of Oscar season, I’m thinking of sunny days ahead when the upcoming summer movies of 2010 hit theaters. And since this winter hasn’t been a strong one when it comes to great movies, it looks like we all just have to wait for the not-so-artistic but highly entertaining upcoming movies of the summer of 2010. The summer movies of 2010 include superhero and comic book movies, a few new animated movies for kids to enjoy while out of school for the summer, and some funny summer movies. But as much as we wish we could hibernate the winter away, we’ll just have to do the best we can with what theaters offer until these 2010 summer movies (and some sunshine) finally make their highly-anticipated appearances:

Iron Man 2 – This is one of the upcoming superhero movies of 2010 that will have audiences clamoring for cool seats in theaters this summer, based on all the hype it’s already getting. This one will be about keeping the Iron Man technology out of the wrong hands, and will feature some fun new enemies with Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. So even if the plot isn’t perfect and turns out a bit predictable, this is still one of the most-buzzed about upcoming summer movies of 2010, and one that’s likely to be a blockbuster when it hits theaters on May 7, 2010.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – And here’s one of the upcoming summer movies of 2010 that families should really enjoy, and it already looks like there might be more ‘Prince of Persia’ movies to come as replacements for Disney’s popular past summer blockbusters in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. The movie is based on the video game, and stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a rogue prince who joins forces with a mysterious princess (Yay! A live-action Disney movie with a princess!) to keep an ancient dagger capable of controlling the sands of time from falling into the wrong hands. It’s from the same team that worked on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series, so expect a lot of action, adventure, and hopefully a few funny moments (but probably none of Captain Jack’s caliber) when what looks like one of the best upcoming summer movies of 2010 for families hits theaters on May 28, 2010.

Jonah Hex – This is one of the upcoming comic book movies of the summer of 2010 that doesn’t feature a superhero, but an anti-hero. Josh Brolin will play scarred-up Confederate bounty hunter Jonah Hex, a character that’s likely to gain a cult following amongst fangirls and fanboys. His arch-nemesis, which could be described as a Civil War-era terrorist, will be played by John Malkovich, and Megan Fox will star as his love (lust?) interest, a teeny-tiny corset-donning prostitute and femme fatale. The pictures of Megan Fox from the film have already got a lot of guys drooling, so it looks like this will be one of the biggest upcoming summer movies of 2010 when it hits theaters on June 18, 2010.

Toy Story 3 – And here’s one of the biggest upcoming animated movies of the summer of 2010 (even if Pixar did take the easy way out by making a movie they knew would be popular). The toys will embark on a whole new adventure as owner Andy leaves them behind when he heads off to college and they are accidentally thrown out, eventually finding themselves in a worse place than the garbage: a day-care center. So will the toys get drooled on to death, or will they find their way back home? The living playthings and the beastly babies they must escape from will likely make for one of the best upcoming family movies of the summer (and kids will love the fact that it’s in 3-D), so don’t miss it on June 18, 2010.

Despicable Me – This is another of the big upcoming animated movies of the summer of 2010, and the one I’m looking forward to more. It’s about a despicable character voiced by Steve Carell planning the biggest heist in history: to steal the moon. He’s ready to do whatever it takes to bring his diabolical plot come to fruition, but what hinders him most are three little orphan girls who don’t see a dastardly and evil villain at all, but a potential dad. This definitely sounds like one of the best unique upcoming summer movies of 2010 for families, and I love the way the screen shots I’ve seen look. So don’t miss this one on July 9, 2010, as it looks like it could be the ‘Up’ of 2010.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – This is one of the upcoming summer movies of 2010 that the girls can’t wait to see. Moms and daughters alike in love with sparkly vampires don’t have to wait too long to feed their Twilight addiction, and this could even be one of the upcoming summer movies of 2010 that guys won’t mind being forced to sit through, as it looks like there will be a lot more amped up vamp action here. And of course there will also be plenty of what will make this one of the most popular upcoming summer movies of 2010 with female fans: two hunky fantasy guys taking part in the ultimate romantic fantasy fairytale. So live the dream on June 30, 2010.

Sex and the City 2 – This is one of the most secretive upcoming summer movies of 2010, and one of the few of the summer aimed specifically at women. So will the women deal with menopause, babies, breakups, or old flames? It’s hard to tell since little about one of the most fab movies of the summer of 2010 has been leaked, but if you want to stay stylish during the summer, be sure to check this one (and all the shoes in it) out on May 28, 2010.

Inception – This is one of the most anticipated upcoming summer movies of 2010 for a number of reasons: it’s director of ‘The Dark Knight’ Christopher Nolan’s big summer project; it stars Leonardo DiCaprio; and it has an interesting sci-fi storyline that I can find little about other than it involves a CEO being involved in a blackmail scandal and is a movie set “within the architecture of the mind”. So will Nolan have more success with DiCaprio than Scorsese, who works with him once more in the earlier 2010 movie ‘Shutter Island’? And will DiCaprio get an Oscar nomination for either of these intriguing-looking movies? See what you think when one of the most anticipated movies of the summer of 2010 hits theaters on July 16, 2010.

Grown Ups – This is one of the best upcoming funny summer movies of 2010 for grownups that don’t want to grow up. Adam Sandler teams up with a director he’s had a few successes with (‘Happy Gilmore’, ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry’, and ‘Big Daddy’) in a funny film about five high school friends that meet up again later in life in honor of their late childhood basketball coach. But with Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schnedier also starring, it looks like these grownups won’t be acting their age. Although if they do grow up just a little, this could be one of the upcoming summer summer movies of 2010 that audiences that love reliving their glory days will really fall in love with. So feel like a kid again at the theater on June 25, 2010.

Dinner for Schmucks – And for another of the funny upcoming movies of 2010, the director of ‘Meet the Parents’ brings us another movie starring Steve Carell (as well as Paul Rudd and “that guy from ‘The Hangover’, Zach Galifianakis). Rudd is an executive who finds an unbelievably big buffoon to escort him to his company’s “dinner for idiots”. But instant karma isn’t kind to him for subjecting Carell’s character to ridicule, as his newfound friend whose favorite hobby is making dioramas featuring dead, stuffed mice becomes an unwanted part of his life. With the cast and director of this screwball comedy, this one looks like it has a good shot at being one of the best upcoming funny summer movies of 2010, so don’t be a schmuck and miss it on July 23, 2010.
So from funny summer movies to fantasy movies that the whole family can enjoy, cool down this summer with a few laughs and a lot of action with these upcoming summer movies of 2010.


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10 Blubber-Busting Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

In a culture that idolizes and promotes food as instant gratification, it’s no surprise that obesity is out of control. We swim upstream against an overwhelming current of continuous media messages that implore us to, “eat, eat, and eat!”-and then to eat some more. No wonder so many dieters fail, or fail to maintain their weight after losing pounds. If you’re one of those frustrated dieters, it’s time to stop “dieting” and start “diet-sizing.”

“Diet-sizing” is what I call the simple habits that enable you to lose weight gradually and keep it off. It’s about developing a routine of sensible eating and moderate exercise tailored to fit you-one you can comfortably live with for the rest of your life.

Here are ten tips for helping to develop a diet-sizing plan right for you. I implemented and refined these ideas while losing 40 pounds in five months-and most importantly, while maintaining my target weight of 155 to 160 pounds for the past five years. Not only do I look and feel younger, I’ve also significantly reduced my cholesterol and blood pressure to the point that I’ve been able to discontinue medications.

My tips are not scientific, do not have a doctor’s seal of approval (because I’ve never asked for one), and may not work for everyone. That’s my way of saying, “Results may vary.” However, I base my advice on common sense, some generally accepted principles for good diet and health, and experience. That said, be sure to check with your doctor before you start any diet or exercise program.

Tip #1: Get your motivation into gear.

You will not lose weight until you have decided to change your eating and exercise habits permanently. If you have not made that decision, or if you are not convinced you can stick with it, stop reading now and only come back when you know in your heart that you are committed and ready to pursue permanent change.

Tip #2: Determine your recommended daily calorie requirement.

You need this number, which should include carbohydrate, protein and fat calories, because your ultimate objective in losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume through either diet, exercise, or preferably, both
To find out your caloric targets for weight loss or maintenance according to your age, weight, height and level of physical activity, use a simple calculator you can readily find on-line by searching under “calorie counter” or similar terminology. A calculator will tell you the number of calories you need in order to lose a specific number of pounds per week or to maintain a particular weight.

Tip #3: Set realistic weight-loss goals.

This is critical! Nothing feeds weight loss and dietary change like success. If you are not realistic in setting your goals and you can’t fulfill your weight loss or weight control expectations, you will defeat your resolve.

On the other hand, a realistic weight-loss target will generate great positive reinforcement for you. For instance, if you want to lose twenty pounds, that probably is realistic–but not if you want to do it in a week or two. Six weeks or two months, or even longer, is a much more realistic time frame. And the satisfaction and reward of losing even a pound or two a week during that time will fortify your long-term determination in amazing ways.

Tip #4: Trim dietary fat.

Mercilessly slash all “bad” fat (saturated fat and trans fat) from your diet, and manage your intake of “good” fat. Choose fat-free or reduced-fat foods of all kinds, along with more fresh vegetables and fruit. Eat less red meat and a lot more fish and chicken (with skin removed).

I know what you’re thinking: there goes flavor. Not true. The flavor of fat-free or reduced-fat products doesn’t suffer nearly as much as you might think. Most of such foods that I enjoy-everything from yogurt to milk to ice cream and much more-have vastly improved in taste over the past several years. The little flavor enjoyment you might give up is more than rewarded with a tremendous decrease in calories-especially the fat calories that quickly ring up added pounds.

When you grocery shop, read the nutrition labels on everything you buy. In addition to choosing food products that are stingy in fat and fat calories, you can sort out foods high in excess salt and other nasty additives. Personally, I buy no processed foods of any kind, because they more often than not have more of every kind of ingredient that promotes weight gain.

There are diets that tell you to eat certain foods, when to eat them and in what quantity. Maybe that works, maybe it doesn’t. My suggestion is to find the healthy foods that you like, and then eat in moderation. It’s easier, cheaper, less hassle-and I think a lot more enjoyable. Remember, diet-sizing is forever, not just for a week or a month.

Tip #5 – Reduce your food intake.

Regardless of what you eat, whether it is more or less healthy, less food means fewer calories. Eat only until you feel full, then stop! Reducing food intake requires will power. But stick with it. In a relatively short time, you will actually shrink your appetite (see Tip #10 below).

Tip #6: Along with eating less each day, eat more often.

Eat a minimum of five times a day. Eating actually increases your metabolic rate-the speed at which you burn calories. You can find good information about metabolism and weight loss on-line by searching under “metabolism weight loss” or similar terminology.

And whatever you do, don’t ever skip breakfast. The first meal of the day jump-starts your metabolism. Keep it going with a healthy mid-morning snack, then a light lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, and finally a light supper. You can have a very light snack after supper. Just don’t overdo it.

Tip #7: Exercise!

Get at least 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise at least three times a week-and more often if you have the time and opportunity. Walk, run, lift weights, play racquetball, basketball, volleyball or tennis, golf or swim. It doesn’t matter. What counts is the calorie-burning effort of physical activity.

And don’t believe the “no pain – no gain!” claim. It’s a myth. You don’t need to exhaust your physical or mental endurance to lose weight and improve your fitness. Just get active, get your heart rate up, and the pounds will come off.

When I started diet-sizing five years ago, I chose walking. Since then, I’ve walked probably thousands of miles. These days, I walk five or six times a week for at least an hour a day. I’ve also added some light weightlifting to my exercise routine for variety.

Whatever exercise you choose, stick with it. Make it a way of life

Tip #8: Put the bathroom scale away.

Most people want to lose a lot of weight right away. Again, the problem is our lust for instant gratification. But that impulse is completely counterproductive to diet-sizing. Weight loss comes gradually, even very slowly at times. Hopping on the scale once a day, or even once a week, can be a self-defeating strategy if you don’t see the results you expect.

Don’t weigh yourself more than once every couple of weeks. Consider that losing even a pound or a half-pound in two weeks is progress. Remember, diet-sizing is for the rest of your life. Unless you are morbidly obese (in which case you probably should be following a doctor’s advice), you can probably afford to be patient about the speed at which you lose weight. And of course, there’s always a chance that you will be pleasantly surprised at a greater weight loss than you anticipated.

Tip #9: Eat in, not out.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve all become accustomed to the convenience and variety of eating out multiple times each week. But the trend also is a prime driver of our country’s burgeoning obesity problem. Restaurant and fast-food meals have grown larger in volume and richer in fat calories and carbohydrates-to say nothing of more expensive. Save calories and money by eating at home. Yes, cooking at home takes a little more time. But that’s a worthwhile investment when the benefits are losing weight and saving money.

If you have to eat out more than once in a while, choose the healthiest, lowest-calorie-and-fat items on the menu. Some restaurants do a good job with such items. Forsake the burger and fries for a salad with reduced-fat dressing, for example.

On the other hand, man does not have to live by home-prepared meals alone. From time to time (but not too often), it’s okay to indulge yourself in your favorite restaurant or even fast-food meal. An occasional restaurant meal won’t knock you off the wagon, or cause you to gain weight. I eat out about once every ten days or two weeks. I try to eat sensibly when I do, and it hasn’t upset my dietary lifestyle balance. And because for me eating out is no longer routine, it’s now a lot more fun.

Tip #10: Read the health and wellness sections of your favorite mass media.

You will find valuable information and insight that will help you to fine-tune your personal dietary lifestyle to the way you want to live it, and in ways that are healthiest.

For example the “Personal Journal” section of the April 14, 2009 Wall Street Journal described research indicating that eating certain foods makes it harder to stop eating. Bread, sweets, juice, pasta, wine or beer before dinner and artificial sweeteners have all been fingered as promoting “fullness resistance.” Eating them, even in limited quantities, can make you feel hungrier, tempting you to eat more. That’s good knowledge to take into account when you’re losing or maintaining your weight.

Start diet-sizing today!

I could easily expand to multiple pages on each of my ten tips. But I’ve given you the gist. The rest is up to you. Forget “dieting.” Think diet-sizing into a dietary lifestyle that fits you.

Then, as the saying goes, just do it. If you have pounds waiting to be shed, today is the perfect time to start.


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10 Biggest Acting Failures

I have been watching movies for as long as I can remember. Especially as a child my parents would bring home two to three movies a day. My best friend lived across the street and his father double taped everything he ever rented from the video store behind my house. According to my friends and family I sort of fall into the realm of expert in judging movies objectively. I’m going to take a little bit of a different approach to a list 10 Biggest Celebrity Acting Career Failures. Some actors will make my list because certain movies they were in should have never been written, let alone produced. Others will appear because they were involved in movies that may have been a commercial success but collectively took away from the “so called” entertainment industry as a whole.

10. Thirteen Ghost’s: Mathew Lillard has shown some serious acting ability in the past. Like SLC Punk, which is a very under rated movie. Cereal Killer in Hackers, and even Stu in Scream was entertaining. This Thirteen Ghost film is yet another flushable plot involving over the top scenarios a piss poor acting. Mathew Lillard steals the show with his trademark drooling and over acted emotion. Sad that in a movie this awful a talented actor could perform so horribly. I have not seen him in another film since. Seems I’m not the only one who noticed.

9. Electra: Jennifer Gardner failed in all aspects of entertainment in this film. Though it did not end her career by a long shot it did make me want to puke. Jennifer has been trying to make up for this abomination of a character ever since. I want to meet the producer who thought it would be a brilliant idea to make this, and punch him in the face. They should be banned from the industry and only allowed to come back if they agree produce my movie.

8. Howard the Duck: Lea Thompson was as hot as you could get after back to the future. In a way she had the choice to do anything she wanted. She assumed a dark comedy about an interstellar duck was the key to success. As bad as this movie is everyone in my generation remembers seeing it at some point when they were a child and being scared. I think it was just instinctively being scared of bad movies. Alas Lea Thompson slept with a Duck and is now part of history. She turned up as the mother in Denis the Menace and not much else.

7. X-men II: Halle Berry decides to loose the accent that she attempted in the first movie after winning an Oscar. I’m sure the she and the director had some words probably ending with her saying “I won an Oscar”. Most people would say Catwomen was her worst performance. My contention is that her entire career is a failure capped off by her “I am a role model” speech. She got naked and slept with Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball. I think Lea Thompson acted better in Howard the duck (see above).

6. Radio: Cuba Gooding JR tried to cash in on playing a mentally challenged person by buying fake teeth from a Halloween store and yelling at a radio. Lord am I tired of seeing this on film. Whether or not the kid had heart it simply did not translate into a watchable movie. Mainly because Cuba looked like one of my friends doing an impression of corky from life goes on. It was insulting and rightly so we have not seen much of Cuba in anything since.

5. The Cell: Vince Vaughn was so lost in this movie and thank god it ended his expedition into drama. In no way did it end his career, though Jurassic Park 2, and Psycho couldn’t on top of this couldn’t have helped. Returning to his comedic roots was the best decision he ever made and we are all better off for it. Even if he is the same guy in every movie.

4. Best of the Best: Eric Roberts! Need I say more? I don’t think so…

3. The Replacements: Keanu Reeves has been hailed by many as the worst successful actor in the history of cinema. He does his best to reprise the coolness of great quarterback Johnny Utah from Point break. We unfortunately are left with Shane Falco’s mullet and it, like this movie just doesn’t deliver. I wonder if anyone knew this was just a remake of “Necessary Roughness”. Keanu Stop making movies, please!

2. Saw: Cary Elwes has actually been a funny staple in movies like “The Princess Bride” and “The Chase”. How this movie spawned six sequels represents everything that is wrong with society today. Cary stunk up this movie from the beginning. I know It had no budget but come on! I think there could have been at least one second take. Leading up to the famous ” you bastard” line at the end.

We have a tie for number one, we can sort by decade, worst performance of the 80’s and worst performance of the millennium.

1. The Mummy: Brendan Fraser turns in a quasi homosexual performance littered with atrocious catch phrases. We get it Brendan you “really hate mummiezzzzz”. “School Ties” was a great flick and I can always watch “Airheads” but this goes down as the all time worst. I can’t say Frasier’s career is over but we’ll call it mummified and I agree with you Brendan “I hate mummies”.

1. The Secret to my Success: Michael J. Fox is intensely happy to just have a job. Ecstatic to be making copies. Thrilled to look thru binder’s at a corporate office where he just started. He also manages to hook up with two women that are a combine three feet taller than him. WOW this movie is 80’s rubbish!!

Dishonorable Mention:

Lindsay Lohan: Everything she has ever done

Nicolas Cage: Con Air

David Caruso: CSI Miami

Gary Sinise: Mission to Mars

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10 Boston Celtics Holiday Gift Ideas

Have a Boston Celtics fan on your holiday shopping list? If so, your job just got a lot easier. Growing up I was a huge basketball fan, and my mom always knew an item sporting my favorite team’s logo would be a hit, so it became her go-to gift idea. The only problem she had was keeping up with my ever-changing favorites list. Not much has changed over the years except that I’m now loyal fan of the Boston Celtics.

Here are 10 gifts any Boston Celtics fan would love to receive this holiday season.

Boston Celtics 48″ by 60″ Jacquard Woven Tattoo Blanket Throw

Every fan needs a warm throw blanket to snuggle with while watching a Celtics game. This loom-woven throw features the Boston Celtics logo atop a dark green backdrop. It also has fringe on all four sides, and is made of 100% acrylic fibers, so it’s machine washable. This throw blanket is available on Yahoo! Sports’ team fan shop for $29.95.

Boston Celtics Flashing Let’s Go Light

Many super fans have rooms dedicated to their favorite teams, but this flashing light would be a great addition to any room. It measures approximately 15.75″ by 5.875″ by 3.5″, and has three light faces that read “Let’s Go Boston Celtics.” The case is black, and the lights are green and white and sport the Celtics logo. This light retails for $39.95.

Adidas Boston Celtics #33 Larry Bird Green Hardwood Classic Swingman Basketball Jersey

No super fan’s collection is complete without a team jersey, and this mesh #33 kelly-green “Bird” jersey is the perfect one to have. It has a jock tag with embroidered player name and number in white. This jersey comes in sizes from small to XXL, and will cost you $89.95.

Boston Celtics Twin USB Car Charger

You will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a portable device that offers UBS charging. In fact, it’s the only way to charge many of the popular devices on the market today, which make this USB charger a great gift. This charger plugs into any standard car cigarette lighter, supports two USB devices, and sports the Boston Celtics team logo. It retails for $24.95.

Boston Celtics Brown Deluxe Leather Team Logo Laptop Backpack

Backpacks aren’t just for children anymore. Many professionals have ditched their traditional briefcases, and are now carrying backpacks instead. This backpack is made of durable Vacquetta leather, and has brushed metal hardware. It also has the Celtics logo embossed on the front pocket. This gift is on the pricey side at $300.00.

Boston Celtics Wooden Pencil/Accessory Holder

This accessory holder is a perfect way for a Celtics fan to take their team pride to the office with them. It measures approximately 4.5″ by 3.25″ by 3.25″, and has a dark wood stain. It features a pewter emblem with the Celtics logo in team colors on the front. This gift will cost you $24.95.

Logo Art Boston Celtics Team Logo Binoculars

Not everyone can afford the best seats in the arena, so some end up in what is lovely called the “nose bleed section.” This binocular and case set is the answer to this problem. They both feature the team logo in team colors, and there is a one-year limited warranty on the binoculars themselves. This gift will set you back $54.95.

Boston Celtics Team Dominoes Set

Help the Celtics fan on your list to pass the time between games with this dominoes set. This 26-piece set comes in a decorative tin, and each domino has the Celtics logo screen printed on one side. This set is great for fans ages 6-years-old and up, and will cost you $13.95.

Skullcandy Boston Celtics NBA Mix Master Headphones

These large framed, kelly-green headphones sport the Celtics logo and have a microphone that has both answer and end call functions, along with play, pause, and skip functions. Each ear has a soft leather pillow and a 50mm speaker. The plug is a 3.5mm and is gold-plated. At $349.95 these are definitely not your average headphones.

Mitchell & Ness Boston Celtics Preseason Warm-Up Track Jacket – Green

This vintage track jacket is a nice piece that any fan would like to add to their wardrobe. It is 100% polyester with embroidery and a twill applique Celtics logo. It has a zipper closure, and both pocket zip as well. This track jacket retails for $149.95.

As a newer Boston Celtics fan, I’m just beginning to grow my memorabilia collection, and would love any of these gifts.

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10 Celebrities Books You Would like to Read

Some celebrities are open books with plenty to say. Others just haven’t gotten around to penning that best-seller. Still, there are those who are tight-lipped and you couldn’t pry a single tiny detail out of them about their juicy lives. Celebrities lives are interesting and make for great reading. Here is a list of ten popular people whose tales and escapades you wouldn’t mind reading about. OK, time to dish out the juicy dirt.

Princess Diana of Wales

Many biographies have been written about the Princess of Wales, but Diana was a very private person and spoke to few about her personal life. It would be interesting to read a tell-all book from her perspective. She has been interviewed, and there have been many books and biographies. We know a lot of her story from the magazines, tabloids, and the news. There is still much to know, especially about her relationship with Dodi Fayed. And the Queen Mother, how did she really feel about her? So many questions remain unanswered by a woman who was the epitome of class and charm.

Janet Jackson

Michael, La Toya, and Mother Katherine have autobiographies, but Janet, recording artist and sister of the famous Jackson clan, has yet to sit down and write her story. Again, there are many biographies out there. One subject I would like to see dealt with is their knowledge of Michael’s alleged addictions, to pain killers, other drugs, and any thing else he may have been involved with. Janet is also a private person who shuns media attention and gives a lot of time and concentration to her recording career. We have heard private details of her life, but a book by her would be nice.

Elin Woods

Now, here’s the makings of a real juicy book. Guaranteed an instant best-seller. Elin, wife of golf great Tiger Woods, definitely has a story to tell, and a good one, too. What happened the night of the infamous golf club attack at their home in Florida? Elin can start from the time she met Tiger and don’t leave anything out. Did she know he was messing around? What does the future hold for her? Like I said, potential for a great tell-all book.

Tiger Woods

We heard Tiger at his press conference give his verbal account of, well, not much. It was more of an apology. Perhaps one of the greatest, if not “the greatest,” golfer in history wants to come clean and bare his soul. A book would be just the thing. His saga still continues, as he recently withdrew from the final round of The Players Championship, due to inflammation in his neck. Time to ‘fess up, Tiger. This time, we want details.


R&B/pop star Rihanna has partnered with photographer Simon Henwood to create a hardback, coffee table book due out June 10, 2010. “Rihanna: The Last Girl on Earth” is a 144-page visual presentation of her first tour, fad fashions, and magazine covers. Did anyone mention Chris Brown? I don’t think so, but a book with more tid bits and her own story, from the beginning would help young girls and women when it comes to abusive boyfriends.

Oprah Winfrey

Mum’s the word when it comes to mega-star talk show host Oprah Winfrey. She’s not talking about herself and I suppose she’s just not ready. Kitty Kelly’s talking. She just published her unauthorized account of the queen of daytime TV, “Oprah: A Biography.” Sadly, she reveals that she has knowledge of the real identity of Oprah’s father. Problem is, Oprah has no idea. Technical foul, Kelly!

Erin Andrews

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was pursued by a video stalker hoping to do emotional harm by posting pictures on the Internet of her nude. Michael David Barrett, 48, was found guilty and sentenced to 27-months in prison. Erin is back on her feet on “Dancing With the Stars.” This would be a good book to read if she ever decides to write about her harrowing tale. She’s an excellent example of resilience, walking with her head held high in spite of the photos. She could give encouragement to other women who have had something like this happen to them.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock exemplifies the word “dignity.” With such class and character not often seen, Bullock dealt with the personal issue of infidelity out in the public eye. Her bravery and courage should be documented by none other than herself. Only she can do the manuscript justice. An unfaithful husband, a pending divorce, and an adoption of a baby boy sounds like an excellent story.

Amy and Phil Mickelson

Love and devotion. That’s what Phil Mickelson has for his wife Amy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The golf pro and three-time major champion, (who has played with Tiger), took time off from the circuit to be by Amy’s side. This is a story we want to read about. Its romantic, and restores our faith in marriage, since there has been some pretty nasty news lately dealing with cheating husbands and divorce court.

Angelina Jolie

This lady wears many hats: mother, film star, goodwill ambassador, and wife to actor Brad Pitt. Of course, a book by Jolie would fly off the shelves. She has a Bohemian life style with has lots of life adventures to fill the pages. She has lived in an unorthodox way and traveled the world adopting kids and lending a helping hand to those less fortunate. Crushable.com reports that Jolie has plans to indeed, to write a book.

Honorable Mention: John Edwards

We heard from his trusty, or maybe, not-so-trusty former aide, Andrew Young. His book, “The Politician,” hit the bookshelves early February, 2010 with scandalous details of an unfaithful spouse, (Edwards) and a pregnant mistress, (Rielle Hunter). Oh, the shame of it all, while his wife, Elizabeth, was battling cancer. Rielle made an appearance on Oprah to spill the beans on Johnny and profess her love for him, still. John, what have you got to say? Everybody’s talking but John. A book to get your side of the story could balance things out. Maybe.

True life stories that inspire, educate, or tantalize our senses and thirst for information will sell a book, especially if it’s a well-known personality.There are more stories to be discovered and recorded for posterity, and where there’s a story, there will be a good book.


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