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13th Air Jordan is Part of Storied NBA Championship

In the 1997-1998 season, the Chicago Bulls did what no other team had in the NBA’s history: It successfully competed for and won a second successive string of three championships, making Michael Jordan and the Bulls the first organization to win two “three-peat” titles. For Jordan, this was the end of his career as a Chicago Bull and marked his arguably greatest moment in uniform with “The Shot” against the Utah Jazz to win his 6th championship. The Air Jordan XIII was a part of that legacy.

Designed from the physical aspects of a panther (as Michael was nicknamed the “Black Cat”), much of its performance also rivals the cat itself.

With the silhouette of the shoe set on itself on the outside part of the shoe, the XIII takes on smaller holes sewed into its leather and long, thin shoelaces to simulate the black panther’s long whiskers. The outsole was had the cat’s inspiration, as six large rubber pods on the bottom of the shoe (with an exceptionally good herringbone pattern for traction) simulated the animal’s paw print. A holographic button showing Jordan’s trademark Jumpman logo took on the reflective nature of the panther’s eye; a suede-covered midsole symbolized the panther’s soft coat of hair; and the initial and last colorways of the XIII were mostly black to draw nearer to the panther’s physical characteristics.

One of the lightest, most comfortable and most supportive Air Jordan models in its history, the XIII makes its mark felt by its technical features.

Fit is made a premium when the speed lacing system is hidden; the hidden eyelets were set near the inside of the lining of the shoe independently, so that when tightened, there would be great support to the inside and outside of the foot, in addition to the bridge of the foot.

Zoom Air and the Phylon midsole make the Jordan incredibly light, and in conjunction with the aforementioned outsole, give the wearer a greater feel of the floor underfoot. Full-grain leather on the toebox and additional leather silhouettes on the XIII make for an immediately comfortable shoe; an asymmetrical cut of the ankle also give the joint flexibility laterally while giving natural support medially, making the mid-cut of the Jordan feel like a low-cut because of the foot’s freedom to move, while it simultaneously provides the protection of a high-top sneaker.

For some people, anything marking 13 is a bad idea and a sign of horrible luck. If anything, MJ proved that his 13th shoe could aid him in earning a prestigious title, a fifth MVP trophy, and the chance to live forever in basketball history with a jump shot.

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1300 Calorie Meal Plan for Women to Burn Fat Fast & Tone Up

Enjoy this 1300 calorie meal plan that includes a low carb, high protein diet plan that can be used by women who are looking to either burn fat or gain lean muscle mass!

As a woman, if you are remotely serious about reaching your fitness goals, you should count calories & watch the ratio of carbs to protein to fat, and what percent of your total caloric intake each piece makes up.

Organic Light Plain Soy Milk (70 kcal)
Raisin Bran (180 kcal)
Whey Protein Shake with water (120 kcal)

¼ cup peanuts (207 kcal)

1 cup steamed broccoli (64 kcal)
4 oz boneless turkey meat (212 kcal)

Protein Bar – pick one with less than 15g carbs (150 kcal)

½ cup liquid egg whites scramble (60 kcal)
4 oz Tilapia – grilled or baked (109 kcal)

1 tbsp light peanut butter (80 kcal)
1 small apple (48 kcal)

This meal plan is very balanced at 36% protein, 33% carbs, 31% fat. Fit Girl uses this plan to maintain.
Remember to drink plenty of fluids and try not to eat after 8pm if you can.

Notice how we broke down this plan into 6 meals instead of 3-4. Eating smaller meals more frequently keeps your metabolism busy all day and improves digestion. Don’t skip meals and don’t eat too much in the morning or at lunch. “Making up” for it later means skipping meals.

Getting fit and staying fit does not have to mean a restrictive diet 24/7. Invest in a nice food scale, measure everything, and enjoy looking and feeling your best!

For extra motivation to work out in addition to dieting, shop Fit Girl Gear& enjoy free shipping at $100!

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13-Year-Old Simon Cowell Pupil Gets $3.4 Million Record Deal

Faryl Smith is a 13-year-old British opera singer who just signed a record deal for 2.3 million pounds (approx. $3.4 million U.S. Dollars); the “most lucrative recording contract ever handed” to a girl that young.

Smith’s success is not only a huge testament to the concept of innate talent, but a perfect bullet point for Simon Cowell’s dusty resume. After appearing on Britain’s Got Talent in 2006, Cowell suggested she take vocal lessons, despite also describing her vocal ability as, “one in a million…I know she says Katherine [Jenkins] is her idol but she is far better than her. She is by far the most talented youngster I’ve ever heard.”

Her vocal coach, Yvie Burnett, has also worked with X-Factor winner Leona Lewis and Britain’s Got Talent victor Paul Potts. Though Smith was offered many record deals over the last 2 years her family took Cowell’s advice, waiting until their daughter was ready. Her father Tony, a health inspector said, “We have had offers from people interested in Faryl. But when Simon Cowell, the big man, says your daughter is special, you listen.”

The Daily Mail reports, Faryl Smith signed a multi-album landmark deal with Universal Music Group. reports Dickon Stainer, a spokesman for Universal said, “as soon as we saw Faryl, it became an ambition to sign her.” Her debut is due to be released in May 2009 and she recently performed at the Royal Albert Hall with her own idol, and new label mate, Katherine Jenkins.

If Smith can match fellow Cowell favorite Leona Lewis in the pop charts, $3.4 million will be a wise investment.

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13 Weeks to 13.1 Miles-Half Marathon Training Program

Training for a long distance race such as a half marathon takes some time and dedication. If you are wanting to run a half marathon but you are strapped for time it is important to make the most of your workouts. I have used this four day a week program in my training and have found that it fits into my busy schedule while preparing me for race day. The training program is similar to ones created by running guru Hal Higdon. The program requires three days of short runs and one long run per week. For my schedule I plan my short days for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with my long run coming on Saturday.

The Four Day Per Week Training Program

You can choose any four days that fit best into your schedule. When determining your personal running schedule make sure you have a rest day before your long run and two rest days following your long run. One of the short runs each week is a speed workout. The speed workout consists of 400 meter runs done with short rest intervals in between.

Week 1: 3 miles, 4 x 400, 3 miles, 3 miles
Week 2: 3 miles, 4 x 400, 3 miles, 4 miles
Week 3: 3.5 miles, 5 x 400, 3 miles, 5 miles
Week 4: 3.5 miles, 5 x 400, 3 miles, 6 miles
Week 5: 4 miles, 6 x 400, 3 miles, 7 miles
Week 6: 4 miles, 6 x 400, 4 miles, 8 miles
Week 7: 4.5 miles, 7 x 400, 4 miles, 9 miles
Week 8: 4.5 miles, 7 x 400, 4 miles, 10 miles
Week 9: 4 miles, 8 x 400, 4 miles, 11 miles
Week 10: 4 miles, 8 x 400, 4 miles, 12 miles
Week 11: 3.5 miles, 9 x 400, 3 miles, 13 miles
Week 12: 3.5 miles, 9 x 400, 3 miles, 8 miles
Week 13: 3 miles, 6 x 400, 3 miles, Race Day

Important Things to Remember While Training

There are some very important things to remember while you are training. First, you have to hydrate. When you are running four days a week you have to be drinking water everyday, not just on running days. I typically try to consume 80 ounces of water every day during training and extra water following my long runs. It’s also important during the long runs to drink water during your run. I also use energy gels for any run over 8 miles.

Another important thing to remember is to not push yourself to hard. If you are feeling any pain during a run you should stop and rest for a few days. If the pain persists see a doctor before continuing a training program. Running with an injury will only make it worse so take care of yourself.

My Personal Success With the Training

I have used the four day a week training program personally and it helped me finish my first half marathon in 2 hours. The program fit perfect into my schedule with short runs during the week and my long run on the weekend. After running a half marathon I decided to try and run a full marathon. To train for a full marathon I took the same four day a week schedule and stretched it out to 24 weeks and continued to add mileage to my short and long runs. I have now completed two full marathons and have been fortunate to avoid injuries using the four day a week program.

Hydrate, rest, and stick with it!

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135th Kentucky Derby: Make Your Own Derby Hat

The 135th Kentucky Derby happens on May 2, 2009. Whether you are planning on attending the event in person or celebrating at home it’s a day for great festivity. Nothing signifies the day more than the extravagant Derby hats donned by hoards of celebrating women.

If you have checked out the cost of buying a pre-made hat you know that it can cost a small fortune. There are endless verities and they come in all shapes and sizes but most require a second mortgage. Why should you spend a fortune on a hat you will likely wear only once a year? If you are looking to save some cash here are a few tips to make your own Derby hat that rivals those expensive ones any day.

The first thing you will want to do is gather some ideas. Google “Custom Made Derby Hats” and you will find no shortage of inspiration waiting for you. Pick a few that you want to model your hat from and print them out to refer to as you go along.

Next, gather supplies. You will, of course, need a hat as the base. It’s easier to buy that than to try to start from that level of scratch. You can often find inexpensive plain options just waiting for you to accessorize them at any department store. A wide brimmed, straw hat works best. After that hit the local craft store and stock up on all of the ribbon, silk flowers, glitter, feathers, lace, etc that you will need to complete your masterpiece.

Once home heat up the hot glue gun and get to work. The best technique is to start with a wide ribbon tied in a bow around the base of the hat and attach the details from there. Keep it conservative if that is your style or go as wild as your imagination will take you. With Kentucky Derby hats there is no right or wrong so have fun with it. Once you get the hat to where you want it let it dry for at least 6 hours before trying it out.

With the hat out of the way all you need to plan is your Derby outfit. It’s recommended to choose and outfit that compliments but doesn’t match your hat exactly. That will give more visual impact for the creation you worked so hard on and keep the focus where it should be. Now, put on the hat and you are ready to have a great time!

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14 Bible Verses on Fighting Fear - Bob Gass

Bob Gass is a well known Christian writer. He is the author of The Word for Today, which is read my millions of people on a daily basis. In 2003, he wrote a book called Be Not Afraid (How to Conquer Your Fears). According to Bob Gass, “Fear distorts our view of life! It tells us we’re not safe in God’s hands; that He’s not big enough to take care of us.” In this book, Bob lists Bible verses on how to fight fear. Here are some of them:

1. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And peace shall guard your hearts and minds.” (Philipians 4:6,7 NASB)

2. “Casting anxieties, worries, concerns once and for all on Him, for He cares about you.” (I Peter 5:7 AMP)

3. “Be strong and courageous. Be not dismayed or afraid for there is with us our God to help us.” (2 Chronicles 32:7,8 AMP)

4. “You are my help. I stay close to you; your right hand upholds me.” (Psalm 63:7,8 NCV)

5. “Because you have made the Lord your refuge there shall no evil befall you, nor any calamity come near.” (Psalm 91:9.10 AMP)

6. “He will call upon me and I will answer. I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver and honor him.” (Psalm 91:15 NIV)

7. “Do not be afraid or dismayed for the battle is not yours but God’s.” (2 Chronicles 20:15 AMP)

8. “I will lie down in peace and sleep, for though I am alone Lord, you will keep me safe.” (Psalm 4:8 TLB)

9. “I am the Lord. Is there anything too hard for me? (Jeremiah 32:27 AMP)

10. I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you.” (Hebrews 13:5 TM)

11. “God is my rock, my salvation, my fortress, I will not be shaken.” (Psalm 62:6 NIV)

11. “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37 NIV)

12. “The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.” (Psalm 34:17 NIV)

13. “There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out fear.” (I John 4:18 NKJV)

14. “I have set the Lord before me. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8 NIV)

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13 Sure Signs that You Are Dreaming

One of the hardest parts of lucid dreaming is recognizing that you are dreaming. Isn’t it annoying that dreaming seems so much like waking life? You can’t start experiencing the quirky thrills of living your dream unless you realize that you are dreaming. Change your lucid dreaming luck with these 13 sure signs that you are dreaming.

Thirteen: The Words Keep On Changing

If you are reading a book and the words keep on changing but you haven’t turned the page, there’s a darn good chance that you are dreaming. The words could change as you look at the page or radically change whenever you glance away from the book and return to the page. If there is a billboard or sales banner that keeps on changing right before your eyes, say hello to your lucid dream.

Twelve: The Characters on TV Start Talking to You

Granted, some shows like Moonlighting or The Monkees break the fourth wall , but even those shows won’t know your name. If you have dreams like mine, the characters may even tell you that you are dreaming. Take the not-so-subtle hint.

Eleven: Appearance of Pets You never Knew You Had

I sleep in a room with two dogs and a fish tank. Not surprisingly, I may walk into my home and suddenly discover 100 dirty fish tanks waiting for me. I rush to feed and care for them when what I should be doing is yelling “Whoopee! I’m dreaming!”

Ten: Disembodied Hands Appear

Carlos Casteneda’s popular books about Yaqui magic have questionable authenticity, but do contain one valuable bit of advice for lucid dreamers . If you see disembodied hands anywhere outside of a morgue, you’re probably dreaming. (Well — we can only hope.)

Nine: You’re Naked In Public

Slightly less disturbing than the thought of disembodied hands is the thought of going about in public in your birthday suit. Public nudity is a common fear which often translates into a common nightmare.

Eight: You Can’t Move

Another common nightmare is not being able to move or scream when some scary bugaboo is after you. There could be a simple explanation for this — you are starting to wake up but your body is not moving because you are asleep. Your subconscious may then try to scare you awake.

Seven: You Have Sex With A Relative

Incest is a well-ingrained taboo. I don’t know about you, but I nearly puke when I wake up from an incest dream, that’s how well ingrained it is. EEEWWWWW!!!! Unlike other taboos, you need another person to commit incest. It’s this participation that should clue you off that you are having a dream — well, nightmare, really.

Six: You Can Do Miracles

Have you suddenly discovered that you can play an intricate symphony on a violin the very first time you picked up the instrument? The bad news is you can’t. The good news is that you’re dreaming.

Five: Golden Ri–i-i-i-i-i-ings!


Four: That’s TOO Weird, Even For You

I once became clued-off that I was dreaming when I thought about what I was looking at: bald eagles being kept as timepieces. I guess it was an unusual twist on cuckoo clocks. If you suddenly witness a sight too weird for your own daydreams, BINGO, you’re dreaming.

Three: Deja Vu

If you feel like you’ve done this before in a dream, you probably have. Stop and do a reality test to see if you are dreaming.

Two: Flying People

If there’s someone in the dream acting like Junior Birdman, the chances are really high that you are dreaming — or you’re just really high. The problem may be that everyone in the dream may act as if spontaneous flight is no big deal. So, the next time you see a flying person sans airplane, ask yourself when was the last time you saw someone flying around like that?

And (drum roll please)

One: Peter Gabriel Shows Up

Well — it works for me.

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13 Year Old John Jay Middle School Student Makes Magic with Her Flute

13 year old Rachel Rodgers of John Jay Middle School can offer an opinion on the flute player that most readily comes to mind for those of us raised on classic rock. “I’ve only heard him a few times,” says the eighth grader of Jethro Tull, “and he’s really good.” Sounds a little light on the Ian Anderson and makes you wonder what they’re teaching these kids in school today? In this case, it doesn’t really matter because someday it may be more relevant to ask, if he’s ever heard of her and what she can do with a flute.

This might not even be such a far-fetched question to ask right now. She’s a member of the Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra, has been selected for the Westchester All-County Band, performing with them at Purchase College and played last summer with the Orchestra at the French Woods Festival of Performing Arts.

Not bad for a 13 year old but none are the most impressive part of her resume (or probably enough to wake Mr. Anderson from whatever state he is in now). Yes, she like many, has a CD, but “Summer after 7” stands out not just because of the talent she exemplifies on the 9 tracks. “He’s the greatest living jazz bassist in the world,” says her dad of Ron Carter. And she mixes the slow swing of a lazy summer night on several featured tracks with the world class musician.

“He was very impressed with Rachel,” says Jonathan Rodgers, but her aptitude with the instrument emerged to her parents rather surprisingly. Introduced to the flute at school in 5th grade, she took to it informally without any real in depth instruction. Then one morning she sprung it on her dad.

“She played me a version of b-flat blues and I was floored,” he says. At this point, she has no problem rising to the impressive roster of venues she can already lay claim to. “I’ve done lots of performances and it’s more excitement than nervousness,” she says.

What about getting the jitters in the face of all the studio sets with Mr. Carter? To the question, she could only respond with a giggle, which could have been conveying confidence or just the joy of doing something she loves.

Nonetheless, her dad clarified that she took the challenge in stride. A drummer himself, he was also clear as to whether he felt a tinge of envy toward the incredible opportunity she was presented with. “No, I’m so proud,” he said, and the manner in which she handles her success is also a source of pride.

Even so, the CD has started to generate a bit of a bottom line in complement to her passion and will go toward music camp and a new alto flute. So far, about 200 copies have found a home and will warm the winter for fans cool enough to swing to her sound.

“Summer” gets classical too but it’s hard for her to single out which form appeals to her more. Either way, jazz seems to hold a special appeal to her. “You’re really making up ideas as you go along and that’s really cool to me,” she says.

Mr. Rodgers could concur to that and the instinctive interaction which takes place among the players. “There’s a certain telepathy that goes into jazz,” he says.

All in all, she seems to have it covered, leaving Mr. Rodgers the difficult task of matching her ability to words that do her justice. “Her skills are pretty crazy for a 13 year old,” he says. That works just fine.

“Summer after 7” can be found on sale at Perks and Blue Bus Music in Katonah and also on CD Baby

Rich Monetti interview of Rachel Rodgers and Jonathan Rodgers

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14 Photographs that Shatter Your Image of Famous People

When you step out the door, you’re playing a role. Whether you’re a hippie, stock broker, police officer or biker, you dress the way the world expects you to dress, you act the way the world expects you to act. So you can imagine how much more intense this is for celebrities, whose very careers depend on managing a public image down to the molecule.

But even they can’t keep the occasional image-shattering photo from leaking out to the public …

#14. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Pool Hustler


There are two kinds of people in the world: those who, when seeing this photo, immediately hear “Werewolves of London” in their heads, and those who do not. That is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago, showboating in a pool match with local civil rights leader Al Raby.

And no, this isn’t one of those photo ops where a public figure poses with a prop to look like regular folk. King was a hell of a pool player — he took up the game in college almost 20 years earlier, and in the early days of the civil rights movement allegedly won the respect of local gang members by playing (and presumably beating) them at it .

Which is amazing, considering that a man who would attempt a shot like that in the middle of a match is probably something of a sore winner. “Looks like you lose again, Johnny Switchblade! Now pardon me while I do a victory lap around your pool hall while riding my cue like a horse.”

#13. A Young, Cool Stephen Hawking, Standing With His Bride


On one hand, none of us probably thought that Stephen Hawking was born in a wheelchair. But as a pop culture figure, his wheelchair and electronic voice are his thing, and against all logic you find it hard to think of him any other way, like how you can’t think of Hulk Hogan without the tan and mustache.

That photo up there is from 1965, when a 23-year-old Hawking married Jane Wilde. That was after his diagnosis with ALS, the disease that would put him in the wheelchair (note the cane). But just a couple of years before that, he had no idea he had a degenerative disease — he was a healthy, active, drinking college student at Oxford:

Via Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe

Via Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe
Seconds after this picture was snapped, his pants hit the floor.

Then, one day he noticed he was having trouble keeping his hands steady, and once fell down a flight of stairs. Hey, best to go get it checked out, right? Could be, like, an ear infection or something throwing off his balance. That’s when the 21-year-old (now studying for his Ph.D. at Cambridge) was told he’d be bedridden soon, and dead within a few years, a prognosis that is true for almost every ALS patient. Hawking, somehow, is still alive 50 years after his diagnosis.

#12. Young Bill Clinton Wants to Crash on Your Sofa for a While


Tell me that man’s beard is not full of Cheetos dust. That is an early 1970s Bill Clinton in his Yale days, with Hillary. Only I’m 99 percent sure that nobody called him “Bill” back then. No, a guy like that would have a nickname like “Meat” or “Boner” or “The Dude.” Seriously, tell me you can find any difference between the future president in the above photo and Jeff Bridges in “The Big Lebowski“:

Both of them look like the kind of man who would interrupt a night of desperate last-minute cramming with “Dude, put down the book, I just had the best idea. It’s gonna make us all rich, man. Now, just hear me out, OK? What if you could make a taco shell out of Doritos?”

#11. Mister Rogers Is Flipping You Off (With Both Fingers, No Less)

Via Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

If you see this photo out of context, your jaded mind will immediately assume you’re seeing either 1) a young Mister Rogers goofing around with his producer off-air or 2) a “F*&@-IT, WE’LL DO IT LIVE!”-type meltdown.

The reality, unfortunately, is that Mister Rogers appears to have really been wholesome all the way down, and here he’s leading a group of children in a song that has them counting off each finger in turn. When they get to the middle finger, Rogers cracks up …

Via Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
“Now kids, you never do this with your wheel hand unless they’ve just merged without signaling.”

… knowing that it is going to be screen capped and shared on the Internet 45 years later.

#10. Hitler on a Snow Sled


What’s hilarious about this one is that Hitler still looks ominous. From that children’s snow sled he is going to conquer the world! Also, think of how different your impression of Hitler would be if he had worn that hat all the time. This looks like a particularly stupid Photoshop, but there are other pics of this from other angles and they’re all equally silly (they’re apparently scanned from a 1955 book by Hitler’s personal photographer).

But honestly, though, did the man ever smile? Yes, he did:

Via Rex Features
“Oh heil no, you didn’t just say that!”

And he also sometimes put on a suit and tie and posed awkwardly with his girlfriend:


“Did I blink that time? I think I blinked. Let’s do one more. What do I do with my hands? What if I … does this look natural? OK. Wait, I think I blinked again.”

And here he is hugging his pet dog:

Via Eva Braun Home Movies
“Who’s the dog of the devil? Huh? Who’s a fluffy little devil dog?”

By the way, if you wonder why Hitler hated the Soviet Union so much, check out his terrifyingly sexy competition …

#9. Young Joseph Stalin Would Bang Your Girlfriend

Via Wikimedia Commons — U.S. Public Domain

That’s right, ladies. The next time you’re at a party and you see a guy who looks like a rugged, more handsome Keanu Reeves with Johnny Depp hair, playing a guitar and staring at you with his big, soulful eyes, keep in mind that in 40 years he could very easily turn into this guy …

Via Wikimedia Commons
You can just hear panties hitting the ground.

… brutal Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

#8. Michael Jordan Was a College-Age Urkel

Via Sports Illustrated

No matter how it might seem when you’re in high school, sometimes the line between jock and nerd is razor thin. Their genes might make those guys tall and give them the ability to dunk from the free throw line, but behind closed doors they’re going to hike their pants way up and dance with an umbrella, as MJ was doing here in this 1983 photograph by Lane Stewart for Sports Illustrated.

There is a whole gallery of these, you can judge which one is the most embarrassing.

Via Sports Illustrated
But, seriously, it’s this one.

Yet that is not the dorkiest teenage celebrity photo we have. That would be …

#7. Teenage Eminem With Alf Shirt and Birthday Cake


I’ve linked to this picture, oh, seven or eight times in my career at Cracked, as it is my favorite celebrity photo of all time. I don’t want to say that Eminem’s claims of an impoverished life as an abused child aren’t true — I think everyone agrees that they are. To an extent. Still, sometimes he had a birthday and a cake and wore a pink T-shirt depicting Alf wearing X-ray glasses saying, “Hey, nice underwear!”

Still, brooding celebrities who build their career on their dark past do it at the risk of becoming caricatures. For instance, the same can be said of Kurt Cobain — nobody is going to deny his depression or addiction. However …

#6. Kurt Cobain Eating an Entire Pizza


… it’s still a shock to realize sometimes the man just sat down and ate an entire pizza like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

This is something everybody should understand about depression, by the way. Tell me you haven’t at least once heard somebody say, “I refuse to believe it was suicide, I was just out with Mike two weeks ago. He was laughing and joking and eating an entire pizza like it was a video game power-up.”

Then later played “Cat Puppet” with his daughter while doing a high-pitched cat voice.

Well, depression works that way. Movies have given us a skewed idea of how it works, because there, when a character enters his “dark period,” it’s with a montage full of sad music and drinking and moping in dim rooms. Real life isn’t like that. Not only do moods fluctuate, but even when you’re at your lowest you find yourself in social situations where you’re not allowed to show it. If you’re in a dark place but can’t get out of your nephew’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, you’re going to put on a smile for the camera. You feel selfish bringing everybody else down. You put on a cheerful mask.

Then, ironically, if you start playing the role of the tortured artist later, you have to worry about the opposite — being photographed in a moment of being goofy and carefree. On a similar note …

#5. Albert Einstein Was Your Drunken Uncle on Vacation

Via Life

If you’re considered the smartest man in the world, do you feel self-conscious about taking off your shirt and kicking back in a lawn chair with a goofy hat?

This is Albert Einstein getting some sun in Palm Springs, in 1932. Note his wild hair stuffed vertically into said hat. Still kept the slacks on, though, rather than breaking out the Speedo. You’ll be thankful for that, once you see …

#4. Winston Churchill’s Plainly Visible Dong


“I’m Prime Minister and inspirational wartime leader Winston Churchill, and this is my junk. Go ahead, take a picture, it’s fine. I made the military invent Lycra just so I could show it off without getting arrested again.”

What I enjoy most about that photo is how it’s about 10 times more disturbing than if he were simply nude. I’m imagining an alternate history where World War II broke out and he had to be pulled off the beach to go address the nation, with no time to change clothes. So he’s standing there before the press and talking about courage and perseverance and everyone is trying not to stare at his shrink-wrapped penis as he slowly becomes more and more visibly aroused.

#3. Just a Normal, Happy Family …


… the Manson Family, that is.

Charles Manson is the most famous serial killer of all time, and maybe the most famous criminal of all time. This is despite the fact that he didn’t carry out the killings himself — the “family” was a cult-slash-hippie commune that he formed that carried out at least a half dozen brutal killings on his orders. Look at how happy these freaks are!

See, you were right to be skeptical about hippies all this time — they’re all peace and love, but give them one charismatic dude in a loud shirt and they’ll do whatever he says.

#2. Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Was a Younger, Cooler Dick Clark


Yep, that’s Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek as a smooth, hip 23-year-old hosting a show called Music Hop in 1963 on the CBC in Canada. He appears to be calling to a young lady to come sit on his lap. This link has video of the young MC in action.

This wouldn’t be shocking if it were, say, a young Pat Sajak or Bob Barker. But the difference between Alex Trebek and other game show hosts is that Trebek always comes off like he’s a wizard who somehow knows the answer to every single question on every subject. When a contestant gets one wrong, he doesn’t look down and read it off the card; he makes sympathetic eye contact with the loser and says, “Ooh, I’m sorry, the Council of Pereiaslav treaty was of course signed in 1654, not 1655.” And he has this look on his face like “I know you’re kicking yourself for missing that one, we all have our moments of intellectual weakness.”

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with being average. Or even stupid, for that matter.”

So it’s easy to assume he came out of academia somewhere, a genius with unfathomable encyclopedic knowledge who was chosen as the only man smart enough to host a quiz show where he routinely talks down to Ph.D.s like they’re kindergarteners. But, no, he’s just a TV guy, one who didn’t hesitate to use his smooth TV hosting gig to charm the ladies:

“Don’t try to hide your arousal, honey. It’s not possible.”

#1. Colonel Sanders, Hanging Out With Alice Cooper


First of all, how many of you kids thought that “Colonel Sanders” was just a drawing on the KFC logo rather than a real person? He was a real guy, and I don’t mean that in the sense that the chain had a dude dress up as him the way McDonald’s has guys in Hamburglar costumes running around. He invented the KFC recipe and started the restaurant chain (at age 65, no less). And here he is talking to heavy metal legend Alice Cooper.

After hours of searching, I still have no idea whatsoever how a young rock star from Detroit and a fried chicken magnate from Kentucky wound up in the same room, or what they would possibly have had to talk about. And I guess I don’t want to know, that’s what makes it a classic in the Awesome People Hanging Out Together genre.

Seriously, you can get lost for hours in there.

What I do know is that these are two men who both knew exactly how important it is to your “brand” to maintain a unique, consistent visual presentation in public. For the last 20 years of Sanders’ life, he would not leave the house without wearing the trademark white suit, black tie and Southern-style beard that made his image so memorable on the franchise’s logo. Likewise, you never saw the menacing rocker Alice Cooper in, say, a huge Hawaiian shirt and bicycle shorts. It’s all just part of the game.

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14 Ways to Get in Shape Online for Free

As unemployment rates soar, more and more people are trying to find new ways to save money and cut costs. Fitness book sales started to climb in 2009 while gym memberships went down and stayed down. Leaving a gym membership behind need not mean you return to your couch potato ways. Fitness advice, routines, support and direction can be had for no more than the cost of an Internet connection. Check out these ways to burn fat, get fit and shape up online.

ExerciseTV made its mark in the United States in 2006 as one of the first network and digital television channels to offer free 24 hour a day fitness workouts. Today, you can also catch the fitness bug online with ExerciseTV’s free full length videos which are streamed across the Internet 24 hours a day. If you’re a Hulu member, you can also subscribe to new and favorites workouts programs.

That’s Fit is an AOL Health channel that features free workouts and fitness advice, plus diet and health news from Dr. Oz. has a growing selection of fat burning workouts on their easy to use website. Sign up for a free membership and you can submit fitness videos of your own, as well.

The Workoutis a great place to stop for fitness and weight loss advice. Health club owner Joe Gigantino Jr. will also guide you through full body workouts, stretching exercises and muscle building routines.

Body Rock will keep you motivated with new advice on how to perform old routines. Watch for daily uploads and great fitness tips about how to build your own at home gym.

Shape. Women have been reading the print version of Shape Magazine for years. Now you can get in shape online for free, too. Read about celebrity trainers, learn new fitness moves and improve your diet with a daily stop at Shape.

Muscle and Strengthis chock full of body building and sculpting training programs. Watch full length videos, get information about supplements and diet, and join the free forum for added support.

Workout Box will get you off the couch and burning calories in no time. Find and schedule workouts with their free and easy workout manager and talk to professional trainers on the forum. Use the online tools to create your own training program for free.

Full Fitness has a full database of exercises and routines for beginners, intermediate trainers and novices. Want to learn the basics of Pilates or muscle building? Let Full Fitness guide you on diet, basic movement and training techniques. Each exercise is visually displayed to show you proper form to prevent injury.

Free Workouts Guide covers any and all training routines from boot camp workouts to weights and cardio. In addition, sign up to receive daily workout and fitness tips by mail.

Iron Workout was made for those with free weights or an in-home gym. Free training manuals are available for download and fitness advice is uploaded regularly.

Lee Hayward is an award winning body builder and fitness expert who has made available many of his daily workouts for free.

Yoga class. Want to learn Yoga from the comfort of your living room? Now you can with free yoga classes online. Yoga TV makes learning correct form and basic movements fun and easy. Advanced users can take advantage of joining Yoga Today, where more than 200 yoga classes have been cataloged and can be downloaded free of charge.

Exercise Goals will help you set goals and achieve them with diet and exercise advice and scheduled online workout routines.

Now, what are you waiting for?

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