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10 Gas-Saving Tips

1.Buy gas during the coolest part of the day (typically early morning or late at night). This is when gas you’ll find that gas is most dense. Because gas is measured out in volume, not density, you can get more for your money when purchasing this time of the day or night.

2. Keep your tires properly inflated. Keeping your tires to the proper inflation rate can help your fuel economy, while deflated tires decrease economy. Check your owner’s manual for the proper pressure that your tires should be inflated to.

3. Stop driving aggressively. This type of impatience in traffic can significantly increase your gas wasting, and is probably one of the most popular ways that people waste gas without even realizing it. Try to maintain a more steady pace. This is probably the most beneficial gas saving advice I can give.

4. Avoid quick acceleration. This causes your engine to work extremely hard to get up to speed quickly and if you have to slow down suddenly at a red light your acceleration was a complete waste. Try gradually increasing your speed.

5. Only use as much AC as needed. Excessive AC usage puts more strain on your engine and decreases your fuel economy. If it’s a nice day, simply roll the windows down.

6. Slow down! Your car is most fuel efficient at 55mph. Going faster then that can lower your fuel economy by 20 percent or more, not to mention get you a fat ticket.

7. Use your cruise control. If you’re driving on the highway, set your cruise control to about 55mph and just glide to your destination. This steady pace can do wonders for you fuel efficiency.

8. Avoid excessive idleness. If you’re car is in idle mode for more than a minute (for example, at a long stoplight or a long line at a fast food drive through), the best thing to do would be to turn the engine off, as this can add up.

9. Check your air-filter. Keeping your air filter clean can greatly increase your fuel economy. Having a dirty air filter will restrict the air flow that reaches your engine, causing harm to your performance and efficiency. A simple way to tell if your air filter needs to be changed is to hold it up to the sun. If you can’t see light coming through the filter, then it’s time to get a new one. Try buying a K&N or similar brand filter which can be cleaned rather than thrown away as this method is environmentally friendly.

10. When purchasing new tires make sure they are not any wider than the stock tires. Though big rims and tires look “blinged out”, they can create rolling resistance and decrease fuel economy. If you must have wider than stock tires try keeping your old tires for when you are going on longer trips.

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10 Good Movie Quotes that May Change Your Way of Thinking

1. “I always believed that fear belonged to other people.” “Weaker people.” “It never touched me.” “And then it did.” “And when it touched you, you know…that it’s always been there all along.” Waiting beneath the surface of everything you loved.” Quote by Jody Foster playing Erica, talking in a serious deep dark tone from the movie, The Brave One.

2. “When the storm breaks, each mans acts in accordance with his own nature, some are dumb with terror.” “Some flee.” “Some hide.” “And some spread their wings like eagles and soar on the wind!” Quote by David Threlfall playing Dr. John Dee from the movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

3. “A man has only one life time.” “But history can remember you forever.” Quote by Ed Harris playing Mitch Wilkinson in the movie, National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

4 “Time is an illusion that cannot be given.” Quote by Tobin Bell playing Jigsaw in the movie, Saw 4.

5. “I have feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost would be more than I could bear.” Quote by Mel Gibson playing Benjamin Martin in the movie, The Patriot (2000).

6. “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” Quote by Russell Crowe playing Maximus in the movie, Gladiator (2000).

7. “Every man dies, not every man really lives.” Quote by Mel Gibson playing William Wallace in the movie, Braveheart.

8. “If you piss in your pants, you only stay warm for so long.” Quote by Robert Duvall playing Burt Gidisinsky in the movie We Own The Night.

9. “Love can’t always be perfect.” “Love is just love.” Quote by Justin Chambers playing Massimo in the movie, The Wedding Planner.

10. “I didn’t invent the rainy day, man.” “I just own the best umbrella.” Quote by Jimmy Fallon playing Dennis Hope in the movie, Almost Famous. A positive attitude is the way to keep going.

As I was writing these quotes from the movies that I was really entertained by, I stopped and realized that most of these quotes all sound pretty similar. If you think about it we never really stop to think how powerful words really are. Most of the time all of us are too busy with our own lives and consumed with our own thoughts that we tend to forget the simple things in life. If you are anything like me; I would love to stay in my own little world, were I think everything is fair and perfect but the fact is, it’s not! And no, love isn’t perfect but we all want it to be. Fear, well it’s a tricky emotion that we all don’t like to admit but it’s an emotion that keeps us human. Feeling scared for something or someone and how we react to it, is what will change us as a person. We all hope for the better no matter what is handed to us but, when life is hard, some of us break and run and some of us do take control of it and beat it into submission.

I am a big believer in Karma. What you do to other people will come back to you. And no matter how big or small or how unimportant you may feel about yourself or your life it’s what you do to others and what you leave behind is how your name is going to be carried through. If you only touch one person’s life that person will remember you and tell stories of you. How do you think these producers get their movies? Stories come from somewhere, they usually start out true but then after a few years and months go by then we start to twist the truth to make it sound more interesting, we call it Hollywood. Then before you know it a new movie comes out. Then that movie gets remade and before you know it, the actual story line was just a blur!

I guess what I am trying to say is that we are all just people. These quotes touched me in all different ways. No matter what I say, anyone who reads this is going to read it and get something differently out of all this. No one can read something and get the same point of view that I got. But one thing that I can say that we can all agree on is that “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.” Best said buy, Tom Hanks, in the movie Forrest Gump.

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10 Good Things to Say to Your Wife

We all know that there are certain things you should never say to your wife, but what about the things that you should be saying to your wife? It’s easy to say the wrong thing, but with a bit of thought, we can say the right thing and reap the rewards thereof.

So here are 10 things you can say to your wife that will get your share price up!

1. I love you. (OK, if you don’t, then remember that love is not a feeling, but a decision. Make the decision and say the words! After all, you made the decision when you got married.)

2. “Yes my love, I’ll fix it right now.” This will really get her excited!

3. Choose a bodily feature that you have always liked, and compliment her on it. For example, “Your eyes are really beautiful.” Look for some new things you can compliment her on too.

4. When she does something right, like make a nice supper, tell her “This is really, really good! You’re a star!”

5. When you find her talking to a younger woman that you don’t know, ask her “Were you in school with that lady? Not? Oh, you looked about the same age..”

6. When she’s got a nice perfume on, tell her “You smell like heaven!”

7. Tell her “You are my best friend.”

8. Tell her firmly “I’m going to do the dishes for you; no arguments.”

9. Surprise her with “I’m taking you out for coffee and muffins.”

10. “I’m going to clean my garage out today.” (It may take a week or three, but the mere mention of this task will get you into the pound seats with your wife.)

Apparently, according to wives, when the husband works in the garage and fixes up the house, this is extremely pleasing to the female species, and causes them to nurture amorous feelings towards their spouses. In other words guys, it gives your wife the hots for you.

A happy wife is a creative wife, a good cook, and a good friend. It is really worth our while to make our wives happy. It takes quite a bit of hard work, and generosity, and humility. But it pays off.

Hopefully these 10 tips will help. Remember to keep them honest and genuine. Wives sometimes know us better than we know ourselves, so don’t try and bluff your way into her heart! Lying to your wife is a little more dangerous than drinking nitric acid and smoking a stick of dynamite at a gas station.

Just the mere fact that you’ve read this far indicates that you have a desire to say good things to your wife. Good for you! May your marriage be fun!

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10 Fun Things to Do on the Holiday Break

Have a relaxing holiday season and do some fun things you haven’t done in years. Here are 10 great ideas on fun activities you can do to stay relaxed and keep busy this winter break.

1. Here’s a classic… Go to the movies. Go see the holiday flick or newest horror movie in theater. Everybody loves a good movie now and then. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in with our busy schedules and we would never end up going normally. Take some time out and treat yourself to a good film on the big screen.

2. Go to the pool and relax in the hot tub. An invigorating swim is exactly what you need to get into the holiday cheer. It’s a nice break from everyday life and a rejuvenating experience.

3. Grab a few crazy carpets and go sledding at the closest hill or a good driveway. This is a great tradition to do with your kids or a fun romantic thing to do with your beau.

4. Try your luck at a game of pool. Hit up a local billiards and make a night of it. If you have kids grab a baby sitting or play at a kids recreation center.

5. Buy a dart board and a few sets of darts for under $25 and have the family start a new tradition of darts. Set up your board at regular height and weight and read over the rules. It is an easy game to learn but a harder game to aim. Fun for the whole family and a good bonding experience.

6. Go to indoor go karts, laser tag or paint ball. These are fun involving games kids from young to old love and a great activity to take your family to bond together over the break.

7. Go out for dinner, lunch, coffee or dessert. Pamper yourself and take a break from cooking with a few meals out each week. Or just go out for dessert and a drink after dinner. Drive sober or take a cab.

8. Movie marathon. Rent a ton of classic and new movies and sit there for a full 24 hours watching movie after movie with the whole gang or by yourself. It’s a great activity to do every once and a while and really veg out with lots of snacks and treats.

9. Go skiing at the nearest ski hill or to a fine resort for the big spenders. Skiing is a real holiday break thing to do giving you a feeling of accomplishing a good seasonal break. Or for something new try snowboarding. Try out hitting the slopes this season. It’s fun and a great story to tell the co-workers and friends when you get back.

10. Have a party! Invite over all your friends and family for a fun holiday party. Make a punch and grab some snacks and fun Christmas carols and you and your guests are sure to have a roaring time.

There are lots of great activities you can take part in this holiday season and these are only a few ideas for you and your family to enjoy this holiday break.

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10 Fun Ways to Learn Spelling Words

Most spelling practice is very boring. For those who aren’t innately good spellers, spelling tests are very stressful. Make practicing words at home or in the classroom fun by using a variety of mediums and games. Use your child’s interests and learning styles to choose ideas. These ideas will reduce stress and increase your child’s motivation to practice spelling.

1. Use chalkboards or write and wipe boards for a change of pace. Think. Does your child have drawing toys like the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board? Use these mediums that they enjoy for drawing for writing as well. It also saves

2. Let kids type their words on the computer. Show them how to choose different fonts or their favorite colors to increase motivation.

3. Think big! Sidewalk chalk is very motivating! Make an offer such as “Write five of your spelling words and then you can graffiti our whole patio.”

4. Make up fun songs to teach the spelling of words while you’re riding in the car.
For example, we used the tune of “B-I-N-G-O” and made up this one: “There was a tree that made sweet syrup and maple was its’ name-o. M-A-P-L-E, M-A-P-L-E, M-A-P-L-E and maple was its’ name-o.” Laugh if you want but please be sure to send me your original song!

5. Play games like “Hang Man” using a spelling word or make spelling word Bingo cards. You could make a Bingo card with their spelling words OR you could be slick and have them create the Bingo cards and let them be the Bingo master as the rest of the family plays. This way they have to both write and read the words BUT they get to be in charge. Everyone wins here.

6. Letter magnets, on the fridge or on a metal cookie sheet, are a good way for tactile learners to practice. With a cookie sheet and a storage container you could also take this show on the road. Challenge kids to find alternative surfaces to use their letter magnets. I’ve decided that if I have to a six foot safe in my living room (It’s a long story about a man and his toys…) that at least my kid’s can put it to good educational use.

7. Kids will really “dig” writing words in a sand box with a stick at home or at the park. Boy is it hard to get stressed out writing words in the sand at the beach!

8. Artists will enjoy painting words on big paper hung on an easel or wall. Use brushes or get out those letter sponges and sponge paint the words.

9. Use manipulatives like Scrabble game board pieces or letter flash cards. It’s really groovy to let kids create spelling word jewelry with lettered beads, just make sure they don’t wear it to the test!

Number ten is tasty idea that is sure to hit the spot…

10. Make, bake and eat hard words using letter cookie cutters. If there’s no time to bake today, you can still use the letter cookie cutters to create the words with play dough.

Tip: Always remind your child, and yourself, that he/she is “learning” these words and is not expected to already know how to spell each one!

Yes, eventually the spelling words have to go on paper but using a few of these strategies each week that match each child’s learning style will make learning less stressful, easier and more fun.

Lastly, can you spell P-R-A-I-S-E? “You got seven out of ten right,” is just as accurate as “You missed three out of ten.” A positive attitude from teachers and parents is C-O-N-T-A-G-I-O-U-S!

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10 Gift Ideas for the Holidays

10 Gift ideas for the Holidays

With Chanukah, Christmas and other winter celebrations just around the corner, it is no surprise that many of us will spend the next few weeks in a bustle of activity. With these activities comes the tradition of giving and receiving gifts. For many the time spent trying to find just the right present leads to stress and frustration. This list will make that hunt a little easier.

I am a big fan of gift baskets and theme presents so you will find that most of these are arranged with that in mind. You can take these gift themes and add your own ideas, personality and know-how to make them that much better.

What I love about these gifts is that you can spend as much or as little money as you like on them. Most of the items listed below can be attained at the dollar store. They are also available as pricier gourmet selections.

Gift Ideas:

1. Coffee Gift Basket
For this gift basket simply buy a nice travel mug. Then get a couple of one pound bags of their favorite coffee. You might even buy a small container of non-dairy creamer or sugar to go with it. To really top it off add a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card with a few dollars on it.

2. The Loaded Wallet
This is great for the college guy on your list. Simply buy an inexpensive wallet. Then choose three or four of his favorite stores and buy gift cards to fill the wallet. If you are on a budget you could just get two cards with a few dollars on each of them. Great choices for low dollar gift cards are coffee shops, movie tickets, grocery stores, McDonalds or Burger King cards. Some of these will allow you to put as little as a dollar on the card. For other gift card ideas consider iTunes cards, Best Buy, WalMart, or pre-paid cell phone minutes. Don’t forget the ever-popular gas cards such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Gulf, Sonoco and others. Everyone likes gift cards and this is a unique way of presenting them.

3. Alcohol
For some reason alcohol is a very popular gift at company Yankee swaps and secret Santa exchanges. For these gift baskets first decide what kind of alcohol you want to give. You could give rare imports, favorites from the local brewery, wine, or hard liquor. Depending on what kind you choose, fill your basket accordingly. For example if you decide to give a nice bottle of wine, put a bottle opener and a couple of wineglasses in the basket. For fun you could add a bunch of fresh Concord grapes. If it is a hard liquor basket consider adding a flask or shot glass. For beer, how about some pretzels or peanuts and a large draught beer glass.

4. The Relaxation Basket
For these gift baskets imagine you get a whole day at home to yourself. What might you enjoy? Maybe start with a pair of fuzzy slippers, a bar of chocolate or a mug with a tea bag in it. Then add some essential oils, a relaxing CD, back scratcher, and maybe a book or magazine.

5. The Spa
This is a variation on the relaxation basket with a more specific approach. For this one you could add aromatherapy candles, lotions, bath beads, and shower gels. Add facial cremes, cleansers and toners or pumice stones, nail polish etc…Most of these items are available at the dollar store if you are on a budget. If you want to take it up a notch, you could also put in a gift card to an actual spa for a massage, manicure, pedicure or facial.

6. Winter Wonderland Gift Basket
Start with a pair of crocheted mittens. Then buy one or two of those big mugs you see at the local café. In each mug place a couple of packets of hot cocoa. Then get a bag of mini marshmallows to add to the basket. This gift basket is sure to bring back memories of coming in from a day of sledding and building snowmen to a nice warm cup of hot cocoa by the fire.

7. The Breakfast Basket
In this gift basket you will want to start with a pancake mix. You could prepare a jar of your own homemade mix with directions taped to the lid, or you can just go out and buy a ready-made pancake/waffle/biscuit batter. Then buy a couple of flavors of syrup. I prefer a glass bottle of real Vermont maple syrup and a bottle of blueberry syrup, but whatever kind you think your gift recipient will like is the best choice. Lastly for fun you could throw in a jar of jam, a measuring cup and a spatula.

8. The New or Expectant Mother Basket
For the baby theme basket you will need baby lotion, baby powder, rash ointment, onesies, bottles, diapers, baby wipes etc…You can also buy infant formula if you know what kind the family is using. If not buy some jars of baby food. If the baby isn’t eating solid foods yet, not to worry, they soon will be. Instead of using a traditional basket you could fill a small toy box, bassinet or infant bathtub. Or you could wrap all the gifts in a receiving blanket. I also recommend putting something in this basket that will be just for mom like a CD.

9. Ice-cream Sundae Gift Basket
Start with two ice-cream sundae bowls. Then get an ice-cream scoop, and two spoons. Don’t forget to add chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and toppings such as crushed nuts, M&M’s or jimmies. If you choose not to wrap this basket you can also buy a pint or gallon of the recipient’s favorite ice-cream and add it just before giving it to them so that the ice-cream doesn’t melt.

10. The Gardener’s Gift Basket
This is a great gift for the gardening enthusiast. Buy a pair of gardening gloves. Also get a bunch of packets of seeds and/or flower bulbs. You can also add a spade, and other gardening tools. It isn’t a bad idea to put a bottle of insect repellant and sunscreen in this basket too. For fun, instead of arranging these items in a basket put them in a big flowerpot or watering can.

These were just a few ideas for holiday gift giving. Use your imagination and you may come up with many more wonderful ideas on your own. The great thing about homemade gift baskets is that you add your own personal touch. When you buy a gift basket in the store, all the items are pre-selected. By making your own, you not only save money, but you can tailor it to precisely fit the personality of the recipient. For example if you want to make a movie theme gift basket for your co-worker and you know she loves kettle corn flavored popcorn, but not butter flavored, you can make sure to get the kind she likes. Also, you will know whether it is more appropriate to put an action movie, drama, or romantic-comedy into that basket. With a little forethought the possibilities are limitless.

When a person realizes you took the time to personally create a gift for them, they will appreciate it much more than the store bought variety. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot to say a lot.

Happy Holidays!!!

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10 Good Actors More Famous Off Screen Than On

It is annoying when bad actors get more press than they should, just because they are famous or are really big train wrecks. But when more talented actors are better known for their off-screen antics, it gets doubly annoying. Especially when details are revealed about these actors that overshadow their movie work, no matter how good they can be. Some of the actors I list here are very good and among the best in the business, but they’ve also done too much off screen to just let their acting speak for itself. Here are ten actors who, like Lindsey and Brittany, are just as famous for their off screen lives than they are for their performances. But unlike those starlets, these actors are actually talented enough to be famous for other things.

Ben Affleck
I already stated my case earlier that Affleck was a talented actor in his best roles, but wasted in his other movies. But Affleck was far better known as part of Bennifer during the years when he was a really big joke. In Affleck’s case, considering the movies he made back then, being more famous as J-Lo’s man was probably for the best. But Affleck’s overexposure only made his bad movies look even worse. Affleck seems to have learned better, now in a lower key relationship with Jennifer Garner, and winning new respect as a director. But after Affleck did that much damage in the tabloids, he’s always a threat to make a comeback there.

Alec Baldwin
Back when he was a big leading man, Baldwin was no stranger to politically controversy, as one of the more outspoken Hollywood liberals. Baldwin’s political statements and his off screen temper often went hand in hand with his stardom. When Baldwin stopped being a bankable leading man, he transitioned to supporting roles and to comedy, as he made tabloid headlines for his heated divorce with Kim Basinger. And then, when Baldwin was winning his biggest raves for his comedic brilliance in “30 Rock” a certain angry phone call he made to his daughter was released. Baldwin may now be one of the funniest people on television, but the stuff he does off screen is a bit less funny.

George Clooney
Clooney has gone from TV star to being labeled as the most glamorous actor in Hollywood. His playboy image, his antics with women, and his political beliefs often make Clooney’s image bigger than his acting roles. But Clooney uses his star power for do-gooder efforts like aiding Darfur, and funding serious movie projects when not doing stuff like the “Oceans” franchise. Still, Clooney doesn’t have box office hits that often, and people often remember him more for his star power than for giving good dramatic performances, despite an Oscar for “Syriana.” Another Oscar nomination for “Michael Clayton” has helped Clooney get taken more seriously as an actual actor, however.

Russell Crowe
Crowe rose to Hollywood stardom in just a few years time, but stories about Crowe’s temper tantrums rose along with it. Crowe quickly got a reputation as a mean and surly person. South Park mercilessly spoofed Crowe’s temper, and Crowe’s confrontation with a British television producer for cutting out part of his acceptance speech at the BAFTA’s may be what cost him a second Oscar. Aside from throwing a hotel phone around, Crowe hasn’t had many temper tantrum stories in the last few years. But the damage may have been done to Crowe’s reputation, as his movies are critically acclaimed but aren’t big box office hits, and the Oscars have ignored Crowe for the last several years.

Tom Cruise
The stories that are now famous about Cruise didn’t just start appearing after he met Oprah’s couch. Cruise’s Scientology beliefs, the gay rumors, and his relationships were always hanging around him during his mega star phase. But Cruise managed, often via lawsuits, to keep these issues from overshadowing his star power. But now we know what happens when Cruise isn’t so careful about sweeping these issues under the rug. Some of us would like Cruise to start doing some sweeping again- while others just want Cruise to let Katie go and say he’s gay and denounce Scientology forever. They’ll probably let Cruise go back to being a mere mega star again after he does those three things.

Daniel Day-Lewis
Day-Lewis has hit upon the best way to get as much off screen attention as he does for his acting. Mainly to not act for a few years in between parts. And to show a fanatical attention to detail for his parts when he does act. Day-Lewis is legendary not only for his acting, but for how thoroughly he stays in character. Day-Lewis has been known to stay in a wheelchair, take up carpentry, track animals, stay in character even when there’s no filming, and not talk much to actors that he will be clashing with on screen. Oh, and Day-Lewis almost retired from acting to become a cobbler. Day-Lewis is only on this list because these stories are the only things that are even bigger and more bombastic than his movie characters.

Robert Downey Jr.
Downey broke out as one of the more promising young actors out there in the 80’s and 90’s. After that, drug problems and arrests became Downey’s calling card. Even when Downey got raves for a role, such as his stint on Ally McBeal, more drug problems ensued to balance it out. It took years for Downey to overcome his off screen stories and get back to being better known as an actor. Parts in “Zodiac” and his upcoming title role in “Iron Man” have helped Downey on his way.

Jack Nicholson
Nicholson was perhaps the number one star of the 70’s and most of the 80’s. Along the way, Nicholson’s partying and womanizing became part of the Nicholson lore and persona. But over time, movie audiences began to notice that Nicholson was mostly playing characters that were versions of his off screen image. Nicholson is so cool and iconic that it isn’t a problem much of the time, but it is a bit more bothersome now. Now, Nicholson gets more attention and raves when he isn’t playing versions of himself, like he did with his last Oscar nominated part in “About Schmidt.” But to many, the playboy version of Nicholson has out shown the brilliant actor part of Nicholson for some time now.

Sean Penn
Penn was established as a problem case early in his career with the “punching a photographer” incident. Being one of Madonna’s first major boyfriends helped make Penn a tabloid icon anyway. Nowadays, Penn gets as much attention for his statements denouncing Bush and the war, and making trips to Saddam era Iraq and Iran. In addition to his movie parts, Penn has gotten the image of being an ultra serious far leftist that doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor anymore, unlike from his Spicoli days . The most comedic thing Penn’s done in the last few years was his “Metaphor-off” with Stephen Colbert last year.

Brad Pitt
Like Clooney, Pitt is better known for his high profile romances and social causes than for many of his movies. Beforehand, Pitt was better known for his looks than for his acting. But starting with his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, Pitt’s romantic life has been the top talking point of his career. Then when Pitt went from Aniston to Angelina Jolie, the press went on overdrive. “Brangelina” is now the poster child for Hollywood relationships. In addition, people have probably seen Pitt go to Africa and other places with Jolie more than they have seen many of their recent movies.

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10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor fun with your dog. And even the best places become even better when you take your dog along. So here are 10 fun places to go with your dog in summer, for exercise, play and hearty belly laughs.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #1

Dog-friendly coffee houses are wonderfully fun places to go with your dog in summer. Just search your community restaurants online for dog-friendly locals, then take your dog on a stroll to a café, sit in the sun, each of you enjoying a wonderful treat (milk for the dog, coffee for you).

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #2

The beach or lake are perfect places to go with your dog in summer. Come early before everyone else to catch the best spot and have lots of free space for running. Bring a ball for playing fetch and an extra towel for your dog if he goes swimming. Bring extra water or a hiker’s water pump to turn sea or lake water into purified drinking water. And don’t forget to get out of the sun when it gets too hot. After all, even dogs can get sunstroke.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #3

Dog meet-ups by local dog societies offer wonderful fun places to go with your dog in summer. Look up your dog’s breed on the internet and find a local community of dog owners. Get tips about caring for your dog, and best of all, find out when the parties are going on. Then get together with similar dogs for some summer fun. And since dogs of the same breeds get along best, you can be sure that the day of play will bring nothing but laughs.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #4

Dog charity events run by local rescue organizations are wonderfully fun places to go with your dog in summer. Check out the Humane Society in your area or the city pound and learn about their upcoming events. Then get together for a good cause and have some splendid summer fun with your dog.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #5

Take your dog kite flying on a windy hill for a wonderfully fun place to go with your dog in summer. Fly the kite low, to tease your dog into barking or trying to catch it. Then run together and watch your dog chasing the kite’s shadow.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #6

Off-leash dog parks are ideal fun places to go with your dog in summer. The grass is dry and low, there’s no mud to slip on, and the weather is perfect for running and playing with other dogs. It’s a great opportunity for dog owners to meet each other too, and maybe a canine romance can lead to a human one as well. Be sure to bring extra drinking water and doggie bags for picking up any surprises your dog may leave behind.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #7

Doggie farms or daycares offer a sort of theme park for canine amusement-ideal fun places to go with your dog in summer. Search online for doggie daycares or farms in your area, and take your dog to play with other dogs in a playground for four-legged, furry children.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #8

Taking your dog dancing in a sunny park is a wonderful place to go in summer. Take your stereo along, switch on the lively music, then grab your dog’s front paws and start waltzing. When your dog gets tired, let him dance beside you on all fours. And finally give him a hug and spin him round and round until you both collapse in the grass.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #9

Mountain hiking is a wonderful place to go with your dog in summer. Start early, take a hiker’s water pump to purify drinking water for the both of you, then race up to the mountaintop to enjoy the wind together. And afterword, run down hill in a race to the bottom.

10 Fun Places to Go with Your Dog in Summer: #10

For a wonderfully fun place to go with your go in summer, don’t just take your sport equipment when you go exercising in the sun, take your dog too. Play tennis with your dog chasing back and forth to try and catch the ball. Buy a boomerang and watch your dog running then turning back in confusion. Tease your dog’s intelligence and have fun at the same time.

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10 Great Movie Climaxes

Heartstopping climaxes are a freek occurrence in today’s movies. So many of them have become generic and lack a sense of individuality. When and where this climax should occur is somewhat suspect as well. For a film like “Cliffhanger” (1995: Carolco Pictures Inc., Cliffhanger Productions, Le Studio Canal+, Pioneer, and RCS Video; directed by Renny Harli), it’s never too early to serioulsy let go of it all. For other films like the recently released “Crash” (2004: Bull’s Eye Entertainment, Paul Haggis Productions, Stratus Film Co., DEJ Productions, ApolloProScreen GmbH Co. Filmproduktion KG, Blackfriars Bridge, Bob Yari Productions, Harris Company, Mambo Inc.; directed by Paul Haggis), chilling, at any point, would be as odd as snow falling in the middle of Los Angeles. For straight shooters, climaxes come at the end. These following 10 films deliver that unique sense of pleasure when you need it most. .

Arlington Road (1999: Arlington Road Productions Corporation, Gorai/Samuelson, Lakeshore Entertainment, Screen Gems Inc.; written by Ehren Kruger).

Braveheart (1995: 20th Century Fox, B.H Finance C.V, Icon Entertainment International, Paramount Pictures, The Ladd Company; written by Randall Wallace).

Carlitos Way (1993: Epic Productions, Universal Pictures; adapted for the screen by David Koepp from a novel by Edwin Torres).

The Crying Game (1992: British Screen Productions, Channel Four Films, Eurotrustees, Nippon Film Development and Finance Inc.; written by Neil Jordan).

La Bamba (1987: Columbia Pictures Corporation, New Visions Pictures; written by Luis Valdez).

The Life of David Gale (2003: Universal Pictures, Intermedia Films, Dirty Hands Productions, Mikona Productions GmbH & Co. KG, Saturn Films; written by Charles Randolph).

Seven (1995: New Line Cinema; written by Andrew Kevin Walker).

The Shape of Things (2003: Mepris Films, Pretty Pictures, Studio Canal, USA Films, Working Title Films; written by Neil Labute).

Shawshank Redemption (1994: Castle Rock Entertainment, Columbia Picture Corporation; written by Stephen King and Frank Darabont).

The Usual Suspects (1995: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, Spelling Films International, Blue Parrot, Bad Hat Harry Productions, Rosco Film GmbH; written by Christopher McQuarrie).

These are 10 films during the last 20 years that have stoned me in the end. Some of them twist information into a point where irony seems totally unjust. Some of them take that irony and make it astoundingly romantic. It really depends on the plot.

Some of these films have small holes in their plot which aren’t revealed until the end. These are the tricks, but the hole is usually so great that it makes the entire film explode. Still, others have a plot that is so well constructed, the tension between narrative lines of action is that compelling.

The tricks in several cases may serve as the best climaxes, but those that provide a morally justified point could be the most meaningful. Some of these films have a moral to them that will make you want to stand up and renounce your religion. No joke.

Themes are important as well. Some of these films have themes whose plot is so efficiently laid out that they both seem to collide head on in a profound moment of truth. This is not uncommon in everyday filmmaking, but being able to deliver that blow when it matters most and then stoning your audience in the process really takes an act of sheer brilliance. Sometimes though however these climaxes are saddening, so saddening that it makes you swell up with grief. In turn, the irony is never more lucid.

What kinds of cinematic climaxes do you enjoy? How are they created? Do they romance you to death? Make their hidden holes explode? Perhaps they create a moral that makes it all seem worthwhile.

When this climax happens, does it really matter? Some of these films are well known, but others aren’t. When and how good the climax is will certainly not indicate how successful a film is to become. What about how long it lasts? The pleasure! Many films are packing it in for hours. They don’t wait for the end. They hit you so hard and for so long that when the end comes, it’s anti-climactic. Why? Because it’s over. The drama, the suspense, the hype; it’s all come to a peak and you can soak in it, but how long will it really last? Will it last at all? Have any of these ever put you to sleep? I have been put to sleep by some. Those are the best ones. Of course if you’re intrigued, maybe you should seek immediate medical attention. That sensation may have robbed you blind and taken your heart out in the process while urinating in your skull. Urinating in your skull. How disgusting.

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10 Great AC Articles on BDSM

BDSM stands for bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. For some people BDSM is a way of life when it comes to sex. For other people it is just a way to spice up their sex life. What ever the reason that you enjoy BDSM and what ever level of experience you have in it, you will find the following articles to be useful and interesting to read. So here are ten great Associated Content articles on BDSM. This is not a top ten list but rather just ten great articles, the order they are listed in does not indicate that one is better than the other.

Ten Questions and Answers about BDSM
By Hans Meyer

The author gives an easy to follow question and answer format on a variety of questions surrounding BDSM. The article will give you answers to questions such as, is it abnormal, at what age BDSM emotions emerge, what causes these emotions and so much more. This article is a great read for anyone who has questions and would like to get answers in an easy to follow question and answer format.

BDSM for Beginners-Safewords
By pleasurebound

The author of this article goes into detail on safe words and how to make them work for you. The author also speaks on safety and knowing your partner before playing and debunks the myths that safe words can keep you safe if you don’t know your partner. This is a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about safe words, how to use them and even to gain some ideas on what safe words you can use.

Submissive Relationships
By Margaret Kerr

I found this article to be interesting. The author gives her account of being a submissive and her journey to try and find the right master. As I read through her article I liked learning about her trials and errors and how it affected her.

BDSM Relationships: Dominance and Submission
By pleasurebound

This is another great article by pleasurebound. This article takes readers into the insight of living a BDSM Relationship. She shows how BDSM is not just about kinky sex in the bedroom but about a way of life where one partner is the final decision maker in the home. I found this article to offer a new insight into living the lifestyle beyond just kinky sex.

A BDSM Beginner’s Reading List
By S.M. Lang

In this article the author showcases some great books that any beginner should read to gain a clearer understanding of the world of BDSM. The books are also good for anyone who is just curious about BDSM. So get your pen and paper out and get ready to hit your local library or bookstore.

BDSM Techniques-Flogging for Fun
By pleasurebound

Pleasurebound has done it again. She has given us a wealth of information on BDSM and in this article she covers the topic of flogging. Now before reading this article I thought flogging was an ancient method of torture, I did not realize that people used it nowadays for pleasure. She has taken the time to explain flogging, flogging techniques and even places to go to learn how to do it.

BDSM-Why Switch Places?
By Regina Sunderland

This was also a very interesting article to read. The author gives account of how she went from being a dominant to being a submissive. The article gives account of how and why the author went about switching places and the trials that she went through in doing so.

Bondage, Toys, and the Myths in Between
By colleen wermuth

This article discusses different types of toys that can be used during sex, discusses bondage and even debunks some myths surrounding BDSM. After reading this article I realized that I have been taking part in a mild form of BDSM and had never realized it before. So are you taking part in BDSM and not even knowing it? Well read the article and find out, you may be surprised.

Aging and Your BDSM Relationship: Growing Old and Enjoying Your Kinks
By pleasurebound

Pleasurebound did an excellent job with this article. She touched on most things that would affect an aging couple who are still wishing to live or take part in BDSM and gave examples of ways to work around those issues. She broke the article down and addressed each issue individually making it easy for the reader to find the information on the physical issue facing them. So if you are aging and have issues such as hearing loss, eye sight problems, joint pain, menopause and even penile dysfunction then this article is a MUST read for you.

Weirdest Sexual Fetish Sites
By Penelope Returns

The author gives her readers a little extra here in the fact that she is pointing them to some weird fetish sites. Sites that are not for the everyday type of fetish, but are more for the fetishes that some people have that are to be kept secret. So if your fetish is not one of the run-of-the-mill fetishes then read her article and find out where you can go on the web to fulfill your fetish.

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10 Great Cover Songs

I like to fancy myself a discerning music listener. Generally, I agree that cover songs are blatant attempts by lazy or uncreative artists to make easy money off of someone else’s sweat. Or more perniciously, unscrupulous entertainment executives attempt to dilute classics so that they become more palatable to younger ears. You can’t start marketing to future consumers soon enough, you know. Most covers are not worth the listening time. After all, that’s three to five minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

That being said, however, I strongly assert that when a cover is done right it is extremely valuable. In fact, some covers are so good that they even surpass the original. I think the trick is that an artist shouldn’t just cover a song because they like it-or they want to make a buck. The cunning artist finds a song that speaks to him or her and then attempts to transform it into something completely new. A great cover can become as much the property (artistically speaking) of the cover artist as the original performer.

Now, I don’t pretend to claim that this list contains the ten all-time greatest cover songs because I admit I haven’t heard everything, right? Here then, is a list of just a few of my favorite cover tunes.

Metallica “Turn the Page” (Bob Seger)

Most of the time, I don’t like to hear rock stars lament about how rough it is for them out on the road. Those of us who only dream of that kind of life usually find it difficult to sympathize. So I never really could get behind Seger’s original (to be honest, I’ve always found Seger on the dull side). But in the late 90s, when Metallica cranked it up and James Hetfield belted out the lyrics with heartfelt metal angst, I fell in love with this tune about the hardships of being a traveling troubadour.

Bryan Ferry “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” (Bob Dylan)

Ferry is obviously obsessed with Dylan (like so many of us). I count at least 14 covers, and his most recent collection is made up entirely of Dylan songs. In my opinion, his best is his first; “Hard Rain” was recorded on Ferry’s first solo album back in ’73. A full rock combo and female back-up singers help Ferry make this tune sound almost upbeat. Yet somehow Dylan’s lyrics retain their dark, prophetic power. Ferry always strikes me as slightly perverse in his arrangements, particularly in his early years with Roxy Music – and hey, that’s why I’m a fan.

Voivod “Astronomy Domine” (Pink Floyd)

Psychedelic poster child Syd Barrett penned and recorded this song for the first Pink Floyd album back in ’67. The best tune on the album, it remains fascinating to this day. In the late 80s, French-Canadian heavy-hitters Voivod brought it up to date with some highly original guitar work by the late Denis D’Amour. It’s backed up by a concise and propulsive rhythm section and slithery vocals that pay fitting homage to the accomplishment of the recently deceased Barrett. This version nicely captures the sense of threatening eeriness that can creep over you when you contemplate the great unknown.

Madeleine Peyroux “Weary Blues From Waitin'” (Hank Williams)

I love Hank Williams, but this version is so wonderfully different that I didn’t even recognize it on first listen. Backed by a smooth jazz combo, Peyroux’s version sounds more, well, bluesy. Some fine guitar and a great trumpet solo make it perfect listening when you’re feeling broken hearted in a more jazzy than country way.

Patti Griffin “Stolen Car” (Bruce Springsteen)

At the risk of disrespecting “The Boss,” I admit I have listened to Griffin’s version of this achingly lonely song more than the big man’s. Granted, Griffin’s take is not altogether a huge departure from the original, but I’m a sucker for that plaintive, crystalline voice. My car was recently stolen; if the thief had only shared his hard luck story with me I might have just given him the car (not bloody likely). As angry as I was I still love this song.

Johnny Cash “Rusty Cage” (Soundgarden)

If I remember correctly, even members of Soundgarden thought Cash hit the (broken?) nail on the head with his heavy country rendition of this hard rock track. The beauty is that the tune comes across just as aggressive and masculine as the original, if not more. And it’s easier to make out most of the lyrics without referring to liners.

k.d. lang “The Air That I Breathe” (Phil Everly)

Covered many times since the 70s (too many if you ask me), most know this song in the popular version by The Hollies, so this is a superior cover of a cover that was already superior to the original (in my opinion, of course). Lang’s version is lush and languid, her soulful voice soars above a great arrangement helped in large part by the atmosphere created by guitar phenom David Torn. My wife and I don’t officially have an “our song,” but this one rates high for both of us and if I’m feeling sentimental enough it can even bring a tear to my eye.

Richard Thompson “Oops, I Did It Again” (Britney Spears)

Leave it to a master songwriter to find the beauty in what I took to be just another bland, insipid pop song. This has become a staple for Thompson’s live performances in the past few years. Stripping away the superfluous poppy flash, he uncovers the bare essentials using just his voice and acoustic guitar. Mind you, he presents it clearly with tongue in cheek but he does persuasively show that the song actually has redeeming features.

Tom Waits “Heigh Ho” (from Snow White)

The incomparable Waits brings to the surface the dark underside of a seemingly light and happy tune. Instead of a paean to the joy of working class attempts at capitalism, Waits turns this into an exposé of greed, the delusional nature of get rich quick schemes and the hopeless exploitation of human cogs in the soul-devouring machinery of mass production. In other words, a tribute to what most of us know as work. The result is disturbingly beautiful.

John Cale “Heartbreak Hotel” (Elvis Presley)

Don’t worry “King” fans, I’m a loyal subject as well, but you’ve got to hear Cale’s rendering of this classic from his ’74 album Slow Dazzle. When Cale screams he’s so lonely he could die, you don’t doubt him for a second. Add a creepy guitar riff and some chilling synthesizers by techno-wizard Brian Eno and you hear the full possibilities of interpreting a song over merely covering it. Cale’s live version with just piano and voice is altogether another interpretation and also definitely worth repeated listening.

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10 Great Halloween Songs

10 Great Halloween Songs – Halloween is probably the most celebrated holiday at my house. I go way out decorating and getting everything ready. What could possible get the Halloween mood going better than some apple cider brewing and Halloween music playing in the background.

1. Tubular Bells, from the Exorcist

Can anyone listen to this song without thinking of the movie. Since this is a must watch for Halloween, it goes without saying it is a must for Halloween music.

2. The Halloween Movie Theme song

I can’t think of anything scarier than Michael Meyers with that shuffle walk, coming at you with that music behind him. It was created just for Halloween.

3. The Omen Theme song

When the choir starts chanting Damien with the eeriness of the music, it is enough to send a chill down your spine thinking of that evil devil child.

4. X-files theme song: Although not scary, a whole show based on weird strange phenomena which just goes hand in hand with Halloween when our imaginations run overtime.

5. Friday the 13th theme song: Another must see for Halloween so of course it is a must hear. Just hearing that music takes your mind to the woods with a homicidal maniac chasing you.

Not all Halloween music must be scary. Some are just playful fun in the spirit type songs.

6. This is Halloween from Nightmare before Christmas. This is a just fun song by a skeleton and his crew celebrating after a night of wonderful fright. You can’t hear it without smiling.

7. The Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Picket : How would Halloween be complete without this song. You can only really play this song at Halloween. It is perfect for a playful party, or just puttering around the house getting things ready.

8. Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is a classic movie for Halloween for everyone, old enough to watch it. It has the slight creepiness, and the totally strange all together. Not to mention all the characters are already in their costumes.

“It’s just a jump to the left…”

9. Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley. Another just fun song. You always heard it at your Halloween parties as a kid. Of course it goes right along with your imagination running wild for Halloween.

10. Who you gonna call “Ghostbusters” theme song. Who else is going to save you after a skeleton has come to life scaring you, the monsters are out dancing, and a giant purple alien has come down to Earth to eat you.

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10 Great iPhone Apps for 2011 that Should be Created

There are over 200,000 IPhone apps in the universe as I write this, so trying to come up with ideas for 10 more is close to impossible. It has been shown that games are the most chosen types of apps, so I am going to try and move away from that at least in the beginning and try my hand at a little geolocation pinpoints.

BESTShops- It’s Christmastime in the city and wouldn’t it be cool to be able to have an app that would find the best present for Aunt Millie, or your little nephew, Junior? You just put in the demographics and maybe an interest or two, the app comes up with a list of possible presents, closet shops to you to buy them, and their locations.

FindABIKE ‘” You are serious about going green so you not only need a bike, but you need to know where to use it, where to buy accessories for it, what the laws are in your area, and the best ways to keep your bicycle theft free. This app locates all the bikes within a specified location area ( you specify) all the trails, cycle lanes, and sidewalk communities, and the laws that cover the community you specify- best of all it also computes the number of miles you put on your bike during each trip.

InSEASON-If you are a locovore (only eat foods produced within 100 miles of your home) you might be presented with lots of challenges if you live in a region of the country that contains four seasons. This app will help you locate local farmer’s markets, CSA’s, and other regional vendors. You will just put in the area and the information will appear. This app will also help you keep track of those places you have visited, which ones were the best, and what produce, meats, or other products you bought.

ZEROWASTE ‘” This app is a game. You plug in your location and ZERO (the character who will follow you wherever you go) keeps track of your carbon footprint. The app also has the location of all recycling centers for all types of materials, where the trails and lanes are for your biking and walking transport methods, farmers markets, bus stops and schedules, and local organizations that are helping citizens get to zero waste. You can either play the game for a day, a week, or a month. At the end you will be connected to others in your community who are playing the game too, and badges will be awarded.

AutoRap- You are driving down a lonely street at night and the motor goes out! You are not a member of Triple AAA, your car insurance doesn’t provide repair, and frankly, you are out of luck. Except you have AutoRap! This app provides every provider within a designated zip code radius that will come and get you- and they are safety screened as well. At the same time you are calling for help, a back up control alarm in the app is contacting a security firm that is attached to the program.

SWIMFIN ‘” All the lakes are frozen, and you are new to town. Plug in your location and every in-house pool that accept visitors will pop up. This app will also connect you to the community of swimmers in your designated radius- and keep track of miles you are swimming if swimming becomes a lifestyle. After so many miles badges for miles in the water are awarded. Perhaps you will become the next Master Fin!

TownTutor ‘” You might have a child who is having trouble with math, you might be having trouble with math yourself, or your mother might want to learn how to play golf. Whatever the need, a tutor in your town is as close as this app. A listing of skills and subjects is on the roll- you designate your area, and a listing of screened tutor’s rolls up. A security firm is also a part of this program. We can never be too careful. If you want to list as a tutor in a specific field ‘”an application button is available- and a screening will take place.

Virtual Weight Loss ‘” Since this an article about apps that we wish there were I am going to place this app far and above those that most people wish for. We plug in our weight and a variety of exercise machines pop up! You sit and eat potato chips with heavy doses of French dip as you watch your avatar, named Beulah blend in 15 minutes each on every chosen exercise machine. As we do this the calories expended are added up and after a week or so it will probably be shown that we have lost an enormous amount of weight. How realistic is that?

TVSyn ‘” Wanna play a character in your favorite TV show? Have you ever wanted to be Mariska Hargitay on Law and Order SVU? Or Prince William on the latest news cycle? This app gives you the chance to be anyone you want to be- any celebrity, any political pundit, and any sports pro! It also places you in their shoes; literally, you set up a Celebrity avatar, and become a fashionista. If you are a Sports Pro, your stats and endorsements pop up. Political Pundit? Your mouth becomes your tool! And the ratings wars begin. This is utter and complete fantasy with a bit of real stuff mixed in.

ZAP ‘” Ideal for the lazy traveler! This app enables anyone to just plug in a longed for location and be there! Perhaps, you are tired of scraping those icy windows on your car every morning, and would prefer to be living in sunny Florida! Zap! And you’re there! Perhaps your community is full of conservative cheese heads and you would prefer a more liberal style.
Zap! And you are in San Francisco! Zap will take you there!

So, that’s it- 10 Great Apps that would be cool to use on an IPHONE or maybe in Congress. It all just depends on you- and how virtual you want the world to get!

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10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant

There are not a whole lot of people that enjoy foreign movies. Watching dubbed movies or reading subtitled movies can sometimes seem like a task. The good news is that if you find it difficult watching foreign movies then you don’t have to waste one of your Netflix rentals. There are plenty of great foreign movies on Netflix Instant that you can try out if you’re not so sure about foreign films. These are 10 great Japanese films to watch on Netflix Instant.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Seven Samurai
Seven Samurai is such a great Japanese film that is one of a handful of Japanese films that are well known in the United States. Seven Samurai is about a village that is being threatened by a group of bandits. The village hires seven masterless samurai to protect the village. Not only was there an American remake of Seven Samurai (The Magnificent Seven) but it was also the first movie to popularize an ensemble of heroes like in Ocean’s Eleven or the Dirty Dozen.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Rashomon
In Rashomon a rape and murder take place and there are four differing accounts from the victim, the accused, a witness and the narrator. Each story is told with the final story being the true story. This technique was popularized by Rashomon. Previously movies that told a singular story several times did not necessarily end with the true story.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Yojimbo
Yojimbo is another Akira Kurosawa classic about a ronin that convinces the competing crime lords to all hire him as their protection. Yojimbo then plays all the sides against each other so they will kill each other in battle and peace will be brought to the town.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Tokyo Story
Kurosawa is well known but Yasujiro Ozu is another legendary Japanese director. Ozu’s best film is Tokyo Story, a film about a couple that travels to Tokyo to visit their children only to find out that their children are too busy to find time for them.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Gojira
Gojira, or Godzilla, is a title that everyone should be familiar with. Godzilla was the first Japanese movie that featured a giant monster, which is saying a lot because we know how much the Japanese love their giant creatures.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Twilight Samurai
The Twilight Samurai focuses less on the titular characters life as a samurai and moreso on his life as a father. Seibei Iguchi is a samurai who has lost his wife and now must balance his duties as a samurai and his duties as a father to his two daughters.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Ugetsu Monogatarai
Ugetsu was directed by Kenji Mizoguchi and won the Silver Lion Award at the Venice-Film Festival for best direction. Ugetsu is about two brother-in-law peasants. One is a potter and uses his money to treat his wife as often as possible. The other desires to be a samurai, wastes his money on samurai armor and abandons his wife when he decides to follow his dream.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Late Spring
This film directed by Yasujiro Ozu is based on a novel called Father and Daughter by Kazuo Hirotsu. Late Spring is about a daughter that lives with her widowed father. The daughter is content with taking care of her father and does not seem to be in a rush to get married. However, the father wishes her daughter would get married and conspires with his other married daughter to find a husband for his unmarried daughter.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: Branded to Kill
Branded to Kill is a film about a contract killer that falls in love, gets recruited for a job, fails the job and then is hunted by a mysterious hitman by the name of Number One Killer. The studio that made Branded to Kill was unhappy with the original script and at the last minute they hired Seijun Suzuki to rewrite and direct the movie. Suzuki came up with most of his ideas the night before filming or while he was on the set. The movie turned out to be a huge flop at the time but has gone on to gain cult classic status and has influenced many directors including Quentin Tarantino.

10 Great Japanese Films on Netflix Instant: High and Low
High and Low is another Kurosawa film, this one based on a novel called King’s Ransom by Ed McBain. High and Low is about an executive who wants to buy out the National Shoe Company in order to keep control away from the greedy executives. He must mortgage everything he has but before he can buy the company his son is kidnapped and held for ransom for the same amount of money. He must choose between saving the company or saving his son.

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10 Good Uses for Cottonballs

Cottonballs are most often used for makeup removal, facial cleansing, and in removing nail polish, but did you ever think of all the possible uses there may be?

Use cottonballs as stuffing — Cottonballs make great stuffing for craft pillows and other stuffed crafts. They are all cotton, so they are washable. Just be sure to use plenty when stuffing and to dry the item well if you ever have to wash it.

Hard-to-reach sink cracks are no trouble for cottonballs — Have you ever tried to get underneath, behind, and between your faucets when washing the sinks? Now you can. Use a cottonball. It flattens easily and can slide where your cloth or sponge cannot.

Quick bandages are a snap with cottonballs — Have you ever needed a bandage when you were out of them or on the run? If you keep cottonballs and medical tape around the house, you can make a quick band-aid that works well on any sized cut. Try keeping a small baggie with cottonballs and medical tape in your purse. You never know when you may think of something else to use them for as well.

Need a quick can cover? Try a cottonball — Have you ever opened a can of pop, only to realize you couldn’t finish it? Just stick a cottonball in the hole at the top and put in the refridgerator. It won’t go flat as quick it would without the cottonball. The cottonball absorbs the air. Just don’t push too hard or you’ll have a cottonball in your drink. Then, it won’t be fresh at all.

Cottonballs keep the tears away — Have you ever had to deal with a child who is afraid of the water getting in their eyes when shampooing their hair? Chances are you have. If your child is old enough, give the child a cottonball for each eye. Have the child close the eyes and hold a cottonball over each eye whenever you wash the hair. It helps keep the water out. Keep in mind that if you dump a large amount of water over the child’s head, the cottonballs will not protect the eyes. You must also be cautious, as always.

Use a cottonball, not your fingers — Are you not particularly fond of having diaper rash cream lingering on your hand or finger? Have no fear, cottonballs are here. Just use the cottonball to spread the cream onto the affected area.

Use a cottonball to swipe your data of fingerprints — Do your dvd’s, cd’s, and cd-rom’s have your children’s evidence stamped on them in the form of tiny fingerprints? Just dip a cottonball into some rubbing alcohol and wipe away the evidence.

Cottonballs make great pencil holder protectors — Are you a perfectionist who can’t stand the little pencil and pen marks at the bottom of the pencil holder? Just place some cottonballs in the bottom of the pencil holder and voila! This also takes away the annoying clinking noise the utensils make when you put them in the holder, also a must for perfectionists.

Make a Santa beard from cottonballs — Does your child need a Santa beard and fast? Just glue some cottonballs together in a triangular shape with white glue (not school glue, just plain white all-purpose glue). You can attach it to your child’s face using pipe cleaners. Just attach the pipe cleaners to the cottonball concoction by twisting them around the tips of each side and then bring the pipe cleaners around your child’s ears like glasses.

Prevent scratches on your computer desk with cottonballs — Does your computer keyboard or monitor make scratches on your nice desk? Just glue cottonballs to the bottom corners or all along the entire bottom edge with E-6000 glue.

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10 Great Get-away Lines to End Unwanted Conversations

Get-away lines can be as tricky to use as pick-up lines. If they are not delivered naturally and correctly, neither will produce the desired result. With using quick get-away lines, the idea is to escape the person who has tied you up in person or on the phone. It might be to avoid a prolonged exposure to someone that you do not like or that makes you uncomfortable. Normally, people try to avoid those that make it difficult to leave graciously. For those times when fate causes you to get caught in this snare, here are some suggestions to help you get away.

I left a long distance call hanging on the other line to answer your call.

This one may not always be true. It is also one that you must use sparingly because it will start to seem obvious that you did not want to talk to the other person. You also need to have some form of call waiting or multiple lines for this to work. If hurt feelings are what you are trying to avoid, this get-away line will get you off the phone about as quickly as any. A word of caution is in order here. Do not tell the person you will call them back later after this call is over. To avoid saying this, try not to give the person time to say more than good-bye before hanging up the phone.

I need to let you get back to whatever I interrupted.

Here is an interesting get-away line. It implies that you have cornered them for too long when the opposite is true. Frequently, by the time that you use this line, the other person will have probably forgotten that you did not initiate the call or the meeting. This line works well on the phone or in person. If you get a response about how you did not interrupt anything, just continue exiting the conversation with a follow up line. “I have got to go” will usually do the trick. Once you deliver this second line either leave or hang up quickly.

I was on my way someplace when we started talking.

Use this one on the phone or for a chance meeting in a public place. If the other person asks where, just say that you have several places that you need to be. Most people do not want to hear a list. So, this will usually end the conversation. A line like this can be a problem if the person decides to call you at home 5 minutes later and you answer the phone. Consequently, you need to use a little caution with this line.

Oh my! Look at the time!

Say this one with conviction, or it will not work. You need to make the other person think that you are late or in trouble or both. Never reveal why this particular time is important. You need to follow immediately with, “I can’t stay a minute longer!” Say good-bye and leave. You have not lied about appointments or tried to confuse them. You simply pointed out the time and left. They will assume that the reason that you had to go had very little to do with them. A variation of this line is to look at your watch and announce the time. “It’s four o’clock!” After that, it works the same way.

Well, it has been great seeing you again.

There are very few good come backs to this line because it compliments the other person while implying that you are leaving. It is a really great get-away line since it allows you to leave on a positive note. You can use this line as good-bye if you shake their hand or pat their back or shoulder as you walk away. They will be left wondering what just happened, but they will go look for their next victim.

My phone battery is about dead.

This works for a cordless phone at home or a cell phone. Everyone has experienced a low battery. Announcing means that you can either end the call gracefully or be rudely disconnected when the battery fails. Use some patent line like: “Have a good day,” and hang up. Do not answer the phone for the next 30 minutes unless you have caller ID.

Just hang up the phone.

If you are traveling, tell the other person that you may be encountering a dead area soon. At some point when their droning is going on and on, hang up. You will want to screen your calls before answering for the next 30 minutes or so. The next time you talk to them, if it comes up, tell them you are sorry about getting cut off.

Arrange for a phone call.

If you know that you are going to get cornered, arrange for someone to call you at a specified time. If you are having a face-to-face meeting, tell them you need to leave and leave. If you are on the phone, flash back and tell them it is an important call that will take a while and say good-bye.

Yawn and say, “I don’t know why I feel so tired.”

This one can be taken as an insult. Have a reason for being tired ready. Maybe it was a late night, or you have been stressed lately. When the other person says something that implies that they understand ask them to forgive your behavior. Follow that with a comment about needing to go rest. It should get you out of the conversation. Try to remember that you did this when you see the person again. This type of person usually has a memory like an elephant.

This is not a good time for me to talk.

You do not have to justify this one. Usually, it will imply that you are preoccupied with something and cannot keep up your end of the conversation. Tell them that you may try it another time and leave. This is usually taken well for some reason.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

10. Father of the Year Plaque – Show your appreciation for that special Father with a trophy or plaque that honors him as a Father.

9. Magazine Subscription- This is the gift that keeps on giving year round. Popular subscriptions are Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal and Muscle & Fitness. There are others that I would rather not mention, but I am sure would get a positive reaction, if you know what I mean.

8. Sports Tickets- Because Father’s Day is during the summer, baseball would the sporting event to get tickets for. Other options are wrestling events or golf tournaments.

7. Golf Getaway- Speaking of golf, a golf getaway is a really nice gift and a great way for busy dad to unwind.

6. Gift Basket- You are probably thinking Gift Basket?! Yup I said gift basket. You can find any themed gift basket nowadays including golf, baseball, car racing and snacks & movie lovers.

5. Clothing- I gave my father-in-law a T-shirt with his only granddaughter’s picture on it and it he has it folded in a drawer so that he can’t ruin it. Saying he worships it -is an understatement. If he isn’t the sentimental type, golf shirts and shorts work too.

4. Watch – They seem to be a necessity that men don’t splurge on. If he is wearing a watch with a plastic wristband, you need to read no further. Go shopping right away.

3. Barbeque Supplies- The weather is warm and there is a good chance you are having a BBQ to celebrate Father’s Day. Start the BBQ off right with new cooking tools for the BBQ cook.

2. Tools- This is a pretty obvious choice but a great gift nonetheless. Especially if you married someone like Tim Taylor – The Tool Man

1. A day to watch sports, pig out and do whatever it is, he likes to do. Consider this his special day. Things like breakfast in bed, renting his favorite movie (you know the one with all the guns, violence and macho stuff) and cooking his favorite dinner could be just what the father asked for.

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