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15 Movies to Put Your Pain in Perspective

In a funk? Perhaps you’ve had a bad breakup or lost your job. Right now, things seem pretty bleak and you may need to keep things in perspective. Here’s a list of fifteen movies to help you do just that, in no particular order:

Alive (1993). Starring Ethan Hawke and Josh Hamilton. This is the true story of 35 athletes who found themselves stranded on a mountain after a plane-crash and had to take desperate measures to survive. Any day you don’t have to eat your friends is a good day.

Hotel Rwanda (2005). Starring Xolani Mali and Don Cheadle. Amidst tribal fighting and genocide, a single hotel manager finds it within himself to risk his life to save others. Your don’t know the meaning of stress until machetes are chopping up your front door.

Amistad (1997). Starring Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman and Djimon Hounsou. Africans en route to America stage a revolt aboard a Spanish slave ship La Amistad. After the mutiny against their brutal captors, the would-be-slaves must languish in prison until a U.S. court decides their fate. Fortune is not having to wear shackles.

United 93 (2006). This recent release recreates the events of September 11th aboard flight United 93, and gives viewers a glimpse into the courage and fear of the passengers on the ill-fated plane. Ponder the kind of strength you’d find inside yourself when facing this kind of no-win situation.

Titanic (1997). Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. This blockbuster tells a tale of star-crossed lovers on a fateful journey that will end in the cold, black sea. The romance is mostly a distraction from the historical story of thousands who perished under terrible conditions. If you’re safe and warm, without tons of ship-wreck threatening to drag you under the sea, you’re in good shape.

The Diary of Anne Frank (1959). Starring Millie Perkins and Joseph Childcare. A young girl and her parents are forced to hide in a small attic to escape being sent to the death camps. Horrifying and true. Watch the family struggle to stay sane under these conditions, and mourn their eventual fate. Be glad you can go outside and feel the sunshine on your face.

My Left Foot (1989). Starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Irish writer Christy Brown was born with cerebral palsy, but was misdiagnosed as being mentally disabled. His left foot was the only part of his body he was able to control, and he learned to write with it. Give thanks for every working limb you have.

Sophie’s Choice (1982). Starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline. A broken woman courts tragedy in her relationship with a violent lover and cannot resolve her own inner torment. The story is fiction, but the scenario is real. Few choices in life could ever haunt a person the way Sophie’s haunted her.

The Pianist (2002). Starring Adrian Brody. A famed polish concert pianist struggles to survive after the German invasion and Nazi tyranny. Subsisting on scraps and his dreams of playing again, the pianist attempts to coerce kindness out of the darkest most depraved hearts. Could you have such faith and hope in human nature under similar circumstances?

Silk Wood (1983). Starring Meryl Streep and Kurt Russel. This docu-drama retells the tale of Karen Silk wood, who was exposed to radiation while working at an Oklahoma Power Plant. An investigation is launched, but Karen disappears before it’s completed. If you have a safe workplace, it’s nothing to take for granted.

The Insider (1999). Starring Russell Crowe and Al Pacino. Persecuted for being a whistle-blower on corporate America, a true life hero must fight the Tobacco industry to save his family, his life, and the lives of others. And you thought your job sucked?

The Hurricane (2000). Starring Denzel Washington. Boxer, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter is unjustly convicted of a triple homicide and spends nearly two decades in jail. Racism, incompetence and inertia conspire to break his spirit. Give thanks for your freedom, and for those who have faith in you.

Cry Freedom (1987). Starring Denzel Washington and Kevin Kline. In segregated South Africa, Steven Biko rises to prominence as a fighter against apartheid. He struggles against the injustice of an entire nation, and risks an unthinkable fate. What would you be willing to die for?

Thirteen Days (2001). Starring Kevin Costner. This movie tells the tale of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the United States and Russia came close to starting a worldwide nuclear holocaust. Watch young men with the weight of the literal world upon their shoulders, be glad it’s in the past, and think hard about how to keep it from happening again.

Separate But Equal (1991). Starring Sidney Poitier as Thurgood Marshall. Separate But Equal depicts the struggle fought to end legalized discrimination in our country. Imagine a time when where you ate, where you sat, where you could drink or use the bathroom were all dictated by the color of your skin? If you can’t imagine it, it’s because someone else took up this fight. Be grateful for the struggles of previous generations that helped make the world a better place for us today.

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15 Funny Quotes by Famous People

Are you feeling sad and need a dose of laughter? What does wonders for my mood and can do the same for is reading funny quotes. Funny quotes will make you laugh. By laughing it will release endorphins, which are natural substances in your body that can help reduce stress and influence you to feel good. Below are some of my all time favorite funny quotes by famous people that never fail to make me laugh.

Funny Quote #1
By Patrick Moore. “There is absolutely nothing to be said in favor of growing old. There ought to be legislation against it.”

Funny Quote #2
By George Burns. “Actually, it only takes one drink to get me loaded. Trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or fourteenth.”

Funny Quote #3
By Steve Martin. “There is one thing I would break up over and that is if she caught me with another woman. I wouldn’t stand for that.”

Funny Quote #4
By Chris Rock. “You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named ‘Bush’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Colon’.”

Funny Quote #5
By Julio Iglesias. “When I came here, I couldn’t speak a word of English, but my sex life was perfect. Now my English is perfect but my sex life is rubbish.”

Funny Quote #6
By Leo Rosenberg. “First you forget names, then you forget faces, then you forget to pull your zipper up, then you forget to pull your zipper down.”

Funny Quote #7
By Mark Twain. “Last week I stated that this woman was the ugliest woman I had ever seen. I have since been visited by her sister and now wish to withdraw that statement.”

Funny Quote #8
By Zsa Zsa Gabor. Personally I know nothing about sex because I have always been married.”

Funny Quote #9
By Stephen King. “Some people say that I must be a terrible person, but it’s not true. I have the heart of a young boy in a jar on my desk”

Funny Quote #10
By Phyllis Diller. “We spend the first twelve months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up.”

Funny Quote #11
By Marilyn Monroe. “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.”

Funny Quote #12
By Frank Lloyd Wright. “A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Funny Quote #13
By Sharon Stone. “Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship.”

Funny Quote #14
By Dave Barry. “Women often ask, ‘What do men ‘really’ want, deep in their souls?’ The best answer, based on in-depth analysis of the complex and subtle interplay of thought, instinct, and emotion that constitutes the male psyche, is that, deep in their souls, men want to watch stuff go ‘bang”.”

Funny Quote #15
By Bob Marley. “Humor helps us to think out of the box. The average child laughs about 400 times per day, the average adult laughs only 15 times per day. What happened to the other 385 laughs?”

Help keep your mood happy by reading quotes like these everyday. You have fifteen to start with find 385 more to keep you laughing all day long like children.

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15 Fantastic Halloween Movies for the Family

Here are some Halloween movies that your family can enjoy together during this spooky season. Keep in mind, of course, your family’s tastes and ages when choosing a movie. Not all of these Halloween movies will be appropriate for every family, but you should be able to find at least one or two that your family will enjoy.

For those of you with very young children, there is a wide variety of fun choices that delight without scaring the little goblins. Here are five Halloween movies that I highly recommend:

Madeline’s Halloween Spooktacular
Madeline’s Halloween Spooktacular is unrated, but suitable for all ages. It is an animated movie with a running time of 45 minutes. This is a two episode set. The episodes are “Madeline’s Halloween” and “Madeline and the Spider Lady”. These are humorous stories that result in a panic throughout New York. There are polka-dotted ants running loose! Or are there really?

Monsters, Inc.

This is an animated children’s movie that lets children in on the fact that monsters are more scared of children than children are scared of monsters! Monsters, Inc. is rated G, making it suitable for the entire family. It has a running time of 93 minutes.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
My personal favorite and a classic Halloween tradition, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is not rated, but suitable for even the youngest in your family. This movie is 25 minutes of fun watching Linus and Sally in the pumpkin patch and hearing Charlie Brown say, “I got a rock” after checking his trick or treat bag.

Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
Pooh’s Heffalump Movie is animated and rated G. It has a running time of 68 minutes. Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood set out on a Heffalump hunt only to discover that the scary Heffalump is actually a charming and harmless new friend.

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford’s Big Halloween
Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford’s Big Halloween is unrated and suitable for all ages. Unfortunately, does not provide a running time. This movie consists of four Clifford episodes that revolve around Halloween and autumn fun. This, like all Clifford movies and books, is a wonderful tool for teaching the importance of friendship.

Now for those of some of the Halloween creatures might be a tad scary for smaller children, but this is the kind of movie older kids will eat up; with school-age children, I propose a selection of five slightly spooky (or maybe not spooky at all!) Halloween movies for your family.

The Little Vampire
The Little Vampire is rated PG with a running time of 94 minutes. It is recommended for children 8 years and older. This is an engaging movie that stars Jonathan Lipnicki, one of the stars of Stuart Little.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
A Walt Disney favorite, Bedknobs and Broomsticks is rated G with a running time of 117 minutes. The whole family will enjoy this animated tale of magic.

The Halloweentown Series
There are three Halloweentown movies: Halloweentown/Halloweentown II – Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High and Return to Halloweentown.Halloweentown/Halloweentown II – Kalabar’s Revenge is unrated and has a running time of 165 minutes. Halloweentown High is rated G with a running time of 82 minutes. Return to Halloweentown is unrated with a running time of 88 minutes. These are Walt Disney movies and all have aired on television.

The Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride is a Tim Burton film. It is rated PG due to some scary images and mild bad language. It has a running time of 76 minutes. The Corpse Bride is an animated movie about a deceased young woman who believes that a living gentleman has just married her. This movie teaches the importance of faithfulness to the happiness of friends.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas is rated PG with a running time of 76 minutes. Like The Corpse Bride, it is a Tim Burton movie. In his review of this movie, Roger Ebert said, “Some of the Halloween creatures might be a tad scary for smaller children, but this is the kind of movie older kids will eat up.” The action takes place in Christmastown, of all places!

Finally, here is a list of five movies that you and your teenagers might all enjoy.

Ghost Busters
Rated PG, the comedy Ghost Busters has a running time of 107 minutes. This is not a horror movie by any means, but rather a funny story about pest control. More specifically, it is about supernatural pest control! Not only will your teenagers like it, but some upper elementary and middle school children might get a kick out of it as well.

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus is a Walt Disney comedy with a rating of PG. This movie has a running time of 96 minutes. It stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as witches who have just been resurrected. This movie is chockfull of special effects and bewitching magic. And Bette Midler sings!

Beetlejuice, rated PG and 92 minutes in length, is a hilarious black comedy directed by Tim Burton. The character of Beetlejuice is a bio-exorcist…? This story revolves around a dead couple and the chaos that Beetlejuice brings into their “lives”.

Rated R, Poltergeist is a movie that you should reserve for viewing with your grown or almost grown children (aka 18 and older). This paranormal thriller has a running time of 114 minutes. Expect a scream or two from your family!

Frankenstein (1931)
My final suggestion for a family Halloween movie that will be enjoyed by teenagers and their parents is the 1931 production of Frankenstein. The original Frankenstein film starring Boris Karloff is unrated and 71 minutes in length. This classic horror film should not be watched by young children. Use discretion.

I wish you all a spooky and fun-filled Halloween this year! Now go make some popcorn and put in a DVD…

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15 Interesting Facts About Pocahontas

Indian princess and legend Pocahontas led an interesting life. From a young tomboy who loved to run and shoot arrows to a kidnapped teen who learned a new language and culture to a traveling ambassador who met the English royal family, the biography of Pocahontas is fascinating. Here are 15 interesting facts about the life of Powhatan princess, Pocahontas.

1. Pocahontas was born in Werowocommoco, Virginia, about 20 miles from Jamestown, and home of her father, Powhatan, who was chief of over 30 tribes.

2. Pocahontas’s mother died after she was born and Pocahontas soon became her father’s favorite child. Powhatan had 27 children.

3. Pocahontas’s birthdate is generally believed to be March 21, 1595 but there are 4. some inconsistencies about the year, which may have been between 1590 and 1596.

4. Pocahontas’s Powhatan name was “Matoak,” which means naughty or spoiled. Pocahontas was probably the name used by family and it was common in the culture to keep real names secret for superstitious reasons.

5. Pocahontas was not a princess in the political sense but Captain Ralph Hamor wrote that Pocahontas was her father’s–his “delight and darling.”

6. Pocahontas was around eleven years old when the English settled Jamestown in 1607.

7. Many historians believe that the story of Pocahontas saving John Smith’s life is a myth. Some believe the scene was a ceremony and Smith was never in real danger and others believe Smith may have made up the story. Pocahontas did bring Smith food every few days, which saved many lives, but there is no evidence of a romance.

8. Pocahontas married a warrior, Kocoum, at some time before 1612 but nothing more is known about this marriage.

9. When Pocahontas was seventeen, Captain Samuel Argaill plotted to kidnap her to bribe her father. Argall gave a member of her tribe a copper kettle in exchange for helping them to kidnap Pocahontas.

10. After living in Jamestown, Pocahontas learned to speak English and took the Christian name, Rebecca.

11. Pocahontas married John Rolfe, a tobacco grower.

12. Pocahontas’s son, Thomas Rolfe, became the wealthiest tobacco farmer in Virginia.

13. Pocahontas and her family went to England to share about life in Virginia. Pocahontas was very popular and even met the royal family, Queen Ann and King James.

14. Pocahontas died aboard the ship of tuberculosis before it had even left the English waters for home. She was probably twenty-two years old.

15. The first film made about Pocahontas and John Smith was a silent film and comedy made in 1924.


Virginia SOL Biographies, by Carole Marsh, page 6

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15 Fascinating Facts About the 1970s

The 1970s was a period of great discoveries and inventions. The first ultrasound was used, allowing parents to see their impending newborn, the Watergate scandal made headline news, and Mars was being explored. Here are just a few of the many things that occurred in the 1970s…

  1. In 1978, the first test tube baby was born using in vitro fertilization.
  2. In 1970, the floppy disk was invented.
  3. Ray Tomlinson invented email in 1972.
  4. The World Trade Center was completed in 1970.
  5. In 1971, the cell phone battery was invented.
  6. The Vietnam War ended in 1973.
  7. Abortion officially became legalized in 1973.
  8. Pocket calculators were introduced to the world in 1972.
  9. In 1975, disposable razors were introduced into the marketplace.
  10. The first artificial gene was created in a test tube in 1976.
  11. In 1977, the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was first used.
  12. Catalytic converters were now being put into cars in 1975.
  13. The Food and Drug Administration was now allowing doctors to treat manic-depressives with Lithium in 1970.
  14. Disney World opened in 1971.
  15. Lyme disease was first discovered in 1975.

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15 of the Most Famous People from Kansas

Kansas is located in the Midwestern United States. Kansas was named after the native tribe Kansa which inhabited this area. Kansas was first settled by European American’s in the 1830’s, although native tribes inhabited the area for many years before this. Kansas was admitted to the Union on January 29, 1861, becoming the 34th State in the Union. Topeka is the capital of Kansas, while Wichita is the largest city. These are 15 of the most famous people who were born in Kansas.

Kirstie Alley-Kirstie Alley was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1951. She is best known as an actress who starred in Cheers and Veronica’s Closet

Annette Bening-Annette Bening was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1958. She Is an American actress. Her break-through role was The Grifters, this was followed with critically acclaimed roles in Bugsy and American Beauty. In 1992, she married American actor and director Warren Beatty, with whom she has four children with.

Robert Ballard- Robert Ballard was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1942. He is a former united States Navy officer and a professor of oceanography at the university of Rhode Island. Robert Ballard is most noted for his work in underwater archaeology. Maritime archaeology and archaeology of shipwrecks. He is best known for the discoveries of the wrecks of the RMS Titanic in 1985, the Battleship Bismark in 1989, and the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown in 1998.

Gwendolyn Brooks-Gwendolyn Brooks was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1917 and she died in 2000. She was an American poet. She won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1950 and was appointed Poet Laureate of Illinois in 1968 and Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1985

Bob Dole-Bob Dole was born in Russel, Kansas in 1923. Bob Dole is an American politician who represented Kansas in the United States Senate from 1969 to 1996 and the House of Representatives from 1961 to 1969. In the 1976 presidential election, he was the Republican Party nominee for Vice President and incumbent President Gerald Ford’s running mate. In the presidential election of 1996, he was the Republican nominee for President against incumbent Bill Clinton.

Amelia Earhart– Aviator Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. She was declared dead in absentee in 1939, due to a plane crash. Amelia Earhart likely died in 1937 from a plane crash. In 1923, Earhart became the 16th woman to be issued a pilot’s license. She had several notable flights, becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928, as well as the first person to fly over both the Atlantic and Pacific. In 1937, she mysteriously disappeared while trying to circumnavigate the globe from the equator.

Melissa Etheridge-Melissa Etheridge was born in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1961. She is an American rock singer-songwriter and activist.Melissa Etheridge is known for her mixture of confessional lyrics, pop-based folk-rock, and raspy, smoky vocals. She has also been a gay and lesbian activist since her public coming out in January 1993

Dennis Hopper-Dennis Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas in 1936. He died in 2010. Dennis Hopper was an American actor, filmmaker and artist. As a young man, Hopper became interested in acting and eventually became a student of the Actors Studio. He made his first television appearance in 1954 and appeared in two films featuringJames Dean, Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Giant (1956)

William Motter Inge- William Motter Inge was born in Independence, Kansas in 1913 and he died in 1973. William Inge was an American playwright and novelist, whose works typically feature solitary protagonists encumbered with strained sexual relations. In the early 1950s, he had a string of memorable Broadway productions, and one of these, Picnic, earned him a Pulitzer Prize.

Martina McBride-Martina McBride was born in Sharon, Kansas in 1966. Martina McBride is an American country music singer and songwriter. McBride has been called the “Celine Dion of Country Music” for her big-voiced ballads and soprano range

Hattie McDaniel- Hattie McDaniel was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1895 and she died in 1952. She was an American actress. She was the first African American to win an Academy Award. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind

Cassandra Peterson-Cassandra Peterson was born in Manhattan, Kansas in 1951. She is an American actress best known for her on-screen horror hostess character Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She gained fame on Los Angeles television station KHJ wearing a black, gothic, revealing, cleavage-enhancing gown as host of Movie Macabre, a weekly horror movie presentation. Her wickedly vampish appearance is offset by her comical character, quirky and quick-witted personality, and Valley girl-type speech.

Barry Sanders-Barry Sanders was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1968. He is a former American football running back who spent his entire professional career with the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. A member of both the college and professional football halls of fame, he was ranked by NFL Top 10 as the most elusive runner in NFL history, and also topped their list of greatest players never to reach the Super Bowl. Averaging over 1,500 rushing yards per season, Sanders left the game just 1,457 yards short of being first place on the list for the NFL all-time rushing record at that time. Barry Sanders is the best running back I have ever seen play NFL football.

Gale Sayers-Gale Sayers was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1943. also known as “The Kansas Comet”, is a former American college and professional football player who was a running back in the National Football League (NFL) for seven seasons during the 1960s and early 1970s. He played college football for the University of Kansas, and was twice recognized as an All-American. He was a first-round pick in the 1965 NFL Draft, and played his entire pro career for the NFL’s Chicago Bears

Vivian Vance-Vivian Vance was born in Cherryvale, Kansas in 1909 and she died in 1979. She was an American television and theater actress and singer. Vance is best known for her role as Ethel Mertz, sidekick to Lucille Ball on the American television sitcom I Love Lucy, and as Vivian Bagley on The Lucy Show.

Kansas is a great state to visit. Kansas has a great history, purchased by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The rock group Kansas was formed in the state capital of Topeka. In The Wizard of Oz, the teenage girl lived in Kansas. There are many cool television shows and movies either made or based in Kansas. Kansas is one of our great fifty states and is worth a visit, you won’t be sorry about all the things you see and learn in the state of Kansas.

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15 Facts About Earth Day

Earth Day is a wonderful holiday for celebrating the coming Spring and dedicating time to learn about and participate in contributing to the health of our planet. Whether you’re spending your Earth Day planting a garden or volunteering for trash pick-up, or taking a pledge to reduce your ecological footprint year-round, these fun facts are sure to lift your eco-friendly spirit!

The Origin of Earth Day

  • Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. That makes the holiday 44 years old this year.
  • The inspiration for the holiday came from an oil spill in California in 1969.
  • US Senator Gaylord Nelson is the founder of Earth Day.
  • The first Earth Day was treated as an environmental protest to the effects of pollution.
  • In its first year, Earth Day had 20 million participants.
  • Earth Day originated in the USA, but within twenty years was recognized worldwide.
  • Earth Day has been believed to bring environmental issues to the forefront in politics and is sometimes credited for bringing forth the environmental movement.
  • The environmental movement of 1970 is what fueled the rise of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Earth Day Now

  • Earth Day has now been expanded to be celebrated as Earth Week, which starts April 16 and lasts until Earth Day, April 22.
  • Every year, Earth Day is celebrated by over one billion people around the world.
  • Now up to 80% of Americans describe themselves as bring environmentally conscious.
  • Earth Day Network has been working to encourage more long-term environmental commitments as large-scale problems like the effects of climate change and global warming have been in the forecast.
  • Earth Day Network is allied with about 100,000 schools around the US and integrate environmental issues into school curriculums all year long.

Ways to Contribute to Earth Day… and environmental health year-round!

  • Plant a new tree or start a garden.
  • Start composting.
  • Participate in a community clean up event.
  • Lower your energy consumption by turning off all the lights in your home for an hour each evening.
  • Opt to take public transportation, carpool, walk or travel by bicycle when possible.
  • Support local and organic farming.
  • Reduce or eliminate meat and other animal products from your diet to conserve up to billions of gallons of water and pounds of grain each year.
  • Buy used items such as electronics and clothing when possible to reduce your footprint.
  • Buy a water filter or purifier and reduce your amount of bottled beverages.
  • Pledge to utilize your community’s recycling resources.
  • Buy biodegradable trash bags, or items packaged in biodegradable or recycled packaging, when possible.
  • Pledge to use reusable grocery bags, napkins, baby diapers, etc.
  • Donate and support agencies and companies who use practices that are loyal to environmental conservation.
  • Take the Billion Acts of Green Pledge.

*John Roach, “Earth Day Facts: What it is, How it Began, and What to Do,”
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