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10 Ways to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant - Improve Your Fertility and Don't Waste More Time!

Looking for methods to increase chances of getting pregnant? Look no more, because here are ten easy ways to improve your fertility.

First, consult your doctor. Aside from giving you his professional advice, your doctor can also recommend prenatal vitamins, like folic acid supplements, which can save your baby from having serious birth defects.

Second, stop taking pills as soon as you can. You will probably have an irregular cycle for a few months after withdrawing from using contraception. Additionally, you will probably be fertile only after a month of stopping.

Third, find out when your ovulation date is. Take advantage of your most fertile days by trying for a baby then. There are approximately seven days when you are considered most fertile.

Fourth, start eating healthy and get yourself into good shape. Research shows that underweight and overweight women have less chances of conceiving right away.

Fifth, stop smoking and doing drugs. Both vices are not only unhealthy for you, but they can also seriously damage your baby. These can also cause you to have premature births and miscarriages, in addition to possibly having a low-weight baby.

Sixth, reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake. Caffeine may cause you to have a stillbirth, and alcohol may poison your baby. There are no universally agreed “safe levels” for both substances, though it is probably better be more conscious by abstaining entirely from both, if you can.

Seventh, try using sexual positions that will increase chances of getting pregnant by allowing your partner to deposit the sperm as close to the cervix as possible. Examples of these include the missionary position and rear-entry positions.

Eighth, encourage your partner to increase him sperm count by wearing loose, cotton boxers, which allow the testicles to become cooler and produce more sperm. You should also discourage him from taking hot baths and going to saunas, which can lower his sperm count.

Ninth, encourage your partner to live a healthier lifestyle as well. Not only will this improve his sperm count and the quality of his sperm, but it will also prevent the baby from having birth defects as well.

Tenth, try not to stress yourself out. Even if you do all you can to increase chances of getting pregnant, you will probably still end up waiting a little. Relax. This is normal. As long as everything is going well, you can and will conceive a baby.

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10 Ways to Increase Happiness NOW

“If you want to be happy, be.
—“Leo Tolstoy

Happiness has the ability to drastically improve your quality of life today…right now, and it doesn’t have to cost a dime. There are thousands of easy ways to increase happiness; here is a list of ten to get you started.

10 Ways to Increase Happiness NOW

1. Focus on the present moment. Forget about your shopping list or tomorrow’s dental appointment, fully immerse yourself in the present moment and all it has to offer.

2. Laugh loudly and often. Laughter actually sparks biological changes in the body. It raises your level of endorphins and other pleasure hormones and lowers your level of stress hormones. As an added bonus, laughter is wildly contagious.

3. Do something new. Doing something new involves both novelty and challenge, two important elements of happiness according to Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project.

4. Choose healthy treats. When looking for a way to medicate a bad mood or celebrate something good, instead of the usual glass of wine or piece of chocolate cake, opt for a healthy alternative like a relaxing walk in nature or a bowl of your favorite fruit.

5. Spend time with phenomenal people.
The people you spend your time with have a major impact your life, make sure they are people whom you admire and who treat you as the gem you are.

6. Accept what you cannot change.
Struggling against things you cannot change creates resistance and unhappiness. Identify things in your life that are out of your control, and make peace with them.

7. Take Action.
Everything in life requires action, even the most fundamental things like eating and breathing. Be proactive about the things that increase your happiness.

8. Tune in to the beauty around you. Regardless of the environment, beauty is present. Some environments require a little effort of find it, but it’s there. Find the beauty around you, focus on it, and watch it grow.

9. Focus on what you do have. It can be enticing to focus on what you don’t have and what you can’t afford; choose instead in focus on your blessings and what you do have.

10. Smile often.
A smile is an instant face-lift. Not only does it bring out your natural beauty, but your feelings will follow your actions. Choose to smile, and your feelings will naturally follow suit.

“Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.”
—Margaret Young

This article was originally published as a blog post at entitled 10 Ways to Increase Happiness NOW.

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10 Ways to Lose Weight, Enhance Your Life, and Perform Better

The following are 10 surefire tips to make sure that you are getting the most out of life and achieve success wherever you so desire it. The key to following these is to take one or two at a time and focus on making it a lifestyle change before moving on to the next one. No one is ever perfect, but the key is to constantly improve. In future articles, I will focus on other changes you can make and be more specific about some of the tips below.

1. Stop smoking.

Smoking is the scourge of people worldwide. Nothing, save obesity, comes even close to causing the massive amount of preventable disease and death that smoking does. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where it is becoming less acceptable and more illegal to smoke in places where the public gather.

Everyone knows someone who has died from a smoking related illness, yet people continue to smoke. Smoking causes so much disease, in fact, that most insurance companies are willing to cover the cost of treatments to help people stop smoking instead of paying later for the treatment of organ disease. Once you stop smoking, the results are almost immediate and your organs, such as your heart and lungs, begin to reverse the damage done by smoking.

Many individual cite that they gained weight (not just in their wallet) shortly after quitting smoking, but a little effort to be cautious about your eating habits and regular exercise will not only keep the weight off, but will help to increase you chances of staying tobacco-free.

2. Limit alcoholic beverages to 1 or 2 per day.

Alcohol in moderation has been shown to have some beneficial effects, but increase that amount significantly and you’re looking at some potentially hazardous side effects.

Everyone knows that heavy, long-term alcohol use can cause liver disease, but that’s not the only problem associated with alcohol consumption. For those trying to stay in shape, alcohol contains lots of “empty” calories, precisely 7 per gram, that essentially serve no nutritional purpose and will turn those six-pack abs into a keg in short time.

In addition to the above, everyone who’s ever had a long night of binge drinking remembers that time they tried to get up early the next morning to go to the gym, or work, or visit relatives. It’s difficult, and next day motivation doesn’t come easy when you’re hung-over.

3. Exercise regularly.

Exercise is sort of the antithesis of smoking in where smoking has hundreds of negative side effects, exercise has hundreds of positive side effects. Please don’t take that to say that exercise cancels out the negatives of smoking. It doesn’t and you should quit smoking whether you exercise or not.

Different forms of exercise have different benefits and some are more effective than others, but the reality is that any exercise is better than none at all, so get up off the couch and get moving. Recommended exercise for beginners includes walking, basic weight training, and recreational sports. And as with any exercise program, you should check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to do such activity.

If you are interested in beginning a regimented program of exercise at a gym, it is helpful to seek professional guidance at first to be sure that your program is efficient and effective. Most gyms offer an appointment or two with a personal trainer at no charge to help you get started. Beyond that, depending on the area you live in, instruction will typically run between $50-$100 and up per hour.

4. Eat nutritious foods.

The problem with eating the right foods is that not everyone knows what the “right” foods are. First off, there is no perfect diet, and virtually everyone can come up with a relatively healthy nutrition program regardless of what type of foods they like or have access to. Even vegans, whose diet restricts all animal products, can achieve a balanced diet if planned carefully.

One of the keys to eating right is avoiding fad diets and maintaining a balance of macronutrients which include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Examples of healthy proteins include lean meats, low-fat cottage cheese, and kidney beans. Carbohydrates include potatoes, pastas (preferably whole wheat), and rice. Fats such as olive oil, canola oil, and the oils in fish are some of your best choices for low saturated fat content which will make them unlikely to clog your arteries.

In addition to meats and pastas, it is good to eat a liberal amount of fruits and vegetables. These are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Just be aware of what you are putting on top of those salads and steamed vegetables. Most salad dressings and butter or margarine are high in (bad) fat and not usually great choices. Opt instead for low-fat salad dressings, vinegar, or nothing at all.

5. Eat more often.

Usually, you hear or read news reports that state that people in the U.S. are eating too much and are obese. That is partially true. People tend to eat too much all at once, but tend not to eat often enough. One of the keys to getting your body to run like a well-oiled machine is getting it to believe that it’s never going to starve.

Our bodies are very smart and adapt to changes very quickly. If you feed your body in moderate amounts every 2-3 hours, it will begin to lose fat because it knows it will be fed again soon. If you only eat three times per day (or less), your body will believe that it is starving before it gets to that next meal and hold all the fat it can.

Another aspect of this is eating breakfast. It is critical that you eat when you get up. If not eating every two to three hours is less than ideal, imagine what you’re doing to your body by eating at night and not again until the next afternoon.

So try eating 5-6 times per day having three moderately sized meals and two snacks. Snacks should include both protein and carbohydrates. Some examples of healthy snacks are low fat turkey sandwiches, a protein shake with skim milk, or even a handful of mixed nuts (nuts contain healthy fats too).

6. Drink lots of water.

Water is critical to every cellular function in our body and optimal health. Dehydration causes reduced performance not only in sports, but also in cognitive function. It’s important to stay well hydrated if you want to be at your best all the time.

One of the ways to increase your water intake is to carry a bottle around with you at all times and simply fill it when it’s empty. There’s no need to carry around a gallon jug or buy cases of water unless you want to. I tend to use a new bottle every week or two, but simply wash it and you can use one bottle pretty much forever.

Some people don’t like the taste of plain water, but there are ways to improve it. Purchase a water filter. You can purchase one that comes with a pitcher or one that attaches to your sink. This will take out many of the minerals which alter the taste. Be sure that your water is cold. And if you absolutely can’t stand to drink plain water under any circumstances, buy some sugar free lemonade mix and add just enough to make the taste bearable.

7. Get plenty of rest.

Sleep is important. We all know that, yet many of us stay up watching the TV until the wee hours of the night. No one can perform at their best unless they get an appropriate amount of rest which for most people is about 7-8 hours per night.

Make getting enough sleep a priority by skipping that late night TV show and exercising which will help you sleep better too. Not only will plenty of sleep make it easier to get up in the morning, but you’ll find your eyes closing less during that important meeting with the boss. And you might find that you’re more productive in the 16 remaining hour of the day than you were in the 18 you had before.

8. Set goals.

We always hear people talking about setting goals. Every motivation or success coach extols the virtues of setting goals. But how many people actually set goals for themselves? And for those who do, how many make the goal measurable and keep track of their progress until that goal is achieved?

Goal setting should be used to improve your life and can include anything from quitting smoking to losing weight, or spending a certain amount of time with your child every day. Goals must not only be realistic, but challenging. Unrealistic goals tend to lead to frustration and eventual failure, while goals that don’t challenge you tend to have results which are slow and difficult to see and can cause a lack in motivation. Both will eventually lead to failure.

One final note on goals is that they have to be measureable. You have to have a way to determine that you have achieved the goal. A goal that is not measurable is actually a “want”. It’s good to want positive changes, but wanting does not equate to progress or success. For example, if I want to lose 10 pounds, a goal would be to lose 10 pounds within 60 days. If I don’t put the time limit on it, there is no way to measure my goal. If I eventually lose the 10 pounds 15 years from now, am I to measure that as a success? I think not. That’s why goals need to be measurable.

9. Help someone who doesn’t expect it.

There are few things in this lifetime that will make you feel better about yourself than helping someone who doesn’t expect it. Whether it’s holding the door for the elderly lady at the grocery store, paying the $1 toll for the two cars behind you, or raking you neighbor’s leaves, helping people produces a sense of joy possibly surpassed by only major life changing events.

Most of the time, you can find an opportunity to help others right in front of your face. But for the more enthusiastic philanthropists, you can join a volunteer organization or serve food at a soup kitchen. Of course, these might be a lot of work, but like anything else, you get what you put in. Helping others just feels good.

10. Tell yourself 10 times per day that you are an amazing person.

A lot of people lack the self confidence to attack life with the sense of ferocity needed to achieve success. But simply telling yourself that you are great will do more than you think. This is best done in a mirror, must be done audibly, and although more than 10 times per day is better, 10 is a good start.

Everyone will tell themselves they are great in a different way. Some might say “you are a kind-hearted, intelligent person.” Others might try “you are the man.” But regardless of what you tell yourself, it should only be positive and said with the utmost confidence and as truth.

It seems easy to do, but in theory, many people will find it difficult. You can imagine that if you find it difficult and are eventually able to do it with no problem, you have already made a significant change. Those with great self confidence have an unwavering belief in themselves and are able to recover quickly from failure without it affecting their future outcomes.

Self confidence is not something that can be measured, but certainly is apparent in those who have it. They tend to be the envy of those around them, the life of the party, and the target of the opposite gender’s affection. This can be you.

As stated at the beginning of this writing, I want to stress that you should focus on making some improvements and once those become habits, you can focus on others. Some of these, such as exercising regularly and quitting smoking go together very well. However, it might be mentally difficult to try much more than that at first. This is especially the case since often times you will have to spend much more of your day making the change than someone would if it was already a habit for them. Good luck!

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10 Ways to Keep Your Teen Active During Winter

Being a California native, I did not receive any training for what the four seasons are like, let alone winter. Since my family and I relocated, we now know what the rest of the country has been experiencing, and we are doing so with a teenager in the house. (Somehow the “Psycho” theme song keeps running through my head.) I’ve always been an active person, but I did not grow up with video games, instant messaging and video chat, either. To make winter a healthy experience and not one that consists of larger indentations on the couch, I get out and get active with my teenage daughter. Although she insists that dropping her off at the mall counts (you have to walk, duh), I beg to differ.

1. Laps at the indoor pool – Neither my daughter nor I are particularly good swimmers, but in the summer, we both love to hang out at the pool. Last summer, we got into the routine of doing laps using a kickboard, and we continue this activity at the indoor pool. We first hold the kickboard and use our legs to get to the other side. Then, we go back by putting the board under our chest, keeping our legs straight and moving by using our arms only. At first, we would regularly swallow some water, but before we knew it, we were graceful and getting in some pretty good exercise.

2. Tennis – We live in an area that gets only occasional snow. It is still cold here, but that doesn’t stop us from hitting the tennis ball. We wear runner’s leggings, a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. Before long, we warm up by chasing after and hitting the tennis ball. If your teen is a beginner, you can bring out a bucket of balls and feed balls directly to her.

3. Walking the dogs – The dogs need walking, whether it’s cold out or not. When we dress right, we can enjoy our two-mile outings with our best friends. Sometimes, we drive to local hiking areas for a good uphill workout.

4. Wii – This kind of video game is acceptable. We box, ski, play tennis, bowl and run cross-country, all in the comfort of our basement.

5. Ice Skating – Although our local rink is open year-round, the only time it seems fun is during the winter. After a couple of hours of skating around, we really enjoy the hot chocolate that inevitably follows.

6. Cooking – While not exactly a sport, cooking is keeping my daughter active. She takes an interest in it, especially in baking, so who am I to nitpick that cooking isn’t exactly active? It’s better than being glued to the laptop screen, and it’s a good bonding experience.

7. Volunteering – As many communities do, ours has a local food bank that is always looking for help. We help sort and pack boxes of food. My daughter learns about life outside her suburban world, and she gets activity by lifting boxes, sorting food and by standing for long periods.

8. Shoveling Snow – On the rare occasions when it does snow here, my daughter will get out with her dad (I beg off on this one) and shovel the driveway.

9. Hitting the gym – We start with the elliptical machine to get our heart rate up and then do about 30 minutes of weight training.

10. The Mall – I finally acquiesce and take my daughter to the mall. But we never use the elevator or escalator. We power walk up and down the stairs.

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10 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

** This article was previously published on Examiner.

Summer is officially here, and that means air conditioners are running and electric bills are soaring. While it’s important to be able to stay cool during the summer months, it’s also nice if you can do it with having it cost an arm and a leg.

In this article we’ll discuss 10 ways to lower your electric bill. Some of the methods may be no-brainers, but they worth mentioning.

1. Lower your electric bill by setting the thermostat at one temperature. Don’t turn it up while you’re away, and then turn it back down when you get home. This may seem like a good idea, but statistics show you will create up to a 3% change in energy costs with each degree you change on the thermostat. You can lower your electric bill by simply leaving the thermostat alone.

2. Clean the air filters in your home every month. By keeping the filters dust free, you provide a free airway, which will lower your electric bill.

3. Seal up windows and doors by using weather stripping and/or caulking. This will cost very little money to do, but will help lower your electric bill and save you money. You can also buy window and door draft protectors to keep cool air in and hot air out (vice versa for cold weather).

4. Chances are you have gadgets plugged in around the home that aren’t in use. Look around and see which of these things are generating heat, and unplug them when they’re not in use. These items may include iPod charging stations, digital clocks, and so on.

5. If you have ceiling fans installed in your home, use them! Ceiling fans are a wonderful way to lower your electric bill, circulate the air in your home, and keep you cool. If you don’t have ceiling fans, consider purchasing them. They may cost a little, but they will save you money in the long run. Also, use box fans, oscillating fans, and so on to keep your home cool.

6. This is one of those no-brainers mentioned earlier, but be sure to turn off lights when you leave a room. Most adults are pretty good about this, but children…..not so much. Encourage your children to do their part, and turn off lights, video games, DVD players, and so on when they are through using them. This will help lower your electric bill, and will also reduce the heat they generate.

7. When you leave curtains open, it increases the temperature in your home. Keep all curtains and blinds closed during the day, so that your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool.

8. Have your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit serviced. By scheduling a HVAC inspection, you will have to pay a fee of between $ 50.00 – $ 100.00, BUT it will help to lower your electric bill. A certified technician will come to your home and make sure that your unit is in top working order. Don’t wait till the peak of summer to schedule an inspection, as you’ll have a longer wait time.

9. If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs, now’s the time to change them. By replacing your current light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can save money. Compact fluorescent light bulbs generate less heat, and will help lower your electric bill.

10. Finally, you may be able to lower your electric bill by paying a visit to your local electric company. Find out if your electric company offers a fixed bill plan. This is a plan that will allow your electric company to bill you one flat amount each month of the year. The amount you’ll pay is based on the average of your bills from the previous year. Having a fixed bill plan will make budgeting your money easy, and may help to lower your electric bill during peak months.

** To read more from this author, CLICK HERE.


Charlotte Interior Improvement Examiner – Jenny Wagner

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10 Ways to Know It's the Dog Days of Summer

  1. When you go swimming just to feel re hydrated.
  2. When your 2,000 gallon duck pond evaporates in a single day.
  3. When its 100 degrees at dusk
  4. When you can burn cookies in your back windshield in 5 minutes flat.
  5. When your ice cream or candy bars melt before you reach the car.
  6. When you wait until the sun goes down to get your mail.
  7. When the only thing alive is the weeds.
  8. When you roll your car windows down to get cool, only to find the air outside is hotter than the air inside.
  9. When even your vehicle overheats.
  10. When you reach for your chap stick only to find it melted.


by Atlanta Page and her daughter.

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10 Ways How Not to Go "Green" at Work!

(Definition) What is the Green Movement – A phrase referring to individual action that a person can consciously take to curb harmful effects on the environment through consumer habits.


“Thank you for calling the Anti-Green Movement Hotline, The 10 Ways How Not To Go Green At Work Edition.”

“The purpose of this hotline is to give people who don’t give a rat’s butt about the environment bogus tips on how to piss off those irritatingly responsible environmental dogooders.”

“Office Energy Waster Tip Number 1: Waste The Hell Out Of Light!”

“Remember, energy wasters, artificial lighting accounts for 44 percent of the electricity use in office buildings so do your part to ruin the environment by making it a habit to turn on all the lights before you leave the office for the day.”

“P.S. This will also kill all the office plants too! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Also to really waste some major wattage, plug in a couple of night lights too.”

“Sure I realize that this may be an uncomfortable environment to work in due to all of the heat and brightness coming from all the lights but since nobody will be in the office, who the hell cares!”

“Waste that energy, sucka!”

“And again thank you for calling the Anti-Green Movement Hotline, The 10 Ways How To Not Go Green At Work Edition.”

“P.S. Before we hang up on your energy wasting butt, we here at this hotline would like for you to give yourselves a big round of applause for wasting 45 seconds of precious energy by using your phone to call this hotline! Keep up the good work you “good for nothing” energy waster and have a “nice energy wasting day!”

“Another P.S. Nothing in this script should be taken seriously. It’s for entertainment purposes only.”

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10 Ways to Organize and Decorate Your Home at the Same Time

In a perfect world you’d always get to have your cake and eat it to, like organizing you home and decorating it at the same time. And these 10 home decorating ideas will do just that-organize the clutter away and help you find new, affordable ways to decorate your home. So have fun organizing your home for a change with these imaginative ways of organizing and decorating your home at the same time.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #1. CHEST HOME ORGANIZERS

Decorate an entryway window with a wide wooden chest, to create a charming window seat. Then organize shoes, boots, hats or winter things inside the chest. Be even smarter and place plastic boxes inside the chest to organize the space. And place a garden love seat cushion atop the chest to decorate your home even more.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #2. DECORATIVE BATHEROOM ORGANIZER

Use decorative plastic baskets to hide clutter in your bathroom. Paint a plank of wood with semi-gloss white paint. Then, cut white rope to the length desired to suspend this shelf from the ceiling. Attach the shelf with white tacks on the right and left of both sides of the shelf. Use a white swag hook to suspend the shelf from the ceiling in a corner, then organize your bathroom by mounting decorative white baskets on the shelf. Keep creams, toilet paper, soup, toothpaste and other bathroom supplies organized out of sight.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #3. BOX PUZZLE

Never throw away any containers. Old cookie boxes, coffee tins, olive jars-they can all be used to organize your home in decorative ways. Collect them all and spray paint them with the same color, perhaps hammered gold from Rust Oleum, or crackled cream for a shabby chic look. Then organize your mess away and display your beautiful puzzle of boxes to decorate your kitchen or dining room.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #4. DECORATIVE PET ORGANIZER

Use decorative wood boxes to organize pet toys, chew sticks and clothing. Choose a decorative wooden box with a flip lid or make the lid flip open by adding simple craft hinges. Organize your pet’s toys and decorate your home by spray painting a charming image on the box, using craft store stencils. Finally, if your pet is especially bright (aren’t they all?), add a handle at the top of your organizer and tie a rope to it so your pet can learn to open his toy organizer himself. (Learn more about creating decorative boxes.)

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #5. PULL OUT DESK

Make that out-of-place desk disappear from the living room or bedroom by creating your own hidden, pull-out desk. Buy two planks of wood at your lumber store and four strong hinges, as well as a set of plantation shutters wide enough to hide your desk. Begin by attaching the first plank to the wall with two of the hinges, so this desk can be pushed up against the wall or folded out at a 90 degree angle. Next attach the second plank so it can fold flat under the first, or be pulled out to form a support leg on the side, again at a 90 degree angle. Finally, mount the shutters over the wall where the desk would fold. In this way you can decorate a bare wall while organizing an out of place desk.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #6. GLASS JAR HOME ORGANIZERS

Use glass jars for a chic way to organize and decorate an office. Spray paint planks of wood with Rust-Oleum metal paint to give them a sleek modern look, then mount them with metal shelf brackets. Organize office supplies in a range of glass jars with metal lids, and line them on the shelves you built. Add black and white photos with metal frames to complete your beautiful office organization.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #7. CASING ORGANIZERS

Windows and doorways are perfect places to organize and decorate your home at the same time. Buy a fireplace mantle shelf at your home improvement store and place it over your sitting room area. Then organize books over it in a decorative way. And around doorways build a narrow bookcase. Simpley attach narrow wood strips to strong plywood, in a shape to go all around your door. Then organize books, pictures, and memorabilia while decorating your home too.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #8. UNDERBED DRAWER

Make use of the space beneath beds to organize bedrooms, and decorate your home by adding decorative accent colors. Slip colorful decorative baskets under beds to organize spare blankets and sheets. Or spray paint cheap plastic drawers to help decorate the space beneath your bed while organizing your whole shoe collection.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #9. WALL PANELS

Create affordable wall panels to decorate your home and create a space to organize things on them, as if displaying them on a shelf. Simply attach 2×4 wood all along the wall at the middle height of the room. Do the same on the floor, then run vertical 2×4 strips of wood from top to bottom at 3 feet intervals. Finally, run a wood shelf at the top and paint everything in white to create the illusion of a paneled wall. Organize books, pictures, toys or anything else you might like to display decoratively.

Organize and Decorate Your Home: #10. HARMONY SHELVES

Bring decorative harmony to your walls by adding organizing mantle shelves in bare areas. Simply look at a room you wish to organize and locate the bare spots. Perhaps one side has a window and picture, and the other side is bare. Next, attach decorative mantle shelves in cascading levels, and use decorative baskets to organize clutter out of sight.

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10 Ways to Prepare in Autumn for Winter Dog Care

As brisk fall days signal the end of summer and the coming of colder weather, what should dog owners do to care properly for their canine companions?

Here are 10 tips to help dog lovers look after their Labradors, Boxers, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Retrievers or other canine favorites.

1. Give your dog a fall grooming.

Dogs naturally grow thick winter coats each year, and you can stimulate this process with a thorough shedding and shampooing. Be sure to brush out all mats and tangles.

2. Include a flea dip for your dog.

A flea dip is a smart step before bringing your pet inside for winter. Once fleas enter upholstery and carpets, they can be tough to lose.

3. Procure winter pet wear.

If you plan to dress your dog in a sweater for outdoor wear, now is the time to buy it. Just don’t put it on your pet too soon. A few weeks of cool fall temperatures will jump-start his coat growth, unless you cover him.

4. Look out for leaf piles.

Autumn leaves may tempt your pooch for playing or burying bones, but raked piles also harbor dangers. Snakes, rodents or sharp objects may hide there.

5. Beware of bee stings.

As summer flowers fade and the mercury drops, stinging insects grow ever angrier. Keep dogs away from nests, sugary spills, garbage cans and other sites where bees congregate.

6. Keep your dog away from pesticides.

Autumn is prime time for putting mousetraps and rodent poisons out, when pesky creatures may begin seeking indoor access. These products are dangerous to dogs, so be cautious where you leave them.

7. Be cautious about antifreeze.

Wipe up antifreeze spills immediately. Antifreeze tastes sweet, but it’s deadly for dogs, unless you choose non-toxic options. Some antifreezes contain bittering agents, making them less enticing to canines.

8. Prepare a sheltered spot for your dog.

If your dog lives outside, autumn offers time to prepare his shelter. A sturdy dog house or a doggy door will prove essential when winter winds blow. Help him grow accustomed , so he’ll settle in before the snow flies.

9. Bump up your dog’s nutrition.

Like most creatures, dogs burn more calories in cold weather. Begin ramping up your canine’s consumption in autumn, as needed.

10. Offer your pet plenty of exercise.

Caring pet owners find creative ways to keep dogs moving in winter. Even house dogs need workouts. Agility classes and indoor playtimes in pet-friendly facilities are ideal. Shorter, frequent outside trips are better than fewer extended jaunts.

Winter pet care begins with autumn preparation.

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Linda Ann Nickerson, pet lover, equestrian and horse breeder, brings decades of reporting and a globally minded Midwestern perspective to a host of topics, balancing human interest with history, hard facts and often humor.

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10 Ways to Prevent Cancer Right Now

Many believe that cancer is a genetic disease that can not be avoided. Yet, according to the American Cancer Society, you can really do something to prevent the risk of cancer by about 50%. Here is a list of 10 changes to be made to our lives that, if applied, can counteract the explosion of cancer or prevent the development at earliest stages.

1. Do not smoke or use other tobacco products. Tobacco increases the risk of many cancers, including lung, the bronchi, brain, throat, colon and bladder.

2. Carry out a screening for cancer regularly. Many tests are able to detect cancer very early stage, sometimes long before forming the first tumor cells. Discovering cancer at early stage increases the chances of cure and reduces the risk of death. Many of screening for cancer include controls to Important organs such as:

* Colon – Starting from 50 years everyone should undergo a colonoscopy.

* Breast – from 40 years onwards, all women should undergo an annual mammogram (in the case of those at risk should start earlier).

* Prostate – All men, aged 50 years (or sooner, if they are in a state of risk) onwards, should undergo a medical examination which includes the annual rectal examination and blood tests.

* Cervix – the sexually active women should begin to undergo a Pap test or to test for the papilloma virus as soon as possible and should continue a variable frequency depending on the degree of risk or age, for the rest of your life.

* Skin- All adults should undergo dermatology examination. Those who are at high risk should make for an annual screening for dermatology to avoid any unwanted cancerous changes. Those who are at high risk of melanoma or skin cancer should do a monthly check.

3. Check the use of alcohol. Men should not exceed the amount of two drinks per day, while women should not consume more than one. Alcohol increases the risk of many types of cancer, including breast, colon, pancreatic, brain and throat.

4. Protect your skin from sunlight. Use a sunscreen every time you expose to the sun’s rays (it would be preferable protection 30 or higher, can protect against UVA and UVB rays). Cover your head with a hat and use sunglasses. Remember that the sun’s rays pass through the windows of the car and, in general, pass through all the windows, so it would be advisable to use a sunscreen whenever you expose to the sun, even if from behind a window. Avoid sun lamps. They are dangerous just as the sun.

5. Take an active and healthy lifestyle. The studies claim that play a moderate physical activity for three or four hours a week reduces the risk of many types of cancer from 30 to 50%. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer, colon and lung.

6. Keep under control your weight. Your body mass index should be equal to 25 or lower. People who overweight increases the risk of colon cancer, breast, pancreatic, liver, kidney, prostate and increase the risk of leukemia.

7. Avoid undergoing hormone therapy for menopause. This form of therapy of giving additional quantities of hormones may increase the risk of cancer effect to ovaries.

8. Consider undergoing a treatment to reduce the risk of contracting cancer. It has been tested that many treatments have shown great effectiveness in reducing the risk of cancer. Before you undergo these treatments, however, contact your doctor.

9. Avoid carcinogens. Exposure to radiation and certain chemicals can cause cancer. Limiting exposure to X-ray is important for children and the young. Find out if it is really important tests that include exposure to X-rays or if they can be avoided.

10. Follow a diet that reduces the risk of cancer. The studies have not yet determined whether incorrect diet is able to increase the risk of cancer, but has been shown to follow a healthy diet can reduce the risk of some cancers such as colon. Reduce the consumption of red meat and, generally, of sausages (the latter due to many chemicals used in their preparation). Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins. Reduce foods high in calories such as sweets, refined flour, sugar, potato chips and candy. Consume food with high amounts of calcium and vitamin D, It is important for your health.

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