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11/03/10 Daily Dose of Nonsense

Scope it, as in Horoscope: Being told what you should do in your line of work by others who have no idea about your profession is kind of odd. Keep the faith.

Bonehead Tip of the Day: You will be told that anger gets you nowhere from a person who is so angry that you think it may just be true because that angry person has gotten nowhere. Huh?

Trivia: Before the McDonald’s thing really made a name for Ray Kroc he was a distributor of a product named Multimixer. This machine could mix five milkshakes at ounce. Buffalo Bill got his name for a reason (at least this one did. There were others named that, too). William Cody was employed as a buffalo hunter for the Kansas Pacific Railroad. He was to bring in 12 buffalo per day. He was given $500 a month for this dangerous job. Regelation is the process in which ice melts and refreezes as soon as the pressure is taken away. Just take a look at ice skaters to get a better idea of how this works.

The List: Top TV Shows.
1. “Dancing With the Stars” – 20.4 million viewers
2. “NCIS” – 20.2 million
3. “Sunday Night Football” – 18.1 million
1. “Monday Night Football” – 18 million
2. “NBA” – 7.3 million
3. “Walking Dead” – 5.3 million
Source: Nielson.

Closer: The election is over, right?

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I admit it: I tend to want to feature jazz and pop music on the 11/16/09 Backstage Pass Radio Program, and so I work pretty diligently to make sure I’m open-minded about other genres. I’m glad that I am, because that’s how I came to showcase this week’s “New Music Feature,” White Owl from Russia.

I had a little fun at their expense with their English version of the band bio. The translation didn’t read well in English (“On the one hand, a bird of about 2.5 kg weight, on the other hand, a result of brutal musical experiences directed on creating a monster which will destroy the world.) The bio was good for a laugh, but the music spoke for itself.

“Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest,” plays on the old folk tale, but has some seriously edgy instrumentation. A mix of both folk/celtic feel and hard rock, the focus is clearly on the violin. In fact, most of their songs blend genres and do it quite well, which makes for really interesting listening.

These are clearly some very strong musicians, and they are really tight. Strong and dynamic, their music started some interesting conversations in the radio show chat room. I think that’s when music really IS strong: when it sparks interest and discussion. White Owl’s music may not appeal to everyone, but I think most people will appreciate the change in sound and find themselves drawn in.

White Owl is fronted by face-painted leader Hagnir, and also includes Artem Ryabov on bass, Vova Korzhev on guitar and backing vocals, Natasha Scherbakova on drums (chick drummers ROCK!), and Anatoly Velichkin on violin. Velichkin deserves much praise for the sound White Owl has created with soaring violin string lines throughout.

White Owl offers free downloads of their album “Pepper” on the following website:

Go check out this band from Russia. No passport required!


12/12/12 Photo: A Day We Will Never Forget

This Wednesday, Dec. 12 – perhaps better known as 12/12/12 — is the last numerologically curious date of its kind until Jan. 1, 2101. Yahoo asked readers to snap photos that illustrate the idea of 12/12/12. Here’s one.

We will never see a number like this for another hundred years. What are two things that I love aside from family and friends? Zebra print and candy, especially lollipops. To show dedication for this special day, I have decided to present you with 12/12/12 in candy.

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12 Chill Songs

1. “What the Water Gave Me” by Florence and the Machine
2. “Nobody Knows me at all” by The Weepies
3. “Skinny Love” by Birdy
4. “World Waits” by Jeremy Enigk
5. “Going Nowhere” by Elliott Smith
6. “Lustre” by Ed Harcourt
7. “Your Song” by Ellie Goulding
8. “Everyone Falls” by Beth Thornley
9. “We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow
10. “Kingdom Come” by The Civil Wars
11. “Land Locked Blues” by Bright Eyes
12. “The Funeral” by Band of Horses


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12 Days of Christmas: Top 12 Christmas Movies of All Time

Everyone has their own favorite holiday movies. Maybe you like the classics, the sentimental, the animated or off-beat Christmas movies. and for well-written romantic comedies.

Top Christmas Movie #12. Meet Me in St Louis

It’s no secret that I have a special fondness for musicals, and this holiday film is no exception.

The only reason that Meet Me in St Louis does not rank higher is because the movie deals with four seasons, and other holidays including Halloween, although it does culminate with a wonderful winter and Christmas scene.

In this movie starring Judy Garland you can get a glimpse into a different time, when there really was such a thing as a “dance card.” It celebrates youth, love, fun, joys of all seasons, friendship, and family.

Top Christmas Movie # 11. Christmas in Connecticut

This is a wonderful old movie that will bring some holiday cheer and laughter to your day. It stars Barbara Stanwyck.

Top Christmas Movie #10. Scrooged

On first viewing this may seem like just some random comedy with Bill Murray. But as with other comedies starring Bill Murray, the characters and plot resonate on a deeper level, and toll like a soft bell in your mind, long after the TV has been turned off for the the night.

This is one of many versions of A Christmas Carol. It is a modern-day telling of the tale, and is worth seeing this holiday seeing.

Top Christmas Movie # 9. A Christmas Story

Few holiday tales come close to the humor of A Christmas Story. A Christmas Story also accurately captures that feeling of wanting a toy so badly when you’re younger, that it becomes all you think about before a holiday.

Top Christmas Movie #8. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

The animated version, not the version starring Jim Carey, is the best telling of this Seuss tale.

Top Christmas Movie #7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is more of a TV special than a full-length feature, but it had to be mentioned. Although it was made in 1965, this animated holiday special is not that dated.

Top Christmas Movie #6. Scrooge

The 1970 version of Scrooge starring Albert Finney as mean Mr. Scrooge is the best version of the Scrooge tale ever told on film. This version of the classic tale is also a musical. The kids will love it.

The only other version that comes close is the version with Patrick Stewart.

Top Christmas Movie #5.Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Forget Frosty the Snowman, and push Rudloph to the side, Santa Claus is Coming to Town is the Rankin Bass production company at its best. In the days before computer animation, there was stop-motion-animation. Santa Claus is Coming to Town is the best example of this type of animation.

Despite the really boring yet psychedelic song in the middle (which was always a good time to get a snack), this holiday movie is great. It’s fun, has lots of catchy songs, and in its own encourages independent thinking.

Top Christmas Movie #4. Prancer

Prancer is one of those truly endearing movies that stays with you forever. The little girl in Prancer is not one of those big-grinned, stage-aware child actors. She is genuine in this movie, and with Sam Elliott as her gruff but loving father, the mix is genius.

Kids will enjoy this film because they will like the idea of keeping a reindeer for a pet, and will understand the idea of wanting to help a hurt animal. This is another Christmas movie about restoring faith, in life, in love, and in whatever it is you believe.

Top Christmas Movie #3. Miracle on 34th Street

If you’ve ever believed in Santa Claus, you will enjoy this film. This is another classic holiday film that rarely gets bumped out of one of the top three spots on any holiday movie list.

Watch the 1947 version which is the original, and better than the 1994 version. Natalie Wood is priceless as the little girl, and Edmund Gwenn will have even the most jaded of you believing in a sweet, benevolent old man named St. Nick.

Top Christmas Movie #2. It’s a Wonderful Life

There is a reason that this movie is often in the top three, or places number one on top holiday movie lists. It is just that good. Watch it for the first time or for the 100th time. The message is worth repeating.

Top Christmas Movie #1. The Bishop’s Wife

The Bishop’s Wife, the original, made in 1947 with Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven is by far the best Christmas movie ever made. It’s so good it really deserves the top two spots on this list.

It is true that I have a fond spot for Cary Grant, and for movies that touch the heart, but this one, well, you have to see it for yourself. Without giving anything away, The Bishop’s Wife is a movie that is full of hope, spirit, generosity, and most of all, love.

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12 Easy Ways to Keep Warm & Stay Warm Without Breaking the Bank

Here are a dozen ways to stay warm and keep warm the easy way. I’m currently staying in a friend’s drafty older house and it’s a challenge to keep warm & stay warm. Rather than crank up the heat or engage in handyman projects like installing a programmable thermostat, here are over twelve different ways to keep warm and stay warm.

#1 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Wear A Scarf Around Your Neck Inside. Sounds simple, almost too simple. But this easy trick has been keeping me warm and toasty. My aunt pointed this out that her neck gets cold at work in the winter and also in the summer with the air conditioning. Just adding a scarf helps prevent arthritis and a stiff, achey neck. Try it, you’ll be surprised how it helps you stay warm.

#2 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Wrap a T-shirt Around Your Neck When You’re Outside. I discovered this tip to stay warm by accident. It’s been one of the snowiest winters on record and I find I get quite the workout. I didn’t want to have to get my scarf all covered in sweat. So I ended up taking a white t-shirt and wrapping it around my neck, shoulders and upper back underneath my turtleneck sweater. It ended up being a great sweat absorber but also an unconventional wide scarf that seemed to prevent the cold from penetrating and keeping the heat and warmth close to my body.

#3 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Shovel Snow. You would think going outside in the cold would have the opposite effect of staying warm. But after a bout of physical activity if you’re bundled up warmly, you’ll find yourself warmed up. This physical exercise gets the blood circulating which in turn warms the body and even when you return inside, it helps you to keep warm and stay warm for many hours later.

#4 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Do the Dishes, Do the Laundry — more physical activities to help you stay warm. Sometimes when I’m working at my desk, I find my feet get cold from sitting in the same place for hours on end. If I force myself to get up and walk around, if only for a quick 15 minutes, it’s a great way to get a few chores done and take a break at the same time. Doing the dishes the old fashioned way, by hand, warms the hands which ultimately helps you to keep warm and stay warm.

#5 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Keep Your Heart Center Warm. Whether outside or inside, invest in one of those down filled puffy vests. It’s amazing how this inexpensive piece of clothing keeps the body warm. What makes it warming is by keeping the central part of your body warm and it seems somewhat counter intuitive that you can stay warm even though your arms are not covered as well. But it works and by having your arms free from too much clothing helps you to write or do activities without feeling like the Michelin man.

#6 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Wear a Night Cap or Toque. A knitted ski cap goes a long way to staying warm. We turn our thermostat down at night to save money. To prevent cold ears or waking up with a cold nose, try wearing a knit cap. At first it seems silly but when you think about it, it’s a tip that’s lifted straight from the depression era when people had little money for heating. It’s that trick of staying warm by not letting heat escape through the equivalent of your body’s chimney, the top of your head. You’ll find wearing a hat or cap inside during the day will keep you warm as well.

#7 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Wear Two Pairs of Socks and Slippers. Why not wear two instead of just one pair of socks. My latest winter warmth secret I discovered at Target — over the knee socks. Practically leotards, these ridiculously long socks help keep my legs warm. Plus my husband once bought me joke socks – fluffy, acrylic blend footies which keep my feet amazingly warm. Worn over these long socks when walking around the house, that along with slippers, helps to keep my toes from freezing and keep me warm.

#8 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Use a Space Heater or Electric Fireplace. I wondered if it’s cheaper to use a space heater. I just learned in an article about Michael Bluejay’s Energy Guide that this is one of the best ways to save money on your heating bill. For not a lot extra, you can now get space heaters that heat and look like a fire. There are inexpensive electric fireplaces that start at around a hundred dollars that will help you keep warm and stay warm with the look and feel of a cozy fire as easy as turning on a switch

#9 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Keep Doors Closed to Unused Rooms. The other dead easy tip that my friends advised on keeping warm in their older house is to simply close the vents and shut the doors on some of the unused rooms. Some of this helped to redirect heat from the hallway. But I also kept doors closed in the master bedroom we were staying in to help keep the room warm instead of having the heat dissipate into the hallway.

#10 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Take a Hot Bath. If you’re used to taking a shower, try a hot bath instead before you go to bed or even when you wake up on a cold morning. A bath is also a great way to warm-up your muscles. Nothing heats your inner core more effectively than a good old fashioned bath. You’ll find your body keeps radiating warmth and heat long after bath time is over.

#11 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

Pre-warm Your Bed With a Hot Water Bottle or Magic Bag Reusable Microwaveable Heating Pad. Here’s another tip that people who come from chilly bed sits in London are all too familiar. Use a hot water bottle to preheat your bed sheets. Nowadays, the latest update on the old fashioned hot water bottle is a “Magic Bag” microwaveable heating pad. Many are made from organic material and can be used to not only heat your bed but as a heating pad to warm and soothe aching parts of your body like your neck, shoulders and lower back.

#12 Tip to Keep Warm & Stay Warm

A Shot of Whiskey. There’s a reason why people would take a night cap in the good ol’ days. My husband came around when I was writing late into the night with a glass of scotch. I’m normally all bundled up. Within minutes my cheeks were flushed and my whole body was warm. Not only was it good for helping me to keep warm and stay warm but it warmed my soul as well.


“Cheap Ways to Stay Warm This Winter”, Get Rich Slowly, December 14, 2006

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12 Remedies for the Common Cold

Every year Americans suffer from an estimated one billion colds collectively. Although there is no cure for the common cold there are many different remedies to help fight it off to make yourself feel better and help your body fight it off faster. This article is based on natural, and home remedies for the common cold. These are all supposed to work really well, surprisingly enough and you don’t have to worry about side effects of some medicines.

A lot of natural cold remedies involve the use of lemons, they are very rich in Vitamin C, and very good for raising your immune system to help fight off any sickness. Vitamin C is especially important when you are suffering from a cold because it can greatly reduce the duration of the illness.

1. Take and squeeze the juice from one lemon and dilute it into a glass with warm water. After this add one teaspoon of honey and drink it once or twice daily.

2. Chop up 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and boil it into one cup of water to make it kind of like a soup and then drink it. Some say doing it with onions will work too.

3. Making a tea out of about 10 grams of ginger and adding about a teaspoon of sugar will also help with your cold. Drink it twice daily and it will lower any fever resulting from the cold as well.

4. Taking Vitamin C capsules works as well, you can take one or two 500 mg Vitamin C capsules a day, then after your cold is over with continue to take about 500 mg of Vitamin C. Making sure you get the right amount of Vitamin C every day can actually prevent a cold.

5. Getting out in the sun can be good occasionally just don’t over do it. The sun is a very good source of Vitamin C.

6. Hot tea with honey and lemon also works very well and has been used for years. It is not only good for cold but is good for sore throats as well.

7. Making peppermint tea works just as good too and is very good for unclogging the sinuses.

8. Adding cayenne pepper to any soup or especially one of these tea recipes would work very well.

9. Adding cinnamon to food or teas will help as well because it raises your immune system.

10. Drink lots of fluids like juice and Gatorade, it will help you feel better and keep your fever down. Avoid fizzy drinks, especially if you have a sore throat.

11. Make sure you get lots or sleep and rest for most of the day, try not to over exert yourself.

12. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil into boiling water and breathe it in.

These have been some really great natural remedies for the common cold, they should all work well. Some people would swear by these. Good luck with your cold, and one more important thing is to make sure you change your toothbrush after getting sick because you can get yourself sick again if you don’t!

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12 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Flipping Real Estate for Profit

Flipping Real Estate is a popular way to make money. If you’re considering joining those using Real Estate to put more cash in their wallets, study the process and be prepared. Mistakes can be costly. Keep more of your money by avoiding these typical flipper mistakes.

Mistake #1: Paying too much for property. The greater the difference between your purchase price and market value, the greater your window for profit. The point of flipping property is to realize a profit.

Mistake #2: Overlooking fees when considering costs. Purchasing the property to flip is not the only cost involved. Don’t forget realtor fees, property taxes, etc. when tallying cost.

Mistake #3: Setting selling price too high. Don’t let greed make you stupid. Stay competitive. If you can afford to under price compared to other available properties, you increase selling potential and decrease potential selling time. The quicker you flip, the more time and money you’ve saved. (There are exceptions to the time rule but not the price.)

Mistake #4: Forgetting that time is money. Be organized and stay organized. Keep necessary information where you can find it easily: Lists of trusted contractors, property information, vital telephone numbers. Time spent chasing information is time lost and money wasted. If you maintain a certain set of criteria for purchased flip property, you’re likely to require the same services for future flip properties.

Mistake #5: Tackling repairs and upgrades you aren’t qualified to do. Attempting to do repairs you’ve never done before or don’t have the necessary tools to do is not wise. Experienced professionals can usually do a quality job in less time. If you try to do repairs and fail, you’ll spend more in fixing the errors than starting from scratch would have cost. Know your skills and use them when you can. Consider your skills and abilities when looking at prospective flip property.

Mistake #6: Fixing the flip property to suit yourself instead of prospective buyers. Check with home builders, contractors, painters, local supply houses, and even the county assessor, to see what colors and designs are selling. Just because you love blue paint and colonial trim doesn’t mean anyone else does. Focus on the prospective buyer’s taste, not your own.

Mistake #7: Failure to create a backup or ‘Oh No’ plan. Repairs and costs tend to total more than anticipated. If you are forced to add totally unexpected costs (replacing a septic, fixing a foundation, etc.) your profit margin can shrink or even disappear. To avoid this, carefully and thoroughly inspect properties and build a certain percentage into your budget just to cover unexpected costs. While wise real estate flippers avoid property with obvious structural or other expensive damage, some defects aren’t immediately apparent.

Mistake #8: Ignorance of the market. Real estate tends to cycle, with property areas having their own particular busy and slow seasons or times. Find out what the cycle is for the area in which your prospective property is located. Successful flippers keep the time between purchase and re-sell as short as possible. You don’t want to purchase a property and find yourself needing to sell it during the slow part of the cycle.

Mistake #10: Hiring unreliable support teams. Choosing a rock bottom estimate provider may result in a rock bottom return on your investment. Make sure you’re comparing the same services when looking at estimates. Get references from contractors and check those references. Speak with employees at local supply companies. What contractors are customers complaining about? Are any contractors known for taking too long to complete jobs or for providing shoddy work? Ask neighbors in the property area. Who do they recommend? Who do they suggest avoiding?

Mistake #11: Failure to get it in writing. Successful flippers know the value of a well-written contract. Whether the contract covers the sale and purchase of the property or repairs and upgrades, all of the necessary information is there. Payment amount, payment method, start date, completion date, materials, labor and expected result. The purchase contract will include an ‘out’ clause in case a buyer cannot be found and the right to assign the property.

Mistake #12: Failure to keep good records. Keep a log of time, activities, materials, fees and all other costs related to the flip property. Keep separate folders for separate properties. Always close out flipped properties by tallying all expenses and income. Watch for trends and unexplained changes in cost columns.

Flipping property can be a lucrative part-time or full-time business. Careful inspection of potential flip property and attention to detail before, during and after the flip process will increase your chance of a successful (and profitable) flip outcome.

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12 Fishing Gifts for Dad

Does dad spend a lot of his free time on the lake or pond fishing? Well before you start shopping for dad this Father’s Day consider buying him one or more of these gifts since he does love to fish:

1. A good fishfinder will help dad find fish. You can buy fishfinders that will tell dad if he’s in shallow or deep water, and even fish finders that will tell fish by size, water temperature and more. If dad’s an avid fisherman he’ll love this.

2. If you’re not an only child you can pitch in with your brothers and/or sisters and buy dad a boat. Who knows, maybe mom will pitch in too.

3. A tackle box with quite a few compartments will help dad keep his fishing hooks and accessories organized.

4. Consider buying dad a comfortable chair to sit in while he’s fishing. They make folding arm chairs that are lightweight and portable. Some of these chairs even come with a little footstool attached. Dad can fold these up and put them in the bag when he’s done. The bags also have a strap on them so dad can throw the strap around his shoulder for easy carrying. I love these chairs, and they do make comfortable chairs for fishing and camping. But what makes them even better is they have a cup holder on each arm for drinks.

5. A small, lightweight cooler for dad to keep bait and drinks in. Do make sure it’s lightweight in case dad may have to walk to certain fishing spots; sometimes you do have to walk to find the good fish.

6. A multi-tool knife is a really handy tool when fishing.

7. Maybe dad needs a new rod and reel.

8. A line stripper will help dad re-spool quickly.

9. Does dad catch a lot of fish? Buy him a small digital fish scale to weigh all those fish he’s catching.

10. If dad pulls in some keepers he’s going to need a fillet knife later. Consider buying dad an electric fillet knife for faster filleting.

11. When the day is over with dad might enjoy a nice rod rack to hang his rod and reels on at the end of the day, and the next time dad goes fishing he can just grab the rod and reels he wants without having to untangle them.

12. Make a gift basket for dad. Buy a cheap wicker basket and some cellophane. Next, buy small accessories to place in the basket. Some things you can put into dad’s gift basket are: hooks, bobbers, sinkers, a good fishing book or any kind of book, a fillet knife, digital scale, rubber worms or any other kind of fake bait that you know dad likes and a line stripper. Finally, after placing the accessories in the basket, wrap the basket with cellophane, and you can even buy a bow to place on top.

Those are just a few ideas for the dad who loves to fish. However, if your dad isn’t a fisherman I’ve written a few other articles with gift ideas for dads who love to golf, dads who love to camp and others. Just click on my name to view all my articles. Good luck with your shopping adventure!

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12 Signs Your Teen is Using Drugs

Drugs do not discriminate. They don’t care about your family’s ethnicity, neighborhood, or income level; drugs can and will show up in any home. They will wreak the same havoc and inflict the same pain in rich families as in poor families. This especially holds true for teen drug use which may start for many different reasons but ultimately has the same final devastating outcome if not addressed.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2013, there was a marked increase in marijuana use and the abuse of prescription medication among high school-aged American youths.

As parents, it’s painful to suspect that your teen is engaging in harmful adult-like behaviors that can have life-long consequences. Whether they are 13 or 19, you will always see that rosy-cheeked little girl who wanted to be a Disney Princess or that rambunctious son who liked to capture bugs. This desire to prolong innocence is what causes many parents to excuse away suspicious behaviors as “typical” or the norm.

Over the years, I’ve watched many parents chose denial as their way of coping with teen drug use and addiction. I know that innate desire to see the good in your child can be so strong that any deviating thoughts feel utterly foreign and unimaginable. Your teen’s drug use can ignite a sense of betrayal; both in the sense that your child has betrayed your trust and that you have somehow betrayed your child with your suspicions.

Parents often assume fault and become immobilized by overwhelming feelings of guilt. That’s why denial is such a common response since the fear of discovering the truth seems far more painful and scary than the fear of not taking any action. It takes courage to step into that fear and be proactive. Keep in mind-it is easier to forgive yourself for being suspicious than it is to forgive yourself for being too late.

A good place to start is simply by observing your teen. The following are behavioral signs and indicators that your child may be using drugs or have an addiction to drugs. Keep in mind that moodiness and unpredictability are not unusual behaviors for a teen. You are looking for the presence of three or more signs and behaviors that are “out of the norm” for your child.

  1. Teen appears withdrawn, depressed, tired, careless, and unconcerned about grooming or their appearance
  2. Physical Signs include: red-rimmed eyes, dry mouth, runny nose but no other symptoms of a cold, hacking cough, puffy face, develop/increase in acne, changes in appearance and health of skin, teeth discoloration, increase in dental problems, discoloration of fingertips, complains of not feeling well but can’t give specifics, minimizes condition or refuses to see the doctor
  3. Has become increasingly hostile, uncooperative, confrontational
  4. No longer adheres to rules pertaining to curfew, checking in
  5. Relationship with family members has deteriorated
  6. Teen has changed friends, you don’t know teen’s new friends, teen doesn’t talk much about their new friends
  7. Drop in grades, decline in motivation at school, attendance has become irregular
  8. A loss of interest in hobbies, sports or other favorite activities
  9. Teen has a difficult time concentrating; changes in eating and sleeping patterns
  10. Items around the household go missing, money goes missing, teen constantly asking for money or has an increased need for money
  11. Uses of perfume, cologne, deodorizers, scented sprays, candles, mouthwash, and gum to cover up odors
  12. Presence of rolling papers, bongs, homemade pipes made from soda cans or plastic bottles, medicine bottles, eye drops or butane lighters

This list is not exclusive and the presence of one sign does not mean that your teen is using drugs. If several of these behaviors apply to your teen you should voice your suspicions openly when you believe your teen is sober and seek advice by attending an educational workshop, support group, or counseling session with a professional. Don’t waste time blaming yourself or worrying about how this will affect the future. The most important thing is to take action; the sooner you do, the sooner you can start to help and heal.


Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use:

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12 More Books that Hollywood is Ruining with Movie Adaptations

Believe it or not the Harry Potter books are not the only books being made into movies. Personally I have enjoyed the Harry Potter movies but as usual the book is better. The book usually is better and I recommend people read the book before seeing any movie that was adapted a book. Here are 12 books that you should check out before the movie hits theaters.

White Jazz
Author: James Ellroy
Dave Klein is a vice cop that is working for the LAPD in the late 1950s. The police commissioner sets up Klein to take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. Now Klein must clear his name and expose the corruption in the LAPD. James Ellroy also wrote the Oscar winning LA Confidential.

The Frog King
Author: Adam Davies
The Frog King is a romantic comedy about a struggling writer that is working away on his latest work while trying to keep the relationship with his girlfriend on good ground.

The Thief of Always
Author: Clive Barker
A boy is bored with life and goes on a journey to a place called the Holiday House. The boy soon finds out the house isn’t what it seems like and is actually a supernatural house where the four seasons of the year pass in one day.

Body of Lies
Author: David Ignatius
Body of Lies is about a journalist that was injured in the Iraq War. He is hired by the CIA to track down an Al Qaeda leader now in Jordan. The movie is starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Author: Susanna Clarke
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell takes place in 19th century Britain. The use of magic has been dead for many years but suddenly returns. The story is about two magicians and their relationship with each other.

Author: Gregory David Roberts
Shantaram is a book about a man that was sentenced to nineteen yeas in prison in Australia. One day he escapes from Pentridge Prison and flees to Mumbai. After being robbed the man is forced to live in the slums. Eventually he opens a free health clinic so that he can contribute to the community.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the story of just an ordinary man…except for the fact that he ages backwards. The movie will be starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
Author: Edmund Morris
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt follows the true life events of the 26th president Teddy Roosevelt. It follows Teddy from his days of being a New York Politician to being the commander in the Spanish-American war. Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio will be teaming up once again to bring the 26th president to life.

Peace Like a River
Author: Leif Enger
In Peace Like a River two bullies break into a house and one of the family members, Davy, guns them down. Davy breaks out of jail and goes on the lam a few days later. Davy’s father, sister and brother search out for Davy but have decided if they should turn him in or help him hide.

Adam Resurrected
Author: Yoram Kanjuk
Adam Stein used to be a circus entertainer. After World War II Stein is spared from the gas chamber and looks to be a ringleader again. He ends up being the ringleader of an Asylum for Holocaust victims. Jeff Goldblum will star as Adam Stein.

The Food of Love
Author: Anthony Capella
Take one part Ratatouille and one part Cyrano and you’ve got the Food of Love. A man falls for a girl but this girl isn’t looking for anymore “horny, clumsy men” she wants one that can cook. The man invites her over for a meal to impress her but there’s only one problem, he can’t cook. So he gets somebody else do his cooking for him.

The Book of Joe
Author: Jonathan Tropper
Joe Goffman’s book becomes a bestseller when he writes an autobiography that reveals a lot of bad things about his hometown in Connecticut. When Joe’s father suffers from a stroke he goes home to visit. He is welcomed very coldly by his hometown and nobody feels sympathy for him and his father.

Tags:12 More Books that Hollywood is Ruining with Movie Adaptations

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