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10 Reasons to Be Excited About the 'Sex and the City 2' Soundtrack

You watched the HBO series, “Sex and the City,” and caught the first movie back in 2008. You couldn’t get enough of the fab four glamor girls, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York, so you’re back for more. May 27 is the release of “Sex and the City 2,” the sequel and second spin-off movie from the TV series. There’s more adventure, more drama, more fashions and fun.

It’s been two years since we last saw the BFF’s, (Best Friends Forever). Carrie is enjoying married life with Mr. Big, but a challenge in her relationship looms. Samantha is the picture of health after leaving Smith and California, and still hasn’t lost her sexual drive. Miranda is a working mom who got the love back in her marriage since the reconciliation with her hubby. However, Charlotte is falling apart under the pressures of her marriage and raising her two adopted kids.

The perfect solution: a trip to Abu Dhabi. Sounds exotic and exciting. Once they arrive, the action and adventure begins. There’s nothing like a little lust and temptation, hot guys, and vacation get-aways to distant lands. After all, that’s what the TV show was all about, sexuality, and life for four single women in Manhattan, “The Big Apple.”

“Sex and the City” had two soundtracks on the New Line label. Volume One was released May 26, 2008 and debuted at the number two position on the Billboard 200 chart. A compilation of pop, rock, R&B, and soul, it featured artists like Fergie, Jennifer Hudson, India Arie, Al Green, Joss Stone, and Run-D.M.C..

Volume Two showcased such artists as Ciara, Janet Jackson, and Amy Winehouse. It was released in September of 2008. The new ‘Sex and the City 2″ combines the talents of various artists on an audio CD and will be available May 25, 2010 on the Watertower label. (Click here to pre-order).

I have heard that the soundtrack is going to be better than the movie. Interesting. Judge for yourself. Check out these ten reasons to get excited about the SATC 2 music.

1. “Rapture” Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys rocks the screen with her song during the opening credits. She has updated the Blondie classic and made it hip and contemporary. Check out the rhythm guitar on this tune. Nice.

2. “Everything To Lose”Dido

A sweet number. Dido, singer, songwriter from the U.K. is back with this electro-rock, dance-style tune and her unique vocal sound.

3. “Window Seat”Erykah Badu

This song, recorded by sultry singer, Erykah Badu, is featured on the soundtrack. She has the voice that sounds like Billie Holiday, melodic, haunting, and draws you in. The nice hip hop beat sounds great on the big screen.

4. “Kidda” Natacha Atlas

When you hear this song, you will be transported right to Abu Dhabi. Picture yourself on a camel, riding through the desert, just like Carrie and Samantha in the movie, (see video, click here). Talk about adventure!

5.“Empire State of Mind, Part 2: Broken Down” Alicia Keys

What is one way to spell New York City? A-L-I-C-I-A K-E-Y-S. Her big hit, “Empire State of Mind,” is a salute to the greatest city in the world. Of course, that’s what we New Yorkers think. This is the city where it all began for the fearsome four. A city that inspired them, brought then together, and where they created lasting memories.

6. “Love is Your Color” Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis

American Idol alum and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson teamed up with soulful songstress Leona Lewis from the U.K. (those ladies from the U.K. can rock!), to make this contribution to the movie soundtrack. Nice harmonies and their voices match well.

7. “Can’t Touch It” Ricki Lee

She’s an R&B, pop artist with gritty vocals from Queensland, New Zealand. This is one of my favorites. It’s an up tempo groove, with a hot beat and sensual message–just perfect for background music for our fab four ladies in their movie. Get on your feet and get ready to dance. (Ricki’s website).

8. “True Colors” Cyndi Lauper

Rock and pop have never been the same since Cyndi Lauper came on the scene. The Queens, New York native daughter turned the music world around with her fun-loving tune that has a simple, but serious message: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

9. “Single Ladies Put a Ring On It” Liza Minnelli

Ageless and with energy, to boot, this Tony, Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy Award-winner, (Did I forget one?), is still performing at 64 years old. Liza looks great in the wedding scene and still has those signature long legs. Wow! Must be those good genes. Her mom was Judy Garland and her dad was movie director Vincent Minnelli. I have seen her perform live and I was totally mesmerized. It was amazing! She’s going to put a nice twist to Beyonce’s song.

10.“I Am Woman” Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon

Looks like our lovely ladies are going to sing a tune together, a song made famous by Aussie, Helen Reddy. Released in 1972, it was the anthem for the woman’s lib movement. Upon the song’s release, it went to number one on the Billboard charts, was a sensational hit, and garnered a Grammy for Reddy. Very fitting the Sex and the City gals are singing this number. They are the epitome of what the words stand for. Click here to hear the original.

Mark your calendars: May 27, 2010. We’ve been waiting and soon, they will be at a theatre near you.

For more info, click here.


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10 Reasons to Bike to Work

Commuting to work is a stressful beginning to your day. Hopping into the car, dealing with the traffic, and trying to avoid getting hit by the crazy drivers is no fun. Additionally, driving to work doesn’t do anything good for your health and is terrible for the environment. There is, however, a better way. Biking to work is a great way to improve your health, reduce stress, and help the environment. It’s even good for your sex life. This article lists ten reasons to bike to work. The first six items are about the health benefits of biking to work and the last four are about the environmental benefits of biking to work.

Health Benefits of Biking to Work

1. Lose Weight

I’ve always found it strange that people are willing to drive 30 minutes to the gym to spend 30 minutes on a treadmill or exercise bike. If I ever owned a gym, I’d install a line of human sized hamster wheels. At least then people would drive to do something that they can’t do in their own neighborhood. Why bother driving to the gym when you can bike from your house without paying a membership fee? Biking to work is a great way to get exercise without having to schedule time to go to the gym. According to the Journal of The American Medical Association, biking at a moderate pace burns roughly 400 calories an hour. Replacing your commute to work with a 45 -60 minute bike ride can burn a pound of fat a week and you don’t have to even step foot in a gym!

2. Lower Stress

Another one of the health benefits of biking is lower stress. According to the Clinical Psychology Review, “the pattern of evidence suggests the theory that exercise training recruits a process which confers enduring resilience to stress”. In simpler terms, exercise reduces stress. In addition to reducing stress through exercise, I find commuting to work by car to be a stressful activity in and of itself. I feel like I’m taking my life into my own hands whenever I get on the freeway at rush hour. Biking to work is a great to both avoid and counter stress.

3. Improve Cholesterol

Biking to work will also improve your cholesterol. HDL cholesterol, aka. the “good” cholesterol, is increased through regular exercise (source). The more you exercise, the higher HDLs you will have. Additionally, it’s a lot easier to pick healthy foods when you are not stressed, which will help lower your LDL, or “bad”, cholesterol.

4. Reduce Blood Pressure

Along with lowering stress, regular exercise also lowers blood pressure. Biking to work is a great way to relax before and after work, which will help keep your blood pressure down. Additionally, exercise itself helps lower blood pressure.

5. Improve your sex life

In addition to improving your heath, exercise also improves your sex life. The American Council on Exercise says that exercise not only reduces the chance of sexual dysfunction, it also enhances sex. If that wasn’t convincing enough, sex is also great exercise.

6. Improve your social life

Another benefit of biking to work is getting to talk to the people around you. If you’re in a car, you’re in your own world. You don’t interact with the people around you, except maybe to curse at them. If you’re on a bike, you can interact with the world around you, which includes the people you pass on the street.

Environmental Benefits of Commuting to Work by Bicycle

7. Save Gas

This tip is obvious. Cars use gas, bikes don’t. Considering how much gas prices have changed over the past couple years, I think it’s a good idea to reduce gas usage as much as possible. This also environmentally beneficial for multiple reasons, including less emissions and less drilling for oil.

8. Save Wear and Tear on Your Car

If you don’t drive your car, you won’t be putting wear and tear on it. The more miles you bike, the less miles you drive. This saves oil changes, air filter changes, scheduled maintenance, car repairs and all of the other car related chores you don’t want to do. It also lengthens the life of your car. All of these things have environmental impacts. Not only do you get to do less car maintenance, you are also reducing your environmental impact.

9. Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

The yearly carbon emission of a vehicle is measured in TONS. I can’t even imagine how big a ton of gas is, but even the most fuel efficient cars spew TONS of greenhouse gases into the air every year. Biking to work doesn’t spew any greenhouse gas into the air and is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

10. Reduce dependence on oil

This last environmental benefit goes hand in hand with the fact that biking uses less gas than driving. The contention over oil resources has caused many armed conflicts. This is damaging to the environment in many ways, from the production of the weapons used in conflicts all the way to resources needed in the rebuilding what those conflicts have destroyed. Breaking our dependence on oil is the first step to reducing these conflicts. If oil is less valuable, people will fight over it less.

Additionally, the world’s thirst for oil causes us to want to drill for it in places that should remain pristine. The debate over drilling in ANWAR is a great example of how our oil dependence is overriding our environmental principles. Reducing oil dependence will not only reduce conflict, but will lessen the need to drill up the homes of many cute woodland animals.


Biking to work is a simple way to not only benefit yourself, but to benefit the environment. The beauty of this is that many of the points mentioned feed into each other. By biking to work, you can create a positive feedback loop of healthy behavior that not only improves your life, but the lives of those around you.


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10 Reasons You Should Go Natural with Your Skincare Routine

1. Natural skincare products don’t contain artificial fillers, fragrances, or dyes. These can lead to skin reactions, particularly in those with very sensitive skin, and can compound problems for people who have psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea.

2. We absorb over 60% of anything that is applied to our skin. The harmful chemicals that you see in the ingredients lists on your makeup and skincare products are going directly into your bloodstream. Natural products avoid toxic chemicals.

3. Layering chemicals and the harsh detergents found in most synthetic facisal cleansers onto the face causes pores to become clogged, leading to acne. Natural skincare regimens are non-comedogenic, allowing the skin to breathe.

4. Natural products make it easier to moisturize your skin and keep it moist. The moisturizers in natural skincare products don’t use synthetic creams, which can actually dry your skin.

5. Most natural skincare products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. If you want to be certain to avoid this, check with the manufacturer of a product to be certain.

6. Nature has given us amazing smells already. Natural products use real plants and herbs, eliminating the need to insert laboratory-created scents into the mix. They also smell fresher and look more appealing than synthetically colored and scented products.

7. Natural skincare products contain naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidents, and nutrients that our skin craves. Anti-oxidents can even aid your skin in fighting off cancer because they fight free radicals.

8. Synthetic products can cause wrinkles – yes, even the ones that claim to prevent them. Natural products manage to slow the signs of aging far more successfully than their synthetic rivals because they nourish our skin inside as well as on the surface.

9. The fewer ingredients in a product, the better. The same goes for pronunciation. If you need a microbiology degree to pronounce a word on the ingredients list, it probably shouldn’t be going on your skin. Natural products use ingredients that you hear every day – such as aloe vera, honey, coconut oil, green tea, and natural extracts.

10. If you try to keep your carbon footprint to the minimum, natural products are far less wasteful than synthetic ones. Natural skincare products are biodegradable, won’t contaminate water systems when washed down the sink, and tend to be packaged in eco-friendly, minimal, biodegradable materials.

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10 Reasons You Should Buy a Crate for Your Dog

If you have a dog but don’t own a dog crate, you are missing out on an indispensable tool that can improve your dog’s life and yours. Here are 10 reasons why buying a dog crate is almost as important as buying a leash and collar.

1. Whether you like to have wild parties or just a few friends over to visit, a crate will prevent your dog from begging at the table, jumping on your guests or being let outside accidentally. If your guests have small children, it is also a good idea to keep your dog crated during the visit if there is any risk of him biting or snapping at a child.

2. When you have home repairs, installations, remodeling, construction or housecleaning, strangers may be coming in and out of your house. This can make it very easy for your dog to get outside, subjecting him to the dangers of being lost or hit by a car. Most professionals that come to your home will appreciate knowing your pet is confined so they can focus on their job.

3. If your dog is injured, has surgery or is under the weather, your veterinarian may recommend the dog be kept confined to avoid further injury. A crate is a safe place for your dog to rest and recuperate.

4. If your dog has a playful streak and seems to think all your shoes, furniture, and other valuables exist for his chewing pleasure, crating your dog when you have to go out can save you lots of money. While you will still need to teach your dog the difference between a bone and Manolo Blahniks, being able to crate your dog for short periods of time with his favorite chew toy will give you peace of mind.

5. If your dog is an outside dog that is not house trained, a crate allows you to bring him inside during inclement weather, freezing temperatures or extreme heat. Unfortunately, many dog owners will not bring their dogs inside when it is well below freezing because the dog is not house trained. When you own a dog crate, you have the perfect way to shelter your dog from harsh weather without giving him free run of the house.

6. If you find a stray dog or cat in your neighborhood, you may want to bring the animal inside while you search for his owner or call a shelter. A lost animal is often frightened, excited or unpredictable. A crate is a secure place to keep the animal until you find its home.

7. Most crates are collapsible so you can easily take them with you when you travel. When staying in a hotel or visiting a friend’s home, it is smart to keep your pet in a crate when you go out. Your pet is more likely to become lost when he is in an unfamiliar environment or around strangers.

8. If you have to take care of a friend’s pet or your guests bring their dog with them when they visit, having a crate can make a chaotic situation more manageable, especially if the pets don’t get along.

9. A crate with some towels or blankets in it is a comfy place for your dog to dry off after being groomed, bathed or out in the rain.

10. Crate training is a well-recognized method of house training a new dog or puppy. Read some house training guides first so you use the crate properly. It should never be used to punish your dog.

No matter how well-mannered your beloved canine is, there will be many times throughout his life when it is in his best interest for you to have a crate in your home. It is one of the best things you can buy for your dog.

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10 Reasons You Can't Live Without Zumba Fitness

Zumba (pronounced Zoom buh) is the latest fitness craze to sweep not only the nation, but the entire world! Zumba is an exciting fitness program combining simple dance moves with a hypnotic Latin beat. Zumba parties are being held all over the world. Zumba has even been done at Carnival! Zumba, also available on DVD is being taught in over 75 countries world-wide.

Zumba was originated from forgetfulness: creator, “Beto” Perez forgot his aerobic music on his way to teach a class. The only music he had were his Latin dance tapes so Perez improvised and Zumba was born. Zumba has teamed with Kellogg’s to promote fitness and health and has been recommended by a slew of health groups. Read on to find out why Zumba is so good for you!

1. Zumba combines resistance training with fast and slow intervals to keep your body confused, increase fat burning, and sculpt muscles. The varying rhythms keep your body from learning the routine. If you keep your body confused, you won’t hit a fitness or weight-loss plateau.

2. Zumba is easy to follow. Zumba dance moves are pretty basic. You repeat a lot of the same moves, so Zumba is really easy to learn. You can head to your first Zumba class and still get a great workout because you won’t be completely lost.

3. Zumba is credited with improving coordination. Those uncoordinated gym rats out there touting the benefits of Zumba have said the fun dance moves have made them much more coordinated. Your body just functions better, meaning you arms and legs learn how to move. Zumba won’t turn you into a prima ballerina, but Zumba will get your body moving all together and definitely improves your muscle tone. Deb Bogan, a Zumba Fanatic claims she was completely uncoordinated and now can stand on one leg as long as she needs to.

4. Zumba improves mental clarity. Learning new Zumba moves gives your brain a good workout as well as your body. Zumba releases your inhibitions and lets you let your mind go. Zumba provides a little mental vacation while working your body, mind, and spirit.

5. Most exercise routines focus on a specific area. Not Zumba! Zumba gives your core an intense workout creating killer abs, while increasing long, lean muscle growth in your arms and legs. Zumba creates a sexy lithe dancer’s body.

6. Zumba is fast! You’ll burn tons of calories. Depending on your fitness level, you can burn up to and perhaps beyond 1,000 calories in one Zumba session. It doesn’t take a lot of work to lose weight with Zumba.

7. The fun, fast-paced Latin beat puts you in a good mood. Zumba rhythms are so upbeat and fun they make you feel free and happy. You could be in the worst mood and you will still leave a Zumba session with a smile on your face. People really let go when they do Zumba. They laugh and sing along with the music while they do Zumba.

8. Zumba comes in several levels. Zumba Basic is for those who are used to exercise. Zumba Gold is a low impact workout that still offers a great cardiovascular workout. Zumba Gold is a great place to start when you aren’t used to getting your heart rate up. Zumba Gold is also perfect for seniors. No one is left out of the Zumba craze.

9. Zumba is fun! A lot of workouts feel like a punishment. You forget your working out when you do Zumba. Zumba Fanatics all over the world have been hosting Zumba parties. Because Zumba is so much fun it’s an easy program to stick with. Even if you don’t want to get up off your patookie, just a few minutes of Zumba gets you motivated. If your exercise program is so much fun people want to do it at parties, how could you not stick with it?

10. Because Zumba is such an easy program to stick with, you will actually start seeing results and experiencing the long-term benefits of a regular cardiovascular workout. Even fitness instructors, like Maria McCalister from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, who are among the most fit, are losing weight and sculpting muscle with Zumba. Zumba allows the people who have never been able to stick with a diet and exercise plan to sleep better, have more energy, increased stamina, increased bone density, lower blood pressure, and all of the other benefits of a regular cardio program. Zumba is bringing fitness to the fitness challenged and unmotivated masses and making it almost impossible not to get fit.



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10 Reasons to Cook at Home

Okay for all the people that loves to cook at home and all the people who hates my cooking this article is for you. There are some necessities in life one of the major one is eating a healthy meal daily. There are a lot of pros and cons to cook at home. I have already written an article about “10 Reasons not to cook at Home.” So here is a list of the reasons that you should cook at home.

1) If you cook at home it might cost the same as if you go out to eat. However, there are always leftovers when you cook at home. You can use these meals for lunch the next day. That will eventually same you tremendous amount money.

2) You know what you are eating and getting for your money. Every step you take in preparing your food is at your own supervision.

3) Cooking a great meal with your spouse or B.B.Q with your family can lead to some unforgettable memories. Always eat and share time with your family at the table.

4) After a long day of work or watching the children you can feel lazy. You can just cook something real quick other than having to get dressed and get ready to go out to eat.

5) Teach you children responsibilities and make them help you with cooking and cleaning as part of their choirs.

6) We all get so tired after eating and being full. The bed or the coach is two feet away from you. That is very relaxing.

7) If you are a good cook and your family loves the cooking the smile on their face is priceless. You can be the Master Chef in your home.

8) You will be eating a lot more healthier food. Restaurant food uses a lot of butter and heavy cream that can be high in calories. That makes it easier to stick to a diet plan.

9) You would probably eat less at home since you can save it for later. However, you might eat everything at a restaurant because you do not want to throw away the food you paid for.

10) You can always take turns with your spouse to cook. So one of you can kick back and relax and have the meal served to you.

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10 Reasons to Ban Cell Phones on Planes

As more people ‘accidentally’ leave their cell phones on on airplanes and even use them during flights, it is becoming clear that cell phones could safely be used on planes in the future. However, there are still many reasons why cell phones should be banned on planes. Here are my top 10 reasons. (Some are more serious than others.)

Reason # 10: Cell phones should be banned on planes because airlines want charge high prices for in flight phones. How can they do that if everyone uses a cell phone instead?

Reason # 9: Cell phones should be banned on planes so that people whose impulse control is so bad that they can’t stay off your cell phone for 3 hours will drive.

Reason # 8: Cell phones should be banned on planes just in case they really do interfere with aviation electronics. Who wants to be responsible for a crash?

Reason # 7: Cell phones should be banned on planes because some people think that rules are for everyone else and do not apply to them. They cannot be trusted to just turn their cell phones off like everyone else.

Reason # 6: Cell phones should be banned on planes because we already have to deal with talking on cell phones in restaurants and other inappropriate places.

Reason # 5: Cell phones should be banned on planes because no one wants to be forced to sit through your 20 minute conversation of you babbling to your 2 year old.

Reason # 4: Cell phones should be banned on planes because your business conversation should not be a conference call that includes your seat mates.

Reason # 3: Cell phones should be banned on planes because the airlines would have to hire extra attendants to tell everyone to shut up.

Reason # 2: Cell phones should be banned on planes because the person next to you is trying to sleep!

Reason # 1: Cell phones should be banned on planes because your seat mate may want to tell you her life story, and your using a cell phone would interfere with that.

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10 Reasons Barack Obama is Tired of Being President

In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer on January 25, 2010, Barack Obama said, “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” This comment set off a wave of speculation about whether President Obama has tired of the challenges of holding the nation’s highest office, just one year into his presidency.

If President Obama is ready to move on to greener pastures, who can blame him? In his defense, a lot of new and exciting opportunities have opened up for him since he was elected. The day-to-day drudgeries of the deficit, jobs, health care and two wars are quite simply holding him back.

For example, who knew he could win the Nobel Peace Prize and have a successful career as a jacket model? In fact, with his unique blend of intelligence, good looks and charisma, Obama could be the one person on the planet capable of succeeding in Jay Leno’s former 10 p.m. spot on NBC.

And let’s face it, it was a lot easier being a senator. You can miss important votes as a senator and no one seems to notice, but you jet off to Copenhagen just one time as president to support your city in its bid for the Olympics and everyone makes a fuss.

There are many reasons Obama is probably growing weary of being the Leader of the Free World, but here are the top 10 reasons he’s probably ready to speed up the clock on his time in the White House:

1. He has run out of industries for the government to take over.

2. He’s tired of sneaking into the bathroom to smoke.

3. He can’t lose another night’s sleep worrying about what Joe Biden will say.

4. He needs more time to give speeches to school children.

5. There’s only so much time you can spend with a teleprompter.

6. He’s exhausted from coming up with excuses about jobs and the economy.

7. He can’t bear to eat another organic meal from Michelle’s White House vegetable garden.

8. His Presidency is interfering with his golf game.

9. He’s ready to start designing his Presidential Library.

10. He wants to go back to wearing his “mom jeans”.

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10 Reasons to Join the Libertarian Movement

The Libertarian party is made up of many factions, not unlike any other political party or group of people. Not every one agrees on each and every principle or theory, but most Libertarians will agree on about 95% of the issues. A good example of a divide is in religion. Some Libertarians are atheist, most are Christians and I am sure there are a few that have alternative beliefs.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #1 – Freedom Of Religion

Libertarians believe in following the United States Constitution and the Constitution clearly gives us the freedom to practice our religion or lack of it as we see fit. It is all about personal freedom, not forcing everyone else to our will.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #2 – Expansion of Personal and Civil Liberties

Libertarians believe that we should repeal all laws that presume the government knows how to run your life better than you do. People should be free to make and learn from their own decisions.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #3 – Freedom of Speech And Communication

The government does not have the right to regulate our speech or communications. Whether we are making a speech, communicating via the internet, TV, radio or any other means, the government has no right to regulate it in any way.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #4 – Return to Individual Property Rights

The government has no right to regulate or control how an individual or business entity uses the land it owns. All public lands, except as allowed by the Constitution should be returned to private ownership and the money raised from the sale used to pay off the national debt. Individuals would have the right to homestead unused land.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #5 – The Right To Privacy

Libertarians support the protections provided by the Fourth Amendment. The government tracks us by many means including our social security number. The social security card or any other government issued card, should no longer be used for identification purposes. This has lead to identity theft and an invasion of our right to privacy. Libertarians also oppose road blocks that stop vehicles without probable cause.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #6 – The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

An armed citizenry is essential to a free society. All gun control laws should be repealed and the Bureau of Alcohol , Tobacco and Firearms closed down.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #7 – Reproductive Rights

Libertarian recognize that abortion is a sensitive issue. The government should not be involved in the issue either in support or against it. Libertarians support an end to all government subsidies for childbearing or child prevention.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #8 – Government Debt

Libertarians support a “Balanced Budget Amendment” that would only allow the federal government to spend as much as it took in the previous year, with the goal of eliminating the national debt. Libertarians would eliminate pork barrel spending and eliminate political corruption. Congress would sell off non-essential assets to pay off the national debt.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #9 – Corporate Welfare, Monopolies and Subsidies

All government granted subsidies and monopolies would end and the United States would return to a free market capitalist society as originally intended by our founders. Repeal all anti-trust laws. The government should no longer give guaranteed corporate loans.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #10 – End The War On Drugs

The war on drugs causes more harm than good. Thousands die trying to smuggle drugs into our country and in gang fights over drugs every year. If an individual wants to use a drug, that is his or her individual right. By eliminating the war on drugs, we will cut the budgets of law enforcement and save billions every year on imprisoning those involved in the drug trade. Since drugs would be legal and could be purchased in a local store, gangs would have no ability to capitalize on the trade or need to kill each other over it.

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10 Reasons to Dine at a Known Chain Restaurant

Is the small restaurant near your home a great place to eat at? Or do you prefer eating out at big chains? There are so many restaurants to go to eat. Here are some reasons to pick big chain restaurants then the local restaurants.

1) The company is more likely to higher better qualified managers to supervise employees. The bigger the company is more money they can offer for a well experience manager. The manager will take their jobs more seriously.

2) They have more experienced and qualified managers. This allows them to teach employees and train them to execute proper sanitation and food knowledge.

3) The company has a great training program. They provide classes and hands on training to properly perform the job. That way they can have great employees serving you.

4) There is more upper management. This puts the pressures on the managers to make sure all the employees are properly working at the restaurants. Follow the correct procedures to maintain high standards of sanitation and quality.

5) The company takes the Health Department scores and regulations more seriously. Some violation will cost the company thousands of dollars. This money will initially be taken out of manager’s bonus. That will be the reason why the manager will make sure everything is correctly executed.

6) The restaurant is very busy this leads to great employee morals. Everyone in the building is making money. That makes the employees happy to perform their job and doing it correctly.

7) The saying was always they must be doing something right if they have hundred of restaurants across the nation. Take that in consideration.

8) The company has more money to spend. That means replacing equipments and utensils. Just like if the dish machine was working at 60% capacity. Smaller chains will run it until it dies. The larger the company they have more money to spend on repairs.

9) The prices might be a litter cheaper. Larger the company the prices can be cheaper because they are not just relying on one store to make the profits. The also can get contract prices for less because they order more in bulk.

10) If you have a complaint there is always someone else you can talk to then the managers. You can call the corporate office and get your issue resolved.

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10 Reasons Men Might Need a Therapist

There is a stigma in this country that if you are going to see a counselor for therapy, you must be an alcoholic or incredibly crazy. Men in particular don’t like being labeled as being weak or with a mental condition. Statistically speaking, more women are diagnosed for depression than men1, but oddly, men are more likely to commit suicide than women2. There is much debate on this, but a prevalent theory is that men do not seek treatment for their depression.

Regardless of what psychology decides, I can say that I was in the numbers of men who refused to seek help for sever depression. It was about 4 years ago when I finally decided to. Prior to my current job I had worked at 3 other major companies. With each company I worked for two or three years then became so disgusted by the job that I quit without any notice.

I reached a point with my current job that I again wanted to quit. I was at home and debating on if I should quit I came to a realization; Maybe it’s not the job, maybe it’s me.

This sparked me to contact my HR department and use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to find out for sure. While EAP varies from company to company, mine allowed 8 visits to a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Through my sessions I discovered that not only was I depressed, but that I had a list of communication issues that negatively affected me on both a personal and professional level.

Since starting my therapy I have improved my marriage, gained a better understanding of how to be a father, and been promoted two times more than doubling my income versus four years ago. Not bad considering that I was about to quit my job. The first step was definitely the hardest, and admitting to myself that I am flawed is no easy task. But if you are willing, the benefits can enrich and enlighten you and the people around you.

If you don’t know if you are depressed, review the following symptoms and ask yourself if that’s you. I am by no means able to diagnose you and only through personal experiences do I provide this list. If you think you are depressed or suffering from any sort of disorder, it’s best to be seen by a physician or a licensed therapist.

1. Irritable
People have bad days, but for me it seemed like every day. I found that little things would set me off. There is a saying, “there is no use in crying over spilled milk.” Well, I didn’t cry, I flipped out. Several times my wife pulled me aside after an episode to explain to me how inappropriate my actions were. Of course this only caused me to yell at her for pointing it out to me.

2. Lack of Energy
In my off time, I frequently found myself sitting on the couch flipping through channels and not wanting to do anything. I would let chores go and make false promises to my children about playing with them later. Later never came. Even in your hardest job, if you don’t have the energy to live your life when it’s done, there’s probably something that needs to be looked at.

3. Lack of Sleep
Many evenings I would find myself unable to sleep. I worried about bills, I worried about work, and I obsessed about how much things would be better after something magical happened. Insomnia is sometimes caused by our minds forcing us to consider things that we refuse to look at.

4. Feeling Overwhelmed
In times when I found energy, I would find it impossible to complete a task. For instance, if it had been a day since I had done dishes I would stand before the pile and wonder where to start. Rather than just diving in I would give up and hope that someone else would take care of it. Our emotional problems are often like our physical problems. If our problems seem overwhelming it might be because we don’t know where to start.

5. Overindulgence
Eating, sex, videos games; these were joys that I found myself obsessing over. I knew the eating made me fat. I got irritated that my wife didn’t want to engage in sex, and worst of all I played video games the way an addict uses drugs. I would always argue with my wife that it was under my control. After awhile, the effort of playing my game became greater than the reward I was getting out of the game. Still, I devoted all my non-working hours to playing. Often, we limit addictive behavior to drugs and alcohol. But we find some of our hobbies are just as much as disease as addiction.

6. Impulsive
On pay day, I found myself going to a department store and staring at the electronics for something to buy. I didn’t need or really want to buy anything, but impulse to spend money was there. Sometimes I even find myself lying to my boss and wife about taking time off so that I could potentially go to a strip club. I desired to blow an entire pay check simply because I could. The obsession sometimes drove me to put my credit card numbers into things on the internet that I would often regret later. Urges can be controlled, but impulsive behavior is desire that lacks logic and will often bring harm to both yourself and others around you.

7. Stressed
One heated day at work, I got the magic phrase from a customer I was talking to over the phone. “You just don’t care do you!” This set a fire inside of me so hot that I was no longer talking to my customer, but instead thrusting my fist with such force into my phone that it caused numbers to fly off the phone and cave the middle of it in. Of course this was due to an abundance of stress in my job. This was a definite sign that I needed help.

8. Negating Compliments
Often I get compliments for outstanding performance from my boss and peers. Most of the time I follow the compliment up with “It’s nothing big,” or “Anyone would have done the same thing.” I have problem accepting compliments and thus negate it. Some would say this is me being humble, but in truth it’s self loathing. People need positive reinforcement. Negating compliments is truly a form of self punishment.

9. Not having Fun
I always hate the question “So what do you do for fun?” The answer, truthfully, is I don’t know. I haven’t known for several years. When I go to parties I stand there wondering what to do. When I buy something to play with I get bored with it within minutes. I’ve even had thoughts where I’ve questioned why I do anything. This is not a sign of healthy thinking.

10. Overachieving
Sometimes we work so hard to make people not see our flaws. My mother calls them warts. We hide our warts by diverting attention to our positive attributes. To make sure no one looks for warts we work so hard that people never question us. But the truth is, everyone is flawed and if we don’t accept and recognize short comings we can never grow.

I don’t want to give an impression that these thoughts and traits aren’t normal. The truth is there is no such thing as normal. But if you want to better yourself and if you are truly interested in personal growth, then really consider the above. Feelings are static, we cannot change them. They are neither good nor bad. The behaviors that follow these feelings are what make us who we are. Make sure you are choosing who you want to be.

Again, Make sure you seek your own counseling. This article and writer will not pretend in any way to diagnose nor suggest a course of treatment.


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10 Reasons Immigration Attorneys Should Avoid INS Zoom

INS Zoom, whose U.S. operations are based in San Ramon, California, offers software and website development services to immigration attorneys. Here are 10 reasons why immigration attorneys should avoid INS Zoom.

1. Abysmal customer service. INS Zoom claims to offer 24-hour customer support. However, it’s all but impossible to get anyone knowledgeable on the telephone during business hours, let alone after hours. Calls are rerouted to India, where the company is headquartered, and answered by individuals who have extreme difficulty communicating in English. For technical issues, you will be told to hang up and email “Support.” These emails go unanswered for days.

2. An inept technical division. For a company that specializes in software and website development, technicians are startlingly incompetent. They have difficulty with the simplest tasks, such as changing a domain host. Technical issues are set aside for months while your immigration law firm’s website sits in Internet Limbo.

3. Exorbitant prices. INS Zoom does not publish its price list online or in their initial brochure — for good reason. The prices are ridiculous. Your immigration law firm will spend nearly $3,000 just to set up the so-called “Premium Package.” The end result is a simple web template similar to those found for free on some sites. With their software, immigration law firms pay up to an additional $600 a month, plus a $100 fee for every additional license.

4. INS Zoom’s software is obsolete. The forms they offer are provided for free by the U.S. Government through their U.S. CIS website. The questionnaires INS Zoom offers are merely extensions of the forms, which can be drafted by a first year law student using a word processor. Why pay $1,200 a month for tools that are offered for free?

5. Management is unaccountable. Try to get a manager or supervisor on the phone. You will have an easier time contacting the President of the United States. The slick executives at INS Zoom take no accountability for the services they offer, leaving a sales force and technical division to fend for themselves.

6. SEO/SEM. INS Zoom offers immigration attorneys basic and enhanced search engine optimization services for a premium price. But INS Zoom does not deliver. Salesmen try to woo prospective clients with success stories about law firms that jumped to page 5 on Google. Don’t believe it. Months after signing the contract you will receive reports of their “efforts” and excuses as to why they are failing.

7. INS Zoom is unprofessional. From management to technical support to customer service, INS Zoom has the most unprofessional staff an immigration attorney will likely deal with in his thirty or forty year career. Emails are bounced from one department to another like pinballs, each member blaming another for the problems. The breaking point comes when you are told to send your complaints to “escalations” at That’s right — furious clients have their own email address to send complaints to…because there are plenty of them.

8. INS Zoom’s word is as good as its service. Promises will be made by salesmen but will never be delivered upon. It isn’t necessarily their fault; they, too, are dealing with an utterly inept technical division and wholly unprofessional management hierarchy. Still, no one at INS Zoom should be taken at their word.

9. Treatment of their own employees. The salesman and head of sales who worked with my firm both expressed terrible disdain for their own company. They admitted client complaints are entirely valid, but were helpless to issue refunds, even after they promised them. The technical division is completely untrained, and also expressed their exasperation at their working conditions in India.

10. Immigration attorneys have enough headaches. You don’t need another. And that’s what a relationship with INS Zoom amounts — one giant headache. Immigration attorneys should avoid INS Zoom like the plague. Both for their sake, and for the sake of their clients.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Xbox 360

10 Gears of war, chainsaws and blood, you cant go wrong with that

9 Multimedia Capabilities, save the hard drive for demos, stream your music. Don’t act like you never knew that you had N’SYNC on your PC

8 Xbox Live Arcade, theres nothing like loosing everything you own on a hand of poker . Between you and I, you’ll find more women playing on arcade then halo

7 Marketplace, It’s 2 am your tired of jacking off , tired off playing saints row, go download a game and play…. open 24 hours

6 Achievement, I’m more addicted to achievements then my coke habit

5 Wireless controller, now when I throw my controller, my system doesn’t fall off the TV. (It could of been worse if it was the PS3 prototype controller it would fly back and hit you

4 Exclusives, when those damn Japs start giving Microsoft exclusive titles, you know there are problems with the Jap system. (not enough blue lasers my ass)

3 Xbox Live, pwned, pwned, noob, noob, fag, you suck, need I say more! Hey it’s not just me!

2 Halo 3 , it cant always be number 1

1 We all know your broke ass cant afford a PS3 , and if you can good luck finding one (cough cough eBay) you rich bastard

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10 Reasons You Might Need or Want an Electric Toothbrush

The American Dental Association (ADA) is the authoritative body in the United States on proper oral hygiene. On its website, the oral health topic of “ADA Accepted Toothbrushes” is addressed with frequently asked questions being answered. Among other common questions like why should I brush and when should I brush, the question of using a powered versus a manual toothbrush is covered.

The ADA diplomatically declares that both powered and manual toothbrushes can effectively clean teeth; however, there are circumstances in which specific individuals might be better off using electric or powered toothbrushes. Summarizing the thoughts of the ADA, here are ten reasons why you might consider using an electric toothbrush over using a manual one.

You Should Consider Using an Electric Toothbrush If …

#1: You have limited dexterity. Many have physical limitations that greatly inhibit the act of thoroughly brushing teeth, in which case, an electric toothbrush may enable healthy oral habits not otherwise possible.

#2: You simply find it easier to use an electric toothbrush. Even without severe physical limitations, some still find using an electric toothbrush easier. If having an electric option better enables you, go for it.

#3. You find electric toothbrushes more fun to use. The ADA notes that children, in particular, may find using an electric toothbrush more fun than using a manual one. The entertainment value may encourage better brushing.

#4: You find using an electric toothbrush more practical. We all have different lives and routines. For some, using an electric toothbrush is simply more practical in properly caring for their teeth.

#5: You find it more comfortable to use an electric toothbrush. When shopping for toothbrushes, you may find using an electric toothbrush to be more comfortable, in which case, leave the manual behind.

#6: You find it to be more cost-effective: fewer cavities equal fewer bills from the dentist’s office. In looking at costs in the long-run, some consumers find using electric toothbrushes to actually be more affordable given the decreased costs in accompanying dental bills.

#7: If that’s the best ADA-option you have available. The ADA encourages consumers to buy ADA-accepted dental products. Given the area you’re in and the available options you have, an electric toothbrush may prove to be better than the other readily available choices.

#8: If you have some other unique circumstance that makes electric brushing more optimal. The ADA does not pretend to have discussed every possibility why you may personally benefit from using an electric toothbrush and encourages you to analyze your own circumstances and proceed accordingly.

#9: If your dentist recommended using an electric toothbrush. Your dentist may even have another reason of his or her own to encourage you to use an electric toothbrush.

#10: If a manual toothbrush just isn’t getting the job done. If things just aren’t working out in the oral hygiene department, you may want to give using an electric toothbrush a try.


“ADA Seal of Acceptance: Toothbrushes.”

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10 Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Using the Litter Box

According to the National Council on Pet Population and Policy, soiling the home was the ninth most popular reason why pet cats are turned into shelters. If your cat is not using the litter box, please do not automatically abandon your pet. Chances are the cat is having one of these ten fixable litter box problems.

One: Litter Box is Not Cleaned Often Enough

Ideally, the litter should be changed several times a day. The bare minimum should be once a day. However, a used litter pan is disgusting. It’s like you having to use a toilet that is nearly filled to the brim with urine and feces. Make the time to clean the litter pan one more time a day than usual and the cat will be more likely to go where he is supposed to.

Two: Litter Box is Too Small

This is especially important for multi-cat households. Ideally, each cat should have her own litter box. But since we do not live in an ideal world, getting as large a litter box as you can and cleaning it at least twice a day is a good alternative. Otherwise, the litter box gets filled too quickly and the cats look for other place to go.

Three: Litter Box is Too Close to Food

Would you like to eat while sitting on the toilet? Chances are the answer is no. Cats definitely do not want to eat next to their toilets. Litter boxes and food dishes should be in separate rooms. If the cat has to be sequestered in one room for any reason, keep the food dishes and the litter box as far away as possible.

Four: Something is Preventing Cat From Getting to Litter Box

Watch the cat to see if he can easily get inside of the litter box. Cats with arthritis or other mobility issues have a hard time climbing into a litter box with high sides. Get a box with lower sides or get a ramp. Cats that live with other cats or dogs may be chased away from the litter box by that other pet.

Five: Cat Has Aversion to Room the Litter Box is in

Cats have long memories. If they have been attacked by another pet or suffered some sort of trauma in the room where the litter box is in, they will often avoid going into that room ever again. This is sometimes called room aversion. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook, Third Edition (John Wiley & Sons; 2008) notes that cats may need drugs in order to help them get over their fears of a particular room.

Six: Cat Cannot Clean Himself or Herself

This happens to longhair cats and older cats. The cat can no longer keep the area under his or her tail clean. Feces get stuck on the fur and then get trailed about the home. Watch the cat to be sure he or she can still clean under the tail. If not, then you have to be vigilant and clean the cat yourself. Keep the hair around the tail trimmed.

Seven: Cat is on New Medication

Some medications may cause a cat to become incontinent. If the cat has always been good about using the litter box, gets put on a new drug and then has accidents, chances are that the medication is the problem. Talk to your vet about changing medications or lowering the dosages. Do not just stop giving the cat the medication.

Eight: Closed Lid Boxes Too Stinky

Does your cat’s litter box have a lid? Remember to clean this lid often, otherwise the smells build up and the cat will refuse to enter the litter box.

Nine: Cat Too Used to Going on a Particular Surface

Have you recently switched litter? The cat may prefer the old litter. Some cats that previously lived outdoors may prefer fresh, loose earth in their litter trays. Cat behaviorist and author Pam Johnson-Bennett had one frustrated cat owner put carpet scarps in the litter box because the cat was so used to going on the carpet.

Ten: Cat Has Recently Been Declawed

In an ideal world, no cats would ever be declawed unless for medical reasons but we do not live in an ideal world. Some people adopt a declawed cat and then wonder why he’s not using the litter box. Digging in litter can be painful for a recently declawed cat. The toes are often sensitive long after the wounds have healed. Use the softest litter possible.

Recommended Reading

  • · House Cat: How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Sane and Sound. Christine Church. John Wiley & Sons; 2005.
  • · Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook, Third Edition. Debra M. Eldredge, VMD, et al. John Wiley & Sons; 2008.
  • · Psycho Kitty: Tips for Solving Your Cat’s Crazy Behavior. Pam Johnson-Bennett. Celestial Arts; 2008. (Has an extensive section on litter box problems.)

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10 Reasons Not to Eat at a Fast Food Restaurant

The price is right at a fast food restaurant. You can always enjoy fast and quick service for many busy people in this world today. However, there are some things to consider before going to a fast food restaurant.

1) They use the cheapest food to make to products. You might have no clue what parts are in the ground beef and chicken. What are you really getting off the dollar menu?

2) Everything is precooked and just warmed up. Most of the food is frozen and just put into a microwave. This allows the restaurants to worry less on cross contamination and teaching the employees on proper cooking mythology.

3) The employees that work there have no knowledge of food preparation and food borne illness. They do not provide the employees knowledge and tools to do the job correctly.

4) There is a lack of training on how to do the job correctly in the establishment. They do not invest the time to train the employees because it cost too much and the turnover rate is too high.

5) Most employees are part time hire and they get paid minimum wage. They do not care about the job or the people. For many people it is their first job.

6) There is a lack of supervision in the restaurant and some supervisors and managers lack the experience in food service. Numerous places promote employees to supervisor to reduce cost. Which is great if they are properly trained.

7) The tables are never sanitized correctly in the dining room. Most of the time you just throw away your tray and someone comes in and sits there without the table being cleaned. Poor sanitation may lead to food borne illness.

8) There might be slim in the ice machine. This has been an issue for many establishments.

9) There are numerous times simply orders are not correct. Check your order before leaving the restaurant.

10) The fried Chicken and French Fries have been sitting in the heat lamp for hours. Since these items take a long time to cook they may cook it in advance. So if the business is slow then you might get some stale chicken.

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10 Reasons People Are Sick of Sex

The one word that describes why people are sick of sex is, ‘Suffering’. Here are ten reasons that have made young and older couples sick of sex.

* Tired from suffering from pain.

* .Age

* Children and their needs.

* One of the partners isn’t as loving as they use to be.

* Trying to further ones education.

* Money problems.

* One or both partners are out of work.

* Couples are overworked

* Spending too much time with their friends.

* Tired.

These reasons can and do interfere with loving partners relationships. Loving partners first should feel they can talk to their other loving partner. Open communication is vital. Couples, who can honestly talk about their daily feelings, will prove to help uninterested partners, become interested.

People today work long hard hours. Some people have more than one job. Tired people come home, and want to be sit and watch television all night. They feel drained and unappreciated. People should thank one another more, for even the slightest of things. A wife could bring her husband a pitcher of cool water, with a chilled icy mug. Tell him he’s appreciated for his hard work. Tell him you know that’s why the food that is eaten tastes so great.

Life doesn’t seem fair most of the time. People feel under paid, and unappreciated. People should remember that their age may play a factor in why they have a decreasing desire for sex. Loving partners who genuinely think of the other ones feelings, will probably feel loving sparks soon fill their bedroom, with more than just kisses. Why? Because love and care came back to bare their deepest emotions with gentleness and lots of care.

Children are wonderful, however their needs are many. They need help with homework. They should be reminded of their chores. One way loving parents can help this sex draining situation, is by giving each other special notes. Loving couples could make up a schedules of must do and don’ts. A couple may have to mark a day on the calendar, that says,” Love is in the air tonight.” on a certain given day. Hire a babysitter if the child is too small to stay home alone. Do what must be done to show a certain honey bear who cares.

Tired and having lots of headaches does affect loving partner’s sexual moods. Who can concentrate on showing loving emotions, when their minds feel like someone is yelling through a migraine? People who are tired, or have frequent headaches should find ways to release these types of tensions. Asking a loving partner for a gentle back massage, while listening to quite music, may just melt a person heart to sway, and feel in more of a loving mood this way.

Money problems are one sure way of killing any sweet moment. People today tend to want what their neighbor has bought. Couples should put their other partner’s needs before themselves. This is where true passion is found. True passion is about the other loving partner and not about selfishness. People, who know how to sacrifice, have just given the other partner a sense of self confidence. This person now feels truly cared for. A person, who feels truly cared for, feels like Wonder Woman. Now! The man is listening.

A Man who tells his woman she’s one of a kind, will soon feel just fine. Men and women are uniquely made. Women tend to worry more than Men. Maybe that’s why their loving fire tends to burn like a lower fueled flame.Men and women both should realize that in order to keep their passions flames burning much care for the wood must be constantly watched and attended. Both partners should understand when their loving partners are felling tired, and depressed. They may just be fine after they’ve had a nice rest.

People need people. People sometimes tend to forget after being married awhile, that someone at home needs time too, besides their buddy or pal and a football screen. A husband could suggest to his wife, a drive, which would end by a sunset. A kiss to just say thanks for understanding this football sport passion. This type of understanding will land mutual understanding and loving arms that will give loving passion, without any question.

Many People today are out of a job. They hardly have time to feel romantic; far they’ve been looking for a job all day. People who are out of a job get depressed easily. They know they must find work. They feel down, and afraid. People can help one another through job scare less times. They should build each other up, and tell them everything will be alright. Tell them love will always be there, when there ready to talk. Being out of a job puts more of a strain than just on the pocket book. It tends to make jobless victims, feel low, and unmanly. Give them a smile, and few kind words. This will soon have them looking for their significant other’s hands to place in threes.

Going back to school, can cause sexual tension. Some families have children, homework, cooking, and husband responsibilities. One must try to organize one’s schedule to fit their families need. If the wife is going back to school, the husband could cook dinner, and do the dishes too. The children could wash and fold laundry. Women do appreciate these types of gestures. Family members, who pitch in and help, may have just helped loving gestures peek in and find their parents all alone with open arms.

Loving couples usually started out loving. Something came and just seems to rob them blind of their passionate desires. Couples should remember what attracted them to each other in the first place. Maybe it was how they use to chase each other around in the snow, or sit on the swing by a campfire, They know what made their snuggle bunny smile that frisky little smile, that made them smile from end to end. Loving couples should remember how they us to be, and then they’ll both truly see.

Love is patient. Loving couples need patients and understanding for one another’s feeling. Then, loving emotion will never be far from sight. Love your God given loving partner as the gift it really is, and true love will be shining sparks of loving passion, through each others hearts. Where love is present passion follows.

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10 Reasons to Get to Know Craigslist

Craigslist ( is visited by over 20 million people each month. You should be one of them. Here are 10 reasons why.

Reason #1 Forums

Many regular users of have never noticed anything other than the “for sale” section. Actually, has many sections in addition to “for sale” also offers: Community, Personals, Discussion Forums, Housing, Services, Gigs, Resumes, and Jobs. Find an experienced drywall laborer moonlighting for extra cash, get gardening tips on local plants, or – the holy grail of a new neighborhood – find a trust-worthy mechanic.

4 Reasons to Sell On Craigslist

1. Removing clutter is good for your health
Clutter causes excess dust, safety hazards and impacts the usability of your house. Disorganization contributes to stress by making us feel out of control. So not only is all this clutter taking up precious space in your house, it can actually be hazardous to your health.

2. Whatever money you receive is “found money”
The main reason we hesitate parting with extra goods, is thinking about what they are “worth” compared to what we expect someone would be willing to pay. But, what is the item worth to you if it is sitting on a shelf, providing no useful function, taking up space, and requiring periodic maintenance. Maybe it needs to be dusted, or protected from energetic children, or from curious kittens. Any money you get from selling it will be more than you had before.

3. Craigslist is the low hassle way to sell your goods
Much of the beauty of craigslist is that there is no fee to use it. All major online auction sites charge the seller a listing fee, and/or a portion of the final selling price. Craigslist charges you nothing. You can easily (and for no charge) display up to four pictures of your item without any special knowledge or your own website. And, best of all, you don’t need to ship the item you sold. Simply inform the buyer when and where you want to meet; it doesn’t have to be your home if you have safety or privacy concerns.

4. Support the community
When you sell something on craigslist, or especially if you give away an item in the “free” section, you are providing goods to someone in your community with need. Maybe the person is simply frugal, or maybe the person doesn’t have many resources; either way, you are providing a member of your community with something better than he/she had before.

5 Reasons to Buy On Craigslist

1. Save money
Buying a second-hand, pre-owned, or just plain used item will cost you a fraction of the cost of a new item. Also, there is no sales tax. In states with a high sales tax rate, this is significant.

2. Faster than buying online – pick up your purchase today
You could order anything online – literally – but even after paying for shipping, you would have to wait days or even weeks to receive your purchase. While there is no guarantee that a craigslist seller would be willing or able to meet you immediately, deals can generally be closed the same or next day. You will be out some money for gas, but much less than express shipping would cost.

3. Enjoy items more unique than what is in the mass-retailers’ current stock
There is a wonderful assortment of merchandise available on the second-hand market. If you buy a piece of furniture that catches your eye (because craigslist allows pictures) then it is very unlikely that you will find that same item in anyone else’s house.

4. Buying “new-to-you” is better for the environment
When you buy something second-hand, you help the environment in two ways. One, that item that someone else didn’t want does not need to go to a landfill, or pollute the environment as it is destroyed. Two, resources and energy were not consumed to create a new product for you.

5. Increase your cool quotient
Many of your friends know about craigslist, and a few have used it. Share a knowing look with those friends, and impress those who haven’t yet caught on. Be on the cutting edge. All the cool kids are doing it.

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10 Reasons Teenagers Should NOT Brush or Floss

A fresh clean mouth, its amazing how much trouble it can cause you. All those pearly whites shining out for the world to see. They create expectations, don’t kid yourself, people notice them. Is this what you really want? Do you really want to draw this kind of attention to yourself? Can you handle the pressure? Your peers are a relentless bunch, they may want to make you part of that progressive group. That can only lead to new things.

Avoid all this pressure, go a simpler way. Why risk the chance, failure is always easier then working for success. There’s comfort at the bottom, why not guarantee your rightful place. Here are some reasons and tips on how you can avoid some of the pitfalls of good oral hygiene.

1. The opposite sex, they scare you, makes you nervous just thinking about talking to them. What better way to avoid interaction with girls, or boys then to have that nice thick scummy layer visible on your teeth when you open your mouth to speak. What better reason to avoid talking all together.

2. Pressed for time, skipped your lunch, or need an after noon pick me up. All those left over food particles are conveniently stored for you. Just use your tongue to flick a few out, and presto a quick snack to carry you through the day.

3. The expense of proper teeth care is a serious inconvenience. The cost of toothbrush, floss and the endless quantity of toothpaste. Now everyone is using electric toothbrushes. Heck all this stuff is enough to keep you from buying the next few packs of cigarettes. A person has to set priorities you know.

4. Parental conflict, imagine a nose to nose confrontation over some silly thing like taking the family car joy riding with your fellow thirteen year old buddies. If it’s going to happen you might as well be prepared to make it as short as possible. Your breath should stop the argument in its tracks, definitely a win for you.

5. Do you really want to be taking up all this time cleaning your teeth, everyday, for the rest of your life? By stopping now, when your in your thirties, you too can have that little plastic cup on your night stand, with the convenience of storing your teeth. You should be able to get in at least an extra 10 minutes of sleep each morning. This will really add up over your lifetime .

6. Pain, I’m told it builds character. A tooth ache won’t slow you down much, and it will show your made of tougher stuff. Besides, it will eventually go away.

7. Periodontal disease, just another big word adults use to scare you. Like STD’s, it only happens to the other guys, and condoms are for sissy’s. There’s always a way to get around such stuff. Just ask your street wise buddies.

8. Corn on the cob, what’s so great about it, for that matter apples, steak, lets just save a whole bunch of time and send everything through the blender. Supper through a straw. You can eat supper while driving, that can make the difference in getting to the liquor store before it closes. Saved the party, another win for you.

9. What better way to be instantly identified as part of a certain designated group of people then to have few or no teeth. With that picket fence look of every other tooth missing, and that slight stain of tobacco juice running down your chin, people will immediately know your station in life. No pesky questions or wondering if your good enough to associate with them.

10. Do you really want to be bothered when that high class guy pulls alongside you in his Rolls Royce. Rolling the window down to ask you, “Pardon, But do you have any Grey Poupon”. Just driving up he will recognize you as a aficionado of the cheapest store brand on the shelf, and go on his way.

So remember you young adults, show your parents your smarter then they are. Besides when it comes to teeth, ignore them and they’ll go away, you can count on it.

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10 Reasons I Use a Manual Push Reel Mower

1.) It saves me time! – I am a very busy person and my push mower saves me lots of time. With my old motorized lawn mower I would start the day by running to the gas station to get a gallon of gas, run back home. Next I attempt to start the mower and realize that there was dried grass blocking the blades so I clean out the grass and start the machine.

2.) It always starts! – Sometimes that gas powered mower does not start… you got it so I fidget and fiddle (puttering some would say) around the back yard till I can get it working. I just lost more valuable time!

3.) The gas powered mower needs to have the oil changed, and probably more maintenance that I am unaware of, because they were always breaking down for me. I would take it to a neighbor for a low cost tune up and it would kick for the rest of the summer … hopefully.

4.) It weighs less than the motorized mower! – When you spend an hour pushing a mower around the lawn every Saturday you kind of get used to it, but that doesn’t mean it is not a hot/ heavy machine. My Manual Push Reel Mower is much lighter!

5.) I can mow in the middle of the night without waking my neighbors! – Yes I am a very busy person as stated above, and I really do mow in the middle of the night, or at least it was 10 pm yesterday that I was composing this article in my head as I wandered around the yard with my sturdy push reel mower in front of me cutting the grass silently.

6.) I am not polluting! The gas mower puts out carbon emissions, but the manual push reel mower does not! I love my air and want to keep it clean, I am proud to not be contributing to acid rain… at least in that area

7.) I am not contributing to noise pollution! – See # 5 for details, but I just also want to point out that my husband and I mowed together we moved lawn furniture, mowed and carried on a conversation all at the same time, because it is a silent mower, so I did not loose time with my husband either.

8.) When I do this during the day, which does happen on occasion, I am able to keep my children safe! – The reel mower is not a tricky machine to manage so it does not take a lot of concentration, I can hear what the children are doing and notice when it is trouble, and if my 12 month old decides to run in front of the mower I am easily able to stop the mower and the spinning blades – this is very unlike trying to stop a large motorized mower. Secondly, motorized mowers have the ability to turn rocks, sticks, and debris into projectiles, they HURL these projectiles, I have seen it! Reel mowers do not.

9.) I save water! The grass clippings that are left behind by the mower act as natural mulch for the grass helping it to maintain the moisture it has.

10.) I am saving about $4 a week! – When I total up all of the costs of running a manual mower including gas, oil, cleaning, tune ups, and blade sharpening I come to a grand total of about $5 a week to run the mower around the lawn. My push reel mower is about just short of $1 to run around the lawn every week, including blade sharpening, cleaning, and WD40 for the wheels. This is saving me $4 a week.

When you begin to compare price of initial investment: Gas powered/Motorized mowers cost $129 – $499 where as the manual push reel mower is $70 – $170. Yes, you can get large industrial models of both versions that are way hyped up and more expensive than this but we are talking home use, and nothing you can ride on! (Why leave out these outrageously priced gas guzzling monstrosities? If you could ride your mower it probably would not be lighter to push than my reel mower, thus negating reason #4.)

For more suggestions on saving money and saving the environment see: Saving the Environment Saves Me Money! here on Associated Content.

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