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10 Hollywood Couples Who Make Marriage Work

In honor of Valentine’s Day let’s review the hottest and most lasting celebrity couples.

1 Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have now celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, making them one of the longest Hollywood marriages in recent history.

2 Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne have one of the most successful and unexplainable marriages in music history. They are also one of the few couples to survive a reality show. They’ve made it through Ozzy’s drug addiction, raised their three children (and too many pets), and when you see them together you can tell it was meant to be.

3 Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble met on the set of “Growing Pains” the happy couple are still together. They were married on July 21, 1991. They’ve admitted faith has kept them together all these years. They also raise their six children, act, and founded The Firefly Foundation that helps terminally ill children and their families to a free vacation.

4 Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan married after playing a TV couple on “Family Ties,” they fell in love, had children, have survived regardless of his Parkinson’s.

5John Travolta and Kelly Preston first met in 1987 while on set for The Experts. By 1991, they were married in Paris. They actually had two weddings, due to the Scientology minister marrying them the first time, and it not actually being legal. On September 12 they were married again in Daytona Beach, Florida. They have three children together, including newest addition Benjamin Hunter Kaleo Travolta born in November of last year. Without a doubt the Travolta’s are the couple who have survived it all.

6 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson may have met on a 1985 movie set for Volunteers, but they have been married since 1988. They have supported each others career, starred in Hollywood roles, raised children together, and they are still growing strong.

7 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill tied the knot on October 6, 1996. She was actually chosen for The Spontaneous Combustion Tour where she opened as a supporting act for her husband-to-be. Still happily married they raise three daughters Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.

8 Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were both married to someone else when they fell in love. But look at them now. They tied the know on December 10, 2005 and made country music history. And Brooks is no stranger to charitable activities having created three charities that provide financial aid to charities for children. Here’s hoping the marriage remains strong! (Welcome back to the tour circuit Garth!)

9 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are another successful Hollywood couple. With raising their two children, and one from a previous marriage, they have worked together and admit divorce in not an option.

10 Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher married in 2005, and have since become a famous celebrity couple. Not that they weren’t already famous. However, they haven’t let age interfere with raising her three children from a previous marriage with Bruce Willis. Bruce is still a part of the equation, and he and Kutcher are even supportive of each other, often appearing with their large family in tow. Proving that age difference is but a number, when it’s true love – it works.

There’s your proof that love can be a blissful and lasting experience, even in Tinseltown. My husband and I will celebrate out 17th wedding anniversary in November. We make it work and our love holds us together. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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10 Home Improvement Projects You Should Never Do

What’s more important than saving as much money as possible when you’re renovating or repairing your home? You can really maximize your savings potential when you do it yourself. While many DIYer’s out there really know their stuff, these ten projects just shouldn’t be performed by the average homeowner.

1. Second Floor Roofing- This project is self-explanatory. Getting on a second story or high elevation roof, you’ll need the right training and safety gear to successfully navigate the terrain. It only takes one accident to be fatal.

2. Electrical Wiring- If you know a thing or two about electricity, you might not know all of the codes. Even if you were an electrician years ago, the National Electrical Code has significantly changed in the last few years.

3. Plumbing- Plumbing is an art form all unto itself. Without the right knowledge, skills and tools, your plumbing job just isn’t going to be up to professional standards.

4. Sprinkler Irrigation- Stay away from doing your own sprinkler systems. These complicated waterways can easily malfunction if they are improperly assembled.

5. Framing- Framers need plenty of tools-and experience. Even if you’ve had prior framing experience, unless you have extensive knowledge of the local building codes, then chances are you’re going to have a difficult experience with this don’t-do home improvement project.

6. Soffit/Fascia- While hanging your own soffit and fascia isn’t really a difficult job, many aluminum supply companies use their own installers. This allows installers to hang soffit/fascia below cost, making your savings obsolete.

7. Sod- Sod installers can really help save you money by hiring their employees to place the sod. Although this job may seem like a piece of cake, without a small army of workers, it could cost you a small fortune if you DIY.

8. Concrete- Although pouring smaller sidewalks and slabs isn’t too big of a job for the average homeowner, pouring a larger slab, driveway or sidewalk can easily allow you to get in way over your head.

9. Air Conditioning/Heating- Air conditioning units and furnaces alike are complicated pieces of equipment that takes years of training to understand. Call in the pros for this project.

10. Appliance Repair- Let the experts handle this job. Appliances have delicate electronics that can easily be damaged by an untrained hand.

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10 Hidden Triggers of Seafood Allergies

Anyone with seafood allergies knows that any time they try a new product, a new restaurant, or a new meal the are putting their life into their hands. A seafood allergy can lead to Anaphylaxis, which causes restricted breathing. When you live with a known seafood allergy you cannot shop without reading labels. When you live with a seafood allergy, you cannot eat at a new restaurant without first grilling the wait staff about their cooking methods and ingredients list. Even when you are diligent about avoiding seafood, there are some hidden triggers that can creep up on you. Here are 10 hidden triggers of seafood allergies that need to be avoided.

According to the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, seafood allergies are “much more prevalent than once thought, with more than 6.5 million Americans believed to be affected.” (Mount Sinai)

10 Hidden Triggers of Seafood Allergies

In addition to avoiding shellfish and fish and mollusks, people with known or suspected seafood allergies need to avoid the following hidden triggers of Anaphylaxis.

Worcestershire Sauce and Anaphylaxis

Worcestershire Sauce is one hidden trigger for an allergic reaction including Anaphylaxis.

Worcestershire Sauce that is made properly includes anchovies. It is not enough just to avoid Worcestershire Sauce including Lea and Perrins which is made with anchovies. Anyone with seafood allergies also needs to avoid any marinades or sauces that use Worcestershire Sauce. Even a trace amount of anchovies present in a small amount of Worcestershire Sauce in a marinade can trigger Anaphylaxis.

Worcestershire Sauce can be found in different BBQ sauces. In restaurants, Worcestershire Sauce may also be used to marinade prime rib, mixed in with meat loaf, or used in pork dishes.

It is best to avoid having any type of Worcestershire Sauce in the house. Also avoid eating any restaurant dishes which may include Worcestershire Sauce.

Glucosamine Supplements

Glucosamine supplements are used to ease joint pain and to improve cartilage health (Arthritis & Glucosamine Information Center) Glucosamine supplements are another source of hidden seafood ingredients. Some Glucosamine Supplements contain shark cartilage.

Anyone with seafood allergies and joint issues who would like to take Glucoasmine can take a vegan Glucosamine supplement, which will not trigger Anaphylaxis. For example, Deva Nutrition makes a vegan Glucosamine supplement that does not contain any fish or animal cartilage.

Avoid Cooking Seafood to Avoid Anaphylactic Reactions

Even the act of cooking seafood for someone else can trigger an allergic reaction including Anaphylaxis. When you have a known seafood allergy you should not ever handle seafood or cook seafood for someone else.

Inhaling the steam from cooking or cooked shrimp is enough to cause an allergic reaction including Anaphylaxis.

Imitation Crab Meat and Anaphylactic Reactions

If you have a seafood allergy and you still crave seafood, you should avoid imitation crab meat. Although it is not crab meat, it is still made with real fish. Some people who have an Anaphylactic reaction to shellfish also react to other fish, including flaky fish.

Caesar Salad and Allergies

When made correctly, Caesar Salad contains anchovies and/or Worcestershire Sauce. A Caesar Salad is best avoided when eating out unless you can determine that the salad and the dressing do not contain any Worcestershire Sauce or anchovies.

You can still enjoy a modified Caesar Salad at home, without fear of Anaphylaxis when you use a Caesar salad dressing that does not contain Worcestershire Sauce.

For those prone to allergies, traditional Caesar Salad can be a double whammy because it also contains eggs.

French Fries and and Anaphylactic Reactions

Not all restaurants fry their seafood separately from their other foods. While it would seem that they should, purely for the sake of taste, some just use the same fryer and the same oil. Eating any foods that were submerged and cooked in the same oil as seafood can cause an allergic reaction including Anaphylaxis.

Omega-3 Supplements and Allergies

Omega-3 Supplements, unless the are vegan, contain fish oils. Omega-3 Supplements should be avoided by anyone with a seafood allergy.

Deli Foods and Anaphylactic Reactions

In grocery stores where the deli is combined with the fresh seafood department, people with seafood allergies should purchase their deli foods elsewhere. It is too easy for the seafood to cross-contaminate the deli area.

The best way to avoid an allergic reaction including Anaphylaxis is simply to shop somewhere else.

Frozen Foods and Allergies

Any frozen food entree that is made by a company which also makes seafood entrees has the potential to have trace amounts of seafood. Companies which prepare frozen meals in the same factories and manufacturing machinery as seafood are not required to label their products. COmpanies which use peanuts are required to mark all foods made in the same facilities with a warning note about peanut usage. The same is not true for seafood.

Vegetable Sushi and and Anaphylactic Reactions

People with seafood allergies should avoid eating in any Sushi restaurant. Even some vegetable sushi dishes contain oyster sauce. In some cases, the seaweed may also cause an allergic reaction

Sources for 10 Hidden Triggers of Seafood Allergies

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10 Highest Grossing Documentaries of All-Time

Looking through the trailers on Trailer Addict made me realize something I’ve never known before. Movie fans can find trailers and ads of all the latest action movies and comedies everywhere they look and documentaries are almost never mentioned but there are more documentary films made than any other genre. The documentary goes largely unnoticed and even the highest grossing documentaries don’t compete with the other movies but these are the 10 highest grossing documentaries of all-time.

10th Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Religulous
Total Gross: $13 Million
Religulous is an interesting idea but ultimately fails. Bill Maher searches out people of faith to debate and tries to debate that religion is ridiculous (hence the name religulous). Unfortunately Maher, who I think is actually pretty smart, clearly chooses to pick on small people that he knows won’t stand a chance in a debate against him. If Maher had challenged somebody that could actually match wits with him then it’d be more impressive.

9th Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Capitalism: A Love Story
Total Gross: $14 Million
Capitalism: A Love Story is the first of many documentaries by Michael Moore on this list. Moore’s 2009 documentary centers on the financial crisis that has faced America in the last few years. The documentary includes many portraits of people that are suffering due to the crisis.

8th Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Madonna: Truth or Dare
Total Gross: $15 Million
Thanks to Michael Moore’s success as a director of documentary movies most people that go to see a documentary because of a person see it because of the director. This is a rare example of a popular documentary that has a person as the subject. Madonna: Truth or Dare follows the superstar singer during her 1990 Blond Amibition Tour.

7th Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Oceans
Total Gross: $17 Million (so far)
Oceans is a documentary from Disneynature. Disney did a wonderful job of crafting a stunning exploration of the undersea world but there didn’t really seem to be a message behind the documentary other than, “Hey, look at all this cool stuff underwater!”

6th Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Bowling for Columbine
Total Gross: $21 Million
Bowling for Columbine was the documentary that put Michael Moore on the map and won an Academy Award for best documentary. Bowling for Columbine explored the reasons for violence in the United States, especially violence involving guns and specifically the shooting that took place at Columbine High School.

5th Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: An Inconvenient Truth
Total Gross: $24 Million
The documentary on Al Gore’s global warming campaign was a success critically and at the box office. An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy Award for best documentary. An Inconvenient Truth has been credited with raising public awareness on the environment and some schools even present the documentary to their students as part of their science curriculum.

4th Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Sicko
Total Gross: $24 Million
Michael Moore’s 2007 documentary was Sicko. Sicko was a documentary on the health care in America. Sicko explored the fact that 50 million Americans do not have health insurance and even the people that do have health insurance are often the victims of fraud.

3rd Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Earth (2009)
Total Gross: $32 Million
Earth is another documentary from Disneynature. Like their previous attempt, Oceans, this documentary is certainly pretty to look at and if marveling at Mother Nature is your thing then so be it. Like its predecessor Earth doesn’t teach us or make us think about any particular topic.

2nd Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: March of the Penguins
Total Gross: $77 Million
If Oceans and Earth have points deducted for not having a point then I guess to be fair March of the Penguins should too. March of the Penguins is at least about a specific animal though and not just a bunch of general shots of different animals in different scenery.

1st Highest Grossing Documentary of All-Time: Fahrenheit 9/11
Total Gross: $119 Million
Fahrenheit 9/11 was a very controversial documentary but controversy sells at the box office. Fahrenheit 9/11 was another Michael Moore project. This one analyzed the Bush administration and the American corporate media during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Pasta Lovers

Do you have someone on your gift-giving list that is a pasta lover? The many gifts shown below are gifts that any pasta lover would enjoy receiving. The gifts listed are in a variety of prices, so you can find a gift for every budget.

1. Colander
A colander is a fine gift selection. It is very useful in helping to drain the pasta after it has been cooked. Colanders come in various sizes. They can be purchased in stainless steel, ceramic, etc.

2. Pasta Serving Dish
A beautiful dish used to serve pasta will look pleasing on any table. Even everyday meals will be special when pasta is served in its very own dish.

3. Cheese Grater
If the pasta lover likes to grate fresh cheese on their pasta, a cheese grater is a terrific gift. There are many different styles of cheese graters. Some include manual graters and rechargeable battery operated graters.

4. Pan for Baked Pasta
If the pasta lover on your list likes to prepare baked pasta, a baking pan is a super gift. They come in various sizes and shapes. The pans can be purchased in stainless steel, ceramic, etc.

5. Serving Utensils
Serving pasta with a pasta fork, pasta tongs or pasta serving spoon is nice. They all make serving pasta easy. Try to choose the one you think the recipient would like the best.

6. Pasta Machine
You can buy a manual pasta machine or the more expensive electric pasta machine. The pasta lover will be able to make fresh pasta with a pasta machine. Fresh pasta tastes absolutely delicious.

7. Pasta Cookbook
A cookbook with its many recipes will give the pasta lover a chance to try new pasta dishes.

8. Gift Basket
You can purchase pasta, pasta sauce, serving utensils, etc. and place in a container. Some ideas for the container include: a gift bag, a pasta serving dish, etc. If you are using a gift bag, you can simply add a ribbon and or bow to the gift bag. If you are using another container, you can wrap the “basket” with wrapping paper or cellophane paper, which you can purchase at some dollar stores, discount department stores, etc. Finish wrapping the gift by placing a ribbon and or bow on the package.

9. Individual Pasta Bowls
Eating pasta from a pasta bowl is a different experience. Your recipient will appreciate this gift.

10. Pepper Mill
Some pasta recipes call for freshly ground black pepper. A pepper mill is a perfect gift, grinding only the amount of black pepper that is needed. You can purchase them in various sizes and styles.

Hope that you found a gift for the pasta lover on your gift-giving list. Happy shopping!

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10 Hot Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is tough, no matter how you look at it, but you can do it with the help of these 10 great tips.

1. Make sure your doctor is on your team. Diets are hard, but feeling like you are alone makes it much harder. Keep checking in with your doctor before, during and after your diet process. Only they can give you specific advice about your situation, and the more you lose weight you will actually want to go and get on the scale.

2. Understanding Change. Having weight issues comes down to this, a pattern of unhealthy choices over time. To change it means you will need to use a different approach and lifestyle. Change means different. You can’t eat the same foods, in the same quantities, going forward to get different results. Seems simple to read, but more difficult to play out in real life, but it can be done and for some of us, it must be done.

3. Understanding Commitment. Most of us treat a diet plan like a kid getting a new toy. It’s great at the beginning, but after a while, the new toy isn’t new, and it gets left behind. A diet is important, and it should be viewed as more of a commitment than something that we “feel” like doing. Many of us have commitments in our life that are an important driving force in our lives, like; Political, Religious or Socially Conscious beliefs. These commitments are core to who we are, and they are important to continue in good times and bad. That is the idea of a commitment, it isn’t about how we feel day to day, it is about setting a goal and sticking to it.

4. The Purge. The first thing I would suggest is to get rid of the foods in your house that you went to again and again as comfort food. Change is different, and part of it is changing what food you have around you. High sugar, high fat, junk foods are the ones to target. No taking a bite as you say ‘goodbye’ to those foods and drinks that you purge. You will make better food and drink friends, trust me.

5. Eat like it was the 1900s. Living in these times is great, but it also can be not so great in terms of our diet and weight control. Back in the 1900s, people couldn’t have dreamed of driving up to a restaurant and order food from a window or going to a warehouse and buying a palette full of food. It was different back then, but there are things we can learn from them.

Try this, the next time you eat a fast food meal, think, “Did they have this in the 1900s?” Lettuce? Yes. Super Bacon and Lots of Meat burger? No. A way to think of it might be, the faster and easier that fast food is, the more it will have more calories, sugar, fat and preservatives, too. You want good food, not junk.

A better option is to prepare meals at home and take with you to eat. That way, you can check the labels, verifying the calorie count, fat count, etc and insure that it will be better for you. It is harder to take of high calorie extras (like cheese, secret sauce spread, bacon, etc) from a fast food burger, than not having it at home when you make it at home.

I know it’s tough, but remember the commitment we talked about, well this is a part of it. The more fresh, real food you eat the better you can feel and that will help your diet.

6. Dealing with a hunger pang. When you begin to limit your calorie count, you will be reacquainted with the hunger pang. The hunger pang tells your body, “Hey, it’s time to eat again,” but the only issue is these pangs can lead to over-eating. We will discuss that later, but let’s talk about how to handle the hunger pang.

As stated before, a hunger pang will happen when the brain says, “It’s time to eat, the body is hungry,” but if you are used to eating more than enough calories, you need to train your body to need less calories to lose weight. I recommend a few ways to handle a hunger pang;

A. Give it five minutes. There are times that the hunger pang with pass. It may be helpful to classify it between 1 and 10. You might ask yourself, How big of a hunger pang is it? A 4? Give it 5 minutes, and see if it passes. Sometimes it will.
B. Drink some water. Sometimes the stomach just wants something in it. Water (at zero calories) is a much better alternative than a sugar-filled, high calorie candy bar. Water can quench the hunger pang, but if it doesn’t,
C. Chew a piece of sugar free gum. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes your body just wants to chew something. Gum, many times will make the hunger pang subside. However, if that doesn’t work,
D. Eat a vegetable. A carrot or celery is a great, low calorie way to handle a stubborn hunger pang until it’s meal or snack time.

As time and the diet plan continues, you will notice your stomach will start to shrink and the hunger pangs will come under your control, instead of the other way around. We will have more hunger pang control tips coming, so read on.

7. Portion control. This is the toughest part of the diet. These days, we are surrounded by inexpensive food and a multitude of choices, but there are hidden calories in most of the fat, tasty food and if you think back, that’s what got you where you are.

You will have to win the battle of portion control.

It’s not easy, but it can be done. Make a fist and look at it, that it a good reference for a serving of a meat (like chicken or turkey). You may also want to get a scale and use your measuring cups or measuring spoons. The more focus you put on the calorie to portion, the more accurate your success will be when you weigh in and continue your weight loss and fitness journey. Don’t cheat on your taxes or portions. Just sayin’

8. A Silver Bullet to feel full longer. We’ve talked about our “friend” the hunger pang, but there is a silver bullet that will help you immensely, and it is fiber.

Have you ever wondered that soon after you ate the sweet snack, that you were hungry again in a short amount of time? I like to say that you only got half the snack with that.

See, sugar quenches the feeling of being hungry, but it doesn’t last. To be the Master of your diet and fitness journey, you need knowledge and tools. Sugar quenches a hunger pang, but fiber makes the quenched feeling last longer. A book I learned a lot more about this from was http://ift.tt/2cM1M3y. My silver bullet is… an apple.

An apple has 3 great things going for it; 1. Pectin, a natural sugar that quenches the hunger pang, 2. Fiber to make you feel fuller longer, and 3. It’s natural. There are no preservatives or ingredients that you can’t pronounce, it is a near perfect diet snack food. You might want to look up a list of other fruits and vegetables that have fiber, and incorporate them into your diet.

9. The weighing controversy. Weighing is a part of being on a diet. If you don’t know where your weight was, and where it is now, it is hard to tell how well (or not so well) you are doing. Weighing is a necessary evil, but here are some tips to make it not so bad;

A. Weight at the same time. You need to set a routine of when you weigh yourself. I weight myself in the morning, after my morning rituals and before I eat breakfast. That suits me best. Some say to weigh once a week, and others say weight every day, let’s talk about both sides of the spectrum.

B. Weigh weekly or Weigh daily.

Weighing weekly does work, and it can help with the self-esteem during the diet fluctuations throughout the week. It works, but there is another way…

I weigh myself daily, but it is not for those who put stock in a number. Why put myself through it then? Good question, let me explain; I want to track my weight daily, because I want to see what food and or exercise does everyday, so I can adjust it if I need to. If I only weigh once I week, I may never know if a certain food got in the way of my goals.

Water retention is a factor with your weigh in numbers. Women and men sometimes retain water for various reasons (including salt in your diet). Water weighs a considerable amount, so consider that,
Sometimes your body will hold onto some fat (because it thinks you might need it. Survival mode) for a day or two, but then it will let it go another day,
Muscle weighs more than fat. We’ll discuss this more later.

An alternative way to track weight loss is how your clothes fit, or for guys – how many belt loops are you using. This with the knowledge of how your body and reasons for weight fluctuation along with weigh in amounts, can help you track your weight loss better.

10. The three legged table of success. This (to me) is the most helpful piece of the puzzle, the three legged table.

Leg 1 – Watch your Calories. I would highly recommend you talk to your doctor and get a daily calorie amount that will help you lose weight. Once that number is established, track every calorie you eat on some kind of journal. This is vital. If you don’t know how many calories you are eating, you won’t be able to judge properly your weight loss progression. It is difficult to keep up, but it is important. If it is a paper journal, online journal or smartphone app, you need to collect all the intake of calories daily.

Leg 2 – Daily Cardio. You need to burn calories everyday. Even if you are staying within the daily calorie intake number, daily cardio is vital to the process. Your doctor can tell you what works best for you. Some may only do cardio 3 days a week, but to me, if I am going to change my lifestyle to lose weight, I want to get to my goal in the safest and shortest time possible. However, you and your doctor know what is best for you.

Leg 3 – Build Muscle. Now, I’m not saying you have to be a bodybuilder, but understand that muscle burns fat, and along with the other legs, this can help you get you on your way. Cardio alone can build some muscle, but resistance exercise using Yoga bands can also build muscle, as well. There are great resources that can help you build muscle, so schedule that into your weekly routine, and you will be doing yourself a great favor.

I hope you read and re-read these tips. Living a healthier lifestyle is a great way to live. Is isn’t easy, but making excuses and living an unhealthy lifestyle not only affects you, but your family as well. We are connected to others, and the more you make better choices for your health, it will benefit all your family and friends. Living healthy is really living. Best of luck to you.

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10 Ideas for English Muffins

I love English Muffins, there is just so much you can do with them. If you’re tired of the same old ways of eating them, here are a few ways you can put a great new spin on this delicious bread.

Eggs & Cheese
Split one English Muffin and toast it. Scramble some eggs and cheese together. When the eggs are done, sandwich between the English Muffin Slices.

Veggie Pizza
Split several English Muffins halves on a cookie sheet. Put a little tomato sauce on them, cover with mozzarella cheese, Griller Crumbles thawed, sauteed onion, sauteed peppers, mushroom and sprinkle oregano on top. Bake in the oven until the cheese melts.

PB&J Muffin
Toast an English muffin and quickly spread some peanut butter on one halve and jelly or jam on the other. Tastes good hot!

Sausage Muffin
Toast and English muffin and put in a cooked sausage, cheese and onions.

Tuna Melt
Split an English muffin, mix mayonnaise, parsley and tuna together, then bake it on the English muffin for about ten minutes.

Salad Muffin
Toast an English muffin, and put a sliced tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumbers and olives, peppers, and whatever else you like in your salad, then make it a sandwich.

Sloppy Joe
Instead of using a hamburger bun, use an English Muffin. Just imagine all the sauce juices trapped in all those nooks and crannies!

Chili Muffin
Put an appropriate amount of chili between your English Muffins, and chow down!

Chocolate Muffin
Split several English Muffins and place on a cookie sheet. Cover with a little olive oil, and toast. Then melt chocolate and cover over the English muffins.

Cheesecake Muffin
Toast several English Muffin halves. In a bowl mix cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and cool whip. Chill in the refrigerator. Spread on each halve and top with strawberries, cherries, raspberries or blueberries, and pour a little of the fruit juices over each halve.

With bread like this you can create a lot of different meals with it. When you are on the go, it provides a great way to prepare something in just a short amount of time. They not only taste good, they are very healthy for you to eat than plain white bread. Whenever you are at a loss of what to prepare, think of English muffins, or another food that is similar to create several other meals.

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10 Home Remedy Cures for Those Everyday Little Discomforts

There are many, many different minor situations we encounter in our daily lives that result in some type of discomfort. Insect bites, burns, the common cold, diarrhea, constipation…The list of these daily discomforts alone is almost endless and can be an article all by itself. Knowledge of home remedy cures for the most common types of these daily situations can make the difference as to whether you suffer from the discomfort for a brief period or longer.

Here is are some of the home remedies my Mom and Grandmother used for everyday ailments;

The remedy for head pounding headaches was not two aspirins. My Grandma would heat up a pot of water and add mustard powder to it. My Grandpa would soak his feet in it. Next she would tie a bandana tightly around his head at the forehead level and give him a cup of ginger tea to drink.

For stuffy noses from head colds and allergies there were multiple home remedies to select from. The one I disliked most was to inhale a pinch of ground pepper. There is also the adding of one-quarter of a cup of vinegar to the vaporizer. Or, peel and halve a clove of garlic and hold it on your tongue and inhale as long as you can take the fumes into the throat and lungs. Believe me…each of these stuffy nose home remedies work.

The home remedy cure for ugly cold sores is to tab them with yogurt or vinegar throughout the day. This causes them to dry up really fast.

You just burned your tongue with the hot filling on a piece of Grandma’s hot apple pie, to cure this discomfort quickly, sprinkle a pinch or two of sugar on the burned tongue area to ease the pain.

For non-serious skin cuts, a peeled and bruised half clove of garlic secured with a bandage over the injured area for 10 minutes or so halted the bleeding.

To reduce the discoloration which occurs whenever you bang one of your arms or legs, the home cure remedy was to place a slice of onion over the bruised area for 15 minutes or so.

There are many other home remedies and cures my Mom and Grandma used, including having us eat peanut butter to get rid of hiccups, eating a puree lemon mixed with salt to get rid of diarrhea, and standing on a cold floor to get rid of a cramped leg muscle. Something to due with the coldness reduced the blood flow and relaxes the cramped area.

I never truly understood the why’s behind the various home remedy cures my Mom and Grandma used to make me feel better…but I do recall they always worked. These are a few of the ones I still use as necessary. I trust they will also serve you in a time of need. Home remedy cures have withstood the test of time because they work. Knowing why is not always necessary when you know how. For instance, why would blowing the warm air from a hair dryer in your face and breathing in this air halt a cold from taking root? Another home remedy cure you can try.

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Resource: Personal Experience (things my grandma and mother use to do to me)

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10 Ideas for Inexpensive Garden Wedding Invitations

These ten ideas for inexpensive garden wedding invitations are simple ways to add your personal touch to your wedding invitations while saving money. Weddings can be expensive, but these inexpensive ideas are unique and charming. This article will provide you with 10 ideas for inexpensive garden wedding invitations.

1. Another inexpensive idea for making a garden wedding invitation is to handwrite notes on homemade paper. Make paper using recycled tissue paper and wrapping paper. Use inexpensive paint markers to write a personal message to your guests.

2. Plant markers are a fun and inexpensive idea for garden weddings. You can find inexpensive plant markers at local dollar stores or garden centers. They usually come with several in a pack. Simply write information on a plant marker and give to guests.

3. Send seed samples to garden wedding guests to encourage and inspire them. This inexpensive wedding idea can be made using envelopes, bulk seeds, a computer, and a printer. Print the name of the seeds on the envelope along with the wedding invitation details and the seed planting instructions. Place a few seeds inside the envelope and give to garden wedding guests.

4. Another good garden wedding invitation can be made using brown paper bags. Paint Invitation details on recycled brown paper bags with acrylic paints and cut the invitation out using pattern scissors. Roll them u and tie them with a ribbon before giving to your garden wedding guests.

5. Press wildflower and glue an individual flower to a small piece of scrapbook paper. Handwrite or print initiation instructions for your garden wedding on the paper and send to guests.

6. Use scrapbook paper cut into small rectangles and stamps to make several inexpensive wedding invitations for your garden wedding. Use pretty colored ink pads and butterfly or flower stamps for this wedding invitation. Write or print the message on the paper first.

7. Another inexpensive garden wedding invitation idea is to make leaf prints. Use a hammer, leaves, and light colored scrapbook paper. Place the leaves in between two pieces of paper and hammer the leaves gently. This will leave a leaf print on the paper. Write details or print them right on top of your leaf prints. ‘

8. An easy and inexpensive idea that will make unique garden wedding invitations uses your computer, Print pictures of flowers and gardens onto several small pieces of paper. Handwrite or print the invitation instructions for your garden wedding.

9. Use colored cellophane sheets and paint markers to make inexpensive invitations. Simply cut the cellophane into small sheets and send to your guests.

10. A unique garden wedding invitation idea that is also inexpensive can be handmade easily. Buy several paper fans from a local craft store and write the invitation details on the paper fan using permanent markers.

These 10 tips can be completed with little effort, and they will provide your garden wedding with that special feeling you want at your wedding. Try these wedding invitation ideas and you will happy with the results.

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10 Hot New Business Ideas for the New Year 2009

If you are looking for a hot new business idea for 2009, there are many options to choose from. Many unexpected markets are opening up and provide room for a wide variety of business opportunities that you may not have considered. Targeting services or products to meet the needs of these expanding markets are the best businesses to start in 2009.

Isabel Isdro the managing editor for PowerHomeBiz.com looks at the hottest markets today. She offers great business ideas. Reaching small business with your services is number one on her list. The growth of small business is around 25 million. These small businesses will show substantial growth to 2025. Isabel suggests connecting with local and state agencies that provide funding for contracts for businesses. The growth in monies for these agencies is expected to be close to $2, 500 billion by 2014.

Other growing markets prime for a start up business markets include Hispanic, Gay and Baby Boomer Communities. Services or products targeted to these communities are some of the best businesses to start.

BabeofBusiness.com offers business ideas for entrepreneurship in 2009. It suggests that the best businesses to start are services to social businesses and developing co-ops. Co-ops are serving more than 100 million members in the U.S. and even more World Wide. The Babe of Business recommends a trip to MyGoals.com to get you started on your goals for 2009.

Springwise.com is a great site for business ideas with the environment that will be growing in the future years. They cover businesses in windpower, eco-friendly moving supplies, recycling, solar power and Eco starter Kits and more. According to Springwise.com over 80 percent of Americans indicate they are seriously concerned about the environment in 2007; however only 30 percent are active and are doing something about it. Services or products to meet these markets are some of the best businesses to start. In my state, wind power seems to be the hot thing with companies popping up windmills throughout the state. England produces biodegradable milk jugs and a similar business in the U.S. is a great business idea

When working from home using the internet there are many hot business opportunities for 2009. Ebay is still at the top of the list. The question is finding the product or products that sell on your Ebay site. This might take some time or maybe you already know what you want to sell. Ebay has a tutoring program to help you get started with online help.

Creating your own designs and putting them on T-shirts, mugs and calendars can be easy with Cafepress.com. Café press provides help throughout the process. They offer a fourteen-day trial to try your designs online and connect to Ebay.

If you are a talented writer, you can get started writing online through Associated Content or Demand Studios; people are always looking for the information on the highway. Some sites pay from three to 100 dollars for short articles.

Affiliate programs are very profitable through websites. However, your website needs to be established and the programs must tie in with you customer base. At About.com, there is an Online Business Quickstart article by Gregory Go that covers Web Hosting, Domain Names, Building a Website and more. http://ift.tt/2cDgRqS

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