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10 Great Ways to Make Money from Home

According to the U.S. Labor Department, 21 million people are working from home. With unemployment running rampant over the United States, more job seekers are beginning to use their skills, making money by freelancing. Although it seems like a monumental task, there are legitimate jobs online and from home which earn moderate salaries for those who want to work. Here are ten great ideas for people who want to work from home.

1. Freelance writing/editing – before you shy away from writing, everyone’s an expert at something and you can write about it. Write about anything, even your opinions. Here, your writing counts.

2. Translators – use your skills as an editor, translator or proofreader and get paid. There is an application process but it’s not difficult for those with this skill.

3. Blogger – Blogs are good starts for writers. Check out this article on The Digerati Life by Silicon Valley Blogger. To help with headlines, use online keyword searches to find the best keywords for your subject matter.

4. Repairman – Build a business by repairing items from your home from instruments to electronics. Advertise your services or look under Gigs on Craigslist. Either go to their place or make them come to you. Trade for broken equipment, you never know when you’ll need the parts. Finance them at 2% if they can’t pay now.

5. eBay – still a great source of income, eBay can make you a living. Bid on storage bins in your area, sell the items on eBay. Find out what people are trying to buy under the Help For Sellers tab. Remember, eBay is mostly customer driven.

6. Teachers – there are all kinds of opportunities for people to learn on-line. There are websites for conducting classes, colleges now use virtual classrooms. Homework help for college assignments and tutoring are available as a freelancer.

7. Musicians – tired of not getting paid as a musician? It’s time to send your posse out into the crowd and ask for your tips. Acoustic duos and one man shows are great for coffee houses. Ditch the band, play covers or originals. Record your own album at home and sell it at your shows.

8. Virtual Assistant – look for companies who employ virtual assistants by using the search engine. Go to their employment tab or join something like the International Virtual Assistants Association and offer your services.

9. Medical Transcriptionist – listening to doctor’s and transcribing what their saying into readable documents. If you think this is something you can do, talk to your own doctor and expand from there. You might even know someone at your church or club.

10. Call Center Representative – take customer service calls for companies with virtual offices. Apply to be a representative for the companies that have virtual call centers.

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10 Greatest Werewolf Films of All-time

One of the top grossing film franchises of all time belongs to those young pale-faced actors in “Twilight” while one of 2010’s hottest television shows was about zombies. With the exception of the Benicio Del Torro remake, the werewolf rarely gets used as the star of a movie anymore. Here is a toast to all those great werewolf films.

10. “Teen Wolf”
I was born in the year 1980 so I reserve the right to overrate any cheesy movie made in the 80’s. That is why “Teen Wolf” makes the list as the tenth best werewolf movie. Every time I see “Teen Wolf” it makes me want to surf on top of the van. I don’t know any other movie that gives me that kind of feeling.

9. “The Curse of the Werewolf”
In “The Curse of the Werewolf” a young boy turns into a werewolf while hunting. The urges to turn into a werewolf subdues and he doesn’t have a problem for a while. Later in his life he meets a young woman and falls in love. Unfortunately it is shortly after that he turns into a werewolf again. Chicks aren’t really into that.

8. “The Company of Wolves”
In “The Company of Wolves” a young girl falls asleep and then stories of werewolves are told in her dreams. One of the stories is a re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood with Angela Lansbury playing the part of granny. Well that’s no fun. She’ll have no problem discovering the wolf is the murderer.

7. “Ginger Snaps”
“Ginger Snaps” is a dark horror movie about two sisters that don’t want to grow up. The two sisters don’t want to grow up so badly that they have a suicide pact with each other. To make things more difficult Ginger begins to go through puberty at the same time that she is attacked and bitten by a werewolf. The changes she goes through as a werewolf then becomes a metaphor for the changes through womanhood.

6. “Wolf”
What “Wolf” lacks in a good title, it makes up for with its stellar cast. The cast of Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Plummer is easily the most critically acclaimed cast on the best werewolf movies list.

5. “The Howling”
“The Howling” was directed by “Gremlins” director Joe Dante and was based on a novel by Gary Brandner. “The Howling” was a fun horror movie that paid nice homages to previous werewolf films. Dante went as far as to name the characters in the movie after directors that made other werewolf films.

4. “Wolfen”
When a NYPD detective starts to investigate a string of murders he funds out about Indian legends about “wolf spirits”. The Indian angle that is often used with werewolves is one of my least favorite werewolf stories but “Wolfen” was still a string film despite that.

3. “Dog Soldiers”
Normally in werewolf movies the monster preys on regular civilians that don’t stand a chance. In “Dog Soldiers” a creature has killed an entire Speical Ops Squad. Another squad of British soldiers is on a training mission when they find the werewolves’ victims. Now the squad must survive the werewolves attack.

2. “The Wolf Man”
Before werewolf movies there were some people that actually believed werwolves existed. The traditional folklore is much different from movie werewolves and “The Wolf Man” and also “Werewolf in London” introduced many of the werewolf concepts that are accepted now. “The Wolf Man” introduced the werewolves’ weakness of silver are carried on the shapeshifting at full moon concept that “Werewolf in London” introduced.

1. “An American Werewolf in London”
“An American Werewolf in London” has a little bit of everything. It’s a little bit American and a little bit British. It’s a little bit comedy and a little bit horror film. Over the years “An American Werewolf in London” has become a cult classic to horror fans and is critically one of the most liked werewolf films. On Rotten Tomatoes “An American Werewolf in London” scored an 88%.

Lee Andrew Henderson has been writing for the Yahoo Contributor Network since 2006 and also writes a blog called Six Men, One Eagle.

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10 Group Gift Ideas for Coworkers for Any Occasion

Many jobs have office collections to raise money to buy a gift for a coworker. Finding a gift for a group to give a co-worker can be difficult. Everyone knows to avoid gifts that are too intimate, but it is hard to find a personalized gift and to get everyone in your group to agree on one idea.

Administrative Professionals Day celebrates secretaries, personal assistants, administrative assistants, and office workers. Formerly known as Secretary’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day always falls on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. For more information, visit The International Association of Administrative Professionals’ website.

Whether you need a group gift for Administrative Professionals Day or for any occasion, here are 10 gift ideas for your coworker that your group will not mind signing, “From All of Us.”

1. A card and flowers are appropriate for any occasion.

2. Buy a gift card to a coffee shop, bookstore, or spa. You could even get a gift card from a major credit card company- just be sure to watch out for hidden fees.

3. Another gift for a coworker is a desk accessory like a paperweight, picture frame, or vase.

4. Order a personalized plaque to honor your coworker’s achievements.

5. Any coworker would appreciate a food or wine basket. If the person is a chocolate lover, then order some gourmet chocolate. Tea lovers will appreciate a tea set. There are so many options.

6. Check your coworker’s favorite restaurant to see if they offer gift certificates.

7. Treat your coworker to lunch.

8. Give the gift of time off. This may not be possible, but if you can allow your coworker to take the afternoon off, that would be a wonderful gift.

9. Engrave a money clip for him or a compact for her.

10. Throughout the year, ask your coworker about his/her favorite things. Ask the name of his cologne or her favorite beauty products, and jot it down. This way, when it is time to buy a gift, you can buy a fragrance gift set or something else you know they will like.

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10 Halloween Books that Preteens Will Love

1. The Best Halloween Ever
The Herdmans keep terrorizing the neighborhood and now that Halloween is here, they are making trouble once again. Despite worries about Halloween being ruined, this year turns out to be the best. My pick for a not too scary but fun pre-teen pick written by Barbara Robinson.

2. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The classic tale of the headless horseman featuring Ichabod Crane and Katrina of sleepy hollow set in the 18th century. My pick for a classic Halloween novel written by Washington Irving.

3. The Halloween Tree
This book by Ray Bradbury features a milder version of his adult books but still spooky for the pre-teen crowd. Eight boys are led by a mysterious character named Moundshroud to different lands to see how other cultures celebrate Halloween. My pick for a pre-teen book written by a memorable spooky writer.

4. The Witch Family
A little girl makes up a witch family and uses drawings to control them. Until, one day Old Witch uses magic to draw them into her world. My pick for a fun Halloween read for girls by Eleanor Estes.

5. The Haunting Hour: Chills In The Dead Of Night
These short stories by R.L. Stine are great for reading in a darkened candle filled room. My pick for a hauntingly good pre-teen read.

6. The New Young Oxford Book of Ghost Stories Vol.2
A pre-teen pick that is not for the faint of heart. A collection of stories that is just right for the reader that is looking for something a little scarier than Goosebumps. My Halloween pick for ghost stories by Dennis Pepper.

7. The Witches of Dredmore Hollow
Elijah’s aunts have come and they are up to no good at the Magic Snippers beauty salon. Never does he suspect that his mother is a witch in disguise until the day they start receiving mysterious ingredients for their witches brew. My pick for a creepy yet fun story by Riford Mckenzie for pre-teens.

8. The boy of A Thousand Faces
Alonzo King suddenly becomes an expert on monsters after his town sights a mysterious being roaming the night. Brian Selznick writes my pick for a great scary story perfect for Halloween night.

9. The Monster’s Ring: A Magic Shop Book
Russell Crannaker becomes a monster with the ring purchased at Mr. Elives magic shop. Russell must remember that magic has rules or is it too late? Bruce Coville writes this fun read that is my pick for pre-teen chills.

10. Beware! : R.L. Stine Picks His Favorite Scary Stories
Goosebumps author R.L. Stine picks his favorite Halloween short stories that are my pick for when you just want a spooky read that isn’t too long. Perfect for a spine-chilling Halloween party.

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10 Great Songs for NASCAR Fans: Tailgate at Your Favorite Race with These Songs

NASCAR fans are usually not casual fans. They are diehards for their sport and for their favorite drivers. Because NASCAR season lasts 10 months out of the year, fans have a chance to get to any of the race tracks on the NASCAR schedule to see a race. Many of those NASCAR enthusiasts will be tailgating for hours before the big race, and you need three things for a good tailgate; Delicious food and drinks and mood setting music! Here are 10 great songs for NASCAR fans.

I Can’t Drive 55-Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar ripped this classic song back in 1984 and it is still a favorite of racing fans and NASCAR lovers. It sets the tone for you and your favorite driver; and we all know your favorite racer will be going much faster than 55 MPH on the track.


This hard charging 2006 song by Metallica starts out with, “Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme that which I desire, Ooh!” and it only gets more intense from there. If you are looking to get pumped up before your favorite NASCAR race, this is the song to do it.

Two Lane Blacktop-Rob Zombie

This song was released in 2003 and was used as a song for the Need For Speed racing game in 2005. This is metal music at it’s best. The beat will get you jacked up for the NASCAR race. I dare you not to bob your head back and forth when you crank this up.

Black Betty-Spiderbait (cover song)

This cover song by Spiderbait is so fast paced it’s hard to keep up with it. The same could be said for NASCAR cars going around Texas Motor Speedway at 200 MPH! This 2004 song/video has been watched on YouTube nearly 1.3 million times. NASCAR drivers have chosen this song as their intro music at races; it is made for the NASCAR fan.

White Knuckle Ride –Lynyrd Skynyrd

This song was written about dirt track racing, but that’s where most NASCAR drivers got their start. Whether you’re heading to your local dirt track or the big asphalt NASCAR race, this classic song works. “I had to wait all week for Sunday, but it never comes too fast..”, race fans know that’s the truth!

Speed –Billy Idol

Billy Idol says speed is what he needs, and that’s what this song provides. It’s typical Billy Idol, sounds a bit like White Wedding and Rebel Yell, but it works for the fan preparing to watch a race.

Life In The Fast Lane –The Eagles

This Eagles 1976 classic will definitely fit on your NASCAR playlist. It’s a great song that almost any NASCAR fan should know and appreciate. The fast lane they are talking about isn’t really racing, but it still works.

Sunday Money –Brooks & Dunn

This song was written specifically with NASCAR in mind, particularly Dale Earnhardt Sr. Every self-respecting NASCAR fan knows what Dale Sr. did for the sport before his death in 2001 on the last lap of the Daytona 500. This is a great song to honor the seven time NASCAR champion and it will remind you just how much these drivers love their sport.

Jerry Was A Race Car Driver –Primus

This 1991 song from Primus says, “Jerry was a race car driver, he drove so g-damned fast. He never did win no checkered flags, but he never did come in last.” It’s some sort of funky, but then so are us NASCAR fans. Add it to your NASCAR playlist, you won’t be sorry.

The Distance –Cake

This is not a metal song, nor country or rock-n-roll. It’s a 1996 song from alternative band Cake but it is all about race car driving. It begins with the lyrics, “Reluctantly crouched at the starting line, engines pumping and thumping in time. The green light flashes, the flags go up. Churning and burning, they yearn for the cup.”

Source: Author’s opinion,, YouTube,

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10 Herbs and Spices Every Kitchen Should Have

One of the things I have learned from cooking is that every kitchen cabinet needs to have the basic herbs and spices used to season dishes. Once the basic’s are covered then some extra herbs and spices need to be added to the cabinet. Here are 10 herbs and spices that every kitchen cabinet needs to have to season everything from soup to fish.

The Basic Must Have Herbs and Spices

Parsley – Use this herb for the mild flavor it adds to food and for the coloring it adds as a garnish.

Sage – This is a must have herb for seasoning any poultry dish. It has a slight peppery flavor and is best used on meats in a marinade but is also good in stuffing and sauces.

Rosemary – Rosemary is best used to season fish and seafood products but it is also a great seasoning for grilled meats, lamb and potatoes. I especially like rosemary on roasted red potatoes.

Thyme – This is the basic herb used in dishes from all over the world including French, Italian, Indian, Greek and Spanish cuisines. Use thyme on lamb, meats, poultry, soups and stews.

Whole Peppercorns – Once you have fresh peppercorns you won’t go back to pre-ground pepper. It is essential that your kitchen have a peppermill or grinder to grind whole peppercorns. Use this spice on any dish. It adds a nice kick to white sauces when you use the whole peppercorns instead of grinding them.

The Extra Herbs and Spices Your Kitchen Should Have

Bay Leaf – Use this herb in soups and stews, with vegetables or with seafood. The bay leaf has a sharp almost bitter taste that compliments these dishes well.

Paprika – How else are you supposed to season Deviled Eggs? Paprika can be used on almost anything to add a flavorful kick. Season rice, seafood, meats, and goulash with this spice made from dried and ground peppers.

Cinnamon – This is an essential in the kitchen for baking and making curries but cinnamon can also be used for hot drinks and it is especially good on French Toast!

Oregano – This is one of the main ingredients in Italian cuisine but it can also be found across the globe in Turkish cuisine and Greek cuisine. Use oregano to season pasta sauce, to add flavor to a salad, top off a pizza or when frying some vegetables.

Garlic – Fresh is preferable but powdered will do. Garlic is not only good for you but it taste great mixed with olive oils to create garlic breads and bruschetta. Garlic powder can enhance the flavor of pasta sauce and can be used to season meats, poultry and seafood.

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10 Greatest Neo Geo Video Games

Most video gamers my age have either owned or played a friends NES, SNES, Genesis, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox, Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. However, another good console of the past that did not have as many gamers was the Neo Geo. The Neo Geo was not as popular as the other consoles at the time but there were some good video games that came from the Neo Geo.

10) Neo Bomberman
The Bomberman series is probably known best on the Nintendo but the series has been on many consoles. There were two Bomberman games on the Neo Geo, Neo Bomberman and Panic Bomber. Both were enjoyable puzzle games but Neo Bomberman was the preferred version because it retained Bomberman’s traditional top-down gameplay.

9) Viewpoint
Viewpoint is a sub-genre of the shooter called an isometric shooter. Viewpoint was an arcade game in 1992 and allowed players to control ships and do the usual shooting and bombing of enemies. In 1992 Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded Viewpoint with both the Best Graphics Award and the Best Music Award in the cartridge game category.

8) SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
SNK vs. Capcom may not excite as many players as Marvel vs. Capcom but the games were still a lot of fun. The SNK featured characters from King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Samurai Showdown while the Capcom side was made up mostly of Street Fighter characters.

7) Crossed Swords
Crossed Swords is an action RPG with a fantasy setting. Crossed Swords was a good combination of action and RPG and allowed players to enjoy the RPG genre without the difficulty of most RPG games.

6) Shock Troopers
Shock Troopers is a shoot em up arcade game with a war setting. Characters walked on foot and had a gun as well as the ability to throw grenades. Shock Troopers is similar to a game like Commando on the NES but it has better graphics since it was later than the NES.

5) Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Garou: Mark of Wolves was the ninth and final game in the Fatal Fury series. Mark of Wolves was released late in the Neo Geo’s run and early in the Dreamcast era so it really pushed the graphics capabilities of the time. Fatal Fury never got as much attention as the Street Fighter games but for Neo Geo fans the Fatal Fury is a classic franchise.

4) Blazing Star
Blazing Star was a scrolling shooter that was released for the Neo Geo. Blazing Star and its predecessor Pulstar were similar to the R-Type franchise. Blazing Star was criticized for being a pretty easy game but made up for it with really good graphics at the time. Blazing Star used pseudo-prerendered sprites and CGI cutscenes.

3) Sengoku 3
Sengoku is a series of video games that was released on the Neo Geo console although the third game is very different from the first game. The third game was a about a clan of ninjas that tried to stop an outbreak of Japanese demons.

2) Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug is a very popular series of run and gun video games for the Neo Geo. SNK was going bankrupt when Metal Slug 3 was being made so they went all out figuring it was the last Metal Slug game. In Metal Slug 3 characters could take different forms depending on the situation including a mummy form and a zombie form.

1) King of Fighters 2001
King of Fighters is the eighth installment of the very popular King of Fighters series. King of Fighters is much like Fatal Fury, not the notoriety as Street Fighter but plenty of diehard fans that loved the series. One difference between King of Fighters and other games is that in King of Fighters players can actually make a team of four players and switch out the characters during battle.

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10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in TV History

10 of the greatest TV theme songs in television history will be discussed here! These 10 of the greatest TV theme songs in TV history list includes tunes about two brewery workers and an “All-American” family from Mayfield. Here they are in no particular order, 10 of the greatest TV theme songs in television history. How memorable are these renditions for you? They certainly are for me!

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 1: Making Our Dreams Come True, theme from Laverne & Shirley

Whenever I think or see the opening of the television show Laverne & Shirley (which is sung by Cyndi Grecco), I can get pretty energized by this TV theme song. The part I like best is watching the beer bottles go by, so associated with the city of Milwaukee, where the show took place for the first several years of the program until the setting changed to Burbank, California.

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 2: And Then There’s Maude, theme from Maude

Donny Hathaway sings one of the great feminist anthems of all time in such a way that gets under my skin as he croons about such feminine heroes like Lady Godiva, Joan of Arc, and Betsy Ross. The punctuating words in the song (“Oh…yea!”) and upbeat as well as fast-paced organ music, which really is the soul of one of the greatest TV theme songs in television history choice, for it causes my mind to think of this song for days on end after I’ve heard it!

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 3: Theme from Dallas

I never was a Dallas person, for Dynasty has always been my favorite show about the filthy stinking rich via their oil businesses, but I will admit that I have always enjoyed listening to this cutting instrumental television theme song for this show. I even associate the Dallas TV theme song with this really pretty girl from my junior high days who hailed from Texas (she looked kind of like Dallas star Linda Gray). She was the first girl to ever ask me out on an outing; that is, to go trick or treating with her.

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 4: Theme from Chico and the Man

According to Wikipedia, Carlos Santana turned down the opportunity to compose and perform this TV theme song. What television history would’ve been made had he done it? Nonetheless, the theme song that was created by Jose Feliciano and his wife is really emotionally-tugging if you ask me, which is why it’s one of my greatest TV theme songs in television history!

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 5: WKRP in Cincinnati Main Theme, theme from WKRP in Cincinnati

What a theme song that is so serious in sound and sung in a rather vulnerable way by Steve Carlisle. Ironically, it opens a show that had some of the most smart alec and off the cuff humor in television history! This TV theme is about program manager Randy Travis, who was played excellently by Gary Sandy. I like a lot of television shows that originated in the 1970’s, but WKRP in Cincinnati is right up there as one of my absolute all-time favorites thanks to the dingy characters like Les Nessman and Herb Tarlek.

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 6: The Toy Parade, theme from Leave It To Beaver

Various versions of the happy go lucky tune played throughout Beaver’s six year run, including a rather sophisticated version that matched the teenage ages of the boys by the 1962-63 season. I believe I’ve watched every one of the 234 episodes made plus the pilot at least once.

I won’t call myself the most expertly person on this show, but I bet I’d be in the top 5 per cent in the world for the original series that ran from 1957-63 (as far as knowledge goes). Ironically, I’ve never really watched any of the ensuing Beaver shows that were made. I met Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond – who was really nice) and Lumpy (Frank Bank) at the TV Land Convention in Burbank back in 2003!

To read about my favorite top 10 Beaver episodes, go to this Associated Content article.

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 7: Movin’ On Up, theme from The Jeffersons

Movin’ On Up is definitely one of the most popular of TV theme songs ever recorded. I hear people refer to it one way or another often, and it certainly relates to the premise of The Jeffersons, as George Jefferson built up his dry cleaning business over the years. Ja’net Du Bois, who starred on Good Times, sung this tune which has the most soul of these particular 10 of the greatest TV theme songs in television history choices.

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 8: This is It, theme from One Day at a Time

This is It is the most pop rockin’of my selections, which is sung in a really energizing way by Polly Cutter. Whenever I hear this song or think about it, I think of the goddess Valerie Bertinelli, who played Barbara Cooper. As she grew up on the show, she went from a “plain Jane” so to speak to one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, the first girl I fell in love with was a cross between the molds of Valerie Bertinelli and Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels. To read my top 5 songs about my first love, go to this Associated Content article.

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 9: Angela, theme from Taxi

I really love this instrumental song that opens Taxi because it evokes my emotions with its sad-sounding music. According to Wikipedia, this greatest TV theme songs in television history choice of mine was originally meant for one episode called “Blind Date”, but the producers liked it more than the theme that was set to open the show, and the rest is television history, as Angela became one of the best TV theme songs ever to be aired!

10 of the Greatest TV Theme Songs in Television History Selection Number 10: Theme from Family Affair

This television theme song reminds me of 1960’s upscale Manhattan, though this Frank De Vol music is also the kind that I associate with being at a carnival or county fair that’s brilliantly mixed with some champagne-like music.

Why does TV Land run the same episodes of the same classic television shows over and over again on a yearly basis or air their utterly stupid reality shows like High School Reunion (which features the most idiotic and despicable 20 year class anniversary pieces of cow manure on the face of this earth!!!), when they could devote some air time to shows like this? Where’s Uncle Bill and Mr. French when you need them, huh?

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