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18-Year-Old Iranian's Execution Imminent

An 18-year-old Iranian boy, who was sentenced to death in Iran for a crime he was charged with when he was only 16 years old, may be executed any moment now, Amnesty International has announced. With the execution of this child offender imminent, possibly only hours away, Larry Cox, Amnesty International USA Executive Directory is urging the Iranian government to halt the execution.

Amnesty International reports that Iran is the main execution of children worldwide with only three other countries having executed child offenders in the past three years, according to the information provided to Amnesty International. Iran executed more child offenders during a three-year period than all the other countries combined. In 2004, for example, China executed on child offender, while Iran executed three children.

Two child offenders were recently victims of the Iranian authorities’ use of the death penalty. The alleged crimes of these child offenders were committed before the age of 18. The government of Iran executed the two child offenders — Mohammad Mousavi and Sa’id Qanbar Zahi — in April and May, respectively. The executions of child offenders Mohammad Mousavi and Sa’id Qanbar Zahi were in direct contravention of international law. International law protects children against execution by the state, stipulating that no person should be executed for crimes committed while under the age of 18.

Iran has one of the worst human rights records in the world. Consider the case of Sina Paymerd, a child who was nearly executed last September for murder. While Sina was on the gallows, he made a last request to play the ney, a Middle Eastern flute, for the final time before his death. The family of the murder victim found themselves so moved by Sina’s playing that they granted the boy a last-minute reprieve. In lieu of the Sina’s execution by hanging, the family asked for 150 million toumans (approximately $160,000 USD). This is an acceptable and legal practice in Iran. Unfortunately, according to Amnesty International, Sina’s family has been unable to raise the money.

Larry Cox, Amnesty International USA Executive Directory says not only is this planned execution morally wrong but it will violate international law. “It is extremely disturbing and morally indefensible that Iran would commit this act — especially against a young person,” said Larry Cox, Amnesty International USA executive director. “In addition, if this death sentence is carried out, it would violate international law. We urge the Iranian government to halt this execution now.”

Amnesty International recognizes the right of governments to bring suspected criminals to justice. Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all cases as “a violation of the right to life and the ultimate form of cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.”

Amnesty International Deeply Concerned About Pending Child Offender Execution in Iran, PR NewsWire, July 17, 2007,

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17 Weeks Pregnant: How Big is My Baby?

Seventeen weeks’ gestation is a wonderful time in pregnancy. You’re probably feeling the baby’s tosses, kicks and tumbles, and you most likely have a noticeable “bump”– but the challenges and discomforts of late pregnancy have yet to strike. It’s fun to try to visualize your baby at this stage of development. If you want to know how big your unborn baby is at 17 weeks, read on.

The Baby’s Exact Size

Your baby begins week 17 measuring 5.12 inches from crown to rump, and, by the end of the week, she’ll grow another half-inch. She’s also gaining weight very rapidly– she’ll grow from 5 ounces to 6.7 ounces during this week. Remember that, at this age, a baby’s length is measured from the top of her head to her butt, so she’s actually a couple of inches longer than the standard measurement.

A 17-Week-Old Fetus is the Size of…

It’s not easy to envision your baby based on numbers alone, but comparison can help you to visualize her. Your baby is not about as long as your hand (including your longest finger) and weighs about the same as a turnip or a large onion. Due to her rapidly increasing size, she is inching closer to viability as each day passes.

What the Baby Looks Like

At 17 weeks, your baby definitely looks like a baby. Her eyes and ears are now in their proper positions, she can move her joints, and she has functioning taste buds and sweat glands. If you could peek inside right now, you’d see her fluttering about, kicking, jumping, twirling and even sucking her thumb. By this point in your pregnancy, you’re likely feeling all of these movements.

Source Used: BabyCenter

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18 Things You Didn't Know About Your Breasts

Here are some issues related to your breasts, about what you didn’t even think that happen into your body.

1. Your breasts get fat also

At 20 years, the breasts are formed of adipose tissue, glands and collagen. But as time passes, glands and collagen level lowers, being replaced by fat. This won’t necessarily change the size bra, but the gravitational attraction will have the last word. The bra helps, even if you wear A cup or D cup, but you know that you can’t fight against time…

2. Your breast weights less than you think

Maybe sometimes you feel them very heavy, but A cup weighs about 100 grams, B cup- approximately 200, C cup- 300 grams and D cup- no more than 450 grams.

3. Hairs are normal

Almost all women have some hair around the nipple. Whether you have 2 or 15 hairs, you shouldn’t worry about; their number depends on the skin color and hair color. Obviously if you’re a brunette these hairs will be more visible. If they bother you, it’s no problem to get rid of them.

4. Each ‘set’ has its own orientation

Not only the size of nipples varies, but the direction they are headed. If they are placed up, down, to the left or to the right, it depends only on the structure of your breast and the position of the nipple. Moreover, at some women, each breast has its own orientation.

5. Your breasts are influenced by the phases of your menstrual cycle

The body’s hormonal fluctuation changes the breast tissue from a week to another. After your menstruation, because of the reduced level of hormones, the breast tissue is softer. At the middle of your menstrual cycle, the nipples become more sensitive, because estrogen levels increase. With a week before menstruation, and during, the excess of progesterone will make you breast tensed. All you can do is to reduce caffeine and take a painkiller.

6. There is a right time for a medical consult

The best time to go to the gynecologist is after menstruation, when blood pressure is low and your breast are relaxed. It is also easier for the doctor to detect any suspicious swellings, because the tissue is soft.

7. The implant still presents risks

Researches haven’t shown that the breast implant affects the immune system or that it increases the risk of cancer. But the silicon can have side effects. In almost 10% of cases, the implant can change its volume, can start to flow and requires a new operation. Another complication can be the contraction of the tissue around the implant, case that also requires a surgical procedure. And, like any surgery, there is a low risk of infection or bleeding.

8. Your breast can get burned, even if you don’t go topless to the beach

The swimsuit’s material is very thin and doesn’t offer a protection factor of 5 or 7. So use a sun block with SPF 15, UVA and UVB protection, and then put your bra; that if you do not want to end up with a wrinkled skin or with brown spots…

9. Your breast has a T-zone

The area above the breast and that between them presents many glands that make it oily and predispose it to skin problems. As bigger are you breast, as much you’ll sweat in those areas and the number of bacteria will increase. Use an antiperspirant powder, clean daily the T-zone of the breast with wet towels and apply a tonic lotion. After you exercise, don’t stay in your sweaty suit, because this way the bacteria will multiply.

10. The d├ęcolletage has several variables

Not only your breasts size contributes to a beautiful d├ęcolletage, but also the breast shape and position.

11. The position in which you sleep affects the breast shape

The fact that you sleep on your tummy won’t press your breast until their disappearance but it’s possible that in time, to change their shape. If you press them every night on a hard mattress, your bust will change, but it will happen in a few years, not three days … The best sleep position is on one side, with a pillow under your breast, which will support them.

12. Your breast don’t like ‘jogging’

The jogging and fitness exercises are good for heart and for the muscle tone, but they aren’t so beneficial for the breasts. While you exercise, your breasts lose their elasticity if you don’t use a special bra with cups to support them.

13. The right physical exercises can raise your breast

The breasts have no muscles, so all the sport in the world won’t change their size. Regular pectoral exercises can help your breast to become more firm, but the best solution is still the push-up bra.

14. You can have 3 nipples

It’s not so scary for a woman to have one extra...’button’. Total unworkable, it is usually smaller and located somewhere just below the ‘official pair’ and looks rather like a mole. It rarely develops and it doesn’t help to breastfeeding.

15. The pregnancy changes the nipples color

This change of color appears as gift from Mother Nature for the baby who doesn’t distinguish the colors. As darker is the source of food, as easier the baby will find it. After you stop breastfeeding, the color of your nipples won’t have the initial shade.

16. The heritage comes from both parents

You still don’t understand why you wear a B cup bra when your mother wears an A cup and your sister needs a D cup? Check the relatives of both of your parents first. There are equal chances to inherit your breast size both from your mother and father’s relatives.

17. The left breast is usually bigger

As well as the hands, the legs and the rest of the body that are divided in pairs, the breasts aren’t perfectly equal. Nobody understood why, but in most cases, the left breast is better developed and contains more adipose tissue. Sometimes this difference is obvious, but in many cases it becomes visible only after long research.

18. The breast grow even after adolescence

Although the change in shape takes place on puberty, breasts reach their final size only after you’re 20 years old. After 25 years, the breast don’t grow anymore unless you gain weight, you get pregnant or start to take contraceptive pills (only in some cases).


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1800 Year Old Chinese Herbs May Show Promise in the Treatment of Cancer

If you have read any of my previous articles on the subject, you probably know how I feel about alternative medicine. I think that some of it is helpful when combined with conventional therapy, but a lot of it is nonsense. Be particularly cautious if they say that a certain natural remedy “clears toxins out of you body.”

The foot pads that turn dark are supposed to do just that, but it’s just the chemicals in the pads reacting with your foot perspiration. The only way to get toxins out of your body is by dialysis and a process called chelation, which requires hospitalization. Period. The purveyors of the “cleansing” remedies are preying on our fear that we live in a polluted world. That’s true, but there’s really no way to clear toxins out of your body by swallowing a pill or getting an adjustment from a chiropractor.

There are only 9 natural remedies that have been tested by the National Institutes of Health and found effective. (See my article 9 natural remedies approved by the government.)

When people become seriously ill, they will do anything to improve their quality of life and ease the pain. Even if natural remedies are proven to be harmful, they should still be allowed to try them. Look how dangerous radiation and chemotherapy are. They should also have access to marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has been shown to ease pain and reduce nausea from chemotherapy.

Now, according to Medical News Today, an ancient Chinese remedy that is 1800-years-old has been shown to be an effective adjunct to chemotherapy. “A new study led by Yale University in the US found that an ancient four-herb Chinese herbal remedy first described 1,800 years ago reduced gastrointestinal toxicity and boosted the anti-tumor effect of the chemotherapy drug CPT-11 (irinotecan) in mice with colon cancer.”

The blend of four herbs was used in China to treat nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and diarrhea 1800 years ago. Some doctors are optimistic that the herbs will be important in fighting cancer, while others urge caution and further study.

Since the formula has not been shown to have any serious side effects, I think that it should be made available to all who need it. There are many other Chinese herbal medicines that are being investigated by American doctors, including treatment for diabetes and cancer. After all, most pharmaceuticals have a plant base. One researcher said that if we could identify every plant in the rain forest, we would have a drug to treat practically every disease.

Source: tp://

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177th Annual Fourth of July Celebration to Be Held in Pekin, Indiana

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Southern Indiana, the small town of Pekin comes alive once a year when they join together to hold their annual Fourth of July celebration. The 177th Annual celebration, hailed as the oldest consecutive Fourth of July celebration in the country, will provide a variety of activities for the entire family to enjoy.

The four-day long event will kick off on Sunday, July 1 with a charity softball event where contestants in the annual queen pageant will face off against team members from local radio station WAMZ.

On Monday, July 2, the entertainment continues at the grandstand located in Pekin Park where Lannie Hattabaugh is scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. The annual flea market and carnival rides will also be open for people to enjoy through Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 3 will bring more musical entertainment when Rascal 5 hits the grandstand from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Their performance will be followed by the fireworks display at 10:30 p.m. by Melrose Pyrotechnic.

On Wednesday, July 4 you’ll want to arrive early to grab a spot along Main Street for the annual parade which set to begin at 10:00 a.m. The parade will feature local high school bands, as well as an assortment of floats, antique cars, fire engines from local fire departments, and walking brigades of local clubs and organizations. Make sure to bring a bag for all of the candy that will be flying through the air during the parade extravaganza.

After watching the parade, the grandstand will be host to the annual presentation of The Colors by the Pekin American Legion Post 203, an Invocation by Josh Cole, the Star Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance, the reading of the Declaration of Independence, and a performance of Back Home in Indiana. Dale Moss will provide the official welcome message and play the role of Master of Ceremonies for the day long event as scheduled:

12:00 p.m. Prince and Princess Contest – Shari Dalton, Coordinator
12:30 p.m. Andrew Dean – Patriotic Show
1:00 p.m. Horseshoe Pitching Contest
1:30 p.m. Dollars for Scholars of Easter High School presented by Ray Ramsey & Joy Gore
1:45 p.m. Hard Core Country Band
2:45 p.m. Special Awards
3:00 p.m. Hard Core Country Band Resumes
4:00 p.m. Queen Contest – Darlene Hall, Coordinator

For more information about the annual Pekin Fourth of July celebration, visit them on the web at

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17 Tips to Becoming a Hobby Diva

Hobbies keep your mind active. Having an active mind will keep you feeling young, energized, and happy. Being an alert, creative, critical thinker is a goal worth pursuing. Becoming a hobby diva will help you reach that goal.

The process is simple and enjoyable. Here are 17 easy steps:

Make a list of all the things you ever wanted to know how to do. If you’re interested in crafts or interior decorating consider making the list on strips of colored paper, fabric, or small cards. You can then display them in an interesting container.

Undo your past scripts about what you’re not good at and what you don’t have time for. Research the benefits of exercising your brain. The slight, initial discomfort caused by doing something new will quickly disappear as you learn about the ways your mind is being enriched.

Literally close your eyes and pick one item from your list. Closing your eyes is very important. It will evoke that childhood ritual of wish making. It will also help insure that randomness becomes part of the process.

Take a happy hour break and go to a library, a bookstore, or a plethora of web sites to explore the one thing you picked. Find out the basics of who,what, when, where, why, and how. Load your subconscious with images, quotes, and ideas. Peep into all the books or websites you can find during your one hour of exploration. Be sure and write down any ideas or questions that come up.

Invite a friend or two to join you in a 12-week hobby adventure. If you want a true adventure skip the old friends and find out where people who are already involved in the hobby hang out. Go there and see what’s offered for novices.

Pick a project to start working on. Open your mind. The “project” doesn’t have to be an object that you labor over. Your project could be a series of interviews, journal entries, a compilation of related sounds or smells, a small starter collection of paraphernalia associated with the hobby. Let the reason you’re interested in whatever it is guide you to the right size and shape project. The goal is to experience something that interests you in a way that you enjoy.

Underachieve while working on your first diva project . You’re not working towards your Ph.D so calm down. If fact, you’re not working at all. So even if the thing you’re interested in is rocket science you still should start where you are (as opposed to where the rock science prodigies are) and go at your own pace only for as long as you are enjoying the learning process.

Revel in the fact that you are making yourself smarter just by trying a new hobby.

Preserve at least one happy hour each week to work on your project.

Observe how you feel while working toward completing your diva project.

Select your next next hobby once you cross the completion ¾ way point. Do it the same way you picked the first one, by following steps three and four. Makes some notes about your decision and initial findings then return to your project in-process.

End the project by observing some small self-made ritual. I like to go to the movies and see two funny movies back-to-back. It clears my head while adding some silliness.

Wow your family and friends by showing them your completed project – don’t mention any perceived flaws. An alternative to this is to expose more people to your new learning. Pick a show-off situation that compliments the project. If you made art have a show. If you made food have a dinner party. If you made an amazing scientific discovery write an article. If you made some radical spiritual discovery share it.

Organize and file your notes about the project you just completed.

Make a date with your self to review the list you made at the beginning of the “becoming a hobby diva” process. This is for motivational purposes only. You committed to your next hobby in step 11.

Associate with other hobby diva and wannabes. Your mind will benefit greatly from being with other great minds.

Nourish your self esteem by continuing to explore the things on your “all the things I ever wanted to know how to do” list.

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17th Annual Birmingham Pumpkin Patch Event Scheduled for October 17

Birmingham families are gearing up for some Halloween fun as the 17th annual Pumpkin Patch event approaches. The event is put on by the Junior League of Birmingham and will take place on Sunday, October 24 from 1pm to 4pm. It will be held just outside The Community House on Merrill Street and will be free of charge.

The event features a new, healthier focus this year; instead of candy and soda, healthy snacks and refreshments will be served. The real fun revolves around the many games and activities that children can enjoy. They include face painting, bounce houses, an apple relay, pumpkin bowling and a stand where kids can make their own trail mix.

A story time by the Baldwin Library will be followed by a dance performance by the TCH Dance Academy. After the event ends at 4pm, Birmingham’s annual Halloween parade will take place; everyone is invited to participate.

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1920's Rent Parties: History on the Jazz Age

Rent Parties Originated in the South
Many people mention Harlem as the area where rent parties began. However, these events originated from Southern states. African Americans in the South threw dance parties in an effort to raise money. These parties occurred in small apartments where the terms “shin-digs”, “scuffles”, “boogies” and “breakdowns” developed. Church socials were also a regular event in the south used to raise money. Harlem residents who migrated to the north turned these southern traditions into what became 1920’s rent parties.

1920’s Rent Parties was about more than Fun
A Rent Party became part of necessity for many Harlem residents. Hundreds of thousands of West Indians, Africans and African Americans from the South migrated to Harlem. The rent in this section of New York was excessively higher than other parts of Manhattan. However, the wages for African Americans were much lower than white workers. It was not unusual for multiple families to occupy space that was designed for single tenants.

Extra rooming tenants made use of cots, floor space and living room couches to sleep. 1920’s Rent Parties became popular Saturday night events to help pay landlords on Sunday. It was not long before Harlem residents began to host a party during weekdays as well. Thursday nights also became popular for hosting these types of events. Party hosts chose dates that coincided with payday and days off for most of the working class in Harlem.

1920’s Rent Parties had Public Admission
In the 21st Century, many residents would hesitate to invite anyone to their home. The attitudes were more open during the 1920’s Jazz Age. Ten cents to one dollar would cover admission for any man or woman who wanted to attend. However, 1920’s Rent Parties were not openly advertised. These underground events were advertised in pool halls, Laundromats and other gathering places.

Southern Food was served at Harlem 1920’s Rent Parties
Food menus at a typical rent party included pigs feet, fish, mashed potatoes, potato salad, fried chicken, corn bread, red beans and rice. In some instances, the food and drinks at Harlem Rent Parties were on sale. Other rent parties during the Jazz Age served potluck style refreshments. Bathtub gin and corn whiskey was often served at this type of party, which was a violation of liquor laws. Prohibition was in effect during this Jazz Age and apartments could easily be raided by the police. Gambling was also a frequent activity as some of these fund raising events.

Notable Jazz and Blues musicians played at 1920’s Rent Parties
Guests who arrived early would dance to songs played on the radio. Live musicians would soon arrive and play music until early the next morning. Famous musicians like “Fats” Waller and Louis Armstrong were known to play at 1920’s rent parties. Musicians would often play for tips after coming from their earlier paid gigs. A Harlem rent party also helped musicians gain popularity at the start of the Jazz Age.

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1953's House of Wax

Prof. Henry Jarrod (Vincent Price) plays a wax figure sculptor for an artistic museum devoted to exquisite sculptures, such as his beloved Marie Antoinette. His financial partner is only in it for the profit and complains that they’re losing money due to Jarrod not catering to the horror and shock fans that are attracted to other wax museums of gore and murderers. Jarrod refuses to change and his partner is irate but appeased when Jarrod explains that a prospective investor might buy his part out. The prospective investor loves his work and will decide in three months. After the investor leaves, Jarrod’s partner says it’s not fast enough and he tells him that their fire insurance on the museum’s worth a lot. Jarrod defies him and they fight as the place burns. He gets out, leaving Jarrod to die.

Years later, the partner collects on the insurance. Jarrod resurfaces with a new museum based on sculptures of past and current horror to shock everyone. Bodies start disappearing from the morgue and strange murders, related to Jarrod’s museum, start occurring. Jarrod’s partner and his girlfriend are killed. The girlfriend’s friend is attacked by a cloaked man who’s hideously deformed. She escapes. Her boyfriend becomes Jarrod’s assistant and she believes a Joan of Arc sculpture bears an uncanny resemblance to her dead friend and suspects foul play – that Jarrod’s sculptures have real corpses under wax.

It’s not overly simplified but not complex either. It’s a perfect medium with a good story but fairly predictable. It greatly puts the story together tighter than its predecessor, “Mystery of the Wax Museum” (1933), which had a few hard to follow parts. Both are basically the same story but “House of Wax” (1953) has a few slight changes, mostly for the better. It’s definitely fun to watch.

It’s has a very turn-of-the-century feel to it, the streets of London. A few scenes take place at night in foggy street, not unlike that of Jack the Ripper. The sets, props, costumes, and acting adds a certain lavishness that can’t be duplicated.

Vincent Price plays Prof. Henry Jarrod, the sculptor. His acting and strong persona is the real star of the movie. This movie is pure Price through and through.

Phyllis Kirk plays Sue Allen, Cathy’s curious friend who suspects foul play. Her performance is good.

Carolyn Jones plays Cathy Gray, the mistress to Jarrod’s partner. She’s famous for her role as Morticia Addams on “The Addams Family”. Her character’s voice here is annoying though.

Charles Bronson (as Charles Buchinsky) plays Igor, Jarrod’s mute assistant. He’s well-muscled here and his face looks chiseled out of granite. He’s no dialogue but makes up for it with his dark, brooding, and downright creepy appearance. He also performs a few pro-wrestling moves that were cool!

Reggie Rymal plays the street barker outside the grand opening of Jarrod’s new museum. He was a comedian famous for his skill with paddle-balls, which he shows here.

One of the first 3D movies ever. That’s its main gimmick and attraction. I’m sure in the 50s that it was a major event. We only see it in 2D so that gimmick is void. Without that, it’s still setup for 3D shots with lots of positioning of objects at different levels of distance from the camera. The street barker with the paddle-balls is a main use for the 3D, as well as the positioning of the sculptures.

Great orchestral-type music to set the suspense and mood.

This is a must-see for horror and Vincent Price fans! It’s pure Price at what he does best – a psycho maniac, out for revenge.

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18th Annual Blue Ridge BBQ and Music Festival is June 10-11, 2011 in Tryon NC

It’s time for the 18th Annual Blue Ridge Barbeque and Music Festival at Harmon Field Park in Tryon, N.C.! This year’s annual and popular festival will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 10-11, 2011. You won’t just get the best BBQ in the region at this festival; you will enjoy many more activities that will be covered in this guide. Make plans now to visit the best BBQ and Music Festival in the Southeast.

Details you need to know before attending the 18th Annual Blue Ridge Barbeque Festival

When: Friday June 10 (10:00 AM – 11:00 PM) and Saturday June 11 (10:00 AM ‘” 11:00 PM)

Admission: $7.00 per person (except children 12 and under and active duty military get in free!)

Parking: Free with complimentary shuttle to take you to and from the parking lot to the festival!

Address for your GPS: 2753 Lynn Rd. Suite A, Tryon NC 28782

Dogs or coolers are not allowed at the Festival.

Entertainment for your kids will include age appropriate rides and amusements all in the Kids Fun Park. Kids can get unlimited rides for $15 in two sessions each day of the festival from 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM and 4:30 PM-11:00 PM.

Plenty of food and drinks for BBQ lovers will be available for purchase Friday and Saturday. All foods will be located across from the main stage in the infield. Look for booths that are selling BBQ bucks first because that is how you purchase your food and drink. The BBQ vendors are in a competition cook-off for prizes. Judges will be on hand to choose the best of the best of the BBQ cooks. Sweets and treats will also be sold by vendors. To keep hydrated, there will be exotic beers, wine sold by the glass, fresh-squeezed lemonade, tea, bottled water and soda.

For people who like to shop, there will be a Foothills Craft Fair . Many artisans will be on hand to show and talk about their unique crafts.

Music, music, and more music is a big draw to the Blue Ridge BBQ and Music Festival. The music is considered the best summertime music event in our area. Notable bands including Acoustic Syndicate, and the Dynamites featuring Charles Walker, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe will be there as well as Chuck Wicks, a Nashville recording artist and a quickly rising country star!

Awesome local entertainment will also be there to expose you to some of the best blues, country, rock etc — you could hope to hear this summer! Local bands performing include The Shane Pruitt Band, Big Daddy Love, and the Tryon Music Review!

These bands among many others will be performing on Friday, June 10 and Saturday, June 11 on two different stages, the Main Stage and the Riverside Stage. For a schedule of when each band will play and on what stage, click Festival Music.

An Antique Auto Show will be on the property for enthusiasts to look at, talk to the owners about, and to take pictures of their favorite classic cars.

A Hawg Poker Run will originate in Greenville, SC and Black Mountain, SC and end at the Blue Ridge BBQ and Music Festival in Tryon, NC on Saturday, June 11.

Practical tips to make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable!

Temps can be in the upper 90’s or storms can pop up at any time in our neck of the woods, so be sure to bring an umbrella, rain poncho, sunscreen, sunglasses, wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring your patience!

Also remember to bring a lawn chair for relaxing and listening to the music, a camera to capture memories, and remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

The only other thing to remember is that you are there to have fun and be entertained, so relax and enjoy the 18th Annual BBQ and Music Festival in Tryon, NC at Harmon Field on Friday June 10 and/or Saturday June 11 from 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m. each day!

Note: I have no personal association in the operation of or paid promotion of this festival. My only interest is as an avid fan and attendee of the festival. I can vouch that it is alot of fun!

Sources: embedded in article

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1950 FIFA World Cup; U.S. Defeats England 1-0 in a Historical Upset

In the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the U.S. national team defeated powerhouse England 1-0 in a game now known as the Miracle on Grass.

Everyone in their late 30’s or older remembers watching the 1980 Miracle on Ice game where the U.S. defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union. The win symbolized the tension and national pride that swept the country during the Cold War. The win, however, was not the first giant upset by a U.S. national team.

In 1950, the United States men’s national soccer team traveled to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup where they drew powerhouse England in their first match. By the end of the day, they had somehow, some way, overcome their inferiority and triumphed in one of the biggest upsets in soccer history, by a score of 1-0.

Just how favored was England coming into the tournament? Despite not having their best player, Stanley Matthews, for the match, England coming in the tournament, was 23-4-3 since World War II. The U.S. on the other hand, had lost its last seven international bouts by an aggregate score of 45-2. The odds for each team to win, 3:1 for England, 500:1 for the United States. By all accounts, the U.S. should have been handled without any trouble. Even U.S. coach Bill Jeffrey was quoted as saying, “We have no chance.” Even more, the U.S. team had only scrimmaged together once before the match, the day before they left for Brazil.

Within 12 minutes, England had hit the post twice and had another shot go just over the crossbar. U.S. goalkeeper Frank Borghi made spectacular saves throughout the match. It was until the 25th minute that the Americans even managed a shot.

History was made in the 37th minute when Joe Gaetjens diverted a shot teammate Walter Bahr just enough to beat England’s goaltender. The crowd went wild as the underdog Americans overtook soccer power England 1-0. For the next 53 minutes, the U.S. somehow avoided a tie despite a barrage of shots from England and held on to win the game 1-0.

The result was so shocking that British papers the next day believed the score to be a typo and printed 10-0 England. Only one American journalist, Don McSkimming from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, even covered the event. The lack of coverage combined with the ever-passing time since the game has caused it to slip away into history. Only a handful have even heard about the match (though that is sure to change as the U.S. plays England in their first match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and ABC will probably show clip after clip and picture after picture of the 1950 game).

Despite the limited knowledge about the match, it will live on forever in the minds of those who played in the game and who were there on that day, June 29, 1950 in Brazil, when a group of semi-professionals, did the impossible.

The lasting image of the event is the lone goal scorer and consequent national hero Joe Gaetjens, being carried off with a victorious smile on his face.

Sources: ESPN, Wikipedia

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18 Weeks Pregnant: The Baby is on the Move!

You are going to enjoy this phase of your pregnancy very much. It is often said as the honeymoon phase of your pregnancy. After successfully passing the first trimester of your pregnancy, you have finally stepped into the second trimester. By this stage, all the symptoms of early pregnancy are vanished. Now you are no more experiencing the same morning sickness, vomiting and nausea. Now you have moved into other better stage and you are now more comfortable and completely enjoying this new feeling arising in you.

Observations and experiences generally vary from woman to woman during 18th week of pregnancy. You are certainly going to witness increasing appetite day by day. Your baby is now making you feel the presence inside your womb. Baby is now ready to bust a move. This is the most exited, comfortable and most soothing stage of pregnancy as during this period you will have first experience the presence of baby inside your womb.

You will come across different views regarding the presence of baby inside your womb. Some will say that to feels like having a butterfly inside the womb. To others it will be like behaving bubbles in your tummy. You will come across different views but only you are aware of the serene feeling that is making you fill with ecstasy.

Your baby by this time has grown to about five and a half inches long and weighs about five ounces. Now, it can make you feel the presence by kicking, rolling, punching and twisting around your womb. You can now hear the heartbeats of your baby with the help of the stethoscope. Baby too can hear and even recognize your voice.

When you have reached the 18 weeks period of pregnancy, you are advised to increase your diet a little bit. Now you are suppose to meet the needs of two lives. You are supposed to meet the requirements of your body and also your baby’s body for proper development. Fried and heavy foods should be avoided if possible. Such foods are not nutritious and can invite various unwanted symptoms like indigestion or feeling of heart burning during pregnancy. Mother should try to have frequent meals in small amount to avoid such types of symptoms.

You at this time are expected to take proper care of yourself and your baby. Take proper rest and sound sleep. Live a tension free life. Take all the medicines on time with necessary vitamin supplements. Having frequent visits to doctor are always advisable.

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1840 Journey to Logansport, Indiana Part 2

Mr. John Parsons’s tour of Indiana in 1840 brought him to Logansport , Indiana in late June. After he had taken up lodging in the Mansion house he went to deliver his letters of introduction to one Mr. Pratt. Mr. Pratt was studying law in one of the first law offices in the down of a Mr. Fletcher.

Mr. Pratt was most interested in telling the contributions to Logansport of General Tipton. General Tipton as every school child knows gained his fame at the Battle of Tippecanoe. General Tipton worked very hard in Logansport to gain support for his petition to the state to preserve the Battle Ground at Tippecanoe and erect a monument to the men that fought there. This of course happened many years after the death of General Tipton, who at the time of Mr. Parsons’s trip had only been dead a year.

General Tipton was much admired by the citizens of Logansport for his civic contributions to the growing town. He was a member of the Free and Accepted Masons Lodges and established a lodge at Logansport when the town was only two months old. Mr. Parson’s noted that the town had a Lodge Hall and General Tipton had an “impressive ” funeral given him by his fellow masons the year before.

Mr. Parson soon met the editors of The Logansport Telegraph Mr. John B. Dillon and Mr. Hyacinth LaSalle. Mr. Dillon was a literary type who it was noted ‘cares nothing for the Law.” Mr. Dillon introduced Mr. Parsons to the famous local pioneer rattiest Mr. George Winters who had gained fame painting the Pottawomie around Logansport and Frances Slocum .She the white women kidnapped by the Delaware as a child and married to a Pottawomie chief. One she was discovered she reconnected with her family in the east and the story of her journey to Indiana was widely covered by the papers at the time. She had been connected to her family by the detective work of the editors of The Logansport Telegraph and Mr. Winters.

Life in Logansport sometimes bored it more intellectual men so Mr. Dillon recounted an April Fools joke that he , Mr. Winters , and Mr. LaSalle played on the town. They posted a notice that said, “There will be exited at the Court House this evening a living manthrop from 8 to 10 o’clock . Sir Roger Recovery Manager. ” The men laughed hysterically when “young gentlemen of the town who prided themselves on their learning, several of the clergymen, and some of the lawyers were busy studding the encyclopedia, natural histories, and all the books they could find to ascertain what the new creature was. The word manthrop as, you no doubt know sir is a compound of two Anglo -Saxon words meaning ,’ man of the village’. The group was surprised by the amount of chaos caused by their practical joke.

Lastly , Mr. Parsons visited the home of the LaSalle’s Here he was impressed with , ” the many indications of culture in bookies, pictures, and furniture. The LaSalle family had the only piano in town and it was lucky it made it to Logansport at all. The tale of the piano was recorded by Mr. Parsons , ” It was purchased in Philadelphia and shipped then by water to New Orleans. From there , it was sent up the Mississippi on a steamboat , and from there by the same men sup the Ohio and the Wabash reaching the Logansport wharf in safety. But from the carelessness on the part of the deckhands , when it was undertook to carry it ashore, it fell into the river and must needs lie there until the waters subsided , when it was lifted out.”

Mr. Parson left for Delphi the next day. Not without noting the locals were arguing the pros and cons of a state lottery for establishment of free libraries through out Indiana. The arguments were much the same as the one a few years back about the benefits of having the state lottery to help fund education in the state. Logansport took pride in providing a school that was open to most locals and a library. Mr. Parsons noted that the town also took great pride it is Thespian Society that had been bring culture in the form of theater for many years.

Logansport only a few years old in 1840 strove to be an important place of commerace on the rivers and for the local farmers. Before the removal of the Native Americans of the area they had generally had a congenial relationship with them and many of the locals were sorry to see them removed. Some who lived on private land including the family of Frances Slocum stilled dwelled within a fifty mile radius of Logansport. The town not only concerned itself with commerace and life on the Indiana frontier , but also sought to bring the more cultural aspects of more civilized places to its citizen and encourage education.

Source: A Tour Through Indiana 1840: The Diary of John Parsons of Petersburg Virginia ; editor Kate Milner Rabb, Robert M. McBride & Company, New York, New York; June 1920.(pages:193-214).

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19 Tips for Saving Money on Clothes

Clothes are often one of our biggest expenses, particularly if you have children, or a job that requires you to wear business attire. So, how can you save money on your clothing bill?

Here are 19 tips for saving money on your clothing bill:

1. Have a list of everyone’s clothing sizes, and their preferences for colors and styles which you can carry with you when clothing shopping. This way you don’t buy something that a family member won’t wear.

2. Have a monthly or yearly clothing budget. This can be difficult at times, but if you have a set amount of money set aside for clothing, and make it clear that the family cannot spend over this, you will save money.

3. Shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores don’t have the stigma they used to, in fact most people shop at thrift stores at one time or another. There are even chains of thrift stores now such as, Value Village, and Goodwill. Also, some thrift stores have new clothing items. These may have minor defects, but even if they do, the defects are rarely even noticeable! Another benefit of thrift stores is that there is much more variety; no racks of the same clothing over and over, just in different sizes.

4. Shop at garage and estate sales. You can often find some of the best deals on clothing at garage and estate sales, quite a bit of it high quality, and since the people often just want to get rid of stuff as well as making a profit, the clothing items tend to be cheap.

5. Purchase clothing out of season. Buy sweaters, coats and other winter clothing in the Spring and Summer, and buy summer clothing such as sandals, and shorts in Winter and Fall. You will be most likely to get the best price out of season because no one else is buying at that time.

6. Remember that you may not find what you are looking for immediately when shopping second-hand. Don’t purchase clothing just because it is on sale or cheap. Only buy a clothing item if it is in a color, size and style that you know you or a family member will actually wear, otherwise this is money wasted, not saved.

7. Shop at the clearance racks. Most stores have clearance racks of some kind, often with high quality clothing marked way down. Be careful though, particularly if you are shopping for children and teens. Steer both you and your kids away from fads, and don’t buy fad clothing that is fading fast from the clearance racks. Also, check the clothing items closely for stains, rips, missing buttons or any other possible problems. If the problem is easily fixed and you know you and/or your family member will do it, then go ahead and buy the item, otherwise don’t, because it will just sit in a closet and never be worn.

8. Shop for kids and teens in August. Many stores have back-to-school sales that include clothing at this time of year, you can often find very good deals on new, high quality clothing.

9. Sell your and your family’s good used clothing to a consignment shop. This way you make money on your used clothing, and you are also recycling.

10. Purchase iron on patches for the knees in pants. This works especially well for kids who are hard on their clothing. Iron them on the inside and that way it will be harder to wear a hole there and will save you money on replacing pants for the kids.

11. Purchase one of those fuzzy ball removers for your family’s sweaters. It will help your sweaters to last longer if you remove these little balls periodically.

12. Buy underwear and socks for your entire family in August before school starts, you can get some really great bargains at this time of year.

13. Accessorize. This can be one of the best money saving tips there is because you can change the whole look of an outfit or piece of clothing just by adding different jewelry, scarves, or even ties.

14. Purchase clothing in colors and styles that can mixed and matched with other items in your closets. This will give you more variety and save you money.

15. Shop for clothing at discount stores such as Kmart, Ross, and Marshalls. These stores often have good quality lower priced clothing, and some even have clearance racks so you can sometimes get double the savings.

16. Stop purchasing clothing you don’t need. This applies if when inventorying your or one of your family member’s closets you find clothing items that you or they only wore once or twice or never wore at all, and now you are asking yourself, “Why did I buy this?”

17. Get together with your friends, (and encourage your girls to do this as well) and trade clothes each of you don’t want. Sometimes one person’s cast off is another person’s treasure.

18. Shop online for your clothing. The only real draw back with this, particularly if you are shopping on e-bay where the clothing may be used is you cannot try it on, nor check the item out visually to be sure it doesn’t have defects you cannot see in the picture. Just like in regular stores, online stores have sales too, and when they have a good return policy as well, you can save considerable money.

19. Take care of your clothing and teach your family members how to take care of their clothing. Treating stains right away, and sewing on popped off buttons and small tears immediately will help clothes to last longer.

We all need good quality clothing, however, there is no reason that you or your family members should have to pay a ton of money buying clothing. I know if you utilize these tips you will begin to see savings on your clothing bill right away!

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1863 Battle of Plains Store Civil War Re-enactment Held at Oakley Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

A Civil War re-enactment was held on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at the Oakley Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana of a long and drawn out skirmish between Confederate troops in the area and Union troops traveling north from Baton Rouge, LA.

The battle was not a major one, but ended up lasting for several days. The skirmish was given the name “The 1863 Battle of Plains Store” to mark the historical battle.

The re-enactment involved many people adorning both Confederate and Union uniforms, complete with rifles of the 1860’s era. The battle was re-enacted with the use of a cannon, which could be heard for miles around when fired.

The original battle was fought near the current intersection of the Pride-Port Hudson Road and Hwy. 61. Union troops marching north from Baton Rouge, LA ran into several hundred Confederate troops and engaged in a battle. The Confederates fought back long and hard but were eventually defeated.

The 1863 Battle of Plains Store was followed by the siege of Port Hudson and the defeat at Vicksburg, which gave the Union army control of the Mississippi River.

The re-enactment at Oakley Plantation also consisted of ladies and children dressed in costumes to illustrate how life was during the Civil War.

Demonstrations were also held to show how food was cooked over an open hearth fire, candle making and soap making.

Pup tents were also present on the surrounding area, just as they were back in the day of the battle in history and showed how the troops camped out. The tents were virtually one-man tents large enough to curl up inside to sleep in, with no additional room.

I have attended several Civil War re-enactments in the Baton Rouge area and find them all to be very interesting. The re-enactors are usually all history buffs and can answer any questions you may pose to them. A lot of the re-enactors have complete families participating in the events, which makes the re-enactments more life-like and also draws the interests of children of all ages attending.

Not only are the re-enactments entertaining, but a learning experience also. It has been my experience to expect the unexpected, as one re-enactment resulted in the cannon failing to fire. This called for some impromptu acting and also a few chuckles from the crowd.

This is a great learning experience for any school-aged children and could actually get them more interested in history.

A re-enactment of the battle at Port Hudson will be held later this year.


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