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1st Half Awards for the 2007 MLB Season

As the 1st half of the baseball season comes to a close, it’s time to give out some 1st half awards for the 2007 MLB Season. Now I am not saying that these players will win these awards or that all of them will continue to play at the level they are currently at, but at almost the halfway point in the MLB season it’s time to look at the players who have really stood out. As Fred the Baker used to say “It’s time to make the donuts…”

Most Valuable Player

American League
Alex Rodriguez – While the Tigers Magglio Ordonez makes a strong case for MVP as well, you can’t look past A-Rods staggering numbers to this point in the season. He’s hitting .315 with 27 HR’s and has already driven in 73 runs. At his current pace he should be over 80 RBI at the All-Star break and while it seems the single season home runs record may be out of reach, A-Rod may still be creeping toward one of the most productive seasons in recent memory and is certainly showcasing why he is the best baseball player to ever pick up a Louisville Slugger.

National League
Prince Fielder – In only his second full season in the majors, it seems that Prince may already be getting fit for his home run crown. With less than half the season completed, Fielder is already 3 home runs short of eclipsing his entire home run output for last season. Hitting just under .300 and driving in a NL leading 60 runs has helped Prince start to establish himself as the power hitter of the new generation and has catapulted the once lowly Milwaukee Brewers into prominence as they sit in atop the National League Central. All at the ripe old age of 23.

CY Young Award

American League
Dan Haren – Oakland has been in dire need of an Ace since a few years ago when the lost their big three of Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson and last years free agency loss of Barry Zito. Enter Haren who has posted a ridiculous 1.64 e in 15 starts this season, while maintaining an 8-2 record and whiffing 84 to finally establish another young Oakland pitcher who will probably end up landing on a big market American League team when his contract expires in a few years. I personally don’t think Haren can keep up the superb pitching throughout the season because most of his wins have come against very weak AL teams. But as of right now, I just can’t argue with the numbers.

National League
Jake Peavy – After a miserable 2006 campaign that saw his ERA jump to over 4, Peavy has bounced back this season to help lead the Padres to the top of the NL West. Posting a staggering 1.98 ERA and fanning 110 so far this season, Peavy is showing signs of a Clemens-esque type season that could see him win over 20 games, lead the league in strikeouts and post the NL’s lowest ERA. And that my friends is what we call the triple crown of pitching and with some of the filthiest pitches in the game look for Peavy to keep putting up gaudy numbers like this for the next few seasons. Also see “Comeback Player of the Year.”

Rookie of the Year

American League
B.J. Upton – This 22 year old phenom was the 2nd pick in the 2002 MLB draft (Prince Fielder was the 7th). Though momentarily plagued by a hamstring injury, through only 56 games Upton had amassed 9 HR, 31 RBI with 13 stolen bases while posting a .320 average. While the second baseman’s numbers don’t pop out at you, one has to remember that he hits in the 2nd spot of a very streaky lineup of young hitters. With power, speed, a good eye and somewhat shaky defense it looks like the Devil Rays got exactly what the bargained for with Upton. They got a better hitting version of Alfonso Soriano, which is not too shabby at all.

National League
Corey Hart – If he keeps playing the way he has the first half of this season, the Brewers are going to let him wear his sunglasses whenever the hell he wants. Hart has been just the type of lead-off hitter that Milwaukee has needed this season. With a bit of power (8 HR), a bit of speed (13 SB) and an average over .300, the 6’6′ Hart is quickly entrenching himself as Brewers lead-off hitter of the future. That is of course unless he gains some more power (which he probably will) in the coming years and with himself, Prince Fielder and J.J. Hardy all making up a strong nucleus of power hitters, look for the Brew Crew to start annihilating the NL Central in about…now.

Reliever of the Year

American League
J.J. Putz – Speaking of consistency, Putz has been the only consistent player the Seattle Mariners have had all season.. His ERA so far is a svelte 1.15 and he has collected 19 saves on a team that really hasn’t given him as many save situations as say the Angels Francisco Rodriguez. But, Putz has made the most of his innings, striking out 35 in 31 innings of work and he hasn’t blown a save opportunity all season long. On a better team he may be the front runner to have the most saves in the AL this year, but more than likely he’ll finish a few saves behind the leader. However, if he keeps pitching as well as he has so far, he will make a solid case for AL Reliever of the year.

National League
Francisco Cordero – Another Milwaukee Brewer makes the list, this time it’s their closer who has already racked up 26 saves and with the exception of one hiccup where he let in 4 runs in one inning of work, Cordero has been thoroughly dominant for the much improved Brewer team. His ERA is now a solid 2.37, but until a few bad games he had been sporting a paltry 0.37 ERA and so far has struck out 42 batters in only 30 innings of work. Look for Cordero to keep up the solid play and help the Brewers win the NL Central and make some waves in the 2007 playoffs.

Comeback Player of the Year

American League
Josh Beckett – Beckett has been lights out for the Boston Red Sox this season, finally bouncing back from a shaky 2006 performance that had many people wondering if he would ever regain his 2003 World Series MVP form. Already with 10 wins this season and no blister problems that had plagued previous seasons, it looks as though Beckett is ready to take over the “Ace of the Staff” position that the aging and ailing Curt Schilling had held the previous 3 seasons. With recorded 71 strikeouts and a 3.14 ERA thus far in 2007, Beckett looks poised to be the first 20 game winner the Sox have had since Schilling did it in 2004.

National League
Jake Peavy – Check back at the end of the year and I can almost guarantee that Peavy will be in the running for CY Young, MVP and Comeback player of the Year. Keep in mind the guy only has one loss so far this season and has had double digit strikeouts in 4 games in row this season , including a game where he K’d 16 Diamondbacks.

Most likely to bounce back in 2nd half

American League
Johan Santana – Santana is the best pitcher in the MLB, hands down no questions asked. So it’s odd that many in the baseball world recognize that he never pitches well till the second half of the season. Now it’s unusual to say that someone with a 2.91 ERA and second in the league in K’s has been struggling, but Santana hasn’t looked sharp or comfortable very often this season. Why? Some say it takes him over 100 innings to get control of his pitches. Some say that he just doesn’t turn it on until he sees the home stretch, but either way, look for Santana to have a dominant 2nd half of the season and as usual, strikeout over 200 batters and make a case for the American League Cy Young Award.

National League
Albert Pujols – Pujols has had a quiet start to the 2007 season, mostly due to the injuries that have plagued the reigning World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Injuries and age have caught up to the team and Pujols’ meager out put of 16 HR and under 50 RBI reflect a lack of consistency from the hitters around him. I mean why pitch to the guy who can hit a home run every at bat when you can just walk him and strike the next three batters out?

For someone who had one of the greatest starts in MLB history last season, it’s easy to see why Pujols’ lackluster 1st half has concerned some of the St. Louis faithful. No worries here though, as Pujols is still the best pure hitter in the game and will certainly be the catalyst if the St .Louis Cardinals can find a way to get healthy and save their 2007 season.

And that does it for my 1st half MLB Awards. Be sure t check back at the end of the year to see if any of my predictions come true.

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2 Homemade Vegetable Juice Recipes

Juicing has become a popular method of detoxing the body, especially after the holiday season. Although I personally have never been able to live off juicing, there are people that have found drinking one’s daily nutritional intake does the trick for months on end. Juicing for me is about getting nutrients that I otherwise could never eat entirely in one day.

Here are my two favorite Vegetable Juice Recipes:

Recipe #1:

4-5 carrots

1-2 handfuls of spinach

1 tsp fresh ginger

Start with the carrots in the juice machine. You can either clean the carrots with the peel still attached or, as I rather prefer, peel the carrots for a fresher taste. In my personal opinion carrots that have not been peeled give a more earthy taste to the entire juice which is not as satisfying to my taste buds. Not peeling does safe time and energy so it is up to your personal preference. Push the carrots through the juicer. Clean the spinach and push through the juicer. You may leave most of the stems on since it does not change the flavor and adds to the vitamin count of your juice. Finally add fresh ginger to give the juice a full-bodied flavor. We used to drink this juice without the ginger however we found that added just a small teaspoon of fresh ginger root helps the lasting flavor of freshness. You may leave the peel on the ginger since the juicer will just peel it off anyways. If you have a thing about peeling your ginger, go ahead but it is an unnecessary step.

Recipe #2:

4-5 carrots

1 handfuls of kale, chopped

1-2 nice red beets

This is one of my most favorite vegetable juice recipes! V8 is now competition to fresh homemade juice in my household. Okay, so maybe I am extremely biased but nonetheless this is a tasty way to get in some essential vegetables, even if you do not like the ones listed. If you are not a fan of red beets, I urge you to try this recipe. Peel the red beets (be careful these little veggies will stain your clothes and countertop if not careful).

Pass each vegetable through the juicer, one at a time, and make a wonderful pinkish-red juice! You may use the long stems of kale without changing the flavor of the vegetable juice. The end product has a fresh, sweet taste.

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2 Easy Lipton Soup Pin Wheel Appetizers for Your New Year's Eve Party

Are you planning a New Year’s Eve Party, but still torn as to what to serve at your party? If so, you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen to please your guests, and you don’t have to break your pocketbook to feed them. Here are 2 easy Lipton Soup Pin Wheel Appetizers for your New Year’s Eve party:

Prepare the Base Ingredient:

Buy a box of Instant Lipton Onion Soup Mix and prepare the party dip as directed on the back of the box. Make sure that you cover the dip and let it stand in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. This allows the seasoning to soak into the other ingredients. This is a must because it does make a difference in the taste.

Lipton Soup Dip Turkey Pin Wheel

Warm a large flour tortilla just enough to make it pliable. Do not overheat because you don’t want it to melt the dip. Spread a generous amount of dip over the pliable flour tortilla. Layer several pieces of paper-thin turkey (cold) over the dip. (You can buy paper-thin turkey already pre-cut in the sandwich meat department at your local grocery store.) Roll the tortilla up into a tight roll and slice into pieces (about a half inch thick for each piece). Place the slices of turkey roll on a platter, cover with plastic wrap to keep them moist, and refrigerate.

Lipton Soup Dip Pecan Pin Wheel

You can make a variation of the turkey pin wheel for your vegetarian friends by eliminating the meat and adding chopped Pecans. Just add a bag of chopped Pecans to your Lipton Soup Dip after you get it mixed. Warm a large flour tortilla just enough to make it pliable. Do not overheat because you don’t want it to melt the dip. Spread a generous amount of dip over the pliable flour tortilla. Roll the tortilla up into a tight roll and slice (about a half inch thick for each piece). Place the slices of Pecan roll on a platter, cover with plastic wrap to keep them moist, and refrigerate.

*You can make several rolls with one mixture of dip mix, so these recipes act as economical ways to serve a crowd.

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'2 Broke Girls' Garnered Strong Views Again Despite Lack of Focus

COMMENTARY | The second episode in CBS’s new series “2 Broke Girls” aired Monday and provided a slightly larger backdrop to the potential plotline of the entire season should the show get picked up. Monday’s episode pulled in a 7.9 in overnight metered market rankings compared to the 12.7 enjoyed after last week’s “Two and a Half Men” intro.

Going into the second week, anything was possible. The show could have decided to continue establishing the characters and laying the foundation or it could have steamrolled ahead into the business plans for Max’s cupcake shop. It chose the former, which was simultaneously good and unfortunate.

It was good in that it more firmly established the way Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) will manage to live, work, and plan together in the coming weeks while attempting to hustle enough cupcakes to meet a lofty savings goal of $250,000. On an Entertainment Weekly story, comments suggest that viewers from the first week really connected with the idea that two broke girls hatched a business idea within hours (TV hours, mind you!) of meeting. When the savings calculator popped up at the end of the episode showing how much closer the girls were to reaching their goal, I applauded CBS for cleverness.

It wouldn’t be clever to stay away from deeply exploring Max and Caroline earning money for the fund now that the audience knows enough about everybody to roll with the punches and one-liners. We get that Caroline was rich, but we like that she is smart and kind. We get that Max wasn’t rich and love her zingy humor, but we could do without a delivery method that leaves one waiting for a drum sting at the end of each line.

Despite the occasional issue, the characters of Max and Caroline seem to be spot-on. Beth Behrs reminds me of a blonde, non-singing version of Lea Michele as Rachel Barry in the first season of “Glee” – all spirit and “Don’t Stop Believin'” – a genuinely fun, if not slightly clueless, character. Kat Dennings puts me in mind of a dark, sardonic third Duff sister with a lot more shape! Together the two of them could be a true dynamic duo.

The series needs to spend the next few episodes working on the delivery between these two actresses and should skip the cheap sex jokes a 10-year-old could write. Well-crafted dark and adult humor is one thing, but adult Laffy Taffy wrapper level humor is another. As a fan of “2 Broke Girls” so far, I need it to hit the business planning side of life really soon, or I may have to pull my investment.

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2 Free 5th Grade Science Fair Projects

The fifth grade is a great year to enter a science fair. This is the last year before you enter middle school, which means you will be at the top of your age category. This can be a great advantage when it comes to judging and project development. To get you started please find below two sample 5th grade science fair projects. You can use these projects as a jumping off point or as a guide to developing your own project.

Animal Adaptations – Flamingos

In this science fair project you will be exploring the adaptations of the flamingo. To complete this project you will first want to research the flamingo. You will need to identify the physical adaptations that allow flamingos to survive in brine pools (salt water).

HYPOTHESIS: The shape of the flamingo’s beak helps to strain out inedible particles without losing brine shrimp.

EXPERIMENT: To test this hypothesis you will first need to develop a test flamingo beak. This beak will be constructed so that it is the same size and shape of a real flamingo beak. You will then test the function of the beak at filter brine shrimp from a solution of salt water, sand particles and brine shrimp.

DATA: When you collect data you will need to dip the test beak in the solution and dump the contents into a Petri dish for examination using the same motion as flamingos use. You will then examine the Petri dish under a microscope. You will want to count the particles of sand and the number of brine shrimp found in each scoop. Your analysis will determine if the beak filters out the sand or not.

Animal Adaptations – Beak Shape and Function

In this 5th grade science fair project you will be looking at how the shape of a bird’s beak related to what the bird eats. For this project you will need to research various types of birds and various types of beak designs. You will also need modeling tools and materials to create test beaks.

HYPOTHESIS: The shape of a seed eater’s beak can be used to create a more effective nut cracker.

EXPERIMENT: To test this hypothesis you will need to create models of various seed eaters’ beaks. You can make test beaks out of various materials including wood, ceramics and metal. To test the hypothesis you will see if the test beaks allow you to more easily remove the shells from various types of seeds like sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts.

DATA: The data that you collect will be observations about how the beaks split the seed and how much force is used to split the seed or nut using the test beak. The analysis portion of your project will compare the amount of force used to split a seed using the test beak and the amount of force used to split the same type of seed using a modern nutcracker.

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20 Best Romantic Fantasy Movies for Valentine's Day ('Twilight' Not Included)

Romantic comedies make popular Valentine’s Day movies, but for those of us looking to escape a reality of wilting roses and cheap mockolate during the holiday, we want movies that really whisk us away from this world. The romantic fantasy movies on this list star witches, androids, aliens, ghosts, and more (minus vampires, of course) in some of the most unique fantasy love stories you’ll ever see, and they all make a great way to escape the letdown of Valentine’s Day:

Stardust – Don’t wish upon a falling star to fall in love this Valentine’s Day; watch a guy fall in love with one. This is one of the best modern romantic fantasy movies on this list, set on a world where shooting stars are actually beautiful maidens; evil sorceress Michelle Pfeiffer never ages even without the help of a magic heart; and unicorns are real (yay!). If you’re looking for great underrated romantic fantasy movies that you may not have seen to watch for Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to catch this beautiful gem.

Brazil – If you’re like me and love really dark humor, crazy futuristic sets, great social satire, and horror movies, then you’ve got to watch this fantasy flick on Valentine’s Day. Sure there’s lots of violence, bizarre goings-on, and darkly comical moments, but there’s also a really touching love story buried under all that paperwork somewhere, involving the hero’s real dream girl. So if you’re looking for romantic movies like none you’ve ever seen before for Valentine’s Day, don’t miss this infatuating futuristic fantasy.

Practical Magic – Forget vampire boys; bewitching, magical vixens are a lot more romantic! This is one of the funniest fantasy movies on this list, perfect for watching on Valentine’s Day while concocting your own recipe for the perfect guy. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman will definitely cast a love spell on you as sexy sorceresses trying to cover up a creepy crime by practicing their craft, with Sandra Bullock’s character falling in love with a man that could ruin their plans along the way. If you’re looking for romantic fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day that will make you smile, this one is practically magical.

The Princess Bride – And for us gals that never stopped dreaming of being princesses rescued by Prince Charming, here’s one of the best funny fantasy movies for bringing us back to reality (sort of). It’s a romantic but fractured fairytale full of giant and wee villains, a swashbuckling hero, and a beauty with the unfortunate monicker “Buttercup”. Still, you won’t find better romantic fantasy movies set in a fairytale world and infused with a bit of humor than this one-of-a-kind classic.

Edward Scissorhands– Johnny Depp is one of those guys that gals always dream about on Valentine’s Day, but not quite the way he is in this freaky but fantastic fantasy film. However, this sad, unique, and twisted tale of a creation more human than those he looks to be loved by is one of the most poetic and romantic fantasy movies on this list (it definitely has more than one edge over the rest of the fantasy movies here).

Wings of Desire – Sorry, Nicholas Cage; there was only room for one angel love story on this list of the most romantic fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day, and the original definitely trumps the remake you starred in. In Wim Winders’ wonderful world where angels walk amongst us, envying our humanity, one falls for a girl with wings of her own: a beautiful trapeze artist. It’s one of the best romantic fantasy movies you can watch on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve got to say this: best use of Peter Falk, ever!

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir – This love story involving the spirit of a salty sailor and a lonely widow woman from the world of the living may seem like one of the weirdest romantic fantasy movies on this list, but somehow the touching tale just works. So for a ghostly love story full of spirit that’s a little more lighthearted than ‘Ghost’, this is one of the best romantic phantom fantasy movies you can watch for Valentine’s Day.

The Purple Rose of Cairo – Ever looked at a movie character and thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it be swell if I could meet a guy like that in the real world?” (I’m looking at you, shiny vampire fans.) Well, this brilliant fantasy film by Woody Allen does that. It’s not just one of the most well-written romantic movies you’ll ever see, but the acting here is phenomenal (you’ll definitely find yourself falling for Jeff Daniels’ dashing character that walks through the looking glass and into Cecilia’s not-so-wonderful-land). It’s a lot of fun to see fictional and no fictional worlds collide, as one woman learns that movie love and a love of movies always tops what we can find in the real world. So if you’re a movie lover looking for romantic fantasy movies to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, there’s no way you can top giving yourself a box of chocolate and a Purple Rose of Cairo.

Blade Runner – This is one of my favorite romantic fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day, and one that guys will definitely like to watch with you. It teaches us that you can’t replicate true love, but you can fall in love with a replicant. When it comes to fantasy movies involving Harrison Ford falling love against a sci-fi backdrop, I prefer this one to that other movie with that extremely awkward love triangle.

Delicatessen – If you like ‘Amelie’ and horror movies, then this is probably one of the best romantic fantasy films for you to treat yourself to on Valentine’s Day (and one that will make you appreciate your Valentine’s Day steak dinner…maybe). Set in a futuristic world where only one type of meat survives, a creative and crafty clown falls for the awkward but alluring daughter of the butcher he’s rented a room from. So will he sweep her off her feet, or will her father turn him into mince meat? Check it out and see for yourself in what is definitely one of the strangest and scariest fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day that’s perfect for viewing with your favorite vegan vixen.

Black Orpheus – Greek mythology meets the Carnival celebration in what is one of the wildest romantic fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day, but one that definitely suits the February Mardi Gras mood. In the midst of a colorful celebration, star-crossed lovers partake in a doomed dark romance, which really takes a turn for the supernatural in the end. The story is based on the Greek legend involving Eurydice and Orpheus, and this bizarre blending of two totally different worlds makes this one of the romantic fantasy movies you need to have at the top of your Netflix picks for Valentine’s Day.

Meet Joe Black – This is one of the longest romantic fantasy movies on this list, but I don’t know of many ladies that would complain of getting to stare at a smoldering Brad Pitt for three hours on Valentine’s Day. This film is similar to ‘Wings of Desire’, except Death wants a taste of what it’s like to be human here, and the ending is quite different. So if you’re looking for dark, intense, and interesting romantic fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day, be sure to make a date with Death.

Avatar – So far I’ve taken a look at romantic fantasy movies involving angels, death, robots, fictional movie characters, and vegetarians, so it’s about time for a Valentine’s Day love story starring aliens, right? And in 3D, no less. Plus this otherworldly love story will likely still be in theaters for Valentine’s Day, making this romantic fantasy film a much better bet than other movies in theaters during the holiday (even the one that shamelessly attempts to get your Valentine’s Day date money in the most obvious way possible).

Splash – It may be too cold to spend Valentine’s Day in the ocean, but you can spend it with one of its loveliest of inhabitants. We all love ‘The Little Mermaid’, but this is one of the romantic fantasy movies here aimed at adults, with Daryl Hannah playing a beautiful (but perhaps not too pleasant smelling) princess from the sea. Tom Hanks is her Prince Charming, who falls for her thanks to the fact that she can magically make that pesky, scaly tail disappear, and soon finds himself a part of what is probably one of the weirdest endings out of all the romantic fantasy movies on this list. It may not be one of the best movies for your self esteem on Valentine’s Day (you’ll find yourself envying Daryl Hannah almost just as much with the tail as with those perfect legs of hers), but it’s still a fun fishy flick worth catching.

A Matter of Life and Death – This tale of life and love on trial is one of the most unique romantic fantasy movies you can watch on Valentine’s Day, alternating between the silver screen and a Technicolor dream. The love story is sweet, but the cinematography is stunning in this romantic film about how love conquers all (even death). It’s definitely one of the most visually stunning fantasy movies on this list, and one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give your eyes.

Groundhog Day – Groundhog Day may not seem like one of the most romantic days of the year, but, hey, it is pretty close to Valentine’s Day. This crazy love story about a self-centered weather man forced to relive the same terrible Groundhog Day over and over again, even after repeated attempted suicide attempts, is one of the most bizarre fantasy movies you can watch for Valentine’s Day. But with Bill Murray finally learning that getting a second chance over and over again isn’t a bad thing, you might end up wishing you could do the same for Valentine’s Day, until you finally get it just right (learning how to speak French and play piano along the way, of course).

The Time Traveler’s Wife – And here’s another of the romantic fantasy movies about time for watching on Valentine’s Day. However, instead of a time loop, this one focuses on time travel in the form of a man that has a genetic disorder that causes him to randomly travel through time. Of course this makes his relationship with a lovely artist extremely difficult (and if you try to think about all the time travel paradoxes in the film, you’ll definitely end up with a headache), but this is still a fun and unique film starring a cute and talented couple in Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, and it makes a worthy Valentine’s Day love story.

Enchanted – If slightly more grownup princess movies are your thing, here’s another of the best romantic fantasy movies for those that need to realize that the dull and too-perfect animated version of Prince Charming may not be the most exciting guy to be with. Blending an animated Disney princess world with reality was a great way to enchant audience members of all ages, and, while he might not be perfect, I’d imagine many women wouldn’t mind snagging a modern-day Prince Charming like McDreamy. So for family-friendly romantic fantasy movies, this film that appeals to the little princess inside all of us is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Ghost – Patrick Swayze may be gone, but his ghost can still haunt you in the most romantic way for Valentine’s Day. But if this is one of the romantic fantasy movies you choose to watch on Valentine’s Day, be sure to bring double the boxes of tissues this time around.

Cat People – Simone Simon sizzles in this romantic fantasy, which also happens to be one of the best classic horror movies you’ll ever see. It’s like the story of ‘The Wolfman’, but with a more feminine and feline flair, and the tragic, doomed romance makes it even more of a heart-pounder to watch. So if you’re looking for romantic fantasy movies for Valentine’s Day light on the happy endings, then you might appreciate this film’s unique take on love.

So from romantic fantasy movies that will make you smile to those that will jerk out the tears and make your heart pound, spend Valentine’s Day away from our boring world somewhere far, far away with the romantic fantasy movies on this list.

SOURCES: www.imdb.com

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