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10 Things Women Can Do Better Than Men

It seems that although women aren’t better than men or vice versa, women are better at some things. After thirty years of marriage, I started thinking about the things I am clearly better at than my husband. Don’t get me wrong. I do love the man. It’s just obvious to me in so many ways why women are truly the stronger sex.

1) Women can tune out better. Watch a man and a woman in a restaurant where there is a screaming child in the next booth. The woman goes on about her business, chatting, eating and laughing while the man begins to tremble and break into hives as the smoke starts pouring from his ears. He will complain the whole rest of the meal.

2) Women are better at handling children’s bodily functions. If a man attempts to clean up vomit from a child, the woman will soon be cleaning up after the both of them. Let us not forget also that our husband’s favorite words while playing with the baby were, “Honey! I think the diaper needs changing!”

3) Women are definitely better at being sick. How many times have you crawled out of bed feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck to make your poor husband dinner because he’s hungry? Enough said.

4) Women are better at getting what they want. A little puppy dog pout and a sad look into the eyes of your spouse will usually do the trick. If you can muster a tear, that’s a huge bonus!

5) Women can let things go better. I like baseball as much as my husband, but when our team didn’t win the playoffs, I sighed and moved on. He moped around for three days. Here it is a month later and he and his buddies are still going on about it.

6) Women are better at cleaning. Not much needs to be said on this topic. My husband thinks a sponge is a contraceptive device.

7) Women can communicate better. While I can actually form a complete sentence, my husband has mastered the art of grunting.

8) Women are better at exercising. Scrubbing floors, vacuuming stairs and washing windows burn off far more calories than the remote control arm lift.

9) Women are better at paying bills. If my husband were responsible for bills, it would be a dark, cold winter without power and water until the house was foreclosed on.

10) Women are better at dressing up. Of course it takes longer. We curl our hair, put on makeup and try on 5 outfits to make sure we look our best. Dressing up for men is a quick shave and blowing off the dust of the collared shirt that’s been hanging in the closet since the last Christmas party.

Now that I’ve completed my list, I’m on the fence about who is the smarter sex. The men who get away with all this or the women that put up with it? Hmmmm…….just maybe the jokes on us!

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10 Tips to Avoid Divorce

Nobody wants to have a marriage that ends in the lawyer’s office. Often, the divorce is unexpected, but there are some elements whose compliance can lead to the avoidance of a possible break up. If you have already divorced, don’t lose your hope. You can apply these 10 rules for the next relationship.

1. Do the final step after a longer time

Researchers say that those couples who get married after a longer relationship present fewer possibilities to divorce. Also, couples who are rushing to get to the altar, and those who are afraid to do it, tend to divorce faster than couples who get married when both partners are convinced that is the time to do this step.

2. Avoid living with the partner before marriage

In the last time, couples don’t hesitate to live together before marriage. But researchers don’t recommend it. It seems that those who live together before marriage tend to divorce more quickly than those who are separated until the moment of marriage.

3. Don’t get married at a very early age

Statistics show that people who marry after age 25 tend to present less the risk of divorce.

4. Talk about the big issues that marriage involves

How consistent will be the family’s budget? How many children do you want? Where are you going to live? It’s very important to clarify these things before marriage. You can even ask for an expert’s advice. Researches show that those who communicate more, understand each other better and solve their problems from the first stages, without leaving them to get worse.

5. Fights are normal as long as they are not exaggerated

Fights represent a normal part of a relationship. It matters the way in which you fight. Things that must be avoided: the criticism, offences, the defiance, the attack. It’s important to reach an agreement in the end, although, most times, each partner claims that he is right.

6. Do different activities together

Each person has certain passions, which often don’t match to the partner’s preferences. This way, he goes to tennis every Saturday, while she goes swimming. Try to participate together to certain activities. Surely you will find interesting things to do, that will satisfy both of you.

7. Share the household tasks

When one of the partners does all the work in the house, and the other does nothing about, there will appear easily fights, discontent and the possibility of a divorce.

8. Try to be as polite to each other as you are to strangers

Most times we tend to be the less polite to the closest people. Try to be more careful to your partner and remember to say him sometimes: “thanks”, ‘please’, than having a loud tone when you ask him for something.

9. Are there any problems? Ask for help!

One of you suffers from depression? Have you been cheated? Don’t hesitate to talk about it. Once the problems are left to get worse by themselves, this will lead to conflicts and major misunderstanding.

10. Get married to someone who really wants that

It may seem strange, but there are people who don’t want a marriage. It’s possible to have a special relationship with a person, but when you bring into discussion the possibility of a marriage, the person will avoid talking about. So, rather than have a major disappointment, try to find a person who wants the same as you!


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10 Tips to Have a Better Yoga Class

It is always important to come prepared whether you’re in a business meeting, a sports game or in an exam. It’s also the same with yoga, you have to be prepared before and during your class. The following article suggests tips to help you have a better yoga session and to get most out of it.

1. Arrive 10 minutes earlier

We wouldn’t want to add stress to your workout would we? We wouldn’t want to be late and be disrupting others once class starts. Spare yourself of that and arrive earlier. You’d also be able to talk to your instructor and say hi to your friends.

2. Eat less before practicing yoga

There is no problem delaying breakfast if you practice yoga in the morning since it is better to practice yoga on an empty stomach. But if you have a busy work schedule and take an evening class then this might cause a little problem. Eat something light at least 2 hours before your yoga session so by the time your class starts your stomach would be empty. It’s just uncomfortable to move, bend and do yoga with a heavy stomach.

3. Eat Less after practicing yoga

Eating after your morning yoga sessions is understandable since that would be breakfast and it’s the most important meal of the day. But if you’re eating after your evening class, you have to ask yourself these questions: “Are you really hungry or are you just eating out of habit?” If you answered yes to the former then go ahead and eat something healthy. However, if you answered yes to the latter then you might want to reconsider eating at night. It’s not that healthy anyway to be eating during that time. Diet experts recommend scheduling food intake at least three hours before sleeping.

4. Come in proper Attire

One of the most important parts of your workout is your clothes. They should be comfortable, sweat absorbent and should fit right. It should allow you to have free movement of various body parts and also allow you to move and twist without any trouble. Yoga will really make you perspire (especially if its Bikram Yoga) and we wouldn’t want to be sticky while in class so choose clothes/fabrics that have DryFit or CoolMax to wick moisture away from the skin. The purpose of having the right fit in what you wear is simply for comfort.

5. Bring the right equipment

Always bring your yoga mat, towel, and a bottle of water. You will sweat a lot and although you may rent a yoga mat and a towel in most yoga class, it would still be more comfortable to have your own. You might also want to bring warm socks if you will be meditating after.

6. Attend a class with an experienced yoga instructor

Watch and listen to your yoga instructor very carefully. After listening to the instructions, your only focus is yourself and nothing else – not the pretty girl in front of you (for guys of course) and definitely not that hot guy in your class. Having an experienced yoga instructor would definitely make things easier for you especially if you’re just a beginner. And the most important part of having a trained one is he/she will teach you the basics and the fundamentals of yoga – something that everyone should know.

7. Listen to your body

At times we tend to forget that pain is a good thing because it signals your body to stop what you are doing and relax. This is important in yoga and when you feel that your body is strained or you feel dizzy just relax, breathe or sit. Again, remember that your yoga class is not a competition. It’s not about the others but about yourself so go on and listen to your body…only go as far as your body can.

8. Remember your breathing

Yoga is a series of movements and at times we forget that we have to breathe correctly. Whether you’re stretching, reaching or just sitting, it is important to take note of your breathing. When you feel tired or dizzy, just breathe right, by inhaling and exhaling through the nose, and you’ll feel much better.

9. Have a non-competitive yoga attitude

You may be in a yoga class but this is a personal journey and not about showing off. It’s creating more harmony with your body and it is a way of releasing your own toxins and stress. You should remember that you are not in a yoga class to compete with some of the more experienced people but instead you are there to achieve your personal goal whether it is to lose weight, get fit, create harmony with your body or simply to relax your mind.

10. Concentrate on the present and Enjoy

Clear your mind off what the past and don’t look forward to what will happen in the future. Concentrate on the NOW and what you are doing. Enjoy the moment and the effects that yoga is doing to your body.

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10 Tips to Avoid Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Nobody wants to end a marriage in the lawyer’s office. Most times, a divorce occurs from a sudden, but there are some elements whose compliance may help you avoid a possible separation. If you already divorced, don’t be disappointed. You can apply these 10 rules next time when you have a relationship.

1. Take your time to make a final decision

Researchers say that those couples who get married long time after they met each other present a lower risk of divorce. Also, people who are rushing to get to the altar, and those who are afraid to do it tend to break up faster when both partners are convinced that this is the right solution.

2. Avoid living with your partner before marriage

Nowadays, couples don’t hesitate to live together before getting married. Most experts don’t recommend this. It seems that those who live together before marriage divorce more quickly than those who are separated until marriage.

3. Don’t get married at a very early age

Statistics show that people who marry after the age of 25 present a lower risk of divorce.

4. Talk with your partner about the major problems involved by marriage

How many children you want to have? Where will you stay? What about the family budget? It’s very important to clarify these things before getting married. You can even ask for professional advice. Studies have shown that people who communicate more manage to solve their problems effectively.

5. Quarrels are natural, as long as you don’t overreact

Quarrels are part of a relationship. What matters is the way of putting the problem. The point is that after a dispute to reach an agreement, though often each partner thinks that he is right.

6. Perform various activities together

Each of you has certain passions and hobbies. Maybe your partner plays football every Saturday, while you exercise. Try to find common hobbies, which allow you both to get involved and act like a team.

7. Share housework

When one of you does all the work, while the other watches TV, it’s impossible not to start a fight at some point. With time, these insignificant quarrels and complains may lead to the possibility of divorce.

8. Try to be as polite to each other as you are with strangers

Most times we tend to be the least polite to people who are close to us. So try to be more careful with your partner and don’t forget to say “thanks” from time to time.

9. Does one of you have problems? Ask for help!

Is one of you suffering from depression? Have you been cheated? Don’t hesitate to talk about it. If you avoid facing your problems, they will get worse. Under these conditions, major conflicts and misunderstandings may occur.

10. Marry someone who really wants a family

It may seem strange, but there are people who don’t want to get married and have a family life. You might have a special relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be part of a family. So, rather than being disappointed later, try to find a person who wants exactly what you want.

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10 Things You Can Do to Stay Close to Your Kids

Do you have kids, and a limited budget? Don’t worry most of these ideas are free, and the others are cheap!

1. Build a fort. Kids have loved this one since the beginning of time. I still remember building forts when I was a kid. Sometimes this one has to be done when Mom is out, so that you have free range of the pillows, blankets, etc. Don’t worry about the mess, cleaning up is a small price to pay for hanging out with your kids.

2. Tic Tac Toe. I play this game all of the time with my boys, and they love it! We play it while we are sitting in church (don’t tell mom!), on trips, and during commercials of our favorite shows. The great thing about it, is that kids can learn it quick, and to play you have to be sitting close together.

3. Let them help. I know this usually only works on the younger ones, but kids by nature love to help. Let them do the fun stuff. Like when you are washing mirrors or windows, let them spray the Windex. You’ll waste more, and it will take you longer, but it will be well worth it.

4. Hide and seek. Another kid favorite that can be a ton of fun. We live in a small apartment right now while I am working on my PhD, and we can still find plenty of places to hide.

5. Ask their advice. Seriously, try this one out. If you need to get something done, ask your kids what they think you should do. Be prepared to give their suggestion a shot. You will validate them and they will respect you for it.

6. Rock Paper Scissors. There is no older game is there? My boys love to play this game, and for some reason it never gets old. Believe it or not, there is a bit of strategy to it and it will help your kids learn to outwit their friends. Since I have boys, the loser gets a punch on the arm to keep it interesting.

7. Camp out. We live where it is cold, and camping is definitely not a year round option. We make do with campouts in the living room. Kids love it, and it brings you onto the same level. This makes an excellent combination with idea number one (forts).

8. Fishing. This is much cheaper than you might think. You can buy a small kit at Wal Mart for under $20, that will have everything you need (pole and all). In most states fishing licenses are pretty cheap. Kids love this one and if you don’t know how to fish, you and your kids can learn together.

9. Surf YouTube. I’m the first to admit you have to be careful with this one. Imagination is a wonderful thing and kids are terrific at using theirs. I let my kids think up all sorts of things and then we see if we can find them. Rollerblading monkeys, check. Sharks eating people, check. People jumping off buildings, check. (I have boys remember)

10. Turn off the TV. This one can be tough, but kids know when you are really paying attention to them. Playing cards, while you watch the game, is not as good as just playing cards.

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10 Tips for Avoiding Germs at the Gym

The onset of cold weather has outdoor exercise aficionados heading for their local gyms. Because the drop in temperature also signals the beginning of cold and flu season, gym-goers need to be extra vigilant in taking steps to minimize their exposure to these and other bacterial and viral infections.

“Germs found in gyms include funguses, wart viruses, and staph,” said Bill Hanage, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, in a recent Boston Globe article. These bugs are easily spread when bare skin contacts contaminated surfaces. Of particular concern is MRSA, an aggressive antibiotic-resistant staph infection that can cause boils, swelling, reddening and discomfort and potentially serious complications.

To help you enjoy a workout that does not require a medical workup, here are 10 tips for ensuring that you leave your gym with nothing more than sore muscles:

Before you join a gym, check out its attention to cleanliness. Ask how frequently gym staff disinfects the locker rooms, showers, mats and equipment. Is hand sanitizer or cleaning spray positioned around the facility for your use? Are signs posted reminding members to clean the equipment after use?

When in doubt, sanitize. Even if your gym provides hand sanitizer, it’s a good idea to carry your own. Be sure to wipe down the all equipment before and after use. Some cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

Don’t wipe your hands or face with the same towel you use to wipe the equipment. Carry two hand towels in your gym bag; one for the equipment and one for your hands and face.

Do not touch your face between sets. Pretty obvious, but we all unconsciously touch our face dozens of times during the day. Washing your hands or using sanitizer frequently during your workout is also advised.

Always put a towel on any equipment or bench you sit on. Steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs are virtual Petri dishes for mold, bacteria and germs. Place a towel on any surface you are going to sit or lie down on to avoid a possible infection in a most uncomfortable if not embarrassing place. Cover the seats of equipment as well.

Bandage minor cuts or wounds. Any break in the skin provides an entry for germs. If you have a serious skin infection forgo gym attendance until it heals. In addition, out of consideration to other members, stay home if you have a cold or the flu.

Wear flip-flops or sandals in the locker room and shower. The American Podiatric Medical Association cautions that the heat and moisture of the locker room and shower provide a breeding ground for warts and other fungal infections, particularly athlete’s foot.

Wipe down all mats. Exercise mats, including yoga mats can harbor germs so it is a good idea to wipe them down. A better idea is to bring your own yoga mat and wash it after use. In martial arts gyms, constant body contact with the mats makes routine wipe-downs essential.

If you use weight-lifting gloves, wash them regularly. Studies have shown that staph bacteria can cling to polyester, the preferred material for weight-lifting gloves. Wash your gloves in hot water and detergent and avoid touching your face when you are wearing them.

Change out of your gym clothes as soon as possible. Sweaty clothes provide a welcoming environment for bacteria and viruses to grow. If you don’t shower and change at the gym, do so as soon as you get home.

There is no doubt that the benefits of working out far outweigh the health risks cited here. Still, a heightened awareness of the potential for contamination and a bit of prudent precaution will go far in arming you against the risk of picking up germs at the gym.


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