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10 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

Getting ready head to college and nervous about the freshman 15?

I remember the summer after freshman year seeing all your high school friends again, everyone could tell who gained the freshman 15 and who didn’t. Don’t freak out, it’s a lot easier than you think to keep that weight off. Here are 10 tips to make sure you wouldn’t come home in the summer with an extra 15 pounds.

1. Realize alcohol has calories

Here’s a website that will help you count how many calories you ingest when you go out Drinking incessant amounts of alcohol without making other changes will cause you to gain weight quickly. If your 21 you don’t have to stop drinking to prevent weight gain use it as an incentive to work out. Say ok since I burned 200 calories at the gym today, I can have 2 beers and not have any consequences.

2. Group Exercise Classes

Anybody get sick of the cardio machines at the gym?! I do, and the best thing I found to combat that was exercise classes that the University held. Look at your University’s website and see if they offer classes such as kickboxing, spinning, yoga, etc. They are usually pretty cheap and keep you excited. If you get some friends to join you too, you are more likely to go every week.

3. Take the stairs

When you are going to your class room or your dorm take the stairs. You don’t have to do it all the time, but it’s a quick way to burn a few extra calories.

4. Join an intramural team

You don’t have to be Michael Jordan to play intramurals, so don’t worry if your thinking sports aren’t your thing. Joining an intramural team is a great way to meet new friends while getting some exercise.

5. Stop that late night eating

There are 3 meals in the day not 4. That whole ordering pizza at midnight will not help you avoid the late night weight gain. If you have to have something to eat, go for something healthier or make sure you only eat one piece. This was my downfall in college and once I stopped doing it I lost the weight I had gained.

6. You have to have some sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep you will not be able to exercise at your full potential and you will be more likely to fall prey to unhealthy food. Try to get 8 hours or at least 7.

7. Watch your snacking

Do you keep lots of food in your dorm room even though you eat all of your meals at the union? Watch out for your snacking, it’s easy to mindlessly eat while you’re studying. Only keep a limited amount of food in your dorm. If you don’t have the food in your dorm you won’t eat it.

8. Eating out at all?

Maybe you get tired of your food cafeteria and decide to run to McDonalds…. AHH! This is ok a few times but make sure you don’t get into a habit. If you need fast food try a slim sandwich from Jimmy Johns or just a happy meal from McDonalds. Not eating out will also save you money.

9. Get into a routine

Find a routine that works for you. What time you should eat your meals and when you will go to the gym. The more you regulate yourself the more likely you will be to do something. If you always go to the gym at 3 on Monday then you will normally go instead of saying you will go whenever.

10. Relax

You will be ok! Try to keep your stress down studying, by planning and making sure you study in advance. And don’t worry too much about gaining weight; you will be fine as long as you pay attention to what you are putting in your body.

Best of luck not gaining the freshman 15! I gained about 10 pounds the 1st semester of my freshman year, then I followed these tips I created and lost about 15 pounds!

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10 Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make for Your Boyfriend

Not sure what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Nothing says “I love you” like a unique, personalized, homemade gift – it sure beats the same old boring box of chocolates or bottle of wine. Here’s a list of ten things you could make your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day…he’ll love receiving a gift handmade with love by you:

1) Personalized picture frame: Buy a plain 4X6″ picture frame and use craft paints to decorate it for your boyfriend. You could frame a memorable snapshot of you two together and then decorate the frame with words that describe how much you love him. He’ll love receiving such a meaningful gift and will be proud to have it on display.

2) Handwritten card: Instead of buying a standard Valentine’s Day greeting card that never says exactly what you want it to, make your own card this year. Your boyfriend will be touched by all the work and thought you put into it. Use construction paper, glue, doilies, gel pens, markers, and glitter-get creative and make the card that tells your boyfriend how much he means to you this Valentine’s Day.

3) Relationship scrapbook: You don’t have to be an expert “scrapbooker” to create a special book of memories from your relationship to give to your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. If you’re like most girls you probably have tons of photos, movie ticket stubs, concert passes, event programs, etc. saved from the time you and your boyfriend have spent together. Buy a scrapbook album and put all of your relationship “memorabilia” in it and embellish it with stickers, foam hearts, and other scrapbooking decorations. This special album will soon become one of your boyfriend’s most treasured possessions.

4) Decorated coffee mug: Most of us inhale so much coffee these days that there’s no such thing as too many coffee mugs. And if you create a personalized mug for your boyfriend, it will definitely be his new favorite. Buy a plain coffee mug (white is the easiest to paint on, but red would be good for Valentine’s Day too). Use craft paints and paintbrushes to paint “I love you” or other sweet messages on the mug and paint hearts for added decoration. This is a sweet, practical craft that your boyfriend will love.

5) Photo collage: If your boyfriend has some empty wall space in his home, he’d love to fill it with a collage of pictures of you two together…especially if it’s made by you! This is such a simple craft for you to make, but it will be so meaningful to your boyfriend. Decide how large a collage you want to make and then buy a piece of tagboard that size at a hardware store. Then gather photos of you and your boyfriend from different stages in your relationship. Arrange them on the tagboard and cut as needed to make them fit and flow well together. Then glue all your photos on the tagboard and tie a big red bow on this sweet Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend.

6) Write a book: Seriously, you can do it! Write the story of your relationship with your boyfriend – how you met, your first date, when you “officially” became boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Add photos and illustrations throughout your story. Take your story to an office supply store and have it bound and covered. Your boyfriend will be touched by all the thought you put into this one-of-a-kind gift.

7) Invitation to dinner: Type up an invitation to your boyfriend for a Valentine’s Day dinner made by you. Print it out on stationary with hearts and flowers and be sure to include that he is the only invitee to your romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day. Of course, once you give him the invitation then you’ll need to start planning a delicious meal to prepare for him at your special dinner.

8) Pillowcase: Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a skilled seamstress for this one either. Simply buy a plain white or red pillowcase (and if you’re feeling really sweet you could buy a new pillow to go in it too!) and different colors of fabric paint. Then paint on a message like “sweet dreams” or “I love you” and decorate with hearts, flowers, or whatever else you think he would like. He’ll surely sleep well on a pillowcase made just for him by you!

9) Coupon books: Coupon books are a sweet, inexpensive way to let your boyfriend pick and choose when he wants to receive your Valentine’s Day gifts. Just take strips of paper and write on each one a different thing you could do for your boyfriend, like “One Free Dinner,” “One Free Kiss,” “You Pick the Movie Night,” etc. Decorate the “coupons,” staple them together, and give them to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Then he can tear one off and cash them in whenever he wants!

10) Decorated sugar cookies: For the boyfriend with a sweet tooth, heart-shaped sugar cookies are a good bet on Valentine’s Day. Either make sugar cookie dough from scratch or buy the refrigerated pre-made roll at the store. Then just roll out your dough and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out your cookies. Bake and then decorate with red or pink tinted frosting. For decorating ideas you might write your names on the cookies, “I love you,” “you’re mine,” etc.

When you present your handmade Valentine’s Day gift to your boyfriend, he’ll love the fact that you went to the time and effort to make him something instead of just rushing out to the store and randomly grabbing a gift. Anyone of these ten gift ideas will convince your boyfriend that he has the sweetest girlfriend around!

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10 Ways to Beat the Heat in a Cool Way

10 Heat busters:

  1. Eat homemade Popsicles
  2. Have a water balloon fight
  3. Air conditioner not living up? Place a bowl of ice near the vent or in front of a fan. You just made an instant Air conditioner.
  4. Hike to the bottom of a nearby waterfall and jump into the refreshingly cold water.
  5. Eat spicy food. It has been said that spicy food has a cooling effect on the body. This really works!
  6. Brew up some of your favorite ice tea and toss in some mint from the garden.
  7. Have an ice cream party! Don’t have any ice cream? Not to worry, just pour some half n half over any frozen fruit or berries. Viola!
  8. Do a cold foot spa. Refreshing! [check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions]
  9. Go get a water melon. You heard me. Many of us feel bad when it’s hot, mainly because we are chronically dehydrated. Watermelon is sure to help!
  10. Go to the mall. :)

I hope these ideas remind you of how you can have fun staying cool in the hot weather without breaking the bank. Get the whole family involved!


Ideas of Atlanta Page and her kids

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10 Very Unusual Animals from Around the World

Animals are simply amazing. With the vast variety of species in our world, it is nearly impossible to choose just ten amazing animals to discuss. So join me as we take a tour around the world, and learn about ten amazing animals.


When one hears the word “Antarctica” and thinks of animals, the first animal that often comes to mind is the penguin. However, the Antarctic continent plays host to many other animals, some little known.

#1 – The Antarctic Ice Fish is amazingly different than most other living creatures on our planet, because their blood is not red, but clear! This is because the blood of the Antarctic Ice Fish does not have any red blood cells (hemoglobin). Because the water temperature is so low, oxygen is able to be carried through the Ice Fish’s bloodstream without hemoglobin.

#2 – The Blue Whale is also found in the Antarctic region. While the fact that a mature blue whale is the largest animal to ever live is amazing enough, here is an equally amazing fact that puts size into perspective: the aorta, the main blood vessel, is large enough for a human child to crawl through. Blue Whales are doubly amazing, because they are the loudest animal in the world; their sounds can be heard up to 530 miles away.

Arctic Circle

#3 – Bridging the gap between Antarctica and the Arctic Circle is the amazing Arctic Tern. This bird has the longest-distance migration of all the birds in the world, crossing from the Arctic circle, flying to Antarctica, and then back again, a total distance of 32,000 kilometers.


#4 – The stereotypical picture of an Asian animal is the Giant Panda. However, a lesser-known relation is the Red Panda, found in the mountains in China and other Asian countries. Along with a variety of small plants, bird eggs, fruits and flowers, a single Red Panda eats an amazing 20,000 bamboo leaves a day.


#5 – Everyone learns in school that mammals bear live young, but to every rule, there is an exception. Meet the amazing Australian Platypus! The platypus is only one of five mammals in the world that lays eggs. As if that is not unusual enough, the male platypus has a spur on each of his hind legs, from which he can deliver a poison, making the species one of the few venomous mammals in the world.

#6 – The largest carnivorous marsupial in Australia is the Tasmanian Devil. Their numbers have been greatly reduced, first through an intentional reduction in their numbers by humans, and now through a rare contagious cancer, known as devil facial tumor disease. This cancer is so contagious within the Tasmanian Devil population that the species is now on the endangered list, and experts are attempting to quarantine healthy populations. Another unique fact about this species is that this species has the strongest bite of any mammal – at over 5,100 pounds of pressure per inch.

North America

#7 – The second-largest rodent in the world is the North American beaver, weighing in at up to 60 pounds. The dams that beavers make can be quite large; one in Montana was over 2,140 feet in length – that is more than 4/10ths of a mile – more than seven football fields long!

South America

#8 – The Golden Poison Dart Frog lives along the Pacific coastline in Columbia on the South American continent. Although even the largest of these frogs is barely three inches in length, the poison from this frog is so venomous that the venom from just one of these frogs can kill as many as 1,500 people.

#9 – The noisiest land animal is the Howler Monkey, found in both Central America and South America. How loud is the Howler Monkey? Loud enough to be clearly heard from ten miles away!

#10 – Rodents come in all sizes, but people are most familiar with small rodents such as mice. South America boasts the largest rodent in the world, the capybara, which can weigh over 170 pounds – as much as an average sized man.

Hopefully you have enjoyed taking a world tour and learning some interesting animal facts. Take the time to explore the world around you, both near and far, and you will surely find many amazing animals.

Sources:, 1998 Thinkquest Team 26442, Oliver Strebel, Robert Merki, Ho Lik Man, Terry Dunn, Village Mayor, 10/10/2008, Julian Gutt, Alfred Wegener

Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Wildlife Utilization in Latin America: Current situation and prospects for sustainable management, Juhani Ojasti, FAO Conservation Guide, 1996; Bryner, Jeanna, 5/07/208

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10 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day is Sunday, February 17. This holiday offers you an opportunity to sporadically help anyone you encounter during that 24-hour period. In addition, it gives you an official chance to increase your karma. Here are 10 things you can do.

Cop for lunch. Do you go out for Sunday brunch? If so, pay for a stranger’s lunch. You don’t have to tell them who you are. Just tip off the waitress and fork up the money. Then, watch as the lucky party brightens up.

Offer up toll money. If you live in an area that requires you pay a toll in order to cross a bridge, pay it twice. What do I mean? Pay for yours and the person behind you. It’ll lower the amount road rage in your area, one person at a time.

Buy someone coffee. Are you a Starbucks supporter? You love your coffee and get it every day. While you’re waiting in line, buy someone else’s. You can do it secretly or openly. It’ll give you a chance to wake someone up in a nice way.

Hand out free bus tickets. Bus tickets are so cheap in many areas that you can buy a few and hand them out in the morning. Whom should you look for? Young people, the elderly and homeless. These people are the ones who’ll be the most grateful to get the help.

Cover someone’s shoes. Are you a shoe fiend? Every Sunday, you hit the malls, especially the shoe store. While you’re there, buy an extra pair – for someone else. You can do it for anyone, but, if you pick a woman, you’ll make a new friend or even get a date.

Shovel a neighbor’s driveway. The news is buzzing with stories about snow storms hitting hard across America. If you happen to live in one of those areas, use it as an opportunity to be kind to a neighbor. While you’re shoveling out your driveway, take the time to do it for a neighbor. You can even go a block or two over to a widower’s house. It’ll be welcome help.

Allow someone to cut-in-line. If you struggle with patience, you can work on it during Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here’s how. While you’re waiting in line on that day, let someone cut in front of you. It can be at the grocery store or at the gas pump. This act will work dually to improve your character and help someone else.

Pay a stranger a compliment. Most of us look to our family and friends for support. As a result, when a stranger says something nice to us, it’s a big event. On Random Acts of Kindness Day, make this your mission. Say something kind to at least 3 random people. It’ll make their day.

Buy a homeless person a blanket. Winter is a difficult time for many homeless people because they’re forced to face the brutal cold. You can help them by buying one blanket. Go for the thermal ones that’ll keep a person warm even outside.

Smile and wave at ten strangers. Many times, just the smile of a stranger can lift a person’s day. You can be that stranger on Random Acts of Kindness Day. Smile and wave at ten random people. It’ll give them a lift.

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10 Very Weird Phobias

Millions of people suffer from various phobias, some more weird then others. Certain phobias are understandable such as people who are scared of heights (acrophobia), people who are scared of snakes (ophidiophobia) and people who are scared of speed (tachophobia). But what about weird phobias? People who are scared of simple things like cotton, jell-o and chins? Below you will find 10 very weird phobias that people actually suffer from.

Weird Phobia #1 – Ablutophobia: Fear of Bathing

Ablutophobia is the fear of taking a bath or cleaning yourself in any form. It is mostly found in children and women.

Weird Phobia #2 -Porphyrophobia: The Fear of the Color Purple

The color purple is definitely not the favorite color of a person who has Porphyrophobia. Porphyrophobia is the extreme fear of anything that is the color purple.

Weird Phobia #3 -Geniophobia: Fear of Chins

People with Geniophobia have a weird phobia of chins. For whatever reason, the person is extremely scared of even the most normal chins.

Weird Phobia #4- Eisoptrophobia: Fear of Mirrors

Even the prettiest beauty queen can be scared of mirrors. It’s called Eisoptrophobia. It means to be scared of mirrors or seeing yourself in a mirror. It can also relate to bringing bad luck due to breaking mirrors. This is also very close to Spectrophobia which is the fear of seeing your own reflection.

Weird Phobia #5- Pteronophobia: Fear of Being Tickled

Pteronophobias don’t laugh when ticked. In fact they have a great fear of being tickled and may suffer from great anxiety at the thought of being tickled.

Weird Phobia #6- Papyophobia: Fear of Paper

The fear of paper is makes one a Papyophobia. Papyophobia is the phobia of paper and can cause serious anxiety by seeing, touching, or feeling paper.

Weird Phobia #7- Nomatophobia: Fear of Names

One of the weirdest phobias ever, would have to be Nomatophobia, the fear of names. Really, this must have been brought on by the kids who were named weird names like Pizza, Road, Vega, Swinburne, and Willoha.

Weird Phobia #8- Phobophobia: Fear of Developing a Phobia

Now that’s a real ringer- a phobia of developing a phobia? I would have to say this one is definitely self-induced.

Weird Phobia #9- Nomophobia: The Fear of Losing Cell Service

Choose your cell service provider wisely. Nomophobia is the extreme fear of losing cell phone service and not being able to stay connected with friends.

Weird Phobia #10- Apotemnophobia: Fear of Amputations

No so much the fear of having your own limbs amputated, but being around someone who has amputations or prosthetics.

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10 Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Wardrobe essentials for women will keep you from ever having to say you have nothing to wear. These are 10 items that should be in any woman’s closet. Most of these wardrobe fundamentals are black so it should be no mystery why many fashion designers and New York women are always wearing black.

Year Round Black Trousers for Wardrobe Essentials: Flattering black trousers will get a lot of wear. Have them on hand in medium weight silk or wool for year round use, and you won’t get stuck with nothing to wear when the seasons change. Match them with classics for work or with dressier tops for evening. You can always find them at Armani or any department store.

Long Black Knit Skirt for Wardrobe Essentials: A long black knit skirt will give you another versatile separate you can dress up or down depending on your top and accessories. Dolce and Gabbana usually features them.

Silk Tunic and Pants for Wardrobe Essentials: You can look effortlessly coordinated with silk tunics and pants. Brands like Zoran and Eskandar are popular in part because they make dressing so easy and comfortable. Wear them for entertaining or lounging.

Cashmere Turtleneck for Wardrobe Essentials: A cashmere turtleneck will get lots of use on its own or under a suit jacket. Look for good quality department store lines such as Lord & Taylor.

Black Pantsuits for Wardrobe Essentials: These are wardrobe fundamentals that make coordinating easy. Wear them with a button down blouse for a conservative look or with more casual silk t shirts. Brands like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan always have a good selection.

Colored Silk T Shirts for Wardrobe Essentials: Speaking of silk t shirts, get them in flattering colors to pair with all your black separates. Armani and Neiman Marcus are good places to look.

Long Black Sweater Coat for Wardrobe Essentials: These wardrobe basics keep you warm and stylish. Get them with simple lines to look sleek over most separates.

Cashmere Overcoat for Wardrobe Essentials: Keep warm without looking bulky, in a belted cashmere overcoat. Ralph Lauren and Akris often have beautiful styles.

Trench Raincoats for Wardrobe Essentials: Look good even when you’re all wet. Try shopping for these wardrobe fundamentals at Burberry.

Black Sport Shoes for Wardrobe Essentials: Sporty black shoes can keep your feet healthy while you work or play. Prada has many of these wardrobe basics that look dressy enough for the office or dinner.

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10 Warning Signs You Are in an Abusive Relationship

If you are a woman and wondering whether or not you are involved in an abusive relationship, there are several signs to look out for. These signs are sure, but they are often clouded by the denial that many women go through in an attempt to make the relationship work…as well as the fear that can come at the thought of leaving.

The numbers are quite frightening in regard to the number of women who are battered by partners. According to the National Organization for Women, approximately 4 million are battered by their partners each year. Another factor to consider are the number of women who are beaten down with words, intimidation, threats, and isolation.

If you believe that you might be in an abusive relationship, pay attention to these signs. You owe it to yourself to be honest in asking yourself these tough questions:

-Does he try and keep you from family and friends? If your partner tries to keep you all to himself, isolating you from family and friends, be careful. Many women misinterpret this as a sign of love and feel flattered that he wants undivided attention. The reality is that a man who is abusive wants you to have little contact with those who care about you because it lessens the chance that they will recognize any signs of abuse.

-Are you afraid of your partner? Pay attention to your reactions when he is angry. Do you find yourself retreating? Do you find yourself trying to pacify him even though you know he is wrong?

-Has he ever hit, pushed, bit, slapped, or caused you any other form of bodily harm? This is never okay. It doesn’t matter whether or not you provoked him. It doesn’t even matter if you hit him first. The fact remains that he is a guy. He is stronger than you. He can always walk away. His choice should never be to lay hands on you.

-Has he ever threatened you? Does he threaten to divorce you, abandon you, hurt you, kill you, or cause any kind of pain (emotional or otherwise) to you or to others you care about? If he does, this is abuse.

-Does he call you names or put you down? This is a way of attacking your self esteem. If you start to believe his lies that you are unworthy, then you will start to believe you deserve nothing better than the abuse he is inflicting.

-Is he controlling? Does he control the money you spend, where you go, and who you spend time with? Does he need to know where you are every minute of every day? This, again, is often mistaken by women as loving gestures. In truth, they are signs of potential violence.

-Do you find yourself making excuses for his behavior? Many times, family and friends are the first to recognize signs of abuse while the person being abused continues to live in denial.

Rita had been married for 15 years. She found herself always making excuses for her husband’s rude behavior. Some of her most common excuses were “He is just stressed….he is tired….he is just kidding…he is having a bad day…he isn’t usually like this.” The list could go on and on. After 15 years of making excuses, Rita came to the realization that she was just living in denial about her husband’s abusive behavior.

-Does he have angry outbursts where he kicks furniture, walls, and breaks things? Many women do not take this behavior seriously. Some even joke about it saying, “At least he isn’t hitting me”. Even if he has not hit you yet…he is a time bomb. All it will take is for you to be in his way when he is having an angry outburst.

-Does he refuse to take responsibility for his behavior? An abuser rarely takes responsibility for his behavior. He justifies his actions by saying you deserved the treatment. In other words, if you had not behaved in such a way, he would not have had to punch you in your face. See how ridiculous that sounds? To an abused woman, however, those words only feed her lack of self esteem and she has a tendency to believe what the abuser says to her.

–Does he ridicule you in front of family and friends? An abuser has no hesitation about putting you down in front of your family and friends. First of all, remember that he is trying to keep you from them anyway. What better way than to ostracize them so that they never want to be around him? He knows that if you are forced to choose between him or your family, you will probably choose him. After all, who else would want you? (at least, this is what he wants you to believe). It is nothing but a lie.

After asking yourself these tough questions, make the decision to be honest with yourself. You are worthy of being loved and treated with dignity and respect. You should never be put down or ridiculed in any form or fashion. You should never be harmed physically by anyone…especially by someone who is supposed to love you.

There is help for you. From this moment on, you will only be a victim if you choose to be. Take control of your life and get help. Tell someone what you are going through. Tell your family, your friends. Tell your pastor, your co-workers. Call the National Domestic Violence hotline (available 24/7 in every state) at (800) 799-SAFE (7233) or at (800) 787-3244 for the hearing impaired.

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10 Ways to Get to 10,000 Steps Per Day

Walking is one of the best ways to get in shape and stay healthy. It is easy, can be done anywhere, doesn’t require any special equipment and is great to do with a partner. The one issue many will have is finding the time to go for a walk. In a busy schedule, it will be one of the first things to be put off. One of the best ways to combat this is to get yourself a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps or more per day. There are many ways to work in more walking into your everyday routine.

1) Park farther from the entrance at work, the grocery store or any shopping trip. These parking spots are easy to get and walking these extra steps can easily become a healthy habit.

2) When grocery shopping, leave your cart at the end of the isle. Walk down the isle to get your items then carry them back to your cart. You get the added exercise of carrying your groceries and may even save some time by being able to easily maneuver the crowded isle without your cart.

3) Take the stairs up one flight or down two instead of the elevator. If time permits, take the stairs up two flights as well. This will work in some good toning to your walking routine and is an easy habit to start.

4) Skip the drive through banking, mail drop or library book drop and get out of your car and walk. Though these are not every day trips, these steps will add up over time.

5) Go window shopping. Leave the purse or wallet in the car so there is no urge to spend. Walking in the mall is a great way to get some gift ideas while getting some exercise in a weather protected environment.

6) Walk your kids to and from school instead of driving by. If this is too far, park nearby and walk. This will avoid all that after school traffic and is a good time to talk to the kids about their day.

7) While at work walk to the water fountain or restroom every hour. A full break every hour isn’t a good idea, but these few extra steps will help stretch your legs and offer a the eyes a needed break from the computer.

8) Once in the habit of going to the restroom or water fountain every hour, start going to the one on another floor. Again, those stairs are great for toning.

9) Instead of sending an e-mail or making a phone call, walk to a coworkers office. The steps will add up even if done just once or twice a day.

10) Find 10 minutes every day at lunch or after work to go for a walk around the block or around the building. Use this time to make a phone call or just think about nothing. Slowly work up to 15 minutes or more per day.

Before long you will be logging in 10,000 or more steps per day.

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10 Ways to Feel Better

Devastation, depression, disaster, anger and fear is all a part of life but should not be misused to defeat your spirit. The great part about this world is when tomorrow has passed it is no longer available to redo. If there was mistakes made in the past why dwell on something that cannot be redone. The world is moving forward as so you should. There is always going to be some problem that arises, the problem is small but how you respond to the problem makes a big difference in life.

Life gives us obstacles to persevere and grow from. There are ways to lift your spirits in order to gain power of your life. Take your life back by keeping on track toward your future.
When you are feeling the world is closing in on you remember there is always a solution to every problem that we face. Open your mind up reading motivational books. Most of the motivational books will let you see yourself from within and leave you feeling like you are bigger than any problem. Music has the ability also to bring happiness into our heart. Listen to your favorite song and sing it at your loudest possible voice until pure joy cuddles you.

Exercise has a way to incarcerate a negative mood. Sweating your problems out is a great way to take a hold of the emotion and let go. When you are eating healthy and working out the spirit tends to send signals of happiness as you take care of body.

If you have principles that you hold yourself accountable to standby, write them down. Put your principles all over your house, purse and wallets. When you are feeling your spirits moving in a downward spiral pull a positive principle out to reassure you of how you want to live your life.

When life gets chaotic we put things that we intended to do off. If there is something outrageously fun that you have put off because of excuses, the time is now to make a date with it. Whether it is skydiving or yoga class it will be exciting looking forward to do something you want to do or doing it is the best way to turn frowns around.

A relaxing way to lift your spirits is go near water. Water has this way of bringing positive energy into your world. Whether it is taking a bubble bath, going to a beach or sitting at a water fountain, it is a great way to bring peace within.

Deep down everyone has a desire to give. When you give money or your time to others in need it helps bring you closer with self. It is the greatest gift of all to give. Volunteer at a local hospital, homeless shelter, donate money to a charity or visit a senior citizen home. When you have the ability to lift others spirit it intertwines to lift yours also.

Children have all the answers to our challenging situation. Go and watch toddlers or young children. Their smile is so infectious and pure to lighten up the hardest feeling of all. When you see a baby smile it goes to a place in your soul that immediately sends a response to smile back. If you don’t have children of your own go walk around at a park and hear the laughter of kids enjoying life.

When you have tried everything and you still are moping around. Go stand in the mirror and smile. Smile from ear to ear until the negative feeling dissipates into a positive emotion. When you smile it is hard to feel anything but happiness.

There are going to be more problems in your life but the more you can lift your spirits the more they will seem small. You control your life and the emotions you have. Make the choice of being happy no matter what life throws your way.

Tags:10 Ways to Feel Better

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