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10 Winning Money Saving Tips for a Couple's First Christmas

A couples first Christmas often comes at a time when finances are still recovering for a wedding. However, there are many tips for newlyweds for saving money at Christmas. Here are ten practical tips on how to save money at Christmas.

1. Your parents and relatives can be a great source for used Christmas ornaments and decorations. Chances are, your family will have accumulated a lot of extra Christmas ornaments and decorations over the years which they will be happy to have out of the house. Fill a box with old Christmas decorations that your parents don’t want anymore when you are visiting. It can save you a bundle at Christmas

2. Homemade Christmas decorations can cost very little or nothing at all. There are many guides on the Internet for making Christmas decorations and ornaments by recycling things found in a typical household.

3. A clever cost-saving solution for a couple’s first Christmas is to move it to the home of one of your parents! Playing the guest rather than host at Christmas can mean saving money at Christmas. Better yet, your parents will probably love the idea of you spending Christmas with them.

4. Coupons are useful any time of year. They can also help newlyweds in saving money at Christmas. Watch the Sunday papers for coupons for food and household supplies. The food coupons are a special help when buying ingredients for a Christmas dinner.

5. On that note saving money at Christmas for newlyweds is made easier by making dishes from scratch. Homemade cookies, cakes, vegetable trays etc. are inexpensive to make and taste delicious.

6. Cut on travel costs at Christmas by spending Christmas near home.

7. Saving money at Christmas is easy to accomplish with handmade gifts. Homemade jams, chocolates and other food items are great for saving money at Christmas. Alternatively, newlywed couples can save money by make arts or craft gifts for friends, family and each other.

8. Another tip for a couples first Christmas is to remember that friends and family will understand that your status as newlyweds probably means funds are a little tight! Don’t put pressure on yourself to overspend.

9. Another ‘new couples’ tip for saving money at Christmas is to shop over the Internet. This can save you money on fuel for shopping. E-gift certificates such as those on Amazon are a great idea because they are delivered through e-mail. Therefore, there is no postage cost.

10. Finally, the right frame of mind can help newlyweds with saving money at Christmas. Focus on the joy of being together rather than material possessions. This simple approach results in saving money at Christmas.

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10 Weight Loss Tips for Anyone and Everyone

Losing weight is tough for anyone. And we all know that it takes less time to put weight on then it does to take it off. But some of the best ways to take it off- and keep it off, aren’t the easiest. But in the long run they promote health, well-being, and an overall fitness you probably wouldn’t have achieved through a crash-diet or a fad diet.

Tip #1: EXERCISE!!! It’s a well-known fact that losing weight is less likely with dieting alone. Exercise is required for losing weight, burning those pesky calories and carbohydrates, and also getting heart-healthy and ensuring a more fruitful life. And exercising can get boring so switching it up is a must! At least 30 minutes of cardio is required to make an impact, and be of use. Even if it’s low impact, start off slowly. And it can even be in bursts. Work your stamina up slowly as to not get discouraged, or make yourself sick. Cardio at least three times a week with light weight training has worked for me well. Making it a point to exercise or being motivated can be hard however, so we turn focus to the next tip..

Tip #2: Joining a Gym. I have found it’s not only easier to stay motivated, but while being out of the house motivates you as well to keep up with exercise. I think of it as alone time. And there are so many gyms these days, there is one for every budget. Plus, personal trainers work-out also, not at their own gym so you could always whisk a few pointers from them!

Tip #3: Keep a food journal. This means every day, you write down what you consume. It helps, and shows you where you could have eaten better, and most importantly, the foods that make you feel good; and the one’s that don’t. This is an extremely effective tool, and you can always refer to it when you need to figure out why you gained this week instead of lost.

Tip #4: Work out with a friend. Working out with someone can not only boost morale for you both, but it can help take your mind off of the actual workout, and it can be again looked at as personal time. It’s time to spend with another person while getting fit, healthy and fitting into those jeans you loved.

Tip #5: HYDRATION. The minimum “myth” is to drink eight, 8oz. glasses of H20 per day. And I myself find that when my energy is a little sluggish, it’s because I’m not hydrated enough. I myself drink between 8-10 glasses of water per day and I notice with the more water I drink, the more energy I have and my skin is also hydrated as well. It’s also said that drinking water can help prevent against some cancers. While it might not be true, drinking water can’t hurt you, as the body is made of 80% water anyway.

Tip #6: Stretching first thing in the morning. When you stretch, the blood gets flowing, which in most cases revs you up for the day and gives you a great burst of energy. It’s also a nice way to wake up, and prevents the usual ‘snooze button’ reflex.

Tip #7: For every hour you spend in front of the tv, make sure you get 15 minutes of exercise. Jumping jacks during the commercials, leg lifts during the show. Even yoga poses can get your heart pumping and this way you’re not just being a couch potato. As I said before, exercise even in short bursts is helpful and can keep you on track.

Tip #8: Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed. That means no food consumption. Your body’s metabolism slows at night, as sleep is when your body regenerates needed lost cells and is in the restorative process. Eating food right before bed not only makes you sluggish the next day, but a few weeks of eating at night and you’ll be able to tell you gained weight when your pants don’t want to button the next day. Drink a glass of water, meditate, read, but DO NOT EAT!

Tip #9: Instead of 3 large meals a day, break them down. Eating every 3 hours, mini-meals, kick-starts your metabolism into hyperspeed. It also helps you feel fuller during the day, and thus prevents over-eating tendencies. Eating at least thirty minutes after you wake up, and then mini-meals every three hours of healthy foods, will help you in keeping an eye on your hunger level, and thus prevent you from eating late at night, and noshing on unhealthy foods.

Tip #10: Green Tea can boost fat loss. It’s a proven fact, and in a clinical research study, participants who took a supplement burned 17% more calories and fat then those who did not. One supplement to try: NOW Green Tea extract, which is available through participating retailers at Try taking it 24 hours prior your workout session.

The best advice is that losing any more than 2 pounds per week is not only dangerous but in most cases, not a loss of fat. Losing ½ a pound to 2 pounds per week is a healthy and safe way to weight-loss. As always, consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This is just a supplementary article and not intended to prevent or cure any disease.

Sources: Lead Researcher Michelle Venables, M.Sc., University of Birmingham; Shape Magazine; British Journal of Sports Medicine

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10 New Words for Your Vernacular

Have you ever heard a word and thought quietly, “What does THAT mean?” If you’re anything like me, the first chance you get, you google said word and find out its meaning. That, my friend, is expanding your vocabulary. Here are 10 new words – and the reasons why – you need to integrate them into your vernacular.

Infobesity – because ‘information overload’ is too long to write and say.
~ noun: the condition of being weighted down by an onslaught of information; to experience an overabundance of information.

Used in a sentence: “I wrote a research paper entirely using Google and Wikipedia. I think I’m suffering from infobesity.”

Floordrobe – because we all know someone who has one.
~ noun: a pile of clothes on the floor rather than in a wardrobe; clothes strewn (and kept) on the floor rather than hung in the closet or folded away.

Used in a sentence: “Where should I put these pants?” “Just throw them on the floordrobe.”

Phubbing –
because everyone has done it.
~ verb: the act of snubbing someone, in a social setting, by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.

Used in a sentence: “Please stop phubbing. It’s rude.”

Omnishambles – because we’ve all been witness to it a time or two on our favorite shows or in real life.
~ noun & adjective: a situation or person/s that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations; a situation that causes you to facepalm and shake your head.

Used in a sentence: 1) “Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was complete omnishambles!” 2) “Her boyfriend left her and she was fired from her job…she’s an omnishambles.”

Derp – because…well…sometimes it needs saying.
~ exclamation. & noun: (used as a substitute for) speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action; a phrase used when someone makes a mistake or says or does something stupid or ridiculous.

Used in a sentence: “I just tripped on nothing.” “Derp..haha” or “That was pretty derpy of you.”

FOMO – because it’s totally not funny when it happens to you.
~ noun: fear of missing out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

Used in a sentence: “My fomo got the best of me and I just *had* to come to the party tonight.”

Phablet –
because the world loves amalgamations.
~ noun: a smartphone having a screen which is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer.

Used in a sentence: “Man, my phablet is too big to fit in my pocket.”

Polemic – because the internet is filled with them.
~ noun & adjective: a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something; a contentious argument that is intended to establish the truth of a specific understanding and the falsity of the contrary position.

Used in a sentence: “Charlie and I had a polemic about feminism.”

Usie –
because everyone knows what a ‘selfie’ is.
~ noun: A group selfie; a picture one takes with themselves and many others in the photo; also a couple’s selfie.

Used in a sentence: “I changed my profile picture to the usie we took in San Diego last night.”

Nomophobia – because no matter how strong-willed you are, you still suffer from it.
~ noun: a state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one’s mobile phone; the fear of being away from your mobile device.

Used in a sentence: “I left my phone at the house. My palms are sweaty and my arms are like spaghetti. I think I’m suffering from nomophobia.” “Either that or you’re rapping some Eminem.”

So, the next time your friend is on their phone at a dinner party, remind him/her to stop being a derp and that phubbing is rude. And if you’ve added a couple of terms to your ever-growing vocabulary – good for you…how’s that infobesity treating you? Don’t experience any FOMO, be sure to drop a comment or two down below!

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10 Weird Dieting Tips (That Work!)

For many of us losing weight and staying thin is not an easy task. That is why most people will try just about anything to lose weight. These dieting tips are a bit out of the ordinary but many of them have been tested, and they really work!

1. Use your non-dominant hand when eating.

If you are right handed then try using your fork with your left hand. Using your non-dominant hand while eating forces you to eat more slowly and it makes you focus on holding the fork properly. Since you will be eating at a slower pace your body will be able to properly give you the “full” signal before you overeat.

2. Put your fork down after every bite, and chew every bite 30 times.

Putting your fork down between bites is a simple way of slowing down the eating process. Chewing each bite 30 times also slows down eating and also ensures that you will not eat another bite while still having food in your mouth.

3. Ruin your food; yes I said “ruin your food”.

When you are out at a restaurant or even at home and you are eating meal and start to feel full, pour ketchup, salt, pepper, or any other food deterrent over the remainder of your meal so that way you will not finish the meal just to finish it.

4. Brush your teeth when you feel the need to snack, or overeat.

Brushing your teeth sends your brain the signal that you are not going to be eating for a while, or that you are done eating for the day. Brushing your teeth also helps you to not snack because like most of us know once you brush your teeth you have the minty taste of toothpaste that does not mix well with food or drinks immediately after.

5. Place your used napkin on top of your plate.

Many people place there napkin on top of their food when they are done eating, especially if they are dining at a restaurant. This also deters you from finishing your food because the idea of pulling your dirty napkin out of your food and continuing to chow down will gross you out; I know it does for me!

6. Put a picture of yourself at your heaviest and place it on your refrigerator door.

Putting the picture of yourself on your fridge will definitely stop you from grabbing that not so healthy snack. The picture is a visual reminder of why you are watching calories in the first place.

7. Wear tight clothes.

We all know that when we are wearing tight jeans or tight pants the last thing we want to do is go eat. Wearing tight pants will easily remind you of which foods to eat, and how much. (Plus the bloated belly feeling in tight pants, not so appealing)

8. Imagine yourself thin.

Daydreaming about a time when you were thinner or even just imagining how you would look thin is a great motivator. Next time you want to skip a workout, or feel the urge to overeat, think about how great it would feel to fit in your skinny jeans or how great you would look in that bikini.

9. Use small plates.

We can place some of our overeating habits on our parents. You know the saying “clean your plate” “finish your food”. As children many of us had parents that were constantly telling us to finish our food if there was food remaining our plates. That is why unconsciously many of us still have the inclination that we are not finished eating until all of our food is gone. Using smaller plates will force you to take less food, and even if you do “finish your food” you will be eating about half of the calories that you would with a larger plate.

10. Drink water or eat soup before a meal.

One thing that water and soup have in common is that water is as you know 100% water, and soup is mostly water. Drinking a lot of water or eating soup before a meal tricks your brain into thinking your feel even though it is just water weight. Next time you are out to eat order the low calories soup such as minestrone, vegetable or chicken noodle or down a glass of water before eating.

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10 of the Worst Apple Products of All Time

Since the iPad was announced, many technology nerds have been unfairly angry about the device. It appears to only run one app at a time, and it’s essentially a big iPod Touch ,which is a problem, since the iPod Touch’s size was one of its big draws.

However, Apple’s had quite a few terrible products (along with their Earth-shaking, revolutionary good products). Here’s a look at some of the worst dreck that Apple’s ever sold.

10.Macintosh Portable – Apple’s first laptop from 1989 combined a high price with minimal features. Granted, this was 1989, but the unit came without a backlit screen, making it near-unusable for those unfortunate early adopters.

9. ROKR E1 – This wasn’t actually an Apple product, it was a Motorola product. However, it was closely associated with the brand, and offered a stripped down, near useless version iTunes into a pseudo-iPod phone. At the time, many were already waiting for the iPhone, and this simply wasn’t what they were hoping for.

8. Apple III – At $4-7K per unit, the Apple III was overpriced for its lack of software and lackluster specs. It didn’t sell nearly as well as Apple wanted it to, and was quickly forgotten.

7. The Lisa – Released in 1983, this is another example of a pricing misstep. The Lisa’s specs were fine for its time, but it cost a heft $10,000 in 1983 dollars, so it wasn’t affordable by any definition of the word.

6. The Hockey Puck Mouse – The infamous hockey puck mouse was one of the most un-intuitive products that Apple ever made. Unless you were about 3 feet tall, it didn’t fit your hand, and its awkward big button resulted in a lot of unintentional clicks.

5. Macintosh Performa – These ugly, squat computers were billed as a revolution in personal computing in 1992. They were unaffordable, ugly, and operated sluggishly–a rare all around bad move from Apple.

4. Dock Connecting iPod – The third generation iPod furthered the device’s popularity, but introduced an asinine dock connector that would force all future iPods to have included “dock adapters”. Most iPod users never use the connectors–they’re a waste of plastic, and Apple severely overestimated how much people value having their iPods in an upright position. The 3rd gen iPod also did away with the intuitive click wheel, instead introducing an annoying touch system.

3. Macintosh IIvi – This Mac was fairly useless, ugly, and helped to push the company into obscurity for a good part of the 90’s. On the bright side, it was expensive, too.

2. iPod Shuffle – Who wants an MP3 player that won’t show you what’s playing? The iPod Shuffle has countless alternatives that beat it in every conceivable department. This was Apple cashing in shamelessly on the iPod brand, and putting out a completely inferior digital music player in the process.

1. Twentieth Anniversary Mac – This wasn’t a terrible computer, but its pricetag was completely unacceptable–this computer cost about $10K. Apple dropped the price within a year, but in the meantime, it was a pretty unbelievably bad pricing decision.

What do you think is Apple’s worst product? Post in the comments section below.

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10 Weirdest Craigslist Postings

Like the rest of America and beyond, I am a great fan of Craigslist. Craigslist has become an icon of American culture, and it is truly a great website. That being said, it can also be downright weird. I have always used Craigslist to search for local jobs, and find it especially useful for finding writing and editing jobs. Then, I began searching for things I wanted – a new aquarium, some garden plants, etc. That is when things got truly weird.

Here is a look at some of the strangest posts that I have seen on Craigslist. Check out the for sale items yourself when you are bored. They can be downright hilarious. All quotes are taken from current Craigslist postings with no changes. Enjoy!

10 Weirdest Craigslist Postings: The Weird, The Strange, The…..What?

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 10: Free: One green bell pepper

Taking the time to post a free bell pepper and hoping that someone will contact you and pick it up while it is still fresh is a little weird. It reminds me of my granny, who was always giving me the empty margarine containers to reuse as food storage.

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 9: For Sale: Drought tolerant landscape rocks

Upon further reflection, I get it. The rocks complement a drought tolerant garden. But my first thought on this Craigslist posting? I didn’t know that there were rocks out there that needed watering.

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 8: Free: Crime Scene Tape

Even better than the odd listing of a roll of crime scene tape, it was only slightly used.

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 7: For Sale: Naked Neck Chickens

Do you love chickens, but are frustrated by those pesky neck feathers getting in the way of ___ (honestly I have no clue …insert joke here). Well, for only ten dollars you can buy chickens with no neck feathers, also known as naked neck chickens. Who knew?

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 6: For Sale $1: Row boat, not sea worthy.

Don’t need to say any more about this one. Some guy wants his yard cleaned for free. He even suggests that the hulking, rotting monstrosity would make a fine garden planter.

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 5: Free Horse Manure

Ok, if you can stand the smell it is a good fertilizer. I love this line though: “Take a little or a lot — we have plenty!!!”

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 4: Free: Working Toilet

Yes folks, it is a used toilet. From the posting “It’s on the sidewalk. Just replaced ours. This one works…just a bit slow!!!”

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 3: For Sale: Hitler and Manson Girls Autographs

“Selling an autographed rock album with both Hitler and the Manson girls autograph – VERY RARE! Selling this one-of-a-kind collectible for only $5000. Be the first on your block to own both Hitler and the Manson girls autograph on the same rock album!” If you believe it, go ahead; pay $5000 dollars for it. Rock albums were really popular in Hitler’s day, and you know, he did love to autograph things…..

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 2: For Sale: Blue Man Group Instruments

“I HAVE 2 BLUEMAN GROUP MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS WITH BOOKS. BARELY USED,WORKS GREAT. IPOD AND MP3 HOOK UPS ON BOTH. RECORD AND PLAY YOUR OWN MUSIC. IM SELLING 1 BY ITSELF FOR $50.00 OR BOTH FOR $90.00. or best offer.” Ever seen Arrested Development when Tobias wants to be a Blue Man? He would have been all over this.

Craigslist’s Weirdest Postings: Number 1: For Sale: Special Talking Goat

Apparently a goat that has been on television….let me share an excerpt because I know you are intrigued: “But if you buy her, it will not be for her size, or milk but because she is a “show girl”

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10 of the Worst Video Games 2000-2009 Had to Offer

I thought looking for the worst video games over the past decade would be an easy experience. In 10 years, plenty of bad video games have been released but being married to a man who loves video games means he has already read reviews on most of them and knows to avoid buying or renting them when they are released. To help narrow down the field, I asked him what the worst games of the decade were but he did not tell me. He sent me to his favorite gamer website and the responses there did not help either. So, I decided to do the honest thing in giving my own responses and rack my brain for the past ten years worth of bad games. Here is my list.


Kiss Pinball for Play Station

KISS Pinball was a very low priced game but even so it did not have enough quality to justify the $10.00 spent on it. The game makes the person who plays it feel dizzy. The flippers do not control the ball well and we all know how it feels to have the ball go right between the flippers without being given the chance to hit it. There is no real KISS music on the game-just some cheap guitar riffs. That being said, changing the so-called music makes the game freeze and become choppy. Bad game all the way around.


Space Raiders for PlayStation 2 and Game Cube

Space Raiders was a remake of the 1978 arcade game. It has an urban street setting rather than allowing for air shooting like in the original. The game is extremely repetitive and even though the players each have their own back story and there are detailed cinematics of an alien invasion, it does not have enough improvements to make the game truly interesting.


Chicken Shoot for PC, (and now Wii, Nintendo DS,).

Chicken Shoot is an incredibly lame computer game based on the FLASH game of the same name. Game Spot called this game, “duck hunting for idiots.” Duck Hunting on the regular Nintendo Entertainment System was a better game than this one. The shooting is too repetitive and not too much else is involved. Metacritic gave this game a mere 17 percent. I might double that score but no more than double it. I’m generous.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow for Game Cube and Xbox

Batman: Dark Tomorrow is based on the DC comics character Batman. The game is very confusing. The missions are repetitive and boring. The camera angles are the absolute worst. The reception of this game was so poor the PlayStation 2 version was cancelled.

Big Rig: Over the Road Racing for PC

Big Rigs is a game that should have been cancelled. I have found it on every bad game list in the past 3-4 years. The game has a severe lack of functionality. Big Rigs is bizarrely bad and unfinished. The claim on the box is that you can race trucks across the country to deliver illegal cargo and cops will chase you. There are no cops. This is only a small problem with the game. Unless you use the patch that was developed later, you cannot race the other characters because they do not move. Even after using the patch, the other trucks stop before you do guaranteeing you are the winner. There are no obstacles to the game as you can move your truck wherever you want. The fifth map cannot be used as it freezes everything. Even the grammar in the end message is bad. It claims “You’re winner.” Big Rigs scored #1 all time worst game on Game Rankings. GameSpot gave it a 1/10 and said it would receive a 0 if their scoring system went that low.


50 Cent: Bulletproof for PlayStation 2 and Xbox

50 Cent: Bulletproof was made in response to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but wasn’t nearly as good. The main character is 50 Cent because he refused to voice another character. The game’s music isn’t implemented well. The goal of the game is to get back at whoever shot and killed your friend and left you with nine bullet wounds in your back. The storyline is weak and at the end of the game you see all the weaknesses. Aiming is weak. The whole game is pretty much weak.


Sonic the Hedgehog for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Sonic the Hedgehog was released to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Sonic is a fifteen year old blue hedgehog that can run faster than the speed of sound and can curl into a ball to attack enemies. This game finds Sonic in Soleanna-a city of water. Sonic has to rescue Princess Elise from Eggman and avoid Silver the Hedgehog. The game is bad because there is a lack of ability to control the character and the fact that is unfinished. ScrewAttack named it the worst video game of the decade.

Bomberman: Act Zero for Xbox 360

Bomberman: Act Zero is the supposed prequel to the series. Bombermen must destroy each other to prove they are good enough to go forward. Players can be male or female with Bombers being the name girls are called. In this game, Bombers or Bombermen are awakened and thrown into battle. They must fight their way to the surface of the earth to escape the battle. Bomberman: Act Zero departs from the series in character design too much. IGN gave the game a 3/10 for bad outline. The graphical overhaul is bad and the town’s appearance is dull compared to the former one.


Hour of Victory for Xbox 360

Hour of Victory is a World War II first person shooter game. I normally love shooter games but this one was very weak and boring. It felt like others I have played in the past. IGN gave Hour of Victory a 5.7 review calling it mediocre with bad graphics. The graphics make the game when it comes to shooters so this explains why it wasn’t received very well also the repetition makes it somewhat boring.


Tony Hawk: Ride for PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360

Tony Hawk: Ride was released a couple of months ago and is priced at $120. This is the only up to date game I have on my list so I can give this information. Right now prices are ranging from $110 on to $119 on The game has an attachment that is somewhat like a real skateboard but has some technical flaws. It is very sturdy but has some serious problems picking up motion to display on the screen. Since this motion is required to play the game, it can be frustrating. IGN gave the game a 5/10. It has mixed average/below average reviews.

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10 Wrestlers that Never Won the WWE World Title but Should Have

Anybody that knows a lot about pro wrestling knows that the best wrestler doesn’t always win the WWE World Title. Sometimes the WWE World Title goes to the most popular wrestler, sometimes the WWE World Title is given to the wrestler that Vince McMahon likes the most and sometimes the WWE World Title is given to somebody that plays politics the best. Sometimes wrestlers that deserve to win a the World Title in the WWE never get the chance and these are the 10 that deserved the World Title in the WWE the most.

WWE Wrestlers That Deserved a WWE World Title Reign: Ted Dibiase
Ted Dibiase at one point was the best heel in the WWE. Ted Dibiase’s interviews were classic and his wrestling matches were very good too. Unfortunately the World Title at the time usually belonged to Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage and not many others were getting title reigns.

WWE Wrestlers that Deserved a WWE World Title Reign: Curt Hennig
Curt Hennig had some of the best matches in WWE history with Bret “the Hitman” Hart. At the time Bret Hart was a rising star and would soon become the golden boy in the WWE. Curt Hennig was every bit as good as Bret Hart in the ring, but was actually a better interview. I’d like to think Hennig would have eventually gotten the WWE World Title if he had not been slowed down by injuries but who knows for sure.

WWE Wrestlers That Deserve a WWE World Title Reign: Christian
Now that Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy have won World Titles in the WWE the title of best to never win the title currently belongs to Christian. Unfortunately Vince McMahon still doesn’t think Christian is legitimate World Title material and Christian did leave the company for three years to work for TNA. Those two factors combined makes Christian’s chances of winning the WWE World Title pretty slim.

WWE Wrestler That Deserved a WWE World Title Reign: Owen Hart
Some people say that Owen Hart was not World Title material. I think a World Title worthy wrestler needs to be a great wrestler and needs to be somebody that can have great feuds. Owen certainly had great matches and he also had great feuds with Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

WWE Wrestler That Deserved a WWE World Title Reign: Jake Roberts
Here’s a hard to believe fact. Not only did Jake Roberts never win the WWE World Title, but he never won a single title in the WWE. Jake Roberts was one of those wrestlers that didn’t really need the World Title to define him, but it still would have been nice for him to win something in the WWE.

WWE Wrestler That Deserved a WWE World Title Reign: Rick Rude
One of the biggest problems with the WWE today is that there are two good heels in the entire company and they’re split up on different brands. In the late 80’s, early 90’s the WWE had some of the greatest heels in history including Rick Rude. I would have loved to see Dibiase, Hennig, and Rude all get World Title reigns in between the faces like Hogan and Savage.

WWE Wrestlers That Deserved a WWE Title Reign: The Rockers
The tag team division was also stellar in the late 80’s and Early 90’s but the Rockers were unlike any team in the WWE and should have gotten a World Tag Team Title reign. Unfortunately Vince McMahon wanted every champion to be a large wrestler. Eventually the Rockers would break up, Shawn Michaels would be a star and break that mold, but he should have won the Tag Titles years earlier.

WWE Wrestler That Deserved a WWE Title Reign: Arn Anderson
I realize that Arn Anderson’s WWE career was very brief and he was part of a tag team but I would have loved to see Arn become a singles wrestler and win the WWE World Title. This might be blasphemous since Ric Flair is considered the greatest wrestler of all time, but I like Arn Anderson better than Flair, in and out of the ring.

WWE Wrestler That Deserved a WWE Title Reign: Bam Bam Bigelow
Bam Bam Bigelow is one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE history. How many wrestlers his size could move like he could? With Vince McMahon’s love of big men I’m surprised that Bam Bam Bigelow never got a World Title reign in the WWE.

WWE Wrestler That Deserved a WWE Title Reign: Torrie Wilson
Let me explain. I realize that Torrie Wilson is not a great wrestler, but she worked her butt off to try and wrestle and at least entertain the crowd. Let’s also not forget that the Women’s division hasn’t always had good wrestlers like Beth Phoenix, Nattie Neidhart and Mickie James. The Women’s World Title was once held by Sable, Debra McMichael, Miss Kitty, Harvey Wippleman and Stephanie McMahon. Torrie Wilson easily deserved a title reign more than any of them.

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10-Year-Old Has a Question for the Presidential Candidates

Yahoo! asked voters to pinpoint one topic they want asked in Wednesday’s debate and, briefly, why. Here are one voter’s thoughts.

COMMENTARY | Although he can’t obviously vote, my 10-year-old son has a question that’s undoubtedly on many voters’ minds. With the debates coming to Colorado on Wednesday, this boy from Boulder has heard and seen many commercials. He’d like both candidates to highlight the positives in each of their careers instead of wasting time highlighting their opponent’s negatives: Why all the negative commercials? Because it’s NOT about the worst candidate; it’s about the BEST.

— Brett and Luke Stapleton, 10, Boulder, Colo.

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10 Years Mark the Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Death

A biography of John F. Kennedy Jr. would be incomplete without the input and influence of his loving mother, Jackie Kennedy. This week marks the 10th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s tragic death, and his life can best be viewed through his mother’s eyes.

Little John Kennedy, as he was so often called by his family and by the press, began his infamous life in the White House. He was born only 16 days after his father was sworn in as the President of the United States. He was born in the Georgetown Hospital not far from the heart of Washington D.C. Jackie Kennedy was quite protective of her children and requested that a row of trees be placed around the White House, so the paparazzi couldn’t invade her children’s privacy. Nonetheless, photographs of precocious John Kennedy Jr. surfaced and will forever line the pages of historical accounts of his family’s rise to political power. With great reservation, Jackie would allow John and his sister to watch state events from the Truman balcony of the White House. These grand occasions were pure joy for photographers who were desperate to get images of little John Kennedy. Of course, the ever so famous photograph of little John Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s coffin at the memorial service is both stunning and gravely sad. Remarkably, Jackie Kennedy hosted a birthday party for John on the day his father was buried. She didn’t want her son to go without celebrating his third birthday.

In 1964, Jackie Kennedy moved her highly visible family to a comfortable fifteen-room apartment in New York City. John was enrolled in private school and was often teased and tormented because of his father’s assassination. A few years later, Jackie married Aristotle Onassis and moved her family to a secluded area away from the constant pursuit of the paparazzi. It wasn’t until John’s senior year in high school that his mother permitted him to speak from a public platform. His speaking engagement entailed his kind words celebrating the inauguration of the JFK library.

As John Kennedy Jr. entered adulthood, Jackie requested that he attend Harvard University as so many of his political ancestors had done. Surprisingly and much to Jackie’s dismay, John decided to go to Brown University instead. John Kennedy Jr. quickly involved himself with the drama department at Brown and enjoyed the entertaining environment. Jackie was disappointed in John’s interest in drama and acting, but was content with John’s choice of major, history.

During John’s final years, Jackie had much to say about his dating habits. John was loyal to his leading ladies, but he often chose women that his mother disliked. John Kennedy Jr. was known to have dated such celebrities as: Madonna, Daryll Hannah, and Sarah Jessica Parker. John Kennedy was a major fixture on the social scene, and Jackie disapproved of his diverse and high profile relationships. It wasn’t until John met his wife, Caroline Bessette, that he was able to secure his mother’s approval. Jackie Kennedy died of complications related to cancer several years before John’s untimely death. The influence and impact that Jackie Kennedy had on her son were dramatic and enduring. The life of the legendary political hero, John F. Kennedy Jr., can only be adequately surmised through his mother’s values and aspirations.

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10 New Year's Resolution Suggestions for Tom Cruise

Unless you were living under a rock, you know that this past year has been excruciating for anyone within viewing or hearing distance of Tom Cruise. From his escapades on Oprah to his Paramount misfortune, he has run the gamut for bad publicity. I understand many would say that any publicity is “good publicity” but I say, “Not so”. It has been painful, to say the least, to watch the antics of this wanna be 20-something. With that in mind, here are my suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that Tom Cruise may want to consider.

1. No couch jumping – Or any other piece of furniture, for that matter. The phrase “jumping the couch” became synonymous with Cruise’s ridiculous behavior on the Oprah Winfrey show when he repeatedly professed his love for girlfriend Katie Holmes. It was humorous for a while being parodied in many different venues in film (Scary Movie 4) and on television (The Family Guy). Its appeal was short-lived but long remembered for its bizarre nature.

2. No psychiatric advice given to women experiencing postpartum depression – Being that Cruise knows the history of psychiatry so well (you do see all the PhD’s etc. after his name, right?), he may want to stick to discussion of information that he can be considered an expert on, like those actions referred to in resolution number one. I realize that since this unfortunate tiff between Cruise and Brooke Shields, she has chosen to forgive him his trespasses. This does not make said comments any less ridiculous. Until you have passed another human through your nether regions and know all the emotional upheaval that attends this wonderful passage, perhaps you should keep your comments to yourself.

3. See plastic surgeon about rhinoplasty options – While distinct facial features can often times be considered to give one character, Cruise has plenty of character without the need for the large nose. With the amount of money this guy makes per movie or appearance, you would think he would want to afford to do something about this particular appendage which has bugged the heck out of me since he first popped on the scene. Heck, I know if I made that much money, one of my resolutions would be to get a nose job.

4. Stay married – I know it can be the popular thing, especially in Hollywood, to get married and divorced a number of times; but he seems to have found his soul mate in Katie Holmes. Since her arrival into “his” world, she has become just as odd as he is so it seems to me it could be difficult for either of them to find anyone else who could put up with each of them. Unless of course, that person could so easily be converted to another’s way of thinking.

5. Find new production company – Cruise’s big box office bang will undoubtedly allow him all the benefits of any big star. However, doesn’t it say something when a company as huge as Paramount decides to end their 14-year relationship with the man because “his conduct has not been acceptable”?

6. Change diet – Cruise has jokingly said that he was going to eat the placenta after the birth of his daughter. I have one word for that: ewwwww. Enough said.

7. Quit shoving Scientology down everyone’s throat – Enough already! I have my own dearly held religious beliefs and would not for one minute offend those around me by demeaning their right to believe how they choose. Cruise really needs to quit thinking of himself so highly and believing that his belief system is right for everyone.

8. Let health professionals take care of health needs – Cruise apparently decided that he needed to purchase his own sonogram machine during Holmes pregnancy to monitor the baby. This move prompted the California Assembly to pass a bill to ban distribution of ultrasound machines to non-licensed practitioners since the American College of Radiology claims that the overuse or misuse of medical equipment can be harmful to fetal health. Maybe the baby should be checked for radiation.

9. Rent a room – This resolution is a must so that the rest of the civilized world can stop hurling in a bucket every time Cruise and Holmes grace the pages of a tabloid. I, for one, am sick of the make out sessions. I realize that I have the option of turning off the television or not purchasing the magazine but why should I even be subject to it in the first place? It’s kind of like second hand smoke. I know it’s not good for me but there’s so much of it around, you can hardly avoid it!

10. Engage is shameless self-promotion – Oh, wait, Cruise does this on a regular basis so the New Year’s resolution would have to be to withdraw from shameless self-promotion. I realize and understand that it is in every performer’s interest to promote oneself; however, Cruise has topped the charts with the promotion of Mission Impossible 3. The spectacle that is TomKat began during the promotion of Mission Impossible 3 and that is pretty shameless. Don’t you think?

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10 New Year's Resolution Suggestions for Britney Spears

Here is my list of New Year’s resolutions for the newly separated pop Queen, Britney Spears:

10. When breaking up in any future relationships (and I have a feeling there will be more than one), Britney might want to resolve to actually tell the dumped in person, instead of by text message as Spears reportedly did with Kevin Federline. Whatever, Federline’s transgressions, and I’m sure there were many, (including that cd) that seems like a pretty trailer-parkish way to go about a divorce.
9. Resolve to make her marriages last longer than that infamous kiss with Madonna at the music awards show in 2003.
8. Britney Spears should resolve to use a car seat for her children when driving. After the previous incident, Britney used the excuse that her Father drove with her in his lap, as if to imply that she turned out all right.
7. Resolve to wear shoes in public restrooms. Nothing screams “redneck” like entering a convenience store bathroom barefoot, as Spears did a couple of years back. Have you ever seen a clean restroom at a convenience store?
6. Resolve to dye her hair back to blonde. Enough of the return to her roots. The dark hair could be enough to blow her chances with golfer John Daly, who recently filed for divorce from his 4th wife, all blondes. Think of the possibilities of this twosome. In the Redneck Universe, a union between Britney Spears and John Daly would be bigger than Prince Charles and Lady Di in the 80’s.
5. Resolve to decide whether to be a nude model and include images of gay sex, masturbation, etc in her shows, or be the virginal little young Republican she wants the public to believe she is.
4. Make a resolution to not appear in any more commercials with Bob Dole and dogs. It took me years to get over the image of Bob Dole and Britney Spears so soon after Dole’s ED ads. When Dole says “down boy”, it’s unclear whether he’s addressing the dog, or…something else.
3. Resolve to appear on celebrity Jeopardy, but make sure to go against Jessica Simpson, maybe the only celebrity Britney could outwit. Even though Margaret Spelling, the Secretary of Education, recently lost to Lenny from the famed duo of Lenny and Squiggy of the 70’s show Laverne and Shirley, I still think she could take Spears.
2. Resolve to make certain that no future lovers or Husbands have a video camera in the bedroom, or wherever pop starlets choose to get romantic these days. Even though Federline’s attorney says there is no sex tape, attorneys have been known to fudge, or play with words, such as the meaning of the word “is”.
1. Last of all, Britney Spears should resolve to NEVER, EVER, EVER do a cd or even a single about the breakup with Federline, or even the annulment with Jason Alexander. Nothing strikes me as more pathetic than singers writing musical whinefests about a broken relationship whether it’s Sheryl Crow singing about Eric Clapton or Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

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10 New Year's Resolutions for Jay-Z in 2008

Rapper Jay-Z had a pretty good 2007. He released one of the best rap albums of the year, continued to date the ultra-hot Beyonce Knowles and continued his business endeavors. He recently left his position with Def Jam, so now he will need to focus his attention elsewhere. So with 2008 approaching, what should Jay focus on? Here’s 10 resolutions for the celebrity rapper and businessman to work on in the coming Year.

10) Relax more. First and foremost Jay-Z needs to relax just a bit. He’s just left his role as CEO at Def Jam and needs some down time. Between his latest album, flying all over the world, dating a hot R&B singer and his various business deals, he’s gotta be just a bit tired. He should start off 2008 by taking a nice trip to a tropical island where he can begin to focus on the coming year clearly.

9) Develop a family friendly restaurant. While Jay’s 40/40 Clubs are great places for upscale parties and get togethers, Jay would do well by creating something for the whole family. Possibly a hip-hop theme Dave N Busters or Chuck E Cheese type establishment. This way the Jay-Z brand branches out even more but in a family friendly way.

8) Pitch more products. Jay-Z is basically the Michael Jordan of rap, as he has embraced pop culture and weaved hip hop in smoothly with the business world. Jay Z should look to add more endorsement deals in 2008, as it only adds more wealth and more recognition of his name. He’s already worked with companies like Budweiser, Heineken and HP, why not add Lexus, Rolex and Ralph Lauren in the coming year?

7) Create a Jay-Z product line. In keeping with the above theme, Jay-Z should make a logo similar to the “Jumpman23” Michael Jordan has. Jigga needs something recognizable so that he is everywhere you look. In 2008, he could launch this massive campaign and create Jay-Z gear, similar to how Trump and MJ have their own lines of clothing. This would make Jay-Z even more recognized, and more wealthy in the New Year.

6) Attend more New Jersey Nets games. Jay-Z is part owner of the team and they haven’t had the best of NBA seasons so far. Perhaps adding more moral support to them by cheering them on at games? He could even start attending their road games if he really wanted to encourage them. While this is no secret for success for the Nets, the support of the rapper is sure to help just a little.

5) Try some acting roles. It’s the move many success stories in hip hop have made. Jay doesn’t have much acting on his resume other than music videos, commercials, concerts, and a straight to DVD film here or there. It’s time for Jay to flex his acting muscle and see what type of performances he can bring us. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind adding an Oscar to his awards at home.

4) Bring more rappers to Roc-a-fella. Now that Jay is no longer a CEO for Def Jam, he can focus on his original record label, Roc-a-fella records. Jay started this company due to the fact no company would sign him, so it will be great for him to put effort into it again. Now he needs to bring us more great talent, that he can help mold into greatness.

3) Make more music for the masses. Jay-Z had a terrific release this past year with his American Gangster album, inspired by the film of the same name. It was what his comeback album Kingdom Come should have been and probably the best album in rap 2007. Jay needs to resolve to make more great music in 2008, whether it be his own, or guest verses on albums, the hip hop world needs more of him.

2) Engage in more humanitarian efforts. In the past, Jay-Z worked to show us how South Africa and other countries are facing a serious water shortage. He has the star power and wealth to create important movements of change. Jay-Z should take on more of these charitable and philanthropic endeavors in 2008 to continue this trend. Since he has the star power, wealth and fame, he can definitely encourage others to participate in more causes.

1) Marry Beyonce already. Let’s face it, this is the first couple of hip hop right now. The two have been dating forever, with very little gossip about problems in their relationship coming from the media. Jay should definitely resolve this relationship status in 08′. Besides, behind every good rapper is a great R&B diva.

These are just 10 things that Jay-Z can resolve to do in the coming year to be more successful than ever! May rap star Jay-Z and everyone else have a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!

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10 New Year's Resolution Suggestions for Laura Bush

Here is what I believe should be on Laura Bush’s New Year’s resolution list this year!

1. Better protection of her daughters! Ok, this one is a bit tongue and cheek. No one can protect his or her children from everything. However, you would think that thieves would have no chance to get anywhere near Barbara Bush (one of the twins) with all of the Secret Service running around. It did happen. My suggestion: Laura should take a closer look at the policies that the Secret Service is using to watch over her children and her husband. Changes need to be made. Hopefully, she will also have a discussion with her daughters regarding their privacy, their personal safety, and the what the role of the Secret Service should be in their lives (they can’t help that their Dad is President, after all). I’m sure that she has had this discussion with her daughters before, but it might be time for a refresher course.

2. Keep the twins out of the spotlight. Let’s face it, Laura came into the role of First Lady with the goal of keeping her children out of the spotlight. We all know how that turned out. Her children are one-half their father as well, and are Texans at that. They aren’t just going to keep to themselves. They are going to live their lives as they see fit. As Laura has had hit and miss luck with this goal of hers, it appears that the twins, like the rest of Generation Y (of which I’m a proud member), are growing up. This should get a lot easier, as long as Jenna and Barbara aren’t unfortunate enough to be robbed in a South American country yet again (hey, it has happened to me TWICE; then again, I didn’t have the Secret Service watching my every move).

3. Read and clean more! I remember one of my Aunts telling me how much liked Laura Bush, in part due to sharing the same hobbies of cleaning and reading. I can’t imagine that Laura gets much time to enjoy these simple pleasures as First Lady. In a few short years, she can retire in her Crawford Ranch and pursue both hobbies with zeal!

4. Go whitewater rafting again! Laura went on a whitewater rafting trip with a bunch of her old college friends on her 50th birthday again. Why not plan a similar trip? She probably hasn’t seen those old friends much since she has been First Lady. Also, she just turned 60 as well. Why not celebrate her 61st birthday as she did her 50th?

5. Work hard to soften George’s image. Poor George. Only the lame duck Congress has a lower approval rating. This may seem politically incorrect, but what is wrong with working hard to try to boost her husband’s image? Hers is good, and she knows the President better than probably anyone. Why not put that to good use? She has always tried to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, but now more than ever, she could put it to good use.

6. Continue to support education and reading initiatives. As First Lady, Laura took up the mantle of her mother-in-law and highlights educational and reading initiatives. I’m sure that this came naturally to her as a former teacher and librarian. As George is rapidly approaching his last two years in office, this would be the perfect time for Laura to kick her initiatives into high gear. I’m sure she is keenly aware of not only George’s legacy, but her own as well.

7. Begin planning retirement for herself and George. Laura could begin laying plans for her and George’s retirement – or at least begin planning for life after the Presidency. I can imagine that they’ll move to their ranch in Crawford. Laura could begin arranging for the property to be turned into their primary residence. Maybe she’ll plan on starting a new career (she’ll only be in her early 60s when they leave the White House). Those decisions have to be made.

8. Create plans for a joint charity with Hillary Clinton. Back in 2004, early 2005, former Presidents Bush and Clinton teamed up to create a huge charity for tsunami relief. They were plastered together on huge billboards along Houston highways (I lived and worked in Houston at the time) and raised a lot of money. What if Hillary and Laura did that after the 2008 elections? By that time, they would both be members in the former First Ladies Club. Laura could draw up plans in 2007 and pitch the idea to Hillary. It would do a lot to mend the country and bring together both Democrats and Republicans. We all know that there is no shortage of worth causes.

9. Help start the planning for the Presidential library. Almost as soon as Presidents leave office, they begin working on their Presidential libraries. George is in luck. He married a former librarian. Laura is in the perfect position to lay the groundwork for his eventual Presidential library. If she begins the whole process now, it will all come together well once George is out of office, giving them more time together.

10. Spend more time with George. I’m have a feeling that the President is probably feeling pretty lonely right about now. They are going to spend the rest of their lives together, out of the spotlight. Why not lay the foundation for a loving, happy retirement now?

Oh, and if there isn’t anything that strikes her interest above, there is always blogging. There are tons of anti-Bush blogs and bloggers out there, why not join the fight to refute his critics? She certainly couldn’t sink as low as some of the anti-Bush people have.

Laura Bush, whom I once met in person back in 2000, is certainly up there among my favorite First Ladies. When asked about Hillary Clinton’s legacy upon becoming First Lady in 2000, Laura stated that she had a favorite First Lady and role model – her mother-in-law. For me, that just about sums it up.

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10 New Year's Resolutions Suggestions for Kathy Griffin

I really like Kathy Griffin. Her show “My Life on the D List” is very funny and very real. You do need a liberal sense of humor to understand her “attack” on the stars, but hey – she went to Iraq to entertain the troops and is a generous contributor to charities. She has guts. In a salute to Kathy’s style, here are my suggestions:

#1- Referee a Charity Mud Wrestling Match Between Kelly Ripa and Clay Aiken
It’s for charity! Surely both Ripa and Aiken are man enough for the challenge.

#2- Don’t Show Your Underwear in Your Act Anymore
Since Brittany raised – um – eyebrows with her exhibitionism, you’ll have to go commando now.

#3-Grow a Mustache
I don’t know. You figure it out.

#4- Study Hard so You Can Move Up To The C- List
Make your folks proud. Tell them you’ll be able to buy more wine in a box.

#5- Give Your Dogs their Own Spin-off Show
Don’t be jealous of them. You can probably talk them into sharing their residuals.

#6- Run A Marathon 3-Legged Style with Flava Flav
Because you’ll be able to keep an eye on the time. Next year challenge Oprah to a marathon with her
strapped to your back.

#7- Adopt Lindsey, Paris, Nicole and Brittany
Hey- you know they could all use some gentle but firm guidance. Take them on your next tour of Iraq.

#8- Get Plastic Surgery So You Have A Show for the Discovery Health Channel
Well your knuckles don’t look as young as they used to. And your feet? Please!

#9- Make A Rap Music Video With Snoop Dog
He wears the bikini and shakes his booty.

#10-Claim You Are Carrying Larry King’s Love Child
I saw your last interview with him. He was totally into you.

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