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10 Double Dog Dares, Every 5th Grader Should Ignore

Elementary school, we’ve all been there. For what ever reason it brings out the worst in kids. This time of year when the TV channels continually repeat the Christmas Story over and over and over again. Taking us back to the time of Norman Rockwell, an Innocent time when life was simple. When children used their imagination to entertain themselves. An imagination that would occasionally get them in trouble.

The old Double Dog Dare, a challenge that can’t be ignored. Common sense would tell you otherwise, but young bravado or the over whelming desire to fit in will surely erase any hope of sensibility remaining in control. We all experienced these following scenarios, how did you fair? Where you able to be the better person and walk away, or were you the culprit inciting such poor judgment.

The obvious starter for this list of famous stupid Double Dog Dares is the old sticking your tongue to the mailbox, while waiting for the school bus to arrive. Nothing like a group of cold kids waiting for the bus to come up with something stupid. This one is so obvious I hesitated to use it, so here it is out of the way.

Going behind the barn to smoke cigarettes. After stealing a pack of Viceroy’s from the carton in Dad’s night stand, you and your buddy head out back after school to enjoy the fruits of the challenge placed by that so called buddy. This isn’t a habit you want to start, it’s so hard to quit, even if it was on a Dare.

Taking that first bottle of beer from the half empty case sitting in the back porch. After that poker game last night Dad has no idea how many bottles are left, he’ll never miss one or two. I’m sure he won’t notice the glassy eye stare as you weave your way into the supper table when Mom hollers out the back door that dinner’s ready. Your first lesson that drinking on an empty stomach isn’t the best plan. Makes you proud to think won that Dare.

Noticing a grass fire spreading on the far side of the vacant lot just down the street, you and your teenage friend hurry over to start work on extinguishing the fire. The fire siren goes off and the flashing red lights of the firetruck arrive. As they drag out their hoses they question the two of you, convinced your guilty of setting the fire. Pleading not guilty you state you only came to put the fire out. Though they’re not convinced they turn you over to your parents. Twenty years later it comes out your younger 5th grade brother and your friends younger brother had caused the fire while playing with matches. I’m sure there was a Double Dog Dare involved in there somewhere.

Every cool guy in class had one. In their wallet that circular outline would show through. Signifying they had arrived, they were a force to be dealt with. Unfortunately your Dad is Catholic and doesn’t use them. The only place for you to get one is the corner drug store. Behind the counter out of sight, the only way is to walk up and ask the Druggist. You take in a deep breath and head on in. Using all your internal fortitude you blurt out, Sir I want to buy a CONDOM. The Druggist replies, as he struggles to hold back laughter, what size would you like? With all your manliness you struggle to say Extra Large Please. The Druggist almost chokes trying keep the snicker from turning into a out of control belly laugh. That’s it, your nerve is gone, you turn and bolt for the door. Maybe next year will be your time. So this is one Double Dog Dare you fail to achieve.

A few years earlier and the dare would be to dip cute little Susie’s pigtails in the ink well in your school desk. But this is the 1950’s, ink wells are just an empty hole in the upper corner of the old stationary school desk. In place of such foolishness such things as pulling her pigtails, dropping something down her dress, anything to draw attention to yourself. Later in life you’ll realize that to gain favor with a lovely woman you should do NICE things for her. Flowers and candy would be much better then the frog down the dress idea of your early years. Even on a Dare this isn’t a good idea.

It’s a hot summer day, Mary Jo is just starting to blossom, her figure is showing indications of what future years will label as being well endowed. She comes out wearing her TUBE TOP from last year, not noticing that her new breasts are trying desperately to escape. Your buddy whispers in your ear. With giggling by all you come up behind poor Mary Jo, and in a blink of an eye she is exposing her womanly charms for all the school to see. May have been funny back then, but you’ll get more then a hand slap these days. It always seems the Double Dog Dare will lead to someone’s embarrassment.

About to enter the small Mom & Pop grocery store your buddy Double Dog Dares you to steal a candy bar. You nervously enter and while he keeps the cashier busy selling him penny candy, you slip a 5 cent Milky Way bar into your pocket. If you have a conscience you remember it all your life. If you don’t this is the first step toward a life of crime.

At 17 you finally get your drivers license, the old car your father has helped you prepare for the occasion is taking you on your first cruise around town. Pulling up to a red light a bunch of your buddies pull along side and rev their engine. With the hollering of a Double Dog Dare, by your friends that are acting like they’re still in 5th grade, your off and running to the next red light. If your lucky old Deputy Barney Phife is sleeping somewhere and won’t catch you.

The final item on this list of stupidity, every country boy has don’t it. Not so common in todays world, but very common in earlier years. The most famous Double Dog Dare of them all. I Double Dog Dare you to PEE on the Electric Fence. Far more formidable then simply touching the electric fence, as that alone will give you a good jolt. To be able to survive a steady stream of your urine flowing across those electrical contacts, sending that powerful sensation through the root of your man hood. This is the ultimate Double Dog Dare.

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10 DIY Landscaping Projects to Do This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and review and renew your landscaping. This article features 10 spring landscaping projects you can do yourself in a day or weekend.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Walk down to the street or the end of the driveway and take a look at your front door. It may be a selling point when you put your home on the market, but it also leaves a first impression to everyone who walks by. Replace or repaint worn shutters, clean the front door or repaint if necessary, and clear away any leftover winter decorations.

Clean concrete patios, decks and siding

A good cleaning will make almost anything look new again. That goes for your concrete patio, deck and siding on your house. If you have a pressure washer it is the cheapest and easiest way to clean these surfaces. Test a small area of your wooden deck first so you do not damage the wood. You may need to use cleaner for each particular surface, but in many cases a scrub brush with a long handle and elbow grease is all you need. You can rent a pressure washer from the big box hardware stores, or a rental center.

Replant Dead Grass

Nothing looks worse than brown spots on your lawn. Spring is a great time to replant those dead areas. Garden center staff can help you choose the correct grass seed for your location. You will also need a rake to take away the dead grass, a pick to loosen the soil, some twine or string to mark off small areas at a time so you do not over seed, some fertilizer, and hay. The hay will keep the birds from eating the seed. Plant grass as directed, and water lightly to soak the seed. Continue to water regularly and in 14 days seedlings will appear.

Plant a Tree, shrub or evergreen

Nothing adds instant appeal to your landscape like a new tree, bush or evergreen. To add color right away, choose a spring flowering tree like a crab apple or tulip tree. For fall impact pick a bush that’s leaves turn a vibrant color in the late fall. Burning bushes are a popular choice, with their bright red foliage. If you want all year interest an evergreen is your best choice. They are available in many varieties and sizes, and many are uniquely shaped. Remember to purchase extra soil, a tree stake, and a spacer. You will need a spade to dig the hole twice the width and the same height as the root ball or container. Most garden centers have detailed instructions available when you purchase your tree. Remember to water consistently for the first two years.

Add Bark Chips or Decorative Stone around Landscaping

If you already have bark mulch around your landscaping you have a choice each spring to either add new bags of mulch or remove it all and add decorative stone to your landscaping. Decorative stone is a big investment up front, but it lasts for years and only needs to be raked and wet down to look fresh each spring. It is available at most garden centers by the bag, or cubic yard. A cubic yard will usually cover 100 square feet. Buying by the yard and having it delivered is the smartest way to go when you have a large area to cover. The stone is available in a variety of colors and styles and prices vary according to stone choice. You will need to clear the area to be covered by removing old bark chips, weeding and reapplying landscaping tarp. A wheelbarrow, shovel, heavy metal rake and manpower is all that is required to get a whole new look. Once the stone is in place, usually 2-3 inches deep, you will need to wet it down to clean it. Yearly maintenance may include adding a bag or two in spots where the stone has shifted.

Adding a decorative edge

Adding a decorative edge not only looks clean, it also makes it easier to mow around your landscaping. Decorative edges are available in a wide variety of materials from plastic to rubber and brick. A garden center or hardware store will have a large selection each spring for you to choose from. You will need to measure the area you want to edge around to determine cost of each option. Garden center staff can help you with the DIY information. You will need a spade, some soil and sand. A level is recommended when laying brick.

Solar Lighting adds instant light to the night

Solar lights are a quick and easy way to add interest to your landscape at night. They are available everywhere these days from the corner grocery store to local garden centers and big box stores. Solar lighting is a huge trend in gardens right now and the price of the lights can range from $1.50 each to hundreds of dollars for a full set. Lights come in a variety of options from brass, and chrome to wrought iron. Note that you may only get one season out of the cheaper lights but they are easy to install and move when you want to shift the interest to another area of your landscape. All that is required is a mallet or a heavy hand to push them into your soil. Make sure to remove any papers covering the battery or they will not light.

Perennial Gardens are a money saving option

A great way to save money in your landscaping is to invest in perennial plants. Perennials are plants that will come back year after year, and many offer beautiful foliage along with vibrant flowers. You will need to determine where you want to plant your perennials before going shopping. There is a big difference between plants that grow in the sun and those that flourish in the shade. The best place to shop for perennials is your local farmers market where the selection will be plants that are zoned for your climate. You can ask the farmers what your climate zone is, or check sites such as to determine your zone. You should buy perennials that flower at different times of the growing season so that your garden has blooming interest all summer long. Check for height growth of flowers to know which flowers to plant in front of others. Note that many perennials will spread so you should leave room for them to cover as the seasons go by. It is easy to uproot plants and divide them into more plants each spring. Many varieties are very hardy, and will divide easily at any time during the season. Ask your local farmer or garden center staff for help, many are very knowledgeable in what they sell. They will also give you the best advice on how to plant each plant. You can also go on websites like

Annual Plants bring instant rewards

Nothing will give your garden the pop of instant color like a beautiful flowering plant. Annual plants are, just as their name implies, plants that will last only one season. There are a wide variety of plants available in an array of glorious colors. Garden centers, hardware stores, big box stores, grocery stores and the farmers market all sell flowers in packs or planters. Look for healthy plants that have a number of buds to make sure your plant will bloom for a long time. If you are looking for ideas on what plants look good with each other or how to arrange plants in a planter or container go to your local garden center for ideas. Most will sell already made planters and you can copy those ideas when shopping for your own flowers. Annuals can also be added to perennial gardens that may have nothing blooming at this point in the season, or for low to the ground color. Hanging baskets can be made or purchased and add nice color to a blank wall or fence. Websites like, or are full of ideas and how-tos.

Create a focal point in your landscaping

Adding a small water feature, fire pit, or even a bird bath will add an instant focal point in your landscaping. A multitude of options are available and can create interest or add interest to an area of your landscaping that is in need of a little lift. Glass balls, ceramic statues, wooden benches, bird houses, and trellises are just some of the things that are easy to add. Planter boxes filled with annual plants are a great way to add appeal to a fence, and even look terrific on the mailbox post. Seating areas in remote corners where nothing seems to want to grow also enhance your landscape. Be creative, the options are endless.


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10 Dragon Tattoo Ideas

  • “10 Dragon Tattoo Ideas”

    These are 10 dragon tattoo ideas. Dragon tattoos are probably the coolest tats there are. There are a wide variety of dragon tattoos and most of them look fantastic. If you want a tat that people are going to gawk at, the dragon tattoo is the tattoo to get. Here are 10 dragon tattoo ideas to whet your appetite.

    1. West Dragon Tattoos– The West dragon tattoos are Chinese and Japanese tattoos. These tattoos have been around for centuries. They are both unique and often extravagant tattoos. Often, the West dragon tattoos take up much of the torso. The Western Dragon tattoos are unmerciful, breathe hot nasty fire, and wreak havoc on the earth. These Western Dragon tattoos are considered the embodiment of evil.
    2. Tribal Dragon Tattoos-Tribal dragon tattoos are often significant to a certain group of people or tribe. These dragon tats are very interesting and often have meanings significant to the particular tribes associated with the tattoos.
    3. Black Dragon Tattoos-Black dragon tattoos are awesome black dragon designs. They are often mean, vicious and terrifying dragons. They are always done in dark black ink. These black tats are incredible dragon tattoos.
    4. Legend Dragon Tattoos-Legend Dragon tattoos are tattoos associated with dragon legends. These are tattoos designed from stories about famous dragons of lore. The Legend Dragon tattoos are often very cool designed tats.
    5. Karate Dragon Tattoos-Karate dragon tattoos are designed for those who are into martial arts. They have their own designs of dragons that relate to the art of Karate. Karate tattoos show how much time, dedication, and desire the karate fighter has given to his sport. The karate fighters show their commitment to their sport through the tattoos they wear. They show the other fighters what they have to fear when they fight against them in the ring.
    6. Modern Dragon Tattoos-Modern Dragon Tattoos are tattoos made from those dragons found on flags (old or new), free hand designs and other various new art forms. They are always dragons, but the tats are often made out of somebody’s ideas or newer dragon art work.
    7. Eastern Dragon Tattoos-Eastern dragon tattoos are tats of good dragons. The dragons of the West are the fiercer meaner dragons. The dragons of the East are the kinder gentler dragons. The designs are different because kinder dragons don’t spend their time chewing on humans. They are the good (and to some people) the boring dragons.
    8. Dragon Mother Tattoos-Dragon mother tattoos are Chinese designed tattoos of the legend of the Dragon mother. The dragon eggs look like snakes. The dragon mother has her own unique look and design. It makes a cool and unique sort of tattoo when you use the Dragon Mother as a tattoo design.
    9. Serpentine Dragon tattoo-The serpentine dragon tattoo is another different kind of dragon tattoo. These tattoos are unique and are designed by unique artists. The tattoo artist often puts their own touches into the design of the serpentine dragon tattoo. Many times, the great tattoo artist designs their own unique Serpentine Dragon tattoos.
    10. Cartoon Dragon Tattoo-The Cartoon Dragon tattoo is a cute/different type of dragon tattoo. This tattoo is designed for the person who enjoys dragons but isn’t in to the entire mystique about dragons. Cartoon Dragon tattoos are cool, simple and fun. The Cartoon Dragon tattoo can be designed to meet the specifications of the customer.

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10 Easy Christmas Cleanup Tips

Christmas is always a wonderful holiday, but cleaning up after Christmas can really take the fun out of the holiday. So what can you do to make Christmas a little less messy? I have put together the following ten tips to make your Christmas cleanup even easier.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #1: Go with an Artificial Tree

Real Christmas trees are beautiful, but they can make quite a mess in your house. You end up having to cleanup pine needles all season long. Even after Christmas is long over, you still find pine needles in your house. To avoid all that cleanup, use this tip and find a beautiful artificial tree. There are several companies that are making artificial Christmas trees that look just like real ones, but without all the mess. Plus you can get an artificial tree that is pre-lit, this will make putting the tree up easier.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #2: Skip the Tinsel

Just like pine needles, strands of tinsel will be found in your house come summertime. This stuff literally gets all over your house requiring lots of cleanup. If you still want something beautiful to wrap around your Christmas tree, use strands of colorful beads that are found right next to the tinsel. This is just as beautiful, but it’s not messy.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #3: Use Foil Wrapping Paper

Foil wrapping paper is so great because people cannot rip it open. This means there won’t be little shreds of wrapping paper all over your house. People do love to rip open presents, but do you really want to clean up that big mess?

Christmas Cleanup Tip #4: Measure Wrapping Paper before Cutting It

Wrapping Christmas presents doesn’t have to be messy, but if you don’t measure your wrapping paper before cutting it, you end up with lots of scraps of paper and wasted paper to cleanup. To use this tip properly, lay the present out on the wrapping paper that you have rolled out, and pull the paper around the present; this will give you some idea of how much paper you need.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #5: Use Gift Bags Whenever Possible

This is a wonderful tip. Gift bags make wrapping presents easier and faster, but gift bags also make opening gifts less messy. When you use gift bags, people can put their presents back into the gift bags for easy carrying, leaving no mess for you to cleanup afterwards.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #6: Pass Around Trash Bags

If you can’t use foil wrapping paper and your presents are too big to fit into gift bags, use this tip. Most people usually throw all the wrapping paper into the middle of the floor and someone has ends up with a lot of cleanup to do. This Christmas, skip that cleanup and give everyone a trash bag to put their wrapping paper in. Then simply go around and collect all the bags.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #7: Cleanup As You Go

When making Christmas treats, it’s best to cleanup as you go. You might be tempted to make everything at once, but that really leads to a lot of dishes to wash afterwards. Instead make a treat and then wash the dishes and move on to the next recipe. You will be so glad you followed this tip when you’re relaxing in front of the TV rather than washing dishes all night.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #8: Skip the Big Breakfast

You will already be preparing one large meal; do you really want to wash the dishes from two large meals? Instead, buy several different pastries from your local bakery and lots of fresh fruit and bottled juices. Serve on festive paper plates that have a pretty design. Everyone will get full and there will be very little cleanup afterwards.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #9: Use Disposable Pans

When you cook the ham and homemade dressing, do you really want to wash those pans on Christmas Day? No, that’s why this is such a wonderful tip. Instead, bake as much as you can in disposable pans. Then all you have to do is simply through the pans in the trash.

Christmas Cleanup Tip #10: Serve Bottled Drinks

No one wants to wash all the glasses that a holiday can dirty, so why not just use bottled drinks instead? You might be thinking that you won’t have enough room in your fridge for all those drinks. No problem. Just fill a large cooler with ice and add everyone’s favorite drinks. When the meal is over, all you have to do is gather all the empty bottles and toss them into the trash.

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10 Diamond Engagement Rings Under $1,000

Before you start your search for that perfect diamond engagement ring, you must learn how to judge a good diamond from a bad diamond. This will ensure that you get the best diamond deal that your pocketbook can afford. At the end of this article, there is a list of diamond engagement ring stores that you might like to explore.

Diamonds in diamond engagement rings are judged on a sliding scale for clarity. The clearer the diamond, the better it will sparkle and retain value. All diamonds in diamond engagement rings have tiny blemishes or flaws that were formed into the diamond by Mother Nature. Your trick is to find the diamond engagement ring that has the least flaws.

F-IF = Diamonds that are Flawless or Internally Flawless. These are the best.

VVS1-VVS2 = Diamonds have tiny flaws that are not visible to the naked eye.

VS1-VS2= Diamonds have tiny flaws not visible to the naked eye.

SI1-SI2 = Slightly Included, or slightly flawed diamonds.

I1 = Inclusions, or flaws, that can be seen by the naked eye. Most I1 sparkle nicely.

I2 = Lower grade than I1.

I3 = Lowest grade diamonds.

Click Here for more information and pictures explaining grading from Superbcert Diamond Education.

As you can see from the diamond grading chart above, you should always try to find a diamond graded for clarity at I1 or above when searching for a diamond engagement ring.

Your diamonds in a diamond engagement ring also has a color scale that goes through the letters of the alphabet from D to Z. D= a clear diamond. Z= a very yellow color of diamond. If you want a clear color of diamond you must get one with a GIA color rating between D and I. After the letter I rating, your eye can see a visual yellow discoloration on the diamond that deepens on the scale towards the letter Z rating.

For the best diamonds in diamond engagement rings, you need I1 or above on the GIA flaw scale, and letter I or lower on the GIA color scale.

Now, you’re ready to go find a diamond engagement ring style that you like. Engagement rings come in every diamond engagement ring style, shape, or theme that you can imagine. Window shop, or click around the internet to see diamond engagement ring styles, shapes, and themes that may appeal to you.

Zales Jewelers is an example of a national chain of jewelry stores. There are many brand named chain-stores just like Zales out there. We see their ads on television, in our newspapers, hear about them on the radio, and they all share one common thread: they spend money on advertising so that we know who they are. Their prices may sound enticing in those glittery ads, but think about it. Who pays for that advertising?

Brand name jewelry stores are not always the best buy on diamond engagement rings. Sometimes, the smaller stores have better quality and better prices because they do not spend the same kind of money in advertising to bring in volume sales. While your brand name store can boast that they have ads, the smaller stores often give better quality, price, and service.

Examples: (Click underlines to see diamond engagement rings or stores.)

Zalesclaims that you save up to 70% by shopping online. Zales item 16926875 ½ CT. T.W. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold with Diamond Accents. This ring is originally 999.99, on sale this week for 899.99. It is listed as GIA color H-I and GIA Clarity I1.

Zales 16926875description: “This 14K white gold ring features one princess cut diamond center stone in a 4-prong setting with tapered baguette diamond accents in a channel setting.” This ring is listed as 1/2ct. overall weight in diamonds, with a disclaimer that it might be less weight than claimed.

At the bottom of the Zales ad, they explain that getting the diamond engagement ring sized takes 2-days. Shipping is by method chosen at check-out. During the sale period only, you can have free Fedex overnight shipping.

Bottom line: Zales item: 16926875 is 1/2caret (or less). Zales ring, if bought on sale, is 899.99. You will need two days for them to size the diamond engagement ring, and then overnight shipping is free because this is a sale.

4-A Wedding Supply & Wholesale is a very small wholesale store at an auction site, with a larger jewelry store at: 8 Track Store & So Much More! – A web-site that has over 200,000 items inside, with a very large jewelry department. How this works is that the owner is on contract with a wholesale jewelry supplier. This owner is running 2 stores. One fancy store with higher prices, and one not fancy store with bargains.

Many large stores today are running their inventory at bargain prices through auction sites (or in smaller buildings) to go along with their parent-store sales. People have heard that they can go to auction sites for bargains, so dealers take their inventory to these sites priced as bargains to supplement sales. Don’t be afraid to check for qualified jewelry stores on auction sites. Ask questions before buying. Do they have another store? Is this the cheapest price?

4-A Store and 8 Track Store has a diamond engagement ring that looks almost identical to Zales ring above. Item 64919:5003 The difference is that they give you exact information, and are not hiding behind sales or gimmicks: 0.38 caret total weights. Metal weight at: 2.49 grams. Comes with velvet box, polishing rag, certificate of authenticity, meets all US Gold Standard Guides. GIA color: H-I. GIA clarity: I1. At the 4-A bargain store every day price is 899.99, always free overnight shipping. The ad says that this ring comes in size 6; the other sizes are sold out.

Below are some more choices of beautiful diamond engagement rings under 1,000 dollars. These diamond engagement rings may, or may not, be the best prices and quality available online today. However, I am featuring a few different stores so that you can start comparing different establishments for yourself while searching for that perfect diamond engagement ring for your sweetie.

Zales: Item #: 15548340 “1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Three Stone Past Present Future Ring in 14K White Gold” GIA color = H-I / GIA clarity = I1, I2. Orig. 859.00 Sale: 499.99. Free overnight shipping only on sale items + 2 day sizing + 2-day packing time.

Zales: Item #: 16648438 “Diamond Flower Three Stone Ring in 10K Gold” 1/4ct. GIA color= not listed. GIA clarity = not listed. Orig. 289.00. Sale: 199.99. 2-day sizing. Free overnight shipping only on sale items. + 2 day sizing + 2 day packing time.

Zales: Item #: 17110255 “1/2 CT. T.W. Princess Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring in 14K White Gold” 1/2ct. (or less). GIA color= I-J . GIA clarity = I2-I3. Price: 859.00. 2-day sizing. Shipping by method selected at check-out.

Zales: Item #: 17027012 “1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Five Stone Band in 14K White Gold” 1/2ct. GIA color= I-J. GIA clarity = I2. Orig. 859.00. Sale: 599.99. 2-day sizing. Free overnight shipping only on sale items. + 2 day sizing + 2 day packing time.

Zales: Item #: 16641649 “5/8 CT. T.W. Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold with Baguette and Round Diamond Accents” 5/8ct. total weight. Center stone 1/3ct. (or less) GIA color= H-I. GIA clarity = I1- I2. Orig. 1429.00. Sale: 999.99. 2-day sizing. Free overnight shipping only on sale items. + 2 day sizing + 2 day packing time.

Gordon’s Jewelers ITEM #: 17452038 “1/2 CT. T.W. Marquise Diamond Bypass Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold” (A very pretty ring!) 1/2ct. total weight. (or less) GIA color= I –J. GIA clarity = I1- I2. Orig. 999.99. Sale: 699.99. Shipping determined at checkout + 2 day sizing + 2 day packing time. Free Fedex 3-day shipping with orders over 100.00.

Kay Jewelers Item #: 150866604 “14K White Gold ½ Carat Diamond Solitaire” 1/2ct. total weight. (or less) GIA color= H-I. GIA clarity = I1- I2. Price: 999.99. Shipping UPS determined at checkout + 5 day sizing time.

4-A Wedding Supply & Wholesale Item # 64058:60169: 14k white gold diamond engagement ring. 34 diamond setting. Total diamond weight .38ct. . Total metal weight 6.37 grams. GIA color = H-I. GIA clarity = S1-I1. Velvet box, polishing cloth, certificate authenticity included. Ring comes in size 6. Your jeweler can size. Normal store price: 1269.75. Your Price: 779.99. Free overnight shipping. Store suggests that you email if you want other styles listed.

4-A Wedding Supply & Wholesale Item # 60317:208612: 14k white gold chevron shape diamond engagement ring. 9 diamond setting. Total diamond weight .0.25ct. . Total metal weight 2.16 grams. GIA color = H-I. GIA clarity = S1-I1. Velvet box, polishing cloth, certificate authenticity included. Ring comes in size 6. Your jeweler can size. Normal store price: 725.89. Your Price: 479.99. Free overnight shipping. Store suggests that you email if you want other styles listed.

4-A Wedding Supply & Wholesale Item # J4253DBA4W: 61 Black & White diamonds band. 14k white gold. Total diamond weight .0.53ct. . GIA color = H-I. GIA clarity = S1-I1. Velvet box, polishing cloth, certificate authenticity included. Ring comes in size 6, 6.5, or 7. Your jeweler can size. Normal store price: 1004.49. Your Price: 589.99. Free overnight shipping. Store suggests that you email if you want other styles listed.

Sea Of Diamonds Item # 114-1252: “14k Yellow Gold, Princess Diamond Engagement Solitaire Ring “Total diamond weight .0.12ct. Princess cut. GIA color = H-I. GIA clarity = VS. Retail value: 700.00. Store Price: 245.00. Comes in all sizes, you choose size from a chart. Free insured shipping. This site has a nice selection of diamond engagement rings to browse for styles.

Glimmer Rocks Item #3000531: “14k White Gold 0.25 Ct Princess Diamond Pre-set Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring” Total diamond weight: .25ct. Princess Cut. GIA color= H-I. GIA clarity = S1-1 to S1-2. Available in sizes 3-9. Comes with free shipping, free gift packing, and 30-day returns. Price: 440.00. This store has many pages of rings graduating up in quality and price. Very informative visually about stones and settings available.

Gold Mine Item # RH016-65YGB: “14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Set (0.50ctw) Nine princess cut diamonds sit atop baguettes in this lovely set. 9 princess cut diamonds come together to present the illusion of a much larger stone. Baguette diamonds line the top of the engagement ring. A matching baguette diamond band completes the set.” GIA color = I. GIA clarity = SI2. Free shipping on orders over 100.00. Discount available for signing-up for newsletter. Retail price: 907.50. Store price: 459.73.

Excel Diamonds (New York Diamond District). This web site has lots of diamond and mounting information, as well as diamond engagement rings for sale.

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