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10 Minor Life Style Changes that Can Save You Money

I live a fairly simple, frugal life and over time I’ve learned some very easy, simple ways to save money through minor life style changes. Some of these ways you may already know, but others may be new to you. Not all these will be appropriate for everyone or meet everyone’s situation.

Pay your bills online
My credit union recently started offering free bill pay online. I can use their service to pay all my bills, even those to individuals. In the process I now save the cost of the stamps, as well as dramatically reduce the number of checks I use, which also saves me money. If you pay five bills online monthly, as opposed to mailing in checks, this will save you about $2.50 per month or $30 per year, using the current postage costs.

Use a credit card that gives a percentage back
I use one credit card for my purchases whenever I can that gives 1% back. I pay this credit card off in full every month. This is particularly useful to me since I purchase my postage for my book business using my credit card; this allows me an easy way to discount a regular expense, which certainly saves money. However, I need to mention if you struggle with credit card debt or have difficulty paying off your card on a monthly basis I would not recommend this strategy; the interest you’ll be paying will far offset the financial benefits.

Purchase your priority postage online through USPS.COM
If you want to mail a package USPS Priority, you can get a discount and/or free tracking if you purchase your postage through the USPS.COM website. This includes international priority. Another benefit is that you don’t have to stand in line to purchase your postage; you just drop off your package at your post office, and side step the line. If you mail priority packages regularly, like I do, those pennies you save on postage adds up in time, and the service is free.

Maximize your public library’s resources for free entertainment
I am fortunate to have access to not one, but two quality public library systems. I love to read (which is very helpful as a bookseller) and like watching movies, being your average media addicted American. But I can’t afford to purchase every book new that I’d like to read or even afford to rent every movie I’d like to see. Fortunately my libraries have these lovely services that allow me to place requests for movies and books currently on the shelves, as well as put in purchase requests for newly published books. It requires patience to go this route – it may be a few weeks before your requests become available – but knowing you didn’t pay a penny beyond your normal taxes makes reading that book and watching that movie more pleasurable, in my personal opinion. If you read as much as I do, you will definitely save money.

Dry your laundry outside when the weather permits
Here in Eastern Washington we have several months of sun and heat. Spending the money to run an electrical dryer during the summer here would be an utter waste; I have a clothesline and I use it. I know not everyone has this luxury or possibly lives in an area with restrictive neighborhood covenants, but if you can do it, do it! I’ve never calculated how much money I’ve saved doing this, but I know if I had a family, it would be substantial.

Walk, bike, or take the bus
When gas prices continued to go up and up, I started to pay attention to how many times I drove to places that I could have easily walked to. It is sometimes more time-consuming to walk, bike, or take a bus over driving a car, but the money you save with reduced costs, and the extra health benefit might just be worth it for you. One place I mail my packages from is about 1/3 of a mile away; instead of driving there, I’m walking now. The reality is once you add in the time it takes to start the car, back up, deal with traffic and park, it is comparable to the time I would have spent if I had just walked. If you start walking regularly as opposed to taking the car for shorter trips, you will definitely save money and will feel great doing it.

Buy generic or store brand products
I almost always buy generic or store brand products whenever I can. They are almost always markedly cheaper than the flasher, pricier and more well known brands, and contain all the same ingredients. Just with my contact saline solution, for example, I found I could save almost $2 per bottle by going generic! As this is something I need to purchase regularly, this is a very easy way to save money. Grocery stores often put the generic or store brand right next to the more expensive competitor, so you can see the comparison.

If you want to see a movie in the theatre, go to a matinee
There are some movies which I will pay to go see in a theatre, though they get fewer and fewer every year. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price by going to an evening show; I have almost always gone to the matinee. With matinees costing $6 now this is still pricey, but compared to $9, it is a definitely cheaper. This is a very easy way to save money.

Use phone cards and take long distance off your phone plan
I know there are multiple phone plans out there, so this might not work for every one, but what worked for me was to take long distance off my landline phone plan and switch solely to phone cards. I purchase these phone cards from Costco for about 3.5 cents per minute and can access long distance through a toll free number. This was much cheaper than what my phone company was offering and can be used at any time, from any phone. This also reduced my monthly fee from the phone company, since I now have a very basic, local only phone plan. I don’t know how much money I have saved doing this, but it is substantial.

Buy cheap soda pop or stick to water
OK, I had to include this, though some of you soda snobs may object. I can purchase 12 cans of diet Shasta pop for $2.35. That’s $0.19 for a can of pop! When I was visiting my family in Colorado, their grocery stores didn’t have Shasta, they sold something called Big K, for similar prices. I must not be discerning enough of a soda pop drinker to see why people are willing to pay so much more for their Coke, Pepsi, or 7 UP, when you can get comparably flavored drinks from Shasta and Big K. And then when I see how much restaurants and movie theatres charge for soda… come on, people! Just water for me, please! If you were to add up how much money you saved by making this simple change in your drinking habits, I think you would be astonished.

In conclusion, I know that I’ve only scratched the surface of the simple ways you can save money by making minor life style changes. These are just some of the ways that have worked for me, and hope that some of these will work for you, as well.


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10 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Boot Camp style workouts are very much the craze in the fitness industry right now. This is because they are a great way to burn lots of calories in a short period of time. They are easy to fit into a busy schedule, and can be done practically anywhere with very little equipment. Boot Camp workouts are extremely efficient as you can work your whole body in a short period of time with extreme intensity. They also avoid boredom as every workout and each exercise is different. Boot Camp style workouts combine a series of calisthenics like jumping jacks, crunches, pushups, and other body weight exercises. You work your heart and muscles by going from one exercise to another with no rest (just like super setting your exercises). They also provide a person with a great way to combine cardiovascular training with strength training. In Boot Camp, your challenge is to take your body to its limit. You work, you sweat, and best of all you burn calories like crazy. Your workout will be as challenging as you want it to be- work hard and work strong!

Time efficient workouts can help a busy person attain a healthy lifestyle. An hour is often a large commitment that many people cannot make to fitness. It is my personal belief that any exercise is better than no exercise…and I always advocate if you do not have one solid hour to dedicate to a workout- then get in 10, 20 or 30 minutes! Whatever time you have!

For this 10 minute Boot Camp workout, I have created a superset with two of my favorite moves- to help strengthen your entire body and get your heart rate pumping! Perform this routine in the morning before you leave for work, then try to sneak in some cardio throughout the day, whether it’s taking the stairs to your office, walking to work, whatever! You will see results in no time!

Be sure to change up your routines and not work the same muscle groups on consecutive days. Do what you can when you start. This workout was not meant to be easy. Also be sure to warm up and stretch out before you begin. This is a total body workout that is meant to be challenging. Try to make your movements continuous and exert maximum effort. Drink water as needed. Good luck and have fun!!!


Perform 10 reps of the exercise described below to complete one set. Rest 1 – 2 minutes in between sets; perform 3-4 sets depending on your fitness level.

Start position: Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Crouch down into a deep squat position with your legs together, palms on the ground and hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. In an explosive movement jump/shoot both legs backward into a push up / plank position. Keep your abs tight and back flat. Bend your elbows and lower down into a push up. After you push up into plank position, then jump both knees back into your chest to return to the deep squat position. From there, leap straight up into the air, striving for maximum height. Perform all four movements in fast succession to complete one repetition.


For more Boot Camp Workouts check out

Please consult with your doctor prior to starting this or any exercise program

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10 Love Quotes for Valentines Day or Other Special Occasions

Sometimes the best way to say “I love you” is with a good quote. Throughout the years, writers and philosophers have pondered the idea of love and shared their insightful wisdom through a simple quote.

This year, consider adding a love quote to a homemade Valentine’s Day card or add a love quote to a gift. Modern romantics may even want to consider sending a love quote text message to their loved one or an email.

Love quotes are the perfect way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. The top ten love quotes come from a variety of inspirational people.

1.”We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

2. “There is no remedy for love but to love more.”
by Henry David Thoreau

3. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched–they must be felt with the heart.”
by Helen Keller

4. “Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love.”
by Virgil

5. “The love we give away is the only love we keep.”
by Elbert Hubbard

6. “And in the end, the love we take will be equal to the love we make.”
by The Beatles

7. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”
by Aristotle

8. “Real love stories never have endings.”
by Richard Bach

9. “To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.”
by Lao Tzu

10. “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”
by Franklin P. Jones

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10 'Mom-Tested' Ideas for Keeping Your Toddler Active During Fall

My family and I live in the suburbs of Southern California. In the summer, the temperature often exceeds 90 degrees. Thus, I welcome the cooler months. Fall means I can take my three-year-daughter to the park at any time of the day. When October hits, we can frequent pumpkin patches and be out with nature. While it’s much easier to keep my toddler active during autumn, it can still be a challenge. These 10 fun, “mom-tested” activities will ensure your toddler is never bored in the fall months.

Decorate Pumpkins Cookies

What kid doesn’t like to decorate cookies? Making pumpkin cookies is an easy way to involve kids in the cookie process. If you are good at baking, you can make your cookies from scratch or buy the pre-made dough. Give your child a sturdy chair to stand on so he or she can help roll out the dough. Then, cut the dough with plastic, pumpkin shaped cookie cutters. After baking, have orange and green frosting for decorating. Sprinkles are a must for those finishing touches. Don’t expect these cookies to look perfect; after all, a toddler made them.

Finger Paint with Autumn Hues

If my daughter could do art all day long, she probably would. Finger painting is one of her favorite activities. After covering up your child’s clothes with a smock, take brown, orange, red, and yellow finger paints and let your child make a masterpiece.

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

My daughter enjoys exploring. You’d be surprised how many colorful leaves and unique creatures my daughter and I have found minutes from our doorstep. Before going on a nature scavenger hunt, give your toddler a short list of items to find. In my neighborhood, I know that I can find lizards and yellow leaves in abundance. However, if you live in the Northwest, red leaves and pinecones might be something you are more likely to find.

Make a Leaf Collage

After your scavenger hunt, take some of your child’s favorite leaves for a leaf collage. First, flatten the leaves between the pages of a book. Then, allow your toddler to stick the leaves onto a piece of clear contact paper. When he or she is done, cover it with another piece of clear contact paper.

Go to the Local Pumpkin Patch

In my area, we have a wonderful pumpkin patch called Lombardi Ranch with acres of activities. The giant pumpkins and the stacks of hay are great fun to climb on. While the train rides and petting zoo costs more, admission to many pumpkin patches are free. Thus, this is a good place to go to get some fresh air and see the fall sights.

Story Time

When fall rolls around, many libraries have toddler story times. My daughter loves the story and, afterwards, there is often coloring or a craft. Check your local library for toddler and preschool story hours.

Fall Picnic Time

Gather up some of your toddler’s favorite fall foods. For me, it would be apples with peanut butter and some pumpkin bread. Bring a soft blanket and watch the leaves flutter down at your favorite picnic spot. If it’s too cold, bring your picnic inside!

Obstacle Course

Most toddlers I know are very active. Cooler temperatures are optimal for physical activity. Invite some of your toddler’s friends over for a backyard obstacle course. Use some old tires or hula-hoops for jumping through. Add some cones or plastics bowls to run around. At the end of the course, make a big pile of leaves for the kids to jump in.

Go Apple Picking

My daughter is lucky enough to have grandparents with their own fruit trees. Fruit and vegetable picking is a great way to teach your toddler where produce comes from. Many of us, however, don’t have the space to grow our own produce. Luckily, there are many local farms and orchards that allow you to pick your own fruit. In the fall, apples are a good choice because they are in abundance. Go to to find a farm to visit. Afterwards, make an apple pie or applesauce.

Family Campout

If you live in Southern California like me, you can camp outdoors for most of the year. However, not everyone is so lucky. An indoor campout is a fun alternative. Set up a tent inside and have a family campout. Then, make indoor s’mores with graham crackers, chocolate frosting, and marshmallow fluff. Pick some great picture books for story time. When it gets dark, you can make shadow puppets on the inside of the tent walls.

Try out some of these activities and, before you know it, fall will be over.


Personal Experience

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10 Money Saving Tips for RV Camping

You’ve invested in an RV, now get out and enjoy it. Use the following money saving tips for RV camping to make your RV trip more affordable and more enjoyable.

Save money by checking tire pressure before setting out on your RV camping trip.

In the midst of high gas prices of 2008 everyone was encouraged to check tire pressure. Riding on improperly inflated tires can cost more money in gas. Checking tire pressure became a bit of a joke, but the truth is that tire pressure matters. You can waste a lot of gas driving on improperly inflated tires. Save money by taking a few minutes before your trip, and throughout your trip, by stopping to check tire pressure.

Save money by taking advantage of free offers for overnight RV parking when you are traveling.

If you have been RV driving for any time, you know that you can’t just pull over anywhere and park for free overnight when you are traveling. You may end up with a ticket, a locked boot, or towed. A handful of businesses recognize the value of RV customers. Some offer free overnight parking while you are in transit to your getaway location.

Walmart, Sam’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Kmart allow free overnight RV parking. Check with local store managers to be sure there are not local ordinances prohibiting overnight RV parking. Many Cracker Barrels have extended parking spaces for RV’s, but it is up to the store manager whether overnight parking is allowed. When you go inside for dinner it is a good time to check the store manager’s policy. When they see that you are a customer and know that you are likely to get a good breakfast in the morning, as well, they may be more inclined to let you park. Some Flying J Truck Stops will allow you to park, but may direct you to a specific part of the lot, so be sure to ask.

Other retail centers with large parking areas, like Target, may also allow you to park for free, but always ask to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Save money by buying groceries and supplies at a mainstream grocer or retailer before you reach your destination.

Regardless of where you are going, camp stores and retailers associated with a vacation location are going to be more expensive. Once you have set up your RV camping site you will spend too much money on even the most basic supplies if you buy them from a camp store or convenience store. Spend a little time in a grocery store or Walmart to stock up on everything you need before you park.

The only other option is to tow a car so that you can reach nearby towns for reasonable prices.

Save money RV camping by knowing state towing laws.

How can knowing state towing laws save you money? It will help you avoid getting a ticket. Some states have outdated laws that have not kept up with RV development and the towing of vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. Don’t waste money on tickets. Do your research before hit the road.

Find inexpensive RV camping at state and federal parks.

Save money with inexpensive RV camping at state and federally maintained parks. Fees are inexpensive and amenities are generally well cared for including clean showers, restrooms, and waste dumps for RV campers.

Cook over a campfire instead of using propane to save money.

Set up at a campsite where you can cook over an open flame, rather than using your expensive propane stove or grill in the RV. It’s easy to cook over a fire, especially with camping equipment like grilling baskets, grilling tongs, kebab skewers, and extended hotdog forks. Gathering firewood will not only save money by saving propane, it will also keep the RV from getting hot when you cook.

A slow cooker or Dutch oven can also be plugged in outside to electrical hookups.

RV Camping Money Saving Tip: Spare the air conditioner, but not the cool breeze

Don’t sit outside your RV and sweat, and don’t sit inside running the motor to keep the AC on. You aren’t traveling to stay trapped inside your RV. Being outside, with the AC off inside, will give your battery and converter a break.

Scout out an RV campsite without a spot with nearby shade. The shade doesn’t have to be right outside your RV door, but within your campsite.

Set up your chairs in the shade and plug an oscillating fan into the campsite’s electrical hookup. Don’t forget to throw a couple of extra extension cords in the RV when you pack to go camping. You should also carry a three prong adapter.

State Parks and KOA campgrounds can save you money by offering free activities for children at the campsite.

When traveling with children you have to keep in mind how you will keep them entertained. Plan ahead. Check out state parks, which offer inexpensive RV camping, to find campsites that offer free miniature golf, pools, and other activities. KOA RV camping sites often have an activity room with a pool table or other games to help keep the children occupied.

You’ll save a bundle of money by having access to free activities. Don’t forget to enjoy other activities like hiking, biking, and swimming in local swimming holes or beaches.

Save money RV camping by traveling out of season.

If you are free to travel whenever you like, take advantage of off-seasons at the beach, in the mountains, or other tourist spots. You will save on gas and likely find off-season rates at RV campsites. Very often seasonal rates are built around the traditional school year. This gives you lots of options, when the weather is still ideal for travel, for RV camping at discount prices.

Money saving tip to keep your RV clean.

There are all kinds of special products on the market for cleaning your RV. While it is true that you have to be cautious using harsh chemicals on rubber roofed RV’s, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on special solvents to keep your RV clean and shiny. Regular dish washing detergent is an inexpensive A+ cleaner for RV’s. Dish soap will wash away dirt and grime from the sides and top of the RV. Use a slightly more concentrated mixture of dish washing detergent to clean the front windshield and grill. A little elbow grease will remove bug splats and even tar spots.


Free Overnight RV Parking

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10 Low-Cost and Creative Ideas for Mothers Day Gifts

The idea of Mothers Day was originally conceived by a woman named Anna Jarvis who in turn got the idea from her mother, who always hoped that mothers would be remembered for the sacrifices they made. After her mother died Anna Jarvis petitioned for the holiday for years before it became official in 1914. What Anna Jarvis did not foresee was the holiday being commercialized and her vision of a day of rest and appreciation was destroyed.

Mothers Day has long been a gifting holiday but today’s economical climate is changing that.
With job lay-offs and the rising cost of living, it’s time to get creative and back to basics. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your appreciation for your mother. She’ll notice that you took more time out of your day to do or make something special than just standing in line to buy a card and a gift.

Imagine the bragging rights your mom will have among her group of friends. “My daughter/ son made this..’ or “My daughter/son did this..”

Try these ideas or use them as springboard for even more creative endeavors:

Pick flowers and write a long heart felt-letter of appreciation telling your mother how you feel about her. Put the flowers in a nice vase, attach a note and deliver.

Make a card or small picture collage using pictures from your mothers childhood up to the present. Add pictures of family that are special.

Make IOU coupons. You can offer to do anything from running her errands for a day to spending a day cleaning the grout in her bathroom.

If you are crafty make- bath salts,soap or candles. Put the goodies in a nice basket with a good book. This costs money but if you already have the materials on hand-go for it!

If you can knit, crochet or sew, whip something up you know she’ll use, like a scarf in her favorite colors or small sachet bags for potpourri to perfume her drawers and clothing.

Show up in the morning before she’s awake and make her breakfast. Make sure you let her sleep in.

Throw a barbecue instead of waiting in a long line at a restaurant. Take over the grill and get your parents talking about the “good old days”.

Rent or buy favorite movies from your mothers childhood. Get the kids, pop some popcorn and have a family viewing.

Make a plaque out of concrete. Have family members press their hands into it to by generation date, embed stones or other weather proof items and let dry. It could be used as a stepping stone,door stop or propped up in a flower bed.

If you’re still living at home “Clean Your Room’. Nothing pleases a parent like a clean bedroom.

The possibilities are endless just use your imagination and your hands will follow.


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10 Minute Carpal Tunnel Release: No Stitches, Fast Recovery

There is a shorter, less invasive carpal tunnel release surgery that takes only 10 minutes. Traditional carpal tunnel release requires up to three months of recovery, leaves scars and requires restrictive bandages up to two weeks following surgery. The shorter surgery is called stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release.

The incision is 1 centimeter and results in minimal scarring. A local anesthetic is used and there are no bandages necessary. Stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release offers no restrictions after 48 hours and a recovery time of just one week. Stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release results in much less pain than the traditional “open” surgery.

Dr. John T. Knight, MD, an L.A.-based hand and wrist orthopedic surgeon and director of the Hand and Wrist Institute at the D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Center, performs the stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release. I asked him some questions.

Why isn’t the stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release more well-known?

This technique has been around since the 90’s but has become much more sophisticated. When I first went into practice in the early 90’s I treated quite a few patients with complications from other doctors that took a weekend course and were not hand specialists. Once the equipment has become much more refined I began doing the procedure in the recent past. I have had excellent results and a much quicker recovery than the older open procedure. There at two common techniques: one vs. two incisions. I use the single incision which minimizes scarring.

Can you comment on infection risk with stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release, vs. the traditional open carpal tunnel release?

I have never had an infection with either procedure, but usually the less invasive, the less infection, as the larger wounds are exposed to the air longer. With any procedure, no matter how minor, there is always a risk of infection. Outpatient surgery centers, like the one at D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Center, have lower incidences of infection than a hospital, even if done in an outpatient setting. We take extra precautions to ensure against infection, and is vitally important that any facility adhere to strict guidelines of hygiene and cleanliness to reduce the risk whenever possible.

Why don’t more surgeons utilize the stitchless endoscopy method for carpal tunnel release?

Most surgeons are creatures of habit and if they have had pretty good results with the open procedure, then they are unlikely to want to try a new technique. Many surgeons find it difficult to learn endoscopic procedures, as it requires an ability to work with longer and smaller instruments at a distance from the structure to be repaired, or released in this case.

Are there any contraindications to the stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release, that would require the patient to undergo the open method?

If a patient has had a previous open release with recurrence, significant inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, a tumor, or incomplete visualization doing it endoscopically.

Is the “local” anesthetic literally local to the hand/forearm, or is it actually a nerve block for the entire arm?

Usually we give a local injection in the palm and wrist along with intravenous sedation. This allows for a quicker recovery for the patient, who can then begin mobilization of the hand and wrist within an hour or two of the procedure. It is not uncommon for the patient to be able to hold a glass of liquid within a relatively short time span. When they are discharged a few hours after the procedure, the only real restriction is to avoid any lifting or intense movement for a few days, but light activities are fine within a few days. While pain medication is prescribed upon discharge usually very little is taken, as many patients manage their pain with over-the-counter medication like Advil during the initial healing process.

If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, it would be very wise to consider the stitchless carpal tunnel release when conservative methods of treatment have failed.

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10 MLB Players Who Have Played for the Most Teams

With free agency and trades you are never safe in pro sports from being moved to another team. Many players have been traded in professional sports and have to start a new life in a new location. Here is a list of the top 10 players that have moved the most. Each player has played for over 10 franchises and had a journeyman career.

10. Todd Zeile- Todd played 16 seasons professionally from 1989 to 2004. Todd played for 11 different teams during his career beginning with the St. Louis Cardinals and ending with the Montreal Expos. Zeile played 3rd base and 1st base during his career.

9. Rick White- White was a relief pitcher in the Major Leagues. White played 14 seasons in the Major Leagues for 11 different teams. White began his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates and ended it with the Seattle Mariners.

8. Ron Villone- Villone played his first baseball game in 1995 and has yet to finish his career run. Villone is a relief pitcher that began his career with the Seattle Mariners and is currently a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. Villone has also played for 11 different franchises.

7. Matt Stairs- Stairs is another active player that has played for 11 different teams. Stairs began his career in 1992 and continues to be a contributor. Stairs is an outfielder that began his career with the Montreal Expos and is currently a member of the world champion Philadelphia Phillies.

6. Terry Mulholland- Mulholland is a pitcher that began his career with the San Francisco Giants and ended it with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Mulholland also played for 11 different teams for his career.

5. Royce Clayton- Clayton is a shortstop that began his career with the San Francisco Giants and ended it with the Boston Red Sox. Clayton also played for 11 teams during his 17 seasons beginning in 1991.

4. Deacon Mcguire- Deacon played professionally from 1884-1912. Deacon began his career with the Toledo Blue Stockings and finished it with the Cleveland Naps. Deacon also played professionally for 11 different teams. Deacon also managed 3 teams after his career.

3. Joe Gerhardt- Joe began his Major League Baseball career in 1873 until it’s conclusion in 1891. Joe played for 11 different teams during his career and is tied with many on this list.

2. Mike Morgan- Morgan began his Major League Baseball career in 1978 and finally retired in 2002. Morgan played for 12 teams during his career and gets the second spot on the list. Morgan began his career with the Athletics and ended it with the Diamondbacks.

1. Kenny Lofton- Lofton played for 13 teams during his career and sits atop the list. Lofton began his career with the Houston Astros and finished his career with the Cleveland Indians. Lofton was a very talented utility outfielder that contributed to every team he played on.

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10 Least Crowded Attractions at Disneyland

Disneyland offers many different attractions. Some attractions have long wait times, but there are other attractions that have either no wait or very little. Here are 10 lease crowded attractions at Disneyland.

# 10 Cartoons

On Main Street in Disneyland there is a theater where you can watch old school black and white Mickey Mouse Cartoons. This attraction usually has only a few people watching movies at a time. This is a great place to go especially if you have time to pass, and if you do not want to wait in line.

# 9 Opera House 50th Anniversary Film (Soon to be Mr. Lincoln‘s Film)

The opera house attraction is also located on Main Street closest to the entrance next to the hat store. Currently it plays the 50th Anniversary Film, but they are currently changing it so it will play Mr. Lincoln’s Film again. This attraction is never too crowded, and also does not have long waits to go in to watch.

# 8 Jungle Cruise

If you are looking for a shorter line wait, the Jungle Cruise longest wait may be 25 minutes, but usually varies from 5-10 minutes. This ride goes fast since there are so many boats running at one time.

# 7 Snow White’s Grotto/ Wishing Well

Snow White’s Grotto, or the wishing well area is also a least crowded area. It is located to the right when you face the front of the castle. It is a good place to get away from the crowds, and is very romantic. Most people go there to put a coin into the wishing well to make a wish.

# 6 Winnie the Pooh Attraction

Winnie the Pooh is also a less crowded attraction since it is kind of hidden in frontier land. Usually the line for Winnie the Pooh is maybe at tops 25 minutes, but usually you can get on pretty quickly.

# 5 Innovations

Innovations is a attraction that is very fast to get on because it is so big, and usually can hold lost of people inside it. The lines are usually not long at all, and if you want to see what’s new in technology this is a good place to go to.

# 4 Star Tours

Star tour’s usually have a 5 minute wait. This attraction is popular because it is a take off from the “Star Wars” movies.

# 3 Honey I Shrunk the Audience

Honey I Shrunk the Audience is also a quick wait since the theater it plays can hold very big crowds. I definitely recommend this attraction especially if you have some time to waste. It also beats waiting in line for the more popular attractions.

# 2 Tarzan’s Tree House

There is never a wait for Tarzan’s Tree House because the people are constantly moving and walking through this attraction. If you don’t mind climbing stairs then this attraction is very popular and fun to go to.

# 1 The Tiki Room

The Tiki Room is a great place to take a break and relax for 20 minutes. The wait for this attraction is most 15 minutes, and it can fit really big crowds so doesn’t worry about not getting a seat.

So if you in Disneyland and looking for attractions that are less crowded and don’t have a long wait time, I recommend tryin

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10 Most Common Financial Mistakes and 6 Things to Know About Protection Your Money

There are many ways a financial advisor can help you to protect your hard earned money. A financial advisor knows that money is like water, and if you don’t know how to hold or keep it, it will run through your fingers. A financial advisor will help you to set financial objectives, and by setting financial goals you can not only meet the end of the month bills, but have some money set aside for your retirement. Here are the 10 most common financial mistakes and 6 things to know about protecting your money.

1.Not living on a set monthly budget

A qualified personal financial advisor can help you if you are not living and managing your finances on a set monthly budget. Unfortunately many people both young and old do most of their shopping on an impulse, and emotional purchases can eat away at hard earned money that is needed elsewhere. A financial advisor can help you to control sentimental buying habits, unplanned purchases and prevent you from spending beyond your means. Let a financial advisor help you to cut your spending habits so that you only shop for items that you actually need.

2. Not having clearly defined goals causing you to spread yourself to thin

Not only can a financial advisor help you to identify and define necessary spending, but also help you to define you financial goals, so that you do not over spend and spread yourself to thin financially. If you allow this to happen, you can quickly find yourself unable to reach your financial goals or worse.

3. Not having an emergency/rainy day fund or safety net

Your financial advisor understands that you need to have funds available for a rainy day, not having a financial safety net in an emergency is a serious concern, and everyone should be seeking the services of a financial advisor.

4. Not dealing with or handling your debt

Putting off and not handling your debt, or worse ignoring it puts you at risk, and this is where a qualified personal financial advisor can help you the most. A financial advisor will help you track your debt, guide and direct you in how to make active and strategic plans to climb your way out of debt, and into a financial nest egg of your own.

5. Improper use of credit or financing

Unfortunately many people improperly use their credit cards or financing sources to pay for everyday items, a financial advisor can help individuals to understand that living on credit cards is dangerous, and financially irresponsible. When seeking the financial guidance from a financial advisor, they will help you to understand that buying luxury items on credit without the means or income to maintain them, such as a luxury car can be personal financial sabotage.

A qualified advisor can help you also to plan and save for the purchase of a home. Many people get into serious financial problems when they purchase a home that is beyond their financial means, let a financial advisor help you to avoid making this common mistake. .

6. Not Proper Insurance (Life, Health, disability)

A financial advisor can also help you to identify and chose the proper life insurance, disability insurance and health insurance you need, and can afford. It is sad to say but many individuals either pay too much for insurance than they have to, or are not properly covered enough. It’s amazing to discover how much money can be saved on insurance monthly, if you allow a financial advisor to help you to find the right insurance coverage to meet your needs.

7. Not planning for retirement

Putting off and simply not planning for your retirement is dangerous, and a financial advisor knows this, and will help you find the most cost effective way for you to save for your future. It is never too late to start saving and planning for your future, retirement is not as far off as you think, and a financial advisor will help you to plan and save before it is too late. Your financial advisor can also educate you about cashing out from your retirement funds.

8. Not having a personal financial advisor

As was mentioned earlier, many people lack financial discipline and experience in money management. By not having a financial advisor and working diligently with him or her, but instead relying on non-financial professionals advice from friends and family to make investment decisions, has been the cause of many financial problems.

9. Lack of diversification

Trying to invest in the next big stock instead of consulting with a professional financial advisor is like putting all your eggs in the same basket. Investors are commonly told by their financial advisor to diversify their investments, diversifying will help you to manage and limit your risk, it just makes sense.

10.Ignoring other income opportunities

A financial advisor will diligently work with you to diversify your finances by revealing various other types of income opportunities, and will help you to protect your assets in a fast changing economic landscape.

5 things you MUST know Protect Your Money

1. Pay yourself first before any bills

There are many ways a financial advisor can help you to protect your hard earned money, because there are many forces after it. Unfortunately many people struggle just to meet each month’s financial needs, but the secret to success for building wealth as every financial advisor knows, is to pay yourself first.

Millions of people are struggling to pay their monthly bills on time, but it doesn’t have to be that way if people seek the help of a financial advisor. By learning how to pay yourself first, people will learn that this is the most powerful first step in building their wealth. When you start to pay your bills each month, sit down and write a check out to yourself first, a financial advisor will help you to determine how much you can commit to. Pay that amount first and deposit it into a mutual fund or a retirement account that your financial advisor has set up for you.

By paying yourself first, and then paying all of your other bills as they are needed, you will find yourself with a small nest egg in as little as six months. Of course sacrifices will have to be made in other areas of your life to be able to pay yourself first, but you can be assured through the help of your financial advisor that you are now in control of your finances.

2. Know your risk tolerance an don’t go outside it

Risk tolerance is often discussed, but rarely do individuals know how to determine their own risk tolerance. A financial advisor can help you to understand this concept, and help you to diversify your investment portfolio. Young investors have the luxury of taking advantage of long term time-horizon investments, and can take on more risk. On the other hand, an older individual has a short time-horizon, and would have a low risk tolerance to investments.

Your financial advisor will consider your situation, and help you to determine when you will need funds in the future. If your time horizon is short, then your risk tolerance should be conservative. For long term investments, your risk tolerance can be more aggressive, either way, having your financial advisor there to help determine your risk tolerance is invaluable.

Understanding your investment objectives is also important in calculating your risk tolerance, so does your investment experience. If you have little or no investing experience, then having a financial advisor at your side is an absolute must. It just makes sense to assume an appropriate risk for your particular financial situation, and this is where many investors have lost money. By not understanding your risk tolerance, coupled with a lack of investing experience, many people have lost their risk capital and worse, have found themselves in debt because they went outside their risk tolerance.

A financial advisor will help you understand the formula for determining your risk tolerance, your age, net worth, your risk capital, your investing experience and the actual investment being considered are all formulated together to determine your risk tolerance. Yes, it is a complex process, analyzing your financial situation and comparing and balancing it against your financial goals is something that a financial advisor can help you with.

3. Protect your identity

Identity theft has never been more rampant than today, thieves can sell your personal information or use it themselves to obtain money or even credit by using your name and identification. Obviously, you can imagine how this could not only affect you financially, but affect your credit rating and any investments that you have made. Your financial advisor can tell you that unless you are vigilant in protecting your financial records and personal information, you could spend up to 40 hours or more fixing the damage to your credit.

It isn’t enough to just shred personal information such as old mail, now you have to worry about protecting your computer. Install antivirus software and keep it up to date, if you have wireless internet then make sure you have a security code enabled. Never open emails from strangers, as there are often dreaded malware embedded in graphic files and attachments. Not surprising to discover that your financial advisor can educate you on how best to protect your personal and financial data.

Your financial advisor will advise you to use only strong passwords whenever necessary, and never to send confidential information such as user names and passwords via email. It is also not wise to keep tax returns, passwords or your investment and financial information on the hard drive of your computer. It is also recommended to turn off your computer when it is not being used.

4. There is no free lunch or any risk free investment

Accepting that it is just part of life that no one is going to take care of you, but you, is a motivating fact. People work hard for their money, your financial advisor understands this, but you have to also understand that there are no risk free investments either. But doing nothing with your capital is also risky, because the value of the dollar can go up and down over the years. If you just sit on your money and make no investments, then you may find yourself with less money in the long run, and that is sad, and unnecessary.

5. Never invest in anything you don’t understand

There aren’t any free lunches, so you are going to have to plan for your own future, risks are a part of life, but your financial advisor is ready to help you whenever you need. Ask questions and never invest in anything you don’t understand. Keep your financial advisor involved in what you are doing and always go with your gut feelings, some investments are too good to be true and your financial advisor knows this.

Let your financial advisor help you to protect your hard earned money, although there are risks involved in investing, your financial advisor can make sure you understand every investment that you are interested in, and protect you from any ponzi schemes or scams.

6- Always go with your gut feeling and keep your financial commitment

It is important that you feel good about any investment that you enter into, learn to go with your gut feelings, if something does not seem right, or too good to be true, then it probably is. Your financial advisor will always be on hand and ready to answer any questions you may have about various investment opportunities that you are interested in, so don’t hesitate to ask him or her.

Making cuts in personal spending can be tough for many people without the help of a financial advisor. Some people lack the self control to take charge of their spending habits, only to find themselves in serious debt, and then years later they are unable to retire because they didn’t save for their future. Don’t let this happen to you, let a financial advisor help you to make tough financial decisions, curb your financial spending on unnecessary things and pay yourself first. In this way you will not be caught years later with no safety net.

Taking charge of your finances help create a sense of self empowerment, and this empowerment will be felt in every area of your life, and will change the way you make decision in your life. Having a financial advisor working for and with you, will give you freedom from worrying about the future of your family. This will provide you with a sense of reassurance that cannot be expressed in words. Financial independence doesn’t come over night, but by making tough financial decisions with the help of a financial advisor you can achieve your financial goals for retirement.

Once you make a commitment to pay yourself first and have set financial goals for yourself, such as a through a mutual fund or retirement plan set up by your financial advisor, stick to the commitment that you have made to yourself. In order to free yourself from debt and become financially successful, you have to stick to your word. Honor your goals and commitment, don’t cut yourself any slack, of course there will be hard times adjusting to your new spending habits. It is easy to miss a payment to yourself, then next thing you know, you miss another month and another.

Without the help of a financial advisor people often times break their promise to themselves, and then put off saving for their future. This is where the services of a financial advisor becomes invaluable, they can offer you advice and reassure you of the commitment you have made to yourself, and to your family’s future.

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10 More Clean Newlywed Game Questions for a Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party or social event? Planning a church Christmas party? Looking for a funny and entertaining game to play? One amusing game that will definitely bring some laughs is the Newlywed Game, sometimes referred to as the “Not So Newlywed” game. Just like on the TV show, the wives answer questions about their marriage or their husband and vice versa. Whoever gets the most questions right, wins! (And, no, the contestants do not have to be newlyweds. Contestants can be married a week or sixty years.)

This article is a supplement to “15 Newlywed Game Questions for a Couples Party.” (Click here to read it for more newlywed game questions.) Here are some additional clean newlywed game questions to select from.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #1: Who snores the most?

Obviously, since a person cannot hear him/herself snore, this might be based on what their spouse has told them in the past. This is a somewhat funny question that might embarrass the contestants a little.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #2: Who was the first person you told about your engagement?

This question will definitely test the couples memory, and how much they can recall about their engagement.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #3: What was the first gift that your spouse gave you and vice versa?

This is a two-part question. Each contestant must answer what was the first gift they gave their spouse (when they were dating) and the first gift they received from their spouse.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #4: What colors were the flowers at your wedding?

This is mainly to see if the husband remembers the flowers! It’s another memory-tester question.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #5: What is your husband’s favorite breakfast food?

Obviously, for this one, you’ll ask the husbands what his favorite breakfast food is. (And ask the wives what is your husband’s favorite breakfast food.)

Clean Newlywed Game Question #6: What was the last movie the two of you watched together?

While this does seem like a very obvious one that most couples should know, you’ll be surprised at how many will get this wrong!

Clean Newlywed Game Question #7: Who gets along better with the in-laws?

Obviously, the in-laws for the husband are the wife’s family, and for the wife are the husband’s family. It’s a different question and might produce some interesting facial expressions.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #8: If you wanted to start some kind of business with your spouse together, which business would it be?

This is definitely not a common question. You might want to make it a multiple choice question to make it a little easier for the couples. Some of the choices could be “Ice Cream Parlor Business”, “Child Care Business”, “Errand Running Service”, “Bungee Jumping Service” and “Bed and Breakfast”. You should definitely include “other” as an option.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #9: What type of student was your spouse in high school?

This is also a multiple choice question. You might make the choices be “Honor Roll Student”, “Mostly B’s and A’s with a few C’s”, and “Passed by the Skin of His/Her Teeth”. (You will have to ask each person what type of student he/she was, as well as what type of student his/her spouse was.) It is a two part question.

Clean Newlywed Game Question #10:: If your spouse were to teach a creative-type class, which class would it be?

You can pretty much guarantee that most of the contestants will get this one wrong, but it will definitely bring some interesting responses. A “creative” class could be something like “How to Take the Perfect Nap” or “How to Pretend to Text in an Awkward Situation”, or “How to Change Cloth Diapers.” Ask the wives what class they would want to teach, and what class they think their spouses would like to teach. You will definitely learn something new about the contestants!

These are just ten funny and clean newlywed game questions for the newlywed game, or “Not So Newlywed Game”. If you are needing more questions, read “15 Newlywed Game Questions for a Couples Party” and “10 Newlywed Game Questions For a Bridal Shower.” Be sure to have a nice prize for the winning couple! Have fun and enjoy!

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10 More Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials for Christmas Ornaments

Winter is a a great time of the year to spend time in doors crafting and making beautiful things. Check out some of these great tutorials and sewing patterns that will teach you how to make some neat ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree or to hand out to your loved ones this year! Within this article you will find free sewing patterns and free tutorials that will teach you how to make an acorn ornament, a dog bone ornament, a Santa ornament, a Reindeer ornament and more.

Acorn Ornament – Everyone is trying to get a stash of nuts stored away for winter, so why aren’t you? This free sewing pattern will teach you how to make these adorable acorn shaped ornaments, that you can customize by using fabric that suits your taste or the taste of someone that you are making it for! A great way to present these as a gift would be to put about a half dozen of them in a basket.

Peas in a Pod Christmas Ornament – These adorable pea pod Christmas ornaments are perfect for last minute gifts for friends, co-workers and educators. When gifting, include a short saying or poem such as this one.

Woodland Ornaments – This site offers several ornaments that are related to the outdoors, such as, a leaf pattern and a mushroom pattern. If you or someone you know loves the outdoors, you will probably get a kick out of these unique ornaments. Unlike most ornaments, these ornaments sit on the branch of your Christmas tree, instead of hanging from them.

Doggie Bone Christmas Ornament – Great for your pooch loving friends, or to hang on your own tree! These adorable bone shaped Christmas ornaments are embroidered and would make a perfect addition to the Christmas tree.

Silhouette style Christmas ornaments – This is a very unique free sewing pattern! Gift the most unique silhouette Christmas ornaments with this great free tutorial. They are simple to make and very easy for you to customize.

Santa on Sleigh w/ Reindeer Christmas Ornament – Super detailed and super cute! This is one of the most adorable Christmas ornaments that I have ever seen. Although I don’t intend to try to make it this year, I would definitely love to receive it as a Christmas gift.

Tiny Mitten Ornaments – These ornaments are stunning. I would expect to pay around $15 for a set of these. However, they don’t cost nearly that much to make. If you are looking for a very impressive ornament to gift, or to hang, this season, give this free pattern for Christmas ornaments a try.

Full Body Santa – This free sewing pattern is for an 18 inch Santa doll, but if you want a smaller one for use as an ornament you can shrink the pattern before you print it. This detailed Santa features a belt, shoes, a fuzzy beard and even a toy bag.

Felt Reindeer head Ornament – These are so easy to make that you can let younger people join in on the fun. Create a bunch of them and string them together to make a garland for your tree, your mantle or your office.

Ice Skate Christmas Ornament – If you have an ice skater in the family, this ornament is a great way to customize your Christmas tree. This free pattern is easy to make, even for beginners. The ornament is complete with ice skating blade!

I hope you love these free sewing patterns for Christmas Ornaments! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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