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10 Places You Should Never Take Selfies

A selfie may be a quick, easy self-portrait, great for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but that doesn’t mean it is always appropriate. Taking selfies in the wrong place and at the wrong time can not only be poor taste, but may also be insulting, disrespectful, incriminating, or even illegal.

Don’t Take These Selfies!

  1. In the Bathroom: Using a mirror is one of the most popular ways to take a selfie and know just how you will look, but the background can be less than appealing. It can be a violation of privacy laws to use cameras of any kind in a public bathroom, so if you must use a mirror, opt for one at home instead.
  2. In Jail: It’s bewildering why anyone would want to preserve the memories of a night in jail, and these selfies are far from cute – they can be incriminating. If posted to social media, a boss, scholarship committee, college admissions officer, or other official may see them, which could ruin your chances of making a good impression.
  3. At a Crime Scene: Crime scenes, including fires, accidents, and break-ins, may be protected locations and taking any type of photo there may be illegal (unless you are the victim and are taking the photos for insurance purposes, and in that case, why are you taking a selfie to show your insurance agent?). If you are unconnected to the event, photographing it is disrespectful to those who are suffering from the crime.
  4. At the Hospital: No one looks their best in a hospital bed, and if you are visiting a friend or relative in the hospital, your actions should be focused on helping them feel more comfortable rather than snapping a quick pic of yourself. Hospital charts, equipment, and any patient information or identifying characteristics may also be confidential, and taking photos is not advisable.
  5. At a Funeral: A funeral or memorial service is a solemn occasion, not one for self-glamorizing selfies. Ideally, if it is your loved one’s service, you should have far better photos to remember them by, and taking any photos of remains is highly disrespectful not only to the deceased, but to their surviving friends and relatives. Similarly, never take a selfie in any related location, such as a cemetery or morgue. In fact, these types of photos – such as the high school student who took a selfie at a morgue while on a college tour – can lead to dire consequences not just for you, but for others who may be unfairly scrutinized because of your careless actions.
  6. While Driving: There is no doubt that using cell phones or texting while driving is dangerous, but taking selfies – when you want to pose and be looking at the camera rather than the road – is even worse. Stay safe behind the wheel and keep the camera out of sight until you’re in a more picturesque location.
  7. At a Security Checkpoint: Photography of any kind is generally prohibited at high security checkpoints, such as in the airport or when entering any secure location. If you feel the need to whip out the camera to capture the moment, wait until you’re in an appropriate location, otherwise you may be asked to leave, have your camera or phone confiscated, or be subject to more rigorous searching than you’d wanted.
  8. On a Movie Set: Stumbling across a movie set is exciting, but don’t bet on immortalizing yourself with a Hollywood-style selfie. Movie sets are subject to copyright laws and anyone photographing them without permission may be prosecuted. If your favorite star happens to be nearby, you can ask them to join you for a selfie, but don’t take the photo without permission.
  9. At a Wedding: Unless you are the bride or groom, a wedding is not about you and a selfie is not appropriate. Instead, take a nice few snapshots of the happy couple, and if you are close friends, take a selfie with them, but not just of yourself. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for selfies on your own wedding day, and the same rules apply to other formal religious occasions, such as christenings, baptisms, quinceaneras, or confirmations.
  10. Anywhere Without Permission: Copyright and photography laws apply to more things than you’d imagine, including performances, architecture, private land, and even people, if you don’t have their permission to take the photograph. Before you whip off a self snap, make sure you have permission so it can’t come back and bring you more (negative!) attention than you’d hoped for.

Want to take a good selfie in an appropriate place? Check out these tips for the best selfies !

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10 Organic Serums You Need to Check Out Right Now

Are the best things in life really free or are they just organic? Organic is simply a guarantee that your product is free of lab created chemicals and does not possess any synthetics. Recently, I discovered quite a few serums that I love. And guess what? They are organic! So, what are they?

10. Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Face Serum with Apricot + Rosehip. As the world’s first certified organic company, you should definitely know that their serum is outstanding and one of the best organic serums you will use this year. $23.99

9. iWilla Skin Spirit Face Oil. Created by two urban crunchy gals, iWilla continues to prove why they are at the top of their game. Not only does this serum help naturally with scars, dry patches, and blemishes, it keeps your skin looking and feeling it’s best. $16.99

8. One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster. Not is this serum organic, it produces real benefits, and it smells amazing. With ingredients such as organic wild raspberry leaf and organic sweet mint, this serum needs to be in your beauty bag right now. $59

7. Bee Naturals Queen Bee Facial Serum. Fortified with everything from carrot seed oil to tamanu oil, this is definitely a serum you will want to check out right now. Not only will this serum improve your skin, it will make you love the skin you are in. $17.95

6. H Maloha Bionutrient Face Serum. Astaxanthin is what makes this serum an outstanding one. A 1,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, it really does deliver real benefits to your skin. And guess what? It’s organic. $85

5. Earth Tu Face Nourish + Balance. This serum works to balance your skin, as it works to repair it. Created by two herbalists in California, the next time you are in desperate need of an organic serum, I recommend this one. $62

4. DollyMoo Rosehip Facial Serum. Infused with everything from organic sweet almond oil to grapeseed oil, this serum will make your skin feel and look amazing. If you are looking for the ultimate skin food, this is the product for you. $24

3. Lina Hanson Beauty Global Face Serum. Celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson travels the world for only the finest, purest ingredients. Not only does this serum improve your skin after ever use, it will change your life too. $85

2. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum. If you are searching for a serum that not only works to correct, but prevent and repair DNA damage and other environment stress, this one is for you. Infused with an array of vitamins and extracts including sea buckthorn extract, this is a serum you have to check out this year. $39.95

1. Cocoon Apothecary Rosehip Oil Moisturizing Serum. Not only is this certified organic rosehip oil, it is fortified with quite a few nourishing vitamins and minerals that work together to create beautiful skin. This facial serum has changed my life. $21.78

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10 Make Your Own Clothes Ideas

Want to save money by making your own clothes? It’s not as hard as you think. Here are 10 cheap and easy ways to make your own clothes with minimal or no sewing. Just pick your favorite idea, then click the hyperlink for step-by-step instructions and pictures.

#1. How to Sew a Stunning Dress without Having to Sew Much

Discover this time-saving trick for making a stunning dress with minimal-sewing. Then use this clothes-making trick to sew all kinds of stunning dresses in half the time it would take to sew a normal dresses. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#2. How to Sew an Old Dress into a New Skirt

Do you have an old dress that looks too short, or just doesn’t fit you anymore? Instead of throwing it away, sew your old dress into a new skirt. Here’s how. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#3. How to Sew a Long, Flowing Skirt

Learn how to sew a graceful flowing skirt that will make you look slimmer and taller. It’s not as hard as you thin to make an amazing skirt at home. And you can also copy the design of a skirt you already have, but this time make it in a new fabric. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#4. Bleach Your Clothes for a Chic New Look on a Budget

If you have old clothes that faded and could use a chic new look on a budget, or clothes that are stained irrevocably , why not bleach your clothes instead of throwing them away. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#5. Make a Sexy Sweater T Shirt Without Having to Knit or Sew

If you can iron, you can make a sexy sweater T shirt that will turn heads. With this simple craft you can make your own fashion without having to master the art of how to sew or how to knit. It’s fun, cheap and easy. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#6. How to Distress Jeans

Turn your old boring jeans into designer, distressed jeans with a hand-made bleaching process and a custom cutting and fraying method. Being fashionable was never this fun or affordable. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#7. How to Make Stonewashed Jeans

Turn those dark blue jeans you don’t like anymore into chic, stonewashed jeans that don’t look pale like bleached jeans, but sexy and worn like something you’ve traveled halfway across the globe in. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#8. How to Make Cut Off Jeans Shorts

Here’s everything you need to know about making sexy cut off jeans shorts to suit your figure perfectly and turn a boring old pair of long jeans into stunning fashion that goes just as well with sandals as with boots. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.

#9. How to Dye Jeans a Faded Black Color

Here’s a two step technique for dying jeans a faded black color that looks great with high heels and tight tops. How dark you’ll dye the jeans is up to you, and you can fade the areas you like for a chic, customized look. Read this make-your- own-clothes article.


What Not to Wear to Work

From “too politically sensitive to wear to work” to “too like your grandmother to wear to work,” this list of workplace fashion blunders is a must-read for men and women. And besides making you smile, it may improve your working relations with other and increase your chances of being promoted. Read this fashion article.

Tips for Men, Women to Look Thin, Tall, Elegant

Find out the simple visual tricks that make both men and woman look thin, tall and elegant. And how you can do it too. Read this fashion article.

The Sexy Sweater Tunic

Flowing down the body the tunic creates a slimming illusion, while the thick texture of a sweater conceals all flaws. But since the female body changes with age, so must her perfect sweater tunic. Read this fashion article.

10 Best Green Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin

Green laundry detergent are good for your clothes, your skin, and the environment. Here are 9 of the best green laundry detergents you can find, with a 10th detergent that you can make at home yourself. Read this skin and fashion care article.

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10 Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

The common widely known tips of not giving dogs chocolate and keeping black cats in are not the only safety tips that can be used this Halloween. Here are a list of 10 tips that you can try yourself this October.

1. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and ID tag.
It’s easy for a pet to sneak out on Halloween if you are constantly opening and closing the door for trick-or-treaters. Have your pet wear a collar and ID tag so in case your pet does get out they can be easily identified.

2. Keep candles at a higher level than your pet.
Don’t put any pumpkins with burning candles at ground level inside the house. This is so the pet doesn’t accidentally knock it over or burn itself.

3. Keep candy out of reach.
Although keeping chocolate away from dogs is a well known tip other candy can be just as harmful if eaten too much of it. Make sure the pets can’t easily get to any candy.

4. Keep your pet in another room.
If your pet doesn’t do well around strangers it can be best to put them in a crate or closed off in another room away from the front door.

5. Find out how your pet responds to doorbells.
Many trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell constantly throughout the night and some pets can’t handle it. If your pet can not handle the ringing at all try putting a sign on the door saying “knock only please” or even try covering the doorbell so no one can use it.

6. Make sure your pet costume is safe for them.
If you decide to dress your pet up this Halloween make sure their costume is safe. Cut any tags or loose strings off of the costume. Make sure they can’t accidentally choke them self if their costume gets caught on something.

7. Find your outdoor cat a couple days before Halloween and keep them near.
It can be hard to find an outdoor cat if they tend to wander off a lot. Have them stay in the house or garage a couple days before Halloween, on Halloween, and at least the day after Halloween.

8. Have someone be in charge of checking on the pets.
Have a designated person or take shifts on keeping tabs on your pets. Make sure your pets are constantly checked on throughout the night.

9. Give your pet a toy or bone that will keep them busy.
Letting your pet have a toy or bone may ease them and help keep them occupied throughout the night.

10. Show your pet the various decorations and costumes before Halloween.
Try familiarizing all the Halloween items to your pet before the day comes so they don’t get scared of all the various things. This can also be a good time to teach your pet that these items are off limits to them.

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10 Notorious Computer Viruses

Remember the days when computer viruses were few and far between? There have always been viruses, and as we connect more and more devices, the risk of infection multiplies. There are thousands of documented viruses, with more being discovered every day. Some can cause irreparable damage such as data loss, or a serious loss of a productivity. Others turn out to simply be a nuisance by causing odd behavior on a system.

Here is a list, ordered by year of discovery, of some of the more notorious viruses that caused more than a bad day at the office.

Melissa (1999) – Based on a Microsoft Word macro, this virus intrigued users by claiming itself as an interesting document within a message in a user’s Outlook email inbox. Once opened, it would replicate itself via the user’s address book. Although this particular virus didn’t deliver a destructive payload, such as erasing data, it was hugely widespread and caused the clogging of many corporate email servers.

ILOVEYOU (2000) – Affecting millions of computers, this Love Letter worm was extremely widespread, and spread itself through email as a VB script. The destructive code in this virus would destroy numerous popular file types such as image files, text files, music files, and more, replacing the contents with it’s own code. Reported as originating from Manila in the Philippines, Symantec’s security center has recorded 82 variants of the worm to date.

Code Red (2001) – By finding a vulnerability in Microsoft’s IIS Web Server, this worm would respond to an HTTP request from a web browser and spread itself. Systems that were infected, would spread the worm themselves through a system’s IP addresses. A function of the virus would redirect web page requests to its own code, therefore making a web site seem unreachable or defaced. Another major payload of the worm was the ability to create denial of service attacks (DOS), in particular on the address www.whitehouse.gov.

Nimda (2001) – Spreading itself through email, this viral worm was unique in that it was able to execute itself upon the opening of the email message and not the attachment itself. Named for spelling the word “admin” backwards, this virus was targeted at exploits in Microsoft’s IIS web server. Visitors to a corrupt web server would be prompted to download a file which was another copy of the infected email message.

Klez (2001) – Acting with viral and worm-like traits, this malicious code was spread though various email clients. Placing itself in a system’s startup, on scheduled execution dates it attempted to disable any installed antivirus software and then redistributed itself as an attachment through recipients in an email address book.

Storm (2001) – The Storm Worm was another worm aimed at a vulnerability in the Microsoft IIS Web Server. When the worm was activated, it would initiate a scan on thousands of IP addresses to find another server with a similar vulnerability. Once new servers were found, they were recruited in the Storm’s army and performed the same operation, creating a worldwide network of system zombies.

SQL Slammer (2003) – Also known by the name Sapphire, spreading across the Internet like a wildfire, this virus was targeted at a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 based buffer overflow exploit. Immediately crippling servers running the database software with overwhelming amounts of data caused casualties such as the downing of Bank of America’s ATM system.

MyDoom (2004) – Creating a backdoor to a system, this virus wreaked havoc by starting a scheduled Denial of Service (DOS) attack. Search engines such as Google reported an overwhelming amount of search activity. The virus also, even after “expiring,” left the backdoor open for potential entry by outsiders.

Sasser/Netsky (2004) – When Sasser infected a system it would drop the Netsky virus as part of its payload. Results included the difficulty of stopping or restarting a computer, and creating a file transfer session via FTP to redistribute itself to other hosts.

Leap-A/Oompa-A (2006) – Proving that the Microsoft Windows OS isn’t the only system prone to be contagious to viral infections, this infectious code spread itself through the iChat application on the Mac running the OS X operating system. A disastrous result of the virus, was its ability to replicate files on the system, preventing valid applications from launching properly.


Jonathan Strikland, 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time, HowStuffWorks

Symantec.com’s Threat Explorer

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10 Odd Uses for Oprah's Favorite - Shaklee Basic H

****DISCLAIMER**** Shaklee has not tested these uses and does not endorse them. Please use at your own discretion and risk. For Shaklee’s authorized uses, check out their website: http://www.shaklee.com

Being environmentally friendly is becoming a priority in many households. This was evident during Oprah’s 2007 “Favorite Things” episode, a time usually devoted to pricey electronics and unrealistic purchases, when she raved about an affordable line of “green” cleaning products from Shaklee. For less than $100, your family could replace conventional cleaning products with an environmentally sound, non-toxic line of – get this – effective household items. One product of note, Oprah insisted, is Shaklee’s Basic H2. There is more to this concentrate than cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, though. So, grab your new bottle of Basic H2 and your sense of adventure, and try out these interesting techniques.

Basic H2 as toothpaste: Do you have problems with bad breath or gum disease? Are you a smoker or coffee drinker? Add a drop or two to your toothbrush, right on top of your normal dab of toothpaste. Watch as your teeth become whiter and your gums healthier. Your breath may even stay fresh longer, as Basic H fights germs of all sorts.

Basic H2 as a glove: Cleaning often leaves your hands with something to be desired. Before you get down and dirty, pour a few drops directly onto your hands. Rub them together to coat both hands. After you are done cleaning, wash your hands with traditional soap to find that scum, smell and overall ickiness are nowhere to be found.

Basic H2 as a pesticide: Growing organic produce does wonders for your health and the enviroment, but pesticide-free can still mean bug-free. Dilute your Basic H2 to a couple of drops per spray-bottle, then spritz your plants as part of your regular routine. Not only will the bugs stay away but you might also find that they are bigger and healthier, as well.

Basic H2 as Miracle-Gro: Add a few drops to warm water, then water your indoor or outdoor plants. The Basic H2 solution will make the ground soluble to the water, thus making your plants much healthier than with regular water.

Basic H2 as a produce wash: Just 1/8tsp. added to a pint of water will make an effective and safe wash for your produce. Grit and dirt on leafy vegetables are easily removed, and you no longer have to worry about a funny taste remaining on the produce.

Basic H2 for sharpening knives: Once again, only a few drops are enough. Place them on your sharpening stone before you sharpen your knives. The stone will stay moist without clogging.

Basic H2 for stamp collecting: If you’ve ever tried removing stamps from an envelope, you know that it can be nearly impossible to preserve the quality of the stamp. Not anymore! Coat the inside of the envelope, just behind the stamp, and wait for a few minutes. Soon, the stamp will lift easily from the envelope, ready to be added to your collection.

Basic H2 as a diaper wash: Coupled with ½ tsp of Shaklee Basic G (a germicide), ¼ tsp of Basic H2 can remove germs and odors from your cloth diapers. Leave a bit in your diaper pail to prevent odors there, as well.

Basic H2 as an insect repellant: You don’t have to sucept yourself or your family to harsh chemicals and strong scents just to avoid bug bits. Rub a bit anywhere that you would put Off! or Skin-so-soft, and forget about it! This is one insect repellant that you can feel good about using for the youngest to the oldest members of your clan.

Basic H2 as Rain-X: Last (for our list, anyway) but not least, pour 3 ½ tsp of Basic H2 into one quart of water, and use it as your windshield wash. Rain and slush will easily wipe away from your windshield, and bugs will slide away, as well.

There you have it! Ten quick ways to make your Shaklee Basic H2 stretch far beyond standard cleaning. I wonder if Oprah has tried any of these?

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10 Point Something Avatar

There were many names by which Happiness was called, one of them is Joy. Evil forces had conspired to prevent access to Joy for the common man by misleading his pursuits and gratifying his hunger by throwing crumbs at him.

The common man knew that one of his salvations lay in the path of Cricket. In a distant land called Britain, Cricket was a cult based on certain rites and rituals like bowling, batting, fielding and such others. However, the right to taste the fruits of performing the ceremonies wrested only with the elite few priests who called themselves batsmen & bowlers with a livery of white attire, wielding weapons in the form of wooden clubs and leather spheres. All the other participants of the cult were called Umpires, Spectators, Viewers and Listeners who had the rights to see or hear about, but not taste the fruits of the ceremony.

It was by chance that this cult found its introduction in the Land-of-God in the 20th century. By dint of further chance, this cult turned into a religion of mass following. Many souls, young and old, became ardent followers of this path of Joy. In due course of time, certain reforms happened, due to which, men who performed the ceremonies with greater devotion could partake their share of Joy in a cup christened as the World-cup.

The ceremonies were performed with faith and devotion to reap the rightfully earned benefits. Many priests from the Land-of-God performed ceremonies sincerely, but the demoniacal forces from West Indies usurped the cup of Joy in 1975 and 1979. However, a group of priests, lead by the head-priest Kapil Dev, devised a plan and fooled the demons from West Indies. They obtained their share of Joy and enjoyed among themselves the World-cup made of divine metals like gold and silver. However, due to the limitations imposed by circumstances of the era, this Happiness could be transported only to those few who had the powers to perceive this Joy through their evolved perception of sight and/or sound1 . However, even these evolved souls could not get a taste of the-one-and-the-only most important thing of life. It goes without saying that the teeming millions in the Land-of-God were left miserable, starving and craving for this experience. Hundreds of thousands started sending their prayers to God to incarnate and end the suffering.

In 1987, the infidel forces from across the seas came to take away the World-cup from the priests of the Land-of-God. The starvation and misery increased to such an extent that all the men and women, young and old prayed to God for deliverance. Unbeknownst to anyone, their prayers had already been answered in the form of the birth of an Avatar. This Avatar, who was born into the illustrious family of 10dulkar was named Sachin. Sachin was adept at wielding the wooden clubs ever since his birth.

Sachin had grown into a strong young boy when he was beseeched to join the Cricket priesthood of the Land-of-God. He was inducted into the order as a middle-order Batsman of Cricket. Even though Sachin was still a young boy, he showed his prowess in executing the ceremonies beyond his age and above everyone else. However, the demoniacal forces were too strong for the then 10.1 Avatar. So, men and women prayed to God to upgrade Sachin to 10.2 Avatar. Also, Sachin was promoted to the order of Opening Batsman of Cricket. However, in 1996, Jaya Asura2 with his army, from the land of Lanka, defeated the group of priests from the Land-of-God. In 1999, the further upgraded 10.3 Avatar’s paternal affection and the eventual demise of his father resulted in obstacles to perform the rituals of Cricket. Also, other priests were subjected to temptations by evil forces3 , thus misdirecting their rituals. In 2003, the stronger 10.4 Avatar would have been able to fill the cup of Joy, but the planetary positions of Sachin’s birth chart were not conducive to help the cause. This happened in spite of the self-belief instilling head-priest, Saurav Ganguly, at the altar. In 2007, Greg-Asura played spoilsport by misusing the trust the priests from Land-of-God had placed on him. Therefore, even the 10.5 Avatar could not overcome these evil designs.

The omnipotent God now felt challenged about his own capabilities. Therefore, HE decided to not only upgrade Sachin to 10.6 Avatar, but also give him enlightenment. After an intense world-wide search, Guru Kirsten was made the Preceptor of Sachin. This age-old Guru-Shishya formula was finally successful in winning the World-cup. This cup of Joy now overflowed so much that each & every soul in the Land-of-God, who had thus far never known or only seen or heard about Joy, could now even taste Joy. This removed the starvation and deprivation forever.

The moral of the story is – ”It is never too late in the Land-of-God” – as vouchsafed by the enlightened 10.6 Avatar himself. Also, God, by design, chose to delay the taste of Happiness to HIS devotees for many years as he wanted to show them the greatness of HIS Avatar. Thus, Sachin became an exemplary legend for all present and future generations to follow.

P.S: The 10.6 Avatar, Sachin, is deemed greater than the former head-priest Kapil Dev. Firstly, because Kapil Dev, after all, was a mere head-priest in contrast to an Avatar. Secondly, because Sachin made the cup of Joy overflow for the benefit of everyone in the Land-of-God.

1 Access to Radio and Television

2 Asura is a demon in Indian Mythology

3 Match-fixing etc.

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The 10 Most Ridiculous College Football Bowl Game Names

On Jan. 8, the Kent State Golden Flashes and the Arkansas State Red Wolves will collide in the third GoDaddy.com Bowl in Mobile, Ala.

That’s right, the GoDaddy.com Bowl. No word yet whether Danica Patrick and/or Carmen Electra will make an appearance – clothed, unclothed, semi-clothed or otherwise.

Since the early 20th century, college football teams have played for school pride, conference titles and bowl bids. A bowl game is supposed to be a college football player’s ultimate reward for a season well-played. But through the years, some of those bowl games had names that elicited more chuckles than pride.

Here are the 10 goofiest, funniest, most bizarre bowl names ever:

10. Cosmopolitan Bowl: It was an odd name for a bowl game, made odder still by its location. Is there anything remotely cosmopolitan about Alexandria, La.? But nevertheless Alexandria hosted the one-and-only Cosmopolitan Bowl in December 1951. For the record, McNeese State beat Louisiana College, 13-6.

9. Refrigerator Bowl: Once upon a time, the University of Evansville played football and once upon a time, Whirlpool had a major factory in Evansville, Ind. Put them together and – presto! – the Refrigerator Bowl was born. It was played in Evansville from 1948-56.

8. Poi Bowl: The Poi Bowl was played in Honolulu from 1936-39 and featured, surprisingly enough, the University of Hawaii team all four years. Hawaii got crushed by USC in 1936, Washington in 1938 and UCLA in 1939. Its only win in the game came in 1937, when Hawaii beat something called the “Honolulu All-Stars” 18-12.

7. Tobacco Bowl: The Tobacco Bowl was played in Richmond, Va., from 1949-82 and featured teams from the tobacco-producing states of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The game was part of the Tobacco Festival, an annual event held in Richmond from 1948-84. Appropriately enough, the game and festival both died off, apparently just another tobacco-related casualty.

6. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl: Nothing says national pride like a bowl game named after a regional eatery. OK, so it’s a national chain, but still. This year’s Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl will be played Friday, Dec. 21, between Ball State and UCF at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla. This bowl has a history of odd names; it was the magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl in 2009 and the St. Petersburg Bowl Presented by Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in 2009. My guess is they had trouble fitting all of that onto a patch that would still fit on a shoulder pad.

5. Bacardi Bowl: The Bacardi Bowl was played four times (1907, 1912, 1921 and 1937) in Havana. The first three Bacardi Bowls featured the Havana University team, which actually won in 1921 by beating Ole Miss 14-0. The final Bacardi Bowl was a 7-7 tie between Auburn and Villanova, after which the sides cried into their rum about not being able to win.

4. Boot Hill Bowl: The Boot Hill Bowl was not a major bowl game by any stretch of the imagination. The game featured NAIA schools and was played in Dodge City, Kan., from 1970-80 There is no truth to the rumor that the loser was ordered to “get out of Dodge by sundown.”

3. Vulcan Bowl: No, it wasn’t played on the planet Vulcan with Spock tossing the ceremonial coin. It was, however, a bowl game for small colleges played in Birmingham, Ala., on New Year’s Day from 1942-49 and again in 1952. Sadly enough, the game was not able to live long or prosper.

2. San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: This game has been played in San Diego since 2005 and this year features a pair of former rivals in BYU and San Diego State. Does it include free toasters for the winners?

1. Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl: The Independence Bowl has been played in Shreveport, La., since 1976 and this year’s edition is Dec. 28 between Louisiana-Monroe and Ohio. Now known as the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl, this game was one of the earliest to feature the name of a corporate sponsor and was the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl from 1990-96. Naturally, it became known as the Weedwhacker Bowl.

Phil Watson was a writer and editor at several daily newspapers for more than 20 years and is now a freelance sports journalist and radio commentator based in northern Michigan.

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10 Places to Find Free Blog Layouts

Pyzam Blogger Layouts is a great place to find layouts for your blog in multiple themes. Some of the most popular include Christmas, Celebrities, Dark, Flowers, Football, Sports, Singers, Swirls, Stars, Abstract, Hearts, Love, Models, and Movies. Regardless of your blogging preferences, this site has something for everyone.

2. Free Blogger Layouts Blog
Free Blogger Template Layout is a blog focusing explicitly on providing other bloggers with free templates. Templates offered include “Decayed,” “Ice Cream,” and “The Writer.”

3. Free Templates Blog
The Free Templates Blog was created to provide other Blogspot bloggers with unique layouts for free. Layouts are simple to download and include titles such as “Chocolate,” Comptech Blue,” and “The Girl.”

4. Template Panic
Template Panic offers professional layouts that allow bloggers to organize links and posts in an appealing way. Layouts vary in color and many include pictures that can be adjusted by the user. Layout topics include “Magicland,” “Everything Dog,” and “Christmas Night.” All layouts are intended for WordPress blogs.

5. Final Sense
Final Sense offers layouts specific to Blogspot users. These layouts are so intricately designed that they appear to be paid-for layouts – with the benefit of being free! Layout titles include “New Cafe Blog,” “Sandwich,” and “A Coyote Chase.”

6. Blog Skins
The Blog Skins website is unique because layouts are added by users on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for something cute or serious, Blog Skins is the place to go. Templates are easy to preview and easy to download. Each is labeled with how many times it’s been downloaded, and the site also features a “blog layout of the day” which displays the most popular layout of the day.

7. Layoouts
The Layoout Blog offers free layouts to Blogspot users who want something unique, yet casual. Blog titles include “Firefox 2,” “Halloween,” and “Sponge Bob.”

8. CSS Layout
CSS Layouts offers a multitude of free layouts and images for WordPress users. The layouts all include a review by the website designer and are easily downloadable. Layout titles include “Newfangled,” “Dating Agency,” and “New Realm.”

9. Suck My Lolly
Perfect for anyone who wants something unique and snazzy, Suck My Lolly is updated almost daily with new Blogspot layouts. Each layout is different from the last and easily downloadable in a ZIP file. The most recent titles include “Pinkie Clouds,” “Dear Diary,” and “And By the Way.

10. Charm Skins
Charm Skins is a website designed to provide new Blogspot users with exciting templates to spice up their blog. Whether the site is a professional blog or a personal one, Charm Skins has something for everyone. Some of the most popular layout designs include tropical themes, city themes, and generic professional layouts.

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10 Nontraditional Ideas for Halloween Candy

This Halloween, hand out something different than the usual Halloween candy. Hershey’s chocolates, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Baby Ruth, and Kit Kats will be supplied in abundance. Here are a few nontraditional ideas for Halloween candy and other treats.

1. Vegan Halloween candy –

Hand out candy without the guilt of animal torture and animal sacrifice. These five vegan Halloween candy ideas include fruit flavored nibbles and chocolate for the more traditional minded vegan.

2. Gluten-free Halloween candy –

Kids with gluten allergies or celiac disease no longer have to opt out of trick or treating this Halloween with these suggestions for gluten-free Halloween candy. Adding a celiac-friendly candy to your treat bowl can ensure that little ghosts who abstain from gluten can enjoy a treat too!

3. Dairy-free Halloween treats –

For the vegan crowd or lactose-intolerant child, there is always homemade, dairy-free Halloween candy. These Halloween themed recipes include child pleasing titles such as Witch’s Fingernails and Dirt Cups. These Halloween treats are a perfect addition to any Halloween party.

4. Organic Halloween candy –

Organic candy isn’t made of carob anymore. Here are several options for organic candy, including toffee and chocolate.

5. Fair Trade Halloween candy –

This Halloween, give out candy that doesn’t involve child labor and where the farmer is paid a decent wage. Usually the idea of fair trade Halloween candy invokes ideas of expensive chocolate but this list has a variety of ideas at a variety of prices.

6. Gross Halloween candy –

Looking for a treat that isn’t necessarily tempting? Look no further than this list of gross Halloween candy. Gummy tarantulas work well for the arachnophobe and for the squeamish there are gumball eyes filled with cherry-flavored red liquid.

7. Halloween alternatives for diabetic kids –

Children who cannot eat candy, whether they are diabetic, hypoglycemic or just have controlling parents, can still enjoy Halloween with these give away ideas.

8. Eco-friendly Halloween bags –

Forget those plastic Halloween pumpkins, instead go eco-friendly to frugally hold your Halloween haul. Either go all out and craft a Halloween candy container or fall back to the old standby, the pillowcase. Which ever you choose, the planet thanks you.

9. Make your own Halloween candy –

Homemade Halloween candy is great for Halloween parties or bringing to the office. This list has ideas for making candy corn, Wizard’s Wands or Coconut Brains. Regardless of your occasion, there are ideas for a unique candy addition to Halloween.

10. Traditional Halloween favorites –

If you have been in a coma for 20 years and don’t know what people hand out to trick or treaters on Halloween. Warning: This list is full of chocolate from the Mars Corporation and Hershey’s Corporation.

Just don’t hand out evangelical tracts. It is a waste of paper and only annoys people.

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10 Printable New Year's Eve Coloring Pages and Craft Ideas for Kids

Whether you and your family are celebrating the beginning of the New Year or the Chinese New Year, here are ten fun, printable coloring pages and craft ideas the little ones are sure to enjoy.

First, for the Chinese New Year, visit http://ift.tt/1B813mD and click on their Chinese New Year printable, this link will bring you to their Chinese New Year pups coloring page. It is a page all kids are sure to have fun with.

Second, visit http://ift.tt/2bVzBjW and print out bookmarks that your child can color and decorate for the New Year. This site also has other New Year’s crafts such as booklets you can print out and staple together. This site is brilliant and provides hours of activities for your children.

Third, for some wonderful New Year’s printable coloring pages, visit www.kaboose.com This is an amazing site that provides printable coloring pages and other crafts for kids. The famous “Happy New Year’s” saying can be displayed in your home, having been colored by your child.

Fourth, for more fantastic New Year’s printable coloring pages featuring a baby with balloons, the hourglass, “Happy New Year”, baby’s New Year, father time, clocks, etc. visit www.primarygames.com and click on the print zone.

Fifth, one of my favorite links can be visited at http://ift.tt/28b5YkK. This site provides several great choices for coloring fun for New Years. There are all the regular New Years ideas like clocks, sayings, and baby’s with balloons but, there are many more ideas to choose from that involve animals such as elephants, etc. This idea makes it a little more fun for those younger children that may not want to color an hourglass or may not know how to read.

Sixth, visit www.abcteach.com and have some good times printing out coloring pages, signs, lined paper with New Years illustrations at the top, and writing prompts for New Years resolutions for children. The ideas on this site and the possibilities for fun seem endless.

Seventh, visit www.dhk.com and print out some at-home activities for the kids. Make a paper crown for the New Year, or a hat to celebrate with. They also have a large library of calendar ideas that can be chosen, printed, and even colored by your child so that you can all enjoy bringing in the New Year with style.

Eighth, visit http://ift.tt/1pOUzmN and print out and create a dove of peace, a New Years pop-up card, fireworks crafts, calendars, coloring pages, books, and word hunt worksheets. This is the only site that does require a yearly fee of twenty dollars to join.

Ninth, visit http://ift.tt/1CvnmCA and print out a photo frame craft, make a calendar, create and print some New Years stationary, print out some coloring pages, or print out a story, color it and read it with your child. The ideas found at this site are endless.

Lastly, visit www.coloringpages.ws and view, choose, print, and color some of the best printable coloring pages. This site is spectacular and provides over sixteen options of coloring page choices.

All these sites are truly great at what they provide and I would recommend any of them.

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10 Places Online to Find Free Christmas Sheet Music

Its time to start practicing your Christmas songs! Whether you plan on going Christmas caroling this year, or you’re looking for something different to play at church around the holidays, you’ll be happy with what you find on these sites that offer free Christmas sheet music!

1. ChristmasCarolMusic.org – You’ll find a huge selection here! So, if you’re looking for something different to play this year, this is the place to go. Click on the title you want and it will bring you to another page. On that page, there will be an icon. Click on that icon and it will pull up a pdf file you can print with lyrics.

2. An Online Christmas Songbook – 106 songs to choose from in an easy to read format. The feature I love about this site is when you click on a song you’re interested in, it plays for you!

3. 8notes – This site has tons of pages to view through and includes lots of songs kids would like. You can sort the selection by instrument or level of difficulty. An excellent feature on this site is the option to view online or in pdf format. You can also listen to the music by either midi or mp3.

4. Take A Piano Sheet Music Break – Also a great site that includes the sheet music in pdf format. Artists are listed alphabetically. No preview of the song is available.

5. Christmas Sheet Music for Piano – At first glance, it looks like a small collection. But, scroll down to the bottom for more sheet music for the flute, violin, or clarinet. Also included is some Christmas sheet music for kids.

6. Music And You – Another great place to find some free Christmas sheet music. Open in Adobe or notepad. However, you have to download a player to hear a sample.

7. Music Scores – Music Scores offers sheet music for a variety of istruments. Check out their section for piano duets. Preview in midi and print in pdf.

8. FreeSheetMusic.Net – This site includes some of the more modern songs such as Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. There are also some guitar tabs available.

9. Noel Noel Noel – A small collection, but the site is adorable. Each piece of Christmas sheet music has some really nice Christmas graphics on the top. You can also navigate this site for some really fun Christmas ideas including recipes!

10. Operation Letter To Santa – A real nice collection of Christmas songs with lyrics can be found here. This site is dedicated to answering kid’s letters to Santa. The sheet music is free. They just ask for a small donation toward their cause.

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10 Products E-Readers May Eventually Make Obsolete

Although e-readers are basically a new product, there is no question that they will have a big impact on how we do things. As they increase in sophistication, capacity and memory power, they will make possible a number of tasks hitherto performed using a variety of other individually-made and sold products. Here are just a few of the products e-readers may eventually replace:

Printed books. Already, a large market has been created for electronically “printed” books. The Kindle, only one of the many types of e-readers already on the market, makes it possible for people to download hundreds of books either on a temporary or permanent basis. As paper products become more and more expensive and people become more “green,” i.e., environmentally responsible, electronic publications will make more and more sense.

Paper magazines. E-zines, while they are not yet on par with traditional paper magazines (probably because people are still being introduced into the concept and publishers are still learning the best ways to create great e-zines), will someday overtake the paper magazine market. It’s just a matter of time. E-readers (together with laptops), will make having paper magazines unnecessary, except maybe for the die hard fans who will have to pay a much higher price for the paper versions.

Newspapers. Many newspapers are already feeling the crunch of the new cyber age. Some of them have simply gone out of business. Others, better attuned to what is coming, are putting out an electronic version to go with their hardcopy version. E-readers will seal their fate, though, as they make both distribution and viewing of e-newspapers easier, more affordable and more convenient than ever. Newspapers create unnecessary clutter, will become prohibitively expensive to produce, and will someday be viewed as the stone tablets and hand-scripted scrolls of the earliest forms of human communication-in part, thanks to e-readers.

Cell phones. Just like cell phones replaced beepers, e-readers may someday replace cell phones. Actually, many cell phones are already using e-reader technology or being used as e-readers. Their becoming e-readers, for all practical purposes, may be the next phase in their evolution. While you are reading your book or magazine at the park, you will able to do with your e-reader everything your cell phone now does–only the visuals will be better and bigger. The only thing that will prompt cell phones to hang around a little bit longer is the fact that they are smaller (meaning that they can be lost or stolen more easily) than most e-readers but as the portability issue is worked out, cell phones may become, at best, an accessory for e-readers (just as a Bluetooth device is an accessory to cell phones right now) or be re-named as smaller version e-readers.

Laptops. Since e-readers can eventually be made to do everything laptops do, the demand for laptops will diminish or disappear. Actually, one might even say that e-readers are the next generation to laptops. The hope is that, as they increase in demand, and are mass produced, their price will decrease, thus making them available to more and more people, at a price below what laptops would cost. Or maybe these two devices will converge somewhere in the “middle,” thus resulting in a totally new device, maybe called a “lapreader?”

Data storage devices. E-readers (once they are outfitted with the newest forms of data recording and saving technology) may also be used the way we use thumb drives, recordable CDs/DVDs, and portable hard drives today.

Portable DVD players. Connected to a vehicle’s power outlet, run with the help of auxiliary power supplies, plugged into electrical outlets, or run with the help of solar power cells, these devices will able to play videos or even pick up TV program transmissions.

Sketching pads. E-readers can not only record, download and display text, but they can also be used to create and store away hand-drawn art and graphics. This will allow artists to do what writers ultimately did-stop using paper on which to create and save their “creations.” Drawings on an electronic pad can not only be saved but also transmitted in much more efficient and quicker ways than FAX machines-yet another device e-readers may eventually replace (once outfitted with scanning capacity)!

Legal pads and other notebooks. E-readers, since they will accept and record handwritten input, will provide a very affordable and more practical alternative to paper notebooks. They can store more information, will allow for the rapid sharing of such input, and, in the long run, can be more inexpensive than paper products, not to mention requiring less storage space and being easier to carry.

PCs. The personal computer has been evolving. As both screens and CPUs get smaller, though, there is no question that the PCs of the future will look totally different than those of today. In fact, what we think of as a desktop model will disappear altogether, making room for perhaps a much more advanced type of e-readers. Being propped up on special easel-like devices (already available for some models), these new e-readers, once hooked up to detachable, full-size keyboards, will be able to do everything PCs and laptops now do-only, again, they will be cheaper, take up less space, will be easier to move and carry, and will be more accessible to the masses.

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10 Popular Overseas Celebrity Destinations

If you’re interested in vacationing abroad as well as spotting one of your favorite celebrities simultaneously, your goals are very possible. One way to make spotting a celebrity more apt to happen is to find out where your favorite choices like to hang out.

Grand Hotel

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Aniston or John Mayer, you might spot them if you stay at or near this hotel, which is located in Amsterdam. The two enjoy staying at the Grand Hotel because John Mayer frequently has concerts in Europe.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

According to Fox News, many celebrities enjoy visiting Cabo because of its close proximity to Los Angeles. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey regularly vacation there, among many others. The One and Only Palmilla Resort is popular, and beachfront suites can cost as much as $2,100 a night.

Lake Como

Fox News also says that more and more celebrities are choosing to vacation in Italy near Lake Como on a regular basis. George Clooney has a home on Lake Como, and David Beckham enjoys visiting Lake Como as well. Celebrities choose Lake Como because of its beautiful yet safe location.

St. Tropez – France

This popular vacation spot attracts people like Kid Rock, which is where he met Pamela Anderson. According to a Fox News Reporter, St. Tropez is a popular destination for celebrities attempting to rekindle romances. Some other celebrities who enjoy visiting St. Tropez are Jack Nicholson and P. Diddy. Hotel prices start at $300 per night and can go as high as $1000 a night.

Bora Bora

If you like the South Pacific, Bora Bora is yet another popular celebrity vacation spot. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are regulars in Bora Bora. Rooms cost between $250 – $1,000 a night. Bora Bora is the perfect place for celebrities because it allows them security, luxury and beauty.

West Cliffs Hotel

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, this beautiful luxury hotel is a frequent choice of Oprah Winfrey whenever she visits the area. Some other celebrities who enjoy staying at West Cliffs Hotel are Bill Clinton and Beyonce. The hotel is very plush, private and secure, which is why many celebrities choose it.

Cayo Espanto

With its own private docks, personal butlers and plunge pools, this luxury island resort is popular among celebrities as well. Tiger Woods, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have stayed there. Celebrities are known to choose Cayo Espanto because of its privacy and luxury.

Necker Island

Also preferred by celebrities because of its privacy among other advantages, this popular island in the British Virgin Islands is often visited by Steven Spielberg, Mel Gibson and Oprah Winfrey. The Balinese-style guesthouses feature private whirlpools and special massage rooms.


This lovely luxurious and secure resort located in the Maldives is yet another popular celebrity destination. Celebrities like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes visit on a regular basis. The resort boasts world-class scuba diving, and is known for its population of Hawksbill turtles, Bluefin tuna and Angelfish.

The Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita

Located 26 miles from Puerto Vallarta, this beautiful resort has a 20,000 square-foot, five-bedroom Coral Suite that has its own gym, media room and spa area, which is popular among stars. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner frequent this particular resort because its secure, private and absolutely breathtaking.

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10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Little girls dream of this day for years. Mr. Right has proposed, the attendants have been chosen, and the perfect dress has been bought. Now, how do you choose a hairstyle?

Your hair is one thing that you don’t want to spend your big day worrying about. There are many things to consider when choosing what to do with your hair. Where are you being married? In a church? On the beach? What style dress are you wearing?

According to Brides.com, an up ‘do is a sure way to flatter a backless wedding gown. This web site has a whole gallery of beautiful photos to browse.

The internet is full of images and web sites devoted to hair. Weddinghairstyles.org has a lot of pictures to flip through but not many details as to how the look was achieved.

TheKnot.com is by far the best and most informative web site. This site not only shows you a multitude of wedding hair styles, it also has video to teach you how to re-create the style yourself.

Instyleweddings.com lets you take a look at how celebrities chose to wear their hair on their own special days. Upload your photo on the site’s Hollywood Hair Makeover and try out new styles from the comfort of your own home.

Try your local bookstore for ideas. The magazine shelves are full of Bridal/Wedding magazines. Most magazines have a section on hair in every issue. Look at the pictures! Not just the ones in the articles look at the ads, too. Sometimes the hair on the model is all over the place, but you can also get really good ideas from them. In one wedding dress advertisement, the model had an up ‘do with curls. Vintage looking ribbon was wrapped around her hair, giving it a romantic and beautiful look.

Find a couple of styles that you like, take them to the hairdresser in advance of the big day. You don’t want to find out the day of your wedding that the style you fell in love with doesn’t suit.

Are you wearing a headpiece? Is your hair short or long? These things will factor into the hairstyle that you can wear. There are so many different options from which to choose.

Will you wear the traditional veil? Are you planning on it covering your face during the ceremony?

Tiaras are still being worn by brides; but they are a bit smaller with less of a “pageant” look so as not to distract from the whole look.

You can wear a tiara and a veil if that is your style. Pictures and prices can be found at bridalfashionmall.com.

Headbands are really in right now. You can go simple and elegant or fancy and decorative. It all really depends on your taste. Inside Weddings Magazine displayed headbands created with pearls and Swarovski crystals. The prices ranged from around $300- $600 each.

Whether you are wearing your hair up or down; tiny crystal hairpins or clips always look gorgeous!

One bride told of how she used a family heirloom brooch and had it attached to her hair as a type of “barrette.” It looked beautiful and meant more than something she could have bought at a store. Being able to use the jewelry made her day that much more special.

If you are going with an up ‘do or a half-up ‘do, decorative combs are also an option.

Down and flowing hair is great for a beach wedding. If you decide to put it up, staying away from tight conservative styles and sticking with the looser natural up ‘dos are more fitting for the location.

Are you on a budget or just plain crafty? The book, The DIY Bride by Khris Cochran illustrates and details how to make your own veil or tiara.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on putting fresh flowers in your hair; petals are extremely delicate. Though they might look exquisite for the first hour or two, some flowers have the tendency to wilt and discolor quickly.

One piece of advice that should never be ignored is; don’t do anything drastic to your hair right before your wedding! Don’t cut off 10 inches, unless you don’t mind paying for extensions if you decide that you hate the new cut. Don’t get a perm or chemically straighten and don’t drastically change your hair color. If you choose to ignore this advice, please let a professional do the work!

Go with a style that suits you. A style that you are comfortable with and you won’t go wrong. You’ll look beautiful and have one less thing to worry about on the day you are living your “little girl’s dream.”

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10 Potty Training Tips that Work for Toddlers

As a mom, I know potty training can be hard. I have done it with two children and helped others as a preschool teacher. Here are 10 tips that work well when potty training your child.

Rewards – I know some people say don’t give a child a reward for something they should be doing anyway, but I highly disagree. Give your child a sticker or a small piece of candy when they go in the potty. This can help make them want to go again. I used this method with both of my daughters and this helped a ton. They loved knowing that they would get something after they went and it made them want to go even more.

Target Practice for boys – This one only works with boys, but put some cheerios in the potty. Let him do some target practice and try to make it into the circles. This is fun and it gets them to use the potty.

Praise – Kids love to know you are proud of them. When they go in the potty, praise them. Clap for them, congratulate them, and even give them a hug. A little bit of praise can go a long way with children.

Watching other Children – If your child sees that their big sister or brother goes in the potty, they will want to do the same. This also works for daycare. When they realize that their friends no longer go in their diaper, they will want to be just like them. They don’t need to watch just see them go into the bathroom and realize what is going on with them.

Patience – Remember that not all children are ready at the age of 2. If your child is not ready, give it a few months and try again.

Go for the Big Girl/Boy Panties – Some kids just need to feel the big girl/boy panties on them. They realize that it feels gross when they go in them. They don’t want to ruin them and they just pick it right up.

Character Underwear – My daughter loves Dora the Explorer. She doesn’t like to make Dora sad by going potty on her. Try a character your child loves on their underwear and it just might help.

Potty Seats – Some kids don’t like the smaller potty chairs. They feel like they aren’t doing the same thing as you and want to be grown up. Try a seat that goes onto the big potty. These worked better for both of my children. You can also buy a folding one that is portable to take along with you when you go places.

Night Time – Remember that night time might take awhile. Children do not know when they have to go during the night until they are a bit older. It is okay if they still need to wear something when they are sleeping.

Big Reward – Tell them once they go a week without any accidents they can get a big reward. Buy them the toy they have been wanting forever. Nothing too big, but a $10 toy can do the trick.

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