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10 Tips on How to Childproof Your Home Office

It may be difficult sometimes to always childproof your home office due to a stressful busy workload at times. Here are ten tips on how to childproof your home office.

1. You can always put the staplers and other office equipment in a certain childproof drawer in the desk so the child can’t get hurt or make a mess with the equipment. It is a good idea to keep those type of things out of reach.

2. Put the keyboard away somewhere that the child can’t get to it when you are taking a break from working. This way he or she can’t type non sense words or hit a wrong key that messes up the project that you were working on. A wireless keyword might be a good idea so you don’t have to disconnect it from the computer each time you want to take a break from working.

3. You can put a lid on all drinks in the office. This will help keep the child from spilling any liquids on the desk or any important office equipment such as your computer. This is a good idea since it will help reduce the amount of spills that occur. It is a good idea to keep like plastic bottles with a cap on the bottles stored in your office.

4. Keep important papers along with any other paperwork stored and filed away in a desk drawer somewhere or even a file cabinet. Children won’t be able to mess up your paperwork since it won’t be piled all over your desk. It will help keep you organized at the same time too.

5. You can even get a drawer that requires a key for it to be opened. The same is available with file cabinets. This will help make sure that the children won’t spill any drinks or leave sticky candy on any important papers.

6. If you have a coffeemaker in your office then make sure to put it on a top shelf when you are done with it for the day. The child won’t get burnt by it and you don’t have to worry about them playing with the coffee maker.

7. Make sure to have a back up on your computer just in case the child turns off your computer. Another option though you can always make it so your computer won’t turn on unless it has key inserted into the key slot. Some computers have this option available on business computers. This will help reduce the amount of lost work or people messing it up.

8. Keep paperclips and letter openers away from the child by putting them in a drawer or a plastic container on your desk. This a great method to keep them from hurting themselves.

9. Make sure to keep away any printer ink away from the child. You don’t want to deal with a huge ink mess! You can put the printer ink on the top shelf so the child can’t reach it.

10. Put on the top shelf any white out and any color markers on a top shelf or locked drawer too. This will prevent any big messes from happening

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10 Tips for Bold Dramatic Makeup

Bold and dramatic looks are in, not just in terms of clothing and accessories, but for makeup too! You can get really gorgeous results by dramatizing your makeup.

1. The easiest way to bold your look is by adding black eyeliner and mascara to your collection of makeup. Odds are though, you already own both. If not what are you waiting for? Black will always be in as far as eye makeup is concerned.

2. You don’t want to go about the usual style of applying your eyeliner. Instead of a thin line of eyeliner, you want to amp it up by making the lines much thicker, and extending the eyeliner at your outer lid for a tip is also very in. They call it the Egyptian eye, or Cleopatra.

3. Once you have your eyeliner in place, glop on some mascara, and use an eyelash curler to lengthen the lashes.

4. To really get your eyes to pop out, you can add on some cheap eyelashes. The longer, the better.

5. Before all that though, you want to bold the eye using eyeshadow. You do not want to use neutrals or tans anymore, the subtle look is gone with the wind. Bold is what it is all about, so add a few bold colors to your eyeshadow collection. Pinks, purples, and deep blues are popular nowadays.

6. You can add shimmer to the eye shadows as well for a smooth and flawless blend of colors. Do not forget to highlight the upper brow bone, with a frosted shimmer. Silver, or white frost works best on highlighting the brow bone, while drawing attention to the eye itself.

7. When it comes to your foundation, you want something that matches your skin tone naturally, but provides flawless coverage. A matte foundation is best because you can add blush and finishing powders much easier. After applying your foundation, and finishing powder (you will want a finishing powder, especially if you have naturally oily or shiny skin. The finishing powder will keep your skin shine free, and as flawless as possible), you will then want to add blush.

8. If blush was never your thing, I suggest you make it your thing, because blush can actually make your face appear thinner than it is. All you have to do is accentuate your cheekbones, by highlighting the area with blush. I usually use a plum on my medium skin tone. The blush pulls my entire look together, into a more sophisticated look. With summer months approaching, you can switch out your blush, for a deeper colored copper bronzer to highlight your face. The sun will catch the micro flecks of golden shimmer, giving you a natural tanned look.

9. Lipstick is next, and colors this year have been bolder and brighter than ever. Hot pinks, and deep ruby reds are all the rage as of late. If you are not used to such dramatic and bold colors though, you can start off with a more pale pink, and work your way up to a bolder deeper color. It may make you feel awkward when you first begin applying it, but the look is beautiful, and an eye catcher, for all the right reasons.

10. Practice makes perfect. For a bold and dramatic appearance that looks nice, and not overdone and tacky, you will need to practice with applying your eyeliner, and applying your eyeshadow. The eyes is the key to creating an overall dramatic look. So practice on your eyes, often, and do not be afraid to try out new colors, for both the eyes, and your blush. Different brush strokes can also create different looks, so dare to be different.

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10 Tips for Cooking with Low Vision

As we get older sometimes our vision just doesn’t work like it once did and we find ourselves having problem reading package directions and setting the temperature on the oven. Below are some tips that will hopefully make working in the kitchen with Low Vision a little easier.

1. If you purchase the same type of cake mix or any other product frequently take the time to write the package directions down in large print or record them with a portable tape recorder

2. Mark the controls on your oven with brightly colored paint or small strips of Velcro. This way you can tell what temperature is being used.

3. Sometimes it’s a lot more difficult to tell when cookies are brown or the rolls hit that perfect golden color. I find it easier to time things and they turn out nearly the same each time. Use a raised line timer found at Ann Morris /enterprises or a talking watch to determine just how long those cookies need to bake.

4. When measuring small amounts of liquids like vanilla or almond extract. Use an eye dropper they hold a teaspoon of liquid and it sure beats trying to hit a measuring spoon with an expensive and fragrant liquid. you can also use a medicine syringe found at your local drugstore for measuring larger amounts. Simply have someone pull the syringe out to the different levels and mark the plunger with a sharp knife. This will let you feel where ½ teaspoon or 1 Tablespoon is without pouring at all.

5. Listen to your food. I know this sounds a bit strange but if you pay close attention you will find out that a grilled cheese sounds different as it browns. The same goes for bacon and steak. It won’t take long to get the hang of it.

6. Arrange your kitchen cabinets so that you always keep the cans of carrots or peas in the same place this will make it easier to find what you need. If this is hard to do because someone is always moving things about try putting a rubber band on carrots and two on peas. You can also use a brightly colored sticker to identify different contents. It will be easy to work out your own code.

7. Add an extra light in your kitchen that is brighter then usual. .This will help with hard to read recipes and instructions.

8. Store your dry goods such as flour and sugar in different sized containers. It will make things much easier then trying to read the bag plus you can easily measure them with a scoop.

9. It sometimes helps to use a contrasting colored bowl with different food. For example: stir up a yellow cake batter in a dark blue bowl and brownies in a white bowl. The contrast will make things easier to see.

10. Use oven mitts that come further up your arm. This will keep you from accidentally bumping your arm on the oven Dorr. Be sure to keep handles on the stove top pointed in the same direction each time this makes it less likely to bump one accidentally.

The main point I want to stress here is that low vision shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you love. Enjoy cooking be safe and if things don’t turn out quite the way you think remember that everyone makes mistakes in the kitchen blind as well as sighted. I know because over the years I have lost most of my vision to Retinitis Pigmintosa, (a degenerative eye disease). I still enjoy cooking and look forward to this years Holiday baking.

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