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1,000 PIeces of Content!

1,000 pieces of content! It’s hard to believe, but I’ve actually reached 1,000 pieces of content. This article, right here, is the 1,000 piece of content.

I’ve been trying to figure out the views I’d need to make $250 per month with 1,000 articles. I think it means that I would now need 250 views for every piece of content that I have published – at least an average of that.

I doubt I’ll get that, but I’m still excited about reaching this milestone and I know that more content that I publish, the less views I’ll need per article.

So, just a small little celebration poem!

Write, write, write, and write!
I’ve finally reached one thousand!
Article, pictures, videos, and sounds.
So many choices to be found.
Yet, write, write, write, and write.
People actually read!

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1000 Words

The question is, can you really write something meaningful in only 1000 words? 1000 words to try and capture something transcendent, something powerful, something that can make a difference in the life of a reader. Can a writer overcome the preponderance of evidence suggesting that it cannot be done? Can he or she find it within themselves to be so bold as to try?

My guess is that it doesn’t help to waste 74 of them outlining your initial question and self-doubt. 82 if you count that last sentence.


Look at it another way. No matter when you die you only have so many words that you’ll speak. If you accept that premise then every one you say or type or think to yourself is another grain of sand through the hourglass. So why worry that 1000 isn’t enough when whatever number exists for you will not be enough when the hour arrives. There is a good chance your last words will be complaining that they are your last words.


And no closer to something meaningful than when I started.

There was this old guy who lived with his wife in the same house for over 50 years. Every day she would write in her diary. Every day. He never asked what she wrote or suggested that perhaps she share it with somebody. When she died and he was cleaning out some her stuff he found these 20 or so journals. He stared at them awhile and for a minute he thought about reading them.

Then he took them to the fireplace and burned the lot of them. Not out of spite or because his relationship with his departed wife wasn’t full and loving but because he realized that even if he read them and they were wonderful and he ended up taking them to a publisher and they in turn fell in love with them and released them and they became a huge hit and beloved around the world that in a few years he would be dead and in a few billion earth would be gone.

So what did it matter?


Now you might for a few seconds find that story profound but when you start to turn in over in your head and examine it I’m sure it will lose a lot of its initial luster. It’s a story that has probably run through your own head a few times as you count down your own spoken mortality. White words written on a white page, never to be read.

And the search for something real goes on. It’s not just you, everyone is looking and when they see an opportunity to be moved at the cost of only 1000 words it’s a bargain few can pass up even though they know already that what they’ll get is probably just a story about an old guy burning his wife’s diary.


Almost halfway there.

Exhausted physics professors, faith healers with pained looks sketched on their faces and beatniks snapping their fingers in a dark cafe somewhere are all looking. Of course they are. That’s their job we are all told. But they are all frauds though they will be amongst the last to admit it. To the public anyway, they are among the first to admit it to themselves.

But what of the plumbers? Those crawling around our toilets and unclogging our pipes? Surely they are too busy to be concerned with such twaddle right?



Do you think their heads are swimming with visions of our clogs as they unclog them? Or are they dreaming and drifting and far away from the cramped and smelly quarters that their physical bodies are currently inhabiting? Examining math and faith and finding them as wanting as you did when you read about the old man who burned his wife’s diaries. All as he unclogs your drain.

Can you feel it even now? The words between 1 and 1000 slowly running out. It seemed like only a few seconds ago you were at 355 and now you’re not sure but surely you’re way past 600. Maybe even 700. And that has your stomach constricting just a little. Perhaps your head is even swimming a bit and maybe you’re wishing that you had a pipe to unclog so you could be done with this already and back to killing time productively.

For the earth will be gone in only a few billion years. It seems so far away but it there will be a time when it will happen, just as there was a time before it was here and if you had been standing in the empty space it would have seemed an eternity until the earth was finally formed.


So the question is, what would you really want to read in the last 200 hundred words? An answer to a question you have? Something inspiring to take away or perhaps a phrase stated so perfectly that it resonates inside you and you remember it and speak it aloud every time you are drunk and pressed for something to say?

How could you have even started this expecting it to mean anything if you’re not even sure what it is that you really want? And every word brings you that much closer to the end of the story.

Surely the only thing you can do is rage against the fact that you even wasted your time reading it and what a hack I am for having started it. For my part all I can hope for is that you’re reading this on a Kindle or Nook or on your laptop so you can look past the words hovering on the screen and catch a quick look at your own reflection as you’re reading it.


Take a good look. Yes. It is you. And the last words here are really irrelevant. The image should make you smile and even if it doesn’t … smile anyway.


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10/20/10 Daily Dose of Nonsense

Scope it, as in Horoscope: No one says you have to get along with everyone, but at least be civil. Just ignore, if you must.

Bonehead Tip of the Day: You cannot win. When you are sick, stay home. However, when you go out, you will be frowned upon – – even to pick up the medicine. There will be some who never stay home when sick and those who take way too much time off. And of course, there will be those who stay home when not sick or will take a day off when a third cousin’s brother’s sister’s husband’s step-mother — nevermind — you get the picture.

Trivia: An elephant’s trunk is actually an extension of the animal’s upper lip. Somehow, and I really mean, somehow, a leech has 32 brains. Meanwhile, let’s head back to ancient Rome, shall we? A form of submission was bending the knee. It was called a knuckle. You were a person who would “knuckle under” if you did such a thing. I prefer to bend the elbow with a 16-ouncer.

The List:

TV shows.
1. “Dancing With the Stars” – 19.5 million viewers
2. “NCIS” – 19.2 million
3. “Sunday Night Football” – 19.1 million

1. “Vikings/Jets” – 17.3 million
2. “Yankees/Rangers, Game 1” – 8.1 million
3. “Ohio State/Wisconsin” – 7.3 million
Source: Nielson.

Closer: One way to ruin a business. Make that light bulb last for 46 years.

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1031 Exchanges for Classic Car Collectors

While many taxpayers are familiar with the requirements and benefits of the 1031 exchange for real estate, few are aware that a 1031 exchange can be done on personal property as well. One piece of non-real estate that has become a popular 1031 exchange tool is the classic car. Collectible cars have the potential to increase tremendously in value, and this has triggered an interest in classic car investing over the years.

There’s one taxpayer who purchased a Ferrari for $270 thousand dollars. Five years later, a broker contacted him and said he had a client who was willing to pay $795 thousand dollars for the classic vehicle. Naturally, he jumped at the chance to make such a tremendous gain in a short amount of time, especially on a piece of personal property. However, the tax on this type of gain is 28%, due to the fact that it is an antique or collectible. This tax is considerably higher than the capital gain tax for real estate. A 1031 exchange is the wise choice for the taxpayer in this situation because reinvesting the sale proceeds into another classic car will prevent him from realizing an economic gain, which would subsequently be subject to taxation.

But, keep in mind that the like-kind requirements for personal property are far more stringent than they are for real estate. You must exchange a car for a car, an airplane for an airplane, or whatever your non-real estate item may be. For classic car investors, the collector car you are exchanging, and the replacement car, must be held for business or investment purposes. And just like with real estate, you have 45 days to find the replacement car, and 180 days to complete the 1031 exchange. Remember, both time limits include holidays and weekends.

In most cases, car collectors will exchange for a car, or cars, with equal or greater value and roll the net proceeds into the replacement car(s). You can exchange for multiple cars if you identify them within the 45 days. You can also offset the debt paid off on the old car, with the new debt acquired on the replacement car. The qualified intermediary (QI) can pay off the debt on the old car – give the QI the pay-off instructions, and the QI can satisfy the lender’s lien.

As long as you do not realize a true economic gain that would generate taxable funds (“paper gain”), your classic car can be a useful non-real estate 1031 exchange item. While it can be similar to exchanging real estate, consult your attorney or accountant to be sure you are in line with the like-kind requirements for this type of exchange.

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101 Things in 1001 Days

The internet is full of fun little projects that have the potential of devouring hours of your day in a single fell keystroke. I find myself stumbling across them on a near daily basis anymore. Every now and then though, one in particular will stick out as something actually worth my time and energy.

Over at, a personal website for Michael Green, an interesting and enticing project is taking shape in 101 things. Like myself, Green is an avid list junky, and out of that interest grew the idea. It’s basically a list of 101 things to accomplish, an immense to do list, within the next 1001 days, or a little under three years.

Over a hundred people are listed with websites on which they’re attempting the feat. It is a feat too. Don’t let the three years part fool you. These aren’t daily to do lists. Though you are free to choose whatever you want for your list, it’s generally accepted that these things should be unique and different, things you wouldn’t normally do unless it was recorded somewhere.

Green lists a few tips for your lists:

1. Be decisive. Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.

2. Stay Focused. Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress.

3. Welcome Failure. Frequently, very little is learned from a venture that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy.

4. Write down your goals. It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment.

5. Keep your goals in sight. Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.

It’s a great project to undertake for all you list fiends out there, and more over the common spaces atmosphere of the internet gives you a vast and endless forum in which you can discuss and receive support for and about your list. You’ll get it done.

This is one of those internet projects that I see taking a sharp upturn in coming months, and for those of you looking for the next big thing to dive into and become a part of, this is as good a place to start as any

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1010 Says We Should Blow Children Up for the Environment (Video)

1010 is an organization that is trying to guilt trip people into reducing their carbon emissions by ten percent. The following PSA suggests that some withing the 1010 group feel that sterner measures may be necessary. Mind, the 1010 PSA somewhat resembles an old Monty Python skit, if the Pythonites had decided to lampoon the fascist, murderous streak that seems to exist in the hearts of some environmental wackos. But of course the commercial is not doing that. It seems to suggest that people, even kids, who are environmental non conformists really need blowing up.

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