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10 Ways to Recycle Paper

All or most of us are trying to live “greener” and recycle so as to save our landfills and the planet on which we live. Here are 10 ways you can help by “recycling paper”.

1. Reuse printer paper that has only one side with print on it. Use it as scratch paper to make notes on or let your youngsters use it to color or scribble on. Cut it into fourths and staple it together to make it note size and more compact.

2. Make your own kitty litter using old newspapers. Just shred, soak in dish detergent and baking soda, and allow to air dry. Get details at Newspapers are a natural odor absorber which is what you need for kitty litter.

3. Reuse old wrapping paper to cover textbooks. This will serve 2 purposes, recycling paper and protecting the books. Just use an old book cover as a template. Wrapping paper comes in all kinds of cool patterns and colors, so search through the paper at your next party or at Christmas and save the pieces you like for this purpose.

4. You’ve probably done this before, but if you haven’t, use old newspapers to pad packages you need to mail. Instead of purchasing packing materials such as bubble wrap at the store, you can reuse your old newspapers for free. Also, when you buy appliances or other items that include packing peanuts, you can reuse these by tossing them in the attic, to supplement your attic insulation.

5. You can create art by using old newspapers! Spend time with your kids making Paper Mache projects by simply using strips of newspaper and paint. Visit for free projects.

6. Shred old newspapers and use as stuffing for handmade pillows and animals. It works just as well as purchased filling.

7. Piece together pages of your child’s artwork and use as gift wrap. Only use the ones you don’t want to keep of course. This is a creative way to show off your children’s art. Also use the comic section of the paper as gift wrap. This is a fun way to cover a gift.

8. Donate your old newspapers to local animal shelters. They are in constant need of newspapers. They use them to line the cages of the animals for sanitary reasons.

9. Use old newspapers in your garden beds to deter weeds. This will save you from having to purchase weed killer, and it will decrease the use of harsh chemicals in your soil. Layer 4 to 6 sheets side by side until you cover the desired garden bed. Then soak with your hose and add a layer of mulch.

10. When camping and using a sleeping bag, place a layer of newspapers underneath. It will keep your sleeping bag dry, and free from stains. It will also provide a layer of warmth.

There are many more ways to recycle paper. Just use your imagination or google recycling paper and you can find more ideas.



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10 Ways to Save Money on Christmas Dinner

Do you find yourself financially strapped during this economic downturn? Are you worried about how you will provide for your family during the upcoming holidays? True enough, times are tough, but this does not mean that you have to sacrifice good holiday food due to a lack of money. Here are some ways you can save money on Christmas Dinner:

Serve Southern-style sweet tea. Skip the drink varieties and give everyone a real treat by serving up some Southern-style sweet tea. This drink goes perfect with any meal. Plus, you will find it cheaper than buying a variety of canned drinks to please everyone in your crowd. Be sure not to serve this drink to diabetics, though.

Heat up the Cider. Forego the alcoholic beverages and serve up some Hot Apple Cider the night before Christmas. It will warm everyone up and set the mood for your holiday festivities. Just mix some Aspen Mulling Spices and the right amount of Apple Juice into a big coffee pot and heat it up. The Hot Apple Cider will provide a holiday fragrance for your home, too.

Make some Chex mix. Fill an extra large container with some delicious homemade Chex Mix. Making it yourself takes much more time than just buying a bag, but homemade Chex Mix is cheaper and better for you. This treat will help satisfy appetites throughout your festivities.

Make sure you let the mix cool before sealing the container. You don’t want it to get soft.

Stir up lots of cornbread dressing. You don’t have to buy a huge turkey to make cornbread dressing. Hit the sales to buy a bulk portion of canned chicken broth. Use the broth to stir up several large pans of cornbread dressing. This main dish is always a favorite at Christmas, and you can store what you don’t eat during the holidays. Just cut into squares and freeze for later.

Lace the gravy with chicken. You don’t want your guests to feel cheated by not serving up some meat, but you don’t have to serve up large portions. Just lace your Giblet Gravy with some shredded chicken. (You might want to even throw in a few English Peas.) The chicken makes the gravy look less plain and delivers up the meat. Still, it leaves money in your wallet.

Warm stomachs with some dumplings. A big bowl of dumplings go a long way when pleasing a crowd of hungry people. You can make these from scratch, or you can take the easy way out by boiling some canned chicken broth and dropping pieces of canned biscuits into the hot liquid. When the dumplings fluff up to a solid consistency, turn off the heat, salt, pepper, and serve.

Devil some eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and do not cost a lot, so this is a cheap way to please your hungry crowd. Just boil some eggs in water (use a touch of salt), peel, half the eggs in a lengthwise fashion, remove the yellow centers, mix the centers with mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and then fill the egg halves. These deviled eggs serve as a nice centerpiece, too.

Deliver up some rice and broccoli casserole. A Rice-and-Broccoli casserole is a healthy way to please a hungry crowd. You can mix this up by the dish full. Too, it heats up well for the next meal, so don’t be afraid to make an extra large portion of this casserole. If you run out of the other food, a big bowl of this makes a meal by itself.

Bake some sweet potatoes. Serve up some real vitamins by baking some sweet potatoes in the oven. After the potatoes finish baking, scoop out the filling and lace the potatoes with some delicious honey butter. You might want to leave a small bowl of potatoes without the honey butter. Some just like their sweet potatoes plain.

Treat your guests to Chocolate Pudding. Don’t spend an entire paycheck trying to make extravagant desserts. Get back to the basics by serving up some real, homemade Chocolate Pudding. (Don’t cheat by mixing up some box pudding. You will quickly disappoint your holiday crowd.) Serve the pudding warm and watch hearts melt.

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10 Ways to Say "I Love You" in a Different Language

There are so many ways to let someone know that you love them. One popular way is to say “I Love You” to your sweetheart. If you want to tell someone you love them in an interesting way try saying “I Love You” in a different language. Here are ten different ways to say “I Love You” to the one you love.

1. French: “Je t’aime”

Some say that French is the language of love. To tell your loved one “I Love You” in French simply say “

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10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  1. Eating – I try to eat local and organic produce as much as possible. Check out the local farmer’s market for what’s seasonal and try to cook using those products. If eating out, look for restaurants that use similar products.
  2. Drinking – I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere. It’s in my car so I can take it with me to my classes or when I travel. I have a mug at my work desk permanently. At home, I use a filter jug and drink tap water.
  3. Shopping – When doing groceries, I always take my cloth bags with me. I choose to buy products with minimum packaging. Between paper and plastic packaging, I choose paper as it can be recycled, but plastic, even if recycled, takes forever.
  4. Traveling – Unless completely necessary, try taking a single flight to your destination rather than multiple flights. Use public transport wherever possible or try carpooling as another option.
  5. Partying – Try to host more potlucks at your home or a friend’s than eating out all the time. Think of all the resources you can reuse right from the tableware to the paper supplies. And you can save some money in the process.
  6. Recycling – Take stock of everything you own and what you actually need. There is some truth in the saying- One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What’s not useful to you maybe worth a lot to another?
  7. Reducing – Be careful with the energy you use. If you are not using certain electrical/electronic appliances, ensure you have unplugged them. I unplug my cell phone and computer charger when I am not using them at home.
  8. Reusing – Get creative with how much utility value anything can offer. I buy the newspaper, I read it, then I use it as gift wrapping for presents, I use it as packaging stuffers in any boxes I mail out, I make little paper envelopes!
  9. Regift – This is a new trend and while I am not completely comfortable doing it, I have found that many friends and colleagues are perfectly fine with this and in fact, encourage it. Have a gift you don’t need or want?
  10. Working -Check if your employer will let you work from home even one day a week – it greatly helps reduce the carbon footprint and you get to work from the convenience of your home.

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10 Ways for Singles to Celebrate Valentine's Day

If you haven’t noticed the heart shaped garlands and oversized teddy bears yet , you just may be in denial. It’s that time of year again, and Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away! So whether you hadn’t noticed, or you were hoping to ignore it until the morning after, there’s still time to plan for a fun, and painless Valentine’s. Here’s a list of ten ways singles can celebrate the holiday without feeling left out!

10. First things first, decide if you actually want to acknowledge the holiday.

While No. 10 may seem obvious, make sure you actually want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel forced to if everyone else seems to have made plans – if you’re feeling pessimistic you may just be setting yourself up for disappointment.

9. Celebrate with friends!

If you can’t find a date, then just make a date with your friends. Unless everyone you know is married, it’s a great time to get together and go out somewhere fun. You can do anything from a formal dinner to a casual night of drinks and karaoke. Because they’re your friends, a cheesy get together at the arcade or bowling can be just as fun. An added bonus: you don’t have to worry about being a cheap date.

8. Splurge on a night at the theatre.

For those of us who want to avoid the stereotype of a lonely Valentine’s Day: ditch the ice cream and Jersey Shore reruns. Instead, opt for a night out at the theatre either alone or with your friends. Watching “Valentine’s Day” (2010) may be risky, instead of the romance flick we recommend something light like a comedy.

7. Get together with that “friend” who could be more than a friend.

So you’ve casually flirted for a few months, or maybe even year-round – why not give it a shot this Valentine’s day? If nothing happens, you’ll still have had a fun night out with a friend. Plus, on a high pressured holiday like Valentine’s a little harmless flirting can be a boost to your confidence.

6. Hit the club!

If all else fails, you can still get together a few of your best mates and dress up for a night out on the town. The difference between No. 6 and No. 9 is that here the approach is “single and ready to mingle”. If you can land a sweetheart before the night is through consider your mission accomplished, but just remember not too party too hard. You still have work Monday morning!

5. Buy Mom a Valentine

If you cringe every time you walk past an aisle of red and frilly greeting cards at the pharmacy, try conquering your fear this year. Picking out a card for someone in your family can be a fun way to celebrate a Valentine’s Day tradition while reminding that special someone that you care. Added bonus: If you get spotted in the Valentine’s aisle, we’ll just assume you’re taken!

4. Do the Anti-Valentine.

Lots of local bars host a night for singles, and yours may be one of them. If you live in Connecticut, check out the “BIG HOOKUP” sponsored by radio 104.1 FM for a chance at cash, giveaways, and 104 second speed dating. Throughout the night you can drop of letters of ex-loves, join the sexy tattoo contest, or ask a real Swami to place a hex on your ex! Hit google for similar events in your own area.

2. Spend a relaxing night at home.

If you’re a bit of a recluse, or you could just use the extra down time to unwind from a busy week you’re in luck! This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, which means you can sleep in or lounge around at home without feeling too guilty. Added bonus: You won’t have to skip class or call in sick to work on Monday for some rest.

And finally…


No one knows you better than yourself, so why not splurge on something you’ve been wanting this Valentine’s Day? You can splurge on a spa visit or finally get your hair cut at a salon, just remember not to overdo it on the retail therapy. We’re still in a recession folks! Added bonus: Instead of spending money on someone else, you can pamper yourself.

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10 Ways to Soothe Your Baby

When our children are born our lives no longer belong to us. The days of getting a full 8 hours of sleep are history. When they’re colicky the whole house knows it and if they’re sick we’re proactive in finding ways to get them better.

Although there are many firsts in a baby’s life, their first tooth is one of the most memorable, but also one of the most challenging. Because every parent has a desire to gain knowledge of their baby’s development, I’ve created a list of things that you can do or use the next time your little one is cutting a tooth.

1. Teething Rings-Yes its old fashioned but very effective. When a baby is cutting teeth they want to bite on just about anything, so offering them a cold teething ring will not only ease their pain it will also fulfill their desire to chew.

2. Gels-Teething gels work wonders, at least they did for my boys. They do however contain benzocaine which is commonly found in dental analgesics (novocaine). Benzocaine can cause an allergic reaction which will numb the throat and can lead to choking. It also contains antiseptics that can infect an already irritated mouth especially if there is a broken sore. Because of this, you should contact your pediatrician prior to giving your baby any kind of teething gel.

3. Teething Biscuits-Depending on the age of your baby, teething biscuits can help reduce the pain of teething. Choosing a biscuit like Gerber makes, can really help ease their suffering. However it’s important to supervise the baby while she is chewing on it, in case a piece cuts free. There are also organic, whole grain teething biscuits available for purchase on the web. Sites such as “The Find Green Shopping” and “Earth’s Best”, have many selections to choose from.

4. Foods-Cutting up veggies and storing them in the refrigerator can be a life saver when your baby starts to fuss. Carrots usually work the best and if the baby only has teeth on the upper part of her mouth, then choking isn’t a concern because she won’t be able to bite anything off. Celery sticks work just as well, but carrots have a better texture and seem to relieve pain quicker.

5. Popsicles-Children love popsicles and they work like magic when it comes to teething. They numb the gums and they also melt so you don’t have to be worried about choking.

6. Cold or Frozen Towel-Wetting a wash cloth or even a small burping cloth and putting it in the freezer works wonders. It helps ease the pain, it will absorb the baby’s excess saliva, and it’s free. You don’t have to buy anything extra for this one, just use something from your already stocked linen closet. As a bonus, some people dip the cloth into chamomile tea before placing it into the freezer.

7. Massage-Gently massaging your baby’s gums with your index finger or thumb will give relief to your fussy angel. While doing so, sing her a song, read her a story, or just talk to her. Not only will she get the relief she needs but you’ll also have a moment to connect.

8. Oils-I spoke to a mom who had two children that were teething in unison. She made her own pain reliever by mixing 1 drop of clove oil with 1-2 tbs. of almond oil and then she rubbed the gums gently. She mentioned that it can cause an irritation and possibly even blisters, so you shouldn’t use too much or too often.

9. Vanilla Extract-Vanilla Extract has a wonderful smell. It isn’t overpowering and it’s inexpensive. Placing a drop of it on your finger then massaging your baby’s gums will provide relief. Not only will it ease the pain it also helps with upset tummies.

10. Chamomile Tea-Having a cup of tea can usually calm a stressed out mom, so using it for teething only makes sense. According to an article written on WebMD (Healthwise), the benefits of using chamomile are great. It promotes sleep, reduces swelling, fights bacteria, and helps stomach problems such as colic and cramping. So not only can it relieve pain by reducing swollen gums, it can also ease the tension in both you and your baby.

If your baby hasn’t reached the teething milestone, which usually starts at 4 months, or if you are currently caring for a teething baby, keep a variety of pain relief aids on hand. It doesn’t have to be medication, it doesn’t have to be purchased, but it definitely has to be effective.



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10 Ways Successful People Think Differently About Life

Successful people are by and large optimists. They practice gratitude and look at happiness like a habit. They are consistently positive in life in which they don’t look at every unwanted situation that happens as something negative but they rather choose to look at it as a valuable lesson. They learn from experiences and make some improvements. They can be identified by certain great qualities thay they possess, mostly on how they look at life from their own amazing perspective. To achieve greatness in life, you must know that it is not a one-step process. It is an alteration of a current lifestyle, removing whatever things that bring negativity in your life. Being successful has very little to do with luck and everything to do with habits. Here are ten ways that successful people think differently about life :

They Believe That Every Dream Can Turn Into Reality

People used to have dreams. Now they have debts and bank loans. Unfortunately, some people believe that The American dream is no longer possible. But the truth is, every dream is possible as long as you are willing to do anything to make it comes true. The American Dream is basically the concept of unlimited potential, that everyone can make it on their own only if they believe that this dream is possible. Success is a big part of the American dream, and this dream is always possible for everyone who makes their own effort to be the best among the best.

They Believe Their Habits Have A Tremendous Impact On Their Lives

Some people always take this thing lightly but our daily habits are critical to financial success in life. Successful people believe that bad habits possess detrimental effects and good habits create opportunities for more incoming profits in life. This is not an issue of luck or anything but truth be told, we all have our own luck and it is up to each and everyone of us whether to create a good luck in our lives or the bad ones. Your life will not change forever if you don’t even bother to make it better.

They Don’t Waste Their Money On Things That Don’t Matter

Saving money is important in order to prepare ourselves when any unwanted situations arise. Being successful is not about making a lot of money. It is saving a lot, and accumulating wealth. Many rich people out there are not successful and wealthy because they made a lot, but they don’t any savings at all. There is a difference between being rich and being wealthy. Being rich is always about having a lot of money, but being wealthy is about having everything that you want including good health, happy life, supportive family and all the things that money can’t buy.

They Determine Their Path In Life

Some simple minded people believe that genetics are important in determining whether someone can become wealthy or not and they don’t believe that they are the cause of their own personal status in life. Successful people are not always wealthy in their lives. They also experience some tragedies and mistakes in life. But they have this attitude that nothing can stop them. They know how retaliate from the series of unfortunate events in their lives. You need to decide what kind of person you want to be. Whether you want to be comfortable being at the same level for the rest of your life, or you can be a little bit risky and possibly, someday you will be one of the most well-known people in this world.

They Enjoy Their Jobs Immensely

Successful people love their jobs and they enjoy what they do for a living. In fact, they don’t even consider it as a job because somehow, everything that they do has become the main component of their lives. Needless to say, they have their own passionate pursuit that possess more than just monetary value. Life is simple yet amazing. When you engage in a passionate pursuit just to make money, the rewards are often unpleasant but if you channel your passion into something that gives value more than any material possessions, it can become the only unique thing that is valuable in your life.

They Believe That Their Health Influences Their Success

Good health is important to sustain an immense productivity in our lives. Both physical and mental health is important and it is something that you must maintain for as long as you can. The better your physical and mental health, the more likely you are to live longer and enjoy your life to the fullest. A healthy person will not have any complaints about feeling stress out from work or even staying in bed for a whole day doing nothing. Remember, you can’t make money in a hospital bed. The less chances of you getting sick in a year, the more chances of your productivity increases exponentially.

They Value Experience Over Intelligence

While unsuccessful people think that being intellectually gifted is important, successful people are more likely to believe that experience influences success. This is because they know that success is not a gift. It is the product of a hard work. An intelligent person might be capable of learning something new quick but a person with a vast amount of experience can do something that intelligent person can’t learn in a short amount of time. There is more to success than just being smart.

They Value Contribution More Than Material Possessions

Just because something is unclear does not mean it is not worthwhile. Successful people know that they can get a greater deal of fulfillment by spending their time experiencing life instead of investing in material possessions. It is nice to have so many fancy things, but what does that have to show for your life? Experience and life lessons can’t be compared to the sum of your money in the bank because life gives much greater reward and sense of purpose for someone who is willing to experience life more than anything in this world.

They Value Relationships For Professional And Personal Growth

Not only do successful people feel that every relationship is important and beneficial to their success, but they put a lot of effort into maintaining them, wish them a happy birthday, making a habit of calling up contact to congratulate them on life events, or reaching out just to say hello. They believe in abundance, that there are rewards enough for everyone when both goals and successes are shared. Where some people believe in dividing, successful people believe in diversifying their social acquaintances in order to build a community of people with a great purpose.

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10 Ways to Upcycle Your Graduation Gown

The graduation cap and gown, symbolic of academic achievement, are filling up our landfills. According to, an estimated 3,273,000 American students are expected to graduate from high school in 2011. The number of graduation cap and gowns disposed of annually become staggering when adding grads from colleges and universities. Before you toss your regalia in the trash, consider upcycling. Here are 10 ideas of how to reuse your graduation gown:

1. Let your commode commemorate your memorable day by creating a toilet seat cover. Unfasten the hinges to your toilet seat, removing the cover. Trace an outline of the toilet seat on the reverse side of your graduation gown. Cut out the tracing by cutting a two and one-half inch allowance around the entire perimeter. Measure and cut ¼ inch width elastic the length of the perimeter of the curved edge of the seat. To hem, turn under 5/8 inch fabric sewing a ¼ inch hem. The raw edge of the fabric will be incased within the fold. To insert elastic, attach a safety pin in one end of the elastic and feed through the pocket of the hem. Once you completely inserted the elastic, secure it by sewing across the ends of the elastic. For decoration you can attach your graduation tassel.

If you prefer a more conservative manner in which to display your upcycled graduation gown, consider these ideas:

2. Dine with grad memories by creating napkins, place mats, table runners or a table cloth from your gown.

3. Padded photo frame – Complete instructions of how to create a padded photo frame can be found by clicking here.

4. Memory Pillow – Your graduation can easily be memorialized by creating a throw pillow for your couch. By using transfer paper you can even include graduation pictures. Click here for directions.

5. Dress Up your favorite Teddy Bear – Your favorite teddy bear will become a special memento wearing your cap and gown. Simplistic directions for no-sew teddy bear outfit can be found here.

6. You’ll sleep well in graduation slumber with a pillow case made from your gown. For the novice sewer, pillow cases are very easy projects, just follow the instructions here.

If you have no personal attachment to your gown, here are some options for donation:

7. Donate your gown to the American Cancer Society – many chapters of the American Cancer Society provide free caps/hats to people who have lost their hair through treatment. They are always in need of fabric to make caps. If you happen to sew, you could even volunteer to make a few.

8. Your local nursing home or homeless shelter would appreciate a lap blankets made from your graduation gowns. Have a gown cutting party with your friends. Cut your gowns into large rectangles. Place a piece of batting (cut to the same size) between two of the rectangles. Sew blanket binding around the edges.

9. Create a Pass-Down Gown Group to collect and donate your class’s gowns to next year’s graduates.

10. A popular alternative to upcycling your gown is to provide graduates a green option by wearing gowns made from recycled plastic bottles. One producer, Oak Hall Cap and Gown, claims 23,000 plastic bottles will be kept from landfills for every 1,000 students who choose to walk in GreenWeaver regalia .

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10 Websites You Need to Be Addicted to RIGHT NOW

There’s only so long that you can stalk your company’s new interns of Facebook, or surf the celebrity gossip blogs for pics of Chris Brown’s new ankle tattoo, or click ‘This ad is not relevant to me either’ on Hulu. …At least that’s the premise behind this article.

The reality is, regardless of how many hours you spend on the websites that everyone else does, you still end up with work projects or tasks that have yet to be neglected–that’s just the nature of the 8-hour work day. For that reason, this article will share ten websites that you need to be addicted to right now. Don’t ask questions: there’s a reason each number is hyper-linked. Remember that the longer you wait, the more time-wasting you will need to make up for later. So clear your calendar, strap in, and let’s get to it.

1. Someecards

Blending industrial-era graphic pen illustration with offensively honest, hilariously ridiculous sentiments, Someecards will captivate you for an entire afternoon with classic cards like “Sorry your sick day is due to actual sickness,” “I like you exactly as much as won’t freak you out,” and “You’ll never guess what I got you for your birthday because I didn’t get you anything for your birthday.” For the especially fresh out there, I would recommend the “Flirting” and “Thinking of You” categories. With hundreds of cards to peruse and the ability to create your own, you are bound to commit most of your work week to the site, so stop fighting it and give in already.

2. Sporcle

Sporcle is like Trivial Pursuit meets former ESPN program Stump the Schwab meets cocaine. The basic premise: pick from hundreds of trivia list topics (usually formatted as “Name the top 10…,” or “Name all…”), then race against the clock to enter as many answers as you can. Time allotted varies by topic difficulty, so there is the challenge of not only successfully naming, say, all the host cities of the Olympic Games since 1896, but also completing the list before time runs out beating your own record duration. Sporcle won’t teach you how to cure cancer, but I did successfully memorize all 118 elements of the periodic table and the current political leaders of Africa’s 53 countries. Other equally useless topics include immigrant populations of New York City, animated Disney films, country names with multiple U’s and many more–you will not be without some Happy Hour conversation starters after a week of replacing your office to-do’s with Sporcle. Besides, the ability to name the world’s largest cities in 1800 is a transferable skill.

3. Cuteoverload is the mecca of adorable, fluffy innocent animals, and it is a devastating experience. Most humans cannot resist the immediate and overwhelming impact of the cutest, most heart-breaking faunal photography culled from the furthest corners of the web, and hours spent mesmerized on the site will feel like minutes. I do not exaggerate when I say that people describe having their day, week, even their health salvaged by this gush-worthy gallery. Best of all–the glossary of cute-speak terms, featuring “Comfertbuls,” “Muzzlepuffs,” and “MWID (My Work Here Is Done).”

4. The Oatmeal

On The Oatmeal, former web designer Matthew Inman rants with rage and irreverent humor on everything from correct grammar use (there are several “seminar” comics on this topic), to reasons to punch a dolphin in the face, to the horrors and idiosyncrasies of his previous job. With a collection of comics, stories, and ludicrous “quizzes,” you will be hard-pressed to exhaust yourself before reading through all the content on the site; his various infocomics even make the history of coffee interesting, funny, and insightful. “What It’s Like to Own an Apple Product,” and the “Minor Differences” series are my personal recommends. “Hamster Atonement” isn’t for everyone, but kept me gently weeping with laughter for days.

5. The Lottery of Life

An amazing campaign by the Save the Children foundation that is as addictive as it is informative about serious eco-geographical conditions around the world and how you can help. The site features an enormous lottery wheel split into 90 segments, each one representing a different country in the world and sized according to the percentage of global births that take place in that country each year. Thus by spinning the wheel, you are as likely to land on a given country segment as you are to have been born in that country. The lottery of life forces you to recognize what are often the rare odds that you were born where you were, and how easily your situation could have been much different and far worse–each turn on the wheel transitions to a snapshot of a newborn with your name on their wrist tag and a description of conditions in the country you were re-born in, including poverty, literacy, and infant mortality. Like any lottery wheel, it’s easy to get hooked–especially after you land on India your first four tries–and with invaluable information and an easy Facebook sharing feature wrapped in, you will likely be spinning until you hit Qatar.

6. Apple Trailers

Okay, yes, this is a site of two-minute previews of future movies, but the selection is incredible and features award-winners from around the world and from every film festival you could think of (and plenty you couldn’t). Whatever you’re into, you will find it here and you will shamelessly wait for the larger video player to buffer and immerse you in its glory. An afternoon on the site and you’ll realize one of two things: A) man, it’s awesome to be able to talk to people about how perceptive and indie Will Ferrell’s portrayal of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is three years before the movie hits theaters, or B) that the 100 top rentals on iTunes never includes the highest-quality movies, and apparently there’s a documentary that ended world hunger that was released last week and is available for download. After that, you’ll be back. Again and again.

7. Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

Tpdsaa may be a loyalty pick and inaccessible to some, but there is no doubt that anyone in a client-oriented field will appreciate the sarcastic and absurd reflection of corporate marketing and communication. Blatantly corporate stock-style photography is matched with reactions that businesses wish consumers would have to their meticulously-tinkered products and advertising, highlighting how stupid these expectations–and, thus, meticulous tinkering–really are. “Personally, I really like how this piece extends the campaign platform. It feels fresh,” reads one recent post. My personal favorite, though, paired with the image of a dangerously-excited young man: “I just went to the new Kleenex website. It is F***ING AMAZING!!”

8. describes itself as a site “documenting some of the more amusing misuses of the English language,” and I would argue they are the most amusing, featuring a photo catalog of signs, advertisements, and various communications (admittedly overwhelmingly Asian) with botched translations you could never, ever make up. Case in point, a Thai restaurant menu offering “The mustache is tiny squid roasts” and “the meatballs fries, every the wood” as meal options. You cannot go wrong filtering the thousands of post by Most Popular and perhaps even viewing my personal favorite, which is better left seen than explained. WARNING: If viewing late at night, you will laugh loud enough to wake up roommates or significant others and piss them off.


Fail Blog is the concept of applied to life–to the decisions, actions, designs, and missteps of far more people than could be spared by the excuse of cultural dissonance. Apart from video of kids falling off escalators and slides, and an actual fill-in-the-blank Algebra test answer reading “e is an example of a ‘E is a letter?’ number,” the majority of the content on the site is NSFW, not appropriate for this site, and not safe for your elbows and knees because you will use them to brace your fall when you tumble out of your chair laughing. But ADDED BONUS: the site comes equipped with a “Show G-Rated Fail Content Only” filter button (it’s PG-13, but whatever, I trust you to be responsible with it) for when the boss is out but HR is in. Enjoy!

10a. Hypnagogics/Questo

This threadbare landing page dedicated to the random celebrity run-ins of legendary drummer and Roots member Ahmir Khalib “Questlove” Thompson would hold the number 10 spot for it’s surprisingly captivating prowess, if not for the hiatus that the site currently seems to be on (angry frowning emoticon*)!


Just as deserving and enthralling as Mr. Thompson’s twist on Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories is Natalie Tran of YouTube/Communitychannel. With impeccable timing and either a twin or Parent Trap-esque video editing savvy, the Aussie’s side-splitting video clips tackle the most mundane yet most universal of irritations–everything from using tearing as a substitute for scissors, to “ruined sneezes,” to the standard but nevertheless ridiculous approaches at animal-calling.

My experience with Community Channel lasted from 10pm to 4am, so be sure to use the bathroom prior to exploring the page, and have laugh-muffling devices (e.g., pillow) handy if others are sleeping during your viewing. Also, Natalie concludes each clip with a viewer I.M. showcase from the previous episode, so I would recommend watching from the oldest clip to newest so you have the context of those messages.

And there you have it–ten sites that are guaranteed to keep you busy avoiding being busy. Feel free to visit and reply to this article with your experience, or with other sites you found particularly entrancing. These ones may not be for everyone, but hey, neither is effective time management!

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10 Websites that Offer Free Graduation Coloring Pages and Printables for Kids

As graduation time rolls around this spring, kids can get into the graduating spirit with these free coloring pages and activities. Whether they’re celebrating their own graduation or a relative’s, these free printables will help keep kids happy (especially if they’re attending a sibling’s graduation ceremony). The following ten websites vary in quality and selection of graduation printables:

Preschool Coloring Book

Preschool Coloring Book is one of the best sites offering graduation coloring pages. You have 18 options, and the pictures load quickly and print easily. You can choose coloring pages of girl graduates, boy graduates, diplomas, caps, and dogs. Of course, the coloring pages are meant for preschoolers, so grade-school children may get bored with these.

Apples 4 the Teacher

Apples 4 the Teacher has both simple and complex drawings that will satisfy kids of all ages. There are about twenty pictures ranging from graduation caps, balloons and diplomas. Not all directly relate to graduation, but tie-in with the classroom. You have the option of coloring it online or printing it out. offers nine simple illustrations of graduation caps, graduates, and diplomas. These coloring pages aren’t not as easy to print out as some sites. You must either save the pictures to your hard drive and open it using a graphics program to print or right-click on the image and select view image to print.

Billy Bear 4 Kids

Billy Bear 4 Kids offers printables for kids who are graduating. If they’re celebrating someone else’s graduation, this site is still useful for its tic-tac-toe boards. The options include bee, dragon, teddy bear, and apple boards. The site has not made it simple to print them, however, so using the print techniques explained in will help you here too.

Candi Cane Creations

Candi Cane Creations offers four printable crossword puzzles with a graduation theme. Be sure to follow the site’s directions when printing and print the second page only.

Kids Turn Central

Kids Turn Central offers four pictures of a bear garbed in graduation gear. They’re pretty much the same picture, only with 2008 located in different spots (or not at all) in each coloring page. Hopefully, the site will update soon to reflect the 2009 year.


DLTK offers a single graduation poster of a fish graduating from the “Bubble Academy School of Fish.” It’s easy to print and should be fun for little kids.

The Color

The Color offers a single graduation page depicting a cheerful graduate. You don’t have to sign up to print pictures, but if you want to color them on the site, then registration is required.

Family Fun

Family Fun offers a template of two graduation caps. They’re plain and meant to be used as part of a greater graduation craft. Kids can use their imagination here. A PDF version of this template ensures quality printing.

Party Supplies Hut

Frankly, I’m confused why Party Supplies Hut labels their coloring pages as graduation themed. They offer three pictures, one with a pen and paper and two others depicting a kid explorer with a map. They print pretty small too, so you’ll have to save it and resize it in a graphics program. But hey, they’re free.

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